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Stefan Groschupf | CEO, Datameer


E ARE AT A technological crossroads.

Forty years ago, when databases first came in to play, hardware was by far the bigger cost over human capital or time. The traditional 3-tier architecture of first needing to extract and transform data before loading it into a data warehouse, and then putting a business intelligence (BI) tool on top of that was the best we could do given the limitations of proprietary hardware that was extremely expensive to scale. And, while this approach worked very well -- and still does to this day -- the fact is that business needs today go above and beyond what traditional databases are capable of doing. Today, human capital and time are the far bigger expense over hardware, and businesses in general have less and less time to make decisions. rediscoveringBI Special Edition • #rediscoveringBI • 13

rediscoveringBI Special Edition | January 2014  

rediscoveringBI Special Edition | January 2014

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