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Life King recognized that they needed to work with their enemy in a peaceful and respectful way. You only have to look to nature to see the wisdom in this. Nothing is forced in nature, you can’t force a tree to grow more rapidly, or the sun to shine where and when you want it to. When we work with the situation or person, we are connecting and transforming energy into something new, essentially we are evolving, but when we go against the situation to try and change it to how we want it to be, (even when you are ďŹ ghting for justice) the energy from both sides is

forced into a battle which creates more negative energy. A battle of energy isn’t about justice or who is right, it just becomes a pool of negative, stagnant, dead energy that serves no one for their highest good and often there are severe consequences to pay for this type of action. Faith helps us to envision what we want whilst simultaneously beginning to take small daily action steps in the present moment, working with the situation to get where we want to be in a more peaceful and calm way.


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