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THE COVER The coin that clashes on the purse of callus hand is fed up to the swine they nurture intended for their sustenance. The growers who nurse the must-to-be-theirconsumption are tricked by those who promised to tend the pen. As the wherewithal massively grows, the man tending it can hardly fight the tremendous temptation in front of him, thus the true grower – the man feeding up the hopefully-his-food, becomes fooled and slapped by the great hoax which he expected as a great bargain. R


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Pork barrel system should remain intact despite the mountain calls for its total abolition after the whistle was blown on the large-scale misuse of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of the members of the country’s legislative echelon. In an infographic published online by, the 10 billion pesos worth of public funds that have been wasted in the PDAF scam could have reached a long way already and can fund 2,857 barangay health stations, 75,700 Senior Citizens health maintenance, 17,500 rice threshers for farm cooperatives, 22,500 toilet facilities, 14,285,714 public school textbooks, 100 public school classrooms, 10,000 houses for informal settlers and the list goes on. The idea is that while the fund has obviously and apparently been abused in the scam, some part of it did its purpose and served the needy. We cannot deny that thousands of scholars all over the country have the PDAF to thank for their education. Not to mention more than thousands of hospital expenses, housing programs and road rehabilitation projects all funded through and by the PDAF. It is indeed more than necessary to put into consideration all the help and benefits that have been genuinely doled out from PDAF in its years of existence. The severity of the scam is a living proof of how corruption has become an institutional disease, with a highly contagious virus rooting from the very structure of our government. And just like most virus, the most apparently logical thing to do is to purge it all out, completely ridding the body of the dangerous

element that can affect the very survivability of its host. We believe that scrapping it off would be the best way to do if the problem is structural in nature, however, the problem is merely all caused by the mechanism alone. It is rooted deep within the very virtues, traditions and false culture of our government officials, thereby, its obliteration is just a temporary solution. If ever PDAF will be scrapped off, are we really sure that its alternative will not be nothing more than a new and a better disguised corruption sinkhole waiting to engulf us in the next decades or so? Moreover, if we take the same step, then we, the Filipino people must be ready to bear deducing the power of our politicians by tenfold. Let us remember how slavery in the old era was put to an end when the slaves themselves grew tired of being treated as animals mindlessly chasing after their survival. Indeed, we have become modern slaves for the corrupt public officials to haply toy with using a barrel of pork. If we wish to stop this culture of corruption, we must first change the people’s needy mindset, but it will not be possible in a heartbeat. The government must not spoonfeed the people, instead teach them how to earn for their living. We share the uproar of the Filipino people in this scam. And, as the fire continuously rages on, the government promised that those indicted in the scandal, if proven guilty will be persecuted by the law. We hope so, because if not, history will just repeat itself over and over again. RADIANCE Vol.XIX, No. 1



PSU gears up for ISO certification TO pursue excellent and quality service to its clienteles, Partido State University geared up towards ISO 9001:2008 certification, one of the international standards for Quality Management Systems. The University, through Dr. Nita V. Morallo, University President together with the chairman of different task forces signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) last August 9, 2013, with Engr. Helen Alian-Evalle, General Manager, HAE Consultancy and Training Services to help the University in its six-month preparation for the said accreditation by next year. Part of the preparation that made by the University were two phases of ISO 9001:2008 awareness seminar conducted last August 10 and September 30, 2013 followed by the Workshop on Formulation of Quality Objectives, Targets and Policies conducted last October 1, 2013 which accordingly, aim to provide familiarization of responsibilities of the members of the PSU community for the said internationalization move. Engr. Evalle, the resource speaker said that the University is in good hands because she has never

SIGNED. Dr. Nita V. Morallo, PSU President signing the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Engr. Helen Alian-Evalle of the HAE Consultancy and Training Services.

failed yet any institution or organization in their application for Quality Management Systems certification. Further, she emphasized that the application [ISO 9001:2008] will focus generally on the services offered by the university to the students. The participants during the seminar affixed their signatures on the ISO tarpaulin to show their commitment and support for the said

PefArts places 2nd in MILO Cheerdance competition

READY, GET SET, GO. PSU Performing Arts Group as they perform during the opening program of the Cheerdance Competition.



move. Dr. Morallo is looking forward that PSU will pass for the ISO accreditation with the cooperation and support of every PSUan, which was also cited by Engr. Evalle as the most important trait that everyone should have during the entire preparation. The University will formally submit its application for the said certification by next year. J.V. Andallon

Just a few points away from its closest rival, Partido State University (PSU) Performing Arts placed 2nd in the 2013 MILO Cheerdance Competition held last July 14, 2013 at Jesse M. Robredo Coliseum, Naga City. Ateneo de Naga University (AdNu) garnered an average score of 90.6 % besting PSU’s 90.2 % followed by Naga College Foundation. “The road we took in order to join the competition wasn’t an easy one after encountering wardrobe malfunction on the very day of the competition. They had to borrow the uniforms of some participants from the marathon which was held prior to the said cheerdance competition”, said Lanielyn Irinco, one of the members of the Performing Arts group. “In the end, it was all worth it, even our competitors were awed by our performance. It was all worth it. It was not the cash prize or the trophy that matters most, but the new friends and experiences that we acquired,” added Gell Pilapil who was also a part of the group [PefArts]. Mrs. Lanie C. Peteza, Director of Culture and Arts and Mr. Kennedy C. Cuya served as the trainors of the group. M. J. Moll


Buitizon wins ABS-CBN Newscasting Tilt KEMUEL Joseph M. Buitizon, a fourth year BSED - English student and RADIANCE Editor-in-Chief was recognized by the ABS-CBN Regional Network Group as 2nd runner up in the 2nd ABS-CBN News Casting Competition Grand Finals held August 24, 2013 at The Tent, Avenue Plaza Hotel, Naga City. Buitizon battled among 14 finalists representing both public and private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the region. The contestants were adjudged based on their performances on their live TV news reporting, and on-the-spot news casting using the mediums English, Filipino and Bicol. Angel Aquino (an award-winning actress, model and TV personality), Ryan

Chua and Jeff Canoy (both from ABS-CBN National), composed the board of judges. Prior to the event, Buitizon was hailed Champion in the institutional elimination last July 19, 2013 at the PSU AVR advancing him to the finals. On August 12, 2013, still part of the competition, he delivered a live TV reporting on ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol Bicol. “The truth is that I was deeply saddened that I wasn’t able to bring home the championship,” Buitizon said. “But the appreciation from my PSU family, especially the President, was nonetheless reassuring. I am happy I made my university proud,” he added. His winning-coach is Mr. Sunny B. Cariaga, a PSU faculty member. K. Buitizon

FILED. Kemuel Joseph Buitizon before his live report for the 2nd ABS-CBN Newscasting Competition.

Google visits Bicol, talks on Apps for Education GOOGLE, the world’s largest provider of internet solutions visited Bicol to discuss Google Apps for Education before thousands of technology enthusiasts who registered for the 1st Bicol Youth for Technology Exposure (BYTE) last October 19, 2013 at Capitol Convention Center, Pili, Camarines Sur. The event was attended by students and professionals from various educational institutions, government and non-governmental organizations in the Bicol region, including Partido State University.

The student delegation of the University to the convention were: Lloyd Bonganay, Jayson Delfino, Sanny Sto. Domingo, Maricho Agravante, Sharmaine Barbacena, Angelo Buena, Ronnajyn Caballero, Romy Cao Jr., Mark Anthony Cariño, Juvy Joy Cuadro, Darell Dems Obias, Maria Christina Tesnado Donnabel dela Cruz and Carmina Payong. Meanwhile, IT professionals who also attended the event together with the students were Shane Catolico, Salvador Briones II, Kennedy Cuya,

ALL EARS. Delegates from various schools across the Bicol Region as they attentively listen to the discussion of one of the speakers during BYTE 2013.

Rowell John Artiaga and John Rey Lirag. This year’s topic was Google Apps for Education, a free suite of cutting edge learning package exclusive for educational institutions and universities which includes Gmail, Youtube, Google Drive, Google Search, Google Sites and Google Calendar including additional topics such as Google Map/Google Map Maker and Basics of Android which were discussed and demonstrated by the speakers from Google namely: Aileen Apollo-de Jesus, Head of Outreach, Google Southeast Asia; Celine Barrozo, Manager, Google Developer Group Philippines; Jomar Tigcal, Manager, Google Developer Group Philippines; Jerome Locson, Lead - Google Apps Support Program for Philippines and Vincent Tabor, Country Champion, Google Business Group Philippines. BYTE 2013, the biggest technology convention in the region which aims to bring students, teachers and technologists together to expose trends and developing technologies was made possible through Ateneo de Naga University – Information and Communications Technology Center (AdNU-ICTC). Angelo E. Buena RADIANCE Vol.XIX, No. 1



Otaso takes NFSRT auditor post PARTIDO State University StudentRegent Ryan Marcial Otaso took the national auditor post in the National Federation of Student Regents and Trustees (NFSRT) after being voted to the organization in this year’s Philippine State Colleges and Universities (PASUC) General Assembly held last July 3-5 at Crown Regency Suites and Residences, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. Otaso, the incumbent College of Arts and Sciences Student Council President held the University student regent seat after he took over as President of Federation of Student Councils of the University last March. “This is a great blessing for us, since this is unexpected,” Otaso said in an interview. According to him, he never really thought that he would be

elected to any position since there are a huge number of student regents in the assembly coming from prestigious SUCs from all over the country who are greatly competitive. “But since PSU students are highly competitive too, I know that this is just the start of our leadershipin the national federation,” he said. “I hope that in the following years, a student regent from PSU will be the President to the National Federation of Student Regents,” he added. Along with Otaso, the said assembly was also attended by the University officials namely: Dr. Nita V. Morallo, University President; Dr. Leoncio P. Obias, Vice President for Administration and Finance; Dr. Arnel Millesca, Campus Dean, San Jose-Lagonoy campus; Dr. Marita

Magat, Planning Director and Ms. Leih Anne Odono, Board Secretary. Facilitated by the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), the gathering anchored on the theme “PASUC: Moving as One for a Globally Competitive Public Higher Education” which was composed of a series of seminar-workshop on Executive Development Program for SUCs (EDPS), which accordingly focused on harmonization of performance indicators, performance excellence, performance-based bonus (PBB) and governance. Dr. Patricia B. Licuanan, Chairperson, Commission on Higher Education (CHED) was the keynote speaker of the assembly. Michael P. Vale

CoEd champs 2013 LMDC THIS year’s Literary, Musical and Dance Contest (LMDC) was champed by the College of Education (CoEd), bagging most of the top places in the different events of the competition last August 16, 2013 at Partido State University Auditorium. In the Literary category, CoEd seized the top spots in four out of six events of both Filipino and English subcategories. The results for Literary category are as follows: (Masining na Pagkukuwento), Champion, CoEd, 1st runner-up, Tinambac Campus and College of Arts and Sciences (CAS); (Pagsulat ng Sanaysay) Champion, CoEd, 1st runner-up, San Jose-Lagonoy (San-Lag) Campus 2nd runner up, College of Engineering of Technology (CET); (Dagliang Talumpati), Champion, College of Business and Management (CBM), followed by CoEd and CAS for the Filipino subcategory. English subcategory: (Essay Writing), Champion, CoEd, 1st runner-up, CAS, 2nd runner up, CET; (Extemporaneous Speaking), Champion, CoEd, 1st runner-up, CBM, 2nd runner up, CET; (Story Telling), Champion, CoEd, 1st runner up, CAS, 2nd runner-up, CET. Meanwhile, for the Dance and Music category the winners in their respective events are as follows: (Vocal Solo-Male), Champion, CAS, 1st runner-up, CBM, 2nd runner-up, CoEd;



GLIMPSES. Contingents of the colleges during the 2013 Literary, Musical and Dance Contests.

(Vocal Solo-Female), Champion, CAS, 1st runner-up, CBM, 2nd runner-up, San-Lag Campus; (Vocal Duet), Champion, CoEd, 1st runner-up, CBM, 2nd runner-up, San-Lag Campus; (Instrumental-Solo), Champion, San-Lag Campus, 1st runnerup, CAS and Salogon-Sagñay (Sal-Sag) campus, 2nd runner-up, CoEd; (Folk Dance), Champion, CET, 1st runner-up, CoEd, 2nd runner-up, CBM and Sal-Sag Campus; (Modern Dance), Champion, CET, 1st runner-up, San-Lag Campus, and 2nd runner up, Sal-Sag campus. Spearheaded by Mrs. Lani B. Peteza, Director of Culture and Arts, the event aimed at providing avenue for exposing students’ skills. P. C. Casa


17 University academic programs face AACUP accreditation From Goa Campus, academic programs submitted for accreditation were: Bachelor of Science in Biology (BS Bio), Bachelor of Arts in Communication (AB Com), Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (AB PolSci) and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) of the College of Arts and Sciences for Level II; Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (BSEntrep), Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) and Bachelor of Science in Office Administration (BSOA) of the College of Business and Management for Level III and READY. The AACUP team during the welcome program of AACUP Accreditation Survey Visit at the Master in Business Administration University. (MBA) and Doctor in Philosophy ACADEMIC programs of the different campuses of the (Ph.D.) of the School of Graduate Studies for candidate status. Other programs which were evaluated were Bachelor University once again faced the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines Inc. of Secondary Education (BSEd) and Bachelor of Science in (AACUP) during its accreditation survey visit at Partido State Fisheries (BS Fisheries) programs of Salogon-Sag単ay campus for Level II; Bachelor of Electrical Technology of Caramoan Campus University last September 23-27, 2013. for Level I; Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Bachelor of Food Trades of Tinambac Campus; Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management for Level II and Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management for Level I of the San Jose-Lagonoy campus. AFTER thorough preparation, Reserved Officer TrainThe most significant findings & recommendations of ing Corps (ROTC) Unit of the Partido State University the accreditation were revealed during the exit conference on the (ParSU), successfully bagged awards in different catego- last day of the survey visit. M.J.Moll ries of the 5th Bicol Region Military Parade Competition last September 30, 2013 in Naga City. Headed by Corps Commander, C/COL Coney A. Beringuela, together with C/LTC Eric V. Garcia, C/LTC Ma. Nerita Per, C/LTC Diomedes B. Amor, C/LTC Jollyan Israel, C/CPT Quenie B. Alarcon and escorts Msg. Erwin B. Oliver (RES) PA and SSg. Noel G. Rosete (RES) PA, the unit clutched the following awards: Best Marching Unit Category III, 3rd place (82.18 %); Best Marching Unit Category IV, 3rd place (82.02 %) and Most Disciplined Unit Category IV, 2nd place (92.05 %). Moreover, PSU Laboratory High School CAT unit also garnered 2nd place, (91.88 %) in the Most Disciplined Contingent Category II of the same competition. Military Parade competition is an annual activity conducted as part of the Pe単afrancia Festivity and is participated by different colleges and universities in the entire SNAPPY. The Corps and Staff of Partido State University - ROTC during the 5th Bicol Region Military Parade. Bicol Region. J. V. Andallon

ROTC Unit bags awards in Military Parade









e have been annoyed by the evasiveness shown by the alleged master mind of the largest corruption scam ever in the Philippine history during the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee probing held November 8, 2013. Instead of answered questions, the hearing has led to more queries in the minds of the Filipinos concerned, especially the taxpayers. Ms. Janet Lim-Napoles’ template of responses like “I invoke my right against self-incrimination,” “Hindi ko po alam,” and “Hindi po totoo yan” raised clamor among Filipinos calling for her to speak the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth. But what happened is something normal in a court scenario with an accused whose plead is not guilty. In fact many weren’t surprised among us since we have already predicted what would happen in the awaited probing. Nevertheless, it is her right to remain silent and not to say anything if she feels like it would incriminate her. It is a right not only written on the Philippine Constitution but on a piece of paper she brought with her in the senate instead of her own legal counsel. Many were disappointed of the turn of events. A typical Filipino would say that we got nothing from the Pork Barrel Queen herself, yet a statement of Senator Allan Peter Cayetano, one of those present in the hearing, said that Ms. Napoles’ mere presence means a lot already. Even if all her answers were ambiguous in nature that could seem to lead nowhere, a lawyer (which the senate has been filled with) could see something a layman could or would not. Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s turn in grilling the accused was a pivotal point in the dragging hearing on an issue which I believe is here to stay for ages. We were amused, outraged, enthused when the lady senator took the floor over. But obviously the pork barrel queen is not here to participate in the probing firmly standing on her ground that she is innocent. Indeed she could be innocent, said Santiago. By the way she has presented herself in the senate would give us an impression that she cannot end up to anything huge considering her capacity and influence. This has been surfaced by Santiago in the course of her interpolation giving the audience a quick background of the accused. A simple high school graduate from the far flung place of Basilan, RADIANCE Vol.XIX, No. 1

however smart and fast learner she could be, has a questionable capacity of spearheading such huge scandal that has shaken every Filipino. First, if she has come from a place too far from civilization, how in the world could she be able to build such influence which she used to convince the Senate President himself and two other senators to endorse their PDAF to her bogus NGOs thus benefitting from a handful of kickback? And if she was able to create copious NGOs which were in fact accredited by several government agencies concerned, how did it become so slippery for her applications to pass rigorous scrutiny as a part of the standard operating procedure? Otherwise the SEC and others should also be held liable here. Second, it is so funny to think how senators and congressmen, who are mostly lawyers and bar topnotchers, have channelled their PDAFs to a scam that is apparently fronted by a woman who cannot even trust her memory with whatever she has to say in the senate, thus brought with her a kodigo with but two phrases: “Right to Remain Silent” and “Right Against Self-Incrimination.” I am not belittling the ability of Ms. Napoles or any other high school graduate here because Ms. Napoles’ rags to riches story is nevertheless applaud-able. But I have doubtful thoughts of how, given her educational attainment and capability, she was able to scheme out such almost-perfect structure used in the Pork Barrel Scam. What we have witnessed in the Senate Blue Ribbon committee’s hearing on the PDAF Scam may seem to be vague and tedious but I guess it was necessary so that we may have a bigger picture of the real score. Are we grilling the right person, or just another dummy who may opt to be another state witness in the near future? Are we too focused on a single person who could be another tool to deviate our attention from who the guiltiest persons are? Is this dragging situation about to come to an end, or another chapter is now just in the verge of opening? The turn of events have just shown us how far we are still from the truth we are in quest for. Indeed this is going to be slow considering the system of serving justice we have in our country. And I guess it is just right as it wouldn’t be good if, say fast-tracked, in the end another victim will be sentenced, and yet another most guilty, acquitted.







esterday, social media was commonly used as Yes, it is true that we have the right to express, a communication medium. Today, indeed is however, with every right comes a responsibility. We do very different as its usage has gone beyond the not just exist to express an opinion, that’s why we need average, becoming powerful enough to bring changes to think before we click. at hand. One of the trending issues that have emerged In the Philippines alone, based on the study in the Social Media today is the negative statement of entitled “People Power to the World – Wave 3” conducted a certain teacher in Vancouver, Canada regarding the by Universal McCann in 2011, 83 percent of the total typhoon Yolanda that had hit our country. Jax Cote population are members of social networking sites, statement goes like this “so this means the world is hence, dubbing the country as the “Social Networking getting rid a whole whack of Philipino’s? about time God Capital of the World”. Another thing that we can be cleaned house”. proud of. Her statement created uproar within the Filipino However, this does not yet sum up the whole people who were driven mad because of the connotation equation. Liabilities are still to be subtracted from the of her statement. She is actually being cyber-bullied assets to get the net worth. because of her action. Yet, the question is, after all the During the height of Arab Spring in 2010, when cyber-bullying, did it change anything? clamors of changes in political, economic and social We are wasting our time chasing for a person system in the Arab who does not even know Yes, it is true that we have the right and understand what countries happened, social media proved to to express, however, with every right she is talking about, why comes a responsibility. We do not just not stand up and help be an effective avenue. Now, the same exist to express an opinion, that’s why the Filipinos rise again shoes was worn by the we need to think before we click. after the disaster brought Filipinos after the whistle by this tragic event? was blown on the alleged misuse of public funds of solon Moreover, the blabbering we do in social media will in what came to be known as the Priority Development cause other countries to think how sensitive the Filipinos Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam which dragged the country are, that even small issues can cause massive discussions. into a dire state. The clarion call was heard. We need This is only a sample of how irresponsible the netizens some fresh air in the government system. are in using the social media. Until today, Social Media had created outburst To sum it up, the debit and credit sides of using in the PDAF scam. What the people want to convey is to the social media still exist. What we need to do is to keep on tracking evidences about the scam and never balance it. It will be a noble tool if we use it in improving leave this issue unsolved and die without even fighting. whatever it is that is needed to be improved, yet it will To awaken, to create awareness and to be involved in strain us down if we choose to use it in a nonsense the country’s discussion is the aim of the Filipinos in matter. using the social media. The past and the present have finally met However, the social media had also become an halfway through social media. Filipinos’ lethargy have outlet of almost all emotions that flooded the Filipino been replaced by dynamism as we learned to exercise citizen, from a simple matter to complicated ones. our privileges to delve into various issues that hound However, not all these emotional notch must be posted around us. in public and be read by the populace. In some cases, it Finally, we were able to make reasonable never helped and worst it may drag insignificant issues changes to transpire beyond the golden mean, of which to pervasiveness. Difficulties not once left the Filipino eventually became a significant turning point in our people, why create another nonsense dispute? society. RADIANCE Vol.XIX, No. 1






was checking my Facebook account news feed when I saw Philippine Star page posted an article about a U.P. student named Mark Joseph Solis who plagiarized a photograph as his entry for the Smiles for the World Photography Competition. This is something that took my alert and concern, especially that the said student came from a prominent University in our country yet committed this crime that I thought a far from possible thing. The said photo was owned by a photographer named Gregory John Smith, who said that the child in the picture was a Brazilian contradict to Solis’s that the child was a typhoon victim in Zamboanga. On September 25, 2013, the Cultural Center of the Philippines issued a statement about the plagiarism act committed by Solis.

“Mr. Solis wove a fictional account of circumstances around the photograph by claiming he met the subject. He not only violated the rights of Gregory John Smith, the owner of the Photograph, but he also took advantage of the plight of typhoon victims whom he claimed as subject”

This act of Mr. Solis has earned a lot of criticisms and negative feedbacks to him and was also learned that this was not the first time he committed the same act. I believe that this thing can almost be considered as a crime because stealing someone else’s work and claiming it as yours is almost the same as thief. The only difference is that you took an intellectual ownership. I felt the excruciating frustration. This made me uneasy to think why people need to do such act of stealing when in fact they could’ve made their own. You don’t believe you can because you haven’t tried it yet. If you plagiarized and haven’t caught you’re just cheating yourself, earning bogus fame and recognition that you already knew that credits to the real owner. The study of Rodeza Mones about exposure to information and plagiarism shows that the motivations for plagiarism were “laziness” and “lack of ideas”. Her study’s results prove that there is a need to educate students on what exactly constitutes plagiarism, especially on severe forms of it.

This talking sheet of paper is not only for students who are more prone of committing such act but also to the people from all walks of life who




might have the interest to read my column. If you think that simple “copy-paste” of your assignment or presentation from a website and any other sources is ‘okay’ and not a big deal, well I suppose you better start digging that even the simplest way of copying others work constitutes already to plagiarism. People know that plagiarism is prohibited but still commits it because of the notion that plagiarism depends on severity. I mean, if you plagiarize your assignment or activity, you think that nobody is going to neither notice nor care to search all of the possible sources where you possibly took it. But the point here is that you copy other people’s work and we as students or even the professionals should think that you are accountable for whatever you do. I remember my high school mentor told us “Your output reflects your personality”. Then, copying other’s work will not reflect your integrity but rather the opposite. As much as possible, we should preserve our academic integrity.

Every one of us has a great and unique idea I believe, all you need to do is to stretch your mind and everything follows. That will make you not too dependent in citing and referring to sources and other worth and credible works, because that will question the credibility of your work if you showered your output with lots of citation that almost concealed your thought. Your ideas will be much appreciated because it was you who made that. This column advocates to raise awareness not only to the issue but also to motivate you in molding your honesty, in thoughts, in words and in deeds. As a youth, a student, and an aspiring journalist, I challenge you in every work that you do. Be genuine! We have our own characteristics that will make you stand out among the rest. Do not take risk of your dignity by being copycat. I know that you don’t want to spent the rest of your life walking in the shoes of shame, I neither. So teach and learn to discipline yourself. Start working hard; be eager to do something with your own potent and skill. You will never get confident of your plagiarized work because somewhere in your heart and mind, the resilient voice of your conscience and guilt cries.






ecently, Partido State University started a step in its giant leap towards International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2008 certification, an international standards for Quality Management Systems, which the institution will be embarking on by next year. However, responses that were undertaken so far by the University administration appear to not yet substantiate its deed. The commencement of the second semester of this academic year sparked negative concerns and feedbacks from the students regarding frontline services, specifically the cashiering and assessment services of the University. Among the concerns raised were due to the slow-paced service rendered by the said offices, having compelled PSU’s main clienteles - the students, to pile up in ‘blockbuster’ lines and experience packages of disservice. Having been the perennial source of most complaints until now, perhaps it would be very reasonable to conclude that there is definitely a gap. Processes and the system themselves must be checked. This reality cannot be shooed out. Someone who would insist that it was just a normal experience and that it can no longer be unravelled from students, might want to have their eyes checked by an eye specialist first to have a clearer view of the actual situation. The University Administration is completely aware of the existence of weeds inside the yards of their frontline services ever since clamors surfaced. With their commitment and pledge to provide quality education and service to their clienteles, they have somehow proved that there is always a room for improvements. What have been done to the Office of the Registrar is indeed a living proof to this commitment. Indeed, all of those noteworthy changes and improvements all deserved of its clients commendation. In a belief that the medicine used could also cure other illnesses, the same solutions that were integrated in the Office of the Registrar were also used in the cashiering and assessment offices. Unfortunately, the alternatives applied just resulted into another band-aid remedy, as providing seats for clients and the University intranet, which was recently introduced to fast-track transactions has never decongested the ‘blockbuster’ lines and pile-up of student-enrollees.

More windows could have been opened in the said offices to accommodate large groups of students properly. With only a single window or even two for both the Collecting and Assessment offices, quality service would never ever be rendered. It must also be possible for us to establish linkages to business entities that could serve as authorized payment centers, similar to systems used in not only by educational institutions but also by the government institutions to reduce the pile up of students in the mentioned offices. As the time to hit it big draws near for Partido State University, our level of seriousness in the said internationalization matter is still yet undetermined due to lack of indicators. It sounded very ironical when QMS move was conceptualized earlier, but its indispensable aspects have apparently been put out of nowhere. It must also have been forgotten that the above mentioned offices are part of the institution’s frontline and frontline services among others has the most impact on clienteles. They were mismanaged, hence, service delayed is quality denied. Without quality service, there is absence of client satisfaction. Stop, look and listen. The priorities of the present Administration seems to focus only on infrastructure developments, with improvement of its frontline services and organizational management process never heard of and seen to be part of the institution’s list of priorities. The preparation for our move should have started here instead. If the University is indeed determined to reach another milestone, then now is the time for filling the blanks and bridging the gaps. Realigning and properly placing our priorities would always lead to what is best and would guide the University towards the right avenue for raising our bars of competitiveness. Faithfully fulfill what has been committed and pledged to your clienteles. Actions, as always, will always be louder and better than words. Commitments without corresponding actions is futile. The belief that the real essence of our aspiration for an international certification is client satisfaction and improvement of management, must be instilled to sustain the momentum. RADIANCE Vol.XIX, No. 1







So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moved upon the earth. —Genesis 1:27-28


ver since humanity has controlled and dominion over animals, we use them for personal purposes: medical, business, sports, entertainment, scientific research, and human consumptions. In whatever purposes, animals are always useful for us, and because of this, we abuse them. We have treated them harshly and cruelly and letting them to suffer in many different ways, and most of these are horrifying. Such as; domestic and wild animal abuse, animal hoarding, animal fighting, dissecting alive animals, and slaughtering. Many of us would like to consider animal cruelty no longer happen, what we fail to realize is that it still exist all over the world nowadays. Last October of 2013, a disturbing news report about a “crush video” intruded the heart of the people and the social media showing a three barefooted girls stomping and kicking on a weeping innocent puppy until it died. It was so unwanted for me to see as a pet lover and a Biology student a wailing puppy treaded heavily with these three girls for almost 20 minutes and watching it died slowly in painful ways or ”lamog”. According to the investigation of Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and other agencies this teenage girls are Filipinas, and hired by a couple in Bacnotan, La Union to torture and kill animals in crush films sold for P100 to P1, 000 per video. This act of horrendous cruelty to the puppy is completely unethical.

The couple violated the Animal Welfare Act Of 1998 (RA No.8485) and the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act (RA No. 9208) as well as additional child abuse violations, because the girls were minors when the video were created. The three teenage girls are already in custody of authorities.

We live in a living world practicing our God given authority overall the creations and a citizen of a democratic country being governed by consciences knowing the right and wrong. Is that how we exercise our freedom and authority? Usually, we behave more extremely and viciously like animals. We kill abusively a helpless animal for the sake of our needs and own survival. The cruelty performed by this people brought us on a big shame as a



Filipino and as a caretaker of God’s creation.

Should animals have their rights? Some people may answer no because animals do not think and behave like humans, that they should not be treated equally like them; they are wrong because animals are breathing creatures like humans the only difference is that animals cannot speak or complain what they can only do is to howl. They have also nervous system; they can sense both physical and emotional. They can feel or even recognize love and pain. Animal cruelty is not just beating or killing innocent animals, as stated in REPUBLIC ACT NO. 8485 Section 6. It shall be unlawful for any person to torture any animal, to neglect to provide adequate care, sustenance or shelter, or maltreat any animal or to subject any dog or horse to dogfights or horse fights, kill or cause or procure to be tortured or deprived of adequate care, sustenance or shelter, or maltreat or use the same in research or experiments not expressly authorized by the Committee on Animal Welfare.

Our government and other agencies encourage everyone to give more attention and action to this issue. They are now serious about this unkind and rough treatment to animals. Some of us might not care and we become oblivious of this ongoing issue of brutality in our society. If animals can only speak they might have a lot of complaints in our rough way of handling them. We as a concerned citizen, practices of animal cruelty in our community should be reported to the authorities or we can expose it through social medias. Let us protect their welfare and maintain the harmony inside the animal kingdom. Animals and other living things are the coexistence of human, they deserve our love and care. Awakening our souls and realizing the importance of giving compassion to animals is one of our big help not just for them, but it also allows us to feel proud about standing up for something so important to society. Stop behaving like an animal; act like a concerned person and treat them like a friend.

It is our mandate to be the voice for creatures who cannot speak up for themselves. As a nation, we need to make it our right of way to come together and ensure the safety of domestic and wild animals.

Kindness and compassion towards all living things is a mark of a civilized society. Conversely, cruelty, whether it is directed against human beings or against animals, is not the exclusive province of any one culture or community of people. —César Chávez


Si Pay Andres Asin Si Pay Jose


las nuebe nin pagkaaga habang naglalakaw si Pay Andress sa kaawagan dara-dara an saiyang umal na tabak na raot an polo para magpasyar sa saiyang kaniyogan, napaagi ini sa harong kan saiyang padehon na si Pay Jose. Nangalas siya ano ta mayo na ning harong na nakatugdok sa daga na pigbabantayan kan saiyang padihon. Nahiling niya an mga buruwal na puon, mga simento asen hallowblocks na nakatarambak sa palibot. Paghuna niya nalalag na siya, huli ta kadakol nang pinagbag’o sa lugar kan saiyang padehon. Nagpadagos na sa paglakaw si Pay Andress pasiring sa kanyugan. Habang nagbubunot ini nin niyog nahiling niya an saiyang padihon na si Pay Jose may daradarang banwit asin manlaenlaen na sira, may Tilapya, Kurabo, Bakla Parangan asin Itay-itay. Inapod ni Pay Andress si Pay Jose. Pay Andress: Pading Jose! Pading Jose! Pay Jose: Ohh! Padi! Pay Andress: Kamusta na? saen ka hali!? Pay Jose: Aw., dyan baga padi sa may fishpond burubanwit lamang panira. Ika padi nagaano ka? Pay Andress: Turutangko laman niyog. Pauli ka na? Pay Jose: Mala ta iyo na baga. Pay Andress: Aw maray pa sabay na kita ta pauli naman ako. Pay Jose: Oho sige. Habang naglalakaw nag oro’istoryahan mun’a an duwa. Pay Andress: Kasubag’ong aga palan padi nag-agi ako sa harong mo, nakilhag ako ta mayo na baga ako nahiling nin harong duman. Ang yaraon duman mga simento, hallow blocks asin mga kahoy. A n o

ni Sam man gigibohon duman harong mo? Pay Jose: Bako man padi. Mayo naman akong harong duman. Pay Andress: Aw hadaw? ano baya nangyari? Pay Jose: Makauyit ngani padi ta kas sarong bulan pinalayas ako kan sakuyang amo nin dai sa oras. Ta pagibuhan daa duman nin molinohan. Pay Andress: Saka ano pa sabi kan amo mo saimo? Pay Jose: Hanapan daa ninda ako nin marahay na estaran. Pero hanggang ngunian dae pa akong marahay na estaran. Pay Andress: Ay grabe man padi. Marai ngani si harong ni madeng Maria dae nadamay sa pag gaba. Saen kana palan nageestar ngunian? Pay Jose: Sa Bodega kan sakuyang amo. Halat-halat lamang sa pangako ninda na mas maray na estaran ko. Ika padi kamusta na an pagbuhay-buhay? Pay Andress: Ayos sana man baga padi. Trangkilo naman an pagbuhay-buhay dawa medyo nagtiti’os nakakaya paman. Pay Jose: Maray ka pa padi mayo ka masyadong problema. Ako garo dae nang pag-asa ta garo nalingawan na so pangako sakuya kan sakuyang amo. Pay Andress: Bakong makwarta an amo mo? Ano ta dae lamang mapuonan an saimong harong? Pay Jose: Inda man ngani, haloy naman akong serbisyo sainda tapos dae lamang nin magayon na benipisyo na hale sainda.

Pay Andress: Ayos lang an padi! Tiwala lang! ako ngani dawa bag’ong tabak dae lamang maribayan kan sakuyang amo. Pero kontento naman ako dawa umal sana an gamit kong tabak sa pagtrabaho. Pay Jose: Hay! Nalalangkag na lamang ako kakahalat kan bag’o kong estaran. Pay Andress: Tanganing dai ka malangkag magburubisita ka lamang duman sa harong ko, tagay-tagay lamang kita dawa sarong bilog sana. Mabuno akong itik. Pay Jose: Hiling-hiligon ko padi ta kadakol pa kaya akong gibo saka Medyo huruharayo kaya an harong mo. Pay Andress: Iyo pade asahan ko yan. Kung dai ka man makaduman ma burubisita man ako saimo. Ma malinghod lamang kita sa kaniyogan ko. Pay Jose: Mayong problema padi ika ang bahala. Pay Andress: Oho iyo! Sige na daw padi maenot-enot na ako saimo ta huruharayo pa lakawon ko baka mabanggihan ako sa dalan. Saka ta na ipadagos an satuyang estoryahan sa ibang aldaw mahilingan paman baga kita. Pay Jose: Ingat padi! Salamat! Sa utro garay. May masunod pa.




n our country’s chase of light towards transparency after the discovered anomaly on Program Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of many years of too rapacious experience with pork barrel abuses, one woman stood firmly on her ground and a front line to fight and take the position that the entire pork barrel system be abolished. Her charismatic appeal to students and the different universities caught the attention not only by her fellow Filipinos but also the world, giving her different accolades such as: super girl at the state university, the iron lady of Asia, the incorruptible lady, the dragon lady, the platinum lady, and the undisputed college heroin. She has established a high reputation for integrity, competence and efficiency. A woman that is called a genius, yet some calls here intellectually arrogant for her straightforward languages. Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago is probably one of the greatest icons in the Philippine history of politics.

Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago Article: Jay Vincent Andallon Image: Google Images

FEATURE An Academe Record-Setter

Miriam was born in 1945 in Iloilo City. Her father Benjamin was a district trial judge and her mother Dimpna was a college dean. Miriam graduated valedictorian of the La Paz elementary School, and Valedictorian of the Iloilo Provincial National High School. She topped written examinations even she’s just a freshman and was appointed as editor-in-chief of the high school paper which she held for four years. During her college years she continued to be a “record-setter” as she topped the National College Entrance Examinations for the Western Visayas region. She again topped the written examinations in University of the Philippines Visayas region where she also was appointed as editor-in-chief which she held for four years. She finished her academic requirements in only three and a half years and graduated Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Magna Cum Laude. Her achievements continued as she took Bachelor of Laws at UP Diliman after graduating Cum Laude and valedictorian of her class at the said state university. She earned her Masters of Law and degree Doctor of the Science and Jurisprudence at University of Michigan where she qualified for the prestigious Barbour Scholarship.

A Public Servant

She began in the public service when she refused to join big Makati Law Firms instead chose the government service as special assistant to the secretary of justice and also tapped as one of the speech writers of President Ferdinand Marcos, a lawyer. She became an exceptional judge because newcomers are usually appointed in provinces, but Miriam was qualified to sit in Metro Manila Trial Courts. As freshman judge, Miriam disposed of the highest number of cases in Metro Manila. Her reputation for integrity, competence and efficiency became

established, and as she was showered with awards. Her awards for excellence in her field made Miriam the most awarded public official today. She attempted to seize the presidency in 1992 but unfortunately lost against his rival— Fidel V. Ramos who suspiciously won by electoral fraud. But despite this “dirty” game, she never grew tired in the service and continued as she won her first term as senator in 1995. She made and still making outstanding remarks in the Senate, being a topnotcher in most number of bills filed, in fact she is the author of RA 8750 a.k.a. the “Seat Belt Law” and regarded by her meticulous preparation and searching interpellation in every Senate debate. She was best remembered when she exposed the graft and corruption in the Department of Interior and Local Government and sought Senate Blue Ribbon Committee probes on the string of anomalous government contracts entered into by DILG secretary Ronaldo Puno. If not for Senator Santiago, these anomalies would’ve gone in oblivion.

channelled into questionable nongovernment organizations According to the whistle blowers, parts of pork barrels from the accused legislators were allotted to non-government organizations set up by Janet Naploes, a businesswoman. In exchange, the legislators will receive a kick back equivalent to up to 65% of the project cost. Aside from these exposés, with no fear she named the main persons involved with Napoles in the crime she called “Crime of the Millennium”.

On The ‘Pork Barrel’ Scam

The feisty and controversial senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago would never be out of date especially in her lifetime mission of being adversarial in politics. Though she has implied that reforming corrupt system has lost its challenge, still the masses are eyeing her performance considering her as a living legend in the history of Philippine politics. Her wit, brilliant political principles and sense of humor despite the different tragedies and challenges that tried to end her momentum in reforming the politics in this developing country will always be remembered at its best and will be admired not only by her fellowmen but also by the whole world; leaving a great legacy of Integrity, courage and charismatic image to the public. Her presence alone indeed is a great evidence that good leaders has yet to come.

Miriam was the first senator to decline the pork barrel that is granted to senators and members of the congress to administer the funds properly and use for development. But this vision, as it turned out was exploded by the money cultures of politicians according to her. That is why it’s a no doubt to know that she was very mad when the Pork barrel Scam was exposed and the worst—involving her colleagues in the Senate. In her speech during a conference at SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, she said that the legislators are expected to be charged along with Janet Napoles (the person of interest in the said scam) over the large scale use of Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or the pork barrel scam in which state funds were allegedly

Miriam Speak

In spite of her courageous attitude which is probably a main ingredient why she has fought all anomalies in her past terms, she has veered into a new Miriam as she stapled humors in criticizing the pork barrel scam. It is quite unusual to her since she has been a vocal critique of her colleagues. But now she has added colors that drew laughter from the audience.

A Woman Of Great Worth






Image: Google Images



n this technologically advanced world, there are many media where you can get information of a certain event or trend—internet, cell phone, newspaper, television and the most common known for its immediacy and cheap production is the radio. Radio broadcasting has played an important role in delivering information especially during the world wars. It also became the most reliable information during the martial law where television and newspapers were controlled by the Marcos regime. Radio has existed in different forms; the commercialized radio, community radio and the campus radio that is run by the students of a college or university and other educational institution. Compared with other types of radio, this is a low power type of FM radio station. Partido State University extends the venture of delivering and showcasing quality education and facilities through acquiring the campus radio. This is a great step on the institution’s advocacy to broadcast the university’s activities and make programs that will uplift student’s awareness, participation and learning through


this information disseminator medium. Moreover, the students who will broadcast in the campus radio, particularly the Communication students will cater their need not only for developing their verbal communication skills but also for experience and serve as training ground in preparation for their future endeavor. PSU Campus radio was established as one of the priority projects under the administration of Dr. Nita V. Morallo. It is an FM station with a radio frequency of 103.3. Through the Bachelor of Arts and Communication program the said campus radio station was proposed in order to train its students in the real world setting of radio broadcasting and also serve as one of the AB Communication facilities. The campus radio station is owned, operated, managed and controlled by the university through the Bachelor of Arts and Communication program. It is a radio station that offers membership, management, operation and programming primarily by members of its constituents and the community it serves. It is open to community involvement especially in offering ongoing opportunities for training in the operation of the station to volunteers from the community it serves, more specifically its student clientele. The Campus Radio shall provide news coverage concerning the students’ activities, administration projects, and even the university’s different extension activities. Compared from the existing student publication of the university, the campus radio, because of its immediacy can send the information to the students at an instant and other concerned people which the student publication cannot do. It will give opportunities

to gain live broadcasting exposure for students as Radio Disc Jockeys, radio announcer, news writers and news reporters. Also this helps them gain knowledge in managing and maintaining a radio station. The said facility, as it starts airing will be the most reliable source of school information by the students aside from notices being posted on bulletin boards which not everyone cares to read. But through campus FM, they could still get the benefit of being informed aside from being entertained by simply listening. Even if the students are off the campus, the radio’s frequency will reach them as long as they are tuned in, anytime anywhere. This new facility will also broaden students’ engagement, knowledge retention, student motivation and team development collaboration through making agenda setting in radio about different questions that need the opinion of the students. Also in this manner, the students may be able to freely express their freedom to speak and share their opinion to a particular issue or give feedback to the services offered by the university or give suggestions to improve the university’s performance. The state of the arts facility can cater wide range of listeners covering not only the municipality of Goa but also the neighboring municipalities and those that are outside of Partido Area. For this reason the campus radio will be having a news program that provides international, national, local and campus news to meet the needs of its listeners. Also the entertainment segments where the listeners can send their messages, greetings and requests to the DJ’s shall serve as the bridge between the students connection that is not possible in person to person. It adheres to professional

broadcast standards following the 2007 Broadcast code of Ethics with the core faculty of BA in Communication assigned as the advisers from Monday to Saturday. This will help to monitor the student DJ’s and announcers in their on-air and to ensure that the students are well-guided in broadcasting. Compared with other radio stations, campus radio will not accept advertisements to support their maintenance and daily operation to avoid being a partisan and malicious. This is to avoid the radio station to be used in personal motives of either public or private person, though the campus radio shall accept help or assistance. The campus radio shall maintain its credibility in delivering news without being questioned in its motives. This medium has also divulged into new media through creating a Facebook page named PSU Campus FM, since the trend now is that people listen to radio very seldom but frequently active in social media. The campus FM shall also post different school updates in the said page so that if people didn’t hear the announcements or updates in radio still, they can be able to see them in their news feed provided that the students will like the PSU Campus FM Facebook page with student admins who regularly posts different updates like schedule of examinations, seminars, announcement of special holidays, results of competitions joined by the university and other school concerns. With this new acquired technology, the university anticipates to broaden its services, adhering to its vision of providing quality education not only to Bicolanos but to the rest of the Filipinos. RADIANCE Vol.XIX, No. 1


Ni: John Samuel P. Nuñez


LITIRATURA Sam Bilin ni Nanay sa ilog ay huwag maligo. Matigas na ulo utos nya’y binigo. Tumakas, tumakbo sa ilog ay tumungo. Nag-babad sa kalayaan at sa agos ng pagkabata’y naglaro.

Gatas sa L Jay

Sayangoy Sa bawat yapak ng mga nagpapaligasahang mga paa at ingay ng mga sasakyan sa umaga. Dinarampot ko sa aking pagliliwaliw ang bawat mumog ng panandaliang kasiyahan at pagkauhaw sa aliw.

Una na tayong naging magkaibigan bago pa ang mundo’y nasilayan. Sabay tayong nakapagsalita Sabay rin tayong lumakad at nadapa. Hibla man ng buhok ma’y naiiba ang puso naman nati’y magkarugton sa paghinga.


Sam Sam

Mara Clara


Mahabang panahon man ng pagkainip, pasensya mo ma’y nanuyo’t nanikip, yakap at haplos ng ‘yong pag-ibig ang sa akin ay nagpaidlip.



Ama namin

Sa bibig ko’y nanlalagkit munting kamangmangan ng pagiging paslit. Sa bawat tanong ng kahirapan sagot ko’y hindi ko alam.



Jay Ama naming nasa Langit pakinggan mo hibik ng munting tinig. Sa kamusmusan ko’y pagbigyan, lambing mo’y iparamdam.

Sulay Sa pagbukas ng pinto ng silid kong pinag-aaralan. Muli akong sinusubok at nililito ng mundong puno ng kabalisahan.


Sam Aming mumos na kinabukasa’y ihalintulad ma’y parang Salabawan minsa’y sa kahirapa’y umaangat at kadalasan nama’y lugmok. Ganon pama’y sa pag-asa kami ay nahubog.

Salabawan Maghapong nakatungangang biyaya, tulog mantikang himala at nakahilatang pagpapala. Pinagkait na kaginhawaan kailanma’y di natikman sa sulok ng sementong higaan, mga kamay na dapat sa akin ay dumarampot ngayo’y nandidirit maramot.





BAUTISTA Ma. Jessa F. Moll Images: Google Images

Love problem zone


ne of the most popular online “advise givers” today is Ramon Bautista. Perhaps you have heard of him. One of his famous books is the “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?” which was later turned into a movie. Bautista’s Formspring account was one of the most visited accounts in 2012. Through this account he gives advice to people with love problems from all over the country. Most of those who seek his advice are young people, asking help on how to handle their “major” crush problems and stuff, but there are also serious ones like how to make a long distance relationship works, or how to move on after a painful breakup. But what makes him popular especially to young ones? And what unique style he has in advice giving that make people heed his advice, and trust him with their personal issues?

How he puts it out…

As we all know, Ramon Bautista is a comedian/ commercial model/Professor/ Internet action star/ radio DJ. The personality he projects is that of an easy approachable person. His direct and sometimes brutally honest responses that brings out the laughs. The way he writes and speaks is that of a friend, a barkada who is always there when needed. Someone who would tell you honestly that you have been stupid even though it hurts. Someone who would comment on how a monster of a person your ex is, while you are hurting, regardless whether it’s true or not. But besides being a comedian/ commercial model/ Internet action star/ radio DJ, Bautista is also a professor at UP Diliman. Perhaps this factor (him being a professor) is one of the things that enables him to relate to love issues, specially of the youth. Being a popular online figure, Ramon has a big followers among the youth. When asked on an interview what he thinks about this, he said “Siguro



FEATURE naka-identify sila sa mga pinagsasagot ko, kasi minsan pag sagot ko hindi ko sasabihin na ibu-butter up ko pa na ‘Okay lang yan’, sasabihin kong ‘Hindi okay yan! Ayaw niya sa ‘yo noh! ‘Yun, baka gusto nila ‘yung mga bagay na ganon na katok sa ulo nila na mag-aral ka na lang, huwag ka nang mainlove.” He said that maybe it has something to do with his looks too. “Bukod pa ‘yun sa [pagiging] gandang lalaki ko, ‘yung titig ko, ‘yung smile ko,” he added lightly.

Aside from being an online craze, he became more popular after the book he wrote entitled “Bakit hindi ka Crush ng Crush mo?” became a hit. It was later turned into a movie. Among his loads of advice which is in the book are, “Pag hindi mo type, siguro utangan mo ng paminsan-minsan para malaman niya na utangan lang siya. Tapos naman pag tunay na pag-ibig, siyempre pag tunay na pag-ibig ihahatid mo ‘yan. Sa Paranaque siya nakatira tapos ikaw sa Quezon City, babayaran mo ‘yung toll gate, sa Skyway pa ang daan. Tunay na pagibig eh.” Anoher one is, “So siyempre ‘pag hindi mo crush,pag kapitbahay mo lang, sabihin mo lang, ‘Kuha ka lang ng tricycle, bente pesos lang yan.’ Ayon, ganon para siyempre inamin mo na agad sa kanya na, ‘Girly huwag tayong magsayangan ng oras, friends lang tayo.’ Para makapag move-on na siya agad kasi siyempre baka may taong nag-aabang sa kanya.” As for those who are brokenhearted, “Maraming iba diyan. It’s a big world out there guys, somewhere out there may mas kikiligin sa ’yo.” His book made it to second best-selling book in National Bookstore.

Tales from the Friend Zone

Ramon Bautista’s “Tale from the Friend Zone” posts are a great deal sought after by his followers, specially the younger ones. The fact that many of us have experienced the so called “maFriend Zone” is enough to explain why his posts were a hit. He became the shoulder that people who experienced this can lean on. His pieces of advice give a new light to people with bitter experiences about this matter. This “Friend Zone” dilemma can be explained as, when you tell your friend that you’re in love with him or her and he or she tells you that you’re better off as friends. Yeah that hurts a lot, but hey, that’s why Ramon Bautista is around, is he? To give

advice and make you feel better. I’m sure most of you guys had this “falling in love with your best friend” scenario before. Not an easy one though. You had these “what ifs”. What if she/he doesn’t love me back? What if we lose our friendship after this? What if she/he run away and never talk to me again? So if you ever find yourself in the same situation again, here’s some love advice from watching Ramon Bautista‘s “Tales from Friend Zone” you tube videos (it was full of sense and sense of humor really. 1. Just because he’s / she’s kind to you doesn’t mean he / she likes you. You’re just putting malice in everything he or she does for you. 2. Be jealous according to your relationship status. If you’re just a friend then, you don’t have the right to be jealous, so shut up. 3. Don’t settle for a relationship with no agreement, or what they call MU “Mutual Understanding”. Because you may be having mutual understanding only with yourself. 4. Lower your expectations. What you see from the cheesy romance movie flicks are not the same with reality. Love hurts… 5. No means no. Really. You might as well step back, don’t ask again, spare some self esteem for yourself. 6. Never admit your feelings unless your 80% sure he /she feels the same way as you do. 7. Do not strike when the iron is not yet hot. Heat it up first! Make him/her fall for you. 8. And if all else fails, remember that …there’s more to life than love.

As a conclusion

Ramon Bautista made a new brand of tough love while remaining genuinely concerned about his followers. Bothering to answer more than 7000 questions is a proof of his passion for his fans and their needs. Sometimes his response to some questions might seem dismissive, but deep down, this is his way of saying that in love, we sometimes lose sight of ourselves and what really matters. His whole ethos, in his book, in his posts in his “Tales from the Friend Zone”, might be summed up as “We all deserve better”. Like what he said in an advice “If all else fails, remember that… there is more to life than love.” RADIANCE Vol.XIX, No. 1



Neil Johannes C. Botor A glorious journey was pulled off by the Partido State University Cimmarons after landing as 3rd runnerup in the 9th CBS Naga City Inter-Collegiate Basketball Tournament held at the Jesse M. Robredo Coliseum last June – October 2013. The flags were held high and the bets were raised to who will take home the crown as kings of the hardcourt and bask for a year of ultimate bragging rights; The Naga College Foundation Tigers (NCF), Ateneo de Naga University Golden Knights (ADNU), University of Nueva Caceres Greyhounds (UNC), Partido State University Royal Cimmarons (PSU), Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA), STI Olympians (STI), Mariners Polytechnic Colleges (MPC) and the Universidad de Sta. Isabel (USI). It was undoubtedly a hard stride for the PSU to reach the Top 4; they had to pick the following teams for the 1st round as their prey on the Tournament: The MPC, CBSUA, USI, STI and leaving them phased out by the ADNU, NCF and UNC. In the 2nd round, the CBSUA backed out from the tournament due to some personal matters and PSU defeated the MPC, USI, STI and still was barricaded by the ADNU, NCF and UNC. For over 4 months of showing of their bread and butter defenses and steaming sizzle offenses, 3 of Partido State University’s athletes were privileged to end up at the Mythical 15 of the Basketball tournament: Mark Lloyd Bajada (CBM), John Phillip Pino (CET), Emman Belarmino (CBM). The blazing spirit of the PSU Royal Cimmarons constructed them to adhere the passion for winning. However, the stakes grew smaller after their unfortunate games against the NCF Tigers, ADNU Golden Knights and UNC Greyhoundz. They somehow strived to conquer the overpowering force of those kings by sticking to a close lead in the 1st half, but being piled by points in the 2nd half. Who knows, by practicing more and the urge not to give up on reaching the top spot, the PSU can be hailed as champs sooner or later. The uncontained force of the NCF Tigers led them to cease the tournament off as champion for the 9th CBS Naga City InterCollegiate Basketball Tournament. The ADNU Golden Knights as 1st runner up, UNC Greyhoundz as 2nd runner up and the PSU Cimmarons as 3rd runner where all of them glorified their school’s pride.



Flaming Dragons


defend Intramurals supremacy Neil Johannes C. Botor

The glorious week ended up being dominated by the College of Engineering and Technology (CET) Flaming Dragons who were hailed as the overall champion for the Intramurals 2013 held last August 14-17, 2103 and defended their title for another year to bask in their glory. The College of Business and Management (CBM) ended up as 1st runner - up, PSU San-Lag Campus as 2nd runner - up, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) as 3rd runner - up, College of Education (CoED) as the 4th runner - up, PSU Tinambac Campus as the 5th runner - up, PSU Caramoan Campus as the 6th runner - up and the PSU Sal-Sag Campus as the 7th runner - up. The rivalry heated up all the athletes to show off their outmost fighting spirits to play for the fame of their colleges. The Intramurals was uplifted by a Holy mass in the morning followed by a Parade at Goa poblacion and an Opening program afterwards where the President welcomed all the athletes and officials and wished them luck for the event. At the same day was the Cheerdance Competition where the CBM bagged the fame as champions, The CAS as 2nd runner – up and the CET as 3rd runner up. The Miss Intramurals 2013 was also held at the University Auditorium where Diana Fesico of the College of Arts and Sciences was the 2nd runner - up; Judy Ann Armea of the College of Business and Management, 1st runner - up and Lecer Dadis of the College of Education outshined the night as the Miss Intramurals 2013. All the athletes showed exemplary efforts in the field of the scorching hot games of Basketball, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer Football and Softball; The uncontainable force of their strokes in Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis and Badminton; The mind – blowing Chess games; The firepower kicks in Taekwondo and Sepak Takraw; The high – octane endurances in Athletics and Swimming and the athletes who showed grace and polish in the Cheerdance Competition and Miss Intramurals 2013.






Si nanay nagtindang sira, mala ta mayo pa Si tatay na paralyzed, nakahigda sana Si nene na may sip-on, gutom na baga Si nonoy na barumbado, nasa tambayan daa Sa laog ning harong kaining pamilya Dinulok kang lamok kasbag-ong aga Sa suminonod na aldaw, asin semana Si nene, pabalik-balik ang kalintura Ning huli ta kapos, mayong kwarta Si nene nagadan, na-dengue siya.

ni: Jaymart Moreno

Nang dilim ay nanaig sa ningning ng tala Sa iyong isipa’y agam-agam ang bumabaha Tinangay na pag-asa sa lihim ng pagdaralita Bawat hilahil mo’y tumanaw na tila. Ang pag-inog ng buhay tulad ng alam mo Ang gulong na umiikot, taas baba ang takbo Subalit sa pagbabadya ng pagkaligalig Iyong nadarama tamis ng pagkadaig. Tadhana ma’y subukin ang lakas mong naipon Pag-asa’y huwag limutin at huwag itapon Pagkat araw ay darating, lilingunin yaring kahapon At magugunita mong aral ang napulot doon.

Si mommy nasa saiyang opisinang di-aircon, Si daddy iyo man, busy sya maghapon Si ate nasa kwarto, pasuro-cellpone Si kuya nasa sala, nag-momovie marathon Si lamok naglaog sa saindang mansyon Si kuya ang kalintura halangkawon Sinugod sa hospital, pina-inom bulong Tinurukan sa braso ning injection na matarom Ning huli ta ang dengue ibahon, malainon Kinaumagahan, bigla nalang syang puminiyong

Isay Ini?

ni: Princess Carmela Casa Kapag ika nahihiling mayo akong pakiaram Pinaralagpas sana sa mata, ano man kaan Nin huli ta may kaibahan, may kaistoryahan Echapwera ka muna, pabayae man yan! Ini totoo, bihira taka lang isipon Isay kaman baya? Sakuyang hahaputon Dae ka naghaloy sako ning sarong bulan, sarong taon Pag kinakaulay ka, dae mo ako sisimbagon Dae akong aram kung haen ka na baga Basta ang aram ko, pag ako maogma Dae taka ginigirumdom, pabayaan taka sana Kung saeng lupalop ka yaon, bahala ka! Pero sa mga oras na ika sakuyang kaipuhan Mahibi-hibi akong hanap kung nasaen ka na naman Kapag kaipo ko na ang saimong tabang Saka ka lang minalaog sa sakuyang isipan Pag nasa laog kang klase, hinahanap taka Biyo kong pinapalinaw malalabo kong mata Pag ika mayo pa, tapos ma-quiz na No choice ako, kundi maglapis na sana



Katarungan Unknown

Magagasgas lamang mga lalamunan, Nitong mga ibong lipad sa ulapan Marami man itong kanilang mga bilang Hinding-hindi naman tiyak na pakikinggan Kahit na sa buwan itong hinanakit, Ilipad ang daing, hinagpis at sakit, Papuputukin lang ang pantog na ganid, Matulis ang kuko sa langit Sa paghahanap ko nitong katarungan, Baka makarating sa kinabibilangan, Nitong mga pigtas ang hingang nilalang, Na naghihintay doon sa krus na daan. Kung sa lupa’y kinang ay sadyang mailap, Nitong katarungang ibig na malasap, Hayaang lumuha’t dugo ay pumatak, Pagkat nasa langit ang tunay na galak Mabuti-buti pa na ipasaitaas, Ang ibig makamit na ngiti at gilas, Ang katarungang libing na at agnas, Makakatalik kung dating na ang wakas!



Charmaine P. Odiamar I was once a slave of my own fear The fear that caused me not to dare Be little me, I don’t care That was me for a long, long year There was once a word As sharp as a sword Like a mine of gold That in my mind behold.

Juvenile Zeitgeist Jm_omps (Du-rien)

There was once a voice that have inspired A soul that from criticisms seems so tired That wake me from a long sleep and tried To learn and accept the reality that cried There was once a person who said Advice of others you must heed, Dream freely as that of a kid But make sure to dream big.

A jocund company from playmates Lollipops, spaghetti, hotdog and cakes Shower under the rain, storytelling and Sleeping tight on the bed Playing, eating, sleeping How happy the simple routine of a kid Dis you miss those things? No problem, you can always dance and sing No hesitations, you ate rightly when your tummies ring And you even spent the whole day, just playing with your friends

Full Moon Michael P. Vale

When you fell asleep in the sofa, During the shine of the noon You’ll open your eyes in your own bedroom Minding not of money and heartaches Minding yes, just toys, tooth aches and playmates

Awakened from a sound sleep, I hurried outside and saw the bold beauty of the moon as it bows on the Earth in its full magnificence Juvenile zeitgeist, reminiscing the times being a kid The few number of stars Just few years, after being just like a see are being drowned Nothing to worry, neither assign ments nor projects inthe floodlight And special mention, the exams and the exams of his shining glory and the eyebags had get. There I watched even with Knowing I am in wilderness Fearlessly amazed with awe I praised the naked beauty Peobous has created

But so happy, experiencing the thing having a crush And got brokenhearted, just because of that Also meeting friends, and collecting memories too But unfortunately, others were leaving you

I know I am awake I am neither dreaming for I can hear the living tone of the nightingale.

If life is just like what we had in our lesson Regarding admissions and dissolution Hoping, more people to meet but no changes in relation. RADIANCE Vol.XIX, No. 1



Article: Jemalou Velasco Image: Google Images


o I really need to do it all over again? For how many times ........ Shall I say it now? Would you listen? Everything is a blur; I don’t know where to start. What shall I tell you? The undeniable truth, the incorruptible reality, the sad facts, and the hostility I see in your eyes, the bitterness evident in your grim face or shall I zip my mouth and do nothing. But I can’t do it anymore; I can’t wait any longer.... I can’t believe that you’ve turned into a total handicap- unable to realize the enormous truth right just in front of you, or did you really do it for a purpose. What had happened to you is a shock to me. You are totally different from what I can still remember. You had changed. A lot! Now, I am left with no choice other than to remind you of your real self. And that was way too long. I saw you, you knew it. I can still recall the times that I can see happiness in your eyes; that I can sense satisfaction, fulfillment and joy within you; that I am sure you have peace with you always; that both humility and pride is inside you; that you are sure with what you are doing. Yet, you’ve changed unto someone with monstrous greed, unending want, and unsatisfied life. Is this the result of what you always dream of- the betterment of living? Is this the fruit of what your so-called hard work for a better future? Take a look at you now, or even glimpse on the mirror of yourself. You look like a mannequin, a doll, or worst a puppet- lifeless and out of control. Honestly, can you really tell me that you are happy as you look in my eyes? Can I still hear the cheerful and melodious laughter from you? Can I?. . . .Can You? . . . . . . . . . Yes, I do see you smile, hear you laugh. I even saw you reap the fruits of your determination. But I cannot see your happiness. Everytime I look at you, I see nothing but the emptiness and




longing in your eyes. I know the pain that you’ve been through. And as you look at me, I see it in your eyes. The pain, the hunger, the thirst, the craving, the need. You even gave me that look as if it was my fault; you are blaming me for the sufferings you are going through right now. But wait, it wasn’t my fault. Why would you blame me if we both knew all along that I never stopped reminding you and telling you the possibilities it may cost you? But you never listened. For how many times have I knocked at your door yet you never opened and one time you slapped it at my face. You are ruthless. You didn’t care about me. You even took advantage. Fact is, I don’t really like what is happening right now. But it has to happen. Maybe to wake you up. Perhaps to stir your being. It happened because you made it happened, it was your decision that had pondered it and even pushed it to the limits. This horrible occurrence is all because of your acts. You can never point finger to me. I have nothing to do with this. It was you. You made it happen. You......... yes, you! Right now, I wish for nothing except that you will know better that if you do those things again. I am hoping that you’ve learned your lesson and live anew. I know somehow that you always wanted to free yourself and live your life, on your own. You can still do that. It might be late but not too late for you, you must do it now, wholeheartedly and willingly. It is never for me, I mean, you are doing it, going to do it for yourself. You better do it right and do it now. Shall I say it once again? Would you want it to happen all over again? Shall I tell you? Must you listen? I am telling you now, do your part. Sincerely, Shall I? Of course, I shall, and You must sincerely. RADIANCE Vol.XIX, No. 1



Sabi ni Monette Enciso

abi ni Tatay: Garu daw tigtutungka na ako. Pauru-utro na sana baga ang tigdadalan kong bareta sa telebisyon. Ano na daw an nangyayari digdi sa Pinas, garo baga mayo ng padumanan ang mga politiko. Kulang na sana sinda mismo magrarambulan. Dae ko man tig-gagabos, ugwa pa man gayod dawa dikit sainda ang talagang muyang magtaong onra sa satong banwaan, kundi sa kadakulan ninda, kung pira sana man talaga ang muyang magtabang, ano man ilaban mo sa kadaklan? Alagad dae ta man talaga matutukdong diretsahan kung sairisay ang maaati ang kamot. Ay! Inda. Maturog na sana daw ako. “Tay, dae ka muna po magturog, tabangan mo muna daw po ako digdi sa assignment ko. Ungsakit po kayang maray, maluya pati ko tay sa English.” Kaulay sako kang aki ko. “Tungkol man daa ngaya saen an noy?” hapot ko man. Nangalas ako ta sakuya naghagad tabang bako ki nanay niya. “Tungkol diyan tay sa tigdadalan mo kasubagu sa tv. Ito baga pong pork barrel, ata nang dae pati ko kaiyan pag-aram tay.” Kaya man palan sako naghagad tabang ta si nanay niya mayo man tiyaga magparadalan bareta. “Anu bayang pagkakaintindi mo sa Pork Barrel Noy?” hapot ko man. Baka lamang may maitabang ako ki nonoy. “Sabi kang mga kaklase ko tay, ito daa yan kwarta kang mga tawo na tigburulsa kang mga politiko. Alagad yaon pa po daa tay sa korte, dae pa man daa napapatunayan.” Simbag niya man. “Puro ka baga ‘daa’ noy, sa sunod ngani magsabay ka sako pagdalan bareta nganing aram mo kung anong nangyayari.” “iyo po tabi tay.” “Ano man ang hapot diyan sa assignment nindu?” “As, a youth of today, how will you act in a situation like this? Can you still be the hope of tomorrow, if your present contradicts your future?, iyan poh tay ang hapot. Grabe nagdurugo lamang dungo ko.” Napangirit ako, kung kaidto gayod na aki pa ako. Iaagi ko naman sa suba ang simbag diyan. Anu man ta pagpaproblemahun mo ang mga aki kang problema kang mga gurang? Ang mga kaakian mas maray na dae mo muna

LATHALAIN pagpaproblemahun kang problema kang kinab’an, dae pa man ninda kaipuhan magsakit isip solusyon diyan. Kaya ngani sinda may magurang nganing iyo ang magatubang sa sakit kang buhay urawang dae pa ninda kaya. Alagad kang nahiling ko ang aki kong nagkakagaw-kagaw payo ta dae aram kung anong ikasimbag sa hapot kang maestra niya, napaisip ako. Ano man nanggad gigibuhun kang sarung aki sa mga problemang tig-aatubang kang Pilipinas ngunyan? Kung tutuuson, kasadit-sadit pa kang kamot ninda nganing iyo ang gamitun nindang pangsagang sa mga mararaot na elemento kang kinab’an. Dae ko man masabi na kaya ninda nang gamitun ang utak ninda, ta kulang pa man ang pag-aram ninda. Ini nganing aki ko, garu puro pa kawat ang yaon sa utak. Dae ta man maipipirit sa mga aki na intindihun ang sarung sitwasyon na dae pa man talaga kayang abuton kang utak ninda. Alagad sa panahon ngunyan dawa gayud sarung taon na aki dapat may pagmangnu na sa mga nakapalibot saiya. Maray ngani palan ta dawa purupano naintindihan ko si hapot. “Haputon taka noy, sa hiling mo tama daw na dawa arog ka pa kaiyan kaaki, nakikiaram ka na sa mga nangyayari sa banwaan mo?” hapot ko man. “Sa hiling ko po tay, tama sana man po, ta kung mayo po akong pag-aram dae ako makasimbag sa hapot ni mam. Saka po tay, garu trending ang topic na ni ngunyan. Makiuso man lamang ako.” Simbag man kang aki ko. Hilinga daw na simbag an ta mayo lamang kanultulan. Ang mga aki ngunyan iyo an ang kadakling tig-iisip basta makasunod sa uso, iyo na sana. “Maurag simbag mo noy ano? Kung iyo daw an isimbag mo ki maestra mo? Hilingun ta kung dae ka masapuyong.” Kagaw-kagaw naman si nonoy. “Dae tay, ini talaga po simbag ko. Sa hiling ko po, tama lang na maaraman mi, nganing pagdakula mi pag-naagihan garay ni kang satong banwaan aram mi na kung anong isisimbag mi sa magiging mga aki mi. Aram ko po, kung ikukumpara sa mga gurang dikit pa lang ang pag-aram mi sa mga arug kaning bagay, alagad tay, kung padiit-diit maiintindihan mi ini, naiipun man sa utak mi si mga nagkaararaman mi. Aram ko po na kung ano man ang manunud’an mi, kung dae ko man po magamit ngunyan, magagamit ko po pagabot kang panahon.” Nangalas ako sa simbag ni nonoy. Ang aki kong puro kalwag ang nasa isip, may pagrarum man palan ang pag-isip. Napangisi ako. Kung arug na kani magisip ngunyan ang mga kaakian, baka lamang talaga may pagbabago kung sinda ang magiging boses kang satuyang banwaan.

“Isimbag mo noy sa hapot kang maestra mo, kung ano ang sa hiling mong kaya mong maitabang sa arug kaning sitwasyon. Ika na mismo nagsabi, aki ka lang. Mayo pa kamung gayung pagmangno, pero ugwa kamung pagmati. Aram nindu na kung ano ang tama asin kung ano ang sala, kaya kung ano man ang maitatao mo nganing makatabang ka, itao mo. Dae ka magduwa-duwang isip, ta dawa aki may boses, dawa aki may pagmati.” Nanuparan ko ang kangalasan sa lawgon ni nonoy. Baka dae niya naintindihan si tigsabi ko. Alagad tigpabayaan ko na lang muna. Matalino man ang aki ko, dawa puro kalwag ang nasa isip. Dae ko aram kung nakatabang ang simbag ko saiya, pero aram kong kaya niyang maggibung simbag sa hapot na ito na base sa kung anong namamati niya. Dae ko pwedeng panginutan ang aki ko sa kung anong isisimbag niya, ta iba man ang isip kang mga gurang sa isip kang mga kaakian. “Class, please pass your assignments.” Nakigkig ako pagpasa ko kang sakuyang assignment. Dae ko aram kung tama ang simbag ko, pero tigsunod ko man si tigsabi ni tatay, tigsimbag ko si hapot ni mam base sa kung anong namamate kong kaya kong gibuhun. “Mr. Magsombol, can you please recite your answer in your assignment?” Kung kasubago tigkarabahan na ako, ngunyan garu dae na ako makahangus. Garu ako tigsalang sa “who wants to be a millionaire?” dae ko aram kung tama o sala ang simbag ko. Luway-luway akong nagtindug. “As a youth of today, all I can do is to learn from what is happening in our society, I still can’t fight with a pen as well as with a sword, but I can help by thinking positively that one day we can overcome this. I can help by not taking for granted what our national hero said. I am a youth and a hope of tomorrow and I will always be.” Namamati ko ang pagkimig-kimig kang kamot ko. Nagibu kong iboses ang gusto kong sabihun, asin dinangug ako. Kung gabus na tao tataong magdangug, arug palan kani ang pagmati. Tighahagad ko na sana, arug man kani ang mga tawong gustong magserbe sa banwaan ta. Tataong magdangug, tataong magpakumbaba asin tataong makonsensya. Sa pagtukaw ko sa sakuyang tukawan. Padiitdiit ko nang naintindihan ang nadangug ko kaidto na sabi ni tatay. “Kung ang tukawan na an kaya nindang bariun ang sadiri ninda tanganing makua nindang magtindug, baka lamang mahiling ninda kung anu talaga ang sitwasyon kang bansa ta ngunyan.” RADIANCE Vol.XIX, No. 1



Kemuel Joseph M. Buitizon




“Give a little time to me and burn this out, we’ll play hide and seek to turn this around.” The Office of the Registrar plays the most vital role in the process we go through so that we may be officially considered students. In the past years we have been eye witnesses to the system practiced by the office trying hard to manage well the enrolment process. Many have been displeased, though, ever since no one knows. Many abhorred it saying it was ineffective and self-serving. The question then and now is what the problem really is? IN FAIRNESS In all fairness to the Registrar’s Office, since last year changes have really been evident. From four windows catering all our 6,000 student populace, we now have seven. Seats were also made available for the convenience of those who are waiting for their turn. An extension has been constructed at the back part of the Registrar Building to accommodate more enrollees all at the same time. From the strict implementation of enrolment schedules, open enrolment system is being observed for two semesters now making it fair for the irregulars who would like to enroll earlier. The Registrar’s Office, we believe, is on its way to becoming the most student friendly office in the university, indeed. We cannot deny the truth that the office of the registrar has right to be commended for all the efforts that they have done so far. In fact, this semester’s (AY 2013-2014 1st Semester) enrolment can be considered as the most hassle-free PSUans have ever tasted. Aside from speedy and efficient transactions, on the first week of classes, which is usually marked by very long pile of students cramming to enroll, peace and tranquility reigned. Applause for our beloved Registrar’s Office people.


LONG WAY RUN Nevertheless we can literally feel that the atmosphere has started to change. Fortunately the change was for the better and for our benefit. But in as much as the university is aiming for client satisfaction, as far as most of us are concerned the Registrar’s Office still has a long way to run. Approval of the students cannot be achieved by merely considering what the office thinks is best for us but also by weighing things out considering what is satisfactory on our perspective. Still, the students are the most valued customers of the university and we believe that there is still truth in the business cliché, “Customers are always right.” Thus our say is still the best measuring tool that


First is P for Passion. Passion is defined as a strong desire for something. In the PSU context, for excellence. Excellence is not a self-imposed and self-assessed concept. It should be universally accepted. This, therefore requires feedbacks. Now for the feedback, considering the different transactions that we make with the office, excellence is still on its way. How far? Not for anyone to identify but by the people we transact with in the good office, more specifically the customer service representatives/window clerks. When we say excellence we mean superiority. In other words the state of being “first-class.” This doesn’t only mean fast and efficient transaction. In the world’s tough competition, in any field in order to

ISSUE the said office can use in assessing their performance. Now, let me get this straight. I guess our ates and kuyas inside the building dubbed as most haunted in the campus have been too focused on their overlapping tasks overlooking their primary role of serving the needs of the students. They have forgotten that aside from papers, they also would have to deal with humans, who, aside from being biotic creatures, has the ability to feel and react thus protected with rights under the 1987 Philippine Constitution. Generally, they have forgotten the ingredients to customer satisfaction. Let me give them an easy reference of which: the three PSU core values, which is very much easy to keep in mind as it can be a substitute meaning to the PSU acronym. achieve leadership you would want to make an impression. An impression that will last. Something customers would bring home with them after you closed your deal. Ever since no one knows we have been taking home with us backlashes not just against the system of enrolment but also to the way we are treated. No one ever wants to be maltreated, anyway. Not even those who greet us with a grimace when we ask for nothing but a piece of paper called pre-enrolment form, or a condemnation when we simply ask for our enrolment to be validated. We all go back to the basics of good PR. Heart, that is. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. That’s what the Bible says. And let me just add: facial expression and other non-verbal communication tools, too.


For the second tool, there are two S-options that can drive CSRs, either salary or service. PSU core value number two is Service. And right on the middle of their job description is that same big word. I guess that leaves them no choice, though. A salary-driven employee may be an efficient worker: tasks done, reports delivered, deadlines met. But a service-driven employee walks an extra mile. Aside from being efficient, he is effective. Meaning, he serves his role well as a customer service representative achieving customer satisfaction. A little overtime, a little patience and a little love I guess would be enough manifestations of a service-oriented office people.


Third is U for Unity. PSU’s dream is to be internationally recognized through ISO: Quality Management System accreditation by next year. This is an ambitious dream that can only be realized through collaborative efforts of ambitious people. What I am trying to drive at is that the Registrar’s Office does not live in isolation. We are all part of the great tapestry we call Partido State University. One’s fault will certainly bring the others down. The ISO:QMS accreditation is basically to assess the services offered by an institution, and the primary determinants here are the students. Our say is first and foremost valued as we are “your most valued clienteles.” Let us meet half way. All we ask is very simple. Help us become humans. We are in this university not just to be “provided with advanced instruction and training in the arts, philosophy, sciences and other graduate and professional courses.” We are 21st century learners and we ought to learn how to live in the 21st century world. We can’t do that with mere concepts and theories. We need to learn how to live. Teach us how to live by helping us exercise our rights initially by not stepping on it, and secondly by giving us the treatment and service we deserve. Maybe a warm smile whenever we transact with you could be adequate indicator of your unity with us in our quest to a bright future. Nevertheless physical improvements are commendable undertakings in addressing the complains of students regarding the awful enrolment process, but we should keep in mind that that will not suffice. We might heard of this a thousand times already in school pageants, “Beauty is useless but the character is the best” saying what’s inside is much more essential than the façade. The same is true in delivering student services. The problem is not merely the lack of facilities or the obsolete computer software. The problem is more affective in nature. It’s how you treat us. “Give me love like never before. Cos lately I’ve craving more. And it’s been a while but I still feel the same,” goes a song that deliberately expresses today’s call, our call. It’s been a while that the students and the Registrar’s Office have been cold. I guess it’s about time for reconciliation. It’s about time for us to bend our towers and meet half way. It’s about time for impartial, holistic change. We give the Registrar’s Office an A for effort but still there’s a room for improvement. A room which needs an urgent filling in so that all prior efforts may not be overlooked, thus put in vain.


ng tigsik ngunyan na isyu uya na Madya na ta maoogma kang magbasa Manlaen-laen na tirada maaaraman mo na Mag luway sana ngarig masabutan mo talaga Enot na tigsik Medyo bako na maragsik Burukasan kang klase siksik Kulang na classrooms dae pa talsik

Tigsikon ko ang PSU gate na bag-o Nag-agi si Mamayang hapot iyo “Hadaw ta mayong Goa ang address kan PSU Saen na namomogtak unibersidad na prestiyoso?”

Ang mga kahoy sa campus tigsik ko Makulog sa boot na pinutol ang pero kainiyo Environmental protection parte kang GWP, bakong iyo? Ay siguro parte na iyan kan progreso!


Ang bulong sa klinika tigsik ko Haloy ng panahon mayo kang nakukua totoo Medical asin dental fee napasaen daw ito? Fifty pesos times total student population, dakula man ano?



Ang 2013 Intrams tigsik ko Natapos man maski ibang officiating officials marayo Champion ang CET matiwasay na deklarado Mayo man baga ning nagreklamo

Tigsikon ko pa ang PSU Ini talagang pursigido Na makakua kang certification kan ISO Kaya gabos nag-aasikaso Tigsik ko ang campus radio Senyales na ang PSU nag-aasenso Magagamit ini para sa mga anunsyo Sana dae magamit kan mga pulitiko

Tigsik ko si maam saka si sir Entrance saka exit sa gate dae minaaser Ini gayod dahil sinda may poder Sabi kan iba “ay its umper!” Tigsik ko ang mga estudyante Bako sindang mga tunay na nene Minarampa sa laog kan University Bado ninda mga pambabae

Cross-dressing tigsikon ko Dahil dae na ini respetado Kang mga security guard sa PSU Ta sa nene libreng magrampa bakong iyo? Tigsik ko man ang 2nd sem enrolment nay an Intranet na bagong sistema ngunyan Para mapadali ang transaksyon dyan Alagad halawig na pila yaon na naman Tigsik ko man ang mga estudyante Dae lamang pigpahalagahan gamit sa University Mga vandal sa tukawan grabe Ata masakit ang pagbakal kaini Ang PSU gymnasium tigsik ko man Hinirahay na tulos ini ngunyan Mala baga kung sa luwas uran Digdi sa laog iyo man

Ang engineering building tigsikon ko Maray-rahay na proyekto Ta sa classrooms baka saktong-sakto Sana dae na magklase sa kubo

Tigsik ko sir na sa pagtime in amay Biyo pating minaluway-luway Alagad sa klasroom hanapon mo ta hay!! Mayo siya sa klase ay buhay! Si maam sakuya man na tigsikon Sa klase huna mo maleksyon Alagad dangogon mo sige ang sermon Rating niya hababaon

Ang tigsik ko ngunyan tapuson ta ngun-a Sa sunod na isyu ika naman magbasa Para pirming updated ka Sa mga manlaen-laen na istorya.

COMFORT ZONE Dear Lolo, Lo kumusta na? dae po kamo maha’dit sako ta nasa maray na kamugtakan man ako. Pasensya na po kun dae ako nakabakasyon diyan ta dakul po kaya akong gibohon. Hehe. Aram mo Lo, maogmahon ako ta makaskas na ang enrolment igdi sa PSU, dae na nag aabot I.T building ang pila, talagang epektibo ang intranet igdi para sa paghahanda sa ISO. Ang ISO lo iyo baga yan so pang international na istandard pag-abot sa serbisyo. Kaya dae ako nasakitan magpa enrol igdi, pang internasyunal na kaya ang istandard na sinusunod. Tapos maboroot man ang mga tawo sa kada window. Dae sinda nang aanggot asin dae lamang po sinda nangungurahaw ning estudyante, ta malang they will serve us with full of compassion and with a big smile. Saka lo, pagnalate mag-enrol may discount pa digdi lo ning beinte pesos, kaya ngani po nagpahuri akong enrol nganing makabawas-bawas lamang sa bayadan ta malang mayo na po kitang kwarta. Dakulon Lolo ang nagbag’o ngunyan na taon sa PSU, bukod sa ma-apply kami sa ISO, may mga baguhan kaming titser. Nabawasan na lo ang mga old testament kadakli na puro new testament, unggagayon pati Lo, namamaluan mi ngani pong estudyante man. Nagdakul man ang mga klasrom digdi lo, katunayan igwa na kaming EAS room 1 saka 2, kundi sa sobrang kadakula kang PSU dae mi na po mahanap-hanap kung haen iyan. Maray ngani po lo ta kaso napagal na kaming hanap, duman na kami sa may ballground nagklase. Unsiram lamang kang paros duman. Naging magayon man Lo ang selebrasyon mi kang nutrition month sagkod buwan ng wika, talagang gabos nagpartisipar, kaya man enggrande ang pagselebrar mi. Kang Intramurals man ngani lo, magayunon so parade! Dae kami nagparayong dawa mainit, baka kaya mamaloang nakiki-intyero kami. Bako kayang maarte ang mga estudyante igdi ta public school kaya Lolo. Pero dawa dakulon kaming activities lolo dae nalilingaw ang mga instructor mi, piripirmi sindang yaon para magtukdo, kaya dae nasasayang ang pamasahe mi paeskwelahan. Ang motto mi kaya lolo, where QUALITY EDUCATION comes first, bakong where ACCREDITATION comes first. Nasasakitan ngani ako lo sa nadadangog ko po na may mga teacher na nagharali na sa pagtukdo digdi sa samuya. Ta anu man daw kya nyako lo. Isipon mo kaya na kung maray na ang kamugtakan ninda digdi sa eskwelahan mi, anu ta maghale pa? Di ibig sabihon kayan na may problema ano po? Ay inda lang po Lo. Saka Lo, may saro pa po ako ning istorya manungod po sa saro kong maistro sa saro sa pinakapaburito kong subject. Mabuot po sya Lo. As in. Ung supog mi po ngani sa maestro mi na ini ta pirmi po kaming late ning 30 minutes, tapos siya naamay man ning 30 minutes. Nahihirak po ngani ko lo ta minsan dae kami nagkakaharanapan ta mga warawaraon kaya kami tapos dae pa po nagkakakorontakan sa telepono ta mala mga lobat po gayod. Pero bilib man garay ako lo sa maestro na ini ta dae ka lamang po lo makadangog ning ngurob-ngurob dawa pastidyo mga estudyante nya. But anyway po lo, hagad ko lang po talaga na sana magbisita ka digdi lo samuya ta magayunon na ang gate mi! Pan de uragon na. Garu Gates of Heaven lo. Kudi mahiriling mo an mga estudyante asin mga empleyado na nagraralaog sa EXIT kang gate. Dae ka lo malingaw na magdara kan saimong I.D. sa senior citizen ha? Baka dae ka digdi palaogon ta bawal digdi an mayong ID tapos mag black shoes ka nganing snappy hilingon masakit na pag sinita ka kang gwardya digdidoy. Si mga bag-ong building po palan digdi lo madali nang matapos magagayon pati an pakadisenyo lo tigbaragohan pa ngani lo si mga luma na building, pigdarali sana lo. Nangalas ngani ako lo ta garo dae ko na po nahihiling si Pay Jose digdi sa tangod kang Museum. Sain na daw ibugtak si Pay Jose? herak man, ta si Pay Andress lo Trangkilo naman sa saiyang pwesto. Haay! Dawa kadakol nin pagbabag-o lo digdi sa PSU dae man garay nagbabag-o an kulay kan PSU, Green man guiraray lo. Makaogmahon po na maray lo digdi ta kadakulon na pong mga classroom, kaya po pag may klase kami, solongsolo mi po talaga ang classroom na naka-assign samuya. Swertehon po talaga pag digdi po nagkaklase sa PSU ta dae mi na po kaipuhan magtios na magklase sa ballground o kaya po sa mga kubo. Sulit po talaga ang tuition fee na tigbayadan mi. Ay lo, pagnakadigdi ka sa school, ipabisto taka palan sa girlfriend ko. Ta pigistorya taka duman. Magayonon pati ito lo. Nagkabistuhan kami lo kaso acquaintance party. Mala lo ta dae ko man huna-hunaon na mamuot ako duman ta nagiistoryahan sanaman kami sa diklom tapos nagkairiyohan na kami lo. Dikit pa ngani kami lo madakop kan titser me. Pero maray ngani lo ta dae kame namaanan, mala ta madiklom man kaya lo. Naglubos talaga ako sa kagwapuhan mo lo. hehe. Lo, hanggang digdi na lang mun’a ta mapasyar pa ako lo sa girlfriend ko sabay daa kaya kami magibo nin project. Saka lo mahagad po palan ako nin dagdag sa allowance ko ta mabayad kaya ako lo nin workbook ko tapos kadakol pa ako lo ipaphotocopy na libro lo. Don’t worry lo next sem maapply ako ning SA ta dangog ko lo halangkaw daa an bayad sa oras saka bako daang masyado makapagal an gibo. Para naman lo dae ka na manganaan nin padara sakuya ni samaltak. Sige tabi lo, Ingat- ingat din kayo dyan pag may time. Napapadangat, Barako




KOMEEK WALL OF FAME 2013 Geology Board Examination Passers Rojelon Vic P. Amata Angel P. Corona Jordanes Gale A. Israel Ryan Jay M. Mirana Paulo M. Operio Adrian C. Piano Neil Anthony M. Rodriguez Nelson Angelo P. Romero Catherine R. Tapalla

2013 Sanitary Engineering Board Examination Passers Engr. Benjie B. Alfelor Engr. Rafael V. Aquino Engr. Joshua C. Calvario Engr. Randy C. Clavo Engr. Vanessa O. Lim Engr. Amy R. Milan Engr. Michael N. Millesca Engr. Kathleen M. Paladan Engr. Julievy P. Paloma Engr. Luz B. Piano Engr. Lea Angela P. Romero

2013 CPA Board Examination Passers Gino Bertulfo, CPA Jan Hannah Day Israel, CPA Kyla Monica Vargas, CPA Marc Allen Primo, CPA Ni単a Rica Furaque, CPA Ronald Respeto, CPA Theresa Enciso, CPA Venus Vergara, CPA

ABS-CBN News Casting Competition 2nd Runner-Up Kemuel Joseph M. Buitizon

Ayala Young Leaders Congress 2014 Finalists Jay Vincent B. Andallon Robert G. Padillo




When a red mark appears on the calendar, It must be followed. When chalk appears on the board, It must be read. When tabulation of numbers and letters are posted, It must be read and followed.

When standards are set, It must be observed. When the standards are set beyond capacity, It must be adjusted. When the capacity cannot be dealt, It must be aided. When mechanisms of standards, capacity and aid are present, It must be pursued. When gates are closed, Another must be opened. When an entrance is unbolted, The access must be unblocked. When sentries are present, Peasants do obey. When higher lines follows, The lower ranks must conform. When the lower ranks do follow, Almost higher lines are rebellious. When majority becomes a label, The minority must be vigilant. R



Radiance Magazine Vol. XIX, No. 1