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Designate one apron as your Mystical Apron and imbue it with energy or have an assortment of for different occasions. A flowery pink apron with lace might invite feelings of springtime and new beginnings, whereas a denim apron might speak of getting down to business and having fun. If you prefer to cook without an apron, keep a Mystical Apron in a place of honor in your kitchen to mark your transition from your Clark Kent self to your Superman Kitchen Alchemist self. Enrich your cooking experience. Fill your kitchen with divine energy.

ful energy and courage, choose yellow. For a soothing and peaceful feeling, choose blue. For health and vitality, consider a bright green apron.

“Imagine creating a Mystical Apron filled with the spirit of adventure, outrageous fun, healing, or the energy of peacemaking.”

If you sew, make an apron and fill it with love. Play inspiring music as you sew. Chant or sing to further energize it. If you don’t sew or have the time, buy one with the look and feel of the energy you want in the kitchen or buy a plain one and decorate it. The sky’s the limit as far as the energy you infuse into it. How do you want to feel while cooking? What do you want the guests to taste and feel? Create a Mystical Apron filled with the spirit of adventure, outrageous fun, healing, or the energy of peacemaking. Consider the following when creating or choosing your apron: Intent: What is your intent for the kitchen energy? How do you want guests to feel after eating? Color: Every color has a different vibration and energy. What color most represents your intention? For a fiery, passionate feeling, consider red or orange. For a cheer-

Symbols: What symbols or shapes have potent meaning for you? If you want your food to be imbued with love, choose to decorate with the heart symbol. Perhaps you want there to be infectious laughter and joy among your guests? Draw smiling faces on your apron. Be creative! The symbols don’t have to make sense. Decorations: Use fabric paint or indelible markers. Sew on items like beads, buttons, ribbon, lace, even parts of necklaces that embellishes your intent. Decorate it with intention, prayers, and love. Words: Words have power. Write the ones that have meaning for you on the apron. For example, joy, love, or gratitude. Goddesses/Gods/Angels: Invite a deity’s energy into your kitchen and activate its energy on your apron with color, symbols, design, or words. Invite the energy of Aphrodite (for love), Ganesh (for breaking through obstacles and abundance), or Archangel Michael (for protection).

cal Apron should have a secret magical pocket to put a crystal or talisman dedicated to magic in the kitchen. Of course, remove it when you wash the apron, but while you wear it, the energy will instill radiance and vibrancy to the meals you prepare. If you’re wild, bold and always have food splattered on your apron, have a working apron and another one for serving. Decorate each with beautiful energy and love. Have many aprons from which to choose, depending on the energy you’d like to infuse into a particular meal. May your meal preparations be mystical, and your meals be delicious! Invite the Divine into your kitchen, and so you shall receive. [ Meadow Linn, the daughter of Denise Linn, world-renowned healer and teacher-, is a speaker, writer, and chef. She pens a food and lifestyle column for a Seattle newspaper and a blog, “Savor the Day.” Linn created her first dish when she was three-years-old and is now the chef for her mother’s popular retreats. With her mother, she co-authored “The Mystic Cookbook: The Secret Alchemy of Food” (Hay House). This empowering book is filled with luscious recipes, stunning photos, imaginative meals and magical wisdom so readers can embark on the sacred journey from nourishment to nirvana and harness the hidden dimension of food. Readers can send photos of their Mystical Aprons and stories of cooking up kitchen alchemy to which also offers recipes and guided meditations to connect with your Kitchen Angel. www.

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November/December 2012 Radiance magazine  

November/December 2012 Radiance magazine published by the Temple of Light

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