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THE MAYAN PROPHECY OF 2012 by Dr. Jose Jamarillo

DESTINY by Fabienne Marneau




Like many of us, you have felt the stirring in your soul of something brilliant, something beautiful, something more than the life you have right now. a feeling is REAL and I What you are Shift Old Paradigms Create New Patterns Live a Life of Abundance Live in the NOW Heal Your Inner Child Experience Your Magnificence Unite the Mind, Body & Soul Be “Lighter” and Happier

can help you find that life, that world, that REALITY. The time has come to stop going through the motions of your day-to-day life and learn to

Live Your Radiance




Mar/Apr 2012



Living a Life A message from Rev. Danielle Marie Hewitt, Founder, Temple of Light Spiritual Wellness Center


Reconnective Healing by Antoine Marengo


Are Toxins Affecting Your Weight? by Kristy Carbone


The Mayan Prophecy of 2012 by Dr. Jose Jamarillo


Minding Mother Nature by John Ptacek


Spring Into Feng Shui Action! Karen Rauch Carter


Keeping Your Attitude Positive During Tough Times by Angelica Rose


Vegetarian Recipes From appetizer to dessert


You Are Psychic - Developing Your Spiritual Senses by Toni Reilly


Destiny by Fabienne Marneau

ON THE COVER “Maha Lotus� Cover art by Laguna Beach Artist Paul Heussentamn. Please visit his website to view more of his inspiring work at

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Living a Life by Rev. Danielle Marie Hewitt


hile driving home the other day I glanced at a car in another lane, an SUV with a spare tire on the outside rear. The spare tire cover said “One Life. Live it.” I am sure that the author of this slogan meant to convey inspiration to remind us all to live our lives to the fullest and I can agree with this idea wholeheartedly. I like the “Live it” part. Sometimes we can get caught up with work, school, parenting, care giving and other things that make us simply move through life with our heads down, forgetting to look up and enjoy even the simplest pleasures. Sometimes we have forgotten that life can be joyous and playful. I am proud of the new generation of young adults who are balking at the idea of just finishing school with enough training to suffice an earning and going immediately into a career that would be deemed a good living, or a decent job. They seem to want something more. They want to love what they do and do not appear to be willing to settle for anything less. One of our daughters is graduating from San Diego State this coming May and she called the other day to talk about what she was going to do when she finished school. She seemed torn

between thinking she should have landed a job by now and know exactly what she wants to do with her life. Does anybody really know at 22 what they want to do every working day for the rest of their life? On the other hand, should she continue waitressing until she finds her dream job. She compared herself to some of her friends who supposedly had made grand plans. I advised her to be happy for the ones who had worked out their life goals but not to be so sure that just because they had a job lined up that they had it all figured out. I advised her to keep the waitressing job until she found that one job, the job that wouldn’t feel like a >> continued on page 6 5

Living a Life

job, the job that she couldn’t wait to get up every morning and get dressed to go to, the one that she loved so much she would even do it without pay. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone did something with their day that they loved that much? I do, and I would want all of my children to also. So, why do so many of us agree to the group consciousness ideal of getting educated, get a paying job, buy a home, put money away for retirement and plan on really living the life of our dreams when we finally get to stop working. What? We don’t get to start living our life of every day pleasures until we are in our mid to late fifties? Who thought of this? When my daughter was talking about all of her concerns regarding getting continued from page 5 >>

caught up in this, she reproached herself for not being a conformist. I couldn’t help but laugh. I told her she was not raised by conformist parents and the last thing we would do is judge her for that. I reminded her that I left my CPA practice and opened a metaphysical healing community in the middle of the worst recession we have seen in decades, right smack in the middle of conservative republican Orange County and that I am, yes, a little tired, but I am having the time of my life. So, yes, I like the “Live it” part. The other part of that slogan, “One Life” - I do not like. I take exception to this idea because I do not believe that we only have one life. I cannot agree that we exist in a Universe that would grant some individuals only a day of

“Live every day because you have it, not because it might be your last.”

CONSCIOUS ANATOMY Understand and Apply the Energetic Integration of the Mind & Body A 15-Week Medical Intuitive Certification Course Taught by Rev. Danielle Marie, Master ThetaHealer, Energy Worker, Spiritual Counselor & Medical Intuitive

Each week, we explore a different body system, the emotional components that affect it, the energetic fields, channel and bodies that heal and maintain it. Learn how to scan, understand and heal the subtle energy fields of the body. Learn how to access and change emotional beliefs that impair health.

Tuesdays, 6.30pm to 9.30pm at the Temple of Light 23832 Rockfield Blvd, ste 195 Lake Forest, CA 92630 Phone: (949) 340-7408 TAKING REGISTRATION NOW FOR... 2nd SEMESTER May 1st to Aug. 21st 3rd SEMESTER Sept. 4th to Dec. 11th

A one time $55 materials fee will hold your space. Registration fee is $30 each week. Certification granted upon completion of all 15 weeks. If you miss a week, simply take it in one of the following semesters. This will be on-going course. Repeat any class for $20. Advance Registration required.

Living a Life

life and others a 100 years of life. Life is so much more than our physical bodies. We are energetic beings of light that manifest, for a time, a living, breathing organic body to create an experience in. We have the ability to do this many times, even thousands of times and each time we choose a different kind of incarnation, in a different place in time and even in different galaxies. We do this to learn, to grow and to expand our consciousness. We seek out experiences from all different kinds of perspectives in order to gain a greater understanding of the one truth, love. When I think of the idea of someone sending the message of “One Life” I feel like I need to put my hand on my heart to support the pain of this idea. I take a moment to release the feeling. I paused and felt for a moment the anguish of those who have the idea that they have this one life, this one shot at getting it right, this one chance to make it a good one and if they mess it up then they blew their chance. I cannot think of anything sadder. This slogan

did not inspire me; it made my heart ache at the revelation of how many people think they only have the one opportunity to get their life right. No wonder we are all so stressed. It’s no wonder that we so desperately battle every day to carve out an existence that looks like something we can be proud of. This is the group consciousness of “Scarcity and Lack”. An idea that tells us there is not enough time, enough money, enough great cars, enough great jobs, enough friends, enough approval, enough second chances. It tells us we could miss it. Oh yes, we definitely should live our lives to the fullest, but not because we only have one life, but simply because we have this one now, right now, right here. Live every day because you have it, not because it might be your last. I would like to know who said that, “Live everyday like it was your last.” How about if instead we live every day like it was our first! What if we could live each day without thinking about yesterday and all the things >> continued on page 16

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Creating Space, Inviting Change, Avoiding Personal Traps, Accessing the Truth, Being the Guide for a New Paradigm

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bless ourselves and the world around us as we

MARCH 2012


APRIL 2012

Speaker: REV. AYANNA MOJICA Topic: “Path of the Magdalen” Musician: Seth Pincus - Didgeridoo Speaker: STEVEN LESKO, PhD

3/11 Topic: “Integration with the Higher Self” Musician: Jason Day - Pianist Speaker: SU ROBINETTE

3/18 Topic: “Huna Philosophy” Musician: Seth Pincus - Didgeridoo


Speaker: BOB SIRESS Topic: “Near Death Experiences” Musician: Seth Pincus - Didgeridoo


Speaker: SHEEVAUN MORAN Topic: “Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes” Musician: TBA Speaker: EVELINA PENTCHEVA

4/15 Topic: “The Art of Blending Reality with Imagination” Musician: Seth Pincus - Didgeridoo


3/25Topic: “Wisdom of the Dragon”

Musician: Aum Now - Crystal Singing Bowls


4/22Topic: “Crystal Singing Bowls”

Musician: Aum Now - Crystal Singing Bowls Speaker: JANE GEHR

4/29Topic: “Secrets of Love” Musician: Jason Day - Pianist

10.00AM to 11.30AM at 23832 ROCKFIELD BLVD. STE 195 LAKE FOREST, CA 92630

Reconnective Healing image adapted from

written by Antoine Marengo


and information validated by top doctors and medical researchers worldwide. These amazing frequencies have been researched and elicit great interest from top doctors and medical researchers at hospitals, colleges and universities worldwide. These include Jackson Memorial Hospital, UCLA, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the VA Hospital, Tel HaShomer (Tel Aviv), Quality of Life Research Center (Cophenhagen), Memorial Hospital (Istanbul), University of Minnesota, University of Miami Medical School, Kent College of Osteopathy (UK), RMIT University (Melbourne), Parker College (Dallas, TX and Melbourne, Australia), St. Petersburg State Technical University (St. Petersburg), The University of Oslo, and the University of Arizona. New research >> continued on page 10

humans, we often find ourselves in need of healing on all levels; emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. We all look for ways to relax and bring our lives back into balance and find ways to improve all of the areas of our lives. Reconnective Healing, often a life changing experience, is a new way of interacting with the body’s energy field, linking to universal energy frequencies which can renew the human body, mind, and spirit. Thus, the effects of a healing session may be felt on the physical, mental, emotional, and/ or spiritual levels. Reconnective Healing is a form of healing using a new spectrum of healing frequencies that consist of energy, light 9

Reconnective Healing

programs are presently underway at multiple facilities internationally under the guidance of such renowned research scientists as Gary Schwartz, PhD., William Tiller, PhD., Konstantin Korotkov, PhD. and others. Scientists suggest that these frequencies are possibly here on the planet for the first time and that they carry the potential to help us eliminate disease on all levels, by somehow affecting our cells and our DNA. At the 2010 ISSSEEM conference, new research was published regarding studies with Reconnective Healing conducted by Ann Baldwin, Gary Schwartz and Doug De Vito. In this research, The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) is an international nonprofit interdisciplinary organization dedicated to exploring and applying subtle energies as they relate to the experience of consciousness, healing, and human potential. In this research, Reconnective Healing was shown to be real, measurable and documentable in numerous independent measurements. This work is demonstrably and significantly different than energy healing, meditation, yoga, affirmations or anything that we have had on the planet before. The work is reflected and measured in the brains of the receiver as well as the practitioner. Measurements of the practitioners’ brain and heart states prove that this is not energy healing as has been on the planet before now. Nor is it meditation or simply mind over matter. It is something different altogether. Dr. Eric Pearl, the founder of Reconnective Healing, explains that continued from page 9 >>

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Reconnective Healing

All traditional and new “energy healing” modalities, requiring the practitioner to first become centered, coherent or aligned withhin themselves, then connect to some higher source of energy.


Reconnective Healing brings us up to a higher level. ���What is happening is that many kinds of energy and light are flowing through the healer and into the client/patient.” When practicing the work, both the practitioner and the client/ patient go into dramatically enhanced healing states. The practitioner goes into a state in which significant brain and heart activity occurs. This state, called emotional quiescence, is associated with extreme awareness, feelings of peace, connection to the field and the ability to perceive on enhanced levels. This is not the state that is typically seen with any energy healing modality or meditation. All traditional and new “energy healing” modalities have similar mechanisms, requiring the practitioner to >> continued on page 12

Reconnective Healing

first become centered, coherent or aligned within themselves, then connect to some higher source of energy. For this to occur they must remain grounded through whatever technique is required. With Reconnective Healing however, the mechanism is simply different than anything documented on the planet before. “Through this work, we become catalysts. We receive and sense the frequencies and energies – we do not send them. As a result of this new mechanism, we are able to step beyond the limitations and frailties of continued from page 11 >>

technique.” What’s more, the benefits of these powerful frequencies are not just limited to helping people with disease. Studies show that they go far beyond the traditional definition of “healing” and into new realms of improving and upgrading a person’s physical being, athletic performance and mental function. All of this is done while, at the same time, it balances the client/patient mental and emotional states, thus, enabling them to simply perform better.

Antoine Marengo has studied many spiritual disciplines such as Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Transcendental Meditation, Yoga and Multidimensional Healing, earning several certifications and becoming a Reiki Practitioner. Antoine’s path led him to Dr. Eric Pearl, the originator of Reconnective Healing. Antoine has demonstrated his understanding and commitment to this work by completing his Practitioner Certification. Visit Antoine’s website at for more information.

A Path of Ascension, Alchemy, Mastery and Wealth Merging the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine energies into powerful Sacred Union, this seminar is based upon the ancient mystical teachings of the Magdalen Egyptian Isis lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy. Together we will: - Understand the roles of the Priestess and the White Dragon - Open to mystical teachings of Mary Magdalen and her Beloved Yeshua - Introduce the “Pathway of the Twin Serpents” Each person will receive a pristine Magdalen transmission and activation as well as a Deeksha Blessing and Reiki Energy.


Temple of Light: 23832 Rockfield Blvd. Ste. 195 Lake Forest, CA 92630 $33 Pre-Registration / $44 At The Door


Practitioners Choose from our team of Master Practitioners available to support you in enhancing your spiritual wellness. If you would like guidance on which one to select, we are available to provide assistance to ensure you get the most out of your experience. To learn more about our practitioners, please visit our website at or call us at (949) 340-7408

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medications. There are some highly effective detoxification tools you can do yourself at home or take advantage of on today’s market: Drink Plenty of Water: Take your weight and divide it by two. This is the amount of ounces of water per day you should be drinking. Drink alkaline, pH balanced, highly oxygenated water (i.e. if you weigh 150 lbs., you need to drink 75 oz of water per day); Whole Body Vibration: Promotes weight loss and detoxification of the body among other things, through a low impact, vertical vibration massage; Infrared Sauna: Uses far infrared light to raise your core body temperature resulting in a deep, detoxifying sweat while promoting relaxation, increasing your metabolic rate and cleansing the body; Ionic Foot Bath: Produces positive and negative ions that echo through the body to remove toxins and rebalance cellular energy; Use Herbs: There are many herbal remedies available for assisting you in colon cleansing and overall detoxification of your body. Specifically, dandelion root, burdock, milk thistle and green teas; Get more vitamin C: Vitamin C is not just for colds anymore, it also produces a liver compound which helps to drive away toxins from the body; Breathe Deeply: The atmosphere contains 21% oxygen. Use this to your fullest by breathing deeply to allow the oxygen to circulate through your body. There are also oxygen bars, oxygen drops, and other oxygen based products on the market which help you use oxygen more efficiently; Dry Brush: Use a dry brush daily. Run the brush up your arms, legs, and body towards your heart to release dead skin cells and increase circulation. Not only does detoxification of the body promote weight loss, it can play a significant role in your long term health and quality of life. Toxins may be the cause of some of the most common health problems we see today: chronic illness, premature aging, headaches, indigestion, acid reflux, mood swings, yeast infections, fatigue and much more. So, to reach your health and wellness goals remember to eat a healthy diet, exercise on a regular basis and keep your body toxin free!

Written by Kristy Carbone

orbes Magazine has stated that one third of all Americans are now affected by obesity. Those who suffer from the issue of being overweight do so for an obvious reason: They consume more calories through the foods they eat than they burn. One not so obvious reason that may be contributing to the increasing weight of Americans is toxicity in the body. Practitioner Dr. Steven Arculeo, DC says, “Most people do not realize that removing accumulated toxins is a big part of a weight loss program. Losing weight will be difficult, if not impossible, without removing them”. Toxins exist all around us; in our environment (UV exposure, radiation, pollution), in our households (cleaning products, mold), in our foods (pesticides, heavy metals, high fructose corn syrup) and even in our behaviors (stressful lifestyles, drinking alcohol, smoking). When the body accumulates these toxins, our natural defenses; the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract, go to work filtering the toxins out of your body. However, when your natural defense systems are overloaded, your body uses fat as a protection source which stores toxins so they do not damage your tissues and organs. Therefore, if you have an abundance of toxins in your body, and are trying to lose weight, your body will fight to hold onto the fat for protection, making it difficult to shed the pounds. What can you do about it? Before you begin any type of weight loss program, detoxify your body. By ridding yourself of the toxins that may be built up in your fat stores, you will allow your body to remove excess fat faster. If you do manage to lose weight, but continue being toxic postweight loss, your body will gain weight faster. This happens because the body stores fat to once again protect your tissues from toxins. Therefore, prior to any weight loss program, or after you have lost a significant amount of weight, stay away from the most common toxic behaviors such as leading a stressful lifestyle, consuming unhealthy foods and beverages, smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of exercise and taking

Kristy Carbone is a partner at o2 Wellness. She has a BA in Marketing and lives in San Clemente. Kristy is engaged to her fiancé, Brad and is expecting her first child in May. Kristy may be reached at 949240-6713 or visit today! 15

Living a Life

that happened to us, all the things we are not proud of? My mentor, Viana Stibal of the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge calls this way of life, the three R’s. The three “R’s” are Resentments, Regrets and Rejections. These three R’s keep us in the past and stop us from living today, in the now, so to speak. When we can live a life without these, we are not trying to desperately correct the yesterdays with a limited number of tomorrows in the “One Life” that we have. I ask you to consider the possibility of living a life, your life, because you have it and it’s yours. Live it every day without dwelling on the past or worrying about how many tomorrows there will be. Live a life where you love what you do and who you do it with. continued from page 7 >>

Rev. Danielle Marie is a Master ThetaHealer® who practices a healing art based primarily on ThetaHealing®, but with several personal additions and modifications. Rev. Danielle Marie’s sessions are life changing, creating shifts in her clients’ perceptions resulting in the most positive changes imaginable. Rev. Danielle Marie has been a student of metaphysics since 2000 and studied under several mentors, including Vianna Stibal and Dr. Doreen Virtue. As a metaphysical minister, Rev. Danielle Marie believes in the innate intuitive ability that is gifted to each and every one of us. Teaching this and witnessing healings has now become her life’s work and passion. Rev. Danielle Marie believes we can all live a life free of pain and suffering and be in a constant state of peace and joy. Visit for more information. 16

The Mayan Prophecy of 2012

Image source: Dr. Jose Jaramillo


Palenque is one of the most important ancient cities of all time. This site was ruled by the most important figures of all Mesoamerica King Lord Kinich Janaab Pakal. The Tortuguero site has been heavily damaged by looting and modern development. In the early 1960’s a cement factory was built directly on top of the site. Most of the surviving monuments at El Tortuguero come from the reign of the King B’alam Ajaw which means “Jaguar Lord” who ruled this site from 644 to 679 AD. At the same time Lord Pakal was the ruler of Palenque from 615 to 683 AD. That is why we now know that people from El Tortuguero were influenced from the Mayans of Palenque. These record several victories over nearby states and may indicate that both his father and son were named Ik’ Muuy Muan. Monument 6 from El Tortuguero is currently generating >> continued on page 20

Dr. Jose Jaramillo

he so-called “End of the Mayan calendar in 2012” is of interest to many people. This article is to explain from where this information is coming from and what it means. The 2012 Maya Prophecy is documented on the rightwing panel of Monument 6 discovered in the ancient site of El Tortuguero. This site of the Classic Maya period is located in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. Monument 6 is the only registered inscription found so far, that refers to the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 and its rare prophecy in the near future. The site is noteworthy for its use of the B’aakal emblem glyph also found as the primary title of the ancient site of Palenque. Among the Mayans, 17

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The Mayan Prophecy of 2012

discussion as it includes the only known inscription depicting the end of the current 13-Bak’tun era of the Mayans at the end of the year 2012. It is important to know that the Mayans used five primary units to measure and to track long periods of time. These five units are as follows: 1 Bak’tun equal 144,000 days 1 Ka’tun equal 7,200 days 1 Tun equal 360 days 1 Uinal equal 20 days 1 Kin equal 1 day continued from page 17 >>

witnesses the end of the great Mayan cycle on December 21st 2012.” Another interpretation is that they need to be present not only at the beginning, but also at the end of the cycle, because they want to make sure that the new cycle will begin properly, the way it is supposed to be. So in conclusion, this monument 6 from El Tortuguero refers only and exclusively to conclusion of this current cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. It doesn’t say anywhere that the world is going to end on December 21st, 2012. It is just the end of a big cycle of time in the long count calendar of the Mayans.

This current cycle started on August 11th, 3113 BC and will end on December 21st, 2012. What we need to know is that from August 11th 3113 BC to December 21st 2012 will be the end of thirteen Bak’tun cycles. It is extremely important to understand that one Bak’tun equal to 144,000 days, so thirteen Bak’tuns of 144,000 days equals 1,872,000 days (13 x 144,000 days). So, what this means is that on December 22nd, 2012 will be the beginning of another long count calendar of 1,872,000 days period or 5,200 year cycle. Now we know that the inscription on Monument 6 refers to the gods known as “Bolon Ti’Ku” the inscription is clear when it talks about a calendrical event in the early 21st century AD, at which time, apparently, these gods may ‘descend’. The interpretation says: “The Thirteenth Bak’tun” will be finished on the day 4 Ajaw and the month 3 Kan’Kin. In this day will descend the Nine Lords of Time or Nine Gods to witness the conclusion of the great Mayan cycle.” These 9 Lords of time or the 9 Lords of the Night who are featured in both Aztec and Mayan calendars yet remained unnamed in the latter, as these Nine Lords of the Underworld who were found around the funerary chamber of Lord Pakal in Palenque were only known as the “Bolon Ti’Ku.” These 9 Lords of time were present at the beginning of the current cycle. The monument explained that they were witness for the opening of the cycle and it says: “They will come back to

DR. JOSE JARAMILLO – is a professional lecturer, Historian, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science. He is the creator, writer, producer and director of the documentary “Between 2 Worlds.” www. He is the Co-director of the sequel of Between 2 Worlds title “The Alignment Within”, which was release summer of 2011 by Alcala Digital Productions. Dr. Jose Jaramillo he is also the co-writer of the book “The World Tree: Gathering for the Shift of 2012-2013” published by Eloquent and is available on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles. Dr. Jose Jaramillo is also available for private engagements, lectures, trips and workshops. You can contact him at: 20

Minding Mother Nature

Surrendering to the will of Mother Nature permits us to view ourselves and others in a glorious new light.


Written by John Ptacek

hen you go to a movie, you willingly suspend your beliefs for an hour or two. I’m only asking you to suspend them for a few minutes. This has to do with your happiness, so do pay attention. You don’t exist. At least not in the way you think you do. Oh, you’re a human being, alright, a physical contraption with a sophisticated brain that guides you step by step through your earthly journey. You had a mother and a father and perhaps a sibling or two. You’re married or you’re not. You have children or you don’t. You eat, sleep, have sex and recreate. One day you will stop breathing and either be incinerated or put into the ground. At your memorial service a lovingly arranged photo collage will capture the story of your life. But was it really your life? This sense of propriety is merely an illusion. The “you” that emerges as you rub the sleep from your eyes in the morning is a waking fantasy. While the figure reflected in the dresser mirror - the one sitting on the edge of a bed wearing a sleepy expression - is real, the idea that it is an independently functioning entity with a “you” manning its control center

Image source:

is a delusion. That “you” is pure fiction. “You” don’t control your actions any more than Homer Simpson does because neither of you exists beyond the borders of your imagination. Since you no doubt fancy yourself to be a freewheeling individual, this can’t come as good news, at least not at first. Such a notion challenges the validity of your most basic assumptions about life. The idea that there was a “you” controlling your actions was instilled at an early age. You were praised for smiling and burping, and not long after that you were scolded for throwing your food and pulling the dog’s tail. Well what else were you supposed to think after hearing all that contrary feedback except that you were >> continued on page 22 21

Minding Mother Nature

choosing your actions instead of simply acting? It’s an idea that stuck, and since we were all babies once, we all grew up harboring the same illusion. As you got older, your identity as an independent doer was corroborated by any number of sources. The concept of individual choice serves as the cornerstone of civilized societies, and why shouldn’t it? Lines governing social behavior have to be drawn somewhere, and individual choice is as good a concept as continued from page 21 >>

within a larger group of 1.7 million known species. Your brain may be more advanced than a monkey’s, but all that extra horsepower doesn’t always translate into brilliance. How bright is it to conclude that human beings somehow subverted the will of the universe and wrested away control of their own destinies? Science fiction is a feeble substitute for science when probing for answers to life’s big questions. Relatively speaking, of course, you make choices every day. You choose your hairstyle, your brand of toothpaste and the toppings to adorn your pizza. In the absolute s e n s e , however, this is all a bittersweet fairy tale. You may think you’re choosing pepperoni over anchovies, but it’s your genes and environmental conditioning that are doing the choosing for you. There is no “you” apart from these natural building blocks. Free as you are to will what you do, you cannot will what you will. Like most mothers, Mother Nature insists on retaining some level of control over her children. What’s all this got to do with your happiness? Only everything. The source of so much of your unhappiness is your entrenched belief that we’re all choosing our behavior, and often choosing poorly. This belief is a stone in your shoe as you

“Like most mothers, Mother Nature insists on retaining some level of control over her children.” - John Ptacek

any to draw them around. If you steal someone’s car, you deserve a stay at the graybar hotel. And then there’s the continuous drone of happiness gurus telling you that “you “should feel good about “yourself,” as if there are actually two of you squeezed into the same body – one enlightened and one clueless – in need of relationship counseling. That this split screen self-image breeds unhappiness seems to be lost on even on our most esteemed selfhelp experts. So if you don’t control your actions, then who does? Why, Mother Nature, of course. Evolution fated everything in its path, including you, who are but one of 5,000 mammals

Minding Mother Nature

hobble through life judging everyone in sight. You judge smokers for choosing to damage their lungs. You judge adulterers for choosing to destroy their families. You judge drug addicts for choosing to live in abandoned buildings and eat out of dumpsters. You judge distraught mothers for choosing to drown their children. You believe these people consciously chose tragedy over happiness. Of all the choices available to them, these miserable fates were the ones they really had their hearts set on. And then you point your finger in the other direction. You judge yourself for choosing to eat too much, exercise too little and set your personal goals too low. You drive yourself up a wall convinced that we’re all squandering our ability to make better choices. Well now you can drop your distressing theory of human behavior and replace it with a new one: everyone’s doing the best they can with what life has given them. It’s straightforward, compact enough to slap on your refrigerator as a reminder, and at least as plausible as any theory you’ve dreamed up so far. With that irritating stone removed from your shoe, you’ll discover a lightness in your step. You’ll stroll through life feeling grateful

for what you have been given and sympathetic toward those who have been given less. Freed from the bondage of judgment, you will live in a perpetual state of forgiveness. If all this is a bit too much for you to swallow – and it probably is, given how long you’ve been clinging to the idea that “you” are in control of your life – don’t despair. I’ve got a Plan B that will afford you the same life-enhancing benefits. Adopt the idea that we’re all doing the best we can as a philosophy. Live as if “you” mulled it over and decided it was an idea worth acting on.

John Ptacek questions conventional wisdom and thinks you should too. His essays about life’s big questions appear on his website, On Second Thought, He lives in the Midwestern US with his wife, Kitty.


Spring into Feng Shui Action! S

Image source:

written by Karen Rauch Carter

pringtime is a great time to renew your feng shui work in your environment, as it is indeed the time of year that signifies newness and new beginnings. New beginnings in the feng shui world means using WOOD element! If you are new to feng shui, there are five elements to employ --- water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Everything in your three-dimensional environment is either represented obviously by one of these five, or it will be a combo, or some morphy-collection of a few of them. Briefly, water is a downward-moving, slow, still energy (like the dead of winter), wood is an expanding outward (like the buds busting forth in spring) energy, fire is upward (like the full-out hot and sunny summer), earth is a flat/ horizontal-moving movement, or the movement of transition between blooming and wilting (like

a late afternoon or fall harvest feeling energy) and metal is a compressing, contracting, late fall/early wintertime quality. The rule to know about these five elements is: “When considering what element an item is in the home, you would first consider its shape, then its material, and then, its color.” This isn’t a rule to get all bound up over as I assure you, because there will be rule-breakers. Instead, just keep it tucked back in your mind for that occasion where you truly can’t decide which way to go with either this element or that one, because trust me, there will be items that definitely have the quality of two or maybe even three elements. Here’s a mini breakdown of the elements with regard to shape, material, and color: 24

FIRE: Pointy or triangular shapes,

fire, animals, animal print fabrics, fireplaces and candles, and reds, oranges and other “hot colors.” EARTH: Square or flat shapes, bricks, pottery, clay, tiles, dirt/soil, and yellows or earth tone colors. METAL: Round or mounded shapes, all metals like gold, chrome, brass, wrought iron, stainless steel, etc. and white, light, and pastel colors. WATER: Free-form shapes, water, mirror, glass, plastic materials, and blacks and dark blues. WOOD: Columnar/vertical shapes, textiles, paper, wooden furnishings, plants, and greens. The personality of wood element is that it is “the starter” element. If you were to assign a time of day it would be the morning when you “get up” and start your day. The time of year would be the spring, when things “start to grow again after the sleepy still dormant time of winter. So, back to our springtime and springcleaning conversation, take a look around your place and see if you appear to be short on, balanced with, or overdone in the wood element department. (“Short on” would equal a feeling of not being able to get started, and “Overdone” usually equals starting a ton of things but not finishing any.) If you have trouble getting started; whether it’s getting out of bed, getting started exercising, or doing that fun hobby, or getting started on decluttering that pile of junk on the countertop, adding wood element can help. As a matter of fact, de-cluttering and wood element additions can make a big difference on what opportunities show up in your life, so I’d start any feng shui project with these two considerations. So feng shui yourself this spring by placing something depicting wood element near or in a space where you find yourself procrastinating a project or task. You can even just wear more green clothes as a wood element addition!

Remember, wood element can easily be found in columns, floors, furniture, and millwork made of wood, green items, trees, and things made from plants like fabrics and paper, so you’ve got plenty items to choose! Feng shui expert Karen Rauch Carter motivates audiences to rethink their day to day choices by implementing simple yet doable fixes for a vibrant life, home, health, relationship, planet and more. The best-selling author of the feng shui classic Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, Karen draws from years of experience in holistic arts, design, and personal development. To find out more about working with Karen and to get more helpful tips, visit 25

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Keeping Your Attitude Positive During Tough Times Excerpts from “Living Life as You Always Dreamed”, by Angelica Rose


and thoughts in a negative way. These repressed thoughts and emotions are in the form of negative energy. When these negative energies are stored in your body and are not released, the body reacts by getting ill. List of results that come from a nonpositive attitude: • Your focus is on what you do not want • Your focus is on DOING in order to control some outcome • Your focus is on negative results • Your emphasis is on what you do not want • You end up attracting more problems • You have conflicts, frustrations, fears, etc. • The results are procrastination and/or quitting • You feel out of control and powerless

here is quite a difference between concern and worry when it comes to the way one handles day to day life and the obstacles that occur along the way. People who worry see their obstacles in the form of problems which can cause ego struggles and pain. This leads to greater fears, limitations, self-doubt, negativity, judging, powerless words, time pressures, and more problems. They continually focus on it by dwelling on their obstacles and playing the self-pity game; they constantly complain, blame, moan and groan forming a domino effect in all areas of their life. Their attitude is affected, becoming negative to the point where they are not willing to let go of the struggles and attempt to control the situation. Rather than ‘letting go,’ relaxing, being pro-active and resolving the problem, the worried person has a ‘Murphy’s Law Attitude’ where they stay stuck in their problems and play the “victim” game. The more one worries, the more their attitude is affected negatively. It has been medically proven that a negative attitude affects your health. One can manifest depression, headaches, ulcers, colds, heart attacks, and even cancer because they are repressing their emotions


eople who perceive their obstacles as challenges experience feelings of concern rather than that of worry. They focus on their obstacles and life with a ‘Serendipity Attitude’. They choose peace, love, joy, prosperity and well-being. They choose to live life BEING love, joyful, and peaceful. They are pro-active and look for solutions that support overall well-being and harmonious peace for all >> continued on page 29 27

Crossword Puzzle Archangels and Ascended Masters

Archangels and Ascended Masters 1 2

First corr ectly answered puzzle submitte d to the Temple o f Light will win a five inch long Selenite wand!

3 4 6





10 11





2 7 8 11 12 13 15 17 20 22 23


16 17

18 19



Bodhi Tree The Deathless Avatar Yogi Soul-travel dreams with the Archangel Wizard and Alchemist Sword of Light Relationship Advisor Emerald-Green Aura Renowned for his successful healing work Virgin Mother Work with Indigo and Crystal Children Parting of the Red Sea Elephant-headed

22 23


1 Oversees all Archangels and Angels 3 Aligned with the natural world, animals SS DOWN and elemental hi Tree 1 Oversees all Archangels and Angels January/February 2012 Issue Correct Answers 4 Call upon 3 Deathless Avatar Yogi Aligned with the natural world, animals and her for prosperity flow elemental l-travel dreams with the Archangel Wizard 5 The Ultimate Spiritual Professor Alchemist 4 Call upon her for prosperity flow 6 The Journalist 5 The Ultimate Spiritual Professor rd of Light 9 The Angel of Beauty 6 The Journalist ationship Advisor 9 The Angel of Beauty 10 erald-green Aura An Egyptian God, bridge between 10 An Egyptian God, bridge betweenHeaven owned for his successful healing work Heaven and and Earth Earth gin mother 14 in theThe Wonderman of Europe in the 14 The Wonderman of Europe k with Indigo and Crystal Children early 1700s 16 Assist you bring glory to God early 1700s ing of the Red Sea 18 A Fertility Diety, a Face16 phant-headed of NatureAssist you to bring Glory to God 19 Son of Zeus 18 A Fertility Diety, a Face of Nature 21 Wife to Osiris 19 Son of Zeus 21 Wife of Osiris


Keeping Your Attitude Positive During Tough Times

concerned, not just help you get there themselves. They know the challenges and obstacles • You attract people who are supportive and are not permanent and that there are lessons caring to learn. Their attitude is positive because they Comparatively between the two lists, look at these you can see it takes obstacles as fewer steps and far opportunities less invested energy to for growth as create intentions when they focus on you have a positive being in the attitude than to get moment in goals in life and attempt gratitude. to control the outcome T h e with a negative attitude. more one In order for you to accepts life for enhance a positive what it is and attitude, it is imperative what it is not, to take responsibility the greater for your life. You alone inner peace, are responsible for your joy and love is happiness and well experienced. being. It is important From that for you to truly know place you are who you are and what better suited makes you happy. to know how Know that by BEING to live a prohappy, you will CREATE active life that a more fulfilling life. Angelica Rose allows you to By DOING, in order to freely live life then HAVE something rather than just live. Enjoying the simple to be happy for, is backwards. By BEING happy, things that life offers-nature, children laughing, claiming it, choosing it, then, any decisions that observing animals’ affection, people laughing, are made will be more appropriate. Yes, mistakes reading a book, taking a walk, etc. By realizing will occur along the way, yet, they won’t be that one doesn’t have to DO something to HAVE perceived as failures to blame on another or on greater peace, love or a positive attitude, stress is oneself. >> continued on page 32 released. ‘Doing’ in order to ‘Have’ joy, love, peace is looking OUTSIDE for joyfulness, peacefulness, love, etc. All that is necessary is to GO INSIDE and choose to BE at peace, to be happy, to experience inner love. Thinking grateful thoughts supports a positive attitude. List of results that come from a positive attitude: • Your focus is on what you choose in life • Choosing to BE joyful, peaceful, and loving • Your emphasis is on what you desire to create • You gravitate toward the processes that would continued from page 27 >>

“Yes, mistakes will

occur along the way, yet, they won’t be

perceived as failures

to blame on another or

on oneself. Rather, see them as opportunities to grow, mature and

develop more wisdom.”


Vegetarian Recipes

from appetizer to dessert

recipes and photographs adapted from the Newlyweds’ Vegetarian Cookbook, Rylands, Peter and Small 2011 & Pasta Cookbook, LoveFoods.


ASPARAGUS & GOAT CHEESE TART Serves 4 – 6 2 x 13-oz. / 375-g sheets ready-rolled puff pastry, defrosted if frozen 1 egg, lightly beaten and mixed with 2 teaspoons water 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons light olive oil 2 bunches thin asparagus, woody ends trimmed 5 ½ oz./150g soft goat cheese Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper Lightly dressed salad leaves, to serve (optional) 2 baking sheets, lined with baking parchment Preheat the oven to 425°F. Cut the sheets of pastry to make two rectangles 10 x 5 inch and place each one on a prepared baking sheet. Cut ½ inch wide strips from the remaining pastry. Brush around the edges of the pastry rectangles and place the strips on the edges to form a border. Prick each pastry sheet all over with a fork and brush the beaten egg over it. Cook in the preheated oven for 15 minutes, until pale golden and puffed. Put the butter and olive oil in a skillet set over high heat and cook the asparagus for 2 – 3 minutes, turning often, until just beginning to soften. Season well with salt and pepper and set aside. Crumble the goat cheese over the pastry being careful to stay within the borders. Top with the asparagus and cook in the preheated oven for a further 10 minutes, until the pastry is golden. Serve warm with lightly dressed salad greens.

Serves 4 1 large or 2 medium eggplants, diced 2/3 cup olive oil 4 shallots, chopped 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 14 oz canned chopped tomatoes 1 teaspoon superfine sugar 12 oz dried farfalle (pasta bows) Salt and pepper Fresh basil sprigs, to garnish Place the eggplant in a colander, sprinkle with salt, and let drain for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, heat 1 tablespoon of the olive oil in a heavy-bottom pan. Add the shallots and garlic and cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes, or until softened. Add the tomatoes and their can juices, stir in the sugar, and seasons to taste with salt and pepper. Cover and simmer gently, stirring occasionally, for 30 minutes, or until thickened. Rinse the eggplant under cold running water, drain well, and pat dry with paper towels. Heat half the remaining olive oil in a heavy-bottom skillet, then add the eggplant in batches, and cook, stirring frequently, until golden brown all over. Remove from the skillet with a slotted spoon and keep warm while you cook the remaining batches, adding the remaining oil as necessary. Meanwhile, bring a large, heavy-bottom pan of lightly salted water to a boil. Add the pasta, return to a boil, and cook for 8-10 minutes, or until tender but still firm to the bite. Drain the pasta and transfer to a warmed serving dish. Pour the tomato sauce over the pasta and toss well to mix. Top with the diced eggplant, garnish with fresh basil sprigs, and serve. 30

WARM CHOCOLATE MUFFINS Makes 12 2 ¼ cups all purpose flour / plain flour 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder ½ teaspoon baking soda / bicarbonate of soda 2 ½ teaspoons baking powder 6 ½ oz. / 185 g dark chocolate (60%-70% cocoa solids), very roughly chopped 3 ½ oz. milk chocolate (over 32% cocoa solids), grated 2 large eggs, beaten ½ cup light brown / muscovado sugar 1 ¼ cups sour cream 1 stick unsalted butter, melted a 12 hole muffin pan, lined with 12 paper cases Preheat the oven to 400°F, then line the muffin pan with paper cases. Sift the flour, cocoa, baking soda/bicarbonate of soda, and baking powder in a large bowl and stir in the chopped and grated chocolates. In a separate bowl, beat together the eggs, sugar, sour cream, and melted butter. Add the liquid mixture to the dry ingredients and stir until just combined and the mixture is fairly stiff. Don’t overmix otherwise the muffins will be tough. Spoon the mixture into the muffin pan holes to fill almost to the tops. Bake for 20 minutes until risen and firm. Leave in the pan for about 15 minutes before turning out as the mixture is quite delicate: cakes made with sour cream or buttermilk have a lovely tender crumb. Turn carefully out onto a wire rack and serve warm or cool.


Keeping Your Atitude Positive During Tough Times

When you strive toward resolving your obstacles, you end up taking better care of yourself and thereby enjoy life more. Your attitude says, “I choose to live life and I would rather enjoy life than worry about it.” By taking responsibility for your life and the obstacles you face, the decisions you make are more productive. Your life is run by what brings you happiness and well being because you know you deserve it. You assert in a responding manner, with conviction and compassion, rather than become reactive in unpleasant feelings and thoughts on situations and people that attempt to affect your happiness and well being. Having a positive attitude includes balancing your life in all areasincluding family, friends, health, exercise, work, spiritual, education, and eating healthy. You are enhancing a positive attitude, by trusting your intuition and allowing it to be your guide rather than allowing fears and other outside sources to be your guide or tell you what is best for you. To learn more on serendipity and living the essence of love, read Angelica’s book - LIVING LIFE AS YOU ALWAYS DREAMED. ~ Angelica Rose The Heart of Motivation, all rights reserved.

Rather, see them as opportunities to grow, mature and develop more wisdom. You release those feelings and thoughts that are not caring or have compassion toward another. Rather than attempt to figure out, you accept and choose peace. You practice using discernment rather than judgment. Avoid personalizing, so your attitude is not affected by any possible unfavorable behaviors. continued from page 29 >>

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Angelica Rose is a natural gifted Essence Specialist since 1991 and a Certified Hypnotist. Angelica is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient. She receives Angel Messages, does Chakra Readings, Channels and is a Medium. Angelica is the author of 2 books, “Living Life as You Always Dreamed” and “The New Secrets to Running A Successful Business.” Angelica has been featured in numerous talk radio shows, and has been interviewed in a variety of national magazines. Visit her website at www.heartofmotivation. or e-mail her your thoughts at

View testimonials at For more information,  call (714) 270-2337




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ntuition and psychic abilities are not gifts for a selected few. We all posses them and are capable of using these innate skills. They are built into us as we are spiritual beings in human bodies, not the other way around. Although we all are psychic and intuitive, this does not mean you have to work in the field doing readings or making predictions. Ideally, these abilities can be used to make every day life easier. When each of us listens and follows our guidance, and learns to trust it, life runs much more smoothly. It is simple things I am asking you to listen for and take notice of, such as usually you follow a certain route home and you get a feeling you should turn right today instead of left. When you choose to follow your feelings and turn right and have a clear run home... or if you did not listen you still turned left and were stuck in traffic for hours because there was an accident. I know some of you are thinking that it is crazy that you might be psychic. Regardless of what you think, you most certainly are and I’ll tell you how to go about developing it. The first thing you need to know is that each and every one of us will get our guidance in our own unique way using one or more of our senses. Certain senses are stronger for some. To understand your own senses and guidance, you will need to know the four main senses. There are others as well, but today we’ll focus on clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizence and clairaudience or, using simpler terms, they are seeing, feeling and sensing, knowing and hearing. The biggest obstacle to development is trust. Our logic and ego are challenges we must learn to overcome. Learning to trust yourself and believe in your senses enough to follow through with the guidance yourself or pass on little messages to others instead of disregarding or ignoring is >> continued on page 36


By Toni Reilly


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Belly Sprout at the Birth Connection 426 W Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832 (714) 879 1303 Ginger’s Wellness Garden and Spa 2488 Newport Blvd. Ste A1 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (949) 791 8048 Kali Mandir 20371 Sun Valley Dr. Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (949) 494 1906 La Paz Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine 25260 La Paz Rd. Laguna Hills, CA 92653 (949) 768 5044 Maum Meditation 14171 Chagall Ave. Irvine, CA 92606 (949) 502 5337 Mind, Body, Spirit Business Network Meets every 3rd Wednesday at 6:30pm at the Holiday Inn, 2726 S. Grand Ave. Santa Ana, CA www. (949) 515 8727 O2 Wellness Center 3551 Camino Mira Costa Suite C San Clemente, CA 92672 (949) 240 6713 Phoenix Healing Arts, Eastern-Style Holistic Recovery 22762 Aspan St. Ste 207 Lake Forest, CA 92630 (949) 351 8493 Sanctuary, The 505 W. First St Tustin, CA 92780 (714) 617 4593

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Whole Health & Metaphysical Business Resource Directory RESTAURANTS Au Lac Vegetarian Restaurant 16563 Brookhurst St. Fountain Valley, CA 92708-2344 (714) 418 0658 Beach Health Tree 305 Redondo Ave. Long Beach, CA 90814 (562) 434 1155 Bodhi Tree Vegetarian Café 501 Main St. Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 969 9500 California Health Foods 115 E. Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832 (714) 525 4260 Jan’s Health Bar 501 Main St. #D Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 536 4856 Native Foods 2937 Bristol St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714) 751 2151 Naturway Natural Foods 1010 N. Euclid Anaheim, CA 92801 (714) 956 0260

Stand Natural Foods, The 238 Thalia Street Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (949) 494 8101 Wheel Of Life Restaurant, Vegan 14370 Culver Dr #2G Irvine, CA 92604 (949) 551 8222 Zephyr Vegetarian Café 340 East 4th Street Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 435 7113

Learning Light Foundation 1212 E. Lincoln Anaheim, CA 92805 (714) 533 2311

Sun Salute Yoga 24655 La Plaza Dana Point, CA 92629 (949) 371 6097

School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences 18271 McDurmott West Ste H Irvine, CA 92614 (949) 752 5272

Triad Yoga 2626 Dupont Drive Suite A20 Irvine, CA 92612 (949) 724 1479

YOGA STUDIOS Asana FIT Yoga 204 Avenida Granada San Clemente, CA 92672 (949) 859 2287

EDUCATION CENTERS Calcopa Massage School 18582 Beach Blvd. Ste. 11 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 964 7744

Bikram Yoga Laguna Beach 610 North Pacific Coast Highway Ste. 208 Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (949) 376 7077

California Academy for Healing Arts 125 E. Baker #180 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714) 708 2282 Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, Laguna Hills 23022 La Cadena Suite 204 Laguna Hills, CA 92653 (949) 305 2722

Lotus 7 Yoga & Pilates 29941 Aventura, Ste. F Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 (949) 888 4503 Seventh Chakra Yoga 19171 Magnolia St Ste 14 Huntington Beach, CA 92646 (714) 965 7770

Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, San Diego 125 W. Mission Suite 212 Escondido, CA 92025 (760) 746 9364

Yoga Bungalow 32382 Del Obispo #B5 San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 (949) 489 1998 Yoga Center of California 445 E. 17th Street Ste. 1 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (949) 646 8281 Yoga Shakti - Huntington Beach 19142 Beach Boulevard Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 968 9093 Yoga Shakti - Irvine 4249 Campus Drive Ste. B140 Irvine, CA 92612 (949) 856 9642 Yoga Tree 129 North Euclid St. Fullerton, CA 92832 (714) 388 4328

You are Psychic - Developing Your Spiritual Senses

a big hurdle. When you overcome that you will find that your life runs smoother and you feel far less concerned with things that you cannot control. The second obstacle you will face is creating quiet. Developing a calm, quiet mind is crucial for you to be able to take notice of the senses you are experiencing. Many of us don’t take notice because life is too busy and distracting. Meditation is key for quieting the mind. While it is not necessary that you have to set time aside for it but it would be nice. Allow yourself this wonderful time, time away from the daily grind. The relaxed state that is easiest to receive and notice your senses is similar to when you are about to fall asleep or you just wake up.

In fact many of us do receive our messages and guidance at these times and it is because we are quiet and therefore receptive to taking notice. If you struggle to find time to meditate or sit quietly because you have a family to care for and work commitments, then I urge you to find a meditation group or development circle in your area. Sitting quietly on a regular basis will have your senses powering up; there is also something very strengthening about sitting in the group energy. It can make everything feel stronger. Being around like minds is always good for your development too. These types of groups are fantastic— not only for developing your senses and new friendships, but also self-awareness and working through your own

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You are Psychic - Developing Your Spiritual Senses

fears and issues while being surrounded by a warm and welcoming energy. If you find a group and it does not “feel” right to you, please trust your intuition and seek out another one. It is important to be around people you feel comfortable with. Give up the idea that you should be able to “see” because you are sure John Edward can or the other girls in your meditation group can. This is certainly not the case. Seeing is unique to every medium. Some may see very clearly, much like a dream. However if you listen to psychic mediums explain how they see their visions,

impression that seeing is as clear as our everyday sight but this is not always the case. So don’t expect that you will see as clearly as a dream. Seeing is very common, whether it is clear or not, and can be extremely brief. A vision or image may only be there for a split second. Clairsentience is feeling or sensing. Clairsentience can be a little alarming if you are not aware that you have this sense. You may mistakenly think or fear that you have health issues when really you are picking up on someone else’s feelings or symptoms by literally experiencing the same feeling that they have.

Intuition and psychic abilities are not gifts for a selected few. We all posses them and are capable of using these innate skills. They are built into us as we are spiritual beings in human bodies, not the other way around. - Toni Reilly they are often abstract. My seeing sense works in many strange ways. Sometimes I see grey, which forms a shape of an outline with no features. This shape might resemble a person, an orange, a flower, a keyhole, and could really be anything. The trick then is for you to decipher what you see. Since we are focusing on using our senses for ourselves, say you see a very quick flash of a keyhole in your minds eye, it could be a reminder to check if you have locked the back door. Sometimes I see an image of a car; it might be a little red car. When I see something like that it lasts for a split second and my images never move like a movie, they are still like a photograph. I’ll share with you an exercise for each of the senses to help you understand how yours works. These are really simple and the more that you practice, the more you will realize that you really are gifted. Clairvoyance is seeing. You may have the

If the symptom is not yours it will pass. If you are aware that you do pick up on other people, then you can learn to turn your senses off, once you acknowledge that it is not your feeling, it will usually pass. Claircognizance is knowing. Think back to a time when you “just knew”. There is no valid explanation for how you know but some of us just do. Clairaudience is hearing and this sense is probably the most common of the senses. This is the sense most of us feel confused about because it comes to us in the shape of a thought. The voice that you hear is your voice in the form of a thought. We all hear clairaudiently; the trick is in discerning the difference between messages and your own busy daily thoughts that fill your mind. Once you begin to take notice of your thoughts, you will discover that guidance (or messages) drops in over the top of your everyday thoughts. Don’t worry about missing >> continued on page 38 37

palm flat and notice the difference between each hand, then choose which hand the object is in. Do this over and over at least 5 times— each time choosing which hand you feel is holding the object. Some of you may feel warmth over the hand that the object is in and others may be the opposite, they might feel the warmth over the hand without the object. No way is right or wrong, the exercise is for you to find out how you “feel”. Claircognizant exercise for knowing: The exercises for knowing and feeling are the same but with one small difference. Using the same object, have a friend put their hand behind their back and then bring their hand out to the front holding them in a fist. As soon as they hold their hands out, you must point to the hand you “know” the object is in. Select immediately leaving no time to think as thinking and logic form the biggest hurdle. When you allow your thinking to come in to play it will take over and you will not choose the hand that the object is in. Clairvoyance exercise for seeing: Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths in and then ask (think) in your mind to see something from your friend’s life that you do not already know of. Ask to see their childhood home or the school they went to, their favorite number or a relative. Describe what you see to them. Good luck with your development. Once you are on the spiritual journey, I feel there is no turning back. Life takes on new meaning and it is beautiful.

Jessie Chiang

Certified Consciousness Mastery Available at the Practitioner specializing in Temple of Light for spiritual counseling Readings and/or Healing. medical intuitive crystal healing Mention this ad to mediumship receive 30 minutes energy clearing crystal healing for $30! As a spiritual counselor, I can empathize and identify your challenges without judgment. I assist you in finding your true self and aligning you with your life path. When you feel the need to change, I provide clarity through the loving words of your Angels and Guides. Seeing you at peace is my utmost joy and passion.

“I've had a reading with Jessie and she is very good. Her messages are authentic and right on point. You will not regret it!” - Tonya F.

Toni Reilly is one of Australia’s most prominent Past Life Regression therapists, psychic, medium and spiritual teachers who has helped thousands of people on their spiritual journey. As the founder and director of the Toni Reilly Institute, she has built an organization that provides a professional outlet to empower people through self-development courses and workshops that guide people to develop their intuitive abilities and learn to connect to their spiritual inner-self. To learn more, visit:

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949.350.0775 You are Psychic - Developing Your Spiritual Senses

them because these thoughts will persist until you listen and then act on them. Clairsentient exercise for feeling and sensing: You will need an object to hold in your hand and someone to help you. In my workshops, I use a tumble stone crystal, but you can use anything that fits in your hand. Everything is energy so whatever you choose to use will omit energy and work. Get your friend to hold the object in a closed fist so you don’t know which hand has the object and then hold their hands out. You feel over each of their hands with your continued from page 37 >>


Destiny E

Image source:

by Fabienne Marneau

ach one of us carries the seed of our own Destiny into our “Heart & Soul”. Our mission is to recognize such “Vision” and strive toward the manifestation of our perfect intent in harmony and peace. Whenever peace is not present in our actions, love is absent in our hearts. Let me share with you an easy process that will bring you back on track of being the loving peaceful being that I am sure you wish to be all the time. 1. Be the observer Any time you focus your mind to observe how you feel, concentrate on your body first and be aware of discomfort, pain or even pressure, tightness or numbness. Whenever you feel edgy, impatient, suspicious, sad or even resentful, stop >> continued on page 40 39


what you are doing; breathe deeply, close your eyes if you can (scrap this if driving) and say: “Thank you, Divine Wisdom* for the awareness.” This affirmation will help you focus and set your intent for peace. continued from page 39 >>

2. Detective attitude Ask your higher-self what it meant to you, what it reminds you of, etc. Once you get a clear answer, you can start the self-healing process using Affirmations/ Mantra. 3) Mind Re-programming “I release my .........” and say whatever it is that you feel at that moment (judgment, anger, sadness, resentment, envy, jealousy, etc.) “I release the need to be right.” “I give myself permission to be happy, calm and content.” “Please, Infinite Wisdom, send me Celestial’s help, Divine Mother send me your love, let light be in me, let peace in be me, now.”

this world,” as the singer/poet wrote, it is a great destiny. We are all going home equal at the end. The loving father/mother deity does not play favoritism. Whatever role we play on earth is only the part of our karma that is unfolding. The mark that we make on this earth during our lifetime is only reflecting the level of our progress in the classroom of eternity. It is not our business to judge our evolution because the big picture of our destiny is a mystery. It includes both Karma (consequences of individual deeds from present and previous lives) and Dharma (global humanitarian purpose). Only day by day, the intensity of our love, the integrity of our intent, our willingness to search and serve our own truth, will give direction, value and meaning to our life’s purpose. The other trap to avoid is to fall in the easy system of identification. This is why the Truth, is never universal on Earth. It can only be the Truth for a particular moment, based on a particular circumstance and for whom we think we are at a given time. What is true to me today was not necessarily true 20 years ago. What seems to be true for a woman’s group may not be the same for a man’s club. What is valued by an ethnic race, a political movement, or a religious community, may be discarded by mystical idealists or a scientific association, for example. The more humble we are when believing that we know the Truth; the more respectful we are in regards to others. By respecting their freedom of opinions, sexual or ethnic differences, philosophy or religion we have a sense of wholeness.

“It is not our business to judge our evolution because the big picture of our destiny is a mystery” - Fabienne Marneau

* God, Eternal Father, Divine Mother, Holy Spirit, Elohim, Infinite Spirit, Hasham, Deus, Infinite Love and Wisdom…


nce peace is back into your heart and soul (it’s kingdom), than you can go on manifesting your destiny by accomplishing the Divine will of your incarnation. There is no such a thing as “great destiny” or “ordinary destiny.” Whatever is “our place in 40


Each one of us is a part of a huge puzzle, if one peace is missing the picture is incomplete and yet the whole can be seen as the truth of this planet, for this incarnation, today, now. So, yes, finding our place in this world with a sincere desire of peace is maybe part of unfolding our destiny. It even could be the only thing that really matters. If peace is not the motor of our actions and love is not at the heart of our motivations, than we are probably far from accomplishing our destiny as we designed it from heaven based on both Karma and Dharma. The Universal Truth belongs to the Divine. By emptying our cup every day; we open ourselves to the Wisdom, Light and Love that is the only source of our salvation. Salvation being self-liberation and access to Eternal Life.

Del Rio Healing

vv v

Now available for sessions at the Temple of Light

Debbie Del Rio

Licensed Massage erapist, Reiki Master Teacher & Metaphysical Practitioner

As a Metaphysical practitioner I offer my skills to help those to develop personal fulfillment and growth in life with body, mind and soul healing.

Fabienne Marneau, Certified Hypnotherapist stimulates self-healing for physical dis-ease such as cancer, allergies, chronic pain; addictions, phobias, rejuvenation, and anti-aging through alternative holistic modalities. Founder of Heart Soul Healing Fabienne combines spiritual sources of energy with traditional hypnotherapy techniques. Specialized in Past Life Regression, Time Line Therapy and ERT (Emotional Release Therapy), Fabienne provides individual consultations as well as group Papillon Transformational Seminars and online 90-day Breakthrough Coaching Program. Artist Medium born clairvoyant Fabienne’s Soul Paintings remind us of who we are on a Soul level: Eternal & Divine! Contact:, or (949) 294 9893


9 4 9•2 93• 91 58

The Healthy Living Club

of Laguna Woods presents

Celebrate your Radiance Day A FREE Holistic Healing Day for Senior Citizens formerly known as Honoring Our Elders Day

We offer some of the finest and most dedicated holistic healing practitioners who lovingly donate their time and skills. There is NO CHARGE for these services. Alternative healing is powerful and effective. Come and receive free holistic sessions of your choice with a practitioner dedicated to you and your well being. Choose from Reiki, Access Consciousness, BodyTalk, ThetaHealing, Foot Reflexology, Touch for Health, Angel Therapy and many more!

Every 2nd Saturday of the Month

10AM - 2PM Location: CLUB HOUSE 7 24111 Moulton Parkway, Laguna Woods, CA 92637 [Gate 12]

Dates: March 10 April 14 May 12 June 9

Vendor Tables will be present offering holistic and alternative healing products. Food and drink vendors will be present offering refreshment and snacks.


Call the Healthy Living Club at (949) 630 2028 or email: Or the Temple of Light at (949) 340 7408 or visit

In a cooperative effort with the Temple of Light Spiritual Community, Lake Forest

Antoine’s Healing Methods Offer Authentic Results Many obstacles can be resolved with the help of friends, family and physicians. However, there are times when a qualified, experienced professional can offer a special kind of help. Antoine’s Healing Methods recognizes that healing is accomplished by restoring balance in Body, Mind, and Spirit. The healing process is manifested through a partnership between the practitioner and the client’s spiritual aspects.

Who can benefit? Whether you are experiencing an emotional challenge like anxiety, depression, grief, helplessness, a general sense of being overwhelmed, or a physical health challenge like cancer, chronic pain, or a terminal illness, Antoine’s Healing Methods are designed to help you restore vitality and balance in your Body, Mind and Spirit. Also improved, are challenging issues such as the release of a long held fear, greater insight and clarity about a troublesome issue, improved relationships, or things in your life finally falling into place. The healing frequencies can also continue working with you after your visit with Antoine has ended. For many this truly is a life-changing experience. Many healings are reported in just one session, and sometimes it takes a bit longer for a healing to unfold. Up to three sessions are recommended.


949 216 0441 Antoine Marengo 23832 ROCKFIELD BLVD., SUITE 195 LAKE FOREST, CA 92630 Phone: 949.340.7408 / Fax: 949.468.3455 Office Hours: TUESDAY - SATURDAY, 11am - 6pm Dr. Eric Pearl and The Reconnection, including but not limited to practitioners make no promises, guarantees, representations and or warranties regarding medical diagnosis and or medical treatment, and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for your own medical care.


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