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The Wisdom in Your Face

Rhythms of Radiance

By Jane Haner

By Christine Stevens, SW, MT-BC

What is Soulful Radiance?


By James Van Praagh

By Renee Devereaux

John of God

Seven Tips on How to Beat Those New Year’s Five Tips for Thriving in Resolution Blues By Dr. Joe Dispenza Career Transition By Dr. Toni Galardi Consider the Power of Your Thoughts The Conscious Equation for Manifesting Success This New Year By Gail Thackray

By Jackie Lapin

By Dr. Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young

Awakening to Our Greatness in 2013

Go to Place

By Susanne Walker




January/February 2013 1

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What type of person practices Spirituality?

Someone who wants to reach a Spiritual Ascent without dogma and who listens to their own inner voice... Someone who invites himself/herself to reason it all, to question it all and to decide for themselves... Someone who invites meditation, contemplation and inner peace into their lives... Someone who practices “living in the present”, asks questions and keeps and open mind to all possibilities... Someone who develops tools to find God or Spirit in their own way and time, in this life, here and now... Beyond the concepts of all beliefs there exists one universal truth that guides every living being. It is not a personality or single being, but rather a life force with unlimited love and intelligence that lives within each of us. We are co-creating a healed world where our human family knows that the truth about who we really are: we are beings of light with the ability to love unconditionally, to live without fear and in the “Now.” Every Sunday at 10:00 a.m., Rev. Danielle Marie leads us in an opening mediation with sound and music accompaniment from Seth Pincus. Each week, we will explore a different world religion, event, celebration, or philosopher with a loving and moving message to take with you into the week.

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Spirituality vs. Religion

A message from Rev. Danielle Marie Hewitt, Publisher and Founder of the Temple of Light Spiritual Wellness

Rhythms of Radiance By Christine Stevens, SW, MT-BC

Faith By James Van Praagh

John of God By Gail Thackray Go To Place featuring

The Living Temple Five Tips for Thriving in Career Transition By Dr. Toni Galardi


The Conscious Equation for Manifesting Success


Awakening to Your Greatness in 2013

By Jackie Lapin

By Susanne Walker

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The Wisdom in Your Face By Jane Haner

Academy of Light

What is Soulful Radiance? By Renee Devereaux

Seven Tips on How to Beat Those New Year's Resolutions Blues Dr. Joe Dispenza

Consider the Power of Your Thoughts This New Year By Dr. Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young

The Divine Realm of Creation By Marybeth Murphy

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4 Radiance

January/February 2013

Religion vs. Spirituality by Rev. Danielle Marie Hewitt, Founder & Spiritual Director

My husband and I attended the play “A Christmas Carol” during the holiday season and while there met a couple from a middle eastern background. We were previously acquainted with them and when I shared that I was no longer doing accounting work but had founded a spiritual center they were genuinely interested to know more. I gave them the gist of what we were all about. They said they would like to come and learn more, but right at the end of the conversation they professed a concern they might not fit in as they were not “religious.” I was taken aback and found myself trying to explain the difference and was not entirely sure I succeeded. I blurted out something like religion is spiritual, but spirituality is not necessarily religious. Now having had more time to think about I think I can express the difference with more clarity. It has become quite popular in recent years to distinguish between spirituality and religion as a growing number of people profess to be “Spiritual” but insist they are not “Religious”. It’s true that there are valid distinctions between the two, but there are also a number of problematic distinctions which often and unnecessarily divide the two fields of thought. It is important to note the fact that many of the negative things which

are attributed to religions are features specific to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, but not of other religions like Taoism or Buddhism which are far more tolerant so for purposes of this article I am not referring to the later two. I have not personally had any kind of profound negative experience with religion, only one of mild disdain due to what seemed to me, oversimplified answers to great questions, rules and rituals, but more importantly, the idea that you are either in or out of compliance and therefore in or out of the group. A large number of the general populous consider themselves “spiritual but not religious.” The phrases “spiritual” and “religious” used to be more or less interchangeable before the 20th century. Both used to imply a belief in a Higher Power of some kind, a desire to connect more intimately with that Higher Power with some rituals and daily practices conducted. But, with the increasing prestige of scientific advances, intellectual thought and the in depth studies of religious history many people find sustaining the compliance of a religious institution more difficult. There exists in the population those that continue to adhere with full faith to the ideals of the religious institution, those that may still attend out of a sense of culture and family values, but they do not subscribe to the teachings 100% , those that have left their institutions completely due to an inability to subscribe and then there are those who have forged out on their own personal set of beliefs with a general regard for a Higher Power being the only common denominator amongst them. This last group whom we might call “spiritual” gradually came to be associated with a private realm of continued on the next page >> Radiance

January/February 2013 5

thought and experience while those whom we might call “religious”came to be connected with the public realm of membership in religious institutions, participation in formal rituals, and adherence to official denominational doctrines either with pure faith or by wanting to be a part of an institution from a cultural norm. Religion tends to incorporate public rituals and organized doctrines while spirituality tends to be more personal and private, but the lines between one and the other may often not be clear or distinct depending on the interpretation. Religion is an institution established by man for various reasons. It exerts control, instills morality, provides specific rules of conduct and practices. There can in some practices seem that God has been all but forsaken for an emphasis on compliance. Sins are confessed to a clergy member, there are elaborate churches to go to worship, you are told what to pray and when to pray it. Spirituality on the other hand is born in a person and develops in the person. It may be kick started by a religion, or it may be kick started by a revelation. Spirituality extends to all facets of a person’s life. True spirituality is something that is found deep within oneself. It is your way of loving, accepting and relating to the world and people around you. Although for some spirituality can be found in a church, synagogue or mosque it need not be, it can be found within oneself. Consider the following: Religion is for those who want to continue rituals and formality. Spirituality is for those who want to reach the Spiritual Ascent without dogmas. Religion is for those that want or require guidance from others. Spirituality is for those that listen to their own inner voice. Religion has a dogmatic and unquestionable assembly of rules that need to be followed without question. Spirituality invites you to reason it all, to question it all and to decide your actions and assume the consequences. Religion can be threatening and fearful. Spirituality encourages inner peace. Religion speaks of sin and fault. Spirituality encourages “living in the now” and not feeling remorse for what is past, but to learn from errors and move on. 6 Radiance

January/February 2013

Religion provides answers, does not investigate and does not question. Spirituality ask questions of everything. Religion is cause for division. Spirituality is cause for union. Religion is adoration. Spirituality is meditation. Religion is to continue adapting to the psychology of a template. Spirituality is individuality. Religion dreams of glory and paradise. Spirituality makes you live it here and now. Religion gives you promises for the after-life. Spirituality gives you the light to find God in your inner self, in this life, in the present, in the here and the now… If spirituality appeals to you, make it a priority in your life. Find ways to discover yourself and go deep into mediation. You can take spirituality with you wherever you go. If you have friends and family that have religion in their life and you wish to be with them, take your own spirituality with you and apply what is true to your heart within those belief systems. Although man gave interpretations to religion that resulted in rules and doctrine, they are still ultimately about a Higher Power and if you choose you can make your family’s religion a very personal spiritual experience. You may find spirituality inside of religion, but you will not find religion inside spirituality. Make 2013 a year of finding and practicing spirituality in your life no matter what form or practice it takes and know that it is perfect for you. Namaste, Rev. Danielle Marie Rev. Danielle Marie is a Master ThetaHealer® who practices a healing art based primarily on ThetaHealing®, but with several personal additions and modifications. Rev. Danielle Marie's sessions are life-changing, creating shifts in her clients' perceptions resulting in the most positive changes imaginable. Rev. Danielle Marie has been a student of metaphysics since 2000 and studied under several mentors, including Vianna Stibal and Dr. Doreen Virtue. As a metaphysical minister, she believes in the innate intuitive ability gifted to each of us. Teaching this and witnessing healings has become her life's work and passion. She believes we can live free from pain and suffering and be in a constant state of peace and joy.

Rhythms of Radiance!

7 ways to Awaken your Musical Spirit in the New Year By Christine Stevens, SW, MT-BC

“As we orchestrate our lives as vibrant, welltuned, and resonant human instruments, we contribute to a worldwide symphony of health and well- being.” ~Music Medicine, the Science and Spirit of Healing with Sound


ave you ever noticed that the perfect song comes on the radio just when you need it most? Have you ever been moved to tears by the perfect song or felt a favorite song lift your mood? Have you sung in the shower or found yourself humming a tune while waiting in line at the grocery store? If you said “yes” or nodded your head while reading these examples, you are familiar with what I call “music medicine,” the use of music to improve your health and well-being in your mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit.

Music plays a greater role in today’s growing movement of conscious living; it’s not just entertainment. The role and power of music is nothing short of awakening the heart, creating a bridge to the Divine, and orchestrating change on the planet.

Four Keys to Music Medicine I discovered strong correlations between the four elements of music and the body, mind, heart, and soul. After spending many years with teachers and elders of the Lakota Native American tribe and traveling to places like Brazil, Africa and the Middle East, I witnessed the uncanny similarities in how music was healing. I discovered the medicine wheel of music all around and within us. Following are the four elements of music with specific healing properties: 1. Rhythm is the medicine for the body. It is the drum medicine correlated with the East, the sea-

son of Spring, the element Earth. 2. Melody is the medicine for the heart. It is the song medicine correlated with the South, the season of Summer, the element Fire. 3. Harmony is the medicine for the soul. It is the ensemble medicine correlated with the West, the season of Fall, the element Water. 4. Silence is the medicine for the mind. It is the resting medicine correlated with the North the season of Winter, the element Air.

Awaken Your Musical Spirit “Music is as innate as the rhythm of your heart, as close to your being as the hum of your soul, and as intrinsic as the silent space between each breath.” ~Music Medicine

Try these simple practices to awaken your musical spirit in the New Year. No prior musical expericontinued on page 8 >> Radiance

January/February 2013 7

ence required! You don’t have to play an instrument to be musical because you are an instrument.

can take you into your head. As you listen to the music, hold perfectly still. Notice where the rhythm goes in your body. What wants to move? Let your body listen to the rhythm more than your ears. Allow your body to move with the groove when you are ready. It may be a subtle motion or an explosive ecstatic dance. Feel the healing force of rhythm.

1. Morning Music

Start the day in gratitude. First thing when you wake up, before speaking, face East and sing, chant, drum, or hum to express your gratefulness. This is a practice to attune yourself to the great musician.

2. Conscious Listening

Pay attention to the music that moves you! Notice what messages are speaking to your heart in the songs. I call it your Inner DJ. To expand your listening, check out the FREE playlists of music medicine at www. featuring artists such as Jai Uttal, Deva Premal, Shaman’s Dream, Layne Redmond, Glen Velez, and myself.

3. Sing your Power Song

In the medicine way, there are power animals. In the music medicine way, there are power songs. What song inspires your spirit? What song has been there for you in the challenging times of your life? Sing it in the shower. Play it on the drive to work. Dance and sing along. Embody your power song today.

5. Harmonize with Nature

6. Drum Meditation

4. Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum

Put on a drumming track (go to and click on the Rhythm play list for ideas). Find music that is purely rhythm, without lyrics and words, that

8 Radiance

January/February 2013

Go on a Nature listening excursion. Listen to divine music playing, orchestrated spontaneously in the interchange of elements. Perhaps it’s a soft singing stream, powerful ocean waves, or the wind rustling in the leaves. Harmonize with this sound source. Play along. Join in a duet of musical expression. End with gratitude for the music of Nature. From Japanese Shinto practices to Native American ceremonies, many spiritual traditions drum for prayer, gratitude, and calling upon the Divine. Place your hand on your heart. Set your intention. Then place your hand on the drum. Drum a beat that comes to you intuitively from within. Play for a minimum of five minutes then soften your beat. Fall into silence. Rest and breathe.

7. Rest in Silence

There are specific sounds that create silence of the mind. Check out the Silence play list at This music includes

singing bells, wind chimes, and gongs. Choose a track from the play list or something you love to listen to that does not include a strong rhythmic beat. Find something that is expansive and has a great amount of breath. Listen to the space between the notes. Notice your breathing entrain to the music. Drink up the music. Enjoy! Reference: Music Medicine, The Science and Spirit of Healing Yourself with Sound, Christine Stevens, Sounds True, 2012.

Christine Stevens, MSW, MT-BC, lives in Encinitas, CA. She is author of Music Medicine, The Healing Drum Kit and The Art and Heart of Drum Circles. She has appeared on NBC, PBS, KTLA, and is a featured speaker in the movie Discover the Gift. Upcoming Events January – UpBeat Drum Circles Coaching and Mentoring Program January 20 – Solana Beach, CA – Drum Circle – Day Training February 2–4: Valencia, CA – HealthRHYTHMS Facilitation Training March 23–24: Los Angeles – Change Your Life Through Rhythm weekend workshop July 12–14: Colorado, Healing Drum Retreat - Shambhala Mountain Retreat Center August 2–4: Sequoia National Forest, Rhythm, Nature, & the Soul - Far Horizons Visit or email

Faith By James Van Praagh

“Fear knocked at the door; faith answered.” ~Irish proverb


hen one hears the word “faith,” inevitably it is confused with some kind of religious definition. Over the past in this politically charged and seemingly divided country, the definition of faith has unfortunately been touted, exploited, and misused to fit into some ideological, religious manifest of a “political” party. It is true faith has something to do with a belief system, but just for a moment, release any pre-conceived notions or religious, ideological definitions of the word and replace it with this definition: Faith is embracing an awareness of trust and, by doing so, makes you a better person. I believe as souls entering this earthly vibration, we come to this planet with a complete set of “knowingness and trust.” Our souls have traversed many times, spaces, situations, places, and lands. Its breath and scope are immeasurable at best in “physical means.” For the soul is indeed timeless and, by its innate nature, only truly “grows” by its vast experiences. Experience shapes, molds, colors, and gives a personal nature to the soul fabric. Faith is present within the soul, as a sort of tried and true ingredient in its makeup. Faith is indeed in-

nate “knowingness” we all have, that sense it will all “work-out” eventually. It is as if “faith” is our lens to a higher understanding of our nature. It provides the realization, we are merely energy systems. We are bigger and exist beyond the limitations of this physical body and physical world. We are merely souls hovering over an earth world measured by time, and a soul which knows no time. Just like the word “spirit,” faith is an intangible notion to us in the physical world. In many ways, it correlates with the concepts of love, belief, trust, benevolence, etc., things not necessarily physical and tangible truths, but more of an inner-guidance system or method of sustaining your spiritual relationship in the world. Of course, the amount of faith each person varies with their soul’s individual level of experiences through lifetimes. I personally know that as a soul, my faith and other spiritual attributes have been tried repeatedly, through experiencing many of the world’s spiritual disciplines. I have had several lifetimes as a Tibetan monk, a Jewish rabbi, a Catholic monk, a Muslim cleric, a Shinto priestess and many more. These were fields of insights, discernments, learning, and understandings my soul needed to gain in order for me to recognize and appreciate the bigger spiritual perspective of life. I’m continued on page 10 >>


January/February 2013 9

not endorsing any of these religions, but each played their part in opening my awareness to something else and gave me a sense of responsibility for my actions to others. I believe all faiths or religions have a bit of the truth, but not one religion has all the truth. The only religion I follow is that of LOVE. Throughout some of the world’s most popular religions or belief systems, the idea of faith is a strong cornerstone, interestingly enough, although the words are different in each, the concept is the same. For example, one of the virtues in Christianity is faith. With faith, it is possible to have a greater understanding of God by living the ideals and examples of Jesus Christ. However, faith goes hand in hand with the Christian ideology their faith must be defined by what is found within scriptures and traditions. Nonetheless, it is an ideal on which this religion is based. One should possess a “blind-faith” or trust in things desired.

one of the five pillars of the religion, and as the Islamic sees it, how can we do God’s work here and be like God, if we don’t have communication with God throughout the day while walking on this earth? Judaism does not emphasize faith as much as other religions. In this belief system, (which I believe is more than a belief system; it is also a culture), the religion recognizes positive values of faith and trust in God. It is not emphasized, for it goes without saying. The emphasis is on the practicing instead of the believing. Returning to the description I wrote for faith: “Faith is embracing an awareness of trust and by doing so makes them a better person,” I think we need to add to it. With faith, there seems to be a “blind-sense” of something, which is, maybe….” As with anything in life, we are challenged every day with our belief systems and our distinctive faith.

“I no longer have to have faith the Spirit world will appear; they are always there. It’s me, the medium who has to show up. Spirit will never let you down.”

In Buddhism, faith is the understanding the Buddha is the Awakened Being. One has faith in the spiritual teachings and lives with the goal of “enlightenment” or “Nirvana” and must insert a faith of self-confidence for this is the first step onto the path. Interestingly, Buddhists also believe one should investigate any teachings and live by what is learned and accepted rather than purely through faith. The Hindu faith relies heavily on living an ethical life. It emphasizes dignity and expects one to be aware of his or her life and actions, to bring out the best in another in order to bring out the best in self. It is also largely based upon the premise logic and reason are a part of us, but a more important part is our consciousness and etheric awareness is one of the goals for the follower. Islam holds the belief in its faith that when man is in complete submission to the will of God, he will be in direct accord to God’s will on earth. Prayer is indeed 10 Radiance

January/February 2013

My journey has indeed included faith…big time. Every time I walked onto a stage to do a reading or every time I met with someone for a personal consultation, I had to have faith (a belief) the Spirit world would be present and ready to attempt communication. One could say my faith and my belief system were being tested. After many years, with successful results, faith has evolved and changed into KNOWINGNESS. I no longer have to have faith the Spirit world will appear; they are always there. It’s me, the medium who has to show up. Spirit will never let you down. Therefore, faith is no longer; it has become a part of me. Interestingly as well, the more I accept and live with this “knowingness” when I communicate with the Spirit, it cannot help but bleed into my everyday life. I have always been highly intuitive, but now I am in the knowingness most of my day and don’t have to be in spirit for communication to be there. I will meet somebody and have a keen sense of them through my knowingness. When contacted by spirit, new students in my classes might say: “I have a lady here.” I teach them

to say: “I KNOW I have a woman here. Knowingness is set in stone. One more step to reach, one more mountain to climb, to see where your faith leads. Does it assist you in recognizing your soul, how it operates, and how it assists you in the journey? Does it guide and direct you to bring new people and varied experiences in your life? Without faith, it would be difficult to live on a planet where we only are aware on one level of the materialistic. We are multi-faceted beings and must always know that. Remember, one person’s faith may not be yours, but never give up faith in yourself and others, for with it, faith can move mountains, create a new way of living, and bring us closer to our true nature, LOVE. Internationally renowned #1 New York Times Best Selling Author of Talking to Heaven, Reaching to Heaven, Healing Grief, Heaven and Earth, Looking Beyond, Meditations, Ghosts Among Us, Unfinished Business and Growing Up In Heaven; James is considered a pioneer in the mediumship movement throughout the world, and has been recognized as one of the most accurate spiritual mediums working today. His messages have brought solace, peace and spiritual insights, changing millions view of both life and death. A guest on mostly every national radio and television show including Oprah, Larry King Live, Dr. Phil, A & E's Biography, Nightline, Unsolved Mysteries, The View, The Joy Behar Show, The Today Show, Dr. Drew's Life changers, Chelsea Lately, Coast to Coast and many more. James spends his days traveling the world, teaching mediumship development classes, hosting cruises to spiritual destinations, and conducting sold-out seminars and shares his abilities and the message there is no such thing as death; it is merely an illusion, and everyone survives death!




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January/February 2013 11


John of God And Other Spiritual Openings for 2013 By Gail Thackray baggage because now we are moving forward to a year of more inner reflection, love, inner consciousness, our real connection and less about our outer world.


hen I think about 2012, I know it was about releasing what no longer serves us. Releasing negative cords and ties that held us to bad relationships. Forgiveness. Moving on. Releasing excess clutter and things we thought we needed when we didn’t need them at all. Minimalizing what is important in our lives. To many, this meant losing possessions and uncomfortable changes. Change is always uncomfortable when you resist. We are finally at the end of the tunnel and the light is near. We didn’t need that

12 Radiance

January/February 2013

For many of us, 2012 was not an easy year; however, it was certainly one of growth. As we move not only into the New Year, but also the new era, many people are feeling an inner shift, a rise in consciousness, and a common goal of a more spiritual future. I am excited about new opportunities. If I had to give a term to the energy of 2013, I would say “Spiritual Unity.” I am not an authority on astrology and how it may show what to expect, but the start of a new year brings a certain energy vibration. Sometimes it takes adjusting to get into the flow of a new year. What can we do to get in sync more quickly?

People connect with their own spirituality in many different ways. Some find inner peace through meditation, yoga, or prayer. Others find it through experiencing a new healing modality or learning to do energy work. Someone else may find a guru or teacher to provide a spark of knowledge that sets them on their path. Being open to new experiences and connecting with others is my best advice. We have an invisible team of spirit helpers. Most of the time, they are hoping we’ll ask for help. Spirit will help us to receive amazing insights, but first we need to ask. We must give them permission to help, as interfering without our consent can cause them to take on our karmic lessons. As you enter the New Year, ask what you want, even if it just clarity and direction. Be the “Yes Man” like in the Jim Carrey film by saying yes to every opportunity. Through these opened doors you will create your dreams. My life purpose is helping people connect to Divine Source and finding their spiritual button. Therefore, 2013 is an exciting year. Two

years ago, at the same time of year, I went to see a special man who pressed my spiritual button. He is not only a man, but also a collection of spiritual beings. He lives in a tiny town located in the middle of central Brazil. Wayne Dyer praised him for curing his dreadful cancer and TV’s Queen Bee, Oprah, praises his spirit. This is the man whom they call John of God.

spiritual enlightenment and a new astrological year that was bright and promising. Perhaps I could help out and do a healing on others? I soon discovered there was an energy more powerful than anything I could imagine channeling. As stepped into his presence, I

come with terrible afflictions and many were like me with no physical ailment. Some had been cured of cancer or other incurable diseases years before but continue to return. Why do people do this? The story I heard repeated was they receive physical healing, but it was also something much more: a profound sense of inner peace, direction, guidance, and love of life itself.

“John of God is not just a man, but actually a human body incorporated with spirit.”

I hadn’t gone seeking a cure from a devastating disease like others have. In fact, how I ended up there was curious. I was a medium and, as a Reiki Master, believed I was a healing channel. However, I didn’t realize the spirits were opening a door for me. They chose to work through an intuitive astrologer, Susan Baroni, a regular speaker at my healing center. Susan spoke about how your birth astrological chart sets the energy for what you are going to experience that year. This is called the solar return or birthday chart and is also determined by your physical location on your birthday. You can change what you are to experience in the upcoming year by traveling to a location that has a more positive, favorable chart. Mine happened to be the end of the year, December 16. Susan read my solar return chart and announced that if I stayed in Los Angeles on my birthday, I would sorely regret it. I asked where a good place was for me to go? Central Brazil near Brasilia would be perfect, she announced. This happened to be the location of John of God. I went in the hope of a little

realized it was greater, more beautiful than I could have expected. I could speak to spirits, but at the healing center of John of God, they were close and beautiful. There were hundreds of them, communing like people standing next to me.

I discovered I could go before this man incorporated with the beautiful spirit doctor of the day and ask for anything I want: a physical or emotional healing, help with romance, career, and even financial help. Even more amazing was that you received it! continued on page 14 >>

John of God is not just a man, but actually a human body incorporated with spirit. I had seen people channel and know of great sages and healers, but he was the real deal. A great, powerful spirit was inside his man, talking to people, healing, and performing miracles. I asked people what they experienced and why they were here. Many had Radiance

January/February 2013 13

One particular day at the healing center changed my life. I had been in front of John of God asking for assistance with my business when I was directed to sit a moment in meditation. I wasn’t in a particularly meditative state, but was more in my head about the details of the business transaction I asked about. Suddenly, from nowhere, a beautiful white light came down from the ceiling and engulfed me in the most glorious feeling of pure intense love. So strong was the feeling that I couldn’t help but burst into tears of happiness. I had no idea why, but the love that I felt was so overwhelmingly beautiful. Then a voice came. It was not like a mediumship message, which is more like a thought. This was an actual voice, like a man was standing next to me. The voice said, “But what is your higher purpose?” I knew then that everything I was asking was only a blip in my existence. This feeling, this connection, this intense love was the real purpose in life. I knew then what it was like to be truly connected to the other side. What it is like to be in Divine presence and on your soul’s purpose. Sitting in complete awe, in a moment of knowing, tears streaming down my face, I said, “I want to share this with people.” The voice came back and said, “So be it.” This was the day I talked to God. I returned to Los Angeles with a new sense of purpose, a new sense of peace. Amazing changes occurred in my life. What was even more surprising was the energy seemed to return with me, just

14 Radiance

January/February 2013

as I’d asked that day to be able to share the energy. As I was invited to speak on mediumship and healing, there was a special energy with me. As I shared my stories of John of God, people reported feeling the spirits working on them and some even experienced spontaneous healings. Had I truly been blessed to share this energy as I had asked? I returned to that sleepy town in Brazil seven or eight more times, taking people and sharing the energy with others back home. Each time there would be some miraculous event, some powerful miracle. There were so many that I wrote a book, Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journey’s: Visiting John of God, which brought even more surprises when people started to report receiving healings after reading the book. Some said they placed the book under their pillow and felt beautiful angels working on them. I was later blessed to document the life and work of John of God through Josef Schoeffmann’s film, John of God, Just a Man. Even the film carried this special energy. People reported receiving healings while simply watching the film!

Gail Thackray is a powerful medium who shares her work as author of Gail Thackray's Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John of God, other books on spirituality, and lectures. 2013 will bring her greatest blessing, being part of the team to bring John of God live to Toronto, Canada. This event will allow access to a greater audience and spread this beautiful energy. A door has been opened. Say YES for the New Year, John of God Live March 15-17, 2013. Gail is also the host of the documentary film, John of God, Just a Man and a wonderful speaker who travels globally demonstrating healings and spiritual connection. For more information about going with Gail to Brazil, John of God Live in Toronto, and her books and workshops, please visit and


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The Living Temple in ways that empower people and offer natural, practical solutions to health issues as well as encouraging people to live a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle.


he Living Temple has been providing Orange County and Southern California with the highest quality products, resources, and cutting edge information on Mind, Body, Spirit health and nutrition as well as other Freethinking ideas since November 2001 when we opened our retail store in Old World Village in Huntington Beach. Their goal has always been to educate and empower people to take charge of their own health and well being as well as learn to live in harmony with our planet and all the other living beings around us. Robin Arthur Jones, the founder and owner of The Living Temple has spent more than 15 years researching health, nutrition and other controversial topics the mainstream media does not talk about much and is passionate about sharing his knowledge

In their retail store, they sell the best organic foods, snacks, supplements, natural hair and skin care products, pure Essential oils , Himalayan salt lamps, a quality selection of books and DVD’s. They also have a great DVD rental library. Every week, the Temple hosts speakers, movie screenings, music events as well as special events, including a monthly Raw Food Tasting and Natural Health Fair. The speakers and live events cover a wide range of topics from raw foods and natural healing to Quantum Physics and Ancient Mystery School teachings to energy healing and philosophy.

15061 Goldenwest Street Huntington Beach, CA 92647 714-891-5117

ton tee shirts, tote bags, and more. It is also creating a special Sanctuary room practitioners may use for private sessions with clients. The Temple relocated to their fourth and by far their best and largest location in February 2012 on Goldenwest Street at the corner of Bolsa Avenue still in Huntington Beach. It is conveniently located right off the 405 freeway, exit Goldenwest/Bolsa with plenty of free parking. It is open 7 days a week, Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday 12-6 p.m. The staff looks forward to seeing you at their store and at upcoming events and wish you a truly amazing 2013!

For details on upcoming events, sign up for their weekly email newsletter. In 2013, the Temple will be expanding its selection of crystals and minerals, adding special artwork, organic cotRadiance

January/February 2013 15

Five Tips

for Thriving in Career Transition By Dr. Toni Galardi


hen Barack Obama was elected as our president in 2008, everyone expected great change to come to America. I said then, it would depend on us as a mass consciousness, not one man or his administration or even a Democratic congress. We are a nation that predominantly fears change if it means we have to disrupt the familiarity of our lives. We want the world to change and keep our creature comforts in place. Statistically, we know as the economy is shrinking, addiction is skyrocketing. The first inpatient facility devoted to Internet addiction opened recently and is just one way people use external substances to distract themselves from making radical internal changes. If you really want to solve the health care issue, improve your health habits. Instead of thinking you need a different job, come up with a new idea. People who come seeking my advice as a career coach, panic after sending hundreds of resumes and receiving no response. I cannot tell you how many times I have as16 Radiance

January/February 2013

sisted a client in thinking outside the box as to how to make more money and live even better than when they were working for someone else. It is common to want to reach for the comfort (there is that word again) of a steady income by looking for a job. Six months pass with no job, and you’re worse off. Now you’re depressed and defeated with no creative energy to consider another way to begin your next career chapter. The following are tips for changing your career in tough economic times: 1. Ask, “What do I really, really, really want?” It is important to put three reallys in the question. It will take you deeper into your true desires. For example, you may think that making a six-figure income is most important, but when you ask above, you may discover being happy with the work you do is what matters the most. This practice can help: Begin the day (before moving into action) with your eyes closed by visualizing yourself working in an environment with the three qualities you want in your work. You don’t need details: just your three “must haves” to thrive at work. This affirmation from the Depression era of the 1930’s is what people used for financial breakthroughs when everyone else was buying into the economy: “I am doing joyous work in a joyous way. I give joyous service for joyous pay.”

2. Expect success. Be aware of what you are thinking so when self-defeating statements begin, simply witness them and see them as stories that are not real and let them go. 3. Look for evidence your life is changing in a positive direction: A smile from a stranger, an extra bagel given to you by the person behind the counter, or finding a quarter on the sidewalk. It starts with little pieces of grace and gets bigger as you notice more abundance than what is lacking in your life. 4. Before you go to sleep, scan the day and write down the moments when you felt enthusiasm. Ask your unconscious to bring you a dream that guides you toward your next step. Many famous inventors and scientists discovered solutions to problems in a dream. When you awaken, write down what you remember, even if it doesn’t make sense yet. Be open to new ideas throughout the day. A great idea may come from overhearing a conversation in line at the local coffee house.

times a day. There is something to be said about this. Look for signs of change. You may feel like you are in a winter cycle but spring is just around the corner!

Dr. Toni Galardi is a career coach, public speaker, columnist and author. Her book, The LifeQuakeTM Phenomenon, provides readers with the LifeQuakeTM Questionnaire followed by the step-by-step body/mind/ spirit information that accompanies all seven stages of the LifeQuakeTM Model. Readers are given unique tools to help build a secure inner foundation for adapting to change moment to moment. Visit for additional LifeQuakeTM information and to receive the free e-book, The LifeQuake Preparedness Guide. Dr. Galardi is also available for phone coaching by calling (310) 890-6832.

5. Count your blessings three times over the course of the day. In the Middle East, they stop and pray five



CARE & Patients’

Whole Health

Dr. Kayhan graduated from University of Southern California and has more than 15 years of experience.

Armaghan Kayhan, DDS Holistic Dentistry

(949) 559-6988 14785 Jeffrey Road, Suite 206, Irvine, CA Radiance

January/February 2013 17


Conscious Equation for Manifesting Success

By Jackie Lapin


omeone once asked why I know I will be successful when I begin something and the answer popped into my head so clearly that it astonished me. My response to him was, “Because of four key factors. • I can envision the project in advance and see how I want it to unfold. I see it succeeding as I perceive it. • I am willing to put in the effort that is required to bring it to fruition. • I have faith in my intelligence, my intention to do something of value, my commitment to achieve it, and my good judgment this fills a need. • I have faith in the Universe and its willingness to respond to my desires and bring me what is in my highest good. 18 Radiance

January/February 2013

Or simply put: Vision + Initiative + Faith in Self + Faith in Universe = Your Desired Outcome is what I call the Conscious Creation Equation for Manifesting Success. If you are practicing each of these concepts when you embark on a new endeavor, you will succeed. I have spent my life creating successful businesses, forming alliances, doing nonprofit work, and so on, by operating with these four elements as part of my day-to-day mind-set. Let’s look at each of them a bit closer.

Vision If you conceive a vision of something you want to start, have a passion for it—or else why do it? Therefore, you begin with the high vibration energies of “birth” and “passion.” This gives any idea or project a great jumpstart. However, as you visualize it, you also place your focus on it. And as we know about the Universal Laws, what you focus upon is what you will manifest. By creating the high-frequency image in your mind and investing it

with your emotion you are generating that “express mail package to the cosmic post office.”

Initiative When I first mentioned this equation to my friend, I used the term “hard work.” However, I took that back and rephrased it. Why work hard? That’s absolutely not a necessity in the Universe that I am experiencing today. I can work smart. I can work with commitment. I can work with enthusiasm and passion. What I was trying to say was that I was willing to put in the initiative and the effort to make the project successful. I can do that without “working hard!” There is no reason to make anything “hard,” when we can work effectively and still work easily.

Faith in Self This is a big one! People who believe in themselves tend to be very successful in their endeavors. Each of us has great gifts, but to allow them to flower fully you must appreciate and honor them with your belief. This is where you must actually take for granted how talented and smart you are— because the minute you start doubting, that’s when you allow failure to creep in. Now we are each evolving spiritually at different rates, so you may feel confident professionally but have lower self-esteem in your personal self-view. Where you feel confident is where you will likely see your success. Take stock of your assets and be grateful for them. These are the beacons that shine on the path to your success.

are your skills—in your intellect, your creativity, your problem-solving ability, your facility with people, your skill with numbers, your diplomacy, or perhaps your persistence? Keep faith in yourself and you will be well rewarded.

Faith in the Universe If you start from a premise that you are supported and that the Universe is just waiting to assist you in your success, you cannot fail. By demonstrating faith, you are enabling the Universe to line up all the elements in your favor, unblocked by your own doubt, fear, or feeling of separation from the Source. What this also does is tell the Universe that you are open to guidance. If there is a flaw in your plan, the Universe will let you know; it will either tweak it on its own or steer you in a different direction. This high-frequency energy is a powerful ally that streamlines the path to success. The Conscious Creation Equation for Manifesting Success is simple and unencumbered. Don’t make it more complicated than this if you want to ensure the success of your endeavors. Do the math—then toast your achievement!

Jackie Lapin tours the world teaching Practical Conscious Creation and is the best-selling author of The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World and Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires that is filled with specific, imaginative practices and offers 70 articles with step-by-step actions to achieve greater empowerment and a more satisfying lifestyle. To learn how to become a better, faster manifestor, secure a free chapter of Practical Conscious Creation or receive her daily manifesting tips, visit Jackie is the founder of LifeWisdomNetwork. com, the Virtual Village, a Marketplace, Directory, and Information Resource for the fast-growing Consciousness and Transformational World, a place where mind/body/spirit entrepreneurs and self-help experts connect with prospects and clients worldwide. For information or to learn how to become a Village Member, go to www.

Count up your past great achievements—don’t overlook them. Build faith in yourself so you can use this as a springboard to future successes. Where Radiance

January/February 2013 19

Awakening to Your Greatness in 2013

By Susanne Walker of Susanne could hide. Even with all of life’s distractions, I embarked on a journey that led me to me. While that may not sound sexy or exciting, it is, and continues to be, one of the best journeys I have undertaken.


e are beginning 2013. Last year there was much confusion on what the significance of the end of the Mayan Calendar actually meant for humanity. We wondered if it was going to be the end or the beginning of a new era. While many suffered tremendous loss and upheaval, either within themselves or their surroundings, the reality is we are here, ready to begin again. For me, a key question at the beginning of a new year is, how can I set the stage for living a happier, peaceful, love-filled, deliberate, and purpose-driven life? Life in southern California looks very different to me, a recent transplant from Colorado and native New Yorker. However, on the inside, I am still me. When I delve deeper, I see everything and nothing has changed. How did I get to this place where everything is different (and I don’t mean in locality) and now have the life I always prayed for? I got here by being given the gift of awareness. I was given a flashlight so bright nothing inside the walls

20 Radiance

January/February 2013

Awareness is a gift we’re born with. Notice a child’s utter delight at colors, shapes and sounds surrounding them. Even the sound of a sneeze can have them laughing hysterically. Joy beyond reason. Joy for the sake of joy and nothing more. Some of us return to that time when we hear an incredible symphony or eat a piece of fine chocolate. However, what about ordinary events? How do we experience ordinary as extraordinary? The answer is awareness. I was fortunate enough to discover a series of teachings a few years ago. While they are not unique to a particular path, nor is it new information, it was new and timely for me. Timely because my hundredth attempt at another relationship with a significant other was not working. Timely because I could not seem to improve my daughter’s bi-polar disorder. Timely because my finances were upside down. And timely because I felt that no matter how hard I prayed, or how diligently I journaled, the result was the same. I was stuck in the same patterns everywhere I turned. ENOUGH! And so, as they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appeared. What was the secret? The secret I missed? It was by Healing My Relationships, I would Transform My Life! At first, I was resistant. After all, I had already spent countless years and dollars trying to fix all the leaks in my life! Picture many leaky pipes contained within four

walls. No matter how many times I patched the leaks, another one would spring open. Soon leaks were pouring through the walls in the form of anger, resentment, frustration, and fear. It was like putting a Band-Aid on an infected wound and somehow hoping it would heal! I now knew I needed a different approach. I was told to take a journey inward to personally and intimately meet me. I didn’t go in like gangbusters; I went in tenderly, sacredly, and patiently. The results of which have been like that of hiring a master craftsman; where no debris would be left behind. This process had me see the common denominator in these challenges was me. I was being taught what was showing up on my outside was a reflection of what was going on inside. By cleaning up my insides, radical transformation would appear in my relationships. I am happy to report my daughter has dramatically changed. She is off of medication and happily enjoying her journey. I have been in the relationship of my dreams for five years, and we were married at the beginning of September. My finances are clear. I am now living in California, a place I’ve wanted to live since I’m 10-years-old. Coincidence? I think not. I was told that anything was possible if I committed to the process.

Let 2013 be the year you claim your greatness and ignite the world with your light! Join Susanne Walker, Divinity Faith, and David Tilove on January 14, 2013 for a free, 2-hour introductory workshop for an 8-week series, entitled Healing Your Relationships and Transforming Your Life. They have experienced major transformation because of this work and witnessed countless lives dramatically change as people clear the debris and heal relationships from the inside out. Some topics covered include Forgiveness, Healing and Loving the Self, Growth, and Success Formula. The course is cumulative; however, attendees can register for one or all the classes. Missed classes may be made up at their Los Angeles location, on-line, or the series begins again in March. Register at For information, visit, call 619-ONENESS, or email


January/February 2013 21

On-site Practitioners Choose from our team of Master Practitioners available to support you in enhancing your spiritual wellness. If you would like guidance on which one to select, we are available to provide assistance to ensure you get the most out of your experience. To learn more about our practitioners, please visit our website at or call us at (949) 333-1641.

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Spiritual Counselor, Master ThetaHealer®, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Akadua & Ancient Egyptian Alchemy Healing (949) 333 1641


Healing by Touch, Gifted Energy Healer (949) 212-7786


dermaCPR, Holistic Skin Specialist (949) 307-7916

22 Radiance

January/February 2013


Angel Healings, Channeled Healings, Readings, Present & Past Life Therapy (949) 351-4091


Spiritual Touch, Crystal Therapy, Sound Therapy & Emotional Release (949) 241-5790


“Next Generation Christ Energy, readings and healing energy work utilizing the Divine Feminine.” (949) 707-0121


Practitioner of the Psychic and Healing Arts (949) 248-5257


Tarot expert and teacher, Reiki master teacher, Medium, Full service ordinated interfaith minister, Certified Hypnotist (949) 938-5515


Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Medical Intuitive, Crystal Healer (949) 350-0775

On Call Practitioners



(714) 348-6899

(949) 500-4509

Intuitive Energy Healing, Drum Therapy, Polarity Clearing & Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki

Celebrate Your Radiance Day

Essential Oil Consultant

The Healthy Living Club of Laguna Woods presents

PATTI GUNNELL Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection

(323) 422-1893


Certified Reiki & Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Animal & Cert. Massage Therapist, Cert. Medical Intutitive, Animal Communicator & Behaviorist

(714) 308-1267

A FREE Holistic Healing for Senior Citizens Alternative healing is powerful and effective. Attend and receive free holistic sessions of your choice with a practitioner dedicated to you and your well-being. Every 2nd Saturday of the Month

10 am - 2 pm TONY GIUFFREDA

Karuna Reiki Master, Reiki Drumming Master, Rainbow Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist

(714) 721-2736


Sound Healing through Harmonic Toning using the Didgeridoo, Energy Healer

(732) 609-4639

Location: Gate 12 - Clubhouse 7

No Gate Pass Required. All are Welcome! 2411 Moulton Parkway, Laguna Woods, CA 92637

January 12 • February 9 DEBBIE DEL RIO

Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Healer, 6th Degree Black Belt in Ninjutsu

(949) 293-9158


Rolf Method of Structural Integration, Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

March 9 • April 13

(949) 302-0745


January/February 2013 23

The Wisdom in Your Face By Jane Haner inner design. The size and shape of your features, and wrinkles that develop all give profound information about who you really are, what you need to be happy in life, and what your true calling will be. It wasn’t long before face reading evolved into a way of helping people with guidance in love, career, and life path. Thousands of years ago in China, it was the face readers who were the original therapists and personal coaches!


hen I married into a Chinese family 30 years ago, I had no idea how tolerant my mother-in-law was in consenting to the marriage. A very traditional woman, she didn’t tell me for a few years that because I didn’t have “moneybags” in my face, I wasn’t considered a lucky match for her son! My mother-in-law introduced me to Chinese face reading, and at first I thought it was a ridiculous superstition. I found the whole idea of judging someone based on their appearance abhorrent. However, it was hard to ignore the fact she was always right about people! Chinese face reading actually has nothing to do with “luck” and everything to do with learning to be true to your nature. An ancient branch of Chinese medicine, face reading was first used to diagnose someone’s health by evaluating the characteristics of their face. However, physicians soon found your face also reveals your true spirit; it’s the outer reflection of your

24 Radiance

January/February 2013

What I discovered as I studied with many teachers over the years is face reading is the opposite of what I first thought. It’s not about judgment. It’s about compassion. When you can read the faces of the people in your life, you can move to a place of compassion and acceptance. Even more importantly, face reading allows you to look at that reflection in the mirror and truly say, “I love you.” One powerful way to get to that point is to understand the real meaning of your wrinkles, something many people feel anguish about. There are actually certain wrinkles you’re supposed to get; they’re very positive signs of personal growth. One example of these is “Joy Lines,” what we call “Crow’s Feet” in the West. Joy Lines are actucontinued on page 28 >>

Have you heard the calling? Have you felt the stirring in your soul?

In this time of New Beginnings, New Age, New Energy, it is time to learn, remember, and refine tools to assist us to move forward with our lives and helping others with theirs. The Calling for professionally trained, Spiritually-based Holistic Healing Practitioners is stronger than ever!

A School for Holistic Healing Practitioners We now offer 16 courses that support the skills and knowledge of a well-rounded Spiritual Healer. The instructors chosen are experienced, professional, devoted and committed to help you along your journey. Choose a course that inspires you, completes you and adds to your reportoire of skills or take them all and earn a “Spiritual Holistic Healing Practitioner” certification. (If you have taken these or similar courses, apply for a transfer of credit).

Course Work Offered  Spiritual Healing Work, An Overview  The Subtle Body Energy Work Level One  The Subtle Body Energy Work Level Two  ThetaHealing Beginning  ThetaHealing Advanced  ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance  Conscious Anatomy, Medical Intuitive  Akashic Records Beginning Level One  The Conscious Practitioner Business Skills

 Reiki Level One  Reiki Level Two  Reiki Master  Channeling Guides & Angels Certification  Mediumship Certified Counselor  Crystals Certified Consulantant  Essential Oils Certified Consultant

On the following pages, you will find a complete description, days and times the classes are offered, and the investment in your career as a spiritual counselor. To register, please contact Alyssa Fitzpatrick at (949) 333-1641 or email Radiance

January/February 2013 25

Temple of Light Spiritual Community Presents ‌ Spiritual Healing Work: An Overview with Rev. Danielle Marie

ThetaHealing Beginning

Feb. 8 & 9 or July 12 & 13 from 9 am to 6 pm

Aug. 23, 24 & 25

This course is a broad base of all healing modalities designed to give an indepth overview of over 15 modalities with 4 separate attunements. A musttake course for the newly awakened healer and also a foundation building review for the experienced healer.

Jan. 11,12 & 13, Mar. 23, 24 & 25, June 21, 22 & 23, (Fri. & Sat. from 9 am to 6 pm, Sun. 12 pm to 6 pm) Introduces the basics of ThetaHealing and activates the 12 stands of DNA, learn & practice techniques that change beliefs on core, genetic, history & soul level that will change your life forever and many, many other topics.

Donation of $300 for class and certification

Donation of $450 for class & certification

The Subtle Body Energy Work Level One with Debbie Del Rio

ThetaHealing Advanced

Feb 16, 17, 23 & 24 or July 20, 21, 27 & 28 from 9 am to 6 pm (four days, two weekends in a row)

(Fri. & Sat. from 9 am to 6 pm, Sun. 12 pm to 6 pm)

Learn the basics of energy healing, human anatomy and the energetic fields. Hands on training in this level one class.

Expands and deepens all techniques learned in the basic class, Seven planes of existance, concepts of duality, 100's of activations & "Feeling" work. Clear resentments, rejections & regrets at womb and soul level.

Donation of $600 for the class and certification

May 24, 25 & 26 or Sept. 27, 28 & 29

Donation of $450 for class & certification

The Subtle Body Energy Work Level Two with Debbie Del Rio

ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance

Apr. 20, 21, 27 & 28 & Sep 14, 15 21 & 22 from 9 am to 6 pm (four days two, weekends in a row)

Oct. 25 & 26 9 am to 6 pm

Learn in this level two class the channels of energy and light, energy bodies & "light switches" and energy practices with hands on work in class. Donation of $600 for the class and certification

Explore the concept that manifesting with the Energy of All That Is. Every statement, thought and action is reflected by what we are manifesting in our lives. What we think and say. Learn how to change your inner dialog to create what you want and not subconsciously what you do not want. Donation of $300 for class and certification

Channeling Guides and Angels Begins Monday, Jan. 7. Meets 7 pm to 9 pm Each week learn how to strengthen your ability to connect to Guides & Guardian Angels. Certification is granted upon completion of 40 sessions and a demonstration of ability. Donation of $25 per class and $100 for certification

Conscious Anatomy with Rev. Danielle Marie Begins Tuesday, Jan. 15. Meets 6:30 to 9:30 pm Each week learn the connection between a certain body system and emotions and how to reverse it. Certification is granted upon completion of 16 sessions and a demontration of ability. Donation of $35 per class and $100 materials fee and certification

All Classes are conducted at the Temple of Light Spiritual Community 11 Goddard, Irvine, CA 92618 949 333-1641 Call today to register for classes. Weekly ongoing classes can be joined at any time and will continue in 2014. 26 Radiance

January/February 2013

A School for Holistic Healing Practitioners Reiki Level One with Kim Flood, Reiki Master Every third Sunday (Jan. 20, Feb. 17, Mar. 17, Apr. 21, 2013, etc.) from 12:00 to 6:00 pm Learn all about Reiki, Receive First Degree Attunement, Powerful Reiki Symbols, How to Conduct a Professional Healing Session & more. Donation of $150 for class & certification

Reiki Level Two with Kim Flood, Reiki Master Every Quarter on the second Sunday (Mar. 10, June 9, Sept. 8 & Dec. 8) 12:00 to 6:00 pm Learn more indepth Reiki techniques, more symbols, receive a second higher level attunement and how to do distant healings and release blocked emotions, program a healing session and create a crystal grid and the use of the pendulum. Donation of $250 for class & certification

The Conscious Practitioner Apr. 13 & Nov. 9 from 9 am to 6 pm This is must-take course for any healing professional. Three topic areas supporting stepping into your power and knowing your spiritual path, Spiritually-based marketing techniques and business building basics (accounting, tax, merchant services, etc.) bring it all home! Donation for class $150

Akashic Records Beginning Level with Barbara Schiffman (Linda Howe's Center for Akashic Studies)

May 17, 18 & 19 or Oct. 18, 19 & 20 (Fri. 7-10 pm, Sat. 9-6 pm, Sun. 9-6 pm) Gain intensive practice in reading the Records for yourself and also for others and learn how the Records can be used for past life healing tools, reading non-humans, including animals, plants, crystals, homes or buildings. Donation of $325 for class & certification

Reiki Master Training with Kim Flood, Reiki Master

Essential Oils with Debbie Del Rio and Alyssa Fitzpatrick

Every Quarter on the second Sunday (Apr. 14, Jul. 14 & Oct. 13) 12:00 to 6:00 pm

Beginning Monday, Jan. 7, 2013 Meets 6:30 to 9:30 pm

Learn higher levels of energy technique, Attune others for Reiki, Learn additional symbols & the Reiki Master Symbol, How to teach a Reiki Class, Receive Mediation CD's and explore new ways to use Reiki.

Each week learn to use and tune into a different essential oil and how to blend and apply them. Certification is granted upon completion of 40 sessions and demonstration of ability. Donation of $25 per class and $100 certification

Donation of $550 for class and certification

Mediumship with Debra Hookey

Crystals with Deborah Shea

Beginning on Wednesday, Jan. 16th. Meets 7 pm to 9 pm

Beginning on Thursday, Jan. 10 Meets 6:30 to 9:30 pm

Each week learn how to strengthen your ability to connect with Spirit and communicate with Deceased Love Ones. Certification is granted upon completion of 40 sessions and several demonstrations of abilities in a Spirit Circle and Messages from Beyond gathering.

Learn how to use and tune into a different crystal & the methods of application. Certification is granted upon completetion of 40 sessions and demonstration of ability. Donation of $25 per class and $100 for certification

Donation of $30 per class and $100 for certification Radiance

January/February 2013 27

ally a sign of an opening heart. They mean you’re warm and affectionate, and people will have a positive experience with you. In fact, you only grow Joy Lines as a result of genuinely smiling. Western science has found an authentic smile is the only kind that makes the muscles around the eyes move, and they’re what create these wrinkles. So what these lines mean is that you smile frequently and sincerely! Other wrinkles that are very good signs are “Purpose Lines,” what we call the naso-labial folds, the lines extending down from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth. Purpose lines develop when you are in some way on your path and being true to yourself. The Chinese term for these lines translates as “orders of law,” which means these lines appear when you’re living in accordance with your own inner laws; you’re becoming more and more authentic. They don’t necessarily mean you’ve got life all figured out, but you’re heading in the right direction. I’m so glad that more and more people come to me before having any cosmetic procedure, so I can educate them in what the change will mean on a spirit level in their lives. I’ve worked with so many clients who’ve had their Purpose Lines erased with fillers, and they’ve all reported that afterwards they felt a sense of aimlessness in their lives, as if something was missing. Other common wrinkles are horizontal ones, which signify lessons learned and wisdom gained at certain times in life. For instance, any horizontal wrinkles on your forehead are signs you had challenges and learned from them during the decade of your 20s. A woman who came to a recent workshop had a big “Aha!” moment about a wrinkle on her own fore28 Radiance

January/February 2013

head. The horizontal line marked the age of 23 as a time when she learned something important. She gasped when she heard this and raised her hand to share her story. When she was young, she married a man who became physically abusive. When she was 23, she managed to escape the marriage, and remembered declaring to herself at the time she learned her lesson and would never again attract an abusive man. She said soon after, she noticed a horizontal wrinkle had developed on her forehead. For the next 20 years, she never dated an abusive man. When she turned 43, she ended a long-term relationship and was dating again. She started worrying about looking old and had a cosmetic procedure to eliminate that line in her forehead. One month later, she became involved with a man who was abusive! By losing the line on her forehead, she’d also lost the important lesson she’d learned in her 20s. Fortunately, she got out of that situation without harm. Soon after, she remembers looking in the mirror with great dismay, to see that darn horizontal line back on her forehead! In my face reading workshop, she dis-

Drum D rru um ffor or JJoy oy D Drum rru um C Circle irclle e Every third Saturday, 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. $10 per session The Temple of Light 11 Goddard, Irvine

Come to feel the beat, express yourself, and harmonize with others! A variety of rhythms are played, from West Africa to the Middle East and beyond. We listen to each other, welcome the healing energy of sound, and harmonize our energies through the joy and power of drumming. No experience is necessary. Some drums and hand percussion items will be available to use, or you may bring your own. Come raise your vibration through musical expression! Dancers welcome. Pam Nishikawa has been drumming for over 15 years, is a Reiki master, and has taught djembe drumming and led drum circles in Santa Barbara,Ventura, Los Angeles, and Whittier.

covered what this was all about: she had re-learned the lesson and so the wrinkle had returned. She said, “Now I will bless that wrinkle every day!” Most wrinkles are positive signs of personal growth and spiritual development. You should wear them proudly! However, there are some I call “Guidance” lines, that mean you’ve gone slightly offcourse in life and what you can do to bring yourself back into balance. One example is those vertical lines above the upper lip that some women develop in their 40s or 50s. These lines are actually a sign of over-giving or under-receiving in life, or both. If you have these wrinkles, you may have a pattern of taking good care of everyone else except yourself! Your life may have gotten swept up in taking care of family and friends, and/or your job responsibilities, and you may be lacking good self-care.

from people a month or two after they attended one of my workshops, saying once they learned the meaning of a wrinkle and made the small adjustment I recommended, the wrinkle disappeared! The lines that are symptoms of your energy being off-balance are the only ones we want to go away. You were born with the features you have for a reason, and learning their meaning can help you understand who you really are inside. Wrinkles that develop also have important messages for you about your patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior, and how to live in alignment with your true nature. When you can see the messages written on the faces of the people in your life, you can dissolve all barriers to love. When you learn to read your own face, you discover your personal guide to a life with less stress, more joy, and the way to fulfill your purpose in the world!

Jean Haner, Hay House author of The Wisdom of Your Face, The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face, and Your Hidden Symmetry (May 2013), teaches compassionate and affirming ways for people to understand their true nature and to look with love at everyone in their lives, including that reflection in the mirror. You can hear Jean on Hay House Radio. Learn more at ©Jean Haner, 2012

When these wrinkles appear, it’s a sign that disappointment is getting stuck in your system, and a growing sense of resentment about giving so much but not receiving enough back. This can develop into a situation where you become stuck overall as a result. It’s time to focus on the “cure,” which is developing a healthy selfishness. Put yourself at the top of your “to-do” list! Take time to think about what you need you haven’t yet received in life. You may be unconsciously waiting for life or another person to give you what you need, but recognize you can be your own best friend and give it to yourself. For some people, it might be an hour every day for themselves or a weekly massage; for others, it’s changing careers or leaving a unfulfilling relationship. What’s fascinating is I often get astonished emails Radiance

January/February 2013 29

What is

Soulful Radiance? By Renee Devereaux

world, with our conscience, and are loving life. Knowing we are fully expressing who we are and fulfilling our potential. It’s the glow we long to access from our very souls.

“The countenance is the portrait of the Soul, and the eyes mark its intentions.” ~Cicero


oulful Radiance is not merely feeling and looking good. It’s the glow we identify with falling in love; however, this can be temporary. The radiance to which I’m referring is the glow that comes when we truly feel at peace with the 30 Radiance

January/February 2013

It can happen in many ways; however, all require commitment and discipline. When we create the space to release the past, to forgive, and raise our being above all real, imaginary, physical, and emotional injuries and illnesses. Only when our past disappears, will we arrive at the possibility of a new, unpredicted future where we ask: “Now what?” Futures are caused and should not be pondered. Being cognizant of past traumas is important be-

cause we need to develop compassion for ourselves and each other. When we realize that communication between the cells in our body is disrupted by those traumas resulting in irrational and unacceptable behaviors. Becoming aware each incident establishes a pattern resulting in a self-fulfilling prophesy. In other words, each incident creates a lens through which we view the world and unconsciously create our reality based on these distorted points of view. Through dance, I have seen transformations occur more rapidly than through talk therapy and hypnotherapy. Connecting to particular music and allowing movement to flow unimpeded, and without judgment, creates a vacuum in which something new can be created. Within this vacuum, your mind stops the chatter, and your Self can emerge the very essence of Radiance. Dance artistry and self-expression provide a clearing where you no longer relate to the past. Instead, you create and develop a new relationship to your Self. You create a limitless future when you open your heart and mind to the wisdom that has been dormant far too long because your survival

mechanism or ego was too busy re-creating what was familiar rather than allowing the possibility of something new, bright, and beautiful to enter your life.

given. The ego doesn’t see it that way and will perpetually recreate similar situations because that’s what it does. Hence, the illness or physical condition causes us pain.

I believe there is great grief, sadness, and depression when we live without expressing our true nature. I’ve always felt depression is an illness of the Soul. Your Soul cries out for expression… that’s its purpose in this world. Out of fear, anger, you may not be aware of the particular emotion that keeps you imprisoned. You deny yourself the gift of the only true, permanent radiance that is your birthright.

Without judgment or criticism, understand there is need for change and create a safe environment in which to do it. Dance artistry and self-expression provide that for you. Each class starts with a warm-up period in which you prepare your body for the development of consciousness through dance. Consciousness through dance! What can be more exciting? In your heart of hearts, you know you’ve dreamt of personifying the full expression of the Radiance that lives in You!

I have seen incredible changes through the evolution of this body of work. Nutrition is a key factor in creating change. You cannot achieve radiant vitality if what you ingest is dead and lifeless. The body requires healthy and vital food to repair and create new cells. Not only does the energy of the food come into play, the energy of the food preparer is also important. Negative thoughts and attitudes are pervasive. Be selective. Becoming conscious of the patterns and beliefs created by those patterns is important to your health and well-being. When we learn to re-interpret the reason for developing an illness, we can claim our freedom. It’s not an accident that we develop physical conditions that do not please us. It’s the Soul’s loving way of calling attention to our need for change. Behind every physical condition, there is stuck emotional energy. Most often we are oblivious to emotional blockages or pretend it has been forgotten and for-

“Everything here, but the Soul of man, is a passing shadow. The only enduring substance is within. When shall we awake to the sublime greatness, the perils, the accountableness and the glorious destinies of the Immortal Soul?” ~Wm. E. Channing

Renee Devereaux holds a Master of Health Science and Nutrition, is a certified Hypnotherapist, Dance Therapist, Certified Intuitive Counselor, Licensed Esthetician, Shamanic Healer, and the author of The Ultimate Love-Affair. Her 35-year career in the Health and Beauty industry has evolved to include various programs for self-healing based on her recovery from cancer. She reaches many people through Dance Artistry and Self-expression. Starting January 19, Renee will offer a Dance Artistry/ Self-expression Class at the Temple of Light from 1 to 2:30 p.m. She currently offers the class at the School of MultiDimensional Healing on the first Tuesday of the month from 7 to 8 p.m. For more information, call (949) 340-0254 or email reneedev@comline.

Renee Devereaux

M.S., Certified Hypnotherapist

Presents ~

Dance Artistry & Self-expression held at the Temple of Light 3rd Sundays, 1 – 2:30 pm - $10 per class


moving beautifully, with elegance confident and free !

Learn to feel the source of movement and grace ~ where dancing becomes more than simply ‘executing steps to music.’

We all retain walls (blocks created by past emotional or physical trauma). By inducing an altered state via hypnotherapy, I will help you break through those walls and connect to your inner self where only beauty, grace and joy exist bringing you to a complete sense of freedom. Radiance

January/February 2013 31

Seven Tips

on How to Beat Those New Year’s Resolution Blues

And Make Your Resolutions Stick By Dr. Joe Dispenza


ontrary to what you might think after trying to keep your New Year’s resolutions in the past, only to see them dissolve in frustration and failure; the brain is the organ of change. The concept in neuroscience called neuroplasticity demonstrates that the brain alters itself every time we learn something new. Our nerve cells are specially arranged by what we learn, remember, experience, feel, and envision. Our 100 billion brain cells are always communicating with the rest of our anatomy. If you learn even one fresh bit of information today, tiny brain cells will make new connections within the living lattice work of your system. In other words, when we really change our mind, the brain changes...and then we can effect permanent, lasting change. Not more than forty years ago, there was a unanimous belief in biology the brain was hardwired, meaning we are born with a certain amount of neurological connections and the finality in life was that we were going to turn out like our parents. 32 Radiance

January/February 2013

However, with the advent of the latest technologies in functional imagery, it is apparent we can make the brain work differently. In fact, research from the University of Wisconsin has proven something as simple as attention or focused concentration is a skill just like golf or tennis. In other words, the more you practice being mindful, the better you get. In addition, functional imagery has proven clearly we also can change the brain just by thinking differently. For example, people who never played the piano were divided into groups. The first group physically played one-handed finger exercises like scales and chords, and, as a result of the new activity, their brains changed. The before and after results of the functional brain scans showed new areas of the brain activated. In essence, not only did they make a new mind, literally new brain circuits flourished. Moreover, when a second group was asked mentally to rehearse identical scales and chords in their mind for the same amount of time, they grew the same amount of brain connections as the group which physically demonstrated the activity. Simply put, when we are truly focused and attentive, the brain does not

know the difference between what is happening in our mind’s eye and what is happening in the external world. When you take the time from your busy schedule and intentionally dream a new reality, focusing on your goal of losing weight, quitting smoking, exercising every day, for example, remember your brain is rewiring to your desires, and your body is being reconditioned to prepare itself for that new event. Therefore, if you mentally rehearse every day what it would be like to experience any transformation, internal changes take place that begin to help you achieve your goal. If you want to Make Change Stick, following are seven steps to start you on the path: 1. Intention, Intention, Intention! Write a clear, simple resolution statement to tell your brain you mean it. Make sure your mission statement creates a positive feeling for you. Avoid words such as not and don’t. Make your resolution specific. Instead of saying you want to eat healthier, say, “I will eat a fresh healthy salad once a day, so I look and feel better about myself.” Your intention is your mental compass. The clearer your purpose, the better you know where you are going and how you will get there. 2. Sponsoring Thoughts! List strong reasons about why you want to change. This is the biggest secret to making change stick. Feel passionate about each of these thoughts. Be specific. For example, if you want to lose weight, one reason could be to wear your mother’s wedding dress for your wedding ceremony in five months. If intention gives you your direction, then your sponsoring thoughts are the fuel to get you going each day in your direction. 3. Review, Remind, and Prime! Create a plan and review your action steps daily. To get yourself in the right state of mind, be aware of your specific behaviors when you wake up in the morning and/or before you go to bed in the evening. This exercise literally sets up your day so you stay conscious of your change. If you imagine yourself making the necessary decisions for that day,

you will begin to prime your brain automatically to follow your intentions. Your mental rehearsal can install the neurological hardware and software so you have the circuits in place to use when executing your changes appropriately. For instance, in answer to a question like: “What do I have to do to get there?” Write down the action steps. For a question like “When do I need to have those steps taken?” Decide what steps you can take this day or even right now. Review and remind yourself of the entire plan and then take the first step. Think of this as reviewing your map on your journey to change. The more you do it, the easier it is to get to your destination. 4. Align Your Behavior to Your Intention! Hold yourself accountable by demonstrating change in your entire day. One of the hardest parts of breaking a habit is not to make the same choices you made days, weeks, or months prior. When you continued on page 34 >>

The Temple of Light is proud to host the 2013

$10 Admission* includes

Speakers, Programs & 50+ Exhibits * General Admission is $10; however, register for our mailing list at, and we’ll e-mail you FREE Passes for shows in your area. Exhibits include Healers, Psychics, crystal, jewelry, home products, decorative items, aura photography, art, health food, and more!

Sat., February 2 11 a.m. to 6:00 p.m Sat., June 1 11 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sat., November 2 11 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Want to be an exhibitor?

Contact Dean Price, Producer/Booth Sales, Sacred Productions, 831-239-6835 or email 348 N. San Mateo Dr., San Mateo, CA 94401

Office Hours: Tues -Fri, 10 am-6pm. Radiance

January/February 2013 33

decide what you are not going to do that day, it will help keep you on the task. The biggest reason most people fall short of their vision relates to giving into familiar feelings. Get clear that when those feelings, cravings, and bodily urges show up that drive your devilish thoughts to concede, you have the will to conquer them. This is when you take your ‘new you’ for a test drive. Your daily goals will always be in alignment with your ongoing intention. Think of this step as small destinations or towns you arrive at along your journey. 5. Track Your Changes! Create a reward system. Create a chart you can see or a ledger you review daily. Then check your wins off every day. You will begin to make your discipline and changes a new habit....and build new feelings of self-esteem, worth, and belief you are doing it. If, however, you fall from grace one day, make the choice to get back into your routine the next day without wallowing in failure, guilt, and self-depreciation. These emotions will surely undermine your efforts and cause you to return to the old self who may have already felt that way for too long. It’s good to see how far you have come and how you are doing. 6. Come Out of Your Resting State: Change Your Energy! Change can be uncomfortable. When you are in the midst of change, it feels unnatural, unfamiliar, and uncertain because you are no longer ‘being’ the same person. You are in the unknown. You are changing how you think, act, and feel. Therefore, each day when you begin to lift yourself into a new state of being and raise your energy. Key ingredients are questions like: “How would I have to ‘be’ today to master my day?” “How would I feel in my future when I am this person?” I like to say, “I cannot get up today as the same person who sat down. I must be in a new state of being and live from this level of energy.” Get excited knowing you can conquer yourself in some way. 7. Cue Your Environment! Nothing is more satisfying than to have little re34 Radiance

January/February 2013

minders to keep you on track. Place pictures, notes, word phrases, and/or vision boards where you can see them daily, such as at your desk, on the refrigerator, or pasted to the bathroom mirror. Play motivational CD’s or MP3 files while you exercise, relax, or drive. These will keep you on track by reminding you what you are doing is important. The more you stay conscious of your future, the more inspired you will be to overcome your present reality. These are a few starter steps. The more you do,the more you can Make Change Stick. It is possible to change. True transformation is possible for YOU!

Dr. Joe Dispenza is known as one the world's most prominent brain/change experts and author of the international best selling books Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, and Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind. He was one of the featured researchers in What the BLEEP Do We Know?! Dr. Dispenza will be leading the Making Change Stick workshop Saturday January 19 in Vancouver with step-by-step guidance and meditation techniques, which will be streamed to venues across North America, with local facilitators present to help people anchor the concepts. For more information on Dr. Dispenza, his events and his books, go to



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11 Goddard, Irvine, CA 92618

12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Temple of Light Weekly Meditations Every Thursday 7:30 p.m.

January 5 • March 2 • April 6

(949) 333-1641 Radiance

January/February 2013 35

Consider the

Power of Your Thoughts This New Year

The Effect of Positive and Negative Thoughts on Your Body, Mind, and Spiritual Health By Dr. Robert O. Young and his wife, Shelley Redford Young, Authors of The PH Miracle


ove, fear, joy, anger, sadness, happiness, and resentment.

Can positive or negative thoughts and emotions affect your body’s delicate biochemistry or the acid/alkaline pH balance? Can positive or negative emotions affect your body’s physical, mental, and spiritual health? Is a woman more likely to become pregnant if she eats a lot of vegetables or if she were to go on a long, relaxing vacation? Do people who laugh a lot live longer? Does your anxiety or fear of crowds, elevators, blood, heights, 36 Radiance

January/February 2013

spiders, hospitals, or airplanes somehow affect your health? My theory of one sickness, one disease, and one health, which is set forth in what I call “The New Biology,” not only considers how our diet affects our physiology, but also how our psychology affects our physiology and how our psychology affects our spirituality. Not only does the health of your body affect the emotions of your mind, but your thoughts and feelings can affect the health of your entire body. Bottom line, your mental state is critical. In many ways, your mental state, if it’s negative, can create more metabolic acids than the acidic food you’re eating.

In fact, you can create up to three times more metabolic acids from your thoughts or your mental and emotional state than from ingesting highly acidic foods like dairy, animal protein, sugar, and alcohol. Your thoughts are critical. Your thoughts or words do become matter, and can affect your physiology in a negative or positive way. Your thoughts do become biology. The way thoughts become biology is as follows: 1. When you have a thought or say a word, it requires electrical or electron energy for the brain cell(s) to produce those actions. 2. As you carry on with that

thought, you are burning or consuming energy. 3. When you are consuming energy in your thoughts, you are producing biological waste products called acids, which are an energetic waste product that can be measured in pH, oxidative reduction potential (ORP), hertz, and decibels. 4. If the metabolic acids from your thoughts are not properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination, which are urination, perspiration, respiration, or defecation, then the acids from your thoughts are moved out into your connective and fatty tissues because they must not be allowed to affect the delicate pH of the blood that must remain constant at 7.365 to remain healthy.

It’s like a mind movie, a mini-drama you keep playing over and over. Because you constantly think about it, eventually you become concerned, worried, or preoccupied with it. In addition to the sad drama, you are upset you’re having the drama itself. All of this thinking requires energy. When you’re consuming energy, you’re also producing metabolic acids. Do you know any angry people?

“For many people, early childhood represents some of the most fearful, vulnerable years.”

5. As the excess and overload of acids is sent into body tissues, it easily can lead to many symptomologies: lupus, fibromyalgia, Lyme’s disease, arthritis, muscle pain, fatigue, tiredness, obesity, cancerous breasts, prostate, stomach and/or bowels, indigestion, acid reflux, heart burn, heart attacks, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, autism, etc. For example, let’s say you’ve been experiencing sadness or depression. This downer feeling is coming from a negative experience you loop and re-loop in your head.

Many people who become angry easily not only get angry at various people, events, and situations, but also eventually get irritated with themselves for being so angry at everything else. Anger requires a tremendous energy and emits a great deal of electrical energy. You may have felt the vibrational energy of someone who is angry. Or maybe you have felt your own anger and how it can upset your physiology, i.e., upset stomach and bowels with excess acid leading to indigestion, stomach pain, acid reflux, or ulcers. For many people, early childhood represents some of the most fearful, vulnerable years. Have you wondered why you can’t remember much before age five or six? Many of those years are filled with fears and tears, mads and sads, and

how about the “bads?” Do you remember what happened when you were “bad?” Imagine the acid a child experiences by simply... a. Remembering such a “bad” experience or b. Anticipating the possibility of another such “bad” experience…or c. Both! Some “children” remember these events forever! On the other hand, positive (e)motions, such as love, peace, hope, faith, joy, forgiveness, and charity can be alkalizing to the blood and tissues.These (e)motions require far less energy and can cause you to be relaxed in your mind and stop the playing of some acidic movie in your head. Students of higher consciousness know you can even enter into a state of bliss wherein you have no thoughts and produce no metabolic acid. What do you think is better for you?

Authors of The pH Miracle, Shelley Redford Young and Dr Robert O. Young have aided the healing of thousands of people with their revolutionary alkaline diet and lifestyle known as The New Biology. They will be speaking at The Health Freedom Expo, March 1-3 / Long Beach Convention Center. More info @


January/February 2013 37

The Divine Realm of Creation By Marybeth Murphy Angel of Freedom


elcome to 2013! A new year of possibility, opportunities, and all forms of abundance. The shift that occurred in December of 2012 introduced us to a state of higher consciousness and spiritual understanding. The results of this change will be manifest differently for each of us and will quicken the effect of the universal laws that govern our world have on us. The Law of Attraction assists us in understanding how everything in our world finds us. Like attracts like. The universe is energy, which vibrates at different levels or frequencies. We are magnets continually pulling in people, situations, and opportunities that match our own vibration. If we are not happy with our reality, we can change it. This is a wonderful part of being human – the power to create. The Virtue Angels sit in the Realm of Creation and support us in understanding the essentials of creation: freedom, faith, and trust. While transmuting our thoughts into physical form, these Angels aid with positive, creative, and worthy vibrations. This opens our free will energy that allows us to accept our dreams as a reality, which in turn produces the physical effect of our desires. 38 Radiance

January/February 2013

This Angel assists us to realize we are freedom itself and, therefore, can dream, visualize, and create our desires. We put ourselves into situations that limit our freedom only to understand what contrast feels like. Through these experiences, we grow and spread our wings to be whatever we want. True freedom allows us to express love in all aspects of our lives, which helps us create in truth and without limitations. Love helps us understand our thoughts and feelings come from a higher connection and must be fully expressed. In this state, we completely share ourselves and encourage others to be free in their own lives. Calling upon the Angels will remove any obstacles that inhibit the understanding of our creative power and ourselves. We then clearly can see life for the joyful experience it is meant to be.

Angel of Faith When we face life challenges with faith, the true benefit of growth is recognized. Faith encourages us to trust all is in Divine Order. We find peace in the journey of life, understanding all has purpose and is part of the larger plan. When life is difficult and the path is not clear, call upon this Angel for the knowing that what falls apart falls together again. Faith is a cloak that is worn to protect us through times when doubt and worry are all we can see. It is a gift that should not only be used for crisis, but also for everyday experiences. Faith encourages us to live in the certainty we are all eternal and forever guided. continued on page 40 >>

Offering inspiring classes, concerts, events, yoga, healing modalities, and Sunday services where you learn and experience joy traveling the path toward spiritual awakening!

HCC practitioners receive 20% savings on room rental

The Open-Ended Circle Holistic Health Reiki  Meditation  Shaklee  VibesUP Healing Sessions, Classes, Attunements, Events

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January/February 2013 39

Angel of Trust In trust, we believe our lives are a co-creative process whereby all that occurs does so for a higher reason. Seeing the universe as a trusting place, we realize difficult situations provide us with valuable opportunities for learning. Trust lets us live a rich full existence; we take risks and move forward in the knowing all is right. This knowledge develops the recognition all occurs in Divine Timing. Timing is crucial. What we ask for is created the moment we think about it. However, if we are feeling unworthy, timing will adjust and our desire cannot find us as our worthiness is a vibrational link to our desire. Unworthiness comes from the illusion of fear and lack of trust. This Angel aids in removing confusion from our lives and brings clarity. Our gift of intuition is then stronger to hear the guidance and comfort continually available for all of us.

thiness so I am able to receive my requests. Give me the ability to see myself as a Divine vessel of love and light and in that knowing I am blessed with all things wonderful. Thank you.” We are in control of our lives. It is not left up to anyone else but us. Enjoy the miracle of creating an amazing life journey. The infinite splendor of the universe will surprise us with many unanticipated events as our thoughts manifest into physical reality. Marybeth Murphy is a spiritual coach, healer, and Angelic communicator. She helps individuals connect with the Divine through diverse metaphysical workshops, retreats, and private consultations. Marybeth writes and speaks on a variety of issues in this area, including the Law of Attraction, understanding co-creation, and harnessing the power of our energy. As a paranormal investigator, she helps earth-bound energies cross over into the Light and acts as a spiritual medium for those wishing to contact relatives now residing in the Light. She uses her gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance to assist in connecting with the Angels so her clients receive the clearest channeled information from the Divine. Marybeth will be launching her series of Meditation CDs and Archangel books in March 2013. Contact Marybeth at: Facebook: Marybeth Murphy-Everything Angels. Twitter: Marybeth Murphy@AngelTalk21.

The following prayer will bring a closer connection to the powerful energy of these Angels: “Please help me know my power by being aware of the Divine Light living and working around me. Help me see all this beautiful universe has to offer and be open to the present moment of creation. I know the present is all I require to live in harmony and call forth whatever I need. I ask to use the metaphor of nature in my life, since nature only exists in the moment and does not know a past or future. Assist me in the courage to know my wor-

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Love Takes Flight Pre-flight Party

Conscious party of live music, dancing, essential oil elixirs, and lots of fun!

RaMa Holistic Care & Green Valentines

Saturday, Feb. 9

7 pm - 10 pm


Love Takes Flight Festival & Concert

Fundraising for three amazing charities! World Renowned Spiritual Master, Yogi, and Mystic, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Kirtan Chant Artist, David Newman, Presidential Point of Light Award Winner & Artist, Apollo Poetry, local artists, The Conscious Groove, and many more musicians, speakers, workshops, yoga classes, hoola hoopers, live artist painters, vendors, vegetarian food, and more!

RaMa Holistic Care & Green Valentines

Sunday, Feb. 10

9 am - 9 pm

$21 prepaid $30 at the door. Children under 18 FREE

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January/February 2013

VISIBLE RESULTS “The right accountant for you.�

Whether you're a small to mid-size company, a start-up business or an individual taxpayer, Invisible Accountant is here for you. Our knowledgeable tax experts will help you implement an effective tax planning strategy that will keep more of your hard earned money in your possession. An Outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can be the solution your organization needs to help manage its financial operations. Outsourcing your bookkeeping can eliminate problems created by resignations, retirement, and illness which are inevitable with in-house employees. From accounts payable to general ledger management, outsource it all or in-part at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal bookkeeper.

Although some companies still rely on internal bookkeepers to keep their books and records, many businesses have turned to a more cost effective solution to manage their bookkeeping through outsourcing. Substantial savings is not the only by-product of outsourcing which will provide your company the best talent available while eliminating exorbitant employee costs such as health benefits, payroll taxes, recruiting fees and high salaries. Our tax experts can help you with IRS representation, IRS liens and levies, Intent to levy notices, penalty abatements, release of bank levies, wage garnishments, innocent spouse relief, installment agreements, and offer in compromise arrangements.

Tax liens and levies can derail your business and wreak havoc on your personal life. We are committed to helping you resolve your tax problems.

888.4invisible Radiance

January/February 2013 43





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Exhibit Hall

Visit over 150 booths to learn the latest natural health products and services

44 Radiance

January/February 2013

There is no other natural health expo quite like the Health Freedom Expo. What sets us apart is that the information presented is not just to sell products. It’s about people who are passionate about sharing information. It’s about how our health freedoms are being taken away and how we can actively become involved to protect them. While other shows are designed to only sell products, the Health Freedom Expo is about presenting products and educating the public so they are empowered with up-to-date and accurate information. By presenting expert lecturers and educators, dynamic exhibitors, holding hot topic panel discussions and presenting dynamic documentary films, attendees get a complete picture of the state of the natural health movement and how it can benefit them. That’s what makes the difference!

Tickets Are Now Available:

$20 .................. Single Day

$45 ............... All 3 Days

Jan/Feb 2013 Radiance Magazine  

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