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Look Book 2014 Collection

About Radge Design Jewellery Radge Design Jewellery is handmade using 100% recycled sterling silver wire, beautiful beads and semi-precious stones. Each piece is unique, as although I can make things similar ‘no two pieces are the same’ due to the handmade nature of the pieces. This also means that although the earrings are very similar the pairs are not identical, especially if natural beads have been used. I love wearing pieces that are original and one off or limited edition designs, I love playing with the wire and seeing where it takes me. Not all pieces turn out how I imagined but some of those ‘mistakes’ turn into beautiful one off pieces of wearable art. Enjoy Louise

Radge Design 2014 Look Book, showcases these collections: Spring Star Summer Bliss Quintet Sea Quintet Brights

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Summer Bliss Pendants

The Summer Bliss pendants are bright tri colour pendants of 100% recycled sterling silver wire winding around glass cats eye beads, they invoke a sense of fun and relaxation.


Quintet Sea Pendants

Sterling silver wire wraps around coloured sea glass beads. They have an organic feel with the wire flowing around the beads like the ocean flows around rocks and sand on the beach.


Quintet Collection Pendants and Earrings

Sterling silver wire wraps around dyed howlite beads, in an organic manner that accentuates the natural pattern within the dyed beads with simple drop style earrings to complement.


Radge Design Look Book 2014  

A look book for the sterling silver wire jewellery of Radge Design

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