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So, why? by the editor, designer, coordinator, coder and chief of (no) staff Why put together an online magazine when there’s a website, twitter feed, instagram profile, facebook page and online store? It’s a good question. I’ve asked myself this a number of times in the last few days whilst putting the finishing touches to this little experiment. And, yes, an experiment it is, at least in part.

The thinking was quite straightforward. What to do in a creative space here in Adelaide which can be put out at minimal cost - beyond time to produce - both as a ‘could become real’ publication, and as a showcase for a fairly broad range of skills, given that this has been put together by, well, me, myself and I. Still, though, why? Don’t I have a job, don’t I Talk have commitments and responsibilities? Bills to pay? Well, yes: like everyone, I’ve things to stay on top of, and things that have to get done More regardless of where I’d like to be in terms of the type of work I’d choose to do, or the way I might choose to use my time. But there’s also a point that hopefully we all reach where we have to at least take a punt, see how far that punt flies, and find out how far things can go once that punt lands and starts rolling. That’s why The ball’s in the air...

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Cover and introduction for magazine, issue 1, 2013  

Cover and introduction pages for magazine, issue 1, 2013