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Makers of stylish ciders in the Adelaide Hills We grow as many of the apples that we use as possible, and get the rest from other Hills growers who love apples and cider like we do. And everything we do is processed and made right here in the Adelaide Hills.

What: Cloudy by nature, LOBO by name,

apples & unfiltered flavour in a bottle. We also make a Perry (pear cider) as well.

From: Apple Central, lovely Lenswood, the apple-growing heart of the Adelaide Hills.

Why: When we started out in 2007

there was a shortage of cider; Michael grew apples, Warwick missed making cider; ‘nuff said. A few others have jumped on the bandwagon since then!

Won: Dry Perry - Best of Class in the 2012 Cider Australia awards

Where: at Howl The Moon during the 2013 Fringe, along with a bundle of other exceptionally fine SA outlets!


Some other Beautiful Things you might find if you’re lucky LOBO single-year ciders are made from the best apples available at the time , but are limited in quantity and style, depe nding on what’s available at the time.

Norman: a dry cider with European cider apple varieties

Dry Pear: yep, it’s a dry pear cider Crabby: a special blend including crab apples and Winter Banana appl


Royale: a slightly sweeter ‘keeved’ style & we’re currently working on a Cyser

which is a mead with apple and quince and a secret blend of herbs and spices.


LOBO Cider, made in Lenswood in the Adelaide Hills  

LOBO Cider feature in magazine

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