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Radboud Summer School 3-16 August 2014

Would you like to spend your ­summer being part of a unique academic programme that boosts your knowledge and includes ­exciting social activities? If your answer is yes, be sure to join our first-rate Summer School. ­Radboud Summer School is o ­ rganised by Radboud University, one of the leading ­academic ­centres of excellence in the ­Netherlands, in cooperation with Radboud University Medical Center. The Summer School is intended for both Dutch and international students, PhD candidates and alumni. All courses are taught in English. Take a look at the course overview and decide if you want to spend your ­summer the smart way!

Overview of courses 2014 Please check the website for entry ­requirements, the ­registration ­procedure and the social programme.

Arts and Languages • Social Dutch for International Students and PhD Candidates • In’to the Future: Indispensable Academic Communication Skills • Intensive IELTS Programme • Academic Writing for Students ­(Bachelor-Master) • The Essentials of Writing and Presenting a Scientific Paper in English • Europeans and ‘America’ - US Popular ­Culture in Europe • Morocco: From Tradition to Modernity*

Brain and Behaviour

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• The Bright Side of the Brain: Perspectives in Neurosurgery • Brain Imaging Genetics • Stress & Cognition: From Basic ­Mechanisms to Psychopathology • Neural Metrics: Quantative Analysis of Neural Organisation and Function • Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience: From Molecule to Behaviour • Brain Computer Interfaces: How they Work and How to Build one • How to Make your Phone Recognize Facial Expressions

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Business and Economics • Entrepreneurship and Global ­Sustainability* • Water, Health, and Sustainable ­Development • Dynamics of Resilient Socio-Economic ­Systems • The Economics of Government Failures

Science Health Care • Personalized Genomics: The Future is Now • Primary Healthcare • Mitochondrial Bioenergetics: From ­Molecule to Man to Population • The Bright Side of the Brain: Perspectives in Neurosurgery • Participatory Evaluation in Healthcare • Implementation Science in Health Care • Health Sciences: The Art of Research • Brain Imaging Genetics • Ultrasonography in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care • Stress & Cognition: From Basic ­Mechanisms to Psychopathology

• Entrepreneurship and Global Sustainability* • Water, Health, and Sustainable ­Development • Flow Chemistry • Organic Chemistry Lab • Neural Metrics: Quantative Analysis of ­Neural Organisation and Function

Social Sciences • • • • •

Ethics and Education Instructional Design Young Consumers Entrepreneurship and Global Sustainability* Water, Health, and Sustainable ­Development

* Please note: these courses have different dates and locations

Contact Radboud Summer School Ms Alice Nieboer, coordinator T: +31 (0)24 818 77 06 E: radboudsummerschool radbouduniversity

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Radboud Summer School