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Table 1: Search strategy Pubmed Anesthesia "anesthetics"[MeSH Terms] OR "anesthesiology"[MeSH Terms] OR "anesthesia"[MeSH Terms] OR Anesthetics[Pharmacological Action] OR Anesthetic[tiab] OR Anesthetics[tiab] OR Anaesthetic[tiab] OR Anaesthetics[tiab] OR Anesthesia[tiab] OR Anaesthesia[tiab] OR anesthes* [tiab] OR anaesthes* [tiab] OR anesthet* [tiab] OR Anaesthet* [tiab] OR narcosis [tiab] Analgesia "Analgesics"[Mesh] OR "Analgesia"[Mesh] OR "Analgesics"[Pharmacological Action] OR "Analgesics, NonNarcotic"[Pharmacological Action] OR "Analgesics, Opioid"[Pharmacological Action] OR Analgesia [tiab] OR Analgesias [tiab] OR Analgesic [tiab] OR Analgesics [tiab] OR Analgetic [tiab] OR Analgetics [tiab] OR Anodyne [tiab] OR Anodynes [tiab] OR Antinociceptive [tiab] OR Anti nociceptive [tiab] OR Anti-nociceptive [tiab] OR Opioids [tiab] OR Opioid [tiab] OR Narcotic [tiab] OR Narcotics [tiab] OR antinarcotic [tiab] OR antinarcotics [tiab] OR anti-narcotic [tiab] OR anti-narcotics [tiab] OR COX inhibitor [tiab] OR COX inhibitors [tiab] OR COX-1 inhibitor [tiab] OR COX-1 inhibitors [tiab] OR COX-2 inhibitor [tiab] OR COX-2 inhibitors [tiab] OR antiinflammatory agents [tiab] OR antiinflammatory agent [tiab] OR anti-inflammatory agents [tiab] OR antiinflammatory agent [tiab] OR antiinflammatory drugs [tiab] OR antiinflammatory drug [tiab] OR antiinflammatory drugs [tiab] OR anti-inflammatory drug [tiab] OR Cyclooxygenase inhibitors [tiab] OR Cyclooxygenase inhibitor [tiab] OR Cyclo oxygenase inhibitors [tiab] OR Cyclo oxygenase inhibitor [tiab] Metastasis "Neoplasm Metastasis"[MeSH Terms] OR Metastasis [tiab] OR Metastases [tiab] OR Metastase [tiab] OR Micrometastasis [tiab] OR Micrometastases [tiab] OR Micrometastase [tiab] OR Micro-metastasis [tiab] OR Micro-metastases [tiab] OR Micro-metastase [tiab] OR secondary tumor [tiab] OR secondary tumour [tiab] OR secondary tumors [tiab] OR secondary tumours [tiab] OR neoplastic cell dissemination [tiab] OR cancer cell dissemination [tiab] OR tumor dissemination [tiab] OR tumour dissemination [tiab] OR cancer dissemination [tiab] OR cancer spread [tiab] OR tumor spread [tiab] OR tumour spread [tiab] OR tumor migration [tiab] OR tumour migration [tiab] OR disseminated tumor cell [tiab] OR disseminated tumour cell [tiab] OR disseminated tumor cells [tiab] OR disseminated tumour cells [tiab] Experimental animal filter (1) Embase: Analgesia exp analgesic agent/ or exp analgesia/ or (Analgesia or Analgesias or Analgesic or Analgesics or analgetic or analgetics or anodyne or Anodynes or Antinociceptive or Anti nociceptive or Anti-nociceptive or Opioids or Opioid or Narcotic or Narcotics or antinarcotic or antinarcotics or anti-narcotic or anti-narcotics or COX inhibitor or COX inhibitors or COX-1 inhibitor or COX-1 inhibitors or COX-2 inhibitor or COX-2 inhibitors or antiinflammatory agents or antiinflammatory agent or anti-inflammatory agents or anti-inflammatory agent or antiinflammatory drugs or antiinflammatory drug or anti-inflammatory drugs or anti-inflammatory drug or Cyclooxygenase inhibitors or Cyclooxygenase inhibitor or Cyclo oxygenase inhibitors or Cyclo oxygenase inhibitor).ti,ab. Anesthesia exp anesthetic agent/ or exp anesthesiology/ or exp anesthesia/ or (Anesthetic or Anesthetics or Anaesthetic or Anaesthetics or Anesthesia or Anaesthesia or anesthes* or anaesthes* or anesthet* or Anaesthet* or narcosis).ti,ab. Metastasis exp metastasis/ or (Metastasis or Metastases or Metastase or Micrometastasis or Micrometastases or Micrometastase or Micro-metastasis or Micro-metastases or Micro-metastase or secondary tumor or secondary tumour or secondary tumors or secondary tumours or neoplastic cell dissemination or cancer cell dissemination or tumor dissemination or tumour dissemination or cancer dissemination or cancer spread or tumor spread or tumour spread or tumor migration or tumour migration or disseminated tumor cell or disseminated tumour cell or disseminated tumor cells or disseminated tumour cells).ti,ab. Experimental animal filter (2)

Table 1: Search strategy

References 1. Hooijmans CR, Tillema A, Leenaars M, Ritskes-Hoitinga M. Enhancing search efficiency by means of a search filter for finding all studies on animal experimentation in PubMed. Laboratory animals. 2010;44(3):170-5. Epub 2010/06/17. 2. de Vries RB, Hooijmans CR, Tillema A, Leenaars M, Ritskes-Hoitinga M. Updated version of the Embase search filter for animal studies. Laboratory animals. 2014;48(1):88. Epub 2013/07/10.

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