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From the Executive Director and President of the Board or the North Country Trail Association, 2011 was a threshold year. In an increasingly challenging nonprofit environment, the NCTA has made great strides to advance its mission of building, maintaining and telling the story of the North Country National Scenic Trail. In traversing America’s northern heartlands the trail illustrates the story of a rugged people in a rugged land—America’s Red Plaid Nation. Their story is an intimate one, interwoven with one another; bootstrappers with a pride in the ruggedness of the land and their capacity to live with it. Our NCTA members annually devote thousands of hours and dollars, investing their sweat equity to build and protect the trail. 2011 was no exception, with continued growth in volunteer hours invested as well as the value of those hours—up 2% in 2011, reflecting a value of nearly $1.5 million. This investment is critical as the NCTA crosses the threshold into a brave new world in completing the NCNST. Most of the remaining 2,100 miles of trail must be completed with the cooperation of private landowners through which the trail must pass. NCTA’s pioneers are now blazing new pathways into the world of conservation easements and land trusts partnerships. A newly ratified Trail Protection Fund Policy will ensure a stable platform to drive this initiative. Great strides were taken to embrace long distance trail users in 2011 with the passage of the End-toEnd Hiker Policy. Though public awareness of the North Country Trail continues to be a weakness, the increase in special outreach events such as the Allegheny 100 Backpacking Challenge, 24 Hours in the Chippewa and Annual Extended Outings attract growing interest and help spread our message up and down the trail. Our long term stability and security in these uncertain economic times took a major step in 2011 with the establishment of an Endowment Fund. As the fund grows over time it will provide a steady flow of critical support to the organization and its chapters and provide for its long term sustainability. Growth in 2011 in all three donor areas—major giving, annual giving and planned giving provided further strength to our organization. We, as NCTA’s volunteers, staff and board of directors, are committed to the notion that a simple footpath creates the most intimate of connections with the land through which we pass. The North Country offers up its stories of rugged peoples and lands only grudgingly; often the traveler listens best when the pathway works with the landscape. These are some of the stories and experiences we want to share and pass on to future generations. Bruce Matthews Executive Director

Larry Hawkins President, Board of Directors

Photo: Mick Hawkins

OUR MISSION The North Country Trail Association develops, maintains, protects and promotes the North Country National Scenic Trail as the premier hiking path across the northern tier of the United States through a trail-wide coalition of volunteers and partners.

L-R: Bruce Matthews, Larry Hawkins


NCTA Programs

“ During my first big hike, I was captivated by the awe-inspiring landscapes along the Pictured Rocks section of the Lake Superior shoreline. Ever since then, each time I hit the trail I know another “Oh Wow!” moment may be found just over the next hill. That’s what keeps bringing me back.” Doug Boulee, NCT long distance hiker


North Country Trail Association

2011 Annual Report


In 2011, we saw a 20% increase in the

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the North Country Trail. They build and maintain the trail, promote hiking, backpacking and snowshoeing in their communities and fight for the protection of the trail and the natural areas that surround it. In 2011: n Our volunteers earned the Outstanding Friends Group in the Midwest Region with the National Park Service Partnership Awards.

number of volunteers giving their time to the NCTA. 928 volunteers reported 68,505 hours, which is worth an estimated $1.5 Million in volunteer labor.

n We unveiled a new Volunteer Resources section of the NCTA website, a place to find the forms, guidelines and inspiration needed for our volunteers to build, maintain, promote and protect the NCT. n A new membership committee was started to assist our chapters in sharing recruitment ideas and successes. n We partnered with the National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program, and conducted a survey of volunteer needs in order to improve our resources and provide better training.

Trail Building and Maintaining Photo: Brian Buchanan

In 2011, our volunteers advanced our trail miles on the ground, built needed structures and supported needed reroutes, and improved the experience for hikers overall. Here are a few highlights: n The Heritage Chapter completed a new section of trail with a 34-foot long bridge over Gold Mine Creek in Wisconsin. This was the final touch needed to complete a 3.4-mile section of trail. n Spirit of the Woods Chapter’s Ed Chappel has made it his mission to build a boardwalk allowing hikers to traverse the Sterling Marsh in Michigan’s Manistee National Forest. More than a ½ mile of boardwalk was completed making this area accessible to hikers of all abilities. n Tornados hit trail sections in Wisconsin and Michigan, challenging “disaster” trail crews from Brule-St. Croix and Chief Noonday Chapters respectively.

Tornado in Wisconsin Two days before the 4th of July, a tornado ripped through the St. Croix Valley in northern Wisconsin leveling trees, destroying homes and wildlife habitat and obliterating a major section of the North Country Trail. Photo: Mark VanHornweder

Bill Menke and Jim Antonson cutting a swath through the tornado treefall.

Ed Chappel on boardwalk ribbon cutting day last summer.

Eighty mile an hour winds uprooted forests of trees covering 130,000 acres before it subsided. Within hours, the network of the Brule-St. Croix Chapter were on the phone sending out their trail adoptors to assess the damage on their sections of trail. “As we got closer to the river valley there were areas where nearly 90% of trees were down. It was difficult to even find the trail,” said Phil Anderson, one of the adopters. Over twelve miles of trail, much of it certified, was struck by the tornado. Five to six miles of the trail was totally obliterated. A two mile section that had been recently built by the Trail Rovers crew laying stone piece by piece had to be completely rebuilt. The “disaster” team had to prioritize, deciding to start with those hard hit sections of trail that people

use most. The rest of the areas that were at least passable were left for later. Small crews with chain saws and strong backs started in from both ends of the section cutting a swath through the pile of trees, sometimes leaving debris shoulder high on both sides as they passed. Hours turned into days as they worked to get the trail open. “We wouldn’t have gotten it back in shape without people like John and Joanne Pearson and Jim Antonson,” pointed out Phil. “Every organization has its saints—without them we would have been in a lot of trouble.” Within five days the “early strike” crew had the worst section of trail open. Within five weeks and with the help of the Rovers Trail crew, the entire area of trail affected by the tornado was clear of debris and restored for hiker use.


NCTA Programs Photo: Matt Davis

Trail Protection The route of the NCT traverses more than 2,100 miles of private land, most of which is still yet to be built. Trail protection is quickly becoming the fastest growing arena in the trail landscape as we seek to secure the corridor for future trail. The NCTA took the following steps to plan for and protect the corridor of the trail: n A series of workshops at our 2011 Annual Conference on trail protection with the Conservation Fund, Tecumseh Land Trust and Appalachia Ohio Alliance. n Secured funding from the Colcom Foundation to put in place a protection plan for the trail corridor between two key state parks in Pennsylvania. n In 2011, the Board approved a Trail Protection Fund Policy providing for effective fiscal stewardship for funds set aside for trail protection efforts. This decision set the stage for this important initiative going forward.

Easements in North Dakota Protecting the trails is becoming more and more important in the trail development landscape. In a bold initiative the Sheyenne River Valley Chapter in North Dakota has focused a major effort in this area. The SRV Chapter had received a Recreational Trails Grant, a federal grant administered through North Dakota Parks and Recreation to develop up to 25 miles of trail on the NCNST. The grant called for among other things, assessing and protecting where possible, the trail corridor. Hundreds of parcels of privately held land had to be assessed and over 150 landowners engaged. “Enthusiasm for this project ran high in our chapter at the beginning of this project even though we felt a little daunted by the size of the undertaking,” points out Becky Heise, Project Coordinator. “We quickly learned that it is important not to expect too much. It’s just not possible to get 100% of the easements for which you aim.” But with chapter volunteer assistance and the help of a private contractor, the project surged forward. Over the course of the last two years, the SRV Chapter was successful in obtaining 24 easements for approximately 29 miles of trail. Several highlights included the two landowners who

Sheyenne River Valley Chapter members set out to blaze trail across new easement. donated their easements and several more who donated some of their easement payments back to the chapter. The project wrapped up in 2011 and the many lessons learned have been rippling up and down the Trail as the Sheyenne River Valley team shares their results. As one of the largest scale easement acquisition initiatives yet undertaken on the NCNST, the learning was viewed just as importantly as the final product. “There were many frustrating moments during this project and some things just didn’t work out the way we planned. However, we have created some beautiful new segments of trail which will be a joy to hike across,” said Becky. To be exact, 29 miles of breathtaking North Dakota hills and prairies are now protected and ready for trail building. Everyone involved would agree with Becky’s final reflection on the project; “We had a great time working on the trail. Over all, this project was a great success.”

“ When I started my job with the NCT in 2011, my first indicator of what the trail was all about showed up at night when I got home and left my Blackberry on. Emails started coming in all through the evening with questions, comments and ideas from volunteers and staff—from New York to North Dakota—the dedication to the trail is incredible.” Jeff McCusker, Trail Manager, National Park Service


North Country Trail Association

2011 Annual Report

Outreach Events


Fun events can get boots on the trail and extra hands for big projects. It can also get the community outside and show off the trail as a great recreational resource. Year after year, our chapters, affiliates and partners plan some of the best events around, including:

The NCTA’s trail advocacy team, made up of staff, board members and volunteers in each state, follow legislation on the national level that affects the trail and takes action on important issues in Washington DC and at home. In 2011, our major priorities were:

n Allegheny National Forest Chapter of the North Country Trail held the second annual Allegheny 100 Backpacking Challenge. Over fifty registered hikers participated in the ultimate hiking challenge: to complete 25, 50 or 100 miles in 50 hours.

n Arrowhead Reroute – Officially known as the NCNST Route Adjustment Act, this legislation designates a revised route in northeastern Minnesota and includes co-locating with the Superior, Border Route and Kekekabic Trails.

n Our 2011 Annual Conference in Dayton, Ohio attracted more than 150 members, volunteers and interested trail users to experience local hikes, helpful workshops and presentations.

n National Park Service Funding – to insure adequate funding to administer the Trail and support the NCTA and our volunteers.

n The 5th Annual North Country Hiking Fest at Itasca State Park in Minnesota drew over 75 participants.

Photo: Karen Klos

Two Allegheny 100 hikers set off on the first day of the challenge.

HIKER CHALLENGE IN PENNSYLVANIA What started out as a personal challenge, the Allegheny 100 Backpacking Challenge has doubled in size in its first two years and is quickly becoming a regionally noteworthy event.

Last year, fifty individuals from five states took part and one finisher qualified in less than 50 hours. Once again they had lots of fun and they signed up 47 new members. For Bert the best part is all the new people he is exposing to the trail and ultimately getting involved in the trail. That is why the race fee automatically includes membership in the NCTA. “To think that there are 47 new members because of a notion that you had is really cool,” said Nemcik recently, “The dream is that this would grow big and hundreds annually would begin to realize that the NCT is right here in western Pennsylvania and great part of a national trail system.”

Trail Use As more and more sections of single and multi-day stretches of the trail are completed more attention is being focused on trail use. By all accounts, thousands annually venture out to explore and enjoy the beauty of America’s north country on the NCT. For the first year we are including this section on trail use in our annual report to highlight this new trail arena. n NCTA’s 2nd Annual Extended Outing took hikers on a NCT journey along Lake Superior’s south shore in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Each day the hikers logged 6-10 miles, camping along the way. n The Board of Directors approved an “End-to-End Hiker Policy” in 2011, spurred on by the extensive work of Joan Young and a committee devoted to formalizing long distance trail use. Photo: Mary Coffin

One day a few years ago, when Bert Nemcik was out working his adopted trail section in the Allegheny National Forest, he wondered if he could hike the entire national forest trail section in one weekend covering 100 miles in fifty hours. Always thinking of ways to promote the trail, Bert’s next thought was; what if he could get other people to do it too? Within a month, the Allegheny National Forest Chapter was thinking about it and within a year the first official Allegheny 100 Backpacking Challenge took place. In 2010, there were twenty participants. There were no finishers in the allotted time, but lots of fun and a great success. “We got 17 new members and lots of publicity for the NCT—that was the best part,” exclaimed Bert.

n Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) – full and dedicated funding of the LWCF at the congressionally authorized annual level of $900 million. Full LWCF funding is seen as critical to completing the North Country Trail.

Extended outings hiking group shot at falls in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.


NCTA Philanthropy

“ Our partnership with the Trail makes a lot of sense. Both Brunton and Primus products are targeted for core users and the activities they pursue. The North Country Trail members are those kind of users who appreciate the innovative and quality designs of our products. We were happy to help with our support.� John Smithbaker, President/CEO, Brunton Outdoor Group


North Country Trail Association

2011 Annual Report

Founders Circle

In 2011, the members of the Founders Circle took philanthropic financial support of the NCTA to a whole new level.

Membership increased by 37% to a record high of 67 individuals and organizations. A record high gift established a whole new tier of giving for non-grant based gifts at $25,000. Total giving from this group was up 33% from the previous year. As the Association takes more steps to become financially stable and less dependent on our partner, the National Park Service, the philanthropic giving of our members and friends will become more important. Two major funding initiatives were jump-started this year from members of the Founders Circle. Long time supporters, the Lux Foundation put up a challenge match of $15,000 to push our first ever spring appeal to success. And just as the year was closing, NCTA board member Jack Cohen challenged his fellow board members to match his $5,000 challenge in less than 25 days, which they did, to fund an important marketing initiative. Trail Champion $10,000 and up

TRAIL BLAZER $1,000-$2,499

Lux Foundation Colcom Foundation

Lyle Bialk Doug and Kathy Brehm Bill and Mary* Coffin Dave* and Jan Cornell Garry Dill* Cecil and Joanne Dobbins Finger Lakes Trail Conference Frey Foundation Gordon Hamilton John Heiam* and Lois Goldstein Bobby* and Deborah Koepplin Joe and Cindy Krueger Marquette County Community Foundation NPS-RTCA Jim Noble

TRAIL LEADER $5,000-$9,999 REI, Inc. Lorana Jinkerson* Brunton Outdoor Group, Inc.

TRAIL GUARDIAN $2,500-$4,999 Jack Cohen* Betty A Lewis Environmental Charitable Trust Christopher and Margo Light Tom* and Mary Moberg Brian* and Barb Pavek Gaylord Yost*

Lynda Rummel* and Rolf Zerges SRV Scenic Byway Association David Tattan Doug Thomas* and Carol Zazubek Ray Vlasak* Werner and Marianne Veit Jim Weiske

TRAIL BUILDER $500-$999 Brian and Elizabeth Bachynski Deena Barshney Ray and Beth Bell Betty Benson Carl Boesel

Cass County Electric Cooperative John and Patricia Fey Five Rivers Metro Park Frazee Sportsmen’s Club Mary and Kathy Hamilton Itasca Mantrap Co-Op Electrical Association Trust Donald James JL Microbiology, Inc. Lois Judd Sarah Julien Al Larmann and Mary Kunzler-Larmann Lallemand Specialties, Inc. Peggy MacRae Bruce Matthews# Bill# and Donna Menke Roger Morrison Travis and Mink Neely

Nutrition Physiology Company, LLC Orvana Minerals Corp. Ron and Linda Sootsman Janette Sweasy T&C Markets IM, Inc. Traverse City Track Club Jerry and Beth Trout John and Sandra Wagner Gary Werner and Melanie Lord Mark and Silvia Wilson Diane Winston Marjorie Wright *Indicates a Director of the Board #

Indicates a NCTA staff member

CONTRIBUTORS $100-$499 Judy Abrams David and Jean Adams Adirondack Mountain ClubOnondaga Chapter AFSCME District Council 85 Phoebe Alden Walt Alexander Pat Allen and Mark Miller Jane Allman Joyce Appel* Daniel and Constance Arnold Patricia Arvilla Richard Ashbacker Thomas Auer David Auge Charles Axthelm Bad Medicine Lake Area Association Steve Bade Carol Baker Michael Banyai Len and JoAnne Baron John Barrows Dean and Sharon Bartholomew Dan Baumhardt and Joyce Krause Gene and Liz Bavis Donald Beattie Ron Belski Lewis and Mary Bender Dawn Bennett Megan Berlo Bill and Paul’s Sporthaus Mark Bissell

Paul D. Blanchard Bert Bleke David Blewett Blissfest Music Organization Derek Blount Helen Book Jeff Book Bruce and Char Bostrom Chris Botkin Doug Boulee Philip Brandt Ernest Brees Ralph Bremigan Robert Bridge Mike and Bonnie Brunett Ed Brunner Robert Burris Brian Burt Sharon Burtrum Donald Bussies Butler Outdoor Club Edward Cable Edward Calhan Joe and Sharon Callahan Jay and Mary Campbell Dr. Robert Campbell Campmor Inc. David and Mabel Casey Chief Noonday Chapter-NCTA Mary Jo Clark William Clark Fred and Mary Clinton Marilynn Cobb

Donald Collins Robert Cooley Bill Courtois and Anne Finlayson Robert Courtois Tom and Jeanne Crosby Carl Daiker Dakota Plains Cooperative Bill and Margie Darooge Mary and Bill Davis Matthew# and Stacy Davis Richard Davis Robert and Patricia Davis Robert Davis Elizabeth DeBraal Patrick Delaney Jeffrey Dennis Kate DeRosier David Diephouse John Diephouse Stewart DeWitt Dinger Lou and Jewel DiOrio Richard Dodge Dan and Ruth Dorrough Skip Duchesneau Steve and Betsy Duede Scott and Patricia Duemler Scott and Terri Edick Donald Edwards Kathleen Eisele Loyal and Bonnie Eldridge Lon and Lynn Emerick EW Nutrition USA Inc. Mark Ewing

Paul and Sheri Ewing Lee and Eleanor Fairbanks Alan Fark Frank and Laura Farwell Patrick and Joann Fay Jay and Margene Fennell Michael Fitzsimmons Jeff and Mary Fleming Nancy Fleming William and Barbara Fletcher Richard Flinn Marge and John Forslin Teri Foust Joanna Frank Mark Frankland Bettina Frisse David Galbreath Mary Gall Tom and Pam Gardner GE Foundation Louis Geeraerts William and Joanne Gerke Tom and Janis Gilbert James Gilkey Richard and Alisha Glasgow James Glockner Paul Goellner Timothy Goodman Grande Cheese Company Richard Gray James and Jane Gregoire Kay Grignon Tim and Lauren Groenhof

Michael Guisleman Dan and Margaret Hamilton William Hamilton Leroy Hanson William Hart Tim and Ellen Hass Barbara Hawke Dr. Larry* and Diane Hawkins Mick Hawkins Chuck Hayden Andy Hazel Douglas and Jodi Heaney Carter and Flo Hedeen Keith Hein Sue Helder Denise Herron John Hofrichter Tim and Lyn Holschlag Jim and Gladys Hoogterp Tom and Mary Hord Keith Horngren and Katherine Erdman Jim and Kaye Houk Ken Howell Theodore Hullar Mark Jenness Karen Johnson Paul and Linda Johnson Michael and Linda Kaizar Carol and Hans-Peter Kappus Robert A. Kazar Jerry Keeney James Kelly


NCTA Philanthropy $100-$499


Linda Kermeen Verlyn and Dorothy Kicker Susan Kielb Linda Kielty Ronald Killebrew Sue Ellen Kingsley Eric Kirchner Chris Klein and Elisa Korentayer Bunk Kofal Frank Kohl Joseph J. Kravetz Reginald and LuAnn Krueger Andrew Kullen Shirley LaBonte Gordon Lachniet Michael Landry John Larch and Mary Campbell Penny Larsen George Lauff Duane Lawton Robert and Jane Leedle Lee’s Adventure Sports Kalista Lehrer Dick and Christine Lightcap Janice Lindstrom Laura# and Phillip Lindstrom Gene Link Rosemary Link Tim Little Gary and Barbara Lyall William Lynch and Barbara Manger George and Patricia Maas James and Elizabeth Mackey Cynthia Maczuga John Malcolm Henrietta Mark Marquette Board of Power and Light James and Sydney Massee Jim and Norma Matteson Maumee Valley Heritage Corridor Inc. Dan and Mary Mayhew Lucy McCabe Melinda and Jerry McCarty Myrna McGregor Richard McKnight Karen McNew Megastarter, LLC, DBA MS Biotec, Inc Peter Melcarek Larry Meyer Paul Meyer Don and Joan Miller Eeva and Bob Miller John Miller and Rosemary Etter Steve Miller Sally and Bernie Miner Mike Minium Greg and Mary Mitton Al and Jean Moberly Patrick Monahan Donald Mong Diane Morand Jean-Pierre Moreau Edwin Morse David Moscatello and Ann Dixon Dan and Peggy Mourer Tim and Sue Mowbray Craig Mullenbrock Tom and Connie Myers Dick Naperala Peter and Lynne Nason Network for Good Erik Nielsen Philip Nolt Peter and Deb Nordgren Bob Norlin North Country Trail Hikers Connie Lou Ogg Michael and Virginia O’Keefe Eugene Ollila


Timothy O’Rourke Peter Ostrowski Charles Otis Bob and Annette Papp Paige Patterson Bob and Janet Patton Richard Paul Viviana Pawlick John and JoAnn Pearson Dr. Scott A. Pendleton William Peterson Aaron and Shannon Phipps Dan and Jan Pilon Mark Sherman Brian and Jennifer Prather Richard and Elizabeth Pratt Paul Praus Probioferm LLC John and Patti Prusila Daniel Raish Bill and Avis Rambo John Regenhardt Daniel Rehner Paul and Evelyn Reid John Restall Douglas and Kathleen Rhine Neil Rinne Susan Ritter and Gregg Sutherland Brian Roberts Michael Robinson Darrel Rodekuhr Dan and Betty Rogalla Ron and Maureen Ronquist Donald Routh Robert and Grace Rudd Mike Schaeffer and Debby Page Joann Schmidt and Roy Schwarz Donald Schott John Schroeder Lee and Polly Scotland Doug Seaney Bill and Mary Seeger Jeffrey Seiple Stephen Selden Perry Severance Dr. David and Elvera Shappirio Dick and Marty Shaw Tim and Mary Shepardson Carl and Mary Shroeder Frederick Silver Ronald and Amy Snyder Arnold Soderholm Tom and Liz Solka Steve and Pat Somers Gerald Spitler James Sprague Patrick St. Germain and Maggie MacDeVitt St. Ignace Visitors Bureau Mike and Carol Stasik Robert Steeneck Wayne and Nancy Steger Robert Stein Robert and Linda Steiner Richard Stevenson Philip and Brielle Stoyke Kay Stremler Sunday Creek Associates Superior Hiking Trail Association Robert Swanson Irene Szabo Dr. John and Mary Lou Tanton Dick and Linda Taylor Kathleen Taylor Gabriel Templeton Michael and LouAnne TenKate June E. Thaden Anthony Travis Charles Truscon Roger Tuuk William Twiddy Jerry Valka

North Country Trail Association

Gail Van Haren John and Ayleen VanBeynen Jeffrey and Nancy VanWinkle Mike Veen William Vogt Walker North Country Marathon Jay and Darlene Warren Dennis Weaver William Welch David Wells Michelle A. Wenisch Joseph Wenzler William Wesner Neil C. Wester Steven Wester Ted Weyerhaeuser Neil Whitbeck Don and Terrie Wicks Donald Wickstra Scott and Julie Wilhelmsen Michael Wilkey Larry Willis Kevin Wilson Gene Wimmer Vince and Antoinette Winklerprins Todd and Jennifer Winnell Frederick and Eleanor Winston Alan Wiseman Douglas and Barbara Wood Bill and Shelby Woodard Dave Wright Gary Wright Quinn Wright Ronand Laurie Wurst Jack Wykoff Mary Kay Wysham Duke Yost Walter Zarnoch

UP TO $99 Mitchel Aafedt Alan and Lou Adsmond Dan Adsmond Eric Aiken Rayanne Aiken Kim and Kevin Alford Allegheny Outdoor Club Jerry Allen and Connie Pausits-Allen Jack Amelar Kim Amthor Robert Amundson Clyde and Jane Anderson David and Joyce Anderson Galen Anderson Philip Anderson and Valerie Kozlovsky John Andersson Cindy Angerhofer Julie Ann Arneth Robert Ashmead Carol Atwell and Philip Lenko Larry Baar Loren Bach and Dave Martus Greg and Laurie Bailey Lori Baker and David Koski Dr. R. Alan Baker James Baldwin Ken Ballema William J. Bandy Carole and Zane Bard Wayne and Joann Barry Don and Kathy Bashaw Elizabeth Bates Tanis Beadle Mary and Robert Beals Ronald J. Beavers Mitzi Beckman John R. Beguhn Bob and Nancy Benham Henry Bent Jim Berch Gerry Berg Nelda Bergsten

2011 Annual Report

Joe and Willi Bevirt Bob Beymer P. Florine Bialek Andrew Biddle Dan and Jann Bidwell Jan Bilden Anne and Greg Billiard Remster and Cathy Bingham Bruce Bishop Vee Bjornson Kenneth Blakey-Shell Jack Bley Richard Bliley Ken Blinn Frank Blumenthal Patrick Blumm Mary Jo and David Bobholz Roger Boelio Richard and Sue Boettner Richard and May Bohjanen Jim Bolick Susan Bond Ken Bordwell Debra and Joe Borer Evert Bos Brad and Cheryl Bosley Randy Boss Robert A. Bouchard Lynda Bouwsma Ed and Karla Bowen Jeff Bowen Leslie Bowen David Bowers Carolyn Brandeen Ruth Brandel Sally Brebner Anastasia Bremmer Leona Brewer Belinda Brewster David Briggs Eugene and Mary Briggs Bill and Mary Beth Brinkman Jim Bronson Allan Brouillet Charles and Janet Brown Keith and Dorothy Brown Jerry and Lynda Bruce Jim Bruce Robert Bruce Nancy Brucken Jerry Brucksch Ronald Bryant Boy Scout Troop 35-Sheffield, PA Robert and Phyllis Buchwalder Jack and Elaine Buege Larry and Nancy Buege Robert Buerki Joyce Bufano James and Sharon Buhr Laura Bulleit Elly Bunzendahl and Chris Edlin Bob and Annette Burchell Bureau of Reclamation-Bismark, ND Marilyn Burfiend David Burgan Edward Burman Terry Burns and Claire Duquette David Busse Butler County Chapter-NCTA David Byrne Miguel Cabanela Jonathan Call Raymond and Sara Camilli Thomas Campbell Pat Carlson Janet Carpenter Robert E. Carrier Ed Carrigan Michael Case Frank Casenhiser Kay Caskey Charles Caster Richard Causley

Charles Chandler Eric Chapman Ed and Nancy Chappel Jim Charvat Donnan Christensen Kay Christensen Tom Church Peter Cline Peter Clover Lora Cochran Mike Collins and JoAnn Brede Walter and Kathleen Colyer David and Jan Conley Tim and Christine Conners John Cooley and Victoria Kelly Dennis Couch Linda Coughenour Valerie A. Counard DeWayne and Joan Cox Helen Coyne John Craig James Crandall John and Nancy Crowley Joe Dabes and Kathy Brennan Diane and Larry Dahl Bill and Beva Dahnke Tom Dandridge and Lynn Martin Verl Dasher Kenneth and Maura Davenport Thomas and Barbara Davidson John and JoAnne Davis Don and Bonnie Dealing Dennis Dean Jeffrey and Susan Dean Robert Decker Laura DeGolier Roland Derksen Charlene DeWitt Roderick Dibble Don Dickmann and Kathleen McKevitt Hannah Dietz Mary Dineen Andrea Dlesk Douglas Dodd Ted and Melissa Dohnal Tim and Janice Donahue James and Debbie Donaldson Donald and Brita Dorn James and Maureen Doull Erik Dovre Roy Dray Eric Dreier Erich and Alex Drescher David Drum Rick Duemling John Dulik Michael and Pam Dundas Duane Dupon and Linda Buist Carol Durling Ron and Jane Dziurda M.J. Eberhart Gary Eckard Fred and Jean Eckel Henry Eckhardt Carolyn Edmunds Clifton Edwards John Edwards Bill and Cathy Egerer Martin Eggener Peter and Michelle Eldridge Donna Ellinghausen Cyrus and Phyllis Elliott George Elliot William Endres Gordon Engdahl Barbara Enger Maureen Engle Stephen J. Eno Jacque Erdman Frank Evans Lynn L.M. Evans Bridget Evens

Eileen Fairbrother James and Peggy Falk Mary Farrell Tim and Noreen Farrell Terri Feola Catherine Ferguson Laurie and Tim Fill Joseph Finley Sarah and Jeff Fisher Faith Fishman Frank Fishman Douglas Flanagan Peter Fleszar Michael Fogarty Geoffrey Force Jerry and Linda Forrider Vivan Foss Jerry Freels Peter and Eileen Freiburger Doug French Charles and Anne Frihart Dawn Froslie Melanie Fullman and Bill Baer Bronson Funke James Funke Catherine Gadbaw Laurence Galen Clark H. Galloway John Ganey Donovan Gardner Fred and Nan Gaunt Duane Gebhard and Jennifer Therkilsen-Gebhard Daniel Geiger C. Mitchell George Terry Giarrosso Amanda Gibson Layne E Giering Ruth and Dennis Gilgen Susan Gille Anita Gilleo Wayne and Zita Gillis John E. Gilrein Chris Gladieux Curt Gledhill Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter of the ADK Mark and Gail Glendon Dr. Lynn Glesne Donald Godfrey Nathan Goetzinger Dave Goodman Carol Gorton Lorna Goshman Joan Gossner Peter Gradoni David Granger Brian Gray John and Carol Gregory Ross Gridley James and Brecken Gries Connie Grisell Barbara Grissop Gerald Groebe Richard Grossman Karen Grupe Gary Gulish John and Cindi Haag Ann and John Haglund Matt Hahnfeld Rick and Chris Halbert Dwight and Donna Halfmann Chris and Helen Haller Mark and Sarah Halvorsen Marshall Hamilton Jeff Hammond Harvey Hanna Roger and Laurie Hanson

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Mark and Mary Johnson Matt and Erika Johnson-Bailey Ruth Johnson Martin Johnston Dale Jones Ramon and Janette Jones Caroline Jordan Ron Justi Robert Kahl Martin Kalishek Andrew Karnavas Eileen Karnavas James Katona Steven Kaufmann Catherine Kelleher Robert and Carol Keller Brendan Kelly Phyllis Kephart John and Barb Kersey Dawn Kindel David Kinnamon Steve and Anne Kinne Kristine Kipka Lynn Kistler Susan Kitchen Peter Klaver Barbara Kletzke Peter and Paula Klima Paul and Joyce Kline Peter and Lonhilt Klose Sherry Knoppers Gray Kocher A.A. Koeller Cheryl Konkol-Broullire Gary and Marta Konrad Anne and Ron Koontz David Kotzian Karen Krajeck Donald Krause Joshua Krbez Drew Kreidelcamp Cheryl Kreindler Andy Krell John Kroha Kurt Krueger Ray and Mary Krum David J. Kubicek Richard Kudner Quinton and Pat Kuebler Ronald Kulak Karl Kunz Thomas and Geraldine Kurdelski Ronald Kustra John and Kathy Kwapinski John and Karen LaFond Scott and Mary Lagaard Neoma Laken Cal and Jean Lamoreaux Ray Landfair Harold Lane James Langemo David Larson John Latterell and Rebecca Svatek Robert and Beverly Laughna Shemaya Laurel Edward Lawrence and Catherine McLaughlin Elmo Layman Don Lee Harold Leeman Gary Leff John and Pat Leinen Riley and Patricia Lentz Edwin Deane and Judith Leonard Martha Leppanen David LeRoy John and Lisa Letarte Mary Letts

Kenneth and Andrea Lewaine Jon and Beth Lindberg Ron Lindquist Little Cities of the Black Diamond Council Robert Livrone Eric Longman Tom Lorentzsen Ron Lovasz Steven Lowery Terry Lowery Bruce Lowing Cheryl and Jeff Lowney Randi and Scott Lyders Mike and Scott Lynch Frank Lynn Susan Mabee Martha MacCleery and Eric Piehl Mary MacDonald Kathy Maginity Hugh Makens Walter and Karen Maki Dan and Deb Malesevich Jerry Marek Rebecca Marjonen Lynn Marron Marion Marsh Pat Martin William and Shirley Martinus Fred and Pamela Martsolf Robert Maruna Jeff and Joan Masters Arvan Matheny Arlen and Arlene Matson Phyllis Matthews Ruth Matthews Lori Mattison and Marcia Paulson Eric and Jon Maturi Richard May Edith Maynard Fred and Kathy Maynard Jerry and Susan Maynard Steve and Kathy McBride Curt and Betty McCabe Drew McCalley Steve and Linda McCallum Mark McCensky Jim McClenahen Chuck and Bev McCready Dennis McCurdy Joseph and Michelle McGinn Charlotte McIvor Charles McKay Tamara McLain Jean McLean Patrick J. McNabb Bob and Pat McNamara Marjorie McRoberts Kim and Terry Meacham Nelson Meade Donn and Sally Mechling James and Marcia Mellen Hugh Melling Mike and Sal Metcalf Heino F. Meyer-Bahlburg Emily Meyerson Richard Micka Paul Miedona Brian Mieras Jean Miewald Catherine B. Miller and Bernie Miller Roger Minch Lisa A. Mink Terry Mitton Edward Moellering Doug Moericke Rick Moore James Morford

Bethann Morgan Larry and Sophia Morton Craig and Kathi Mulder George and Judith Mullison Lee and Debra Mundy Mark Murphy Mary Murphy Deborah Muzzy Scott and Barb Myckowiak Karen Myers Andrew and Elwira Mytys Robert Nagelkirk Amy Narum John Neitge Bert and Cheryl Nemcik Gordon and Vernie Nethercut Mary Lee and Steve Nielson Jeff Nieman Emily Nietering Ni-Miikanaake Chapter-NCTA Phil Nimps Laura Nitsche Dr. John Norlund Tom and Gail Norris Earl and Anna Norrod Northwestern Ohio Rails-to-Trails Association Laura Norton Jane Norton Paul Nyhuis Daniel O’Toole Wendy Ogilvie Jesse Okie Roger Olsen Douglas Olson Prudence Olson Ric Olson Pat and Judy Ormiston Merry Ossenheimer Richard Ostheimer Martin O’Toole David Otto Barbara Owens Dale and Kathy Painter Edgar Palmer Jeff and Sandra Palmer Elizabeth Paque Brian Parks Lawrence Parmelee Leo G. Paveglio Karl Pearson Don Penly Peggy L. Penny Fran Perkett Steven Perucco Kenneth Peshl Mary Peters Kim Peterson Orville Peterson Rhonda Peterson Dale Petty Stephen Pew and Kathleen Keelan-Pew Thomas Pflueger Gerald Phillips Jim and Linda Phillips Larry Pio and Suzanne Darling Ellen and Robert Pisor Sandra Planisek Randal Podoll Chuck Polonowski Gail Poterack Roxanne Potter David Potzler Ralph and Barbara Powell Tim Premack Thomas Prieto Holly Puk Jett

THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR CONTRIBUTORS The generous support of the North Country Trail community continues to build and grow the mission of the organization. Without these faithful contributions, we could have never accomplished all that we did in 2011. We sincerely appreciate the sacrificial giving and thoughtful support of all of our donors.


NCTA Philanthropy

“ Planned gifts provide one last chance to make somebody else happy. Why not leave a happy glow in a trail behind me by benefitting those struggling organizations I love best?� Irene Szabo, North Country Legacy Society member Up to $99


Bruce and Cheryl Pummell Craig and Sue Quimby Ken Radlick Scott Radtke Donald and Jeanette Rantala Patricia Rathmann Julia Rawlings Ken and Kay Reader Rod Reamer and Yini Chen Brend Reeb Thomas Reeber Joel Reed Pete and Kathy Reeme Linda Rehorst David Reichenberger Thomas Reimers Rick and Deb Reis Eugene and Arlene Renico Brian Reus Dr. David Reynolds Kenneth Rhoads Thomas Riccio Paul Richards Christina Rizzo R. Quincy Robe Timothy Robenalt Janie Robertson Keith and Ardath Robertson Michael Robinaugh Walter and Jodell Rockenstein Barb and Mike Rodenberg Todd and Laurie Rogers Round Icecracking Lakes Association James Rowe Helen Rudie Paul Rudolph Ken and Barb Rugaber Alan Rumbaugh Gregory Russo Mike and Pamela Ryan Patricia Ryan Arthur Saari Ronald Saccol Kevin Sadaj Ron and Nancy Saeger Paula Sagala David and Joyce Salisbury Larry Sampson Michael and Erica SanDretto Jim and Kris Sanford Bill and Sue Sanger Evelyn Sarns-Holiday Daniel Sathre Kari Sauer Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians Michael Saxton Sharon Sayer Dr. Edward Scanlan Gordy Schelde Dan and Nancy Schiebel Firman Schiebout Kurt H. Schindler Jay Schissell Merl and Pat Schlaack Rick Schlauderaff Douglas Schleef Jennifer Schlick Lona Schmidt Tina Schmidt


John Schmitt Peter and Emily Schmitz Dan Schneider Dennis Schoenick Jackson Scholl Walter and Mardene Schuiling Michael Schultz Willliam Schumell Jon Schuster Tony Schwaller Mike and Cindy Schwehr David Schwenker Marian Schwitzgoebel Brenda Scurry Carol Seacord and Tracy Baij Peter Seed Brian Seely John Seidel and Deborrah Frable Bernard and Phyllis Senske Gary Sexton William R. Seybold Tom Shaffer and Carol Hegland James Shaum Derek Sheehan Sheyenne River Valley Chapter-NCTA Alfred Shikany Randy Shoemaker Allen and Mary Shoup John Shreves George Shumar James Siegel Brett Simmons Curt Slabaugh Harold and Karen Slater Ann and Mark Smith Carol Smith Dena Smith Jeffrey and Denise Smith Joseph Smith Kevin Smith Robert Smith Steve Smith Don Snowdon and Lynn Moon Suzanne Snyder John Sobaszko Louis Solomon Stephen and Betty Sondrol Wes and Betty Jo Sorenson Dominic Sosnowski Sharon Southall Michael Spencer Sandra Spiewak and Otto Bacon Leslie and Bonnie Spitz Mike and Michelle Springer Jim and Nancy Stamm Clifford Stammer William Stegman Neil Steinbring Bill Stellema Mary Stenberg and Rick Pomerleau Mark and Barbara Stender Ellen H. Stephenson Carole Stevens David B. Stevens George Stojic Pam Stonehouse Jan Stowman Mark and Tiffany Stram Gary Strand Kathryn Streng Margaret Strobel and William Barclay

North Country Trail Association

Bill Strong Craig Swaggert and Tanna Moore Terry Swank David Swanson David and Nancy Swanson Ray and Marvel Swanson Fred and Judy Swartz Charles Switalski Douglas Szper Carol Taberski Marjory Tavernini Jay Taylor Michael Teeter Thomas Tefft Kenneth Terpstra Chris Tews Stella and George Thelen William and Laura Bethany Thomas Charles and Frances Thompson Kay Thompson Robert Thompson Antonette Thomson Jim Timmerman Dean and Diane Tobias Clinton Tompt David Tonnies Mike and Tina Toole Anne Townsend Joanne Tracey Ken Trana Frank Trautman Duane and Gay Travis John Tremore Brennan and Carolyn Trese Mike and Cheryl Trieschmann Michael Trinko Fred and Chris Tritschler Peter Trussell Tyler and Emma Tufte Larry Turner Tana Turonie Dieter Uckert Don Uden Robert Ulrich Michael Unsworth Juanita Van Dyke Tim and Nancy Van Nest Douglas Vandenberg David VanderBee Ginger Vanderkelen Nicolaas Vanderkloot Lisa VanDyke Mark VanHornweder James and Ellen VanIwaarden Sarah VanLeer Phillip VanNoord Theresa Vanveelen Tammy Veloski Mary Jo Vent Paul and Deena Vlasak Scott Vlasak Dan Vogel Christopher Vreeland Jerry and Kathleen Wachter Richard Wade Nancy Wadopian John W. Wagar Lawrence Wales Dorothy Wallace Family Ed and Monica Wallen James and Heather Walsh

2011 Annual Report

Jon and Judy Walter Thomas Wappes Jeffrey Ward Jan and Cynthia Warren Jim and Linda Warren Nancy Warren G. Neal Watson and Patricia Yale Sheila Watson Steve Webster Lois Weed Kris Wegerson Wesley Wehner Dean and Marci Weimer William Weiss Doug Welker John and Lynn Wellinghoff Frederick Wenn Jacqui Wensich James Wessel Walker Charlie and Margie West Western Michigan Chapter-NCTA Greg Westrick Maureen Whalen Mike Whelsky Steven A. Whistler John and Mary Wichita Jerry and Mary Wick Amy Wilks and Dave Whitlock Eleanor Williams Channan Willner Jack and Sanda Willsey Jim and Bonnie Wilson David Wingrove John Winnenberg Chris Wise Jean Wise David Wissink Dewey and Kay Wobma John and Patti Wojtowicz Rodger and Denise Wolf Andrew Wright William Wuerthele Virginia Wunsch Richard Wynalda Hugh Yeman Dale Yerkes Alan Youel William Young John Zadvinskis David Zavadsky Andrew Zbikowski Gary and Nancy Zebko Robert Zeilenga Gail Ziegler and Marshall Secunda Cynthia Zientarski Kenneth Zimmer Bill and Jan Zimmermann Dana and Lisa Zintek Chuck Zosel Teresa Zweering



of our donors in accordance to

3M Foundation GE Foundation Kimberly-Clark Foundation National Grid Pfizer Foundation Walmart

incorrectly reported your gift, please

In Honor

Eric Aiken, Honoring Rayanne Aiken Robert Ashmead, Honoring Steve Ashmead Erik Dovre, Honoring Paul Dovre Health Partners, Honoring Pat Leinen Brenda Scurry, Honoring Ed Scurry Jerry and Beth Trout, Honoring Lorana Jinkerson


Patrick Blumm, In Memory of Marian Schwitzgoebel Leona Brewer, In Memory of Bea Anderson Denise Herron, In Memory of Bea Anderson and Marian Switzgoebel Lorana Jinkerson, In Memory of Bea Anderson Carol and Roger Johnson, In Memory of Bea Anderson Karen Krajeck, In Memory of Marian Schwitzgoebel Janice Lindstrom, In Memory of Bea Anderson Walter and Karen Maki, In Memory of Bea Anderson Ruth Matthews, In Memory of Marian Schwitzgoebel Don and Joan Miller, In Memory of Bea Anderson Greg and Mary Mitton, In Memory of Al Mitton Philip Nolt, In Memory of Naomi Eby Brutus Susan and Gregg Sutherland, In Memory of Bea Anderson Marjory Travernini, In Memory of Bea Anderson Jerry and Beth Trout, In Memory of Al Mitton Charles Truscon, In Memory of Marian Schwitzgoebel John and Ayleen VanBeynen, In Memory of Bea Anderson and Marian Switzgoebel Jim Weiske, In Memory of Al Mitton

This Annual Report lists those individuals and organizations that made gifts to the NCTA in addition to basic dues from January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011. We have made every effort to make these lists as accurate as possible and to publicly acknowledge all their wishes. If we have omitted or accept our apology and contact our Director of Development, David Cowles at (616) 897-5987 ext. 6.

north country Legacy Society The North Country Legacy Society was established in 2010 to acknowledge those individuals who had included the NCTA in their estate plans or had made a planned gift to the Association. The Legacy Society doubled in size this year making it the fastest growing segment of our giving arena. Though no gifts were realized in 2011, eleven individuals made us aware that we have been listed in their estate plans, bringing our total number of members to 22. To gain membership in this group, one must simply make the Association aware of your intent to benefit the organization with your estate. There are a variety of planned gifts recognized by the IRS and the NCTA recognizes many of them. Planned gifts can be restricted by the donor in the estate plan or some other agreement with the organization or they can be unrestricted. Due to the size of these gifts they are sometimes referred to as the “ultimate gift” because they provide not only important funds to an organization but they often provide stability and security for the future. This year, the NCTA Board of Directors established an endowment and determined that all unrestricted planned gifts would support the endowment.





••• Legacy Society Members ••• Pat Allen

Bob and Annette Papp

Cecil and Joanne Dobbins

Ron and Linda Sootsman

Tom Funke

Walter Srogi†

John Heiam* and Lois Goldstein

Harmon Strong†

Martha Jones†

Doug Thomas* and Carol Zazubek

Betty A. Lewis† Roderick† and Peggy MacRae Tom* and Mary Moberg

Irene Szabo

Joan Young Deceased *Indicates a Director of the Board

How to Get Involved and Support the Trail The North Country Trail Association and North Country National Scenic Trail are going strong because of the generosity of our many dedicated members and supporters. Thousands of hours of volunteer support are poured annually into trail building and maintenance, as well as chapter leadership and administrative help. And then there’s the financial support that makes all of these physical improvements and the promotion of the trail possible. Perhaps this 2011 Annual Report has inspired you to join the many others who support the trail and you would like to make a meaningful contribution. Take a look through the list below and consider getting involved in the trail today. It truly will make a difference. n Become a Member – Join the 2,500 members already involved nationwide. You can join a local chapter if you wish. The easiest way to sign up is at our website: n Volunteer – Whether it’s building trail or stuffing envelopes to get the message out, we need your help. Call us at (616) 897-5987 and let’s discuss how we can match your interests to our needs. n Gifts of Cash – This area of giving, outright gifts of cash, benefits the trail immediately and helps us leverage other grants and funds for the work we need to do each year.

n Planned Gifts – Deferred or planned gifts such as bequests, charitable remainder trusts or retained life estates can make great tax sense for you and your heirs, and benefit the mission of the NCTA well into the future. Talk with your tax or estate planner about this option. n Company Matching Gifts – One great way to double or even triple your giving power is with matching gifts from the company you work for. It’s easy to do. Check with your human resources department before you give your next gift. n Corporate Giving – If you represent a corporation or work for a corporation that is interested in the mission of the NCTA and would like to support that mission there are a number of marketing and philanthropic opportunities that will give maximum exposure to your corporation.

If you still have questions or want to make a special donation to the NCTA but want to talk about the best way to go about making the gift, contact David Cowles, our Director of Development, at or call him at (616) 897-5987 ext. 6.

n Gifts of Land and Stock – A gift of land or stock is often a very tax-wise way to make a generous gift to the trail and receive a significant tax benefit. Call David Cowles, Director of Development to discuss this option. 11 11

2011 financial highlights Summary of NCTA’s 2011 Financial Performance

Income and Expense

Expense by Category

Through 12/31/2011, in $1000’s

For 2011, in $1000’s

In a year in which many nonprofit organizations continued to struggle due to the economy, the North Country Trail Association’s financial performance reflected its growing maturity and ability to adapt and modify as required. NCTA’s solid foundation will provide a strong basis for moving into the future.

Income Membership $116.0 Donations $114.3 NPS Base Support and Projects $469.6 Grants $100.2 Trail Shop Sales $23.3 Programs and Events $39.7 Other Income $42.9 TOTAL INCOME $906.0

The key points in reviewing the organization’s financial activity in 2011 are: n A

decrease in dependence on National Park Service funding (3.7%)

Cost of Trail Shop Goods Sold

n A

reciprocal increase in combined Donations and Grants funding (3.5%) solid increase in Cash Position from December 31, 2010 to December 31, 2011 ($52,235)

n A

healthy balance of program-based expenses over administrative expenses net income loss for the year

Our primary funding source for the year was once again our partner the National Park Service. We realized a slight gain in our efforts to reduce our dependence on the Park Service as the primary funding source in 2011. Although we registered a net income loss of $19.5K or 2.1% of our overall expenses, we ended the year with a strong cash balance. The best indicator of NCTA’s financial health is its cash position, which stands at almost $260K at the end of 2011, $52K better than at the start of 2011. Adding to the NCTA’s financial security was the decision in 2011 by the board to establish an endowment fund. Monies collected in 2010 from two bequests totaling $28,000 provided the seed money to set up the fund. NCTA’s membership and the accompanying member dues income have remained remarkably stable in 2011, as it has since 2009. A core group of dedicated individuals continues to support NCTA through both their membership and sweat equity.

Expense Salaries and Benefits $443.2 Administration $96.5 Communication and Outreach $142.0 Trail Management and Projects $163.2 Travel and Meetings $65.6 Advocacy $7.3 Depreciation $0.6 TOTAL EXPENSE $918.4

Balance Sheet


Assets Checking/Savings $259.8 Accounts Receivable $123.5 Other Current Assets $14.7 Total Current Assets $398.0 Fixed Assets $20.5 TOTAL ASSETS $418.5


n n n n n n n

Administration Advocacy Chapters Development GIS/Cartography Outreach Trail Management


$124.5 $15.4 $152.1 $97.8 $33.5 $244.9 $250.2

13.6% 1.7% 16.6% 10.6% 3.6% 26.7% 27.2%

$918.4 100.0%

Income by Source For 2011, in $1000’s

4.4% 2.6%



11.1% 12.6%

Liabilities Other Current Liabilities $99.3 TOTAL LIABILITIES $99.3 51.8%


The North Country Trail Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Audited financial statements are available upon request.


North Country Trail Association

10.6% 26.7%

As of 12/31/2011, in $1000’s

As of December 31, in $1000’s




NCTA Cash Position








n A

n A


2011 Annual Report

n n n n n n n

Membership Donations NPS Base Support and Projects Grants Trail Shop Sales Programs and Events Other Income

“ The best part of working the trail is when I go out and spend the whole day and I come walking down the part I just worked on. I look forward and back at the newly groomed trail and think no one will ever know who did this—but I do.” Bert Nemcik, Trail Adopter, Allegheny NATIONAL Forest Chapter

Official Federal Trail Partner

Federal Land Management Partners

North Country Trail Association Staff



U.S. Forest Service U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service n U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Andrew Bashaw, Regional Trail Coordinator – Ohio/Pennsylvania David C. Cowles, Director of Development Matt Davis, Regional Trail Coordinator – Minnesota/North Dakota Rose Ann Davis, Office Manager/IT/Communications Jill DeCator, Administrative Assistant/Membership Coordinator Andrea Ketchmark, Director of Trail Development Laura Lindstrom, Finance Administrator Bruce E. Matthews, Executive Director Bill Menke, Regional Trail Coordinator – Wisconsin Matt Rowbotham, GIS Coordinator


Chapters, Partners and Affiliates of North Country National Scenic Trail NORTH DAKOTA n Sheyenne River Valley Chapter n North Dakota Prairie Grasslands Chapter MINNESOTA n Star of the North Chapter n Laurentian Lakes Chapter n Itasca Moraine Chapter n Arrowhead Chapter n Kekekabic Trail Club (Trail Maintaining Affiliate) n Border Route Trail Association (Trail Maintaining Affiliate) n Superior Hiking Trail Association (Trail Maintaining Affiliate) WISCONSIN n Brule-St.Croix Chapter n Chequamegon Chapter n Heritage Chapter MICHIGAN n Ni-Miikanaake Chapter n Peter Wolfe Chapter n North Country Trail Hikers Chapter n Superior Shoreline Chapter n Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore Chapter n Harbor Springs Chapter n Tittabawassee Chapter n Friends of the Jordan River National Fish Hatchery (Trail Maintaining Affiliate) n Grand Traverse Hiking Club Chapter n Spirit of the Woods Chapter n Western Michigan Chapter n Chief Noonday Chapter n Chief Baw Beese Chapter

OHIO n NW Ohio Rails-to-Trails Association (Trail Maintaining Affiliate) n Buckeye Trail Association (Trail Maintaining Affiliate) n Adams County Chapter n Little Cities of the Forest Chapter n Ohio Valley Chapter n Great Trail-Sandy Beaver Canal Chapter PENNSYLVANIA n Wampum Chapter n Butler County Chapter n Butler Outdoor Club (Trail Maintaining Affiliate) n Clarion County Chapter n Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy (Trail Maintaining Affiliate) n Allegheny National Forest Chapter NEW YORK n Finger Lakes Trail Conference (FLTC) (Trail Maintaining Partner) Maintaining Organizations Coordinated by FLTC - Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) - ADK-Genesee Valley Chapter - ADK-Onondaga Chapter - Cayuga Trails Club - Foothills Trail Club - Genesee Valley Hiking Club - Hammondsport Boy Scout Troop 18 n

Central New York Chapter

North Country Trail Association National Board of Directors Larry Hawkins, President, Lower Michigan Repr. Tom Moberg, First Vice President, Minnesota Repr. Lorana Jinkerson, Secretary, At-Large Repr. Mary Coffin, VP East, New York Repr. Gaylord Yost, VP West, Great Lakes Repr. Joyce Appel, Pennsylvania Repr. Jack Cohen, Pennsylvania Repr. Dave Cornell, At-Large Repr. Garry Dill, At-Large Repr. John Heiam, At-Large Repr. Bobby Koepplin, Immediate Past President, ND Repr. Brian Pavek, Minnesota Repr. Lynda Rummel, New York Repr. Doug Thomas, At-Large Repr. Ray Vlasak, At-Large Repr.

Photography Credits Cover: Matt Davis Page 2: Bart Smith Inside front cover, page 6, inside back cover, back cover: NCTA Archives This report printed on recycled paper with 10% post-consumer waste.

13 13

North Country Trail Association 229 East Main Street Lowell, MI 49331 (616) 897-5987

North Coutry Trail Association 2011 Annual Report  

NCTA 2011 Annual Report - A Threshold Year for The Trail

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