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Photography : Stelio Alevropoulos

INTERVIEW Hi Andy! Glad you’re here on Radar Rock for this interview! Your second cd is a fine masterpiece of melodic hardrock. How do you see the differences to the first Wild Rose album? Hi Thanassis my pleasure and thank you very much for your kind words ,well the differences between the two albums I think are not much in the feeling (cause we did both with love) but in the way of making it!! We kept the classic feeling of our style and we gave a little bit adultity in the songs in comparison with ‘’Half past midnight’’and of course with David’s voice the band was taken to the next level! Our hearts beat so fast everytime we write Wild Rose songs!

What are your wishes and targets with “Dangerous“? We want the people to love our music cause we write music for them and to play live all over the world ! And our target is one... To reach for the top! Any touring plans outside Greece at the moment? At this time no, but we will see in the summer.. First we have to find a singer for the band because David can’t follow us on tours due to personal issues. So this is a big problem, but we’re trying to get over it. We hope that everything works out in the end.

Andy Rock

I have to say that “Dangerous” impressed me with its pure and classic AOR sound. You guys achieved to bring the classic 80’s melodic rock sound with no new or modern elements in it! Who’s responsible for the melodies and lyrics in Wild Rose? We play music with a lot inspiration of the 80’s and you can see that in our songs,for some people it’s bad, for some others it’s perfect. Sorry but that is what we gonna do to play classic melodic rock 80’s style... Most of the songs and melodies are mine but also Dirty has helped a lot!!

So final question and I wanna say thanks to you for this interview! What will be the next steps for Wild Rose? The next step for us, as I mentioned is to find a singer for the band so that we can make concerts. A singer that really loves our music.. Any suggestions? (laughing) We’re also thinking about our next album, since we have some tracks and ideas, but it’s a bit premature to talk about it now. Thank you!! All the best to you and to RadarRock too!

ROCK ANALYSIS Wild Rose originally was formed in Spring 2004 by Andy Rock. Due to problems finding the right musicians which could play a proper AOR sound, the line-up wasn’t stable for a long time. After trying for two years and continuous changes in the song-writing, Wild Rose formed a basic line-up, which was introduced in 2006 to the audience with songs composed by Andreas Peyos. In 2007 Wild Rose released their first promo CD entitled «It’s all about love» which contained the same title track and «Too Late», a song that was rapidly accepted and loved by the audience of AOR. At the same period Wild Rose performed as the support act on Talisman’s farewell tour in Greece. At the beginning of 2008, two members took a break from Wild Rose to take care of their military obligations. The band was put on hold for a while and Peyos continued to work on the song material. They returned in mid 2009 and recorded a 10 track demo CD with tracks written by Peyos and Dirty Haris. These songs matured through the rehearsal process and ended up in professionally recorded versions on the band’s debut album “Half Past Midnight” which was finally released in October 2011 and received great results in the AOR specialized press. During the year 2012, the band has worked on new songs and recorded their second album “Dangerous” which released on 22 February 2013 on the AOR Heaven label. This release was produced & mixed by Andy Rock and co-produced by Wild Rose between December 2011 and September 2012 at WR Studios Thessaloniki, Greece and is the first to feature new main vocalist David A. Saylor.


Line-Up: David A Saylor - Lead Vocals Dirty Haris - Keyboards, Back Vocals Andy Rock- Guitars, Keyboards, Back Vocals Phil Gun - Bass Tiny Karpo - Guitars Junior – Drums

Covers/Layout- Dirty Haris Artwork Concept- Andy Rock

Dangerous Track list: 1.Alone 2.Hold On 3.I Can’t Stop Loving You 4.If You Still Love Me 5.Dream On 6.Awake 7.Tonight 8.I Won’t Forget You 9.Is This Love 10.Not A Day Goes By Label

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Redrum “Victims Of Our Circumstances”

Photography : Stelio Alevropoulos


Athan ‘Lyssa’ Kazakis

Six years after your first release “No Turning Back”, why did it took you so long? What are the differences between “No Turning Back” and your upcoming release “Victims Of Our Circumstances”? Hi Thanassis! First of all thanks for the invitation for this interview at RadarRock! Well, all I can say and the truth is that all the Universe was against us to finish the “Victims Of Our Circumstances” album early. First of all, Panos has got some personal problems and we cancelled hours from the studio, secondly the dust that has fallen in Island has cancelled the flights from all airports so we couldn’t go to Germany, and then Michael had to finish many productions and didn’t have time! But finally we found the time to finish it in 2012! The differences between “No Turning Back” and “Victims Of Our Circumstances” are many! First of all we have a cover song “You’re The Voice” from John Farnham in the new album ... Another thing is that we created the album all together as a band and not like the previous one in which me and Panos had written all the songs and then asked Michael to sing on them. How did the recordings of the new album go? Bassicly it was a lot of fun! We had plenty of time and we were working from 10 in the morning till 10 in the night and as we were creating the main bodys of every and each track we recorded them right after... that’s a very good thing I think for a band to do! New album with 2 new members in the band. Can you please tell us more about it? “Hi! I’m Marco from Redrum...” The thing for Marco is that we know him from back when we were mastering our 1st album so, it was

only a matter of time to get in the band. The chemistry between us has grown long before “Victims Of Our Circumstances” as long as with Alex Kidd too! I know him from many years back and when we needed a bass player with good backing vocals Alex had all the package so he was one of the first and best choices for us! You already did 3 gigs (one at Thessaloniki, GR and two at Oslo, NOR) for the presentation of the new album. Can you give us some details about them? Is there more to expect from Redrum? And more to come...! It was very good that we invited Bangkok babes, Soudntruck and DeSign in Thessaloniki to play with us and they agreed and it was a great feeling playing with good bands like them in our hometown... but after this when you have a chance for 2 shows at Norway it was a great experience you can’t miss...! People really know how to rock and have fun in live shows at Norway by all meanings... and they were one of the warmest audience I’ve ever seen...! It was a really amazing time! Next to come is that we are invited to a festival which will take place for the first time at Mansfield in U.K. and it’s called Skyfest and we will play among many great bands in 21st & 22nd of September 2013 and more gigs will be announced soon...! Thanks for the interview Athan! Something for our readers? I am thanking you very much Thanassis and RadarRock as long as I’m the most fanatic fan of RadarRock from the first issue you’ve released!!! Stay rock in heart and soul!!!

All the universe was against us to finish the “Victims of our circumstances” album early


Redrum is a melodic Hard Rock band based in Thessaloniki (Greece). Athan ‘Lyssa’ Kazakis and Panos Baxevanis founded the project during September 2003. About a year later, they had recorded 12 songs in a local studio. At this point the band still wasn´t complete in the way of needed members. They decided to get in touch with well known german vocalist, songwriter, producer and engineer Michael Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart, J.R. Blackmore, Bonfire, Zeno Roth, Rain). Michael liked the material and so he recorded all the vocal parts (and co-wrote a couple of the songs) in his RMB Studios in Germany. The first record label, “Sleazy Rider Records”, a greek label, released “Redrum~ No Turning Back,” in September 2007 with rave reviews and successful sales. During their headliner shows in Greece, Redrum supported great acts like Bonfire, Tyketto, Krokus, Danger Danger, House Of Lords, Adlers Apetite, Blue Tears, Europe, Robert Plant and Glenn Hughes. Redrum also appeared at festivals such as «Firefest» and «Rockwave» in Athens. «No Turning Back» was the first Redrum song released, from their debut which was a featured track on V3 the third compilation CD of The Redrum project came together as a dynamite and popular hard rock band with the Greek/German alliance that is working very well in the way of musical chemistry. For their 2nd album REDRUM decided, to write and record together at RMB-Studios in Duisburg, Germany with Michael Bormann at the helm. In a few days, 12 killer songs were written and the basics were recorded. These incredible songs are now ready to rock you on their new CD titled “Redrum~Victim’s Of Our Circumstances,” set for a worldwide release during 2013 along with a tour to support their latest greatest masterpiece loaded full of pure hard rock heaven.

Covers designed by Stelio Alevropoulos Artwork booklet designed by Chris Siloma, Athan “Lyssa” Kazakis

Victims Of Our Circumstances Track list: 1.Scream 2.You can’t buy no hero 3.Dust in your eyes 4.Empty promises 5.Pokerface 6.Dirty white boy 7.Mother I’m coming home 8.Tear down the walls 9.Never too late 10.Victims of our circumstances 11.Have a nice day 12. You’re the voice Label

RMB Records Im Kleinen Feld 78


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Athan «Lyssa» Kazakis – Guitars Panos Baxevanis – Guitars Michael Bormann – Vocals Marco Grasshoff – Keyboards Alex Kid - Bass Thanos Sarketzis - Drums

C.S.M. Promotion - Globe C.S.Management &Promotions Chris Siloma Dimitriou Gounari 42, 54621 Thessaloniki/ Greece Tel +30 6972 373278


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RadaRock Magazine/ REDRUM / WILD ROSE Hellenic Bands Only

RadaRock Magazine / REDRUM/WILD ROSE  

RadaRock Magazine/ REDRUM / WILD ROSE Hellenic Bands Only

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