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Zeb & Sly Andrews Zebberman & Glauco Slade

Words from Our Publisher

Preparation is always key when getting ready for an issue to be published , you can never be too prepared but there is always the unexpected. This issue was set to be published and while we were finalizing the magazine our Managing Editor’s computer had a malfunction. Well we were all ready to do a back-up when real life happened. Its very rare that these things happen but I had to learn from them and how to strengthen weaknesses that were spotted. It also showed me how true friends can be and being there for you. Radar has been growing stronger and we will continue our journey. The Staff and I apologizes for the delay and inconvenience thanks for sticking with us. I am pleased to be working on a new project with some of my friends. A lot of you inquired about my return to radio well Radar SL Radio is set to launch in March 2011, and I am not sure if that counts as a return..Ha ha. We have lots more new things in store keep posted for details via and stay tune for the next sizzling issue of Radar Magazine. Labella Farella Radar Magazine CEO/ Publisher

Words from our Editor

This has been a whirlwind month for all of us here at Radar Magazine: welcoming back our publication, getting interviews and stories, and making sure to bring our readers an on-the-pulse publication of high quality and standards. Despite being called SecondLife, this is about the people behind the avatars, because we are all people with stories waiting to be told. Sometimes they are happy stories, sometimes they are fraught with obstacles and pain, but we remain human throughout it all. We hope you enjoy the glimpses we provide behind some of those avatars this month. We plan to bring you many more in the coming weeks and months, and to keep it real and on target. Welcome back, happy the newcomers have joined us, and we hope you all enjoy the ride with us. Dancer Dallagio Editor

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64. the New Layer 76. RECAP:Angel Dessous Fashion Show

The Cover

Andrews Zebberman & Glauco Slade, Owners of Zeb and Sly Poses Photo by Valeria Endrizzi

Just Nave I

get instant messaged frequently these days with questions about Second Life’s modeling schools. I’ve written a notecard to save myself time when responding and expanded on it for this column. Some of these questions should be asked before investing in a modeling school and to help you get a feel for how responsive they are. If the owner doesn’t communicate well (in a language you speak I mean) or addresses your inquiry personally that’s a SERIOUS WARNING SIGNAL. Are testimonials of any value? Well if they’re on a website or blog, and from people who can’t be tracked down, then they’re less than worthless, which is why AgencyReport makes such a sin of self dealing. Here are some questions I’d be asking if I was looking to take classes at Second Life modeling school or academy these days: 1) How long has your agency and

training facility been continuously in business?

8) Is there an overview of the class topics covered that I can see?

2) How many models are in your agency? And how people have attended and graduated from your school?

9) Where are your classes conducted? Do you own a sim?

3) Who owns your agency and training facility? 4) Do you, the owner, personally teach or, merely hire others to teach the classes that they wrote for you? Does the owner actually write the classes? If not, who writes, and owns, your class materials? 5) Who are your other instructors and what is their modeling and training experience? May I see their bios? 6) Do you have a Flickr page I can look at about your school, agency’s shows and models? 7) Have you or your business been reviewed in Second Life’s media? And where?

10) How many people do you take into your classes typically? 11) How many hours does your complete series of training classes take? Is there more then one level of class? Basic, advanced, elite for example? 12) What is unique about your school’s classes (if you know what that is)? 13) If I have a problem with something or someone in the class who is responsible for dealing with it? 14) What designers do you work with actively? Will they be introduced to the students?

15) Will I be given outfits to wear and style for classes and the graduation show without additional charges? If there is no graduation show, how will the classes conclude? 16) Once someone finishes your classes do you actively mentor them and help with their modeling careers? How do you do that? Will they be taken into your agency automatically? Obviously if you have questions you can instant message me and ask. I’m just, Nave Fall

Photography By Cade Nansen

Journal de nouveaux Modèles

Radar Magazine will be following two new models on there journey to becoming a top model. Photography by Alatiel Malies

Hello SL! Hope this finds you all do-

ing well. I have been super busy the past two weeks. The Sage pageant is getting closer. I feel so stressed about it. My hubby keeps telling me how much confidence he has in me so that helps de-stress me a bit. He is my rock through everything. He knows how much I change my mind on everything lol. Sometimes I think I am driving him to the loony bin. It’s hard to make up my mind on what to wear. I decided how to do my hair and I have decided on my formal. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I keep telling myself no matter what the outcome it will be an experience. It is my first ever pageant. The main thing I am nervous about is the question and answer round. I have never been good at answering something right on the spot. I am a shy person at first. I am getting more confident but not just completely there yet. I tend to get cotton mouth when speaking in front of crowds especially when I know I am being judged. This is helping me to face that fear. I hope whatever they ask me I can find the right words in a timely manner and not sound like a complete blonde ( no offense to blondes I am one but you know what I mean lol ) In other words, I don’t want to sound like a complete ditz. Ok now that I vented about that I feel somewhat better. Now onto my new finds...HAIR!!!!! I love new hair. I have been super partial to Truth Hair.

I love it! I did find a few new places that were recommended to me, Thanks Bella! Lamb has some super cute hair. I know of a few that I will go back and get asap. The hair I chose for the pageant is from Vanity. It is an updo but falls in places. I think its elegant yet sexy. I have a few others from Vanity also. If you have a favorite hair store, send me a notecard and let know so I can check it out. While looking in my inventory for jewelry today I found some gorgeous earrings. I don’t remember when I bought them. I guess it was on one of those shopping sprees. I really need to get my closet organized. It is very important to keep things organized for the runway so if I could get everything like that it would make everything a lot easier. It is no telling what all I have in there that I have forgotten about. I dread going through it and I know it will take FOREVER! After the pageant I’m going to cross that off my to do list. There has to be an easier way to organize. I wish I had pictures of each outfit so I didnt have to put them all on to see what they are. I could

probably make a small fortune if I had a yard sale. Remember the freebie stuff you got when you were a newbie...that stuff cracks me up and makes me wonder what was I thinking when I wore that. AND we thought we were sexy and the hottest avi out there. Maybe there should be a show on what not to wear now. So here I sit at Sage modeling my gown waiting for customers to greet and blabbing to the fabulous Radar Readers. The atmosphere here at Sage is so peaceful and relaxing. It gives me a chance to reflect on the past weeks and make decisions on the upcoming events. I have the pageant to do and there is one more I am considering getting involved in. I’m going to check into it and tell y’all about that one next week. I have to get a few photos done, write a bio, get a portfolio together, write descriptions of outfits, and the list goes on. I hope everyone is having a fabulous New Year and stick-

ing to those resolutions. Take time to get out there and explore new things. Stay unique and beautiful. “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Coco Chanel <3 Fancy

Hello everyone..Well this has been a week of work work work, as you know I am in a pageant at the end of the month so I have been rehearsing walks, poses, and styling. As I told you last time, I am modeling two fantastic styles so I have been shopping for all the right accessories--shape, makeup, hair, jewelry, shoes and of course poses and walks. Since this is my first real contest I am very nervous and I keep going back and forth over everything that is needed..second and third guessing. I have tired on so many demo hairs they are all starting to look alike lol. I have learned the formation and have been walking it in and out of the selected fits to get the perfect walk and the perfect pose to make sure of where I am standing at any given moment and of course to handle the lag, spending hours walking up and down the runway. You might ask if this gets boring, but the answer is not because I always end up in a different place not on purpose I assure you.I went to a casting call just to look and see what it was like because to be honest I am scared to death to actually try one, I might cry if they didn’t choose me; shhhh don’t tell anyone I said that (smile). I am in many groups that sends notices of castings and jobs and they are all interesting. I am going to try a few I mean hey what’s the worst that could happen I get turned down..I think I can handle it if not there is always next time. Well that is all for me now back to the runway and practice, practice and more practice, and hopefully next time I can tell you how I did in the pageant wish me luck!! Until next time LadyLouis

Germelshausen Coffeehouse Located on the warm and homey little sim of Madupak sits the earthy yet quaint cafe known as Germelshausen. Known for itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s delicious mouth watering pastries and realistic ambient atmosphere, one would be hard press to find any drama here, only quiet relaxation and peace of mind!

The name-sake for this wonderful cafe derives from an old story by Friedrich Gerstacker. In this story a mythical village, that only crops up every hundred years or so, emerges to which a lovely young man happens upon. There he meets and falls in love with an enchanting young woman. Being in that the town only appears for a certain amount of time, the young man leaves just as the village disappear once again. Taking with it the love of his life. This wonderful story is also the basis for the widely popular musical, Brigadoon.

By afrosia choche

In our version you will feel the romantic notes fluttering throughout the cafe in every corner. From the beautiful furniture as you walk in and lavish tables filled with decadent cakes, pastries and breads, to the stunning art decorating the walls. All of this adds enchanting notes to the atmosphere making you long for the story to finish its romantic unraveling in your sight. However, unlike the story adding a touch of fantastic, you will find notes of modernity such as easy access port stations for the Internet as well as frequent live-music shows that happen many times per month keeping this little cafe exciting and new along with itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s romantic classic touches.

e One can assure, that you will be completely captivated by this little tea room and just as the fabled young man in the story was smitten with the young girl in the village , you will become mesmerized by this wonderful hidden gem! Until next time, Afrosia

Upcoming Events


Sher Salmson Manager of Spiritfire Entertainm BY: Angelina Lerintzo Radar: Which type of music theme do you like personally? Answer: Wow! What a tough question to start with! Music has always been my friend and a huge part of my life. I am very diverse in my musical tastes. Music that touches me, makes me feel, makes me dream….that is the answer! How would you rate the artists performances under Spiritfire? Now that’s an easy one--they are all incredibly talented! Some are seasoned artists while some are just beginning. But all it takes is attending their concerts for one to hear and appreciate the diverse music styles they bring to the SL music scene. So how do I rate their performances – the best in sl! What are the best and worst situations that you have experienced between your clients? Haha! Wouldn’t touch this question with a ten-foot pole! Next question! lollll What is typical day as a live artist manager in Second Life? Every day is incredibly busy filled with constant multi-tasking! A typical week for SpiritFire Entertainment is over 40 concerts. There is a lot of work and preparation before and after a booking not counting the actual concerts; and I do try to attend them all when possible. If you had to change one thing about Spiritfire Entertainment, what do you feel would be the best change to benefit the company and why? Yhis is a question I constantly ponder, and coincidentally, I’m in the middle of making changes that would benefit our team. The changes that are taking place at the moment are adding capable people to


the team to assist the artists. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time, but have patiently awaited finding the right people. And thankfully, our team is complete now. I am very satisfied and happy with our team members! Each brings his or her talents and skills to the table. Do you have relations with other management companies? Why or why not? There are many others in this field that I greatly admire and respect. And I appreciate the hard work that they do to assist other wonderful musicians in SL. Enriching the live music scene in SL takes us all working together. I don’t see it as a competition. What is the relationship between you and your co-workers? First of all, I consider them all my friends. Secondly, I feel so privileged and honored to assist each of them with their SL musical pursuits. I truly do believe that they know I care and that I believe in their music. What are your long-term goals with SE in Second Life ? The main goal of SpiritFire Entertainment remains consistent – to help each artist achieve his/her individual goals in regard to live music performance in SL. All strategies are formulated around the artist’s personal goals. What do you think makes Spiritfire Entertainment artists unique?

Above and beyond the fact that they are incredibly talented musicians/singers/ songwriters? They put up with me! lollll How do you select artist to be under your management? Is it a tough process? A very interesting question, because as it has turned out with my journey.. I don’t seek musicians; our paths cross, and after a bit of talk we either know that it is meant to be or not, whether it is a good fit. I believe that every musician deserves to have a manager who believes in his or her musician. That is a top criteria for me so that I can promise I will give all the energy I can to promote it. And of course, it has to be someone who understands that we have the team concept. Who does your team consist of and how much do you depend on them? The SpiritFire Entertainment team consists of the artists, management, and vibemasters (host/hostesses). I depend upon each one’s contribution to the whole. I couldn’t do it without any one of them. SpiritFire artists are: AcousticEnergy Nitely, Anek Fuchs, Blueron Clyburn, Christopher135 Quan, Digby Smalls, Gabryel Nyoki, Gavin Zane, Gina Stella, ItFactor Resident, Lighthouse Mixmaster, and Louis Volare. Recently added to the management team are Joonie Jatho (General Manager), Chuck McMasters (Booking Manager) and Patrick Thorkveld (Development & Special Projects). Doris Fereszki is my personal assistant. And the VibeMasters are Meredith Aviatak, Askara Voom,

Sloane Cerise, and Lacey Saule. Do you think live music has the inspiration value as in real life? Oh yes, I absolutely do. Actually, when you stop and think about it--it is a real musician, performing live music at a concert. It just happens to be a virtual platform. I have personally witnessed not only the musical growth of musicians, but real people being touched by the music. How has music from Second Life had an effect on you? It has enriched my life just as it does so many others. To be able to attend live concerts with some of the most talented musicians from all around the world!!! Tell me! How amazing is that!!! Music is the universal language. I am happy and I am blessed. How do we find out about live artist that you manage? Please contact any of SpiritFire Entertainment team! We can give you all the information you want. In my profile picks, there is a calendar for each artist. Oh! And by the way, you can also teleport to the location where all of their subscribomatics are located! Is there a way to find out more about your company? Contact me! I’m an open book! And there is nothing I’d rather talk about than the wonderful team I work with! SpiritFire Entertainment… Music is our world… bringing our world to yours.

Comments from Sher.Salmson: I would also like to add how important live music venues are. I have met such wonderful people as a result of working in the live music scene. I fully support live music venues right alongside our artists… the music – the magic – happens at these great venues. And I know what a sacrifice many of them make for their love of music and their desire to keep it cranking in sl! Article interviewed by Angelina Lerintzo

Pirats Omega Galler

Written By Nicole Wiz

Art galleries are typically open spaces jam-packed with various paintings in a museum-esque building but Omega Art Gallery is a pleasant surprise. Visitors are greeted by a giant glass dome elegantly built with stairs leading up to individual floors that are connected by glass walkways. Each floor has several different sections that feature an artist. The gallery doesn’t just show art but is piece of art in itself. As you walk through the gallery, you can see many different pieces from talented Second Life artists, who specialize in contemporary, modern and abstract art. The Pirats Omega Gallery provides a futuristic experience for art lovers everywhere. The gallery is owned by Jean-Marc Larroque and Nathalie Gob, a real life married couple from France. These two do not only own Omega Gallery but they also run a group called Pirats. Pirats is an artist’s group that is responsible for several galleries across Second Life and is a non-profit organization dedicated to art and artists. The organization also helps to provide a friendly environment for well over 1000 artists to showcase their work both in and out of Second Life. Great lovers of art, Jean-Marc and Nathalie both have a strong connect to Pirats and call it their baby. At the Omega Gallery, artists have their own “pod” or space to showcase their work instead of sharing an area with another artist. In their pods, are free to design and build their pod however they want to, making each section different from the next. “For Omega, we built this gallery because we wanted to have a special one. A place where all artists could be together but with their own world,” Nathalie said proudly. The artists agree they enjoy the freedom they have in the gallery because they love the ability to not only create, but to create the space that shows off their work. Pirats, as mentioned before, is a non-profit organization and this includes their galleries. “No money (is exchanged) between artists and Pirats,” said Jean-Marc. Artists like Ragamuffin Kips are glad they don’t have to shell out money to pay for a space to showcase their work.



“They do not charge the artists to show their work, and any sales go strictly to the artist, said Kips, a contemporary artist who uses Omega Gallery often to showcase his work. “Pirats does not collect any fee for showing the work, which is very nice.” This is a breath of fresh air for several artists, who said galleries usually take 30% to 80% of the profits earned from each artwork that is bought. Pirats is a wonderful, almost charitable, gallery for up and coming artists. The Omega Gallery provides an art fanatic with top quality and beautiful pieces of modern art from talented artist, worthy being placed in any establishment. The gallery houses paintings, sculptures and even fashion pieces. “Though, we prefer some art for sure, Pirats exists for artistic promotion. Not for ‘our taste’ promotion,” said Nathalie. “We show any art that looks good.” Omega provides a diverse setting for the ‘art scene’, which allows everyone to experience the different styles and personalities of the artists that show their art in it. The artists, including Filthy Fluno believe Jean-Marc and Nathalie both provide a wonderful experience for show art. “I’ve experienced bad attitudes; ‘I will make you famous’ egomaniacs, control freaks, and other galleries that don’t show much interest in the artist or establishing a relationship with the artist,” said Fluno, who is an abstract painter. “I get the sense that Nathalie and Jean-Marc are humble because of all the talent and beauty they attract.”

The Pirats network is about the artists and the real people behind the avatars too. “Other galleries just want to give out your SecondLife identity, they don’t care about the real person that you are,” said Littleone Aries, a Pirats artist. “Omega and Pirats let you put your real name out there, and help your real identity be known.” If you’re an artist interested in showing off your work, Omega is a great place to start. You can check out the Omega Gallery at: slurl://PiRats Art Network/83/93/63 or contact Jean-Marc Larroque and Nathalie Gobѐ for more details about joining the Pirats organization. Web : Blog : Artung : Facebook :

Interview BY Dancer Dallagio Editor of Radar Magazine


adar Magazine celebrated the new year issue with a beautiful cover featuring Miss Viirtual World Contestants. While reviewing concepts and what is possible in pose creation in Second Life, one of our Executives suggested Andrews Zebberman & Glauco Slade and without a doubt knew there was no pose they could not create . We were overwhelmed when they accepted and as you could see, the results couldnt have been better. Thank you so much Andrews and Glauco, I am deeply greatful. -Labella Farella Radar Magazine CEO

How did you get your start in making animations in SecondLife? Z&S: We started working as photographers, not finding poses that we liked, we decided to create our own. What has been your greatest challenge in perfecting your art? Z&S:Making simple and natural poses that add value to models on the catwalk and let to take realistic photos. You are well known for making custom

poses; do you enjoy working directly and closely with someone else to do this, and what is the most interesting experience you have had whilst doing this? Z&S: We love to work with the customer that requires custom poses, so that he/ she can see how the pose comes out and we can make the adjustements to make it perfect. Most interesting experience was to realize a famous real pose from a photo shoot of Annie Leibovitz, an American portrait photographer, had with John Lennon for Rolling Stone magazine cover.

Many of our readers donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know what is involved in making a pose, from idea through fruition. Please describe the process that you use to do this. Z&S: As we said before, we like to realize natural poses so we seek inspiration from real photographs, magazines, internet sites and then, choosing a shape, we make adjustments due to SL poses limitations. If you could have Linden Labs make one change to make your work easier, what would that be? Z&S: Linden Labs should improve the texture streching on the bodies, this could facilitate our work because we must always check that. What is the most fun you have ever had making a pose? Z&S: There is fun every time we create a new pose, especially custom, our greatest satisfaction is knowing that the customer got exactly what he wanted. How do you feel about charity events, and how do you select which ones you will become involved with in SecondLife? Z&S: Compatibly with our commitments we try not to make a selection, we have always participated with joy in all the events that have been proposed to us. What would you say to buyers as a reason to buy your poses over any others? Z&S: At ZEB&SLY the customer can have exactly the pose that was looked for, we can make modifications to adapt poses to each outfit and shapes, they appear natural and very real. So what are you waiting for? Take a stop in our store, and contact us for a custom work. ZEB&SLY Owners andrews Zebberman Glauco Slade

Photography by Valeria Endriizzi

Julie Hastings Co-Owner of White Widow

the New Layer by Anjelyc Morales Photography By Rabia Baxton

Stan Jigsaw Co-Owner of White Widow

It is THE new thing! When an everyday avatar wants to quickly change their look from ordinary to extraordinary how do they do it? Tattoo layers! It’s not just for putting on a tattoo or an extra touch of eyeliner. Now you can completely change your look. You can create a hair base for hair attachments, giving you that slicked back sleek and sophisticated look. Shaved hair bases for that extra edgy feel to an already rocking outfit or hairstyle. Men and women all over the grid can indulge in the ease of clicking a simple tattoo layer and getting a mini-makeover. If you like your avatar tatted up, use a tattoo layer so that no matter what clothing layer you wear your tat is always in place. Ladies, if you want to go from that nude lip to super sultry red simply click and walk. These new layers have Second Lifer’s all abuzz and trying every kind of look under the sun! Some of the most popular tattoo layers come from White Widow. They are incredible, detailed and oh so lovely designs by Julie Hastings and Stan Jigsaw. Also, a newcomer on the scene of tattoo layers but an established photographer in Second Life, Lovely Mi Makeup by LovelyMiwako7399 Mena. There is a plethora of options out on the grid right now to create any look you desire, be a chameleon! Be elegant, be vamp, avant garde or runway stunning all with a simple double click. Now with the multiple layers in Viewer 2, the possibilities seem endless for both men and women out there. Two styles can be worn at the same time giving effects even the designers themselves may not have dreamed up. So many places are designing tattoo layers nowadays so we thought we’d find out a little more about this phenomena.

Gabriella Mortensen

LovelyMiwako7399 Menna Owner of Lovely Mi

Q*So first things first, when did you being to create tattoo layers for Second Life? Julie Hastings & Stan Jigsaw ~ We always thought being able to wear extra make ups or original hair bases could be great because it’s a good way to be unique in each styles we are creating and I think we are all

looking for that! So as soon as tattoo layers appeared, we worked on them.

they try to achieve, but is it harder to design for men than it is for women?

LovelyMiwako7399 Menna ~ Oh god, My first make-up was made in September

Julie Hastings & Stan Jigsaw ~ Not at all but design for men has to be really different from women. We really think design for men is better when it’s made by men that’s why

Q*Everyone is diverse in the look

Lei Garnet

Make-up Curtesy of Lovely Mi


I’m working more on women design and Stan on men ones. But, of course, we are speaking a lot about our ideas and it’s a team work each time. LovelyMiwako7399 Menna ~ In my case I have no issue, but definitely the males are harder to get to, since they usually don’t wear make-up, but my make-up is very eclectic which means it can be used by either.

We started by making body tattoos when tattoo layers didn’t exist. As we are both photographers, the thing we like the most is working on textures that’s why we decided to open a tattoo shop. LovelyMiwako7399 Menna ~ Pink Euphoria and it was inspired by the one and only BackLiquid Tokyoska, need I say more?

Q*That seems logical, and the diversity in general of the layers is pretty awesome in itself. What was your initial creation? What inspired it?

Q*Customers no doubt have a favorite they may have purchased from your shop. You have designed a lot of different makeups and/or hair bases by now, but what was your absolute favorite to make? The one you look at and say wow, I’m awesome!

Julie Hastings & Stan Jigsaw ~

Julie Hastings & Stan Jigsaw ~

Each time it’s a great pleasure to make some new creations, we always try to become better, but maybe my favorite collection is the first colored one! It was a kind of new adventure and we couldn’t imagine people would like them as they did ! LovelyMiwako7399 Menna ~ hmmm a favorite design inside my designs, ALL; yet if I had to pick one it would be my avant garde 01 make-up Q*Have you ever started out making something and ended up with a completely different outcome then the original vision? If yes, which was it and did you eventually re-try the original

Elena Ewing

Make-up Curtesy of White Widow

thought? that. It can be the accessory that Julie Hastings & Stan Jigsaw ~ I don’t makes the difference and I think that’s LovelyMiwako7399 Menna ~ I cannot see the future so I won’t why it’s so popular. think so, each time we have an idea dare guess it, but keep an eye out we are working on it until the result is for upcoming designers and makeexactly what we had in mind. If not, up designers that are already on LovelyMiwako7399 Menna ~ oh we are simply giving up and working definitely, it has opened a whole new the scene, each has something on something else. experience because now I personally different to offer and each gives LovelyMiwako7399 Menna ~ yes and don’t have to change my skin to look you their own vision. insanely awesome or wear make-ups. no, when I design I usually have a Q*Undoubtedly, when you are target in mind, now when I am messing making a brand there will be buzz. around (like the case of the blackLiquid When someone mentions your tears) then I get experiments, some go brand, what do you want them to nicely some fail. Q*What does the future of makeup associate it with? layers hold? Is there something Q*Do you think there is a specific rea- amazing and fabulous to watch out for Julie Hastings & Stan Jigsaw ~ son why tattoo layers are so popular in the future? Each time, we are trying to do right now? our best, so we would simply be Julie Hastings & Stan Jigsaw ~ We very happy if a lot of people could think layer tattoos are offering a lot know our shop and think we are Julie Hastings & Stan Jigsaw ~ I think of possibilities and they are evolving like skins and clothes. So we are sure doing a good and original job :o) we are all looking for something that will make our style unique. And in the tattoo layers would have an important fashion industry, being unique is some- role to play in the future too with a lot LovelyMiwako7399 Menna ~ Eclecticism is not for the comof great new ideas. thing even more important! Wearing tattoo layers in a good way to achieve

Veronica Krasner

Rissa Friller

mon avatar, it is for the daring and for when you wanna feel uber couture *giggles* Q*How does it feel to see avatars wearing your creations?

LovelyMiwako7399 Menna ~ AW-E-S-O-M-E I am still amazed people like my work LOL but makes me feel awesome whenever I see someone wearing my make-up

Julie Hastings & Stan Jigsaw ~ We are sooo happy, so proud too and we are feeling that way each time we are seeing someone wearing one of our creations!

Q*Are men as into the layers as women are? There is a lot more variety out there for them, but how much do guys look into the looks that are available to them

Julie Hastings & Stan Jigsaw ~ Men are not using tattoo layers for the moment as much as women do. First, I think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a mater of habit more than everything else but honestly everything in Second Life is made more for women than men. There are always less choices and possibilities for men and maybe thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why men are not customizing their avi as much as women do

leah mccullough Tristan Tiaret

and it’s a shame. LovelyMiwako7399 Menna ~ Well in the words of Nox Deigan “Ahk. You just gave me a red bladerunner eyes. I’m fandom for evah.” I think it depends on the person and the look they are trying to achieve, or how they wanna look. It seems like tattoo layers are going to be around for a long time. Love them or shun them, in one way or another this fad is here to stay. In the modeling world, its quickly becoming a staple of many inventories. Skin designers are creating bare skins with the option to add tattoo layers for the made up look you desire any time of the day. Tattoo designers are adding the layer to their folders as well, giving that extra layer of protection to keep your avatar inked. There are so many out there, so many different designs, a huge range of styles and many more to come. Go out there and shop around, find YOUR favorite design. This was just a peek in a long line of greatness. Whether it’s makeup, tattoos, or even sparkly embellishments for your body its out there. Get it!

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The Angel Dessous Show took place on January 21st, 2011 with Hostess Tiyah Triellis and Dj Ceo of Radar Magazine Labella Farella. The Radar Models included Dancer dallagio,Veronica Krasner, Rissa Friller and Lulu Coba. The show was well attended including the owners of Angel Dessous Nando Karbose with his wife Leandra Breen and Gina Beaumont. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are greatful to the Angel Dessous Staff for allowing us to showcase there designsâ&#x20AC;? -Labella Farella, Radar Magazine CEO. The Show was followed by a 80s hits after party.

Angel Dessous â&#x20AC;&#x153;Paulaâ&#x20AC;? in Black worn here by Veronica Krasne. This amazing design catches anyones eyes with it gorgeous details. First we have the beautiful jeweled accented heart shaped top showing just the right amount of curves and adding a touch of beauty.With the jeweled center bow on the back ending with the layered train. That gave the right amount of flare as she glided gracefully across the runway.

Angel Dessous â&#x20AC;&#x153;Carmenâ&#x20AC;? in Silver worn by Rissa Friller. Carmen is a dramatic Spanish style gown which compliments any ladies gorgeous figure with black accents on the collar, shoulders and laced cleavage. Carmen stuns with its beautiful flowing black skirt overlaid with black lace, complimented with a floral decorated belt in silver lace.

Angel Dessous Gloria Gown worn by Miss Virtual World 2011 contestant Leandra Breen , representing Germany. Veronica who is wearing the original color that Leandra wore on the main stage. She walked elegantly with the lace trimmed train. And gorgeous floral accents place perfectly over, the elegant gloves, hair piece, skirt bussel and across the chest makes this dress a must have for any socialite.

Angel Dessous Nabila in Cheetah print,this wonderful African inspired dress delivers class elegance and just the right amount of sexy. Rissa Friller wears the sleek design of the mermaid style of Nabila, with a feathered mid waist belt the dress shows each curve accentuated as she walks with the beautiful feathered ending.

Angel Dessous Dragonfly, this gorgeous mermaid style gown is a must have for any elegant occasion. With long elegant formal gloves, this gorgeous number shows Lulu Cobaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s beautiful curves as she sacheted down the runway. The dress is detailed with a lace bottom, a beautiful sculpted lining by the left bust and topped off with the a gorgeous silver dragonfly broach.

Angel Dessous gown â&#x20AC;&#x153;Charmeâ&#x20AC;? worn here by Rissa Friller. The right shoulder is draped in a lace/feather adornment which surrounds their figures and ends in the front of the gown with a lace over-skirt. The skirt is embroidered with lace and ends in a beautiful train. Beautiful black silk gloves complete this gorgeous piece.

Radar Magazine Vol.2 Issue 2  

Cover: Zeb & Sly Owners Andrews Zebberman and Glauco Slade. Fashions by White Widow and Lovley Mi. Angel Dessous Fashion Re cap. Sher Salmso...

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