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Hello Readers, February is the month most of us take time to thin about that four letter word LOVE. It is always fascinating these days on how much that four letter word can have an impact in some ones life. People tend to fall in love in so many different ways it can be with there careers, another person or even themselves. There is always the fatal attraction that can seem like love but falls very short. I myself am in love with my partner and Second Life husband UncleSlappy Wylie , I am also in love with what I do on this grid including creating this magazine with friends and colleagues. I love every minute of it so I say to you dear readers fine something you love on this grid and beware of the fatal attractions because its usually what deprives you of true happiness. With Love , Labella Farella Radar Magazine CEO/ Publisher

Radar Editor

February is the month given to many western countries to celebrating Saint Valentine’s Day, devoting the day to the joy of love and friendship, intimacy and fertility. Often flowers, candy, and words of endearment are exchanged (although we all know that diamonds last longer). There is no one Saint for which this day might be attributed (but a few were martyrs of their day), ergo the shortening of the name to Valentine’s Day. Handwritten valentines are rarely given, but are so much more thoughtful than mass produced words of commonality sent via greeting card companies. Symbols of the day are typically cupids, hearts, and the colours red and white. These are symbols of purity and lust, love and desire, hearts and souls. Chaucer is the first to have penned the association with romantic love, and it has taken wings since. Professing love is far too easy these days; to truly mean the words you say is something that many don’t think about as often as they might. There are many who should hear these words, from your lover to your family members, to the homeless person on the street, to everyone you encounter. Each needs a different kind of love and caring, but we have the capacity to give and yet still have a full cup when all is said and done. Try to spread a bit of love and peace beyond your usual circle this Valentine’s Day, and every day; just make sure that you mean what you say. You just might find that it makes all worlds a little nicer to live in. With love, Dancer Dallagio Editor

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Lifestyle 34.Journal de nouveaux Modèles

46. The Lyrical Café Poetry Club with Kamillie Kamala



Fashion 50. Outrageous Glamour presents the 2011 “iNSIDE” Contest: Reign Congrejo 54. ‘Je suis..’ (An Intervew with Julia Merosi) 70. Lulu Jameson & Fauve Beaumont :Plume 82. Orage creations

The Cover Fauve Beaumont& Lulu Jameson Photo by Azumi


The Rants and Rav

I’m easily confused by many things in Sec-

ond Life. I admit it. I keep seeing that certain Second Life modeling schools “certify” their graduate’s ability to model and give them a “certificate” to endorse their success in being trained. What does that mean anyway? The dictionary definition of certification refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, person, or organization. This confirmation is often, but not always, provided by some form of external review, education, or assessment. The “certified” model attended “classes” given by someone who was self-selected (c’mon who “certified“ them in the first place?) For their unique ability (that’s sarcasm in case you missed it btw) to teach someone how to do an alt-click turn on a runway?

It bothers me when I get proached by a “new” mod has paid to take classes where (usually somewher now disappeared btw) an thinks they’re ready to as world of Second Life fash their recently acquired kn realize everyone starts so and that most are naïve ( knows I was taken in by vote contest once upon a that very few survive the ian meat grinder that new must pass through on the a Second Life modeling “ also hate the idea of thes people being preyed upon ing their dream quashed one who will take advanta them for a couple of $L10


ves of Nave Fall

apdel who somere that has nd now ssault the hion with nowledge. I omewhere (Lord a pay to a time) and Darwinw models eir way to “career”. I se naïve n and havby someage of 000s.

Vel Charisma CEO of the Farouche Tres Agency is attempting to give something back to the Second Life modeling and fashion community by creating MAABA – Model Agency/Academy Bureau of Accreditation which she intends to have develop a basic set of standards for schools, academies and trainers in Second Life to meet. MAABA will not be recommending specific modeling academies btw. I do that all the time but that’s a personal thing. I think MAABA (or something like it) is a good idea but that it will be very tough to implement and regulate. Vel and I have had several discussions about

it and I thought that soliciting public input might help things a bit. If you have any interest in participating in MAABA please IM Vel and let her know. If you teach at an Second Life modeling school and have ideas on what you think prospective models should be taught please take a couple of minutes to share your thoughts on this topic with her. Nave Fall

Journal de nouveaux Modèles Radar Magazine will be following two new models on there journey to becoming a top model . Photography by Alatiel Malies

Another crazy week down. Well the pageant has been postponed until the end of February. I guess it was a good thing since I was still undecided on my outfits. Although I have been going from place to place and trying different looks, I still cant get it to where I am just positive that is how I want to look in the pageant. Hopefully it will come to me soon. lol Other than having the pageant on my mind I had a a photoshoot for the magazine. That was the first photoshoot for a designer ad that I have done. I loved it. The dress from Orage Creations was gorgeous. I am still working at Sage but havent been able to put in as many hours this week due to RL issues. I want to enter the JCNY model fest, I have to get busy and get that done also. There is so much work that goes into modeling here in sl and working hard to get jobs and so on. There is so much to do and seems like very little time. I will

be hosting an event on Wednesdays at Radar soon. We are going to have dj’s and do some sort of events hopefully daily. So if anyone wants to come by and check that out and look around the mall please do so. We would love to have you. Other than all of the modeling work and fun shopping this week there were superbowl parties to attend. I have signed up as a VBA cheerleader. I cant wait for that to start. I am really looking forward to that and meeting new people. check My big change this week it out. She has some new and difwas going from blonde ferent styles. to black hair. It seemed I must head out now and get some to go alot better with the dress for my photoshoot. I work done. Dont forget to stop by Radar and check out the malls. have always been blonde so that was a major change Join the group so you can know all the latest of what is going on for me. I liked it. It was there. new and fresh. The hair Stay true to you and love who was from elikatira. If you you are! havent been to her store go Fancy

Hello everyone. Well this week finds me just working and working. I know I said I would have the results of my pageant but sad to say it has been postponed to the end of this month so I am still waiting and practicing and working on poses. The new thing about this though is we are learning a new formation so out with the old one and in with a new (yay) just when I had the formation down and was good with it (lol). So again stay tuned for the results(smile) and wish me luck. But to be fair my week wasn’t all bad I actually did a casting and was chosen for a jewelry ad. I modeled the jewelry of Julia Merosi, ::je::suis ::sophistique and ::je::suis mysterious, two very elegant sets..The photo shoot was very stress-free and I enjoyed myself. I am looking forward to doing more if and when the opportunity presents itself. I am at present a fully working model for several stores. I am modeling very different styles from the dressy to the most casual, elegant jewels to the basic but all beautiful in its own way. I have noticed when modeling you can take the most simple outfit, pair it with the right accessories and you have a stunning look for the runway or a night out-so throw caution to the wind and play around with hair and jewelry, makeup and have fun with it. You just might find that unique look you need for that one show or shoot. Well off to work and practice until next time! LadyLouis

Natural Wilderness

By VikeeJeah XeVion After you have spent some time in SL, you can begin to become complacent in your day to day. Many stop exploring once they have found friends, a place to live, a few good stores to shop and a place to work. Often it is relationships and dating that lead us to revisit the idea of exploring scenic and romantic places to get away. For many, this means a ballroom for a night of formal dancing, a restaurant for a nice dinner for 2 or a couples’ sim outfitted with every sex animation known to the grid. For others who desire a more non-traditional retreat with cuddles, kisses and dancing and no hanky panky ( leave it for home folks), Natural Wilderness is a great choice. Natural Wilderness is a lush forest themed sim with beautiful trees, snow capped mountains, a lovely stream and various places to relax and be with that special someone.

Their intans are cleverly disguised as rocks to cut down on the eyesore they can otherwise occur. Cuddle up with a group of couples by the fire or walk over the bridge to the pier where you and your lover can watch the sun set in matching rocking chairs. It is the perfect place to let all the stresses of your SL drift away, just you, your soul mate and the ocean breeze. There are many places throughout the sim designed for photo ops as well. The autumnal grasses and trees mixed with the lush and vibrant spring-like green trees make this a great

place for most seasonal photos. You can even lounge by the pond complete with ducks and a waterfall or get up close and personal with the lily pads on the floaters. Way too much cuteness is going on here. This is sure to rekindle the puppy love in your relationship. There are little gems and special spots all over this sim so take your time and explore. You may find small ruins, picnic blankets and even the remains of a castle by rocks complete with crashing waves. you can even take some time to peacefully fish. So if you

need to get away with a special someone, friends or alone, Natural Wilderness is a sim that should definitely be on your short list. You won’t regret it. Location Slurl:

The Lyrical Café Poetry Club with Kamillie Kamala by Angelina Lerintzo The Lyrical Café has huge numbers of visits daily by new and experienced poets, writers, and those who admire poetry. Most people reading their own poetry or those by others use their vocalizations to present the emotions of the words being expressed, with the end result being a flawless read. The audience members are forgiving of newcomers who mess up as well, so there is no pressure or fear in reading. There are also poetry challenges or competitions to challenge anyone who wants to participate. The club lends itself to making lasting friendships through the sharing of the written word. There are shows on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 6pm and Tuesdays at 4pm, all SLT. The Lyrical Café Poetry Club is not only another Café with a poetry club but it is like a second home to many in SL. The owner, Kamillie Kamala, answered some questions for Radar’s readers. When did you open Lyrical Cafe? Kamillie Kamala: We opened the Lyrical Cafe on December 7th, 2009. What was the inspiration behind starting this cafe? Kamillie Kamala: I wanted to open a poetry club that would be a great alternative to all the other great spots in the game. Who came up with the name for the cafe? How is the name significant to you or to the other owners? Kamillie Kamala: I came up with the name Lyrical because poetry to me is just that. The name actually came from a show on BET, it was called the Lyrical Cafe and they had poets from across America to perform weekly. I remember

how much that show meant to me at that time and evidently it still has some affect on me today. Who decided on the design of Lyrical Café’s wonderful interior? When deciding how to design Lyrical, what did you have in mind? Kamillie Kamala: We were going for a sleek urban modern feel for the Lyrical. I think we are close to achieving that goal. I wanted the club to be as close to realistic as we could possibly get. The colors are rich and earthy; the artwork adds the culture and beauty as well. Does the cafe have any features that make Lyrical Special? Kamillie Kamala: I think the art gallery is one of the special features. We have had artist like Archibald Sideshow, Jayed Jewell. Filthy Fluno, Sasha Dielli and

Gracie Kendall who have allowed us to display their work at the Lyrical Cafe. All of these artists are very gifted and all have their own galleries as well. What kind of people did Lyrical Café’s attract? Kamillie Kamala: The Lyrical Cafe attracts poets of all types, ranging from those who are brand new to writing and even those who are accomplished published authors. You must have had plenty of extremely loyal visitors come and go, why do you think Lyrical Café’s Poetry Club is such an institution? Kamillie Kamala: When asked why they come to the Lyrical most say because of the welcoming environment and the aesthetics. There are others in the game who like the realistic qualities of the club. Has the experience been fulfilling? Kamillie Kamala: I would definitely say that running the Lyrical is both rewarding and fulfilling. I would say that I am driven each day by my love of the art of words and people who feel the same. What makes the gallery near the entrance unique? Kamillie Kamala: I think this part of the club is very unique only because of the work donated by the artists. Their artwork is the focal point for the gallery. This is the goal of the Lyrical to promote arts within Second Life. We like to promote artists of all types. What are your future plans for the Cafe? Kamillie Kamala: We plan on doing our best to be a staple when it comes to poetry venues in Second Life. We plan on being a great alternative for poets and those who like to hear the spoken word. The Lyrical Cafe will be publishing its Second edition of our literary magazine and the Lyrical Cafe Review starting in May of this year. We would like to ask any poets or visual artist who would like to be included to please contact Kamille Kamala.

‘Je suis..’ (An Intervew with Julia Merosi) Interview by Jessica Gelbhard

Julia Merosi began her Second Life life on August 6th, 2006, where, just like any new comer to Sec-

ond Life, she would be found camping, dancing, at a party, or just generally having fun. Julia decided one day to visit Bax Coen and decided on buying a pair of their boots. While there, Julia had questions she wanted to ask and ended up meeting Bax herself. She was a manager at a mall at the time, and decided on offering a space to her newly made friend, and from there, a friendship grew. Before she knew it, she was working for Bax Coen. Julia had many useful skills that came in handy to her here in Second Life, such as: Photoshop drawing, building well, and her specialty - creativity! After working at Bax Coen as a shop assistant for half a year, she began to create her own items to match the boots that she adored. This was 3 years ago. Now, Julia is the very successful owner of ‘je suis...’ Boutique, and has the designing freedom she had always desired. When interviewing her recently, she had some fascinating stories and information to share..

*How did you get started in the business? Julia: My story began some years ago when I started as a Bax Coen Shop assistant. The shop was empty, I was bored, I was also going crazy trying to find matching accessories for the Bax Boots. So I began to design and built a bracelet to match the Bax boots. That was the beginning. In June 2010, I finally started my own brand, “je suis...”

*Where do you get your inspiration for your vast array of pieces? Julia: I prefer using my own ideas. An idea comes into my head and then I work on this one new design and get it ready for release as fast as possible. Those brainstorm items are my favorites because they mirror a moment of my creative process. *Do you have any recent projects in action or any recent business ventures?

Photographer: Leah Mccoulugh

Julia: The je suis... Showroom will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 7am-8am SLT and from 5pm-6pm SLT. Shoppers can stop by and ask one of the je suis... reps any questions about the products. You can also join our Flickr Contest for our Valentines Party and visit us at our Romeo & Juliet Valentines Party on February 12, 2011 which will include a party contest, DJ KrisTian, a 25% off Store Sale, and a fun time for all! Visit the je suis... blog for more information:

“I enjoy every minute of Second Life, I keep meeting new people and love to spend time with all my loved ones here! Every day is great!” *What are some of your favorite Second Life pastimes? Julia: I enjoy every minute of Second Life, I keep meeting new people and love to spend time with all my loved ones here! Every day is great! *Who is one of your own personal favorite designers? Julia: There are definitely 2 designers whom I absolutely

adore! Firstly Bax Coen of course, for those damn sexy, amazing, boots and then there is Jada Humby, who makes great quality clothes!

classic rock, like David Garrett. Also, Pop & Rhythm and Blues are some of my favorite music styles.

*Radar likes to inform our readers with the 411 on new releases and must-haves of the month. What kind of items have been recently released into your store to keep eyes out for?

* What made you decide to expand, and open your ‘je suis...’ boutique?

Julia: Keep your eyes open for the upcoming Valentines jewelry. Also we just released the douce Set with little hibiscus flowers and pearls surrounded by metal. Other new releases are the rayé set and the tenteé cowboy hats. *Do you have any styles tips for the readers of Radar when it comes to accessorizing an outfit? Julia: It doesn’t make sense to style your clothes to your accessories; that’s why I want my jewelry to be customizable. That way you can match your accessories to your clothes, and not the other way around. Just like our je suis...theme: Style to your mood :) *What type of music do you enjoy? Julia: Oh, I adore many styles of music. It has to match my mood. If I need motivation I like to listen to trance/dance but if I need to relax it happens that I like to listen to

Julia: Eventually I had too many ideas for jewelry and accessories that didn’t match the BAX Boots, so I started my own brand, but I still intend to continue the line with Bax too. *Anything else you would like to say to the readers before we wrap up the interview Julia? Julia: It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you all at our Valentines Party on February 12, 2011 from 1pm-3pm SLT. It’s going to be a lot of fun! There you have it, just an ordinary girl in the big Second Life world, that one day told herself, “There’s gotta be something to match these boots!”. That one event that created it all, an accessory store to melt the hearts of women everywhere. It was a long road traveled, but the necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and all to be offered at ‘ je suis... ‘ are absolutely worth it.

Photographer: Elena Ewing

Models and Jewelry Worn

Leah McCullough ::je::suis::boheme::necklace ::je::suis::boheme::earrings je suis...tentee set, gacha rich & hat in pinks ::je::suis::raye::colar2 ::je::suis::raye::earrings LadyLouisCapone Carmona ::je::suis::mysterious::necklace ::je::suis::mysterious::earrings ::je::suis::sophistique::necklace ::je::suis::sophistique::earring Elyna Carver ::je::suis::isis::colar ::je::suis::isis::earrings ::je::suis::isis::bracelets je suis...douce bright earrings & necklace Caoimhe Lionheart ::je::suis::comme une rose::mouth ::je::suis::comme une rose::arm ::je::suis::la mer::necklace + ::je::suis::la mer::bracelets - Lulu Coba ::je::suis::gothique::necklace ::je::suis::gothique::earrings ::je::suis::une princesse::bracelet ::je::suis::une princesse::earrings

COMING MARCH 2011 Land Url: Visit our website:

Radar Editor

Interview: Lulu Jameson & Fauve Beaumont

by Dancer Dallagio

This month we bring you Fauve Beaumont and Lulu Jameson, the dynamite team behind *Plume*. They each are amazingly creative and talented on their own, from Fauve’s modeling, styling (she was one of the final group on “Styling Forward”), and creation of headpieces in the Miss Virtual World 2011 pageant to Lulu’s artwork which is known both inside and outside of SL.

- Please let our readers know a bit about your backgrounds, and what brought the idea of creating *Plume* together, and how did you choose the name? We really wanted to do and have something together. We first started our Fashion blog and Fauve had Miss Virtual World competition. She started to create lil’ accessories for the hair in order to be “different” from other contestants. Then, the idea to integrate some accessories directly to hair comes and Plume was born. We are working on new things, we hope people will enjoy :) - About the name, it was chosen after Lulu’s RL sister’s joke. It means feather in french, we thought it sounds sweet, so we kept it ! How do the two of you work together on this project? For now, Fauve creates the hair and Lulu does the photos. It’s really a team work. We share ideas together and help each other in all we do.

- What backgrounds do the two of you bring to this venture? Maybe Fauve’s modeling experience and sense of style + without doubts Lulu’s great photographer skills ! - Fauve, you have been working with two very creative and talented people in SL, Joy Fellini and Julie Hastings. How did they influence and encourage you in this idea? These two women are just incredible. As anybody else they give us advices, Joy helped us with sculpties and textures. They really encouraged us to start this

- What can we expect from the two of you in the upcoming months, and how far do you see the business going? We hope more releases in the next months with some news things/concepts and let’s see what happens in the future ! We both have very busy real lives so we will do things one after the other. Plume must remain a hobby. The most important thing for us is to have fun ! - Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers of Radar? We just started this shop and we are open to any suggestions to get better. Thanks again to our wonderful models who are so great to work

“It’s really a team work. We share ideas together and help each other in all we do.” experience and this is awesome to plan things with her as the Valentine’s Hunt which is going on. - We have seen many new offerings from *Plume* in the initial stages of the design house, from changeable hats and jewels, to now jewelry. Do you have plans to do more jewelry, and what about other accessories as well? We really don’t know ! We have some ideas in mind yes...but shhhh :P About jewelry I (Fauve) really don’t know ‘cause these tiny prims make me crazy hahaha so .... we’ll see !

with ! Also, Plume Magazine is still running on, so please show us your awesome styling and photography with our stuff :) And then, we really would like to say a big thank you to all Radar’s team for this opportunity. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy our creations !

A ( *Plume* N

*Plume* T

TuttiFrutti - Platinum

Photographer: Angels Milena

Angels Melina (left to right) Nymphea (II) -Platinum

Mic *Plume* N *Plume*

chela Benazzi Nymphea (I) - Snow * Volute - /Snow

Lei G *Plume* *Plume* S

Garnet * Asia - Soil Spring - Soil

Dancer *Plume* Pari *Plume* Pe

Dallagio isienne -Brick earl - Brickk

Photographer: Alatiel Malies

*OC* Lux Zebra Silver - Federica Galtier

*OC* Dream Light - Joselynl Ferber

*OC* Diva - Izabelcia Lemton

*OC* Basterd’s -- Carley Benazzi

*OC* Sofisticated Lace - Elena Ewing

*OC* Moss - Veronica Krasner

*OC* Skulls Ballet - rissa Friller 1.

*OC* Saba - Fancy Bekkers

*OC* Marlene - Jade Specter

Radar Magazine Vol.2 Issue 3  

Lulu Jameson and Fauve Beaumont owners of Plume , cover interview. Fashions by Orage Creations and Jewelry maker Julia Merosi from Je suis'....