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1st December 2012

Proposal: Sports Day for Second Years Last year First Years Students had a Sports Day activity organised by the administration. This has proven to be a success, as a very good majority of the students have participated in the event. Participants not only included those who do sports on a day-to-day basis but also those who do not consider sports activities as their strong point. All in all the students enjoyed the activity, saying it is a memorable experience at SAC.

Second Year Students are therefore asking to organise another sports day as First Years had last year and have asked the council to recommend the idea to the administration on a number of occasions.

The council believes that the activity would be ideal around January with the same structure as that of last year. The Council believes that the Sports Day should only be for Second Year Students to make sure that all the student bodies participate as much as possible. First Year Students will have a Sports Day as usual similar to what happened last year.


One must take into consideration that this will be one of the few occasions left where all the Second Years will meet. The sports day is one of the SAC experiences, which remains a cherished memory of the school even after the experience at school ends. We believe that you will do your utmost to cooperate with us and satisfy the students’ request.

________________ Kyle Sultana


Sports Day for 2nd Years  

Complied by Kyle Sultana

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