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16th September 2012

Proposal: Live-In for Second Years Almost a year ago, we were eagerly waiting to start our academic year at Saint Aloysius’ College. Now this adventure is drawing to an end and I believe I would be speaking on behalf of all the students when saying that this proved to be an amazing experience. The ice-breakers organised were an asset, as they helped in consolidating the Aloysian spirit and enabled us to bond and form the Aloysian family which we are all proud of. Thus, I take the opportunity to thank the Administration for their dedication and concern in our regards. The council has long been receiving suggestions to organise a live-in for the second year students. This proposal acknowledged immediate prominence within the council, as we did our utmost to try and satisfy the requests of the students which we represent. Thus, we had no other alternative but to ask you whether it is possible to organise a Second Years Live-In together with that which is usually organised for the First Year Students. We believe that though problems like the availability of teachers to assist the students during the live-in may arise, it should not be that impossible to organise. We are continuously striving towards helping in the formation of our students. This is evident in the approved proposals of the Poverty Seminar and the First Aid Courses which all aim for an educational and spiritual formation. The council unanimously agreed this should be a live-in with a difference: a mixture of entertainment and informal education. This may be achieved by including short talks on current affairs which impact on the student’s life. These talks should be 1|Page

given by specialised people and students should be divided into smaller groups like last year. It would be ideal to hold the live-in in an external location, however, if due to economic difficulties this will not be possible we would opt to organise the live-in in school premises. One must take into consideration that this will be one of the few occasions left were all the Second Years will meet. The live-in is one of the SAC experiences which remains impressed in one’s mind even after the experience at school ends. We believe that you will do your utmost to satisfy the students’ request.

We thank you in advance,

Rachel Powell


Kyle Sultana

Karl Attard

Live-In for Second Years'  

Complied by:Rachel Powell, Kyle Sultana & Karl Attard

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