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KVM Switch - Control Multiple Servers with Single Device

KVM switches are very useful device to connect multiple systems and servers in a single place with a single keyboard video mouse system. It provides user freedom to access and control multiple systems. This KVM switch is available in 2 to 32 port versions. For office and home use, normally 2 port and 4 port KVM is used while other port switches and rack KVM are mostly used in business.

KVM Switches

Rack Mounted Keyboard

Rack PDU Rack KVM

Post Rack

• Due to the flexibility of KVM switches, these are used in the environments like business, financial, government, educational, commercial and recreational purpose. In the market, there are a range of KVM related switches exist; for example, DVI KVM switch, USB KVM switch, IP KVM switch etc. You are also able to find rack KVM there. These all can be utilised as per your requirements.

• One can control the KVM switches through some ways; through keyboard commands or through the push buttons on the device. For controlling servers, KVM rack, KVM units and switches are the most advanced devices. These also come equipped with some features like auto scanning features and keyboard and mouse emulation.

• KVM switches and rackmount KVM support almost all popular operating systems. These days, DVI KVM Switch is very popular in the market as it is available in an extensive range of port size, kinds and functionalities. It can very easily control and monitor numerous PS2/USB based computers just with a single keyboard, mouse and DVI monitor. It is manufactured in a rugged metal enclosure. It is most commonly used in server farms, process control centres etc.

Applying KVM Switches to Connect Multiple Computers