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Flexibility & Agility

With cloud you can pay only for the resources you need and nothing more at a predictable monthly fee. Moreover, a cloud-based initiative on a virtualised server may save a company 80% of the costs normally associated with a traditional roll out.

Often referred to as “elastic”, cloud services allow a business to scale quickly and support spikes in demand. Cloud allows your IT infrastructure to grow as your business does.



A hardware-based cloud is fully hardware and network redundant including redundant hardware firewalls.

A company may be able to roll out applications five times faster than before and begin selling immediately on the remote platform.


Improved Productivity

Security measures are implemented at the application, facility and network levels including data encryption, biometric screening of personnel and certification through third-party vulnerability assessment programs.

With cloud, company staff can concentrate on tasks that directly benefit your bottom line, while the hosting provider looks after the time-consuming infrastructure management.

WHY RACKHIGH? At RackhHigh (RH) we don’t sell volume hosting services, but focus on our customers needs and requirements with the sole aim to deliver the very best in hosting performance backed by service excellence. Founded in 2013, we are wellestablished players in the market with a wealth of experience backing us. Exchange Email

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RH’s VMware cloud hosting is ideal to minimise up-front costs and enjoy the flexibility to add server resource as and when your business grows. You pay only for what you use at a predictable monthly fee and get resource dedicated just to you. RH Cloud Hosting can deliver maximum cost savings.

RH’s VMware private cloud can deliver advanced data security, corporate governance, and reliability with your own exclusive server and cloud resource. You still enjoy many of the benefits of a public cloud including virtually limitless flexibility and dependability, but with additional control and customisation capabilities.

Hybrid Cloud allows you to enjoy the benefits of flexibility and elasticity that cloud hosting delivers, combined with the added control of dedicated servers. With the hybrid model, you can allocate tasks to your cloud servers or dedicated servers depending on which is most suitable.


Cloud hosting is not secure

NOT TRUE. We have established impeccable credentials with regards to our Service Level Agreements that guarantee uptime and managed private firewall protection, delivering the highest levels of security. We also offer fully redundant hosting environments based on High Availability (HA) server architecture with multiple HP servers, Firewall’s, Load balancers, switches and SAN arrays.


There’s a lack of high-level support

not Quite tRue. In reality, there are only a few providers that employ certified professionals that have the necessary experience to handle enterprise cloud software such as VMware. At RH we have VCP qualified staff that not only demonstrate the necessary technical skills but also resolutely adhere to the trademarked RH-tal support policy that demands friendly service, and 24/7/365 support that comes when you select managed hosting. We also assign a technical account manager who knows you and your account and will always be at your service.


RackHigh, and their credibility matched what easyBus was looking for in a hosting brand and the early results are fantastic having seen site load times, as measured by industry tools, decrease by two thirds. We hope this improvement in performance will translate into happier customers and repeat custom for easyBus.” - Head of marketing at

Cloud services are over-hyped

tRue, but… The term virtualisation has been around for a long time but it is only recently that cloud computing has reached critical mass on a grand scale. Companies such as and are two leading examples of how Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms have become iconic figureheads of the cloud revolution. While the cloud frenzy can seem daunting, RH can help you wade through the hype to realise the true business benefits.


Cloud services are complicated

NOT AT ALL. There may be several confusing variations of the term cloud hosting including public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and even community cloud, but in essence cloud hosting is meant to simplify your job as an I.T. manager or CTO. Most of these services can be utilised on-demand and quickly customised to meet just about any scenario. The key word is “flexibility”.


NOT all cloud services are created equal

YES, THIS IS TRUE. There are few hosting providers that offer a full complement of cloud services from the small business level up to the enterprise level. Some may offer private clouds; others public. To really excel as a cloud provider requires a level of maturity that many hosts have yet to achieve. Good providers are also usually the ones that have been around the longest and learned through experience what is required to genuinely deliver world-class hosting products and first-class customer support.

MANAGED AND COMPLEX CLOUD HOSTING BY RH We provide proactive delivery and tailored hosting solutions backed by our leading customisable SLAs. With RH managing your cloud servers, you’re guaranteed a reliable platform without the hassle of updating and maintaining the infrastructure that goes with it. RH takes full responsibility for your hosted environment, from monitoring and log rotation to business continuity and capacity planning.

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Saudi Arabia Cloud hosting e commerce  

Saudi Arabia Managed cloud hosting solutions backed up with outstanding proactive support services, unmatched server performance and 100% up...

Saudi Arabia Cloud hosting e commerce  

Saudi Arabia Managed cloud hosting solutions backed up with outstanding proactive support services, unmatched server performance and 100% up...