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Don “Cheese” Akerlow

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Photo courtesy of Kamui - by JP Parmentier

2014 September



September 2014




Midwest 9-Ball Tour Stop at Side Pockets Wichita,


10th Annual Bobby Wells Memorial Tournament August 16-17, 2014 1st $1250 Joey Gray, OKC, OK 2nd 800 David Matlock, Olathe, KS 3rd 600 Glen Atwell, Clay Center, KS 4th 450 Keith Boon, Wichita, KS 5-6 300 Scott Brown, Wichita, KS 300 Shane McMinn, Tulsa, OK 7-8 150 Terry Young, Wichita, KS 150 George Trujillo, Wichita, KS 9-12 100 Alan Martin, Hutchinson, KS Marshal Roney ,Wichita, KS Paul Bounsana, Wichita, KS Ken Jennings, Mustang, OK HOT SEAT: Joey Gray defeats Glen Atwell 9-6 QF: David Matlock defeats Keith Boon 9-2 SF: David Matlock defeats Glen Atwell 9-5 1st set of finals: Joey Gray defeats David Matlock 9-7

Left to right: 1st Joey Gray, Joyce Wells, 2nd David Matlock

Open 57 players $2400 Added 4 ladies - $100 Added split $125 Sarah Kline $125 Nina Seay

(504) 682-6199 701 W Judge Perez Dr Chalmette, LA 70043

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Midwest 9-Ball 122 1/2 E Carl Albert Pkwy - McAlester, OK Open 7 days a week opens at 2pm M-F Noon Sat-Sun

8525 Cottonwood St NW Coon Rapids, MN 763-780-1585

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September 2014

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joey gray goes undefeated at Jamaica Joes on the Midwest Tour

by: Alisha Rogers The tournament was hot at Jamaica Joes in Midwest City, OK August 23rd & 24th, 2014. With two separate events going on, the 3rd Annual Summer Heat 9-Ball Classic was a success. Joey Gray started with impressive wins over Gordy Vanderveer 9-4, Shane Austin 9-1, Donnie Brown 9-4, Steve Langiano 9-0 and Shane McMinn 9-5 which set him up to play Chip Compton for the Hot Seat. Chip may have had more break and runs then Joey, but it was Joeys safety play that earned him the Hot Seat with a 9-4 win. Chip then had to play Shane McMinn, with the hopes of getting a chance to double dip Joey in the finals. However in the semi-finals, the momentum was all Shane’s. He was able to defeat Chip 9-6. In the Finals, Joey was able to hold serve with 5 Break & Runs, 1 safety game and he was able to steal 3 games from Shane. Joey took down the finals with a commanding victory of 9-2 and was able to be added to the list of prior Summer Heat 9-Ball Classic winners, such as John Gabriel and Sean King. In the women’s event, Elise Gabriel started the tournament with back to back hill hill matches against Eva Gonzalez and then Nina Seay. She had an impressive win over the local favorite Wendy Kent to land her in the Hot Seat. However Debi Aldredge was determined to take it away from her. Debi started off with a match against Alisha Rogers with a 7-4 win, but lost 7-2 to Wendy Kent. After an amazing fight up the B side of the bracket, she was able to get her rematch against Wendy and beating her 7-2. With a true double elimination in place, Debi had to defeat Elise two sets. The first set was a nail biter going to the hill, with Debi coming out with a 7-6 win. However in the second set, Debi got on a hot streak and took the tournament with a 7-2 win in the finals. Again, congratulations to both Joey Gray and Debi Aldredge. A special thank you to Evelyn & Danny Dysart of the Midwest 9-ball tour for sponsoring this event and to Jamaica Joes for hosting the event. If you are interested in upcoming events for the Midwest 9-ball tour visit their website at or for more at Jamaica Joes


MENS PAYOUTS Joey Gray Shane McMinn Chip Compton Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant Keith Boon Donnie Brown WOMENS PAYOUTS Debi Aldredge Elise Gabriel

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Ladies: 1st Debi Aldridge, manager Shane Ragland, 2nd Elise Gabriel

$1200 / $2575 / $380 $750 / $1840 / $285 $500 / $1100 / $190 $350 / $735 / $95 $200 / $550 $200 / $550 $380 / $180 $200 / $110

810 W 56 Hwy - Olathe, KS 913.780.5740

Open: 1st Joey Gray, manager Shane Ragland, 2nd Shane McMinn

September 2014

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Carom Room Classic

CAROM ROOM 10-BALL CLASSIC Beloit, WI - August 23-24, 2014 Calcutta 1st $5,400 Justin Bergman $20,500 2nd $3,350 Sky Woodward $12,650 3rd $2,070 Corey Deuel $12,650 4th $1,280 Robb Saez $4,840 5/6 $780 Chad Lund, Chad Elston $3,010 7/8 $490 Warren Kiamco, Larry Nevel $1,810 9-12 $290 Stan Tourangeau, Shane Winters $1,200 Chuck Raulston, Shane Van Boening 13-16 $200 Chad Vilmont, Bily Lasee, John Fields, Jesse Bowman

8 page

August 2014

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Jamaica Joes

$5,000 8-Ball Tournament Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant took down an impressive field at Jamaica Joes August 1st-3rd, 2014. Jamaica Joes hosted the $5,000.00 added 8 ball tournament that brought talented players from all over the United States. Play began on Friday night at 7pm and the place was packed with not only the players, but the railbirds too. After receiving a first round bye, Hillbilly fought his way through a stiff field of players. Beginning with Jason Hern, followed by Sharik Sayed, Billy Hurley and Jesse James. Hillbilly’s hard fought match with local favorite Joey Gray would bring him to the point match where he would face the ever dangerous John Gabriel. A 5-3 victory guaranteed Hillbilly his spot in the tournaments final. With the final four players set, Rob Saez would face off against Joey Gray to see who would play John Gabriel. Rob Saez was the victor in that match however he was unable to get past John Gabriel. John was itching for a rematch with “The Hillbilly”. The finals would be a true double elimination, with

both races to 5. John was determined to take it to a second set, but fell short of that goal. Hillbilly reined victorious and took the match in the first set with a 5-3 win. When asked, Hillbilly expressed that he has the utmost respect for all the players in this tournament. However, he stated that his favorite match of the tournament was against Jamaica Joes own Joey Gray, remarking “He made me think way too much”. Just like the Chess matches for which Joey Gray is well known for, this one was no exception. With a total prize purse nearing $20,000.00, the open tournament would pay top 16 spots and a prize for the top lady. A special thank you to Jacob Franzoni, KC Massey and Shane Ragland for all their hard work running this event. And also, to the staff at Jamaica Joes who worked many long hard hours. To see more upcoming events at Jamaica Joes, visit their website at www. or contact them at (405)736-0590.

Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant John Gabirel Rob Saez Joesph Tomkowski Joey Gray Jesse James Junior Brown Jeff Turney Gordy Vanderveer Stan Tournageau Jeremiah Gage James Walden Sam Monday Terry Young Alex Olinger Chip Compton

$2800.00 / $2820.00 $2280.00 / $2350.00 $1550.00 / $1880.00 $1130.00 / $1410.00 $350.00 / $480.00 $350.00 / $480.00 $250.00 $250.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00

6149 E 31st St Tulsa, OK

918-779-6204 Hours: Sun 2-10 pm Mon-Thurs 12-2am Fri-Sat 12-1am



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POOL TOURNAMENTS Every Fri 933 8th St (Hwy 3 & 50) - Farmington, MN 651-463-2636

September 2014



Kraber in Command on Gulf Coast Tour

Jennifer Kraber went undefeated the first several rounds of this past weekend’s Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Tour 9-ball event held at Skinny Bob’s Billiards on Sunday, August 24th, 2014. The hot seat match revealed an unexpected surprise with newcomer Jennifer Yo appearing from virtually nowhere to defeat Kraber, 6-2. It was a long haul for both players, as Kraber defeated Michelle Yim, 6-4, Robyn Petrosino, 6-0, and Kim Pierce, 6-2. Yo was a complete mystery to everyone except her traveling companion, Laura Coplin, who convinced Yo to compete in her first-ever, WPBA Regional Tour competition. Not a bad showing for the APA player who defeated D’Andrea McQuirter, 6-5, April Flores, 6-2, and veteran player Teresa Garland, 6-5. On the one loss side, after suffering a first round JENNIFER KRABER, JENNIFER YO loss to Nicole McDaniel, 6-3, Tam Trinh made her way to 5th-6th position with wins seat, suffering losses from Kraber and Yo, 6-2, 6-5, over Diana Cardona, 5-4, Gail Roles, 5-1, respectively. West side action saw Garland take out and Petrosino, 5-2. Last year’s tour champion, Gail Trinh, and Pierce overcome Eaton, a second time. Eaton, took an early hit from Pierce, but made her Pierce fell to Garland, 5-3, and Garland in turn to way through the one-loss side defeating newcomer Kraber, 5-2, earning the popular local a rematch with Michaela Parmer, 5-0, McDaniel, 5-2, and Yim, Yo. During the first set, Yo had an opportunity to put 5-0. Garland and Pierce lost their bids for the hot Kraber away, but scratched on an unassuming, corner

pocket cut on the 9-ball. Yo was defeated the first set, 6-5, but far from finished. In overtime, Yo jumped ahead 3-1, while Kraber answered back with 3 games of her own. It was 4-3, Kraber’s way, when Yo scratched on a second 9-ball, surrendering the game and the set, 5-3. The Gulf Coast Tour would like to welcome all of its new, 2014 members; Jennifer Kraber, Jennifer Yo, Nicole McDaniel, Michaela Parmer, April Flores, Tam Trinh, Robyn Petrosino, and Emma Davis. Special thanks to John and Sue Cielo, owners of Skinny Bob’s Billiards, and their remarkable staff, for hosting another first-rate event. The Gulf Coast Tour is proudly sponsored by Delta-13 Rack and the APA of North Harris County. The next event is the tour finale, October 4th, 2014, at Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar, Houston, Texas. For more information, visit gulfcoasttour. 1st Jennifer Kraber $235 2nd Jennifer Ko $140 3rd Teresa Garland $90 4th Kim Pierce $45

W K O I N DS O N I H C October 10-12, 2014




Chinook Winds Casino Resort Lincoln City, OR


* D E D D

Men’s Division: 64 Bracket - Race to 7** - BCA rules - Alternate Breaks

Entry Deadline: October 3, 2014

Women’s Division: 32 Bracket - Race to 6** - BCA Rules - Alternate Breaks

Entry Forms will be available at

$10K TO MEN/$5K TO WOMEN - Based on Full Fields Entry Fees: $100+$25 green fee+$30 WBCA/BCAPL fees if not a member

Calcutta: 5pm Friday, Oct. 10, play will begin at 7p

Added Money:

A 0 00

1$ 5,

*Based on full felds

**Races may vary due to entries & time constraints

7’ Diamond Tables provided by:

10 page

September 2014

More Info: Call Mike Jensen (360-703-4081) or Andrew Monstis (503-422-0623)

Live Streaming by: © Western BCA Pool Players Association

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On The Road with ... C J Wiley GAME OF 4000 SHOTS He hustled pool for a while and made a living, then turned pro and made a killing. Clearly, Dallas’ CJ Wiley is on the ball. By Michael P. Geffner DVD LIST:

Million Dollar Challenge Package of Three

1) ‘Billiard’s Greatest Shot’ Documentary 2) PCA’s 2nd Tour Stop at the Hollywood Park Casino - Semi Finals between David Matlock and Oliver Ortmann and Finals between Matlock and Allen Hopkins. 3) PCA Million Dollar Challenge Semis with Earl Strickland vs CJ Wiley and Finals with Earl Strickland vs CJ Wiley (highlights from CJ Wiley vs Paul Potier).

Million Dollar Challenge ‘Billiard’s Greatest Shot’ Documentary Semi-Finals & Finals Million Dollar Challenge Semi-Finals & Finals PCA on TV at Hollywood Park

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I understand the game of 4000 shots, believe me, when I came back from not playing for several years I tried that game. It was a blessing in disguise because the game was so difficult that I worked fanatically on my fundamentals and as a result they’re better than before. When I came out of retirement, my first tournament was the US OPEN and even though I finished 9th (with wins over Earl Stickland and several top professionals), the game was still not “natural” and I think I was trying to play the “4000 shot game” and it made me not want to I lost interest and did the nightclub business for another couple of years. This time I got this burning desire to play again, and to figure out once and for all what the heck I used to do that seperated me and gave me the confidence to play Efren, Earl, Johnny, Sigel, Varner, Mizerak, Rempe, etc and actually come out on top (even though they all did certain things better than I did). I knew when I was playing my best I thought of two things: Touch Of Inside and Accelerate!!! This seemed like it was too easy and I had been doing this, however, I just couldn’t get myself to do it every time (some of you already know that feeling). Then one day it “clicked” and I understood that the Touch Of Inside was

indeed a system of play. Not the “4000 ball system,” but a system where I could play a consistent shot speed, shot angle, and cue ball target and it would align perfectly to the geometry of the pool table. Not just because the table was two perfect squares and a rectangle, and many triangles.....the reason TOI works is because of the perfection of the cue ball and object balls. It works because of the spheres and when you cue the ball to the inside it opens up the Game and it starts to tell me the shot, not “one” of the 4000, just one shot, the TOI shot. The Touch of Inside changed the Game for me - I don’t have to think anymore because the table tells me the TOI Shot and I don’t have 4000 choices. I used to think more choices were better, now I know that it’s more important to have “better choices,” not “more choices.”

The Touch of Inside changed the Game for me

September 2014




by Tom Simpson © February 2000 – All Rights Reserved –

Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson

12 page

September 2014

There are some players who play very consciously. They think about many many details of stroke, form, alignment, aim, etc. They have elaborate pre-shot routines to help ensure their consistency. They are aware of a lot of body sensations. They use whatever physics grasp they have of the game to help them plan and execute their shots. They try to do everything on purpose. I call these Mechanical Players (MP’s). I’m somewhere on this end of the spectrum. The Feel Players (FP’s) are the opposite. They trust their body to do the right thing. They are not conscious of how they do what they do, and may not even be interested in knowing much about how things work or why. They appear to be looser and more fluid. Lots of really excellent players are in this category, and many pros. They get it done, but it looks easier when they do it. To generalize, I’d say the MP’s are probably held back by carefulness and too much “doing”, while the FP’s are held back by carelessness and too little knowledge. Ah, the middle road! As an MP, I’ve spent a lot of time and effort studying the FP Way. Those brief, shining moments when I’m really in the zone are much more FP than my usual game. I see this as a continuum. While you can become very good at either end, you need some of the good stuff from the other end to balance you out and really raise your game. MP’s that somehow break through and “give up” control of the details and trust their bodies to deliver, can rise to another level. My take on this process (MP’s can’t help but think this way) is that it

comes down to INTENT. When you can develop real clarity of intent, trust that intent, and leave doubt and mind chatter behind, the zone opens. There is a martial arts maxim that says “To defeat the sword, you must first master the sword.” This appeals to MP’s, because we’re happy to spend our time exploring all the details of the weapon, the proper footwork, balance, joint function, and on and on. But what it means at a deeper level is “Master the sword, and then give up your attachment to the details. Integrate the knowledge and then, when it’s time to execute, put your energy into your intent.” In pool talk, that’s “Shut up and bear down.” At a practical, day-to-day training level, what I do is follow the Mechanical Way in the never-ending quest to perfect my form and fill in gaps in my knowledge. In a way, this is like practicing the shots you’re already good at. Even though I know better, I indulge myself in mechanical stuff for a while, because this is my comfort zone, my fun. I know what I have to do to really get better, though, so I make forays into the Feel World. The best method I’ve found for this is to focus exclusively on the intended RESULT and shoot without hesitation – faster rhythm. It works, but my MP side doesn’t trust it. ;o) I think most MP’s envy the FP’s ease, confidence, and fluidity, but are afraid to give up their mechanicalness and “trust the force.” Meanwhile, FP’s secretly wish they knew more and had mechanical systems and procedures they could rely on, but they don’t want to be mechanical, and they try to convince themselves they don’t really need all that technical knowledge: “Hey, the ball goes in the hole, don’t it?” Let’s leave our comfort zones once in a while and learn from both extremes.

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Michael K Glass

Michael Glass has been teaching pool for close to 10 years. He is a Recognized PBIA Billiards Instructor, taught by none other than Bob Jewett of the San Francisco Billiard Academy. Michael has been playing pool almost all of his life (except when he was in the Navy — it’s hard to install a pool table on a rocking ship!). He managed to stay away from the hustler life; he doesn’t believe in being dishonest in order to win money. He will, however, occasionally play for a beer or two at the local watering hole. Michael teaches all levels of pool players, from beginner to pro, and works on all aspects of the game, from fundamentals, to pattern play, to trick shots. He can be found playing in his home town of San Ramon, CA at Crown Billiards. Visit his website at for pool tips or to schedule a lesson!

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Last year, we went over fundamentals. I shared some videos showing that even pros forget about the fundamentals and make mistakes. I have decided to revisit fundamentals again, because that is exactly what you should do from time to time: revisit your fundamentals! So, you’ve been practicing regularly, right? You have been shooting fairly well, but on some nights, you just can’t seem to string together any significant runs. Maybe your cut shots keep missing to the right, or you can’t seem to make long, straight in shots. You feel like you have the yips, and it’s extremely frustrating. You might even spend an hour after your matches shooting straight shots until you get it right. Right? I’m going to tell you something that I tell all of my students, and something that I have to constantly remind myself: If you are having a problem with any part of your game, the first think you should do is a Fundamental Checkup. And to do that, all you have to remember is “BAGS.” BAGS: Bridge, Alignment, Grip, and Stance. Ok, yes, some will tell you that “stroke” is also an important fundamental, but I like to include that as part of the alignment and grip… and because it ruins the acronym. Let’s just say that the S stands for Stance and Stroke. I’m not going to rehash the basics… the fact is, if you have been playing for any amount of time, you know them by now. If you don’t, be sure to check out my articles in the July and August 2013 issues of this magazine. When going through these fundamentals, however, make sure you are asking yourself the proper questions. Bridge: Is it stable? For a closed bridge, are their gaps between your fingers and stick? Are you having trouble stroking smoothly? Alignment: Is your back arm vertical at the

moment of contact, or are you holding the stick too far back/forward? Is your elbow “chicken-winging?” Are your eyes directly over the shot? When you stroke, is your stick moving to the side, or staying in a straight line? Grip: Are you holding the butt of your stick too tightly? Or are you holding it too gingerly? Is there a gap between your wrap and your fingers? Is your wrist locked and in line? Stance: This one is a big variable. Many people have many different stances. The important thing here is comfort. My main concern here is two things: Can you lift your bridge hand off the table without moving the rest of your body? And, if I try to push you over, can you easily resist? I recommend that you occasionally take a video of yourself shooting some basic shots. Take one from behind you, focusing on your back arm alignment. Take another from the front, and one from the side. You can use a tripod, but it might help to have a friend take them for you. For each video, take 5 shots. Shoot some softly, some medium speed, and some hard. You want to see how you handle all of the fundamentals in different situations. Is your elbow dropping? Are you gripping your stick tighter on harder shots? Are you following through? When you are done with a match, and you feel the need to take some practice shots, keep your fundamentals in mind. Have a knowledgeable friend watch you and give you some feedback, after you tell her what to look for (the video will really help here). Keep focusing on those fundamentals, and you might just elevate your game to higher and higher levels! Do you have any suggestions for future articles? Drop me a line at I can also be found hanging out with fellow billiards enthusiasts at reddit. com/r/billiards. Come on by and join the discussion!

September 2014

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San Francisco Billiard Academy San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy.


Bob Jewett

Bob Jewett

14 page

September 2014

In some recent columns I described some cue ball positioning drills where you have a specific point where you want to leave the cue ball after making a shot. If you tried those drills you surely learned that an exact spot is not always a reasonable goal, especially if you don’t start with the cue ball in the ideal place, such as with ball in hand. Often when planning a run past one shot, you will be thinking about an area to place the cue ball for each shot and then linking the areas with particular kinds of position plays. The cut angle on the current shot will usually determine what kind of position you can play -- a small cut angle or even zero is needed for a stop shot or one with minimum movement and a larger cut angle is useful for moving the cue ball sideways. That angle will define the area of good position for a shot, so often you can think of triangles of successive position areas to get through a run. An example is the “Standard shape” triangle for a shot on the 1 ball. If you place the cue ball anywhere in that triangle, you will have a good chance to make the 1. When playing position on the 1 ball, the triangle is your general goal. If you are good with thinner cuts, you may widen the triangle to include A. If you don’t like rail shots, you may want to move the edge away from B, and if you don’t like long shots, you may can move the point in from C. Whatever your personal adjustments are, the result will still end up looking something like a triangle. There is still a best position within that triangle that you can hope to achieve from the previous shot, and this is often where you would place the cue ball if you had ball-in-hand. In the diagram the cue ball is shown in a possible ideal spot depending on where you want to take it for the next shot, such as for the 2 ball. Also shown is a triangle marked “Short-side shape.” Sometimes you have to play for such a small area but clearly it’s much harder to land the cue ball inside 10% of the area of the larger shape zone. For the shot on the 2 ball, two triangles are identified. The “Hold it” zone comprises small cut angles which result in relatively little cue ball motion to the side for a given speed. This is the zone you want to be in for the 2 ball if you plan to play short-side shape on the 3 ball somewhere around “S”. On the other hand, if you want to play to the standard region for the 3, you want to leave the cue ball in the region marked “Move it” so the cue ball will have more bounce off the cushion to get to X for the 3 or maybe to Y for the 4. So, if you were playing to the Hold it zone from the 1 ball, you could just roll the 1 in with no side


Standard shape

Short-side shape



Hold it

Move it






spin and the cue ball would go straight into and along the zone. With a little draw or right spin, you could bounce off the rail towards the Move it zone. Another way to play that shot uses the idea of moving the cue ball along the position line you want so speed control is not so critical. For that, you could draw with right spin off the 1 ball to point B and then go directly towards the 2 ball. That’s sure to give a good angle to move the cue ball. The next time you’re planning a runout of three or more balls, start picturing the successive zones for the cue ball. For each shot you take, be sure to pick out a best spot within that zone that you want to try for.

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CHALK TALK Sponsored by: Master Chalk BY: DON AKERLOW

The formula you see below I found on Facebook. It is simplistic but ever so true. Whether playing pool, buying a business, going for a loan or just out having some fun. If your attitude is poor your results will also be poor. This may not work every time but it will work if you apply it. Your attitude is the most important tool you have when dealing with other people as well as yourself. Don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s not. Most people will react to you as if you are the mirror and will give you back what you give to them, good or bad.

If ...




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 ®

Then ... K+N+O+W+L+E+D+G+E 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96% Or ... H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98% Both are important, but fall just short of 100% SO Look at your ... A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100% 3040 FM 1960 East Houston, TX 281-821-4544 Happy Hou

open late

12009 SLIMIT Pulaski Rd THE SKY IS NO

Alsip, IL 60803


r: 3-7pm ev OPEN eryday 24 hou rs

POOL - DARTS - FREE POKER Weekly Tournaments: $100 added w/20 players

• Night Owl Bar Table 8-Ball: Fri & Sat Nights @ 2am Races 2/1 $7 entry • Monday Nights @ 8pm - 9-Ball on 8’ tables. $7 entry. Races 4/3. • Wednesday Nights @ 11:30pm - 8-Ball on 8’ tables. $7 entry. Races 2/1

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(based o


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$50 entry (g. f. included) - One Day “IRON MAN” events - Double Elim.

September 2014

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Anthony Beeler is a 2013 BCA National 9-Ball team champion. He also finished 9th out of 1086 players in the 2013 BCA National 8-Ball Championships. He is a certified Level 3 instructor for the American CueSports Alliance and is the founder of Maximize Your Potential Billiards Academy located in Bradfordsville, Kentucky. Beeler is also a fully licensed Kentucky Educator having, received his bachelor’s degree at Campbellsville University and his master’s degree in Education Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University. Throughout his poolplaying career Anthony has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition.

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September 2014

Earlier this year, the Rio Hotel and Casino played host to the 2014 BCA Pool League National 8-Ball Championships. After claiming “Player of the Year” honors from my local league I traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete against the best BCA players in the nation. The format was double elimination, race to 6. I started out strong, defeating several solid players by

table while my opponent only has one or two of his balls remaining). In fact, I didn’t want to begin running any of my balls until the time was right. Removing balls from the table before you are prohibitive favorite to run out generally lowers your success rate. This is because every time you remove a ball from the table you are removing future shot options and potential blockers,

significant margins. As the tournament progressed, match play got tougher and tougher. After defeating former APA National 8-Ball Champion, Terry Young and a seasoned player by the name of Shaun Murphy, I found myself pitted against arguably one of the best straight pool players in the world. My opponent was New York City’s Michael Yednak. In recent months, Yednak had defeated Earl Strickland. I knew that Michael was an extremely knowledgeable player, and I also knew that I was going to have my hands full in our upcoming match. During the first few games we found ourselves in a nip and tuck safety battle. The match seesawed back and forth and I was beginning to feel as though though I had a legitimate chance to win the match. Near the end of our session, I was trailing by one game when I decided to play a safety leaving Michael the shot shown below. Generally, I try to out manage my opponents and this game was textbook example of what I usually do when I am in control (having several of my balls left on the

which could be used for safety play. Michael was clearly snookered behind my one and five and as I walked away from the table I was confident that I was in complete control of the game. In fact, Yednak knew that he was locked up tight. His only shot was to kick at his 15 and play it off my three into the opposite corner pocket. As Michael surveyed the table it became clear to him that he only had one viable option. “Off the stack and into the corner pocket,” he said. At that point, my thoughts were “What is this, maybe a one out of 50 make?” Michael got into his stance took several slow warm up strokes. He then kicked at the 15 with left spin and lots of speed. Not only was I amazed that he recognized the shot, but I was more amazed with his precise execution. Not only did Michael pocket the 15 ball, but he also hit the shot in such a way that the cue ball landed in perfect position to pocket the 8-ball for the win. “I am a straight pool player,” Michael said as he pocketed the ball. My reply was, “I don’t care if you are. I will leave you there all day long. I really like my chances from there!” “I agree! You are right,” Michael laughed, knowing he was fortunate to win the game. The lesson here is to never be afraid to shoot at something low percentage when you are a big underdog. Sometimes shooting at a 1 or 2 percent make may be better odds than trying to out manage your opponent. Remember to be creative and look for ways to win. Many times it may be almost impossible to win a safety battle when you have only one ball remaining and your opponent has several. Always try to give yourself the best opportunity to win and over the course of time you will win some games even when things appear to be hopeless.

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“It’s the one thing you can buy today that will guarantee you’ll shoot better tomorrow.”

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July 2014



Woodward defeats Van Boening.....TWICE

BY: DON AKERLOW Sky Woodward is a young 21 year old pool player from Kentucky who has been on fire lately on the tournament circuit. His latest win was for $20,000 at the Smokin’ Aces Bar Box Open in Poplar Bluff, MO August 15-17, 2014. This tournament was a new concept from Mikey McKuin, owner of Smokin’ Aces.

to play safe or shoot the shot, I just go for it. I don’t really get negative during a match and I mainly just play my game.” I asked Sky who his toughest match was and he said Warren Kiamco who earlier in August won at Steinway Billiards in Astoria, NY just outside of New York City.

The format is simple; a doubleelimination 9-Ball tournament with a race to 21, winner break and each player (16 player field) paid a $2,000 entry fee, bringing the pot to $32,000 and the house added $2,000. Twentyfive percent of the field was paid. 1st $20,000, 2nd $7,000, 3rd $5,000 and 4th $2,000.

At one point during the finals at Smokin’ Aces, Sky was down to SVB 15-9 and 16-12 and I was curious about what he was thinking. “I was thinking all I need is one shot to get back in the WARREN KIAMCO, SKY WOODWARD, COREY DEUEL, SHANE VAN BOENING match. If I don’t get a shot it would probably go to a second set and I’ll 18. According to Sky, Shane was gracious in defeat and probably be in trouble,” was his answer. The match told him that he played good. A great compliment The field was full of well known names of pro and semi never got that far. After being tied at 18, Sky ran out from the player that he admires the most. pro pool players from around the country like Shane the next rack to 19-18. Then SVB missed a break out Van Boening, Corey Deuel, Warren Kiamco, Rob Saez, on the 6 and played safe, so Sky cut it in and finished I also took the opportunity to talk to Sky’s greatest John Morra, Chad Vilmont, Justin Bergman and more. that rack. And finally Sky finished off the tournament supporter, his Mom, Deborah Woodward. She said Live streaming feature matches with a pay-per-view all by a break and run on the last rack 21-18. that she always knew that he was talented in sports. weekend by Ray (Big Truck) Hansen at PoolActionTV. He started playing pool at the age of 10 and was com After attending one year of college Sky told his mother, competing at age 12. Before anyone showed him “I don’t know what I want to go to college for. I feel how to shoot he knew how to hold the cue. He was I spoke to Sky while on his way to the next like I am wasting my time right now because all I really a natural, taught by his Dad who showed him how tournament at the Carom Room in Beloit, Wisconsin. want to do is play pool. I just feel like I need to go out to play. Sky was talented at every sport he competed I asked him how it felt to beat arguably the best player on the road for a while and see what I can do.” And in. Besides pool, Sky played basketball, baseball and in the world, Shane Van Boening. His response was that is exactly what she told him to do. Like any Mom, golf but pool was the sport that totally captured his simple, “It felt awesome!” she hates to see him go on the road to a tournament competitive drive. and is so excited every time he comes back home. She During the tournament Sky faced some stiff worries, but is extremely proud at how well Sky has I have had the opportunity to watch Sky in person opposition with matches against Shane Winters (21done. at several tournaments. The U. S. Bar Table 9), Warren Kiamco (21-19) and Johnathan Pinegar Championships this past February and the Big (21-11) before facing SVB for the first time in the hot And Sky has had quite a year! After his appearance at Dog Billiards tournament in June. He is a quiet, seat match. Sky won that match 21-18 sending Van the U. S. Bar Table Championships where he placed unassuming young man who is very humble. He never Boening to the one loss side. In the finals Sky faced 3rd in the 9-Ball and 5th in the 8-Ball; he won the seems to get rattled and I asked him about his style of Shane and again the outcome was exactly the same 21tournament at Big Tyme Billiards in Spring, Texas play. His response was, “If I can’t figure out whether

18 page

September 2014

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Takes Smokin' Aces Bar Box Open

Sky is very clo Here Sky sh se to his grandfather, who watch ares his win es on the li ning check ve streamin with his gra g. ndfather. near Houston and placed 7th at White Diamond Billiards in Lafayette, LA. After winning the tournament at Big Dog Billiards, Sky headed to Vegas for the BCAPL where he won the 8-Ball Grand Masters Division. And now taking down the Smokin’ Aces Bar Box Open followed by placing 2nd at the Carom Room Tournament, quite a respectable showing for someone so young. After the tournament Sky said “I was so excited. I won the tourney, and beat the best in the world…. twice!” Sky is sponsored by Diveney Cues and Kamui. Next stop on his tournament road trip will be the U. S. Open 9-Ball Championships in October. Mikey McKuin’s sponsors for the Bar Box Open at Smokin Aces were: Junpin’ Jax Cues, Diveney Cues, Mitchell Thomas Custom Cues, Alford Heating & Air, Wes Faries construction, Lemons Coin, and (Ray Hansen) live streaming.

Top Finishers & Payouts: 1st: Skyler Woodward 2nd: Shane Van Boening 3rd: Warren Kiamco 4th: Corey Deuel

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Photo courtesy of Kamui - by JP Parmentier

results $20,000 $7,000 $5,000 $2,000

September 2014



Real Woods, KILLER DESIGNS The New 2015 Valhalla VA Series cues feature rich colors, real woods and killer, original designs. Aggressive in style and solid performers, these premium imports are made for those who want a great cue that doesn’t look like the rest. Valhalla cues start at $49.99 and equipped


with a Lifetime Warranty, including warpage from Viking Cue. More than just a pool cue, Valhalla is an attitude and a way of life.

Š2014 Viking Cue Manufacturing, LLC

“All in the Family”

on the Lone Star Tour It was “all in the family” this past weekend, August 23rd-24th, 2014 at the Lone Star Billiards Tour event held at Skinny Bob’s Billiards in Round Rock, Texas. James Davis, Jr. “Bastrop, Jr.” and James Davis, Sr. “Bastrop, Sr.” captured first and second, respectively, in the open 9-ball division while Frank Ferrer, Jr. captured the amateur 9-ball division, upgrading his status to “open” division player. The tour would like to thank Skinny Bob’s owners John and Sue Cielo for hosting another first-rate event, their 5th year as Lone Star Tour hosts. The Tour is proudly sponsored by Poison by Predator Cues, Delta-13 Rack, Ozone Billiards,, and APA of North Harris County. First round action started Saturday at 3pm. James Davis, Jr. steadily worked his way through the winners’ side with wins over Jason Bagby, 7-4, Rudy Esteves, 7-5, David Henson, 7-6, and Manny Chau, 7-5. Another local favorite, Brian Sanders, made his stand as well, defeating Cesar Garcia, 7-5, Chuck Adams, 7-4, James Davis, Sr., 7-3, and finally Blaine Barcus to reach Bastrop, Jr. for the hot seat. New to the tour, Dallas player Roman Bayda suffered a second round loss to Barcus, 7-1, but made his way through the oneloss to finish in the money. Junior Jueco, Bagby, and Chris Smith also finished 9th-12th. John Eagle lost his bid for the final four winners’ side to Barcus, 7-3, and was subsequently eliminated by James Davis, Sr., 6-4. Frank Ferrer, Jr., suffered a loss in the same round to Chau, 7-5, and was eliminated by Henson, 6-4. These turn of events staged an all-too familiar shoot-out with veteran champions, Henson and Davis, Sr., playing for third place. On the east side, Davis, Jr. squeezed by Sanders to secure the hot seat, 6-5. Davis, Sr. squeezed by Henson and Sanders by the same score, 6-5. Father and son decided not to play the final match and instead split the winnings. It was agreed that Junior retain the title, perhaps a belated wedding gift after tying the knot with Emma Davis (formerly Stewart) at BCA Nationals this past July. They are expecting their first child, a boy, later this year. In the amateur division, Frank Ferrer, Jr. faced off with Cesar Garcia for the hot seat. Ferrer’s victims

Open Payouts

1st James Davis, Jr. $460/$1,050 nd 2 James Davis, Sr. $285/$795 3rd Brian Sanders $210/$490 th 4 David Henson $140/$210 th th 5 -6 Manny Chau, Blaine Barcus $70/$100 th th 7 -8 John Eagle, Frank Ferrer, Jr. $50 th th 9 -12 Junior Jueco, Jason Bagby, Roman Bayda, Chris Smith $30 Like us on Facebook

James Davis, Sr., James Davis, Jr. and Emma Davis

Skinny Bob’s owner John Cielo, Kim White-Newsome included Aaron Isbell, 6-2, Cielo Velasquez, 6-0, Chris Salinas, 6-2, and John Eagle, 6-1. Garcia ousted David Escobedo, 6-4, Roger Senn, 6-4, Jason Bagby and Chad Hensen, 6-5. James Dugger suffered a first round loss and won 6 consecutive matches while Bagby made his way into the final four on the losers’ side as well. Dugger fell to Jacob Warriner, 5-4, while Bagby advanced over Rudy Sanchez. It was Hensen over Warriner and Bagby over Eagle. Hensen eliminated Bagby, 5-3, while Ferrer dominated Garcia for the hot seat. Hensen took down Garcia, but fell to Ferrer in the first set of the finals. Congratulations to all the Poison VX Cue raffle winners; Jimmy Krone, Jerry Riley, James Smiser, and Chris James. The Lone Star Finale is October 4th-5th at Bogies Billiards & Games, Houston, Texas. The ladies’ Gulf Coast Tour Finale will be on Saturday, October 4th, at the same venue. For more information, visit www.

Chad Hensen, Frank Ferrer, Jr.

Amateur Payouts

1st Frank Ferrer, Jr. $460/$500 nd 2 Chad Hensen $325/$380 3rd Cesar Garcia $230/$260 th 4 Jason Bagby $150/$130 5th-6th John Eagle, Jacob Warriner $75 th th 7 -8 Rudy Sanchez, James Dugger $50 th th 9 -12 David Escobedo, Chris Smith, James Smiser, Chris Salinas $30

September 2014



Darren Appleton

is the 74th World Tournament of 14.1 Champion

New York City, NY- England’s Darren Appleton capped off an amazing week of pool action by finishing off strong to capture his first ever World 14.1 title ! Appleton had lost in the finals last year, but sweetly rectified that with a resounding victory over America’s #1 ranked Shane Van Boening. The Andy Cloth 74th World Tournament of 14.1 6 days of grueling pool stamina battles ended with spectacular performances by the world’s greatest professionals. The ANDY CLOTH World Tournament took place on August 4th-9th, 2014. Dragon Promotions and Dr. Michael Fedak were pleased to bring the 74th production of the oldest billiard event in the world . Also sponsored by Andy Cloth, Kamui Brands, OB Cues, Amsterdam Billiard Club,, Pool & Billiard Magazine , Aramith Balls, and George Beckman Kinetic Sculptures. Official patron 14.1 aficionados are Stu Mattana, Tom Gleich, Harold Siegel, Dr. Greg Diehl Plastic Surgery, and Official World 14.1 photographer Charles Eames. A star studded field has made it back once again to the 14.1 extravaganza taking place at Steinway Billiards Cafe, who is once more hosting the world’s greatest straight pool championship. Notably this year’s event was particularly tough in the field of champions as former World 14.1 winners Thorsten Hohmann, John Schmidt, and Stephan Cohen all failed to qualify the top 16 final bracket! The first semi-finals pitted Great Britain against Russia. Evgeny Stalev took the lead early and looked as if his smooth, super offensive style would lead him into the finals. Stalev had played some stellar 14.1 throughout the event, and Appleton had had medicore performances including a dogfest the night before against Mike Dechaine (USA). Down by 70 points, Appleton turned up the juice and made a run. Though Stalev kept the lead for the first half of the match, Appleton took over and never looked back with an eventual 200-145 win. The next semi-finals was a battle of the Americans. Max Eberle of Las Vegas and Shane Van Boening of South Dakota were fighting to see who would have the right to play for the USA in the championship

The final shot of the 74th World 14.1. Appleton ran a 131 & out to claim a resounding 200-27 blow-out of Van Boening in the finals.

Appleton will have his name inscribed onto the World 14.1 Cup alongside Mosconi, Greenleaf, Mizerak, & all the past legends. Photo courtesy of World Tournament of 14.1 Charles Eames 22 page

September 2014

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finals. At first, experience seemed to play in favor of Shane as Max botched many chances early on and Van Boening stretched to a 100+ ball lead. When Eberle had a chance again, he was down 40 to 147. And then he came back to life. Starting with a very tough shot, he went on to run 121 balls and take the lead. To date, Eberle’s highest run in competition. SVB eventually got back to the table, but was visibly shaken a bit in his game as he faltered, but Eberle had also used up alot of energy and they both traded safeties for several innings. Needing only 22 balls to make his first major championship finals, Eberle got another key opportunity and was faced with a good break shot into the side pocket. Unfortunately, he made the ball and busted the rack but scratched. Van Boening took the gift and scraped by to a 200-178 win. “I felt and looked like I was buried. Was so easy to just give up and say I had a good tournament. But seeing Jim Rempe at the 14.1 Hall of Fame Banquer really inspired me. In the video, Nick Varner was congratulating Rempe and said Jim never gave up till the last ball. That was in my head. So I fought back and made the biggest high run of my World 14.1 experiences and made it into a real match”, said Eberle after the semi-finals ended. Last year Appleton had made the error of over practicing before the final day matches, on top of a long 2 hour drive. This year he swore off practice and came into the finals fresh. In contrast, the war with Eberle may have drained Van Boening some as he missed his first chance to strike blood. We will never really know because, once again, Appleton put in a incredible performance. He Started off with a 69 ball run, and then finished with a 131 & out completing the entire championship match in 3 innings!

Charlie Williams (Executive Producer), Cindy Lee (CEO Dragon Promotions), Van Boening (2nd), Appleton (1st), Eberle (3rd), Stalev (3rd) , Manny Stamatikis (host) & John Leyman (Director) “Not much I could do there”, Van Boening said softly as he shrugged his shoulders. “ Darren played great and deserves it.” “I really didn’t prepare as much this year for the tournament because been working on my new house and got my wedding this weekend. So I didn’t really expect to win at all. I really struggled in the early parts of the tournament including last night in the quarterfinals against Dechaine. But today I felt really good”, said Appleton after the finals. “This World 14.1 is one of my favorite tournaments. The win comes at a great time because all my family is coming into town and I can share this with them.”

1 2 3 3 5 5 5 5 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17

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As Darren Appleton’s name will be inscribed as the 74th World 14.1 winner, he requested (almost insisted) he be allowed to take home the World 14.1 Cup for the year to showcase in his private poolroom. After a Bronze, a Silver, setting the world record at 200 points, and shooting in 1450 balls this week en route to winning the Gold this year...Dragon Promotions decided he be the first player to earn the right. Brackets & Stories at . Numerous photos and highlights at www.facebook. com/worldstraightpool



APPLETON Darren 13,000 VAN BOENING Shane 6,500 EBERLE Max 3,450 STALEV Evgeny 3,450 DECHAINE Mike 2,500 ROBLES Tony 2,500 LACKNER Andre 2,500 IMMONEN Mika 2,500 DEUEL Corey 1,600 KIAMCO Warren 1,600 BERGMAN Justin 1,600 FULCHER Jonni 1,600 SHAW Jayson 1,600 ECKERT Ralph 1,600 STRICKLAND Earl 1,600 ARCHER Johnny 1,600 SOSSEI Jeremy 600 SCHMIDT John 600 HOHMANN Thorsten 600 MADENJIAN Robert 600 DAVIS Mike 600 KWOK Eddie 600 BAROUTY Dan 600 CLARK Kevin 600

September 2014




wins at Back Alley Billiards McAlester, OK Jason Chappell, from Atoka, Okla., won Back Alley Billiards’ monthly 6-speed & under 8-Ball tournament in August, 2014. With a field full of players ranked both 5- and 6-speed, Jason rose to the top, winning the tournament without losing a single match. In fact, Chappell only lost four games throughout the entire tournament—two of which came in the championship match! With a total of only four games lost and a tournament win, Chappell not only won the Championship title but also earned himself a 7-speed rating. Meeting Chappell in the Championship match was Shannon Snelling, a player who lost his second round match and worked his way all the way back through the losers bracket to earn a second-place finish. Snelling lost in the second round of the tournament to Mark Tree and then, after winning his way all the way back through the back side, Snelling met up with Tree again, this time winning the match. Tree drove in from Arkansas to play the tournament and was satisfied with his third-place finish. Darren Mize played Snelling in the elimination bracket, and though he took Snelling to the double-hill game, Mize lost and placed fourth in the event. Back Alley Billiards hosts the 6-speed & under tournament on the fourth Saturday of each month and welcomes all pool players who are ranked 6-speed and below to join in the competition. For rating or tournament questions, contact Back Alley Billiards at (918) 916-CUES (2837).

Shannon Snelling, of McAlester, Okla., shoots to win the final match in the elimination bracket to take him to the Campionship match of Back Alley Billiards’ monthly 6-speed & under 8-Ball tournament. Snelling had a second-place finish in the tournament.

Mark Tree, of Arkansas, beats Shannon Snelling in the winner’s side of the bracket on Aug. 23 at Back Alley Billiards’ monthly 6-speed & under 8-Ball tournament. Tree would proceed to lose the hot seat match to Jason Chappell. And, after Snelling worked his way back through the elimination bracket, Snelling and Tree played a second time. Snelling won the match and Tree finished in third place. 24 page

September 2014

Gary Grow, of Arkansas, gets out of a rack after nailing this jump shot. Grow finished in the 5/6th position at Back Alley Billiards monthly 6-speed & under 8-Ball tournament in McAlester, Okla.

Darren Mize takes Shannon Snelling to double hill and ultimately loses the last game of the match to finish fourth in Back Alley Billiards monthly 6-speed & under 8-Ball tournament in McAlester, Okla.

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Jason Chappell, of Atoka, Okla., shoots through a safety shot on Aug. 23 at Back Alley Billiards in McAlester during the pool hall’s monthly 6-speed & under 8-Ball tournament. Chappell went undefeated to earn the tournament champion title.

Back Alley Billiards’ team, ironically named “Last Place,” won the first-place title in July after 26 weeks of play against 14 teams in the McAlester, Okla., 8-Ball league. The team won a total of $970 along with their Championship title. “Last Place” team members Shan Weiher, Cody Davis, Lee Riddle, Tom Rodgers and Don Mendenhall were thrilled with their big win. Out of 650 games played, “Last Place” won 451 games. Weiher won the title of team’s most valuable player. He had a total of 96 wins out of 130 games played. During the 26-week session Weiher had 7 undefeated matches, a break & run and an errorless run-out. Only 9 games behind “Last Place” in the session was the “Outlaws,” with 442 games won out of 650 total games played. “Outlaws” team members were happy with their second-place finish and their $935 payout. “Outlaws” team members include Fred Legg, Butch Fields, Mel Taylor, Ron Taylor and Pete Manschreck. Ron Taylor won his teams’ most valuable player title with 98 wins out of 125 games played, 8 undefeated matches, 2 break & runs and 2 errorless run-outs. Doug Kirby won the title of League’s Most Valuable Player. Kirby’s team, “Road Players,” finished 5th-place in the league and won $818. Kirby won 89 out of 105 games played, had 9 undefeated weeks of play, had 2 break & runs, 3 errorless run-outs and an 8-Ball break. Doug Kirby, of McAlester, Okla., wins the title of League Most Valuable Player in July after 26 weeks of play in the McAlester-area 8-Ball league. Kirby won a total of 89 games out of 105 games played. He had 9 undefeated weeks of play, winning all 5 games of each of those matches. He also had 3 errorless run-outs, 2 break & runs and an 8-Ball break.

Back Alley Billiards team, ironically named “Last Place,” wins the Championship title in McAlester, Okla., after 26 weeks of play against 14 teams. The team won a total of $970. Pictured, from left, are :Last Place” team members Cody Davis, Tom Rodgers, Shan Weiher, Lee Riddle and Don Mendenhall. Not pictured are substitutes Brian Weiher and Glen Leonard.

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September 2014



172342 3rd Annual Pool Tourn Poster.pdf



11:34 AM

2nd Annual

Open 8-Ball Tournament October 2nd-5th, 2014

$10,000 Total Added

Thurs., October 2nd – Open 9 Ball Tourn.

• No Calcutta on this day • House adds $2000 to prize pool • Register by 6:45pm / Tourn. begins at 7pm • Entry Fee $45 + $15 Green Fee = $60 total • Matches are race to 5 • Play will continue until tournament is complete

[ $8,000 Men -$2,000 Women ] Registration Deadline Oct. 1st

Fri., October 3rd – Men’s and Women’s Open 8 Ball Tourn. begins









(These apply to both Men & Women) • Entry Fee $60 + $15 Green Fee = $75 total • Register by 3:00 PM • Rules Meeting at 3pm / Tourn. begins after Rules meeting (estimate 3:30pm) • Matches are a race to 5 • Play will continue until approximately 2am

Men’s Open 8 Ball

• House adds $6,000 to prize pool • Calcutta auction will happen when we reach the final 32 (A Division)

Women’s Open 8 Ball

• House adds $2,000 to prize pool • Calcutta auction will happen when we reach the final 8 (A Division)

BCA Rules will be used

Sat., October 4th

{Men’s and Women’s tourn. proceed with bracket play at 10am} • Play to final 32 men and final 8 women (women’s may be 12 or 16 depending on entries)

Open B Division Tournament (Men and Women)

•Entry Fee $20 + $10 Green Fee = $30 total. - Entry fee will be taken day of tournament in a cash bank. Same bank as the Calcutta money. • House adds $2,000 to prize pool • Register by 3:45pm on Saturday or upon elimination from the open division • Tourn. begins at 4pm. Byes will not be final until confirmation of eliminated players from open division • Matches are a race to 4 on winner’s side, race to 3 on loser’s side • No Calcutta in the B tournament

Men’s and Women’s A Division (Finals) tournament • Brackets will be posted as early as possible after reaching final number of players • Play will begin at 7pm for the finals tournament • Matches will be a race to 5 • Calcutta Auction will be held at 6pm. • All tournament play will be continued until about 2am or when a certain point is reached in the brackets

Sun., October 5th

• Play will resume at 11am for all tournaments and continue until complete. • As players are eliminated, they will be awarded with checks and trophies. No set time.

Registration form available at: -Our Facebook Event Page -Call Ticket sales: 800-946-8238, Option 5

-Print and mail entry form to: Spirit Lake Casino c/o Peter Owlboy, Jr. 7889 Hwy 57 S St Michael, ND 58370

Room Reservations: Refer to the Spirit Lake Open 8-Ball Classic 800-WIN U BET when making hotel reservations. A block of Option 2 (946-8238) rooms have been reserved. Space is limited. For more information, please contact:

Peter Owlboy, Jr. • Work: 701-766-4747, Ext. 327 • Mobile: 701-230-2433 Maurice Alberts Work: 701-766-4747 Ext 272

7 Miles South of Devils Lake, ND on Hwy. 57

26 page

September 2014

Add our Facebook Event to get any updates regarding the tournament. Spirit Lake Casino & Resort reserves the right to change, alter, or cancel this promotion at any time.

No alcohol is permitted on the Spirit Lake Nation properties, please respect this policy when visiting our facility.

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Richard Evans FULL NAME: Richard Noah Evans


NICKNAME: Ricky HOME TOWN: St. Peters BIRTH DATE: 3/23/2001 GRADE: 8th GPA: 3.2 FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: Lunch POOL ROOM(S) WHERE YOU PLAY: ABC Billiards WHAT KIND OF CUE(S) DO YOU USE? Pechauer AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START PLAYING POOL? 8 years old LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED? Right TITLES / HIGHEST FINISHES: Super Billiard Expo champion 2 times Junior Nationals 14 and under 1st place OTHER NOTABLE AWARDS: Academic all american award 3 times MOST MEMORABLE POOL MOMENT: Winning junior nationals SPONSOR(S): Pechauer, Hustlin FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Rap, Soul R/B HOBBIES: Pool, Baseball FAVORITE POOL GAME: 9- ball FAVORITE POOL PLAYER: Earl “The Pearl” Strickland FAVORITE FOOD: Cheeseburger FICTIONAL HERO: Aquaman REAL-WORLD HERO: My Dad FONDEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Birth GOALS (personal and/or career): Be a pro Like us on Facebook

September 2014



s ’ C y ue c a L Chalmette, LA Saturdays tournament was one of the best ones we've had. Lil John did exactly what he intended to do when he decided to make the drive and play in the handicap tournament this Saturday,and that was---TO WIN IT!!!! He proceeded straight to the hot seat and waited for his last match. Stoney Stone came out of the loser side and had John in his sights. It looked like John was in trouble when Stoney played a flawless first set and beat John 9 to 3. Then it looked like Stoney was going to do it again in the second set when he took a 3 game lead early. But that didn't happen after Stoney made a couple of mistakes. John stepped up and took advantage of the opportunities and won the match. Both players played great and showed the spectators some excellent pool playing. Thanks again for all the players that came out in support of our tournament.


1 Lil John 2 Stoney 3 Mike W. 4 Zack 5/6 Tre, Mitch

$500/$425 $270/$225 $130/$120 $60/$55 $30

BREAKING NEWS FLASH!!! LIL JOHN IS OUT OF RETIREMENT!!! EVERYBODY BE ON GUARD BECAUSE HE DOESN’T CARE IF YOU’RE AN ACTION PLAYER OR TOURNAMENT PLAYER--YOU’RE GOING DOWN!!! Saturdays handicap tournament had a 31 man field and they were all playing hard. Ryan had several chances to play for 1st and 2nd place but just couldn’t take advantage of them and had to settle for 3rd. Richie Richeson had a little trouble with his game but managed to pull it together when he played Wesley Hearn. Wesley had chances also but I think the long wait in the hot seat took a lot off of his game. Another winner for the night was Matt Armstrong who drew the winning ticket for the 10 ball break and run. Matt made a ball on the break but was snookered on the two ball and unable to pocket it. Still $306.00 is not bad for just breaking the balls. We thank all of the players for supporting our tournaments!


(L2R) Richie Richeson and Wesley Hearn.

1 Richie $550/$500 2 Wesley $257/$275 3 Ryan $150/$135 4 Brad $75/$70 5/6 Mike C., Tre $35

SHARKY’S BAR & BILLIARDS 2902 E Kimberly Rd - Davenport, IA


26 Pool Tables - 6 Flat Screen TVs Weekly Tournament at 7PM Sun-Mon-Thurs-Fri $100 added for every 16 players

Daily Food Specials - Happy Hour: 4-6pm M-F

See the Tournament Trail for Upcoming Tournament Dates 28 page

September 2014

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Scoreboard Cross Corner Billiards - Jackson, MS July 11-13, 2014 9 BALL 1st Cliff Joyner

Red Shoes Billiards - Alsip, IL

Results of the August 16th ONE POCKET TOURNAMENT 1st Glen “Piggybanks” Rogers 2nd Tom Karabatsos 3rd Ike Runnels 4th Andre King HOURS: 11:00am to 1:30am Monday thru Thursday. 11:00amto 2:00am Friday & Saturday. 1:00pm to 1:30am Sunday


Mississipppi Open

High Pockets Memphis, TN July 25-27 10 BALL Calcutta 1st $6,200 Jason Klatt $4,800 2nd $3,900 Justin Bergman $3,600 3rd $2,300 Johnny Archer $2,400 4th $1,500 Justin Hall $1,200

Jamaica Joe’s Billiard Bar & Grill

Full Service Bar & Grill Pro Shop - Leagues Weekly & Monthly Tournaments Wednesday Night 9-Ball at 7:30PM - $15 entry - House matches $5 per player 5920 S.E. 15th. Midwest City, OK - 405-736-0590

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High Pockets Memphis, TN July 23-25 ONE POCKET Calcutta 1st $4,200 Justin Hall $1,600 2nd $2,800 Joey Gray $960 3rd $1,500 Chris Bartram $640 4th $1,000 Danny Smith

September 2014



Press Release

Allison Fisher & OB Cues Support BEF August 20, 2014 (Englewood, CO) If you’re attending this year’s APA National Team Championships, or if you simply live in Las Vegas, you can support the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) this week while challenging legendary “The Dutchess of Doom” Allison Fisher. OB Cues graciously welcomes the Hall-of-Famer these next three days in their booth for challenge matches open to everyone. “The challenge games are $20 per person and 100% of all of the money raised will be donated to the Billiard Education Foundation. Allison will be appearing at the following times: 11am to 1pm & 2pm to 5pm on Tuesday August 19th, Wednesday August 20th and Thursday August 21st,” said Shane Sinnott, Director of Sales & Marketing for OB Cues. The billiard manufacturer is already a quarter of the way to reaching their $2,000 goal for the week. “The BEF truly appreciates and counts on initiatives like this throughout the industry to stay alive. Way to kick off September’s Juniors Pool Month! Huge Thanks & Kudos to OB Cues, Allison Fisher, and all the challengers for your support! We are ever so grateful,” said Samm Diep-Vidal, Executive Director for the Billiard Education Foundation. For more information on the Third Annual Juniors Pool Month, visit: Pictured L to R: David ‘Doc’ Reyes (from OB), Raymond Linares (OB player rep), Headquartered in Plano, Texas, OB is a leading Allison Fisher and Shane Sinnott (from OB) manufacturer of High Performance Pool Cues and Pool Cue Shafts made 100% in the USA since 2005. For more information on OB Cues or OB shafts or to become an authorized dealer, please or the OB Facebook page at www.facebook. com/obcues. The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) was formed in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity committed to promoting a lifelong love of pool and building the next generation of players through youth programs and academic scholarships. Visit or call (303) 926-1039 to learn more about junior billiard programs in your area.

Pool Table Sales Installation, Moving Service and Repair PRO SHOP CUES & ACCESSORIES

We build Custom Cues

New Diamond Pool Tables

Weekly Tournaments:

2nd Saturday of the Month • Friday 8-Ball: @ 7pm - Races 2/3/4 - $5 entry Pool Tournaments • Sunday 9-Ball: @ 2pm - Races 5 - $5 entry 8 and 9-Ball Alternating • Sunday 8-Ball: @ 7pm - Races 2/3 - $5 entry

609 2nd Ave SW - Cedar Rapids, IA - 319.366.0979

30 page

September 2014

4510 East 14th St - Des Moines, IA



Weekly Tournaments: Sun-Mon-Tues-Fri 1st & 3rd Saturday Tournaments

Full Service Bar - Great Food!!

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Press Release BEF Launches Nationwide Junior State Championship Program August 20, 2014 (Denver, CO): The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) proudly announces its nationwide Junior State Championship program. The long awaited national program is an opportunity for each state to showcase their top young billiard stars. Through junior state championships, these student-athletes earn entry into the BEF Junior Nationals where they have the opportunity to compete for academic scholarships and a chance to represent the U.S. at the annual World Championships. Each state may host up to four junior state championships, one for each of the four age divisions held at junior nationals: 18 & Under Boys, 18 & Under Girls, 14 & Under Boys, and 14 & Under Girls. There are three ways to get involved! Host, Sponsor, or Compete in a Junior State Championship event. HOSTS: Help grow the future of our sport by hosting a Junior State Championship. Qualify your local young players for the BEF Junior Nationals and reserve your room as the “home of” your state’s Junior State Championship. Hosts always receive a sponsored prize package exceeding the value of their commitment, along with first dibs for the next year. SPONSORS: Sponsors help keep participation costs affordable for the junior players in turn encouraging more participation. Exclusive sponsorship opportunities

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are still available for this national opportunity. We are a 501(c)(3) so your contribution is tax deductible as permitted by law. Join the industry’s “smart money” by investing in the future of our sport! JUNIORS: Compete with the best young players in your state. Qualify for next year’s Junior Nationals and World Championships through your state championship! Earn academic scholarships, prizes, and recognition for your talents. For more details on the national BEF Junior State Championship program, visit: Some of the current program sponsors making smart marketing investments and a positive impact on our sport: Aramith, Simonis,, and more to come!

September 2014



If you have any changes to your weekly pool tournaments EMAIL: us at


DATE CITY Mondays Davenport, IA Houston, TX Des Moines, IA Green Bay, WI Dundee, IL Rockford, IL Kansas City, MO Tuesdays Spring, TX Des Moines, IA Appleton, WI Kansas City, MO Lenexa, KS Wednesdays McAlester, OK Davenport, IA Midwest City, OK Houston, TX Des Moines, IA Alsip, IL Oshkosh, WI Thursdays Oshkosh, WI Davenport, IA Des Moines, IA Chicago, IL Spring, TX Chalmette, LA Kansas City, MO Lenexa, KS Manhattan, KS Fridays McAlester, OK Olathe, KS Houston, TX Coon Rapids, MN Des Moines, IA Farmington, MN Spring, TX Spring, TX Tulsa, OK Poplar Bluff, MO Davenport, IA Chalmette, LA Appleton, WI Aurora, IL Tonganoxie, KS Topeka, KS Raytown, MO Jonesville, LA Oshkosh, WI Saturdays Jonesville, LA Houston, TX Des Moines, IA Des Moines, IA Olathe, KS St Peter’s, MO Kansas City, MO Oak Lawn, IL Joliet, IL Aurora, Il Fox Lake Chicago, IL Salina, KS Kansas City, MO Topeka, KS Blue Springs, MO Lenexa, KS Tulsa, OK Sundays McAlester, OK Des Moines, IA Davenport, IA Olathe, KS Spring, TX Green Bay, WI Chicago Hts, IL Jonesville, LA Lenexa, KS Oshkosh, WI

LOCATION Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Bogies Billiards Big Dog Billiards KK Billiards Hammerheads Rockford Billiards Side Pockets Big Tyme Billiards Big Dog Billiards KK Billiards Brass Rail Side Pockets Back Alley Billiards Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Jamaica Joe’s Bogies Billiards Big Dog Billiards Red Shoes Varsity Club Varsity Club Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Big Dog Billiards Chicago Billiards Big Tyme Billiards Lacy’s Cue Brass Rail Side Pockets Fast Eddy’s Billiards Back Alley Billiards Shooters Bogies Billiards CR’s Sports Bar Big Dog Billiards Farmington Billiards Big Tyme Billiards Big Tyme Billiards Q-Spot Billiards Smokin’ Aces Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Lacy’s Cue KK Billiards Rudy’s Place Helen’s Hilltop Terrys Billiard Club Raytown Rec Les Charles Inn & Gameroom Varsity Club Les Charles Inn & Gameroom Bogies Billiards Big Dog Billiards Big Dog Billiards Shooters 3rd Base Boomers Bar & Grill Demma’s Pool Loft Rudy’s Place Bay Billiards Chris’ Sunset Billiards & Sports Bar Brass Rail Diamond Joes Roadies Rock House Side Pockets Q-Spot Billiards Back Alley Billiards Big Dog Billiards Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Shooters Big Tyme Billiards KK Billiards Oasis One-Sixty Les Charles Inn & Gameroom Side Pockets Varsity Club

PHONE (563) 359-7225 (281) 821-4544 (515) 266-6100 (920) 432-0059 (847) 836-8099 (815) 962-0957 (816) 455-9900 (281) 288-0800 (515) 266-6100 (920) 830-0083 (816) 468-6100 (913) 888-7665 (918) 916-2837 (563) 359-RACK (405) 736-0590 (281) 821-4544 (515) 266-6100 (708) 388-3700 (920) 651-0806 (920) 651-0806 (563) 359-7225 (515) 266-6100 (773) 545-5102 (281) 288-0800 (501) 682-6199 (816) 468-6100 (913) 888-7665 (785) 539-4323 (918) 916-2837 (913) 780-5740 (281) 821-4544 (763) 780-1585 (515) 266-6100 (651) 463-2636 (281) 288-0800 (281) 288-0800 (918) 779-6204 (573) 712-2900 (563) 359-7225 (501) 682-6199 (920) 830-0083 (630) 898-7769 (913) 369-3772 (785) 273-3553 (816) 358-5977 (318) 339-4540 (920) 651-0806 (318) 339-4540 (281) 821-4544 (515) 266-6100 (515) 266-6100 (913) 780-5740 (636) 447-5300 (816) 436-7245 (708) 636-1240 (815) 722-0964 (630) 898-7769 (847) 587-8888 (773) 286-4714 (785) 826-9992 (816) 468-6100 (785) 783-2883 (816) 228-7625 (913) 888-7665 (918) 779-6204 (918) 916-2837 (515) 266-6100 (563) 359-7225 (913) 780-5740 (281) 288-0800 (920) 432-0059 (708) 756-0600 (318) 339-4540 (913) 888-7665 (920) 651-0806

EVENT / RULES 9-Ball 9 Ball on 8’ tables-Race 4/3 B/C 9-Ball 9-Ball-Race to 4-Alt Break-DE 10 Ball 9 Ball 9 Ball 8 Ball Handicap 8-Ball 9-Ball-Race to 4-Alt Break-DE 8 Ball 9 Ball 9 Ball Open - Race to 3 8-9-10 Ball Winner Chooses 9 Ball 8 Ball on 8’ tables-Race 2/1 B/C 10-Ball 10 Ball 9-Ball Beginners 9-Ball Intermediate 8-Ball Short Rack 8-Ball 9 Ball 9 Ball 9-Ball Open 9 Ball 9 Ball 8 Ball & 9 Ball 8 Ball Open - Race to 3 9-Ball Open Night Owl 8-Ball-Race 2/1 8-Ball on 7’ Diamonds Open 10-Ball 8 or 9-ball rotation One Pocket 8 Ball - APA 5 & under 8-Ball 7 & under 9 Ball Coin Toss decides 9-Ball 8-Ball-Race to 2-Alt Break-DE Call 8 Ball 8 Ball Players Vote 8 Ball 8-Ball Open - Race to 2 8 Ball Night Owl 8-Ball-Race 2/1 8-Ball - 4s & Below 8-Ball - Handicap 8-Ball 9-Ball 9 Ball 8 Ball 8 Ball 8 Ball Call 8 Ball 9 Ball Multiple Big Table 9 Ball 9 Ball 8 Ball APA Rated 8 Ball 9-Ball 7 & under Scotch Doubles - Race to 3 Open 9-Ball - Race 6/5 10-Ball 8-Ball - Race to 3 - No pros 10 Ball 8-Ball-Race to 4/3-Alt Break-DE 9 Ball 9 Ball 9 Ball 10-Ball on 9’ tables-Race to 5

ENTRY ADDED TIME $12 $100 every 16 7PM $7 $100 w/20 8PM $10 $$$ 7PM $15 $50 w/16 7PM $15 $$$ 7:30PM $14 Call 7:30PM $5 7PM $10 Call 9:30PM $10 $$$ 7PM $10 $50 w/16 7PM $5 7PM $6 9:30PM $5 $$$ 7:30PM $10 (incl g.f.) $100 every 16 6:30PM $15 $5/player 7:30PM $7 $100 w/20 8PM $10 $$$ 7PM $15 Call 8PM $8 Call $10 Call $10 $100 every 16 7PM $10 $$$ 11PM $10 100% payout 8PM $10 50% 8PM $30 $500 Guar 6PM $10 7PM $6 9:30PM $15 6PM $10 $$$ 7:30PM $15 (incl. g.f.) up to $160 8:30PM $7 $100 w/20 2AM $16 $75 7PM $10 $$$ 7PM $15+$5 g.f. $50 w/16 6:30PM $10 Call 8PM $6 50% 8PM $5 9 PM $10 $200 7PM $10 $100 every 16 7PM FREE $100 Guar 6PM $5 8PM $15 $100+ w/10 7:30PM $10 7:30PM $5 7PM $10 2AM $5 8PM $12 6:30PM $5 8PM $7 $100 w/20 2AM $8 $$$ 1PM $13 $$$ 1PM Call Call 7:30PM $15 Call 1PM $5 7:30PM $10 Call 3PM $15 Call 4/5PM $15 $100+ w/10 7:30PM $15 Call 8PM $10 Call 7PM Call Call $5 2PM $10 8PM $5 8PM $10 1PM $10 (incl. g.f.) 9PM $10 $$$ 5:30PM $5/$10/$15 $$$ 7PM $12 $100 every 16 7PM $10 Call 7:30PM $12 50% 6PM $15 1PM $10 6PM $5 8PM $6 9:30PM $15 Call

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice 32 page

September 2014

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Press Release Mika Immonen and Jose Parica Inducted Broomfield, Colo., August 6, 2013 The Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame proudly celebrates and welcomes two of pool’s most dominate players in 2014. The United States Billiard Media Association today announced that two-time world pool champion Mika Immonen and Jose Parica, the leader of pool’s “Philippine Invasion” in the 1980s, have earned induction into the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame in the Greatest Players category. Immonen, 42, and Parica, 65, will become the 63rd and 64th members of the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame. The pair will be inducted during ceremonies on Oct. 17, at the Chesapeake Convention Center in Chesapeake, Va. Immonen, born in London, but raised in Finland, was the European 9-Ball Tour’s No. 1 player at 20. Four years after capturing his first major international title — the 1996 Peace Cup in Taiwan —Immonen settled in New York City. A year later, he won the World Pool Championship in Cardiff, Wales, topping a star-studded 128-player international field and grabbing what was then pool’s richest top prize — $65,000. Immonen was a dominant player throughout the 2000s, winning 10 pro titles in the U.S., including back-to-back U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships crowns (2008, 2009). He added his second world title when he won the 2009 World 10Ball Championship. Billiards Digest named Immonen “Player of the Decade” in 2010. Immonen has added a handful of major titles since 2010, including the World Cup of Pool doubles crown in 2012. He has also played as a member of Team Europe in the Mosconi Cup 14 times, and was named MVP in 2008. “This is really amazing,” Immonen said, when the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame call interrupted a practice session at Amsterdam Billiard Club in Manhattan. “I’m a little beside myself right now, with goose bumps. After last year (in which Immonen lost to Jeanette Lee in a special Hall of Fame run-off]), I knew I had a chance. But you never really believe it until it’s real.” “When I was younger, I had dreams and goals,” he added. “It’s a timeline, and the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame was on that list. Obviously, that goal takes time. I wasn’t in a big rush to be recognized as an old geezer, but it’s nice to be in the Hall of Fame at 41.” Parica becomes the second player elected to the Greatest Player wing of the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame through recommendation of the Veterans Committee. (The Veterans Committee considers players who failed to be elected through general voting prior to turning 60. Players recommended by

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the Veterans Committee are put on the final ballot. Election is confirmed with a 50 percent approval from the Voting Members of the Hall of Fame.) Following a distinguished career in the Philippines, where he gained a reputation as the pool-crazy island’s money-game king, Parica arrived in the U.S. He won his first pro tour title in 1986, at the Clyde Childress Open. After a sabbatical from the game (1992-1996), Parica returned to the Camel Pro Billiard Series with a BILLIARD CONGRESS OF AMERICA

201 4

HALL OF FAME BANQUET Honoring Mika Immonen & Jose Parica




WPA World 9-Ball Champion World 10-Ball Champion U.S. Open Champion 14-Times Mosconi Cup Team Europe

Camel Pro Billiard Series Player of the Year Three-time Derby CIty Classic Champion Derby City Classic Master of the Table Leader of the “Philippine Invasion”

“The Biggest Night In Pool, Held During The U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships!” TICKETS $55 Per Person $500 for a Table of 10 (single payment only) ORDER AT: OR CALL: 312-341-1110 (ext 2004)


Official Supporters of the 2014 BCA Hall of Fame Ceremony

vengeance, winning a pair of tour titles. His consistent play throughout the year also earned him the $50,000 Player of the Year (POY) bonus award to the tour’s top points earner. The points title came down to the semifinals of the year’s final event, when Parica battled Buddy Hall in a match that determined which player would claim the POY award. Parica topped Hall, 9-7. Parica continued to rank among the game’s top players well into the 2000s, winning Derby City Classic titles in 2001, 2002 and 2003, including Master of the Table in 2002. “It has been a long time to wait,” said Parica, when told of his election. “For many years, I didn’t think the people from the BCA knew who I was. I was always asked about my record. I won many major tournaments in the U.S. They commented about my gambling, but

what pool player doesn’t gamble? But it is a great honor,” he added. “I’m very happy.” Voting for the 2014 BCA Hall of Fame was conducted by the USBMA Hall of Fame Board, which consists of USBMA members, elected At-Large members and living members of the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame. Induction in the Greatest Players category is awarded to the player named on the most ballots. A second player is elected if both players are named on more than 70 percent of the ballots. To be eligible for consideration in the Greatest Players category, a player a) must be 40 years old by Jan. 1 of the year of their induction; b) must have a professional playing career of at least 10 years; and c) must have recorded significant achievements in U.S.-based events. Immonen, in his second year of eligibility, was named on 75 precent of the ballots. Germany’s Oliver Ortmann was named on 33 percent of the ballots, and Gerda Hofstatter was named on 27 percent. Belinda Calhoun, Kim Davenport, Mary Kenniston, Jeremy Jones, Rodney Morris and Vivian Villarreal each received votes on less than 25 percent of the ballots. About United States Billiard Media Association Founded in 2007, the United States Billiard Media Association (USBMA) is a non-profit association dedicated to elevating the visibility and status of billiards in the media at large. The USBMA consists of professional print, radio, TV, public relations and Internet media persons who cover cue sports. One of the association’s main functions is electing of billiard media members to the Billiard Congress of America’s Hall of Fame Board for the purpose of nominating and electing players and notable figures to the BCA Hall of Fame. About Billiard Congress of America Founded in 1948, the Billiard Congress of America is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to growing a united, prosperous and highly regarded billiard industry through Billiard Congress of America leadership. The Billiard Congress of America seeks to enhance the success of its members and promote the game of billiards though educational, marketing and promotional efforts, annual industry trade shows and other programs designed to encourage billiards as a lifestyle and make pool everybody’s game. For more information, visit or call 303.243.5070.

September 2014



Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

Click on the MAP link online to get directions to each location DATE Sep 6 Sep 6 Sep 6 Sep 6-7 Sep 6-7 Sep 13 Sep 13 Sep 13 Sep 13 Sep 13 Sep 13-14 Sep 13-14 Sep 20 Sep 20 Sep 20 Sep 27 Sep 27 Sep 27 Sep 27-28 Sep 27-28 Sep 30-Oct 2 Oct 2 Oct 3 Oct 3 Oct 4 Oct 4 Oct 4 Oct 4-5 Oct 4 Oct 4 Oct 10-12 Oct 10-12 Oct 11 Oct 11 Oct 11 Oct 11-12 Oct 11-12 Oct 11-12 Oct 18 Oct 24-26 Oct 24-26 Oct 25 Oct 25-26 Nov 1 Nov 1 Nov 8 Nov 8 Nov 8 Nov 15 Nov 15-16 Nov 20-21 Nov 21-23 Nov 21-23 Dec 6 Dec 13-14

34 page

CITY McAlester, OK Chalmette, LA Beloit, WI Arlington, TX Springfield, MO Cedar Rapids, IA Chalmette, LA Davenport, IA Alsip, IL McAlester, OK Des Moines, IA Austin, TX Beloit, WI Chalmette, LA McAlester, OK Des Moines, IA Davenport, IA Chalmette, LA Midwest City, OK Poplar Bluff, MO Poplar Bluff, MO Devil’s Lake, ND Devil’s Lake, ND Devil’s Lake, ND Devil’s Lake, ND Devil’s Lake, ND Dubuque, IA Poplar Bluff, MO Beloit, WI Chalmette, LA Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Alsip, IL Des Moines, IA Chalmette, LA McAlester, OK Cedar Rapids, IA Cedar Rapids, IA Chalmette, LA New Town, ND New Town, ND Chalmette, LA Midwest City, OK McAlester, OK Chalmette, LA Alsip, IL McAlester, OK Cedar Rapids, IA McAlester, OK Lafayette, LA Olathe, KS Olathe, KS Olathe, KS Alsip, IL Midwest City, OK

September 2014

LOCATION Back Alley Billiards Lacy’s Cue Carom Room Clicks Billiards Dennis 2nd Ave Corner Pocket Lacy’s Cue Sharky’s Billiards Red Shoes Billiards Back Alley Billiards Big Dog Billiards Slick Willie’s Carom Room Lacy’s Cue Back Alley Billiards Big Dog Billiards Sharky’s Billiards Lacy’s Cue Jamaica Joe’s Smokin’ Aces Smokin’ Aces Spirit Lake Casino Spirit Lake Casino Spirit Lake Casino Spirit Lake Casino Spirit Lake Casino Q Masters Billiards Smokin’ Aces Carom Room Lacy’s Cue Chinook Winds Casino Chinook Winds Casino Red Shoes Billiards Big Dog Billiards Lacy’s Cue Back Alley Billiards 2nd Ave Corner Pocket 2nd Ave Corner Pocket Lacy’s Cue Four Bears Casino Four Bears Casino Lacy’s Cue Jamaica Joes Back Alley Billiards Lacy’s Cue Red Shoes Billiards Back Alley Billiards 2nd Ave Corner Pocket Back Alley Billiards White Diamond Shooters Shooters Shooters Red Shoes Billiards Jamaica Joe’s

PHONE 918-916-2837 504-682-6199 608-365-1811 817-649-7665 417-536-4481 319-366-0970 504-682-6199 563-359-RACK 708-388-3700 918-916-2837 515-266-6100 512-451-4575 608-365-1811 504-682-6199 918-916-2837 515-266-6100 563-359-RACK 504-682-6199 405-736-0590 573-712-2900 573-712-2900 701-230-2433 701-230-2433 701-230-2433 701-230-2433 701-230-2433 563-557-0875 573-712-2900 608-365-1811 504-682-6199 360-703-4081 360-703-4081 708-388-3700 515-266-6100 504-682-6199 918-916-2837 319-366-0970 319-366-0970 504-682-6199 701-421-9880 701-421-9880 504-682-6199 405-736-0590 918-916-2837 504-682-6199 708-388-3700 918-916-2837 319-366-0970 918-916-2837 337-989-9889 913-780-5740 913-780-5740 913-780-5740 708-388-3700 405-736-0590

EVENT 8-Ball Progressive 9-Ball No Masters 8-Ball Omega Billiard Tour 9-Ball Diamond Shootout 8-Ball/9-Ball Alternating 9-Ball C & D Players Scotch Doubles 8-Ball 8-Ball No Master 8-Ball OB Ladies Tour 8-Ball Open 9-Ball 9-Ball Open 9-Ball 8-Ball No Masters 9-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 3 man scramble One Pocket - Limit 8 9-Ball Open 8-Ball Open Mens Div 9-Ball Open Women Div 8-Ball Open B Mens Div 9-Ball Open B Women Div Women’s 8-Ball 9-Ball No Masters 9-Ball 9-Ball 10-Ball-Men’s Divison 10-Ball-Women’s Divison 9-Ball 9-Ball Qualifier 9-Ball C & D Players 8-Ball Fall Classic 9-Ball-max 64 (M) Fall Classic 9-Ball-max 16 (W) 9-Ball ND 9-Ball (ND residents)-Men ND 9-Ball (ND residents)-Women 9-Ball OB Ladies Tour 8-Ball Progressive 9-Ball One Pocket 8-Ball 8-Ball/9-Ball Alternating 9-Ball Super 9-Ball One Pocket Bar Table 9-Ball Open Bar Table 9-Ball Ladies Bank Pool 9-Ball

ENTRY ADDED TIME LINK $20 $$$-Call Noon $40 $2,000 1PM MAP $40 incl g.f. $1,000 10AM $45 incl g.f. $1,500 Call MAP $100+$20 g.f. $300 w/32 10AM Call Call Call MAP $20 $500 w/32 1PM MAP $60/t incl g.f. $800 10AM MAP $50 incl g.f. $500 w/full field Noon MAP $20 $$$ 1PM MAP $40 incl g.f. $500 Guar 10AM MAP $30 $2,000 10AM MAP $40 incl g.f. $1,000 10AM $20+$10 g.f. $500 Guar 1PM MAP $40 $$$ Noon MAP $40 incl g.f. $500 Guar 10AM MAP $45 incl g.f. $1,250 10AM MAP $20 $500 Guar 1PM MAP $25+$10 $500 11AM MAP $60 $1,000 w/24 Call MAP  $10,000 9:30 Tues  $45+$15 g.f. $2,000 6PM MAP $60+$15 g.f. $6,000 before 3PM MAP $60+$15 g.f. $2,000 before 3PM MAP $20+$10 g.f. $ Call Call MAP $20+$10 g.f. $ Call Call MAP $30 $750 11AM $20 $5,000 Call  $40 incl g.f. $1,000 10AM $40 $2,000 1PM MAP $100+$25+$30 $10,000 7PM MAP $100+$25+$30 $5,000 7PM MAP $50 incl g.f. $500 w/full field Noon MAP Call Call 10AM MAP $20 $500 w/32 1PM MAP $25+$10 $250 11AM MAP $50 $2500 total 11AM MAP $50 Call 11AM $20+$10 g.f. $500 Guar 1PM MAP $50+$35 g.f. $5,000 Call MAP $35+$35 g.f. $1,500 Call $20 $500 Guar 1PM MAP $30 $1,250 10AM MAP $20 $$$-Call Noon $40 $2,000 1PM MAP $50 incl g.f. $500 w/full field Noon MAP $20 $$$ 1PM MAP Call Call Call MAP $40 $$$ Noon MAP $40 $1,000 w/128 9AM MAP $60 $1,000 8PM MAP $65 $4,000 8PM $50 Call 8PM $50 incl g.f. $500 w/full field Noon MAP $50 $2,500 Call MAP

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Profile for Rackem Magazine

Rackem Pool Magazine September Issue 2014  

Read our feature on Sky Woodward who defeated Shane Van Boening twice to win the Smokin' Aces Bar Box Tournament. Don't forget about our col...

Rackem Pool Magazine September Issue 2014  

Read our feature on Sky Woodward who defeated Shane Van Boening twice to win the Smokin' Aces Bar Box Tournament. Don't forget about our col...