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09-26-2009 10:00 am 2007 Texas Hold’Em Billiards Jennifer Barretta vs Rodney Morris 09-30-2009 9:00 am 2002 WPBA Classic Tour Finals

Wild West Shootout $5,000 added Great Falls, MT Oct 2-4, 2009 Watch it LIVE

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Jordanian Champion Zaid Thweib Reins and owner Jerry. We missed you Jerry!!! The next Lone Star Billiards Tour Event will be September 25th-26th at Bradley’s Billiards in San Antonio, Texas. Saddle up and ride with us on the Lone Star Trail……….where pool pays!!!!

The Lone Star Billiards Tour held its Bogies Houston Classic IV this weekend, August 15th-16th drawing a whopping 90 player field! Saturday morning Bogies Billiards & Games was packed with talent including Louisiana’s own Gary Abood and Derrick Fontenot, Mississippi’s Jerry Slivka, and Texas’ favorites Sylver Ochoa, Lanny Herrin, Dennis Strickland, Nick Hood, Rene Rendon and Billy Sharp. Pro Players included Charlie Bryant, Zaid Thweib, and Cliff Joyner. Kim White kicked it off with a player auction that added $9,000.00 to the mix and a second player auction of the final 16 that added another $3,150. The tournament and auctions paid out $15,850. Not bad for a weekend of pool playing!!! Saturday’s play produced few upsets on the winner’s side. However, Jerry Slivka’s impressive 9-2 win over Charlie Bryant earned him a spot in the final 8 on the winner’s side and a chance to come back on Sunday and snap it off. Sunday’s winner’s side final 4 included Mike Alonzo vs. Dennis Strickland and Zaid Thweib vs. Jerry Slivka. It ends up a Strickland-Thweib shoot out for the hot seat. After a few key misses, Thweib quickly capitalized over Strickland 9-5. On the one loss side, Tony Scott fell prey to the Hillbilly, and Billy Sharp to Sylver Ochoa after Sylver also suffered a loss to the seemingly unstoppable Jerry Slivka. Slivka met up with Hillbilly on the one loss side and was laid to rest 7-3. Sylver also put away Mike Alonzo who suffered a loss to Strickland on the winner’s side final 8.

It was an Ochoa-Bryant shoot out for third and a chance to fire at Dennis Strickland. The set went all Charlie’s way 7-1, as well as with rival player Dennis Strickland who also fell prey 7-3. Hillbilly moved on to play Zaid Thweib in the true double elimination final. First set was a race to 9. Zaid jumped to a 2-0 lead over Hillbilly and missed an 8 ball in the third rack to go up 3-0. Hillbilly is breaking and answers back 2-2. He gives up ball in hand in the 5th game and its 3-2 Zaid. Finally, after a rack running exchange, Hillbilly takes a two game lead, 8-6, and he’s breaking! It went in Hillbilly’s favor the first set 9-6. Now in overtime, it starts just about the same. Zaid jumps to a 3-0 lead and Hillbilly returns the favor tying at 3 all. Zaid takes a two game lead, 5-3 and Hillbilly takes it to 5-4 in the short race to 7, then 5-5. Zaid closes it out 7-5 and breaks the Hillbilly’s three tournament winning streak! Way to go Zaid! PAYOUTS: 1 $1,100 2 $700 3 $500 4 $350 5/6 $250 7/8 $115 9/12 $50 13/16 $30 LADIES EVENT: 1ST $200/$200: 2ND $150 /$125 : 3RD $100 4TH $50 5TH $20/20

Jillian Martinez

Congratulations to Jillian Martinez who snapped of the $300 added women’s event from the loser’s side!! The event had a total purse of $865! First place earned Jillian $200 along with $200 in auction money. Jillian fought long and hard against Cristina De La Garza capturing both sets 7-4/7-6. Also, congrats to Charlie Brown who won the Poison AR4 Cue and Brandon Turner, former junior player, who won the Predator Air Jump Cue. I know they will get great use out of their new Poison/Predator Cues! Many thanks to our tour sponsors Poison Billiards(Official Cue), Delta 13(Official Rack), Cue Reach, and McDermott I-2 shafts. Big kudos to Cue & A Promotions aka “Big Truck” for streaming and promoting all of our events. Special thanks to our venue, Bogies Billiards & Games, and our gracious weekend hostess Georgia Williams standing in for husband Zaid Thweib Charlie Bryant Dennis Strickland Sylver Ochoa Jerry Slivka, Mike Alonso Tony Scott, Billy Sharp Derek Fontenot, Lanny Herrin Hunter Blackwell, Rene Rendon Henry Rocha, Gary Abood Nick Hood, Josh Hughes JILLIAN MARTINEZ CRISTINA DE LA GARZA RICKY CASPER TERRY PETRESINO ROBYN PETRESINO, ANGELA MARTINEZ

How to Improve Your Pool Game in 30 Minutes © 2009 Mike Fieldhammer,

The following is a blog post from billiardcoach. com written earlier this year during the World Snooker Championships. If you are interested in watching some snooker, contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction. Cheers, Mike Fieldhammer –August, 26 2009. How to improve your pool game in 30 minutes Very simple: watch a bit of snooker. You can do it from your desk/home by tuning into the terrific streaming coverage of live snooker from Sheffield, England. HOW THIS HELPS YOUR POOL GAME: Observe the picture perfect strokes of these professionals Seeing these gentlemen pot (pocket) balls in tiny pockets with rounded jaws (pocket openings) with incredible accuracy is simply amazing. The technique and delivery of the cue demands such precision that they know they must have near flawless fundamentals. Just look at the perfect set-up, still body, and authoritative cue delivery and statuesque finishing position. If all pool players (author included) stayed down on shots this well, we’d all run many more racks. Admire the complexity of the game If you get lucky and watch the right match, you’ll see a game that has flashes of 8-ball, one-pocket, 9-ball, straight pool and maybe even three cushion billiards. The unique scoring system might take you a little while to get the hang of, but snooker has a bit of everything. It starts with a safety break like straight pool, might progress into a total clearance or a run of 36 balls without a miss. Some of these breaks (runs) resemble an excellent rack of 8 or 9 ball with some delicate position plays and some power shots to break open the rack of red balls to continue the inning. A player might not be able to catch up midway through a frame (game) and might have to snooker his opponent in hopes of a miss or foul to add points to his tally. Games of this sort can have some ingenious safety play and maneuvering like the best one pocket clashes. Jump shots are forbidden in snooker, so players will have to lag or kick at balls from the worst of positions. A little billiard knowledge helps. Frames may last eight minutes to nearly an hour long. See melt-downs and world class play Players have reacted in all sorts of ways under the pressure of “The Crucible”. Players can choke or rise to the occasion. Last year there were two maximums in the WC for the first time ever. Earlier today, first time WC participant floundered to make even a 30 point break. The commentators were aghast. Word is that he had been making six or more centuries every day for weeks training for the tournament. See what we’ve been missing in televised pool broadcasts If you watch for a while, you’ll want to phone up ESPN and scream. Sure, we’ve got quite a bit of streaming pool tournaments to watch in the last couple of years, but none compare to the BBC’s polished production. Most of the links at the end of the article are to fanatics who simply capture and pass along the high definition live broadcast put on by the BBC. They actually have two channels running simultaneously since the Crucible has two snooker tables for most of the event. Each telecast features about half-a-dozen cameras, wonderful (and useful!) computer graphics, and soothing, intelligent commentary be one or two snooker greats. Just listening to the patter is entertaining for any pool fan. You’ll pick up lots of British slang for pool terms. Cannon equals carom and a plant is a combination shot. Red into the right center (or right middle) means side pocket. Ronnie O’Sullivan is every bit as amazing to watch play snooker as Efren Reyes is to watch play one pocket. Ronnie missed 2 makeable balls in succession in the (continued on page 14)

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What’s your practice mission? By Samm Diep, © August 2009

In order to get the most out of our practice time, it’s important to establish a mission. What is your purpose for practicing today? We’ve all observed the player from across the room that’s just firing at balls. He thinks he’s doing the right thing by getting out there and practicing. His practice session may begin with a couple organized drills or stroke shots. Eventually, he’s lost focus or ends up playing against someone. He gives half a warm-up stroke for each shot, Samm Diep tries to bank balls that should be cut, and is very obviously no longer giving 100%. To get the most out of our practice time, there are some decisions we need to make before we begin. Decide if this going to be a learning session or an achieving session. Do you have an objective for your valuable practice time? Have a plan to work on a specific shot or develop a certain stroke. Or, are you setting out to run 100 balls in straight pool or break and run four consecutive racks of 9-ball? Whichever course of action we choose, it’s most important to make sure our goals are realistic and attainable. Now that we’ve determined our objective, let’s make our shot decisions accordingly. If we’re planning an achieving session, our goals are results-based. This means if I’m setting out to get a perfect score of 150 in the game of 6 Pocket, then I determine that before my practice begins. I will choose smart patterns, take less-aggressive shots, and make sure I get on the correct side of each ball. Ideally, I want to recreate a tournament pressure and mindset for myself. My priority is to accomplish this score and exceed my current high score. On the other hand, if the plan is for a learning session, we may find our goals to be more performance-based. For instance, I’m setting out to develop my power draw stroke. I will set up the same shot and shoot it 50 or 100 times until I achieve my desired outcome and get a feel for the stroke. I’m concentrating less on pocketing the ball and more on developing the muscle memory. My focus is on the execution or performance, not the results. This is also the perfect opportunity to set up that scenario I was unsure of during league. Perhaps I used low outside instead of high inside. I will set it up and shoot it several different ways. I’ll practice pocketing the ball (continued on page 7)

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Gray and Rousey Oklahoma State 8-Ball Champs

Open division: Joey Gray, 1st, Michelle McDermott, Chip Compton , 2nd

Ladies division: Sarah Rousey 1st' Michelle McDermott; Bonnie Plowman 2nd

Magoo's, Tulsa, Oklahoma hosted the 6th annual Oklahoma State 8-Ball Championship on August 1-2, 2009. A field of 21 players participated in the ladies division. Sarah Rousey, Bloomington, Il won the winner's side, defeating Bonnie Plowman 5-2 in the hot seat match. Bonnie came back to the winner's side and defeated Sarah 5-1 in the first set of the finals. Sarah came back and won the final set 4-1 to claim the first place money and title of 2009COklahoma State-Ball Champ. The open division had 61 players. Chip Compton, Oklahoma City secured the winner's bracket defeating Brian Hun ter 7-1, Tony Sulsar 7-5, Duane Remick 7-1, Andy Craig 7-5, Travis Garner 7-1 and the hot seat match with Gabe Owen 7-6. Joey Gray, after a third round loss to Gabe Owen 7-4, was working his way back through the elimination side defeating Darryl Cowan 5-2, Charlie Smith 5-0, Andy Craig 5-3, Buddy Hall 5-3, Steve Rector 5-2, Phillip Davis 5-0 and won the semi-final match with Gabe Owen 5-4. The first set of the finals went Joey's way, defeating Chip 7-3. The second set was a war. Both players, playing excellent 8-Ball, traded games and the score was tied 4-4. Chip was running out the last game when he came up with a tough shot and had to turn the cue ball

loose. Chip made the ball, but was hooked on the next shot, he made a good hit, but failed to pocket the ball. Joey took over, ran the rack out and claimed the title of 2009 Oklahoma State 8-Ball Champ. Special thanks to Jim and Laura McDermott and the staff at Magoo's. Magoo's is one of the premier pool rooms in the Midwest. If you are in the Tulsa area be sure and check out the excellent equipment and great food. Ladies Division 1st $400 Sarah Rousey, Bloomington, Il 2nd $300 Bonnie Plowman, Austin, Tx 3rd $200 Julia Gabriel, St. Charles, Mo 4th $100 Janet Atwell, Bristol, VA 5-6th $50 Wendy Kent, Norman, Ok Susan Williams, Chandler, AZ Open Division 1st $900 Joey Gray, Oklahoma City, Ok 2nd $500 Chip Compton, Oklahoma City, Ok 3rd $400 Gabe Owen, Tulsa, Ok 4th $300 Phillip Davis, McAlester, Ok 5-6 $200 Travis Garner, Aurora, Mo, Steve Rector, Wichita, Ks 7-8 $155 Buddy Hall, Metropolis, Il, Duane Remick, Tulsa, Ok 9-12 $125 Darryl Smith, Excelsior Springs, Mo Sonny Tiger, Kellyville, Ok, Jay Klatt, Bloomington, Il Andy Craig, Springfield, Mo

Garett Majoue:

Crime Fighter

Garett Majoue of New Orleans, La., is helping keep his neighborhood safe. Back in March, tenants at his apartment building noticed that their mail was going missing. One morning, Garett saw someone at the mailboxes acting fishy. The guy immediately left, so Garett decided to chase the gentleman on his bike. After catching up to him, he tackled the man and held him in a wrestling move; the man had mail in his hand, but claimed he found it. After a neighbor called the police, they found out the man had been to jail before for mail fraud and was wanted federally for a crime ring. Garett found out later that he was in connection with six men, and all were detained within 3-4 weeks of his heroic feat. “I had things stolen before, and it’s a terrible feeling. So, when I caught the guy red-handed, I needed to go after him,” Garett said. “My wrestling experience gave me the confidence.” This isn’t the only time he helped detain a criminal. Back in 1999, he captured a man who was stealing from a grocery store. And, very recently, he saw a man between two buildings vandalizing them, stopped and caught him. Also, he witnessed a hit-and-run accident and ran after the man until he tackled him. Garett is at the National Team Championships playing with his team, Ninjas. He has been an APA member since 2002, after forming a team with a friend who was a member. Unfortunately, he had to take a couple of years off after Hurricane Katrina, when his home was destroyed. This is his team’s second year in a row competing here.

Practice Mission

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with alternative spin options. It doesn’t matter what the results are, this is the time for learning. Establishing a practice mission has helped me maximize the quality of my practice time. While setting out to break my straight pool high run, I would often fall victim to unnecessarily shooting a shot more aggressively simply because it was “more fun” or because I felt I needed to practice that particular shot. Now, I save those shots for my learning sessions. Once I started distinguishing between the two, I increased my focus and high runs, and made better use of my practice time. Visit “random smatterings of pool thoughts, articles, & news”. Take polls, view article archives, and read tournament and training updates.

D&R/Star Pool and Dart Leagues

Rochester, MN and Southeast MN Leagues forming for the Fall Season Check the website for a meeting nearest you. Sanctioning for D&R/Star (Pool & Darts), MOMA (Pool & Darts), NDA & VNEA International tournaments. Now is the time to have some fun with your friends and enjoy a night out!!

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M8 League News

2009 M8 Pool Leagues Regional Tournament

The M8 Pool Leagues Winter Season Regional Tournament took place in late June with nearly 200 Teams qualifying to compete for over $100,000 in Cash Prizes. We would like to thank the staff at the locations that support M8 Pool Leagues - they always treat our players like the Champions they are! This season there were 73 Open Teams competing for a top prize of $2500, 75 Advanced Teams competing for a top prize of $2500, and 36 Masters Teams competing for a top prize of $2000. The tournament was a blast for all who played and most matches went all 5 sets to determine a winner. MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIP 1ST $2000 NEISEN BROTHERS BAR - DEAD MONEY 2ND $1000 BIFF’S SPORTS BAR - BIFF’S BANDITS II 3RD $650 TWO STOOGES - WHO NEEDS A BILLIARDS COACH? 4TH $450 SHOOTER’S BILLIARDS - JUMP DIS MASTERS CONSOLATION 1ST $1500 C.R.’S SPORTS BAR - CHAOS 2ND $900 BIFF’S SPORTS BAR - 100 PROOF 3RD $600 DUGAREL’S - 8 BALLERS 4TH $400 C.R.’S SPORTS BAR - MEAN STREAK  OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP 1ST $2500 TWO STOOGES SPORTS BAR - TEAM WEST 2ND $1750 NORTHERN ATTITUDES BAR - BREAKIN RUNNERS 3RD $1250 BIFF’S SPORTS BAR - 8 BALL ITCH 4TH $750 HEARTBREAKERS BAR - HEARTBREAKERS DEUCE

With the best handicapping available to pool leagues, it’s no wonder that M8 is the largest independent pool league in the world. We also offer some of the largest cash prizes available in any pool league as teams can win up to $14,000 Cash in a single year. Ask your League Operator to contact us at 651-636-2022 to find out how to get M8 involved in your area. Many leagues are benefiting from utilizing our system and their players love it! Our Fall Season starts on September 9th, call us and get in on the fun! Good Times - Better Handicapping - Great Prizes!


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A Tale of Two Coasts Inaugural NCS 14.1 Continuous National Championship

CueSports International, August 11, 2009 Despite the heavy storms which have hit the North Eastern U.S this summer, players from all over the U.S traveled to Comet Billiards in Parsippany, NJ (Home of the Accu-Stats Arena) for the first NCS 14.1 National Championship. Held August 1-2, it was not only the first U.S straight pool national championship in many years but a true celebration of the game. The NCS is dedicated to encouraging more 9’ table play in a variety of cue disciplines, including 14.1. The players were a mix of long time 14.1 veterans such as Bill Dunsmore who started playing straight pool before many of the younger participants were born, to Bob Madenjian, Carswell “Cosmo” Ransom, Danny Barouty and Tom Walter. While the game itself has not been as publically visible as 8-Ball and 9-Ball in the past 30 years, the participation of young talented players showed a growing interest in the game. One young gun, Brandon Shuff, the 2009 NCS 8-Ball National Champion, had the high run of the tournament at 116. Although not necessarily known as a 14.1 player, Shuff showed his versatility and knowledge at Comet Billiards. Several other of the younger generation players also fared very well including 3rd place finisher Matt Teteaut . Accu-Stats streamed approximately 30 hours during the two day event. The live online video feed offered a rare opportunity for those who may not be as exposed to 14.1 a chance to learn more. Hall of Fame recipient and Accu-Stats founder, Pat Fleming, and New Jersey cue maker, John

Bender, added insightful commentary due in part to their well regarded experience in the sport. The tournament was double elimination, races to 150. Thousands of viewers logged into to view the event and were treated to some tremendous matches, such as the hot seat match between NJ resident Steve Lipsky and Seattle pro Dan Louie. Louie’s break shot at 18 minutes 48 seconds into the recording “8/2 CSI – NCS

Day 2 Lipsky vs. Louie” took the breath away of those to witnessed it. All matches can still be viewed at Louie won that match 150-67. Lipsky now faced fellow northeastern player Matt Teteaut. Both players demonstrated their finesse of the game throughout the weekend, but it was an unusual bank shot by Lipsky, not often used in 14.1, that secured him one of the two spots to the World 14.1 Championship. In addition to the cash prize fund and the prizes generously supplied by NCS sponsors OB Cues and DELTA-13, Louie and Lipsky received paid entry to the 2009 World 14.1 Championship (August 24-29). This event will also be streamed live by Accu-Stats and held at Comet Billiards. The next event for the National Championship Series (NCS) is the back to back duo of the NCS 9-Ball National Championship and the NCS 10-Ball National Championship, September 3-7 at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Action Report (TAR) will be there to stream all the action. Qualifiers are currently being held around the country in both 9 and 10-Ball. Visit the CSI website at NCSEventCalendar/tabid/71/Default.aspx CueSports International (CSI) is the parent company of the BCA Pool Leagues, the USA Pool League, the National Championship Series (NCS) and produces the U.S Bar Table Championship, the Jay Swanson Memorial and coming in 2010 at the Riviera Hotel and Casino the U.S Open 10-Ball Championship. For more information about the CSI or for more details about the NCS please call 702-719-7665 or contact Holy Ryan at Photo: Dan Louie. Photo courtesy of

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Fargo Billiards & Gastropub

Breaks the Mold

By Samm Diep © August 2009 Photos courtesy of Mike Fieldhammer,

In today’s economic climate, Mike Page has thrown caution to the wind in bringing the country’s newest billiard emporium to Fargo, North Dakota. Fargo – It’s a small college town in North Dakota with a population of less than 100,000. Fargo may be most widely recognized as the title of the 1996 dark, comedic Coen Brothers film which exaggerates the quirky lives of Midwesterners. Billiards – Aka pool, cue sports, pocket billiards, encompasses a wide variety of games which involve a pool cue that strikes billiard balls across a cloth covered billiard table with rubber cushions. Photos: Mosconi Room (above). League South (bottom left). The Alley (bottom right). Gastropub – This word is cuisine. For any pool player, it’s that part of them that thinks they a combination of “pub” and pure bliss. already know about billiards,” said “gastronomy.” Gastropubs, most Saturday, August 15, 2009, Fargo Page. This mission in part inspired commonly found in the UK, refer Billiards & Gastropub officially the addition of “Gastropub” to the to pubs that concentrate on quality opened its doors to the public with name. “We want to confuse people food. a tournament for the local players. about who we’re trying to attract,” Fargo Billiards & Gastropub – Page, a retired NDSU chemistry said Page who has underwent A 28,000 square-foot beautifully professor, had a vision to not only some scrutiny from the billiard laid out billiard parlor with 58 open his dream billiard parlor but forums for the name. “My mom of the finest pool tables, three to break the negative stigmas said ‘it sounds like a disease’,” he private rooms, a billiard academy, and stereotypes associated with added while sharing the story of a friendly staff, and fine dining pool halls. “We want to disarm how a Canadian airline employee

was thrilled that a gastropub was coming to Fargo. Every inch of Fargo Billiards was carefully thought out but before Page could begin with any of the planning, he had some major obstacles to overcome. Page would have to lobby to change the Fargo liquor laws so he could attain an Entertainment License in order to serve alcohol. Even after securing the lot, he would have to bear the adverse climates to come, the wet fall, the excruciatingly cold winter (even for Fargo standards) and the flooding in the spring. These extreme conditions led to a delayed opening date but Page was ready to get started. Having no previous construction experience, Page created all the original building plans in MS Word. As you come in the front doors, your ears are warmed by the soothing sounds of an eclectic blend of blues, big band, acoustic, folk, and mellow tunes. “He’s been compiling this playlist for years,” said Page’s wife Adele. You will not find a jukebox in this place. “The music is for no particular

September 2009 page 11 latte. The room is deliberately laid out breaking the different groups of tables into cleverly named sections such as, “The Black Tees” for a section with 9-foot Diamond professional tables, “League North” and “League South” for the 20 7-foot Diamond smart tables to be used for league. You can also play on a table in “The Deck,” “The Alley,” or “Diamond West.” The private rooms are named “Mosconi” for Willie himself, “Fisher” after Allison Fisher, and “Twain” for Mark Twain and his noted obsession with billiards. A private teaching room called the “Fargo Billiard Academy” houses a Diamond table and plenty of seating for a classroom environment. This room will be fully equipped with mirrors and high tech teaching aids. Private lessons and classes will be conducted by Page and House Pro & GM, Rory Hendrickson. The pro shop will be coming soon. Sticking with the theme of detail and quality, every table was freshly covered with tournament blue Simonis 860. Kevin Knight

Photos: Diamond West (above). Gastropub Lounge (below).

demographic,” Page adds. You will also not find your typical sports playing on any of the 31 flat panel TVs throughout the room. Each screen is internet ready for showing tournament brackets, live streaming, or billiard matches. You might find the cooking channel

or CNN on before you catch a basketball game there. When you enter the room, you’re greeted by the ball counter straight ahead. To the right is the Lounge and Gastropub where you can enjoy a gourmet meal, or sit back and indulge in an espresso or

was brought on board as League Coordinator to handle organizing leagues and tournament events. The entire room is elegantly tied together with a series of billiard paintings by Kim Bromley, an art professor from NDSU, featuring a collection called ‘The Rack.’ These 16 pieces tell a unique story for each of the 15 numbered balls and the cue ball and are just as important to completing the room as the pool tables themselves. Fargo Billiards is not your average pool hall. Page’s vision for the room came from his years of extensive traveling to over 30 states and visiting numerous pool rooms across the country. He walked away from each experience a little more inspired yet thinking, “If I were to open a pool room, I would…” According to his staff, Page put all his notes to good use. “Mike spared no expense in his vision for this place,” said Food/ Beverage Director, Ben Hill. For more information, visit www. A complete photo gallery can be found at www.

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PASSION Joel “Jomama” Morrissette “Building Leagues One Player at a Time” As players notice some have a true passion for the game. This holds true for those behind the scenes as well. I recently had a discussion with an independent league operator who holds a true passion for the business. The discussion revolved around a player that did not like the system being used. At first the operator felt this was a personal attack, and later stated, “it was his own passion for the business” that caused the feeling. This is the type of operator or coordinator I can relate with after spending 15 years of my life dedicated to serving players. A common question I am sure most operators or coordinators get is the same “that is your only job?” If I had a dime every time I’ve heard that I could probably pay my mortgage for a year. The truth behind the madness is the hours can be insane, and operators must have a passion for this business or they will fail. I love my job, but realize the boundaries of personal life and work is one and the same. If one looked at my e-mails and phone numbers they would find 99% our pool players. My nights are filled with visiting league members and bar owners, while days are filled with entering scores and counting money. Weekends become long during the spring with back-to-back events consuming four days at a time, while the office still needs tending. The constant requests from local players to provide weekly a tournament has me confined to locations 26 out of the 52 weekends a year. Passion! If a coordinator lacked passion for this type of work they would burn out very quickly and fade away. In the past I have viewed my job as a customer service position when in reality that is only a part. While most our enjoying the last few days of Summer a league coordinator is working extra hours to locate every possible player they can find prior to the fall kick-off. In June and July you may find us out fishing or golfing, but the rest of the year it is our passion for the business that gets us through a long 80 hour week or month straight without a break. I want to thank the players for their support and tip my hat to those in the business.

Pool League Software

Comprehensive Affordable Fast & Easy To Use Online Software


6149 E 31st St Tulsa, OK


Hours: Sun 2-10 pm Mon-Thurs 12-2am Fri-Sat 12-1am


Ultimate Trick Shot Challenge

by: Tim Chin Photo courtesy of

Twelve of the top trick shot artists in the world descended on Las Vegas from August 24-28, 2009 for the Ultimate Trick Shot Challenge. Their talents were on full display for this freestyle trick shot tournament held at the APA National Team Championships, providing free entertainment to the APA players between their matches. The preliminary rounds consisted of round-robin play in two groups of six, with the top four in each group advancing to the playoffs. One point was awarded for a win and one half

point for a tie. Group one was headlined by Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman and Bruce Barthelette, perennial Trick Shot Magic and World Cup of Trick Shots contenders. Also in the group was Sal Conti, Gordon Hedges, Jason Lynch, and Stefan Mendrick. Group two saw the past two World Champions together, Andy Segal (2007) and Jamey Gray (2008), along with Tim Chin, Paul Danno, Mark Dimick, and Dave Nangle. (Trick Shots continued page 16)

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APA national team championships

Message from the President

Welcome to the National Team Championships! Here you’ll experience excitement and competition unlike that which you’ve ever faced before. More than $1 million will be awarded at this year’s championships. If your team wants a piece of the prize, you’ll need to be at the top of your game, as this is the highest level of amateur team competition. If your team is up to the challenge, you might return home as National Champions! Before your quest for a title begins, take a moment to reflect on what your team has accomplished. Few make it all the way to Vegas, so you should already consider yourselves winners. We realize that to make it this far you’ve had lots of support from family and friends—many of whom couldn’t make the trip to Vegas. So we’ve dedicated our website,, to providing updated coverage of the event to those back home. Throughout the tournament you’ll find poolplaying in almost every corner of the Riviera Hotel & Casino. This year, in addition to the National Team Championships, we will once again feature our 8-Ball and 9-Ball Doubles and Masters Championships, the 8-Ball Wheelchair Challenge, along with nearly round-the-clock MiniMania tournaments. This week you’ll have the opportunity to meet billiard superstar the Jeanette “The Black Widow” Lee. She’ll be here early in the week signing autographs and performing exhibitions. Again this year we’ll host the Ultimate Trick Shot Challenge comprised of the top trick shot artists in the world. APA Fan Favorite Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman will be competing in that event and also performing exhibitions throughout the week. On behalf of our entire APA staff, our network of League Operators, and our sponsors, we wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy your experience in Las Vegas!


Let It Ride of Bakersfield, Calif., defeated Amy’s Avengers of West Monroe, La., 3-2 in the finals of the Ladies 8-Ball Division of the 2009 National Team Championships. The victory earned Let It Ride a $10,000 pay day! As Runners-Up, the Amy’s Avengers didn't go home empty handed either - they received $5,000 in 2nd Place prize money. Let It Ride advanced to the finals with a victory over the Wild Hares of Largo. Fla. Amy’s Avengers victory over the Hustlers of Gretna, La., secured their spot in the finals.

Let It Ride (Bakersfield, CA) Jana Gaiser, Sheila Hayden, Kathy Baehr, Monica Poe, Vonda Sellers, Pamela Miller, Laura Austin, Kaylene Castillo


Stepdads – Adam Pontious (SL4) and Curtis Cardwell (SL7) of Roanoke, Texas, took home the $6,500 first place prize in the 8-Ball Doubles finals on Sunday evening. Play Hard Mississippi – James Scroggs (SL6) and Sam Schifano (SL4) of Summitt, Miss., didn’t go home empty-handed, leaving $4,000 richer. The race was 3-4. Stepdads won the first three games, while Play Hard Mississippi came back to win games four and five, and making the race hill-hill. Stepdads then came back to capture game six for the win.

Best regards,

Renee Lyle

Stepdads (Roanoke, TX): Adam Pontious, Curtis Cardwell


Ray Ray’s Pockets 613 SW Sheridan Rd Lawton OK, 73505

$200 added

9-ball tournament

Saturday September 26th @ noon

$25 entry - Race to 7 winner’s side - Race to 5 loser’s side Alternating Breaks - Played on 7ft diamonds - Finals 9ft diamond Check us out or call 580-248-6162

Ray Rays Pockets AUGUST 15TH TOURNAMENT - 36 PLAYERS 1st $500 + $300 Mark Dimick, Oklahoma City 2nd $265 + $180 Brucke Barrington, Kingston Ok. 3rd $150 + $110 Mark Whit, Dallas Tx 4th $100 + $70 Dave Holland. Okc, Ok 5th/6th $30 Marco Gagliardi, James Mathews, Lawton

(l to r) Julia Gabriel, Chelsea Hardwick

(l to r) James Baraks, Mike Durbin, Sponsor; Brian Groce

Midwest 9-Ball Tour The Break, Cahokia, Il Aug 29-30, 2009 Ladies - 9 players 1st $260 Julia Gabriel, St. Charles, Mo 2nd $140 Chelsea Hardwick, Evansville, In Open - 70 players 1st $1000 James Baraks, Rock Island, Il 2nd $600 Brian Groce, Columbus, In 3rd $400 Andy Quinn, St. Louis, Mo 4th $250 Chuck Raulston, Poplar Bluff, Mo 5-6th $150 Jesse Bowman, Moline, Il; Mike Werner, St. Peters, Mo 7-8 $125 Rich Sager, St. Louis, Mo; Bobby Dickerson, Terre Haute, In 9-12 $100 Randy Enlow, St. Charles, Mo; John Bretinoiu, Indianapolis, In Steve Boucher, St. Louis, Mo; Chad Vilmont, Clinton, Ia 13-16 $75 Dave Powell, Fariview Heights, Il; Sean Turner, Farmington, MO Gary Lutman, St. Louis, Mo; Bill Young, Quincy, Il 17-24 $50 Mike Durbin, Sullivan, Il; Bob Robbins, Wright City, Mo; Will Freeman, Centralia, Il; Bobby Hunter, Chicago, Il Jerry Terbrock, Manchester, Mo; Dustin Dunhan, St.Charles, Mo Jacob White, Maplewood, Mo; L.V. Abernathy, Salina, Ks


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eighth frame and brought his pot percentage from 95% down to 94%. The online screen graphics are actually very meaningful, unlike the nine ball graphics that show which balls the players pocketed in the ESPN telecasts. Preview of a feature match: The World Championship is being held at the fabled Crucible Theater from April 16 through May 4. That’s correctseventeen days of snooker. The first round of coverage is underway. Today, an interesting match is Australian Neil Robertson vs. the legend Steve Davis. The young lefthander from down under has incredible cue action. That’s a monster stroke for us yanks. He’s 27 years old and he faces off against a snooker living legend and Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire knighted twice over. Steve Davis, OBE is 51 years old and has career earnings of over 5.5M British Pounds. With today’s conversion rate, that’s over 8 Million US Dollars! He won the World Championship six times in the 1980’s and fought through qualification matches to reach the field of 32. Postscript August 26,2009 The tournament was exciting. John Higgins won his third world title. Some interesting facts about the 2009 World Snooker Championships: Michaela Tabb made history by becoming the first woman to referee a World Snooker Championship final. Stephen Hendry won his first 2 matches and had the high break and his ninth career 147. Mike Fieldhammer, Professional Billiard Instructor / 612.802.0519 Mike is a full time tournament player and professional billiard instructor. He is available for private instruction or group clinics and events. Gift certificates are available.

Watch on

9-Ball at The Break


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APA national team championships 9-Ball Open Division

Shoot ‘Em Down of Waterloo, S.C., defeated Mixed Bunch of Jefferson, La., in the finals of the Open 9-Ball Division of the 2009 National Team Championships. The victory earned Shoot ‘Em Down $15,000 in 1st Place prize money. Mixed Bunch took home $7,000 as the Runners-up. Shoot ‘Em Down advanced to the finals with a victory over Cue Tips of Metairie, La. Mixed Bunch’s victory over Good Times of Austin, Texas, secured their spot in the finals. The Open 9-Ball Division featured 381 teams from the United States, Canada and Japan. (pictured left) Shoot ‘Em Down (Waterloo, SC) Terry Oswald, Jimbob Jordan, Katie Plake, Jason Burroughs, Travis McCurry, Buddy Simpson, Glen McDonald

Masters Championship

The finals of the APA Masters Championship on Wednesday paired Ying & Tang – Thomas Torres-Onisto, Kevin Guimond, Eric Tang and Vincente Zuniga of East Windsor, Conn., and California Roll – Joseph Martinez, Yi Fei Mei and David Mount of Duarte, Calif. In the end it was California Roll taking home the $7,800 first place prize money! Ying & Tang didn’t go home empty-handed earning $3,600. The final score was 18-14. (pictured right) California Roll (Duarte, CA) David Mount, Yi Fei Mei, Joseph Martinez


The finals of the 9-Ball Doubles Championship on Friday paired It Only Takes 5 – Becky St Louis (SL3) and Linda Neary (SL2) of Warwick, R.I., against JC/DC – Dan Cordova (SL4) and Joe Corrado (SL5) of Lockport, Ill. The race was 14-38. In the end, it was It Only Takes 5 taking home the $5,000 first place prize. Runners-up, JC/DC, didn’t go home empty-handed, earning $3,000. The final score was 14-23. (pictured left) It Only Takes 5 (Warwick, RI) Becky St Louis, Linda Neary


No English of Bridgeport, Conn., defeated Team Bet of Memphis, Tenn., in the finals of the Open 8-Ball Division of the 2009 National Team Championships. The victory earned No English $25,000 in 1st Place prize money. Team Bet took home $15,000 as the Runners-up. No English advanced to the finals with a victory over Park Place Billiards of Clearwater, Fla. Team Bet advanced to the finals as a result of a disqualification following the semifinals. The Open 8-Ball Division featured 712 teams from the United States and Canada.

(pictured right) No English (Bridgeport, CT) Walter Centeno, Paul Luis, Chris Frazao, Lou Carrero, Sean Zipper, Javier Demora, Mark Pettway


Wheelchair Challenge Charlie Hans

Charlie Hans (SL7) of Cincinnati, Ohio was up against Timothy Wallen (SL5) of Fayetteville, N.C., in the APA Wheelchair Challenge finals on Friday evening. Hans captured the win and took home the $2,000 cash prize for the second consecutive year. Wallen earned $1,000 for his performance. The final score was 5-0. A total of 58 players competed in this year’s Wheelchair Challenge.

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Adds New Divisions

CueSports International

Entering its 17th year, The U.S Bar Table Championships is expanding. The popular and long standing $24,500 added event is including two new divisions starting with the February 22-28, 2010 tournament. Produced by CueSports International (CSI) and hosted by the Terrible’s Sands Regency Hotel & Casino in Reno, Nevada the always competitive tournament has traditionally featured three divisions: open 8-Ball, open 9-Ball and open 10-Ball. A special cash “All Around” bonus is awarded every year to the top three men and women shooters who enter all three open events. However, starting in 2010 CSI is expanding the tournament to include women exclusive 8-Ball and 9-Ball divisions. The new Women’s 8-Ball Division will be $1000 added with races to 4 on both the winner and one loss side of the bracket. The new Women’s 9-Ball Division will also be $1000 added with races to 7. The Open 9-Ball and Open 10-Ball Divisions will have $6000 added and the Open 8-Ball Division will have $7000 added. The Open All-Around bonus will have a total of $3500 added. Further information and the 2010 registration form for the U.S Bar Table Championships will be available soon on the CSI website, www.playcsipool. com.

Trick Shot

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Skill and creativity ran rampant throughout the tournament with the unveiling of some ridiculous shots, including a quadruple jump, massive fouettes, lightning speed shots, and no-look wing shots. Racks, ball trays, chalks, and cues also found some incredible uses, from building pyramids to creating obstacles for the balls. When the chalk dust settled, Bruce Barthelette and Andy Segal found themselves undefeated in group play. Tom Rossman, Stefan Mendrick, and Jason Lynch followed Bruce into the playoffs from the first group, rounded out by Gordon Hedges and Sal Conti. Jamey Gray, Mark Dimick, and Tim Chin squeezed into the playoffs from the second group, trailed by Dave Nangle and Paul Danno. Tim narrowly beat out Dave on a tiebreaker to decide the fourth playoff spot as they tied on points and in their head-to-head match up. Tim won out based on overall shot make percentage, earning him a shot at Bruce Barthelette in the quarterfinals. The other matchups included Jamey Gray vs Stefan Mendrick, Mark Dimick vs Tom Rossman, and Andy Segal vs Jason Lynch. Tim Chin managed to overcome Bruce Barthelette in their quarterfinal match, while Jamey Gray held off Stefan Mendrick. Mark Dimick and Tom Rossman’s semifinal went the distance to a tiebreaker shot - a five rail lag to a target ball on the spot, closest ball wins. Each player had promising practice attempts, landing inches from the target. Mark went first for the real thing though and came up about a diamond short. Tom didn’t fare much better, but his cue ball crawled just a couple inches closer letting tournament referee Gil Olsen easily declare him the victor. In the last quarterfinal, Andy Segal defeated Jason Lynch. In the semifinals, Jamey and Tim couldn’t quite replicate their spectacular preliminary round match as Jamey pulled away for the victory. Andy and Tom battled neckand-neck through their semifinal match, but Andy won it at the end as Tom missed some key shots. The final between Jamey and Andy looked to be a great matchup as Andy barely won their preliminary round match on the final shot. The match stayed close towards the end, but Andy took a late lead. Needing to make his remaining shots (and hope that Andy missed them), Jamey pulled out a high jump, trying to jump the cue ball out of stack of two racks and two balls. He was unable to connect though and Andy came out victorious, surviving the entire tournament undefeated.

J J’s Billiards 309 S Elmwood - Sioux Fall, SD



$30 entry - Race to 7 Play Starts at Noon - Handicap A-B-C For info contact Gary or Matt 605-335-7637

M8 Summer Season Every season M8 Pool Leagues has a $500 Added Scotch Doubles tournament and the Summer Season event was held on Saturday August 29, 2009 at CR’s Sports Bar in Coon Rapids MN. We would like to thank CR’s and their staff for making this another spectacular event with fantastic food and superior service. This event sells out every time to the first 32 entries and everyone has a great time competing in a Mark Steinhaus/Mark Finken relaxed environment. M8 has long been known to utilize the best handicapping known to pool leagues anywhere, as proven by the fact that nearly 3 out of every 4 matches played result in a hill/hill game - and this tournament 1st $500 Mark Steinhaus/Mark Finken was no different. Even 2nd $340 David Wiebelhaus/Cole Buckley though it was a Scotch 3rd $200 Les Smith/Dereck Hall Doubles Tournament, a large 4th $120 Eric Tenquist/Jena Rivard number of the matches went 5th $80 Doug Carlson/Jeff Schrader 6th $80 Greg Pelkey/ Shawn Isaacson hill/hill. Many players were 7th $50 Ron Trost/Lori Bailey already inquiring about the 8th $50 Steve Johnson/Joey Paredes date for our Fall event - just rember that you have to be playing in our Fall Season to be eligible for the 2009 M8 Fall $500 Added Scotch Doubles Tournament. Fall Season Starts September 9th, so call your Roster in at 651-636-2022. Playing in the Fall Season also makes you eligible for the M8 Pool Leagues Midwest Championships where we pay out over $120,000 in Cash Prizes! Every team is guaranteed a minimum prize of $100 just for playing, but 3 different teams will win up to $10,000! Sign up NOW!

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Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice DATE CITY LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED Wednesdays Wright City, MO Dano’s Hillbilly Heaven (636) 745-8020 8-Ball - pays top 3 places $10 $100 Oshkosh, WI Varsity Club (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Beginners $8 Thursdays Oshkosh, WI Varsity Club (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Intermediate $10 Fridays Cape Girardeau, MO Billiard Center (573) 335-9955 9-Ball Handicap Call $200 Midwest City, OK Jamaica Joe’s (405) 736-0590 8-Ball 8 & under Call Tulsa, OK Q-Spot Billiards (918) 779-6204 8-Ball 7 & under $5 Oshkosh, WI Varsity Club (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Open - Break Pot $15 $5/player Guar. Saturdays Midwest City, OK Jamaica Joe’s (405) 736-0590 9-Ball 8 & under Call Tulsa, OK Q-Spot Billiards (918) 779-6204 9-Ball 7 & under $10 (incl. g.f.) Sundays Fridley, MN Two Stooges (763) 574-1399 9-Ball Open on 7’ DE Race to 5 $15 (incl g.f.) $75 w/16

ACS Instructors Test Billiard Training Aids & Devices The American CueSports Alliance (ACS) Instructor/Coach Program has begun to offer an “ACS Instructor Seal of Approval” product review service. Manufacturers of instructional billiard devices may submit their products to an esteemed committee of some of the top billiard instructors in the nation for product evaluation and feedback. Each product is tested and considered by five top-level ACS Instructors. Each reviewer posts his findings, comments, and opinions on a “Product Seal of Approval” page on the ACS website. Instructors on the Product Review Board currently include Jerry Briesath, Mark Finkelstein, Joseph Mejia, Tom Simpson, Ken Tewksbury and Roy Yamane. The reviewers are not paid for this service. Product marketers may quote reviewer comments or reference the ACS web link. Interested inventors & manufacturers may contact the ACS at for details and instructions on the submission process. 810 W 56 Hwy - Olathe, KS 913-780-5740

Cue Sales & Repair

21-Valley Bar Tables 3-Diamond 9’ 1-Gabriel Billiard

4-Diamond Bar Tables 9-Brunswick Gold Crowns 1-Antique Billiard

Fri & Sat Pool Tournaments

TIME 7:30 PM Call Call 7 PM 7:30 PM 9 PM Call 7:30 PM 9 PM 6:30 PM

Two Stooges 10 ball Tournament Aug. 22nd, $300 added (11 players) 1. Mario Parayno 2. Beau Runningen 3. Garrett Sharr 4. Zac Bos

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

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DATE Sep 4-7 Sep 3-5 Sep 5-7 Sep 12 Sep 12 Sep 18-20 Sep 19 Sep 19 Sep 19 Sep 19 Sep 20 Sep 19-20 Sep 26 Sep 26-27 Sep 26-27 Oct 1-4 Oct 1-4 Oct 2-4 Oct 3 Oct 9-11 Oct 9-11 Oct 10 Oct 10-11 Oct 17 Oct 17 Oct 18 Oct 24-25 Oct 24-25 Oct 24-25 Oct 31 Oct 31 Nov 7-8 Nov 7-8 Nov 14 Nov 14 Nov 21 Nov 21 Nov 22 Nov 21-22 Dec 3-6 Dec 3-6 Dec 12 Dec 12 Dec 12-13 Dec 17-20 Dec 17-20 Dec 17-20 Dec 17-20 Dec 17-20 Dec 17-20 Dec 18-20 Dec 18-20 Dec 18-20 Dec 18-20 Dec 18-20 Dec 18-20 Mar 11-12 Mar 12-14 Apr 15-16 Apr 16-18

CITY Mahnomen, MN Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas, NV Centralia, IL Amarillo, TX Minneapolis, MN Sedalia, MO Sioux Falls, SD Alton, IL Cape Girardeau, MO Cape Girardeau, MO San Antonio, TX Lawton, OK Lebanon, MO San Antonio, TX Olathe, KS Olathe, KS Great Falls, MT Alsip, IL Cape Girardeau, MO Cape Girardeau, MO Amarillo, TX Waco, TX Alsip, IL Cape Girardeau, MO Cape Girardeau, MO Deadwood, SD Arlington, TX Amarillo, TX Alsip, IL Sedalia, MO San Leon, TX Midwest City, OK Alsip, IL Amarillo, TX Sedalia, MO Cape Girardeau, MO Cape Girardeau, MO League City, TX Tulsa, OK Tulsa, OK Alsip, IL Amarillo, TX Houston, TX Red Wing, MN Red Wing, MN Red Wing, MN Red Wing, MN Red Wing, MN Red Wing, MN Red Wing, MN Red Wing, MN Red Wing, MN Red Wing, MN Red Wing, MN Red Wing, MN Walker, MN Walker, MN Walker, MN Walker, MN

LOCATION Shooting Star Classic Golden Nugget Casino Golden Nugget Casino Shooter’s Sports Bar Old Busters Lounge Minneapolis Billiard Club Sharkey’s Billiards J J’s Billiards Riverbend Billiards Billiard Center Billiard Center Fast Eddie’s Ray Ray’s Pockets Queen B’s Bradley’s Billiards Shooters Shooters 8 Ball In (See ad p32) Red Shoes Billiards Billiard Center Billiard Center Old Busters Lounge Fast Eddie’s Red Shoes Billiards Billiard Center Billiard Center Deadwood Pavilion Rusty’s Billiards Fast Eddie’s Red Shoes Billiards Sharkey’s Billiards Casper’s Jamaica Joe’s Red Shoes Billiards Old Busters Lounge Sharkey’s Billiards Billiard Center Billiard Center Legends Billiards Magoo’s Magoo’s Red Shoes Billiards Old Busters Lounge Rose Country Treasure Island Treasure Island Treasure Island Treasure Island Treasure Island Treasure Island Treasure Island Treasure Island Treasure Island Treasure Island Treasure Island Treasure Island Northern Lights Northern Lights Northern Lights Northern Lights

PHONE (888) 282-8869 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (618) 532-9931 (806) 379-8100 (763) 300-6370 (660) 826-5855 (605) 335-7637 (618) 462-4435 (573) 335-9955 (573) 335-9955 (210) 545-1086 (580) 248-6162 (417) 532-1123 (210) 520-5295 (913) 780-7850 (913) 780-7850 (406) 761-9169 (708) 388-3700 (573) 335-9955 (573) 335-9955 (806) 379-8100 (254) 399-9300 (708) 388-3700 (573) 335-9955 (573) 335-9955 (605) 578-2000 (817) 468-9191 (806) 355-2540 (708) 388-3700 (660) 826-5855 (281) 559-1400 (405) 736-0590 (708) 388-3700 (806) 379-8100 (660) 826-5855 (573) 335-9955 (573) 335-9955 (281) 332-7716 (918) 663-3364 (918) 663-3364 (708) 388-3700 (806) 379-8100 (281) 590-1954 (507) 210-7558 (507) 210-7558 (507) 210-7558 (507) 210-7558 (507) 210-7558 (507) 210-7558 (507) 210-7558 (507) 210-7558 (507) 210-7558 (507) 210-7558 (507) 210-7558 (507) 210-7558 (507) 210-7558 (507) 210-7558 (507) 210-7558 (507) 210-7558

EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED 8-Ball 4 Divisions Call $5000 Guar NCS 9-Ball Championship Call NCS 10-Ball Championship Call Gateway Amateur Tour Call 8-Ball $5 $300 USBA Call Call Fall Festival Frenzy 8-Ball Call 9-Ball Handicap ABC $30 Gateway Amateur Tour Call 8-Ball Handicap Call $200 9-Ball Handicap Call $500 Fast Eddie’s 9-Ball Tour Call $1750 9-Ball on 7’ Diamonds $25 $200 Midwest 9-Ball Tour $35 $2500 w/64 9-Ball Open I (8’ tables) Call $1000 Midwest 9-Ball Tour-1 Pocket $60 $1000 Midwest 9-Ball Tour-9-Ball $55-$65 $4000 8-Ball Wild West Shootout $25 $6500 Guar 9-Ball $75 (incl g.f.) $500 w/full field Midwest 9-Ball Tour Open $50 $5000 w/128 10-Ball Ring Game-Limit 16 $200 $200 8-Ball $5 $300 Fast Eddie’s 9-Ball Tour Call Call One Pocket $75 (incl g.f.) $500 w/full field 8-Ball Handicap Call $200 9-Ball Handicap Call $500 9-Ball Deadwood Shootout $40 $5,000 OB Cues Ladies Tour Call $2000 Fast Eddie’s 9-Ball Tour Call Call Bank Pool $75 (incl g.f.) $500 w/full field Halloween Utter Chaos Rotation Call 9-Ball Big Table Open II Call $1000 9-Ball Bar Table $50 $2500 Guar. Straight Pool $75 (incl g.f.) $500 w/full field 8-Ball $5 $300 Powder Puff Power 8-Ball Call 8-Ball Handicap Call $200 9-Ball Handicap Call $500 OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour Call Call Midwest 9-Ball-1 Pocket $60 $1000 Midwest 9-Ball-9-Ball $55-$65 $2500 One Pocket $75 (incl g.f.) $500 w/full field 8-Ball $5 $300 Lone Star Tour Call Call 8-Ball Men’s Master Singles $80 $40000 payout 8-Ball Men’s AA Singles $60 8-Ball Men’s A Singles $50 8-Ball Men’s B Singles $40 8-Ball Women’s Master Singles $80 8-Ball Women’s Open Singles $50 8-Ball Men’s Master Team $250 8-Ball Men’s AA Team $200 8-Ball Men’s A Team $175 8-Ball Men’s B Team $150 8-Ball Women’s Master Team $200 8-Ball Women’s Open Team $160 9-Ball Singles MN State ACS $50-70 $2000 8-Ball Singles MN State ACS $50-85 $10000 8-Ball Mx Sc Db MN State ACS $60/team $2000 8-Ball Teams MN State ACS $150-250 $10000

TIME Call Call Call Call 8 PM Call Call Noon Call Noon Noon Call Noon 11 AM Call 8 PM 8 PM 7:00PM Call Noon 7PM 8 PM Call Call Noon Noon 5:00PM Call Call Call Call Call 11 AM Call 8 PM Call Noon Noon Call 8 PM 11 AM Call 8 PM Call 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM - Watch LIVE Streaming of the $5,000 added Wild West Shoot Out - See ad page 14

Wild West Shootout - Great Falls, MT Oct 2-4, 2009

Championship Series Coming This Fall All Events Will Be LIVE Streaming Schedules TBA

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Rackem Magazine September Issue  

The magazine for the midwest pool players is now online with the September issue. Read the results from the NCS 14.1 Championships and the A...

Rackem Magazine September Issue  

The magazine for the midwest pool players is now online with the September issue. Read the results from the NCS 14.1 Championships and the A...