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The Greatest Pool Tournament in the World BY: DON AKERLOW The 2013 - 37th Annual BCAPL is billed to be the “Greatest Pool Tournament in the World”, which started in the middle of July, running 11 days and ending towards the end of July - lives up to it’s billing! No other national league championship offers so much. The two obvious changes this year were location and two months later in the year or smack dab in the middle of summer. If that is not enough, there are three pro events, two league championships, a 9 Ball Challenge, WPA World Artistic Pool Championships, the 25th U. S. Junior National 9-Ball Championships, a High Run Challenge and if that is not enought, let’s throw in a torrential rain storm with 71mph winds and couches flying off the roof of the Rio (by Mother Nature of course)! Want more, how about free practice all eleven days on the the 7’ Diamond tables. Oh, did I forget the 108 degree heat, but inside it was cool - at least most of the time. I’ve played in sixteen different national league championships and have covered them in ten other years so when I tell you that there is always something to do, I don’t only mean in Las Vegas. Whether you are a casual or die hard pool player you have pro players from all over the world, the best on the planet playing, as well as the best league players the game may have ever seen both men and women. Both vie for their respected championship, team, singles or scotch doubles. You have booths around the main tournament floor offering any and all accessories and virtually any pool cue brand that you could think of. Pool cases, t-shirts, food, minis and even one vendor who was raffling off a $10,000 cue! I put my $20 in, but I don’t believe I won. This is just part of all that you get at the BCAPL. “It is an amateur 8-Ball tournament with pro event,” Mark Griffin said. In talking to Mark after the event was over, we discussed the overall pros and cons of these tournaments. As with all events in a new venue there are always kinks to be worked out. All in all the consensus was that the unique player turnout was only about 1% to 2% difference plus or minus. When I looked at the actual entries to each of the events between last year and this year, I found that the player entries in individual events were way up - approximately by 540 entries. Mark noted that with the inclusion of the Junior Nationals and the Artistic Pool Championships the crowds were larger. The BCAPL made a concentrated effort to call league operators and encourage them to come to Nationals in July. Mark said, “We wanted to break 6,000 players and we did. I think we ended up with about 6,250 which was real close to the number of unique players we had last year.” BCAPL (continued on page 6)

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37th BCAPL National Championships I asked Mark why he decided to change to move the dates from May to July and he responded, “May is a month that conflicts with Mother’s Day, Graduation, kids still in school, so July just made more sense from the perspective that it is considered a vacation month. The only downside is the weather, it is a little hotter in July but inside the Rio it is a constant 72 degrees.” Mother Nature had her own ideas about challenges for the tournament. The third night saw a torrential rain storm with 71mph winds which picked up couches at the Voodoo Lounge on the 54th floor of the Rio and sent them flying off the roof and onto the street below. The storm caused a power outage for 12 hours which caused chaos with the bracketing. Three rounds were lost in the amateur and pro events and had to be rescheduled. Logistically it created some problems for players finishing up in one division and scheduled to play in another. It took about 3-4 days to straighten out the brackets and get the tournaments back on track. But all in all the Rio fared well throughout the storm.

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Monthly Tournaments Aug 3: 9-Ball Aug 31: Bank Pool Aug 17: 10-Ball Sep 14: On Pocket $50 entry (g. f. included), Double Elimimination

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6 Rackem Magazine - August 2013

Many of the other casinos in Vegas had to deal with flooding and more severe damage. This was the first year that the U. S. Open 8-Ball Championship was held and according to Mark, “Since we are an 8 Ball tournament, it seemed to be a perfect fit. 8-Ball on the big tables and the level of the pro players could be almost a boring game but the finals were very exciting between Shane Van Boening and Carlo Biado. They ran a phenominal 19 out of 22 racks and it was exciting to watch.” I spoke with Mark about changes for next year. It is always a good thing to look back at the event and identify areas where improvements can be made. You have to take the complaints from both the players and your staff and evaluate what can be done better. Here are some of the things that Mark is looking to do next year, “Rearranging the pavillion so that BCAPL (continued on page 14)

BEF 2013 Junior Nationals 9-Ball ies under - 38 entr BOYS 18 and Hampton VA 1st Zachery er WI 2nd Tyler Styl Crockett CA 3rd Brendon s MI an 4th James Ev Behnke IA kels MO, Chad ic N er nn Ta 5th l Perez KS klin IL, Manue an Fr ua sh Jo 7th eele WA, ay NM, Peter St eg B n Kinney NC aw Sh 9-12 old CA, Garett nh ei R nso in , Chris Rob aleb Ripple TX Higgins NV, C er ph C to N is hr d, C ar 6 on 13-1 NM, Zachery Le Shelton Barber ies under – 17 entr GIRLS 18 and iller PA 1st Briana M nolds ME ey 2nd Taylor R s VA m ea 3rd Sierra R NY ng La try MA 4th Rachel lie FL, Juli Poul m lo B y an tt ri B 5th e Cevallos TX um IL, Cheyann Pl el ab Is h 7t ies under – 51 entr BOYS 14 and ivas WI 1st Sergio R rgeois TX 2nd Joey Bou ans MI Ev 3rd Michael derich CA ie D 4th Nathan Evans MI och WI, Richard K on as M h 5t ananen MI ly FL, Brady Pa el K y od K h 7t Ott OK, vell MO, Micah Lo y ot K 12 9m Graeser MN Hoffman NJ, Sa l ue m Sa n Hunkins WI, evich MA, Kaide ur G x le A 6 -1 13 Roberts FL artin NC, Eric M in st Ju ies under – 25 entr GIRLS 14 and rsen MN 1st April La th IA oo 2nd Alex B pel NY er H 3rd Emily y IL rr Te n eton NC 4th Karsy N, Olivia Templ M on rt lle Fu y 5/6 Haile ison Dunn MD Jiang MA, Mad on MN, 7/8 Michelle , Ashley Fullert Z A r te ut N u er MN 9-12 Emilo A, Nicky Graes Iris Alvarenga M entHome.

am http://ctsondem tID=6310014 aspx?Tournamen

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“The“The Viper” Viper” More Facebook Questions to

An Interview with World Ranked Professional Nick Ekonomopoulos This month I am introducing you to WPA world ranked player, Nick Ekonomopoulos from Athens, Greece.

The Interview:

Melissa Little

Melissa “The Viper” Little has been a WPBA Touring Professional for over 10-years, she has represented the USA in Four WPA World Championships and has over 20 top-10 WPBA career finishes. She teaches monthly clinics, gives private lessons, and has created a juniors program that promotes billiards education to the local youth. Recently, Melissa opened a new billiard supply store For more information about Melissa please visit:

Read more articles by Melissa Little at

Just a little history on how I met Nick… I was representing the USA in the 2000 WPA World championships in Quebec, Canada and Nick was representing Greece in the Junior World Championships at the tender age of 17. We hit it off well and hung out the entire time we were there. I have not seen Nick since then until this year at the “Southern Classic” event in Tunica, MS. and boy was I surprised how much he has grown into a world-class pool player and I am proud to interview him in this month’s “Ask the Viper”. What an honor to introduce him to you now…. Viper: Where were you born? Nick: I was born in Athens, Greece in 1989 Viper: What are your biggest accomplishments in the sport of billiards? Nick: 2012 Austrian Dynamic Open Champion, 2013 Belgrade Open Champion, 2012 Mosconi Cup European Champion, Runner-Up Champion @ The 2010 European 8-Ball Championships, currently ranked 6th on the Euro-Tour and 15th in the WPA world rankings. Viper: Do you have a nickname yet? Nick: They call me “Nick the Greek” Viper: What are your short-term goals? Nick: To get my world ranking up into the top-10 and of course to win a world championship. Viper: What your next upcoming event?

Nick: I am participating in the upcoming “World Masters of Pool” and I’m partnering up with Athens Pro Alex Kazkis in a doubles competition called the “World Cup of Pool” both events will be held in the UK this Fall. Viper: What do you do when you’re not competing? Nick: I opened my own pool hall when I was 24-years-old and its name is “Different”. Ten tables, open 24-hours a day and a restaurant. It’s located in Athens. We have weekly tournaments and its home for me. Viper: Do you have siblings? Nick: Yes, I have a younger sister and “No” she doesn’t play pool…. lol. (Viper continued on page 33)

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The WPBA Touring Profession 8 Rackem Magazine - August 2013

Ball in Mind

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Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson

“Ball-in-Hand” (BIH) is an enormous penalty for the player who fouls in 9-Ball, in 10-Ball, and in some rule sets for 8-Ball. It’s also an enormous opportunity for the incoming player. Often, this opportunity is wasted. Advanced players take full advantage of BIH, intelligently planning cueball placement, the shot, the position, and the strategy. Working with many novice and intermediate players, I find they typically fail to consider some of the aspects of the situation that are obvious to their more experienced opponents. They tend to rush in and plop the cueball down and shoot the first shot they see, and of course, don’t get the appropriate shape on the next shot. My advice is “When you get Ball-in-Hand, take Ball-inMind.” Stop and study the table and the game situation. Consider the current possibilities, the next shots, the layout problems, your skills, and your opponent’s skills. Make a plan before you place that cueball. In pool, the standard concern is always “How do I shoot the current shot in such a way that I get an angle on the next shot that takes me to the one after that.” We’re nearly always planning at least three balls. With BIH, we can think the plan through and set up the “current shot” in a way that most easily or naturally pockets the ball and gets us to the next shot or solves the next problem. Let’s look at the primary factors. Good Plan: Study the table until you have arrived at the plan you will try to execute. This is a big opportunity. Your first idea might not be your best. Don’t be shortsighted. Good plans don’t always mean you run out for the win. Sometimes a safety or strategic ball re-arrangement is the smart play. Good Shot Sequence: Don’t just shoot the ball that’s closest to a pocket. And don’t consider just the closest pockets for your first ball. When possible, chose position routes that are simple and natural – don’t shoot extreme, fancy shots with BIH. If you can’t get to your second shot from your first shot, it’s probably not a good plan. Minimize use of english on the first shot. Why make it harder? Good Distance: Make the shot easy. Place the CB reasonably close to the OB. Too close and you might not have room for your full, normal stroke. Typical good distance is about a foot. Note: There is nothing manly about putting the CB four feet away when it’s not necessary. If possible, don’t place the CB where you have to stretch or use the mechanical bridge. Avoid rail bridges too,

when you can. Good Angle: Consider the shot angle for your CB placement. Is it an angle for which you have high confidence in pocketing the ball? Can you see the path the cueball will take off the OB, and is that the path you want? Thin cut angles will leave a lot of speed in the CB, while thick hits will take speed out of the ball. Shoot angles that make it easy to move the CB the amount of distance you want. Good Speed: Once you have a good cueball plan and placement, and it’s time to shoot, you just have to think about speed. How much speed will it take, given the distance, angle of approach, and spin? Is this a comfortable, reliable speed for you? Good Landing Zones: If you stand behind your next shot, you can use your stick to help you roughly visualize the wedge-shaped position zone you need to land in for that shot. The wedge is smaller near the OB, which means it’s harder to land in that part of the zone. Smart players often play to roll across the fat part of the wedge or to roll toward the OB through the distant portion of the zone. This makes it a lot easier to stop successfully within the wedge. Good Results: Draw is hard to control. Go for simple follow or stop shots. Don’t move the CB more than necessary. Don’t disturb balls that don’t need to be moved. Go for the easiest plan to execute. If your plan calls for you to do things at the outer limits of what you can reliably do, maybe you need to switch to a defensive plan. After you sink a ball, re-analyze your plan, adding a new third ball and adjusting for the new reality of the table situation. Good Improvement: In practice, shoot hundreds of “ThreeBall Patterns.” Throw three balls on the table, study the layout, make a plan to run out, place the CB, and shoot the pattern you saw. Try to find the simplest, most natural plan. Learn from what happens. If you’re playing in a league that allows coaching, or if you’re playing a friendly game, talk through your plan and their plan and see whether there is a good alternative you haven’t thought of or a problem you haven’t foreseen. So when you get Ball-in-Hand, don’t play Ball-in-Hope. Seize the opportunity – take Ball-in-Mind. Plan your play and then play your plan. And remember the #1 rule of BIH: Don’t miss!

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Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy.

The Billiard University

Would you like to have a more organized practice routine -- one that covers nearly all aspects of play? Are you curious as to how you stack up against other players? If so, there is a new web site that can provide help. BilliardUniversity.Org was developed by Dave Alciatore and Randy Russell. You may remember Dr. Dave as my co-author on the DVD series “Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice.”

The basic idea behind Dave and Randy’s site is to provide a series of tests to allow two things. The first is to test your current level of pool proficiency. A first exam has seven parts that test your basic pocketing and positioning skills. Each part is scored according to how many balls you pocket or how accurately you can move the cue ball to the required area. At the end you add up the individual scores to get a first estimate of your playing level. You next move on to a second test -- labelled “Bachelors”, “Masters”, and “Doctorate” to fit in with the “University” theme -- depending on how well you did on the first test, with each test increasingly difficult. Adding up the scores from the two tests tells you whether you get your “diploma” and what level it is. A list of “graduates” on the web site shows how others have done. While access to all of the exams and help with how to work on them is free, if you want to be listed and get an actual diploma, there is a charge. The diagram is from the Doctorate level exam and is one of three nine ball run out patterns that make up one of the ten sub-tests of that exam. The balls are placed as shown and you have to try to run out with ball in hand to start. You get one point for each ball pocketed before a miss or foul.

Bob Jewett

downside of that is that you are “crossing the line of position” and you have to control your speed pretty well to get the correct angle on the 4. A better way to get on the 4 is to place the cue ball at B and follow off the side cushion and back to B. Since you will be rolling along the line you want for quite a distance, your speed control is not so important. An even simpler way to get to the 4 is to place the cue ball at D, pocket the 3 in X and follow softly to B. This kind of position with ball in hand is often overlooked because most players will not try for “short side” position during normal play if anything else is available. With ball in hand, you can choose the exact spot you need to make the follow shot easy and natural. Well, we’ve covered the first shot of the layout and I hope you’ve learned something about what you can presently do and what you need to work on. How would you plan the rest of the shots for the run out? X










If you work with this diagram for a while, you can learn a lot about the easy ways to get position as well as your own limitations. Consider the transition from the 3 ball to the 4 ball. The simplest way is to place the cue ball at A and draw it straight back to A. This will leave a cut on the 4 so you can go to the side rail and go towards the 5. Simplest is not always best, however. If your draw is off a little, you may leave yourself straight in on the 4 ball or maybe not quite straight in and with an angle -- or lack of angle -- that makes it had to get to the 5. If your follow is better than your draw, you could place the cue ball at C and follow to the end cushion and out to B. The

10 Rackem Magazine - August 2013



Get a Grip W.T.F. Shari? I guess I need to explain in detail why I am writing these letters. It seems that my intentions have gotten lost in the words and the feelings they have brought about. Let me reiterate I am not calling people out nor am I trying to dog anyone or any organization. If it is looked at like a business we can then remove the hurt feelings because it is no longer personal. I set out on this journey with the intent of making us all aware of the status of our sport and how our actions influence it. So that we may bring about change that will validate pool as a respectable game that people want to watch and support. In the age of the internet we are being streamed around the world making it imperative we check our words and actions so we may start repairing our image rather than proving why we have the one we do. Now is the time for the climb and we need to start it right, the next generation needs to step up and participate in helping make the changes and running things. It is very apparent that the world is not interested in what we are doing now, so how do we change that? This is one of the questions I have been racking my brain over. What I do know is that not only is change needed but it is coming, how fast and does it arrive in time is up to ALL of us. Over the years I have


am getting involved in the WBCA. This is just witnessed this sport wither and rot like fruit fallen one of the places needing help from us, how from the tree. You use to be able to watch pool on many times have you seen a tournament director TV most every week, the women and men, now playing their event? Maybe next time offer to help its hard to find one a month. We used to have while they play to keep things moving. Don't several rooms in most towns to choose from, now know how to run a board... maybe its time to we are lucky to have one, and probably not even learn. In the end the only one who can help us is a good one at that. And when you did walk into us. We must demand better of and for ourselves. these rooms there was always something going Please offer your help but only where you have on. You may ask how can I help I don’t have the ability. Please don't accept roles you can not fulfill time? But all it really takes is being professional or offer time you don't have this only hurts. In and grown up with our actions. Now don't get order to rise to the status of other professional me wrong we do need new people to help with sports we first need to believe ourselves that we all aspects behind the scenes, that is people who belong. Am I the only one who sees the extinction have the time and the passion to improve on what on the horizon, or just the only one who cares? we have. Also in need are people with special skill If you do care about this sport then step up sets for the business side. If it takes a village to and prove it. So many want a place to practice raise a child what does it take to raise up a whole and expect there to be tournaments to play but community? If you are not sure how you can don't want to do their part for the growth and help but would like to please ask those who are progression of pool. The time is now, if we wait running things in your area. I don't know about till we are asked it will be too late. WE MUST where you live but here in Seattle those running EVOLVE OR WE WILL BE EXTINCT. Don't the show have been for a while and it is time for put off till tomorrow what must be done today a changing of the guard. They have put in their for tomorrow never comes! time plus some, now it is time for them to hand over the reins and relax and play. So you know I don't say these things IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RESPOND OR MAKE A COMMENT and not do it myself, I EMAIL- POOL@ONTHEBREAKNEWS.COM SUBJECT- GET A GRIP

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A u g u s t 2 4- 2 5: Summer Heat 9- Ball Cla ssic (Mo re info co ming ) Wednesday Night 9-Ball at 7:30PM - $15 entry - House matches $5 per player 5920 S.E. 15th. Midwest City, OK - 405-736-0590

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12 Rackem Magazine - May 2013



Pool is Child’s Play

Michael K Glass Michael Glass has been teaching pool for close to 10 years. He is a Recognized PBIA Billiards Instructor, taught by none other than Bob Jewett of the San Francisco Billiard Academy. Michael has been playing pool almost all of his life (except when he was in the Navy — it’s hard to install a pool table on a rocking ship!). He managed to stay away from the hustler life; he doesn’t believe in being dishonest in order to win money. He will, however, occasionally play for a beer or two at the local watering hole. Michael teaches all levels of pool players, from beginner to pro, and works on all aspects of the game, from fundamentals, to pattern play, to trick shots. He can be found playing in his home town of San Ramon, CA at Crown Billiards. Visit his website at for pool tips or to schedule a lesson!

I created this column to bring you, the reader, a fresh perspective on some professional and semi-professional matches. The goal is to share a video with you, and direct you to some highlights to illustrate my points. You enjoy a wonderful video of two great players, and get to bask in my immense wisdom. Ahem... or something like that. This month, I attended the 2013 BCAPL National Championships at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada -- both as a participant in the Mixed Open Team Tournament, and as a spectator for the Pro events. I thought it would be great to share a video with you that was fresh and new, and was from an event I was fortunate enough to witness first-hand. However, that is not going to happen. I have three reasons for that: 1. I could not record my own video. Video recording was strictly prohibited. 2. The authorized recording, done by The Action Report, is not yet published. 3. Something else happened during my stay there that I really want to talk about. Ok, so the biggest reason is #3. I promise next month’s article will be all about the video, and I hope to use a match from the event. I love to teach, and I love kids. So when I heard about the Billiard Education Foundation, I knew right away that I wanted to get involved. I spoke to their representatives, and I’m well on my way! I also had the privilege of sitting next to the parents of two of the girls involved in the event. As we were waiting for the semifinal match between Carlo Biado and Walter Cheng, they told me how their daughters were doing (Amy, 10 and Karen, 13 -- not their real names). Both were still in the winners’ bracket! They told us how they placed 3rd and 4th in the Internationals, and how they owned six (six!!!) pool tables back home. They were obviously quite proud. Or so I thought. Then the father kept talking. Here’s how our conversation went (slightly paraphrased, I am going from memory): Me: “Wow, you must be very proud of your daughters. Which one is Karen?”

Dad: “That’s her over there, in the light blue.” Me: “Ah, I see. Is she winning?” Dad: “Yes, but she’s making mistakes. She keeps leaving the 9-ball in the pocket.” Me: “Aw, that’s too bad. Must be tough pressure here for these girls.” Dad: “Yeah, they’ve been through it before. Aw, she just missed again.” As we continued to watch her match, her opponent made a difficult 7 down the rail. She left a tough 8-ball, and missed. Karen stepped up to the table, and thought for a minute. She seemed very focused. She got down on her shot, and banked the 8-ball into the side pocket! Several of us applauded. Not Dad. He was shaking his head. “Look at this. She has a long 9-ball shot up the table. She’s going to leave it in the jaws again.” I stared at him for a moment in disbelief, then looked back at the table. We were a long way from the table, so we couldn’t tell how difficult the shot really was. Karen took aim, gave a few practice strokes, then neatly cut the 9-ball into the side to win the match! We all cheered! All but one, that is... Dad just shook his head. I could understand the nervousness he must have felt, but wow, was he negative! Surely he wouldn’t put that onto his daughter, though... right? Karen walked up to her parents, and I congratulated her on her win. She smiled warmly at me, and I saw that look in her eyes. She knew what was coming, because it probably happened all the time. She looked at her Dad... and he said to her “did you see how many times you left the 9-ball in the pocket for her? 4 times.” I tried to give her a little support: “Aw, she was just trying to give her opponent a fighting chance,” and winked at Karen. She gave a wan smile as her parents herded her away. He continued telling her everything she did wrong in that match as they disappeared into the crowd. As we were watching the Cheng/Biado match, I watched Karen’s next match when I could (she was at the next table over). She got up 4-0 early. Then, she lost a few in a row. I cringed to think what her father was going to say to her. Soon, the match was tied 6-6 in a race to 7. Next time I looked, (Glass continued on page 33)

August 2013 - Rackem Magazine 13

37th BCAPL National Championships the space functions a little better. We may have changes for the Pro events but that is being formulated now. We had some awesome foreign players that participated in the event and want to encourage them to come back. The pro side had 20 - 9’ tables which was very expensive from a gas and shipping point of view. The Juniors ended up finishing up in front of a very small crowd after everything else finished so that might have

This was the first time using the Cyclop Balls for play and the feedback from the players was that the balls didn’t skid. Even the room temperature went up causing claminess, the balls performed well on the tables. The only complaint came from the 9-Ball players who found some difficulty distinguishing the colors of the balls.” Considering the size and scope of the entire events and the interference of Mother Nature, this truly was the “Greatest Pool Tournament in the World.” For those of you not in attendance the combination of Amateur and Pro events was second to none. You don’t want to miss this event next year, the dates are scheduled for July 16 - 26, 2014. Sponsors for the events were: CueSports International ( Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino ( Diamond Billiard Products ( Mueller Recreational Products ( Simonis Cloth ( Tweeten Fibre / Master Chalk ( Delta-13 ( TAR – The Action Report ( Billiards Digest ( Magic Ball Rack ( Cyclop Billiard Balls

to change for next year. The lighting grid presented some problems which caused set up delays and there were electronic systems that were supposed to be set up for the players that could not be installed because of the time constraints caused by the lighting. We were supposed to have kiosks for the BCAPL players to track their progress in the brackets. The traffic was slow during the first few days of the tournament for the vendors but seemed to pick up when the teams got there. Food prices were high but we are working with the hotel to provide better pricing, daily specials, smaller portions and longer hours.

6149 E 31st St Tulsa, OK

918-779-6204 Hours: Sun 2-10 pm Mon-Thurs 12-2am Fri-Sat 12-1am




Official Cue of the CSI U.S. Open Events: Predator Cues ( Official Cue of the BCAPL & USAPL National Championships: OB Cues ( For more results: aspx?TournamentID=6310014

BCAPL Results (continued on page 22)

1464 Main St k hec Green Bay, WI ome c t u C 920-432-0059 us o Hours: Noon-2am Everyday

Under New Ownership Open 9 ball Tournament every Saturday at 2pm until the end of the summer. BCA rules, $15 entry fee, 100% payout, $ added @ 32 players Pool - Darts - Games - Music Great Food & Great Atmoshpere

KK Billiards reserves the right to change any scheduled event

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4th Annual Rider Cup Sept 21, 2013

SOUTHERN HILLS GOLF COURSE 2 person 18 holes Golf BB/Scotch 8-Ball $85 entry per person Payout: 1/3 Pool, 1/3 Golf, 1/3 Combined Sign-in 9:30 at Southern Hills Starts at 10 am - call Dan 612-226-7665 Farmington Billiards 933 8th St (Hwy 3 & 50) Farmington, MN 651-463-2636

37th BCAPL National Championships

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Rudder Chase Rudder

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on PxP Tour

Chase Rudder went undefeated through an impressive field of 41 players at the Poison by Predator Tour 8-ball event held Sunday, July 7th, 2013 at Bogies Billiards in Houston, Texas. This was not a first for Rudder who captured the PxP Tour season 8-ball opener earlier this year, besting 53 top players including BCA Champion, Mike Alonzo, in the final. This time around, Rudder’s 8-ball game proved just as deadly. Rudder facedoff with formidable 8-ball veteran Rene Rendon for the hot seat, and the crowd was torn. It was youth versus experience in this race to 4, winner break format, that generated a plethora of 4-0 matches throughout the day. This wouldn’t be one of them. On his way to the final four winners’ side, Rudder bested veteran Sonny Demetro, 4-1, and David Taylor 4-3, to meet BCA State Champion, Billy “Big Tyme” Sharp. On the winners’ south side, Rendon came on strong with wins over Marc Garza, 4-1, and APA Amateur Nationals Champion Ernesto Bayaua, 4-2, to meet Lone Star Tour Champion, Andy Jethwa. It was Rudder over Sharp, 4-1, and Rendon over Jethwa, 4-2, which set the phenomenal hot seat stage. After losing his third round to Sharp, 4-1, Will Felder eliminated Bill Fuller, Sonny “The Boss” Bosshamer, and Bayaua, until Sharp dealt him a final blow, 3-1. After losing to Bayaua, 4-1, Marvin Diaz made a run for the money winning 4 consecutive matches with wins over Taylor and Louisiana’s own Mike Singleton, only to be eliminated by Jethwa, 3-0. Hot seat action saw Rendon take an early 2-0 lead over Rudder, but the young gun knew all too well that getting on the board may put him back in the driver’s seat. Rudder answered back with a win, taking control, and winning 3 more consecutive games to clench the set. On the one loss side, Sharp slid by Rendon, 3-2, earning himself a rematch with Rudder. With two champion 8-ball players at the helm, this wasn’t going to be easy pickings. Chase jumped to a quick 2-0 lead against Sharp. In the third game,

16 Rackem Magazine - August 2013

Rudder’s cue ball skidded and he foiled a two ball out to go up 3-0. The old saying, “one always costs you two”, rang true for Rudder as Sharp tied the score at 2. Rudder took the next game as Sharp returned fire. It was now hill hill and Sharp was breaking. With control and speed, the final rack spread perfectly for Sharp as he waited patiently for a ball to find a pocket. To his own demise, each ball remained in perfect position for Rudder, who took full advantage, and the set, 4-3. Teresa Garland, Brittany Koon, Marie Rodriguez, and Darcy Whatley all competed for “Top Lady” amidst a field of tough PxP Tour competitors. Teresa Garland took home the honors and $120 for her efforts. Thanks to the fans, players, sponsors, and room owner David Richardson, this one-day event paid out in excess of $3,000. The PxP Tour is title sponsored by Poison by Predator Cues www. , sponsored by Delta-13 Rack com and the APA of North Harris County www.facebook. com/apanorthharriscounty. The next PxP Event is 8-Ball on September 14, 2013 at Bogies Billiards in Houston, Texas.

Results 1st Chase Rudder $550/$620 2nd Billy Sharp $350/$400 3rd Rene Rendon $210/$280 4th Andy Jethwa $110/$165 5th-6th Will Felder, Marvin Diaz $75 7th-8th Ernesto Bayaua, Mike Singleton $50 9th-12th Chuck Adams, Bill Fain, Ken Laney, David Taylor $35 Top Lady Teresa Garland


CHALK TALK Sponsored by: Master Chalk


ARE YOU READY for some pool .... leagues


In September and early October pool leagues are starting up all across the country. Players begin practicing, signing up, trying to get on a team, looking for the best player for your team. Hopes run high to be the top shooter, top gun, high points. For a team to win their league, to qualify for nationals, for singles and teams, anticipation runs high. Time to get a new tip or the old one fixed, maybe a new shaft, a new case, new products, a jump cue and maybe .... even a new cue. Anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. What most players don’t do is more important than what they do. Learn how to chalk your tip. It will keep chalk on your tip when you hit the cue. This will help you not to miscue. The best chalk I have found, if you, like many others like to chalk your cue after each shot, is from our sponsor Master Chalk. In my opinion, never buy a cue unless you can road test it first. Play with it, make sure it feels good, how it strokes, the weight balance, whether a forward weight or rear. Can you chalk it up and hit the cue ball and make it dance? Of course only when you are just showing off. The best stroke you can get from your cue is when you keep it simple. It’s like I have always told myself KISS .... (keep it simple stupid). Now the next thing you need to know is to go out and play the best damn pool you know how. If you need to get some lessons, find a qualified instructor. They can and will improve your game. Be patient along with leagues, play some weeklies, some weekend tournaments and some big tournaments. A secret that you may or may not know is to watch better


Hope to see you in Vegas next year!

Billiard Center 26 North Main - Cape Girardeau, MO

Big Muddy Freeroll 573.335.9955

September 13-15, 2013


Friday Mini Warm-up at 7PM $10 entry Race to Handicap - Single Elimination - $200 Added

26 Pool Tables - 6 Flat Screen TVs Weekly Tournament at 7PM Sun-Mon-Thurs-Fri $100 added for every 16 players

Daily Food Specials - Happy Hour: 4-6pm M-F

Most important have fun!!!


2902 E Kimberly Rd - Davenport, IA

Upcoming Tournament Dates: Aug 3rd, sep 14th, Sep 28th

players and practice what they do especially when they have won the tournament. Watch what english they use and what the cue ball does after they hit the object ball. If you lose out in a tournament don’t get angry and leave, take the time to learn from players who have beat you and are better than you. Ask them what english they used on that shot you couldn’t believe they made. Most will talk or brag about it. You can learn and practice.

Saturday: 9-Ball FREE Entry - Race to Handicap - Calcutta at Noon Sign-up 10AM For more information contact Roger Alford 573-718-8260

August 2013 - Rackem Magazine 17

Dennis Orcollo is U.S. Open One Pocket Champion Dennis Orcollo won a marathon 5-hour One Pocket final against Corey Deuel 5-3 to claim the crown. In a discipline which he is still learning Orcollo’s pure shotmaking ability prevailed and enabled him to beat the odds and the field to the top. Orcollo is a fast learner. He picked up some of the pointers on the game from Jay Helfert before the matches began and then used his powers of observation to absorb the facets he needed to win. Along the way he had to beat Corey Deuel twice as well as other experienced one-holers like Chris Bartram and Larry Nevel. Accustomed to the much faster-paced rotation games like 9-Ball and

1 2 3 4 5 7 9 13


10-Ball, Orcollo never lost patience or composure as the One Pocket matches drug out to their conclusions. He never got hurried or resorted to overly-risky moves, though he found few situations that he could not turn to an advantage. He sank numerous two-rail offangle banks that garnered him the respect of the experienced fans watching him work his magic.

$7,500 $4,800 $3,300 $2,200 $1,500 $1,500 $1,000 $1,000 $600 $600 $600 $600 $360 $360 $360 $360

s i n n e D o l l o c r O 18 Rackem Magazine - August 2013

Victory in U.S. Open 10-Ball

y e n d o R s i r r o M

Rocket Launches Late, Then Soars to Victory in US Open 10-Ball Rodney “Rocket” Morris has won the US Open 10-Ball Championship in fine style. He came into the finals facing a dominant Dennis Orcollo who had run through the brackets undefeated to claim the hot seat. The first half of the match was all Orcollo. He ran rack after rack while Morris cooled in his chair and soon enjoyed a 9-2 lead in the race to 13 games. But then Orcollo suffered a dry break and Morris took over. From that point on Orcollo would only claim one more point while Morris kept racking up win after win. In the end Morris got to the hill at 12-10 and looked good to win easily. Then he dogged the 10 ball and Orcollo faced a shot everyone was certain he would make. But he failed in that attempt and Morris pocketed the 10 for the win.

1 2 3 4 5 7 9 13 17


$15,000 $8,500 $5,400 $4,100 $3,100 $3,100 $2,300 $2,300 $1,650 $1,650 $1,650 $1,650 $1,250 $1,250 $1,250 $1,250 $925 $925 $925 $925 $925 $925 $925 $925

August 2013 - Rackem Magazine 19

e n a g h n i S n e o B n Va U. TheS.goodOPEN 8-BALL FINALS and the bad of playing on a 9’ table ... playing 8-ball. BY: DON AKERLOW All pool players know playing 8-Ball on a 9’ table is a mere break make a ball and run out, at least that is the scenario for the pro players. In my opinion, 8-Ball should be played on 8’ or 7’ tables. The reason is simple, more clusters. With clusters it gives the player a chance to show off your skills, sometimes weaving your way through the clusters and the balls. Any league player will tell you, it gives you the opportunity to get to the table. The pros play 8-Ball on 9’ tables like a hot knife through butter. Impressive run outs with little to no clusters. This was the story in the first four games. In the 5th game Carlo Biado missed, Shane Van Boening runs out, goes up 3-2 with the break, very important in a race to 11 win by 2. For whatever reason Shane misses, taking his eye off the ball, concentration... It really doesn’t matter the reason, he missed. The 250 spectators sigh ... an unexpected miss that would have put him up 2 games. Carlo runs out and ties it 3-3. They trade back and forth through the 18th game. Again Carlo misses. You could see the frustration on his face. Shane runs out and goes up 10-9 and Van Boening is breaking. He makes a few balls and again misses, same scenario. Shane hits his shaft against the top of the rail in frustration. I have never seen this from him before. You could hear the crowd gasp in disbelief. Carlo again ties the match for a 3rd time. Shane has another chance to go up by 1 and he’s breaking. Now it wasn’t as simple as that being up one game and breaking then running out. It would come down to the last three shots. He would have to bring it. Getting a little bit out of shape more and more but making each shot harder, but making them. With the cue straight on to the 8, this would be a back door cut to the side pocket no easy shot for anyone. He looks at it... gets up... re-looks at it... and then with the precision of a master craftsman drills it in the center of the side pocket with authority to win the first annual U. S. Open 8-Ball Championship! Over four hours of great shot making and superb play from both players. I was told by a friend during the match that Shane was helping some players with their game the night before. He was breaking and cracked his ferrule. He was shooting in the finals with a new ferrule and tip that he had to get replaced in the morning hours. Carlo won the Hard Time Bellflower 10-Ball tournament just weeks before, shook Shane’s hand, like the gentleman he is, and left the arena before the photos. After the match Shane stayed around to take photos with fans and event coordinators. A true ambassador of the game. Shane has been the best player in the United States for at least half a decade and maybe longer. The only thing left for him other than adding to his resume in the States is to become a world champion many times over. This is within his reach!!!

20 Rackem Magazine - August 2013

1 2 3 4 5 7 9 13 17 25


15,000 8,500 5,400 4,100 3,100 3,100 2,300 2,300 1,650 1,650 1,650 1,650 1,250 1,250 1,250 1,250 925 925 925 925 925 925 925 925 675 675 675 675 675 675 675 675



5,000.00 ADDED!





5,000.00 ADDED!


Presented by

Presented by

Greater Midwest Poolplayers Association

Greater Midwest Poolplayers Association

OCTOBER 9 - 13, 2013

EARLY BIRD 9-Ball CHAMPIONSHIPS Wednesday, October 9, 2013, Start at 3:00 PM $50.00 Entry ($35.00 Entry $15.00 Green Fee) LADIES: Race to 4 Double Elimination MEN’S OPEN: Race to 4/4 Double Elimination

EARLY BIRD 9-Ball CHAMPIONSHIPS Wednesday, October 9, 2013, Start at 3:00 PM $50.00 Entry ($35.00 Entry $15.00 Green Fee) LADIES: Race to 4 Double Elimination MEN’S OPEN: Race to 4/4 Double Elimination

SENIOR 8-Ball CHAMPIONSHIP THURSDAY October 10, 2013, START at 1:00 PM $50.00 Entry ($35.00 Entry, $15.00 Green Fee ) Men’s & Women’s Age 50+, NO MASTERS Race To 3

SENIOR 8-Ball CHAMPIONSHIP THURSDAY October 10, 2013, START at 1:00 PM $50.00 Entry ($35.00 Entry, $15.00 Green Fee ) Men’s & Women’s Age 50+, NO MASTERS Race To 3


SINGLES 8-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS THURSDAY, October 10, 2013 $50.00 Entry ($35.00 Entry, $15.00 Green Fee) MEN’S A DIVISION - 1:00 PM ★ MEN’s B DIVISION (6 & Under Average) 4:00 PM WOMEN’S DIVISION - 6:00 PM ★ WOMEN/MEN ADVANCED DIVISIONS 8:00 PM Women Race 4/3 M4/4 Double Elimination, Rack Your Own, VNEA State & Nat’l Mstr/Intrmdt, ACS, BCA-PL State & Nat’l Mstr/Advanced, and TAP/APA Upper 7s play Advanced

All League Operators, Amateur Pool Players, National Associations, Media A National Pool Event is coming to Chicago/ Northwest Indiana. The $5,000 ADDED South Shore Midwest Pocket Billiard Championship will be held at the beautiful Majestic Star Casino and Hotel located at One Buffington Harbor NO ENTRY FEE SPORTSMAN SINGLES FRIDAY October 11, 2013, 2:00 PM Sportsman Competition Masters Race to 6, Open A’s Race to 5, Open B’s Race to 4 on scenic LakeForMichigan, Gary, Indiana. Five days of pool on forty Valley tables SCOTCH DOUBLES REGISTRATIONS TAKEN ON-SITE October 9th-13th. Originally slated for3-PERSON four days eight ball play it has already TEAM of COMPETITION FRIDAY October 11, 2013, 7:00 PMbeen Start extended to $150 Entry ($90.00 Entry, $60.00 Green Fee) include an early bird Open 9-Ball tournament. Senior 50+ 8-Ball will take place One MASTER/ADVNCD Allowed Per Team Race To 9, Open Race to 8 Double Elimination Added SPORTSMAN TEAMS—Saturday October 12, 2013 2:30tournaments PM Start beginning 1pm on$500 Thursday October 10th. Other eight ball kick off MENS/WOMENS FINALS Sunday October 13, 2013 at 10:00 AM at 1pm with separate events for women and men. There are various skill levels to SPECIAL BONUS EVENT!! Nick Varner, 8 Time World Champion Skills And Trick Shot Exhibitions each division. Advanced Singles Division for state/national masters, advanced, and intermediate type players. An Open A Singles Division for average and better than MAJESTIC STAR CASINO AND HOTEL 1 Buffington Drive Based on the ten point league average players. The Singles B Division for Harbor all others. Gary, Indiana 46406 scoring system the BHotel Division qualify that shoot at a GMPA 6 level with 7 Special Player would Rate $59.00. Callplayers 1-888-225-8259 Use Code being on the cusp and would need league operator approval. The women 8-Ball For Entries Call 219-465-8101or Visit ENTRY DEADLINE: September 30,2013, LateAdvance Fee $10.00 (Amateur Participants only. Must Be 21 Years or Older To Play) Divisions would be and Open. Sponsored in part by South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority Players May Be Placed According To Known Ability. However, all singles are open to the public. The players will be placed accordingly, open and advanced divisions. These singles events will complete on Friday the 11th and a singles no-entry Sportsman Division will be held in the afternoon. A Scotch Doubles will be announced as time permits. The evening will welcome three person teams from all over the country to participate in double elimination formats. Teams are restricted to one master/advanced, state/national player and must be comprised of amateur members qualified from one of the national organizations, ACS, APA, BCA-PL, TAP, VNEA, and UPA. There will be separate women and open divisions. On Saturday the 12th a Sportsman team division will take place. Each event fee will include unlimited table play for that event. Sunday the 13th the National event will end with the team finals. The Greater Midwest Poolplayers Association is proud to partner with The Majestic Star Casino and Hotel to bring this great event to the Region. For added excitement the event will feature Eight-Time World Champion Nick Varner. Nick will hang out with the players on Thursday and shoot challenge matches. He will also display his newest line of quality billiard products. On Friday Nick will be scheduled at 7pm in the Access lounge and 9pm in the thorough faire between the two casinos. There he will display some of the skill shots he made in winning over 100 titles. Then prepare to be amazed as he wows the crowd with some show off one-of-a-kind, trick shots. On Saturday the same schedule will be followed with an additional afternoon 2pm show for the added crowds. After each show Nick will be available for photos and autographs. All this brought to you by the GMPA and the Majestic Star Casino and Hotel. What a great way to spend five days! We are advising all to take a couple of extra days to enjoy what the property has to offer. The Majestic Star has two casinos with 1900 slots, 70 table games, and a live poker room for the gaming enthusiasts. When you get hungry, there is plenty of good eating with Passports buffet, The Steakhouse, Wings n’ Things, and Jackpot Java. Enjoy a beverage at one of the many bars and lounges. Hike the Dunes on the beach, go golfing, or just visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Chicago. See downtown, visit a museum, shop the magnificent mile, see a Broadway show, or enjoy a meal in Little Village, Greek Town, China Town, or Little Italy. There is something for everyone. So, please hurry, reserve your spot for yourself, your team, your league by calling Cecil Messer at 219-465-8101. Mail your entries to; 2658 Carmen St, Portage, Indiana, 46368.

SINGLES 8-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS THURSDAY, October 10, 2013 $50.00 Entry ($35.00 Entry, $15.00 Green Fee) MEN’S A DIVISION - 1:00 PM ★ MEN’s B DIVISION (6 & Under Average) 4:00 PM WOMEN’S DIVISION - 6:00 PM ★ WOMEN/MEN ADVANCED DIVISIONS 8:00 PM Women Race 4/3 M4/4 Double Elimination, Rack Your Own, VNEA State & Nat’l Mstr/Intrmdt, ACS, BCA-PL State & Nat’l Mstr/Advanced, and TAP/APA Upper 7s play Advanced

NO ENTRY FEE SPORTSMAN SINGLES FRIDAY October 11, 2013, 2:00 PM For Sportsman Competition Masters Race to 6, Open A’s Race to 5, Open B’s Race to 4 SCOTCH DOUBLES REGISTRATIONS TAKEN ON-SITE

3-PERSON TEAM COMPETITION FRIDAY October 11, 2013, 7:00 PM Start $150 Entry ($90.00 Entry, $60.00 Green Fee) One MASTER/ADVNCD Allowed Per Team Race To 9, Open Race to 8 Double Elimination $500 Added SPORTSMAN TEAMS—Saturday October 12, 2013 2:30 PM Start MENS/WOMENS FINALS Sunday October 13, 2013 at 10:00 AM SPECIAL BONUS EVENT!! Nick Varner, 8 Time World Champion Skills And Trick Shot Exhibitions

MAJESTIC STAR CASINO AND HOTEL 1 Buffington Harbor Drive Gary, Indiana 46406 Special Hotel Player Rate $59.00. Call 1-888-225-8259 Use Code GMPA For Entries Call 219-465-8101or Visit ENTRY DEADLINE: September 30,2013, Late Fee $10.00 (Amateur Participants only. Must Be 21 Years or Older To Play) Sponsored in part by South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority Players May Be Placed According To Known Ability.

August 2013 - Rackem Magazine 21

S SINGLES 2013 BCAPL Results

All League Photos courtesy of: Paul Smith -

Men’s Super Seniors (206 entries) 1st $3,500 2nd $2,400 3rd $1,800 4th $1,300 5/6 $900 7/8 $650 9-12 $475 13-16 $350

Don Owen (Allen, TX) L C Carter (Kent, WA) Frank Almanza (Upland, CA) Lupe Rosas Sr (Saginaw, MI) Ed Borrego (Denver, CO), Harry Platis (Mill Creek, WA) Mickey Elefterion (Houston, TX), Al O’Rear (N Little Rock, AR) John Aranda (Gresham, OR), Roy Goodwill (Regina, SK), Angel Garcia (Thornton, CO), Joe Ross (Colorado Springs, CO) George Swackhammer (Wildomar, CA), Paul Weigand (Wichita, KS), Bob Oliver (Little Rock, AR), Ron Lincoln (Aurora, CO)

Women’s Advanced (53 entries) 1st $2,900 2nd $2,000 3rd $1,400 4th $1,000 5/6 $700 7/8 $400 9-12 $250

Briana Miller (Allentown, PA) Bernie Store (Meza, AZ) Liz Lovely (Centerville, OH) Kelly O’Heron (Wausau, WI) Carol James (Lakewood, CO), Aimee Peterson (Aurora, CO) Cindy Yazzie (Farmington NM), Andrea M Shiffman (Woodside, NY) Connie O’Heron (Wausau, WI), Eve Stockstill (Oregon Cit,y OR), Noel Campos (Modesto, CA), Katy Moore (Las Vegas, NV)

r Seniors 1st Men’s Supe Don Owen

Women’s Grand Masters (6 entries) 1st $1,000 Brittany Bryant (Guelph, ON) 2nd $550 Melissa Little (Denver, CO) 3rd $300 Jia Li (Newburgh, NY)

Women’s Open

(268 entries) 1st $3,800 2nd $2,700 3rd $2,100 4th $1,600 5/6 $1,200 7/8 $850 9-12 $600 13-16 $425

Khanh Ngo (San Francisco, CA) Eugenia Gyftopoulos (Baltimore, MD) Stephanie Hefner (Folsom, CA) Shaundra Norquay (Victoria, BC) Amanda Pulley (Phoenix, AZ), Masae Aitoku (San Francisco, CA) Kelly Hotchkiss (Portage, IN), Lynn Parsons (Huntington, WV) Sophie Lopez (San Antonio, TX), Sheila Clark (Newport, WA), Kim Shannon (Houston, TX), Bonnie Arnold (Racine, WI) Janet Leslie (Prince George, BC), Tammy Brooks (Rochester, NY) Rachel Petersen-Pagan (McAlester OK), Sonia M Flores (Mesa, AZ)

Women’s Masters

(25 entries) Eleanor Callado (San Bruno, CA) Tara Williams (Ft Worth, TX) Nicole Keeney (Littleton, CO) Betty Lea (Conyers, GA) Morgan Steinman (Hamilton, MT), Kim Broughton (Reno, NV) Stacy Allsup (Las Vegas, NV), Emily Duddy (Staten Island, NY) Susan R Williams (Chandler, AZ), Kim Hole (Auburn, WA), Cindy Sliva (Tacoma, WA), Edie Dean (Attica, OH)

1st Women’s O pen 9-Ball Bonnie Arnold

Women’s Open 9-Ball

(87 entries) single elimination 1st $900 Bonnie Arnold (Racine, WI) 2nd $600 Shar Vanderstyne (San Diego, CA) 3/4 $400 Samantha Barrett (Malden, MA), Ashea Erdahl (Las Vegas, NV) 5-8 $200 Sharon Cohen (Antioch, IL), Jaye Succo (Phoenix, AZ), Lisa Porter (Paragould, AR), Kelly Hotchkiss (Portage, IN)

2nd Men’s Master Joey Gray

Men’s Masters


1st $1,800 2nd $1,200 3rd $900 4th $600 5/6 $350 7/8 $200 9-12 $100

(28 entries) 1st $2,300 2nd $1,300 3rd $800 4th $500 5/6 $300 7/8 $225

22 Rackem Magazine - August 2013

Luke Thomas (Salem, OR) Joey Gray (Oklahoma City, OK) Jamie Welch (Beloit, WI) Adam Behnke (Dubuque, IA) Brian Sanders (Leander, TX), Tommy Paulowske (Kansasville, WI) Tres Kane III (Glendale, AZ), James Davis Sr (Manor, TX)

enior 2nd Women’s S s Connie William

Women’s Senior 1st 2nd 3rd

(67 entries) $1,800 Linda Asleson (Billings, MT) $1,300 Connie Williams (Broken Arrow, OK) $900 Kim Anderson (Boise, ID)

SINGLES 9-Ball Challenge (144 entries) 1st $2,700 2nd $1,900 3rd $1,400 4th $$$$ 5/6 $900 7/8 $700

David Alcaide Bermudez (Cangas De Morrazo PON) Marc Vidal Claramunt (Aurora, CO) Danny Gokhul (London GREAT) Daryl Peach (Blackpool CHESH) Zeke Morrison (San Diego, CA), Jimmy Moore (Las Vegas, NV) Jayson Shaw (Glasgow GB), Nick Tafoya (Albuquerque, NM)

1st 9-Ball Challen ge David Alcaide Ber mudez

1st Men’s Open T J Steinhaus

(342 entries)-single elimination 1st $2,000 Crispian Ng (Carrollton, TX) 2nd $1,350 Chad Behnke (Farley, IA) 3/4 $850 Jaynard Orque (Pleasanton, CA), Tommy Najar (Marietta, GA) 5-8 $550 Ryan Behnke (Farley, IA), Doug Whaley (Antioch, CA), Johnny Vasquez (Fort Collins, CO), John Rizya (Indio, CA)

1st 9-Ball Open Crispian Ng

1st Men’s Senior Gil Hernandez

2nd Men’s Open Paul Scott

Men’s Open (1,086 entries) 1st $10,500 2nd $6,500 3rd $4,500 4th $3,500 5/6 $2,700 7/8 $2,000 9-12 $1,500 13-16 $1,100



Men’s 9-Ball Open

T J Steinhaus (Clearwater, MN) Paul Scott (Antioch, IL) Tyler VanWulven (La Mesa, CA) Lake MacKay (Victoria, BC) John Sullivan (Enfield MIDDX), Ryan Anderson (Avondale, AZ) Reynaldo Campana (Stockton, CA), Chad Behnke (Farley, IA) Jaynard Orque (Pleasanton, CA), Corey Fuld (Red Oak, TX), Skip Nikakis (Corona, CA), Anthony Beeler (Bradfordsville, KY) Eric Packar (Claremore, OK, Chris Paradowski (Tucson, AZ), Steve Boucher (St Peter’s, MO), Thom Wan (Sparta, NJ)

2nd Men’s Senior Bob Pisut

Men’s Senior (251 entries) 1st $3,500 2nd $2,500 3rd $1,800 4th $1,300 5/6 $900 7/8 $650 9-12 $525 13-16 $400

3rd Men’s Senior Elias Garza

Gil Hernandez (Mt Prospect, IL) Bob Pisut (Joliet, IL) Elias Garza (Richwood, TX) Bill Pence (Sherman Oaks, CA) Ron Dobosenski (Madison, WI), Junior Brown Jr (Wichita, KS) Bill Skinner (Aurora, CO), Bob Greenstein (Medicine Hat, AB) Arturo Rivera (Atascadero CA), Kenny Ellis (Austin, TX), Joe Cannella Jr (Las Vegas, NV), Mando Canales (El Paso, TX) John A Abruzzo Sr (Aurora, IL), David Hathman (Springfield, MO), Ken Crane (Langley, BC), John Kastris (Spokane, WA)

BCAPL (continued on page 24)

August 2013 - Rackem Magazine 23


2013 BCAPL Results

Men’s Grand Masters (14 entries) 1st $3,200 2nd $1,100 3rd $700 4th $400 5/6 $220

Stan Tourangeau (Ferndale, WA) Marc Vidal Claramunt (Aurora, CO) Dennis Hatch (Buffalo, NY) Harvey Shognosh (Forest RR2, ON) Shane McMinn (Ponca City, OK) Tony Robles, Jr (New York, NY)

anced 3rd Men’s Adv Dean Flanders

Men’s Advanced (135 entries) 1st $4,200 2nd $3,000 3rd $2,300 4th $1,700 5/6 $1,300 7/8 $900 9-12 $650 13-16 $450

Matt Beckwith (Big Rapids, MI) Steven McAninch (Toledo, OH) Dean Flanders (Fargo, ND) Adam King (Aurora, CO) Jerry Young (Hobbema AB), Ruben Silva Jr (Colorado Springs, CO) Chris Kovacs (Kings Langley NSW), Jim Carmona (Las Vegas, NV) Brett Stottlemyer (Pasadena, MD), Scott Cohen (Haanover Park, IL), Craig Powers (Greenfield, WI), Randy Jordan (LaGrange, GA) Ray Skenandore (Las Vegas, NV), Dario Woodside (Nassau, NP), Bob Herchik (Las Vegas, NV), Clay Dorrell (Texola, OK)


2nd Open Sco tch Doubles Mike List, Carr ie Williams


Open Scotch Doubles (299 teams race to 4) 1st $3,100 Metz Jr – Gyftopoulous (Baltimore, MD) 2nd $2,100 List – Williams (Catoosa, OK) 3rd $1,600 Barbosa – Bedard Smith (Edmonton, AB) 4th $1,300 Sena – Holl (Kewashkum, WI) 5/6 $1,000 Rosas Sr – Rosas (Saginaw, MI), Burkhart – Pulley (Phoenix, AZ) 7/8 $700 Hanson – Jacobs (Devils Lake, ND), Ensley – Linerode (Converse, TX) 9-12 $500 Kane – Madiener (Brooklyn, VA), Golarz – Hotchkiss (Portage, IN) Real – Zamorez (Indio, CA), Robles – Lopez (San Antonio, TX) 13-16 $375 Phillipe III – Rogers (Everett, WA), Barrett – Asleson (Billings, MT) Goodman – Preston (Springfield, OR), Ambang – Rose (Vancouver, BC)


(28 teams) 1st $1,900 2nd $1,300 3rd $900 4th $600 5/6 $300

s Scotch Double 2nd Advanced , Sean Johnson Taylor Hansen


Advanced Scotch Doubles (59 entries) 1st $2,000 Olinger – Lovely (Dayton, OH) 2nd $1,400 Johnson – Hansen (Little Canada, MN) 3rd $1,000 Bayaua Jr – Garland (Houston, TX) 4th $650 Carmona – Martinez (Las Vegas, NV) 5/6 $400 Harada Jr – Huang (Los Angeles, CA), Fitzpatrick – Maglio (Madison, WI) 7/8 $250 Marquez – Carter (Portland, OR), Bersenadze – Jones (Seattle, WA)

Master Scotch Doubles

Sulsar-Williams (Dennison, TX) Kuhl-Larsen (Henderson, NV) Robles Jr – Glazebrook (New York, NY) Sanders – Sanders (Leander, TX) Davis Sr – Kraber (Austin,TX), Thomas – Stockstill (Salem, OR)

3rd Open Scotch Doubles Ernesto Bayaua Jr, Teresa Garland

24 Rackem Magazine - August 2013


2013 BCAPL Results


Mixed Open Teams (554 teams) 1st $12,000 Pocket Pool Junkies (Hickory Hills, IL) 2nd $8,000 Club 91 (Pocatello, ID) 3rd $6,100 West Coast Sharks (La Mesa, CA) 4th $5,000 21 Pool Room B (Hurricane, WV) 5/6 $4,000 Sam’s Billiards (Beaver Creek, OR), Bullshooters (McAlester, OK) 7/8 $3,000 What’s Your Team Name? (Lakewood, CO), Grandpa & the Morons (Victoria, BC) 9-12 $2,200 No Flash (Anthem, AZ), Team Jackson Cue (Heartland, WI) The System (Sachse, TX), No Air (San Diego, CA) 13-16 $1,600 Foreign Policy (Las Vegas, NV), LJB X-Men (Victoria, TX) SLC Terminators (W Jordan, UT), LV Rum Runner (Las Vegas, NV) 17-24 $1,100 DJ Cues (Everett, WA), Strokes of Genius (Winnepeg, MB) Strokers – Tx (Plano, TX), Reservoir Dawgs (Brooklyn, NY) CENSORED (St Peters, MO), Ball Busters (Estero, FL) Bad Boyz (Frankfort, KY), Clean Slate (Cottage Grove, MN)

TEAMS cket Pool Junkies Po s: am Te n pe O ed ix M 1st e Klein, Pat McMullan, Jo , es ay H an D z, le za on Joe G Dan Taylor, Pete Wilson


Women’s Open Teams (112 teams) 1st $3,800 Born Ready (Grand Prairie, TX) 2nd $2,700 Lady Bull Shooters (Catoola, OK) 3rd $1,900 Moark Angels & Demons (Paragould, AR) 4th $1,600 Get the Stew (Kettering, OH) 5/6 $1,000 Victorious Secret (Houston, TX), Boom Shaka Laka (Dallas, TX) 7/8 $750 That’s Unfortunate (Kirkland, WA), River City Billiards (Peoria, IL) 9-12 $600 Sportsmen’s Ladies (San Antonio, TX), 3rd Women’s O On the Prowl (Pico Rivera, CA) pen Teams: Do Something (San Antonio, TX), Moark Angels Fox Force Four (Chula Vista, CA) & Deamons 13-16 $450 Lookin’ for Trouble (New York, NY), K im D o d d, Linda Hodg Anchorage Billiard Palace (Anchorage, AK) es, Lisa Sportsmen’s Misfits (Marysville, OH), Heather M id d le ton, Butters Th 5 Corners (Pocatello, ID)

Porter, omason


Women’s Open Teams (29 teams single elimination) 1st $1,350 On The Prowl (Brea, CA) 2nd $850 We Win (Las Vegas, NV) 3-4 $450 Main Street Jugs (Omaha, NE), Anchorage Billiards (Anchorage, AK) 5-8 $200 Night Shift (Romulus, MI), Bad Azz Babes Minus 1 (Glendale, AZ) We Aim to “Cheese” (St Joe, MI), 21 Pool Room (Huntington, WV)


Mixed Open Teams (96 entries race to 11 – single elimination) 1st $2,800 Bad Boyz (Frankfort, KY) 2nd $1,800 Hurricane Higgins (New York, NY) 3-4 $1,000 Fun N Run (Everett, WA), Sam’s Billiards (Tigard, OR) 5-8 $500 Bull Shooters (Hartshorne, OK), Who Needs a Billiard Coach? (Cottage Grove, MN) Odessa BAD BOYS (Midland, TX), Grindin’ Golf Co. (Sherwood, AR)


(14 teams) 1st $2,500 2nd $1,700 3rd $1,200 4th $700 5th $300

Women’s Advanced/Master Teams

NPL Chix (Kelso, WA) Bad Azz Babes (Chandler, AZ) Get Outtha Way (Henderson, NV) California Cue T’s (San Leandro, CA) Fight Like a Girl (Sandusky, OH), Jackson Custom Cues (Madison, WI)


Mixed Advanced/Master Teams (30 teams race to 11) 1st $4,000 The Pool Room (Toledo, OH) 2nd $2,800 The Heina Kings (Victorville, CA) 3rd $1,900 The Assassins (Houston, TX) 4th $1,300 MOJO (Calgary, AB) 5/6 $800 Mad Dog Saloon (Sheboygan, WI), Team McDermott (Greenfield, WI) 7/8 $500 Senior Discount (Columbus, MN), Ship It (Mount Laurel, NJ) 9-12 $300 Charberis 1 (Roanoke, VA), Joes Regency Boys (Edmond, OK) With Ourselves (Denver, CO), Bullfrogs No Chance (Grand Valley, PA)

August 2013 - Rackem Magazine 25

King Reigns on Lone Star Tour

Oklahoma City’s Sean King took Dallas, Texas by storm venturing into uncharted territory, becoming the first player on the Lone Star Tour to win both the Amateur and Open 9-Ball divisions in a single event. It was a long and winding road to victory, fending off Dallas’ T.J. Davis in the Open final and Daniel Johnson in the Amateur final. King bested 35 Open and 53 Amateur players at the $1,000 added Lone Star Billiards Tour 9-Ball Event, held July 6th-7th, 2013, at Hawley’s Billiards in Dallas, Texas. The Open division included Texas notables Joey Barnes from Arlington, David Gutierrez from Austin, Tony Barrington from Lewisville, Eric Brown from Killeen, Greg Sandifer from Fort Worth, Lance Sullivan from Dallas, and local favorite T.J. Davis who returned to defend his 2012 LSBT Open 9-Ball title. From the plethora of Open division talent,

it was hard to discern a winner. Hometown player and defending champion T.J. Davis came on strong, besting Eric Brown, 9-7, and Sean King, 9-7, on his road to the hot seat. As King was fighting through the one-loss side, Tony Barrington was making his way through the winners’ side with wins over Greg Sandifer, 9-5, and Nick Conner, 9-8. Upsets included Joey Barnes who suffered an early hit at the hands of Conner, 9-8. Barnes went on to capture 4 consecutive wins until King ended his role, 7-6. Texas Open Champion David Gutierrez was dealt a second round blow by Doug Pitts, 9-8, but rose again with 6 consecutive match wins until Brown sealed his fate, 7-5. Brown went on to eliminate Raynes and Conner, 7-6 respectively, but was also stopped short by King, 7-4. On the east side, hot seat action saw Barrington fall to Davis, 9-2, staging a Barrington v. King semi-final.

26 Rackem Magazine - August 2013

Paving his road to payback, the Oklahoma kid made quick work of Barrington, 7-3, the final obstacle between him and Davis. The intensity of the players made for a suspenseful final. In the first set, Davis and King exchanged blow for blow until King pulled ahead 4-2. Davis was not deterred, but failed to keep pace, losing the set, 9-6. After regrouping, Davis came out firing the second set. The same story unfolded as players exchanged games until it was 6-6 with King breaking. With ease and control, King broke the balls superbly, pocketing a ball. Staying true to form, he ran the final rack to capture his first Lone Star Tour 9-Ball title, 7-6. King was far from finished. On his trek to clenching the Amateur division title, he bested Ken Jennings, 7-2, Steve Raynes, 7-6, and Lance Sullivan, 7-2. Jonathan Davis was creating havoc of his own with wins over Walt

Anderson, 7-4, Greg Sandifer, 7-4, and Zack Shapiro, 7-2, to face King for the hot seat. After a final 8 winners’ side hit from Sullivan, Daniel Johnson began to plow his way through the one-loss side. In the same fashion, after a second round loss to Johnson, Crispian Ng won an incredible 9 consecutive matches to meet his nemesis, Johnson. Ng lost his fight for third, terminated by Johnson, 5-1. King secured the hot seat over Davis, 7-4, who then suffered an elimination blow from Johnson, 5-4. In the final, King wasted little time defeating Johnson, 7-4, becoming the first player to win both divisions in a single Lone Star Tour event. The Lone Star Tour would like to thank Cindy Cole and Lance Sullivan for directing the Dallas event, Hawley’s Billiards for hosting another successful Lone Star Tour stop, and Jerry Moore for providing an entire weekend of cue repair for the Lone Star players. Last but certainly not least, congratulations to Jennifer Pavlovick for her efforts in the Amateur division, earning “Top Lady” finisher. The Lone Star Billiards Tour is sponsored by Poison by Predator Cues,, Delta-13 Rack,, and APA of North Harris County, apaofnorthharris. The next event will be the annual Lone Star Billiards Tour Texas Open Warm-Up 9-Ball Event, August 10th-11th, 2013, at Skinny Bob’s Billiards in Round Rock, TX. Visit us on 

Sean King, Cin d

y Cole, T.J. Da


Top Lady: Jennifer Pavlovick, Cindy Cole, Joey Barnes in background

Amateur Payout 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th-6th 7th-8th 9th-12th 13th-16th

Sean King $500/$540 Daniel Johnson $300/$300 Jonathan Davis $190/$175 Crispian Ng $110/$100 Lance Sullivan, Zack Shapiro $70/$50 Steve Raynes, Doug Pitts $50 Ray Amara, Greg Sandifer, Ken Jennings, Juan Parra $35 Allan Hendrickson, Doug Winnett, Jay Murillo, Anthony Smith $25

Open Payout 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th-6th 7th-8th

Sean King T.J. Davis Tony Barrington Eric Brown Joey Barnes, Nick Conner Lance Sullivan, Steve Raynes

Top Lady

Jennifer Pavlovick

$500/$605 $300/$440 $190/$300 $125/$140 $50 $30 $40

August 2013 - Rackem Magazine 27

The Kellogg Arena • Battle Creek, Michigan • June 20-23, 2013 The beautiful Kellogg Arena served as a terrific setting for our 23rd Annual event. The facility boasted plenty of floor space and nice bleacher seating for the parents and fans. 80 Valley Pool Tables were neatly arranged throughout the arena including (6) highlighted tables making up the soughtafter Finals Arena. At noon sharp on Thursday, the VNEA opened its tournament doors, as usual, to hundreds of juniors lined up outside to begin their practice routines for the Singles event that would begin that evening. For the first time at our Junior Championships, the entire event was run using our incredibly popular Compusport Software Program. There were (4), 42” monitors set up on the Control Stage where players could enter their names and see exactly who they played, when they played and what table they played on. Players were able to play their matches, scan their scoresheets, instantly see their next match and play continuously throughout the entire event. The system was flawless and the players absolutely loved it! At 6:00pm sharp, Singles matches began and the event was officially underway! At 9:00am on Friday morning, the Singles matches continued with everyone trying to make it to the Finals Bracket of their division. Throughout the day, incredible matches were witnessed throughout the room with no one wanting to get knocked out of this prestigious event. Both singles and team competition for the weekend were broken down into 3 divisions: Youth - Ages 9-13 / Minor - Ages 14-17 / Major - Ages 18-20 Male singles events recorded 163 entries while

28 Rackem Magazine - August 2013

the female singles had 46 entries. In total, 214 shooters would square-off in a double elimination format that would lead to some great shooting and refreshing sportsmanship. The Team competition, consisted of 60, 3-player squads. These great numbers represented an incredible 20 Charter Holders from an impressive 9 States and Ontario, Canada. This made up for a total of over 250 ENTRIES in the team and singles events. State Representation Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota & Wisconsin with International Representation from Ontario, Canada After playing all day Friday, the pool playing group was treated to a fun-filled Players Reception that evening at 7:00. Players were able to relax, grab a slice or two of pizza and a soda. Those top juniors who found themselves still in the thick of the singles tournament action would prepare to battle it out in the finals brackets of the regular competition. When the dust finally settled on the arena floor, the following young shooters were crowned the 2013 Int’l VNEA Singles Champions: MALE SINGLES YOUTH DIVISION Jacob Elit - D & R Star - Rochester, MN MINOR DIVISION Stuart MacTaggart - G & G Enterprises London, Ontario, Canada MAJOR DIVISION Tyler Steinhaus - D & R Star - Rochester, MN FEMALE SINGLES

YOUTH DIVISION April Larson - D & R Star - Rochester, MN MINOR DIVISION Taylor Hansen - D & R Star - Rochester, MN MAJOR DIVISION Chandra Campion - D & R Star - Rochester, MN

Male Majors Singles Finalists

(l-r) Tyler Steinhaus (1st), Nate Mindham (2nd), Nathan Burpee (3rd), Larry Simmons Jr. (4th - not shown)

Male Minor Singles Finalists

(r-l) Stuart MacTaggart (1st), David Moyer (2nd), Alex Payne (3rd-not shown), Andrew Casarez (4th-not shown)


Sunday morning produced some of the most incredible junior pool action ever experienced as the top teams went head to head for international junior titles. When the team competition finished around noon, the following 23rd Annual VNEA International Junior Team Champions had been crowned. YOUTH DIVISION: M.P.A. Cue Kids: C & N Sales, Mankato, MN MINOR DIVISION: Sharky’s Kids 1: Cox Music, Davenport, IA MAJOR DIVISION: North Stars: D & R Star, Rochester, MN HIGHEST FEMALE TEAM Youth Division: Valley Girls: Kalamazoo Amusement - Kalamazoo, MI Highest Mixed Team Youth Division: M.P.A. Cue Kids C & N Sales - Mankato, MN

Female Majors Singles Champion

(l-r) Chandra Campion (1st), Ashton Rowley (2nd), Shaiana Thibault (3rd), Jennifer Petrowiak (4th)

Female Minor Singles Finalists

(l-r) Taylor Hansen (1st), Kayla Roloson (2nd - not shown), Meighan Cassidy (3rd), Hannah Zeigler (4th)

For complete information and standings visit:

Female Youth Singles Finalists

Male Youth Singles Finalists

(l-r) April Larson (1st), Alyssa Little (2nd), Hailey Fullerton (3rd), Ashley Fullerton (4th)

(l-r) Jacob Elit (1st), Skyler Butterfield (2nd), George Kieslat (3rd), Tristan Hansen (4th)

August 2013 - Rackem Magazine 29

The VNEA International Championships! With 43 unique divisions to display their talents, VNEA’s league players converged on the strip in Las Vegas to decide who would go home with the coveted “Charlie” awards and titles of International Champions . Mini-tournaments, including the popular Scotch Doubles events began on Thursday while the double elimination, 8-Ball and 9-Ball Singles competition began on Friday, May 24th. The competition was terrific. With the Singles competition in the history books, the VNEA was well prepared to recognize them at the ever-popular VNEA Team Opening Ceremonies Celebration. Gary Benson, Tournament Director and emcee, was welcomed by over 3,000 players attending this incredible show which opened with a colorful parade of flags from around the world, and the Singles Awards Presentation to honor the top players accomplishments. Once all of the states and countries were acknowledged and the Singles winners were presented with their coveted Charlie awards, the VNEA had a drawing for a Valley Home Pool Table. The lucky winner was James Esparza from Eagle Vending in Tucson, Arizona and was awarded the table by Valley’s Dave Courington. With 96 members already enshrined in the hall, it was time for the VNEA to add 5 more names to the prestigious “VNEA Hall of Fame”. Receiving this tremendous honor, along with a beautiful Hall of Fame jacket, certificate and limited edition VNEA Hall of Fame trading card set, were the following inductees: • Bob Basset - Aactive Coin (Manitoba) • Charles Castonguay - Alliance (Quebec) • Dawn Fital - Coin-Op Specialist (MI) • Beth Fondell - D & R Star (MN) • Kale Woodside - V.V.S. (NE) The Team competition kicked off Tuesday morning right on schedule. Nearly 600 teams participated in the Team events at this 33rd Annual Championships. Results of the Sports, Redemption, Regular, Intermediate and Masters Team events can be found at 2nd Annual “World Team Championships”. For the second year in a row, the VNEA conducted the fun and exciting World Team Championships! Countries put together one, four-person team to represent their flag. Australia, USA, Spain, Portugal, Bermuda, Canada and Germany all formed teams for a chance to win the coveted “World Cup” Trophy. When the dust cleared, it came down to Australia and Germany in the finals with TEAM GERMANY capturing the 30 Rackem Magazine - August 2013

The VNEA International Championships! “World Cup” title. Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in this fun-filled and exciting event. The President’s Choice Award, presented by current VNEA President David Hawkins, was awarded to longtime VNEA Charter Holder, Bob Thomas, from Minnesota Pastime in Virginia, Minnesota. Dave honored his old friend for his dedication to the VNEA. Congratulations Bob and thank you for your many contributions. Another unique feature of the VNEA Championships was the Team Uniform Award. This award was named the “Red Jones” Team Uniform Award in 1997 after Mr. Pool, Red Jones, passed away. Red was always known for his classy wardrobe around the tournament room and it was an honor to keep his name alive by permanently affixing it to this award. Many teams, from all over the world, concentrated hard on having a unique tournament look. Several interesting and one of a kind fashions were unveiled. The women’s competition was strong which made it very difficult to pick a winner. The women’s winner, and perennial favorite, was Alaska Girls Gone Wild from Tri Valley Vending in Wasilla, Alaska whose members included Veronica Hereimi, Yvonne Powell, Tammie Kerby, Debbie Criss and Barb Glick. On the men’s side, Color Of Money, also from Tri Valley Vending captured first prize. Team members included Mohammed Hereimi, Damien Turchetto, Billy Stephan, Milan Janulek, T.J. Frank and Richy Orem. Free “Team Photos” were e-mailed to every entry and the winners were given “Free Banquet Tickets”.

Alaska Girls Gone Wild

Color of Money

August 2013 - Rackem Magazine 31

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DATE CITY Mondays Green Bay, WI Davenport, IA Des Moines, IA Hanover Park, IL Chicago, IL Melrose Park, IL Dundee, IL Rockford, IL Kansas City, MO Tuesdays Cedar Rapids, IA Palatine, IL Troy, MO Barnhart, MO Des Moines, IA Kansas City, MO Lenexa, KS Wednesdays Chicago, IL Dundee, IL Des Moines, IA Midwest City, OK Palatine, IL Wright City, MO Alsip, IL Green Bay, WI Oshkosh, WI Thursdays Oshkosh, WI Davenport, IA Orland Park, IL Chicago, IL Palatine, IL Kansas City, MO Kansas City, MO Lenexa, KS Manhattan, KS Fridays Cedar Rapids, IA Chicago, IL Dundee, IL Coon Rapids, MN Des Moines, IA Farmington, MN Barnhart, MO St Peter’s, MO Tulsa, OK Topeka, KS Kansas City, MO Davenport, IA Round Lake Rockford, IL Aurora, IL Tonganoxie, KS Topeka, KS Raytown, MO Jonesville, LA Oshkosh, WI Saturdays Green Bay, WI Jonesville, LA Raytown, MO Topeka, KS Grandview, MO Eureka, MO St Peter’s, MO Kansas City, MO Oak Lawn, IL Joliet, IL Aurora, Il Fox Lake Chicago, IL Salina, KS Kansas City, MO Topeka, KS Blue Springs, MO Lenexa, KS Tulsa, OK Sundays Des Moines, IA Davenport, IA Barnhart, MO St Peter’s, MO Chicago, IL Topeka, KS Chicago Hts, IL Jonesville, LA Raytown, MO Raytown, MO Lenexa, KS Oshkosh, WI

LOCATION K K Billiards Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Big Dog Billiards Bungalow Joes Chicago Billiards Elite Cafe Billiards Hammerheads Rockford Billiards Side Pockets 2nd Ave Corner Pocket Quentin Corner Pocket Georgee’s Pub Kenny’s Bar & Grill Big Dog Billiards Brass Rail Side Pockets Chris’ Hammerheads Big Dog Billiards Jamaica Joe’s Quentin Corner Pocket Hillybilly Heaven Bar & Grill Red Shoes K K Billiards Varsity Club Varsity Club Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Pro-Tyme Classic Chicago Billiards Quentin Corner Pocket Boomers Bar & Grill Brass Rail Side Pockets Fast Eddy’s Billiards 2nd Ave Corner Pocket City Pool Hall Hammerheads CR’s Sports Bar Big Dog Billiards Farmington Billiards Kenny’s Bar & Grill Teachers Billiards Q-Spot Billiards Diamond Joes Country’s Tavern Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Rebecca’s Pub Rockford Billiards Rudy’s Place Helen’s Hilltop Terrys Billiard Club Raytown Rec Les Charles Inn & Gameroom Varsity Club K K Billiards Les Charles Inn & Gameroom Raytown Rec Terrys Billiard Club Zone Sports Bar JP’s Sports Bar 3rd Base Boomers Bar & Grill Demma’s Pool Loft Rudy’s Place Bay Billiards Chris’ Sunset Billiards & Sports Bar Brass Rail Diamond Joes Roadies Rock House Side Pockets Q-Spot Billiards Big Dog Billiards Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Kenny’s Bar & Grill Teachers Billiards Chris’ Terrys Billiard Club Oasis One-Sixty Les Charles Inn & Gameroom Raytown Rec Raytown Rec Side Pockets Varsity Club

PHONE EVENT / RULES (920) 737-2904 8-Ball A/B Semi-slop (563) 359-7225 9-Ball (515) 266-6100 8-Ball - Race 4 - No handicap (630) 830-8899 8 Ball (773) 545-5102 8 Ball (708) 344-7112 8 Ball (847) 836-8099 10 Ball (815) 962-0957 9 Ball (816) 455-9900 9 Ball (319) 366-0979 8-Ball-Race to 2 (847)705-1361 8 Ball (636) 528-9601 9 Ball (636) 464-9070 8 Ball (515) 266-6100 8-Ball Race to Hdcp (816) 468-6100 8 Ball (913) 888-7665 9 Ball (773) 286-4714 8 Ball (847) 836-8099 9 Ball (515) 266-6100 Rackers Choice (405) 736-0590 9 Ball (847) 705-1361 9 Ball (636) 745-8020 8 Ball (708) 388-3700 10 Ball (920) 606-2639 9-Ball (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Beginners (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Intermediate (563) 359-7225 8-Ball (708) 403-0600 9 Ball (773) 545-5102 9 Ball (847) 705-1361 9 Ball (815) 639-3333 8 Ball (816) 468-6100 9 Ball (913) 888-7665 9 Ball (785) 539-4323 8 Ball & 9 Ball (319) 366-0979 8-Ball-Masters Race to 3 (312) 491-9690 8 Ball (847) 836-8099 8 Ball (763) 780-1585 8-Ball on 7’ Diamonds (515) 266-6100 10-Ball - race varies (651) 463-2636 8 or 9-ball rotation (636) 464-9070 9 Ball (314) 210-8064 9 Ball (918) 779-6204 8-Ball 7 & under (785) 783-2883 8 Ball (816) 231-8007 8 Ball (563) 359-7225 Coin Toss decides (847) 740-5405 8 Ball (815) 962-0957 Open 8 Ball (630) 898-7769 Call (913) 369-3772 8 Ball (785) 273-3553 8 Ball (816) 358-5977 Players Vote (318) 339-4540 8 Ball (920) 651-0806 8-Ball Open - Race to 2 (920) 737-2904 Open 9-Ball - BCA Rules (318) 339-4540 8 Ball (816) 358-5977 9 Ball (785) 273-3553 9 Ball (816) 331-6044 8 Ball (636) 938-5030 8 Ball (636) 447-5300 9 Ball (816) 436-7245 8 Ball (708) 636-1240 8 Ball (815) 722-0964 8 Ball (630) 898-7769 Call (847) 587-8888 8 Ball (773) 286-4714 9 Ball (785) 826-9992 Multiple (816) 468-6100 Big Table 9 Ball (785) 783-2883 9 Ball (816) 228-7625 8 Ball (913) 888-7665 APA Rated 8 Ball (918) 779-6204 9-Ball 7 & under (515) 266-6100 9-Ball - Race 6/5 (563) 359-7225 10-Ball (636) 464-9070 9 Ball (314) 210-8064 9 Ball (773) 286-4714 10 Ball (785) 273-3553 9 Ball (708) 756-0600 9 Ball (318) 339-4540 9 Ball (816) 358-5977 One Pocket (816) 358-5977 Players Vote (913) 888-7665 9 Ball (920) 651-0806 10-Ball on 9’ tables-Race to 5

ENTRY ADDED $15 (incl. g.f.) $12 $100 every 16 $10 $$$ $5 150% payback $10 100% payout $15 $100 1st w/8 $15 $$$ $14 Call $5 $5 $7 Call $7 Call $10 $100 $10 $$$ $5 $6 $10 Call $5 $5 + /player $10 $$$ $15 $5/player $7 Call $10 $$$ $15 Call $15 (incl. g.f.) $8 $10 $10 $100 every 16 $20 Call $10 100% payout $7 Call $5 $10 $6 $15 $5 $15 Call $5 Call $16 $75 $10 $$$ $15+$5 g.f. $50 w/16 $10 Call $10 Call $5 $5 $10 $10 $100 every 16 $10 100% payback $10 Call $15 $100+ w/10 $10 $5 $10 $5 $12 $15 $$$ w/32 $5 $25 $5 $5 $10 $$$ w/8+ $15 Call $5 $10 Call $15 Call $15 $100+ w/10 $15 Call $10 Call Call $5 $10 $5 $10 $10 (incl. g.f.) $15 $$$ $12 $100 every 16 $10 $100 $10 Call $15 Call $5 $10 $5 $25 $10 $6 $15

TIME 7PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 8PM 8PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 7:30PM 7PM 6PM 6PM 7PM 9:30PM 8PM 7:30PM 7PM 7:30PM 7:30PM Call 8PM 7PM Call Call 7PM 7:30PM 8PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7PM 9:30PM 6PM 7PM 7PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 6:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 9 PM 8PM 8PM 7PM 8PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7PM 2AM 8PM 6:30PM 2PM 8PM 12PM 7PM 6:30PM Noon 1PM 7:30PM 3PM 4/5PM 7:30PM 8PM 7PM Call 2PM 8PM 8PM 1PM 9 PM 5:30PM 7PM 6PM 1:30PM 8PM 7PM 6PM 8PM 3PM 2AM 9:30PM Call

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GLASS (continued from page 13)

they were gone, and I didn’t know who had won. I ran into her father a few minutes later while I took a quick refreshment break. “Oh, hey there, how did your daughter do?” “Which one?” “The older one. Karen. I saw she was at 6-6. Did she win?” “Yeah. Barely. She made a few mistakes. She was up 4-0 at one point. She really needs to start focusing more.” I still could not believe his negativity! “Well, these girls are under a lot of pressure. You should be proud she’s gone as far as she has. Wish her luck for me!” “Yeah, sure, I’ll do that.” Something Karen and Amy’s mother said to me really stuck with me. She told me that her youngest, Amy, was very aggressive, and outgoing. Karen, however, was


more shy and reserved, and not very aggressive. I sensed that she and her husband saw this as a weakness. Every person is different. Each daughter must be approached differently, and coached in a way that gives them the best chance to succeed in future matches. Browbeating them, and pointing out their mistakes (especially in the midst of a tournament) is not the way to do this. Dad, I hope you get a chance to read this. I hope and pray that you give your daughters lots of love, support, and positive reinforcement while they play. Otherwise, all you are going to do is make them resent the sport, and they will quit. It’s a game. It’s supposed to be fun. Let them enjoy the sport, and please don’t turn it into a chore. Celebrate their successes, and console them when they lose. Save the constructive criticism for the practice table.

(continued from page 8)

Viper: Ok, then did your parents play pool? Who got you started? Nick: None of my family members play pool. When I was a young kid I was introduced to the game by some friends and fell in love with the game right away. Viper: What did your parents think of your pool career? Nick: At the beginning, they were not happy about me playing pool for a living but later as I improved and started representing my country in world events, then they started taking me more seriously. Viper: In your opinion, what parts of the world produce the best players? Nick: The best pool players in the world have always dominated from the Philippines and Taiwan. Viper: Why: Honestly, I believe its in their blood. They are just born to play championship pool. They have so many players over there that haven’t even surfaced yet. Like here in Greece, we to have a few players that if they travelled to the US would become the next pool stars. But because of the bad economy, they have not gotten an opportunity to come over and compete just yet. Viper: Who is/was your favorite pro player growing up? Nick: Of course my favorite player has always been Pilipino world champion Francisco Bustamante. Viper: Where and when did you first start playing pool? Nick: I was 15-years-old when I was introduced to the sport of billiards. Viper: Do you currently have any sponsors? Nick: Here in Las Vegas I picked up a new cue sponsor; Pechauer Custom Cues. But of course, I am always looking for new sponsors. I have a lot to offer a sponsor being one of the best players out of Greece, owning a pool hall and with my ranking I am invited to every WPA event. Viper: Did you ever play in a pool league? Nick: No, we don’t really

have leagues over here in Greece just lots of tournaments for the federation. Viper: Are you good at any other sports? Nick: I am also good at Tennis, Soccer and Table tennis (Ping-Pong). Viper: Describe yourself in three words? Nick: Outgoing, friendly and a little lazy. Viper: If you had to live your life over again, what would one thing you change about yourself and/or your pool career? Nick: I took a couple of years off from travelling the world tour so if I could have done it all over again, I would have travelled as much as possible. Viper: How do you prepare for events? Nick: I practice 5-days or so before majors about 2-hours per day. I practice with a lesser player to get lots of time on the table and they rack a lot for me. In return they love to play with me….lol. Viper: What was the best advice you were ever given? Nick: If you make the balls, you can beat anyone. If you miss them, anyone can beat you - Dad Viper: What is one thing that you enjoy most while playing pool? Nick: The excitement of the competition and travelling around the world doing what I love to do. Viper: If you could say one thing to a young up-coming player what would it be? Nick: I would remind them to be patient, it takes a lot of time to win championships and not to get discouraged when they have not won yet… in time the titles will come. Viper: What’s your Favorite game? Nick: Any rotation game and I really enjoy 14.1 Straight Pool.

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CITY Alsip, IL Des Moines, IA Davenport, IA Lafayette, LA Olathe, KS Olathe, KS San Angelo, TX San Angelo, TX Alsip, IL Des Moines, IA Des Moines, IA Midwest City, OK Alsip, IL Lincoln, NE Des Moines, IA Lafayette, LA Cape Girardeau, MO Cape Girardeau, MO Alsip, IL Clinton, IL Des Moines, IA Farmington, MN Rock Island, IL Round Rock, TX Round Rock, TX Rawlins, WY Rawlins, WY Rawlins, WY Rawlins, WY Rawlins, WY Davenport, IA Lafayette, LA Des Moines, IA Gary, IN Gary, IN Gary, IN Gary, IN Gary, IN Gary, IN Gary, IN Des Moines, IA

LOCATION Red Shoes Billiards Big Dog Billiards Sharky’s Billiards Fast Eddies Billiards Shooters Shooters Fast Eddie’s Billiards Fast Eddie’s Billiards Red Shoes Billiards Big Dog Billiards Big Dog Billiards Jamaica Joes Red Shoes Billiards Drifters Pool Room Big Dog Billiards Fast Eddies Billiards Billiard Center Billiard Center Red Shoes Billiards Breakers Bar & Grill Big Dog Billiards Farmington Billiards 4 Play Sports Bar Fast Eddie’s Billiards Fast Eddie’s Billiards Community Cntr Community Cntr Community Cntr Community Cntr Community Cntr Sharky’s Billiards Fast Eddies Billiards Big Dog Billiards Majestic Star Casino Majestic Star Casino Majestic Star Casino Majestic Star Casino Majestic Star Casino Majestic Star Casino Majestic Star Casino Big Dog Billiards

PHONE 708-388-3700 515-266-6100 563-359-7225 337-237-6577 913-780-5740 913-780-5740 325-944-4900 325-944-4900 708-388-3700 515-266-6100 515-266-6100 405-736-0590 708-388-3700 402-261-3617 515-266-6100 337-237-6577 573-718-8260 573-718-8260 708-388-3700 217-935-6503 515-266-6100 612-226-7665 309-283-7042 512-248-0646 512-248-0646 307-329-8924 307-329-8924 307-329-8924 307-329-8924 307-329-8924 563-359-7225 337-237-6577 515-266-6100 219-465-8101 219-465-8101 219-465-8101 219-465-8101 219-465-8101 219-465-8101 219-465-8101 515-266-6100

EVENT / RULES 9-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball 10-Ball 8’Challenge 10-Ball Open - Limit 64 One Pocket Bar Table 9-Ball Open/Ladies 9 Ball Open 9 Ball Ladies 10-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball No Masters 8-Ball Summer heat 9-Ball Classic Bank Pool 8-Ball (open tables) Handicapped 8-Ball 10-Ball Open - Limit 64 Big Muddy Warm-up Big Muddy 9-Ball - Hdcp One Pocket 8-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball Rider Cup Golf & Pool 9-Ball Handicapped 9 Ball Open 9 Ball Ladies High Desert Shootout Expert High Desert Shootout Classic High Desert Shootout Sportsmens High Desert Shootout Saratoga High Desert Shootout Hard Luck 10-Ball Scotch Doubles-Hdcp 10-Ball Open - Limit 64 Handicapped 8-Ball GMPA Early Bird 9-Ball GMPA Senior 8-Ball GMPA Singles 8-Ball (Men A-B) GMPA Singles 8-Ball (W) GMPA Sportsmens Singles GMPA 3 Person Team GMPA Sportsmens Teams Handicapped 8-Ball

ENTRY ADDED TIME LINK $50 $500 w/full field Call MAP $25+$10 g.f. $1,000 w/64 Noon MAP $45 (incl g.f.) $1,250 10AM MAP $25 $500 11AM $60 $5,000 all events 8PM $65/$50 Call 8PM $55 $1,000 11:30AM $35 Call 11:30AM $50 $500 w/full field Call MAP $25+$10 g.f. $1,000 w/64 Noon MAP $35 (incl. g.f.) $500 Guar 10AM MAP $50 $2,500 11AM MAP $50 $500 w/full field Call MAP $20 $$$ 2:30PM $25+$10 g.f. $1,000 w/64 Noon MAP $25 $500 11AM $10 $200 7PM MAP FREE Entry! $2,500 10AM $50 $500 w/full field Call MAP $35 incl. g.f. $500 w/32 10AM $25+$10 g.f. $1,000 w/64 Noon MAP $85 Call 9:30AM MAP $20 + $10 g.f. $250 11AM $55 $1,000 11:30AM $35 Call 11:30AM $150 incl. g.f. $5,000 9:00AM MAP $100 incl. g.f. $1,500 7:00PM $50 incl. g.f. $500 6:00PM $50 no g.f. $500 7:00PM $30 no g.f. $500 TBD $60 (incl g.f.) $1,000 w/32 10AM MAP $25 $500 11AM $25+$10 g.f. $1,000 w/64 Noon MAP $50 incl. g.f. Call 3:00PM MAP $50 incl. g.f. $5,000 1:00PM $50 incl. g.f. 1 & 4PM $50 incl. g.f. 6 & 8PM FREE 2:00PM $150 incl. g.f. 7:00PM Call $500 2:30PM $25+$10 g.f. $1,000 w/64 Noon MAP

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Rackem Pool Magazine 2013 August Issue  

The very lastest from Las Vegas ... BCAPL, CSI, VNEA and more ... don't forget our renown columnists ... Check it out

Rackem Pool Magazine 2013 August Issue  

The very lastest from Las Vegas ... BCAPL, CSI, VNEA and more ... don't forget our renown columnists ... Check it out