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Bob Jewett

Bob Jewett


July 2017

The first big pro tournament I attended offered a lot of lessons. One of them was an introduction to Shot 1. Hall of Famer Irving Crane was faced with Shot 1 (after a break shot at straight pool) and I was wondering what he was going to do. This is a shot that I hated because it was really hard for me to keep enough draw on the cue ball to avoid scratching if I hit the 1 ball straight and there was too much distance to try to cheat the pocket. The Deacon didn’t even slow down to think about it, he just rolled the 1 ball in by hitting rail first with an easy stroke and got easy position on a ball on the foot cushion. There are systems for aiming shots like this, but for now let’s ignore those and just get a feeling for playing the shot. So that you can repeat a shot precisely, I’d like you to get two practice aids. First, a bunch of paper reinforcement donuts will let you put the object ball back in exactly the same place a few times so you can zero in on the shot. Second, a round paper target the same size as a pool ball will let you try shooting along the same line multiple times. It’s shown up on the rail by the corner pocket. It probably won’t be 2 necessary to position the cue ball precisely, so just noting about which diamond you are shooting from will be sufficient. In the diagram, Shot 1 is being shot from 3/4ths of a diamond from the corner pocket measured along the head rail. Ready? Start with Shot 1 but with the 1 ball only half an inch off the cushion. I think the easiest way to shoot it is with a low-speed rolling cue ball and no side spin. You probably won’t need the round target. Practice the shot just until you make it three in a row. Then move the ball to an inch and then two inches from the cushion. For these shots, the target may help. Place it so that you are shooting the cue ball straight at the target. Once you see the right distance up the rail to hit, go for your three in a row without the target. Once you have the simple shot down, it’s time to move on to doing more with the cue ball. Shot 2 shows some of the possibilities. If you happen to have left yourself straight in on the 2 ball, they give you a way to get the cue ball across the table. The first to try is the follow shot, similar to Shot 1, but start to crank up the speed to get more movement on the cue ball. Running english, in this case right side, will also help move the cue ball. With the changes in speed and spin, the aim is going to change some as well. You may want to use the round target as a guide 3 even when the 2 ball is close to the cushion. Increase the speed and spin and see how far you can get the cue ball to go. Can you get it back to the kitchen? The


next thing to try is to get the cue ball to go straight across the table after hitting the 2 ball by using draw. What is the slowest you can hit the shot and keep a little draw on the cue ball? Finally for Shot 2, use more draw and pull the cue ball back after hitting the 2 ball. Right english will help get the cue ball back to the kitchen after hitting the right side rail. These shots at higher speed are very challenging with the object ball more than a fraction of inch off the rail, but try a few to get a little experience with the more difficult positions. Shot 3 is an advanced one-pocket shot that’s worth a few minutes practice. You have pocket A. The simple bank has a kiss (or maybe it is blocked in a game situation), so the kickbank is the best option. The donut and target will definitely help with this shot.


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Shot 1

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