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Losing Business? Profits Down? Reasons Why Successful Pool Locations Increase Advertising During Slow Ecomonic Times

1. Your competition is Likely to Cut Back on Advertising 2. The Frequest Ads of Successful Locations become more visible to the pool player 3. Studies prove that Locations Advertising during slow times INCREASE Market Share, pool player traffic and profits 4. Locations that cut Advertising will LOSE Market Share. Some will even go bust 5. Advertising Works over time because it builds name AWARENESS 6. It also works because without it the pool players may believe you do not have tournaments and you may not even be open 7. When you don’t Advertise a pool player quickly forgets your location and they don’t know why you are better than your competition 8. Research has shown that the best-performing pool halls/bars in the long term are those that continue Advertising during an eonomic slowdown 9. Your budget may seem tight right now but the current slowdown may be an ideal opportunity to bring in new pool players to your Location

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05/02/2010 7:00 AM Lassiter vs. Puckett 05/03/2010 7:00 AM Hall of Fame Trick Shots 05/03/2010 12:00 PM 1993 US Open 9-Ball 05/03/2010 1:00 PM 1993 U.S. Open 9-Ball 05/09/2010 7:00 AM Moore vs. Luther Lassiter 05/10/2010 7:00 AM Lassiter vs. Crane 05/10/2010 12:00 PM World Championship 05/10/2010 1:00 PM 1993 Pro Tour Championship 05/16/2010 7:00 AM 2002 BCA Open 9-Ball 05/17/2010 7:00 AM 2002 BCA Open 9-Ball 05/17/2010 12:00 PM 1993 Pro Tour Championship 05/23/2010 7:00 AM Mosconi vs. Moore 05/24/2010 7:00 AM Mosconi vs. Moore 05/30/2010 7:00 AM Moore vs. Lassiter 05/31/2010 7:00 AM Cranfield vs. Puckett 05/31/2010 12:00 PM ‘95 $50,000 Challenge Champions These schedules have been provided by ESPN. These are tentative dates and are subject to change

05-08-2010 3:00 PM 2009 Men’s Speed Pool 05-08-2010 4:00 PM 2009 Men’s Speed Pool 05-08-2010 5:00 PM 2009 Men’s Speed Pool 05/15/2010 6:00 PM 2009 Wmn’s Tourn of Champions 05/29/2010 9:30 AM 2009 World Cup of Trick Shots 05/29/2010 10:30 AM 2009 World Cup of Trick Shots 05/29/2010 11:30 AM 2009 Men’s Trick Shot Magic

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May 2010 - Rackem Magazine 3

A Pool Player’s Guide to Savvy Air Travel By Samm Diep, © May 2010 Photo Courtesy of Mike Fieldhammer,

Tournament season is in full force and Vegas Nationals are just around the corner. With the soaring prices of fuel these days, more and more people are opting to fly to events instead of drive. When flying, here are some useful tips for hasslefree traveling: As pool players, it’s safe to assume that if you’re flying to a tournament with your cues, you will be checking a bag, no questions. The days of carrying our cues on the plane are behind us. To Samm Diep make sure your cues arrive where you do, always get to the airport AT LEAST an hour and a half prior to departure. Depending on the airport, you may want to arrive even earlier. Checking in: • Most airlines currently charge a $20-25 fee to check your first bag and an additional fee for the second bag. If you haven’t already, you may want to invest in an oversized duffle that will fit both your cues and clothes together. [see for an assortment] • Make sure none of your bags are over 50 pounds. There’s typically a charge for that too. • If you’re connecting, confirm that your bags are checked all the way to your final destination. • Check in online whenever possible. Just about every airline offers online check-in within 24 hours before your flight time. Even if you don’t have a printer, you can usually (re)print your boarding pass when you arrive at the ticket counter to drop off your bag(s). • Have your photo ID in hand from the time you arrive at the airport until after you get through security. • If you checked in online, you still want to (re)confirm the departing gate number with the ticket agent after checking your bag(s). • Once you’ve checked your bag(s) and they’re confirmed on the flight – Now, RELAX… You should still try to get to your gate on time, but don’t panic if the security line is a mile long. It’s unlikely that the plane will take off with your bags on board without you. They’ll generally page you if they see that you’ve checked in. Security: • Try to wear comfortable, slip on shoes that are easy to remove. Please wear socks. • Have your boarding pass and ID out and ready when entering the security line. • Any liquids/gels over 3 oz must go in a separate plastic bag through security. • Once your boarding pass and ID have been checked, put away your ID (you don’t need it again) but keep your boarding pass available. • Get your electronics out and in a bin alone. • Your shoes, belt, and jacket can go into a separate bin together. • Cell phone, loose change, watch, keys, etc. can all go together in one of the smaller bins. • Make sure you zip up and secure all your bags before placing them on the conveyer belt. • Keep your boarding pass with you! • Do not walk through the metal detector until you see the last of your items enter the x-ray machine. Special Needs: • If you suffer from motion sickness, make sure you take and pack (conveniently in a carry-on bag) your air sickness pills. • If you are susceptible to catching colds, make sure you take your Airborn and stock up on vitamin C and zinc approximately 2-24 hours prior to airport exposure. o You may also want to carry anti-bacteria wipes with you. o Keep your hands clean. continued on page 13 4 Rackem Magazine - May 2010

The game of pocket billiards is simple, but not easy. © 2010 Mike Fieldhammer,

This article from a series of posts written in coordination with other pool bloggers on the topic of strategy. For related articles visit http:// and use the search term PoolSynergy. "What is the most important thing?" Fast Mikie selected an appropriate April PoolSynergy topic. One that reflects his personality and if done well, one that could unearth profound nuggets. A topic to challenge our writers to dig up a critical and timeless tidbit to pass along to our readers. Selecting one bit of knowledge from my lifetime of playing pool and 15 years of teaching billiards is a monumental task. I can just picture Fast Mikie on his hammock with a wry smile while imagining us staring at our screens. I knew I couldn't throw out any old tip like "keep a level cue", "accelerate through the cue ball", "stroke don't poke" and call it a day. I even considered facing my personal demon "keep your head down and don't jump up". I could have cranked out a passable article, but then it would have been easy for someone to toss out ten other no brainers that would make me conk the heel of my hand to my forehead and say, "Of course! That is much more important." I think I have come up with a mantra worthy of the topic. The most important thing is ALWAYS SEEK KNOWLEDGE. Cultivate a desire to learn and your game will improve as will your enjoyment of playing it. As a lifelong student of the game, I can say that I love the game more with each passing year. The time I spend with a cue in my hands is fulfilling. I love it so much that I made it into my career. I am a Professional Billiard Instructor. Teaching others the game is the most important part of my billiard related work. I also compete in a heavy tournament schedule in the Midwest and play in several leagues in the Twin Cities. I love travelling to compete in professional tournaments and I photograph these events. I am also a billiard retailer selling "Serious Gear for Serious Players" including cues, cases, and accessories that I personally endorse. So you see, coaching billiards is but one component of my profession and obsession. One thing I do know for sure is that a formal lesson is continued on page 13

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The OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour hosted its double elimination format, Jennifer would away with her first title, but Ashley was 3rd stop of 2010 at Fast Eddie’s Billiards in have to beat Ashley twice to take the title. not down for the count. She battled back Austin, TX the weekend of April 17-18. FortyIt appeared that Jennifer was going to run from a 5-2 deficit and managed to get to seven players were in attendance for the away with the first set, as she had Ashley the hill first, before Jennifer tied it up 6-6 $2000 added event. to force one game It was the perfect pool for all the marbles. weekend with storm Nerves appeared to clouds and scattered get the better of both showers in the area players as neither for the duration player took charge of the event. The of the final game and weather seemed to in the end, Ashley roll into the poolroom pocketed the key on Saturday, as 9-ball to take her first there were some win. Congratulations stormy matches with to Ashley and unexpected forecasts Jennifer for a great throughout the day. tournament and an By early Sunday exciting finals match! morning, the winners’ In the second bracket had 4 faces chance event, 26 that have yet to win players competed an OB Cues Ladies on Sunday morning event, while all the in the $125 added previous winners event. A big thanks found themselves in to Dan Leteff for the B-side or already adding the additional out of the main event. $25 and being Finishing in the available to mend the 9-12th spots early ladies cues that were Sunday morning in need. Michelle Jennifer Kraber and Ashley Nandrasy (Left to right) were Lisa HendersonCortez took the hot Major, Melinda Bailey, seat and waited for Sue Chong (her highest finish to date), and down 5-0, but they grinded out the match an opponent. On the B-side, Kim Pierce Helen Laiche. The next round of B-side worked her way back through to play Michelle with Jennifer finishing out the first set 7-5. matches pitted perennial favorites Amanda for her second time this event. In the end, The girls regrouped and began again; this Lampert against Lisa Marr and Deanna set would guarantee the winner of the event. Kim proved to be too much for Michelle and Kniola against Orietta Strickland. Lisa came took the win in a true double-dip fashion. With one set under her belt, it appeared out ahead against Amanda at 7-1 and Orietta that once again Jennifer was going to run Thanks to Fast Eddies’s Billiards for managed to scrape by hosting this event and for Deanna at 7-6. Lisa had her TOURNAMENT PAYOUTS – 47 players - $2000 Added: the hospitality shown to the 1st $750 Ashley Nandrasy $750 tournament closed out next players by your staff. A big $550 Jennifer Kraber - $550 round by Alicia Stanley to 2nd thanks to OB Cues for the $400 Orietta Strickland - $400 finish 5-6th; she was joined 3rd donation of the raffle cues 4th $265 Alicia Stanley $265 with Julie Stephenson in that that made our event possible, $150 Julie Stephenson, Lisa Marr - $150 finish, as Orietta continued 5/6th as well as our additional $105 Deanna Kniola, Amanda Lampert - $105 her run in the main event. 7/8th sponsor, Tiger Products. We $75 Lisa Henderson-Major, Melinda Bailey, Sue Chong, She continued by benching 9-12th would also like to extend Helen Laiche Alicia Stanley with a 7-4 a special thanks to WPBA $50 DeAnn Bray-Warner, Judy Carter, Tara Williams, finish to leave Alicia with 4th 13-16th professional, Cristina De La Ashley Simmons place spot. Local favorite, Garza, for her donation of 17-24th $25 Tracie Voelkering, Janna Preston, Tina Lehrmann, Jennifer Kraber, managed an American Airlines flight Shayla Neris, Michelle Cortez, Rachel Hurst, to stop Orietta’s run to the voucher, which was given Barbara Wisdom, Janea Taylor finals in a hill-hill nail biter away in a players only raffle to send her home with a 3rd on Sunday. SECOND CHANCE EVENT – 26 Players - $125 added: place finish. Our next stop will be $135 Kim Pierce In the finals, Jennifer 1st at Clicks’s Billiard in Dallas, $100 Michelle Cortez Kraber and Ashley Nandrasy 2nd TX the weekend of June 3rd $65 Judy Carter were competing to see who 12-13th. Hope to see you $45 Julia Rapp could win their first OB Cues 4th there for Good Pool, Good $20 DeAnn Bray-Warner, Veronica Perez Ladies event. In the true 5/6th Friends, Good Times!!! May 2010 - Rackem Magazine 5

“STRICKLY” BARRY STRICKLAND AT CASPER’S BILLIARDS It was a great weekend for pool at Casper’s in San Leon, Texas. This There were 11 players in the Open who also signed up for our $100 Lone Star event drew entry fee One Pocket 70 players in all, 51 top event. The second day Texas players in the brought back our final 6. 9-Ball Open, and 19 in the Congratulations to James Ladies Open 9-Ball who Davis Jr. who snapped played for over 7k in cash. it off; Sylver Ochoa who Tour heavy hitters James finished runner-up; and Davis, Jr., Sylver Ochoa, Charlie Bryant who and Charlie Bryant were took third. Well done in attendance along with gentlemen! tour newcomers Robert The ladies event Clark, Bobby Morefield, drew a strong field of and Kenny Stewart. 19 including Ming Ng, The second day of Deanna Kniola, Kim the 9-Ball Open brought Pierce, Courtney Peters back the final 16 players. and Ricky Casper. But top The final eight in the honors on the women’s Open winner’s side saw side went to Kyu Yi and Jay Russell v. Raymond runner up Belinda Lee. Asst. TD Viet Do, Winner Barry Strickland, Runner Up Ernesto Bayaua, and Referee Bob McFerren Cardenas, Danny Lee Deanna Kniola finished a v. David Parker, Charlie Bryant v. John Day, and Ernesto Bayaua respectable third and newcomer from Dallas, Texas, Geraldine Guintu, v. Dennis Strickland. After one round, upsets on the winner’s side received fourth. Tabetha Lewis of Temple, Texas played a phenomenal included John Day who event, finishing 5th-6th along with tour favorite Michelle Cortez. Well defeated Charlie Bryant done ladies! 9-6 and Ernesto Bayaua We would like to thank our tour sponsors, Poison Cues, the Delta-13 who ousted Dennis Rack, Pool Philanthropist James Barnett, and Lone Star Live’s Eugene Strickland 9-1. This left Lee. Special thanks to Casper’s owners Roy and Kathy Robinson who Bayaua v. Day, and Lee hosted another beautiful event. v. Cardenas. The west Assistant Tournament Director, Viet Do, did an outstanding job, filling side then paired Manuel in for the director’s partial absence due to illness. Great job Viet! Ayala v. Bryant, Dennis Our next two events are May 1st-2nd at Slick Willies in Houston Strickland v. Ochoa, Ty (westheimer @ dairy ashford) and June 5th-6th at Crazy 8’s in Port Few v. Jack Russell, and Arthur, Texas. We look forward to seeing everyone there! Barry Strickland v. Parker. For a complete schedule visit When the dust settled, it and visit our stream on tournament days at was Barry Strickland v. lonestarbilliardstour. Ayala playing for third and Bayaua and Cardenas 9-BALL OPEN PAYOUTS: playing for the hotseat. 1st $780 Barry Strickland Kim White & Tabetha Lewis Bayaua took it down 9-6, 2nd $480 Ernesto Bayaua and Barry Strickland overcame Ayala 7-4. Strickland made it through 3rd $300 Raymond Cardenas Cardenas and back to Bayaua for the final. Barry Strickland bested 4th $200 Manuel Ayala Bayaua twice for a total of 12 straight match wins after losing his first 5th-6th $100 Danny Lee, John Day match of the event to Tony Mendietta! Congratulations to everyone, and 7th-8th $75 Dennis Strickland, Ty Few great playing Barry! 9th-12th $60 Sylver Ochoa, Charlie Bryant, David Parker, Jay Russell 13th-16th $40 Andy Jethwa, Robert Demetro, Jeremy Ornales, Sonny Bosshamer 9-BALL LADIES PAYOUTS-4 PLACES: 1st $300 Kyu Yi 2nd $200 Belinda Lee 3rd $80 Deanna Kniola 4th $55 Geraldine Guintu 5th -6th Tabetha Lewis, Michelle Cortez 7th-8th Kim Pierce, Courtney Peters 9th-12th Ming Ng, Loretta Lindgren, Roby Petrosino, Ricky Casper ONE POCKET: 1st $550 2nd $350 3rd $200 6 Rackem Magazine - May 2010

James Davis Jr. Sylver Ochoa Charlie Bryant

Boyes - World 8-Ball Champion

By Jerry Forsyth, WPA Press Officer

The World 8-Ball Championships final was a run-out fest between Niels Feijen and Karl Boyes. The First rack had a bit of back and forth action and was taken by Boyes. Then he broke and ran three consecutive racks to lead 4-0. When he came up dry on his next break Feijen ran the table and then broke and ran the next rack. 4-2. Then Feijen suffered a dry break and Boyes cleared that table and broke and ran the next. Another dry break brought Feijen back to the table to clean up. With the score at 6-3 Feijen broke but the table came up tough. He missed his second shot at the table and Boyes returned the favor by missing his second shot attempt as well. Again Feijen came to the table and again his second shot failed. The table simply was not being at all generous with opportunities. Boyes studied the table for a while and jacked up for a nifty little nip shot into the corner that gave him the chance to clear the table. When he succeeded the score became 7-3 in our race to 13 and Feijen was in trouble deep. Two more break and runs for Boyes brought his lead to 9-3 before he had another dry break and Feijen did a marvelous job of breaking out two trouble balls in order to get himself the point and bring the score to 9-4. Feijen then broke and the balls again came apart poorly. It was a struggle to get through the rack and Feijen scratched on his fourth ball, giving ball in hand to Boyes. Boyes had no problem clearing the table to gain a 10-4 advantage. Another break and run brought Boyes to 11-4 but then his next break came dry and Feijen needed to get some momentum going. Feijen managed to clear that table and then put together some break and runs of his own. A great little nip shot on the final ball in game number 18 brought him hope as the score narrowed to 11-7. Feijen followed with two more break and runs to bring the score to 11-9 but then broke dry. Boyes took that table but then broke dry himself. Feijen ran the table out. Then Feijen jumped the table on his break shot and Boyes had ball in hand to win the Championship. On his fifth shot he was off just enough so that the draw shot wound up with him snookered behind the two ball. He missed his attempt at a good hit and with the ball in hand Feijen ran out to take the score line to 12-11. Feijen mad a ball o the break but the table was anything but easy. He studied his way from ball to ball and wound up with a tough cut on the 14. He took a lot of time to get comfortable with the shot and nailed it. He made the next shot but left himself a tough cut on the 11 to finish off his set of balls. He made it but came up just short of position. Another tough cut. But he dropped the 8 ball and we had a double-hill final with Feijen breaking. Feijen came to the table knowing that his break had failed him several times before. It failed again. He broke dry and Boyes came to an open table. You could see the tension of the moment robbing Boyes arm of its trustiness. He missed position on his first shot and only had one shot to choose from. But he made that and then looked good to clear it up for the win. The final four balls were fairly easy ones and Boyes confidence was coming back quickly. They all dropped and then Boyes began to feel it. He walked back to his chair, shook Feijen’s hand and then gave us a double fist pump to celebrate moment. Karl Boyes, Champion of the World!


May 7-9: Mezz Tour Stop at Hardtimes in Bellflower,CA 10-ball 5000 added - Streamed by TAR May 12-17: World Pool Masters in Las Vegas or May 14-22: BCAPL in Las Vegas Grand Masters division streamed by May 15: Melinda Huang vs Borana Andoni Race to 21, 9-ball winner breaks, $2000 entry Poolsharks in Las Vegas - streamed by OTR or May 17-22: US Open 10-ball at the Riviera in Las Vegas $25,000 added, streamed by TAR May 24-25: Chris Bartram(with the called 8) vs Darren Appleton race to 100, 10-ball, 10,000 entry. Streamed by TAR - Pool Sharks in LasVegas May 27-Jun 5: The 30th VNEA Int’l Championships, Las Vegas streamed by OTBnTV or May 29-31: Seminole Pro Tour 10-ball 8500 added Hollywood Billiards in Hollywood,CA Streamed by SeminoleMedia

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Welcome to the PARTY!!! May 27-June 5

May 2010 - Rackem Magazine 7

Deep in the Heart of the BCAPL 2010 Texas State 8-Ball Championship

Women’s Open Team - Quad Queens

Mixed Open Team, The Assassins

The term everything’s big in Texas can also 2009 BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships, be said to apply to pool in the Lone Star state. the 2010 Ohio Valley Regional, The 2010 U.S. The recent BCAPL 2010 Texas State 8-Ball Bar Table Championships, the 2010 Western Championships was a big success. Held BCAPL 8-Ball Championships, and the 2010 April 6-11 at the E-Center in Harker Heights, Canadian Open Series. Texas, players traveled to the event not only Also at Harker Heights, Team CSI – from deep in the heart of Texas but also from American Grand Master Earl “The Pearl” neighboring Oklahoma and New Mexico. Strickland entertained the BCAPL Texas The divisional entries included: Men’s State players with a much praised exhibition. Open Singles 131 entrants, Men’s Master The 5-time world champion, 6-time U.S. Singles 6 entrants, Women’s Open Singles 46 Open 9-Ball Champion and Hall of Famer entrants, Men’s Senior Singles 28 entrants, also took on several challenges from the Men’s Trophy Singles 42 entrants, Women’s crowd. Players lined up to play “The Pearl” Trophy Singles 16 entrants, Scotch Doubles but only Scottie Schaffer beat him in a 2 out 28 couples entered, 95 Mixed / Open Teams Scotch Doubles, Kim Pierce & Drew McCoy of 3 race, earning him a singles entry to the and 25 Women’s Open Teams. The total payout 2011 BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships. for the tournament was over $38,000. CueSports International Below are the list of first place winners for each division and (CSI), the parent company of the BCA Pool League (BCAPL) their payout. For a list of BCAPL upcoming events visit www. added $4,700 and Bad Boys Billiard Productions added $1,000. All divisions of the Texas event used the state-of-the-art For the full brackets including payouts visit www. CueSports Tournament System ( All brackets were kept up to date and available for viewing during the event. The CTS system is revolutionary not only in its capability DIVISION WINNERS: to track events in real or near real time allowing friends and Scotch Doubles: Kim Pierce & Drew McCoy ($700) family to see how their loved ones progress in an event but also Men’s Open Singles: Leslie Tarter ($2000) has the capability to reference results from multiple events for Women’s Open singles: Ricky Casper ($825) an individual player or team. When you click on a player or team Men’s Senior Singles: Shane Harvey ($625) name in the CTS system you can see how they played a particular Men’s Trophy Singles: Manuel Aayla ($325) match, in all matches in that event, and in other CTS tracked Women’s Trophy Singles: Michelle Abernathy ($175) tournament in which player or team may have participated. You Men’s Masters: Ernesto Bayau ($600) can also perform searches based on a player or team name. Mixed Open Teams: The Assassins ($4,400) Other recent events tracked and stored on the CTS are: the Women’s Open Teams: Quad Queens ($1,600)

Ernesto Bayau

8 Rackem Magazine - May 2010

Manuel Aayla

Leslie Tarter

Ricky Casper


Jason & Kerry Blanski

Diamond Dolls

Midwest Masters

Results & photos courtesy of:

SCOTCH DOUBLES 1st $1000 2nd $700 3rd $440 4th $250 5th $150 6th $150 7th $100 8th $100

Jason & Kerry Blanski Brian & Kelly Haffner Jeff & Cheryl Hanson John Stich & Chris Glass Phil Olson & Jamie Cork Jay Gibson & Cheryl Pullis Brian Brunelle & Pam Mitchell Ron Loscheider & Gloria Notsch

WOMEN’S OPEN 8-BALL TEAM 1st $1200 Diamond Dolls 2nd $700 Diamond Divas 3rd $400 4 Ever Jeanies 4th $200 Joe’s Chalk Talk

Old #7

WOMEN’S MASTERS’ 8-BALL TEAM 1st $1220 Midwest Masters 2nd $290 Logistically Challenged 3rd $90 Ball Breakers MEN’S MB 8-BALL TEAM 1st $1400 2nd $860 3rd $600 4th $400 5th/6th $250 7th/8th $150

Old #7 Wojo’s Mojo Bada Bing Billy Boys King Cobras, Pretty Smooth Stix Dicks, N.Y.A. Stars

MEN’S MA 8-BALL TEAM 1st $1400 2nd $600 3rd $250

The Stickmen 3 Drink Minimum Sratch n Sniff

A Better Place

MEN’S MAA 8-BALL TEAM 1st $1400 A Better Place 2nd $600 Lucky Ducks MEN’S MASTERS’ 8-BALL TEAM 1st $1280 Billiard Coach 2nd $440 Ducks Terminators 3rd/4th $140 MN Chipps, Clean Slate

Billiard Coach

May 2010 - Rackem Magazine 9

The End Rail Produces a Great End Result! By Bill Smith “Mr3Cushion”, Old School

WHILE A CONSIDERABLE majority of shots in 3-cushion billiards originate off a side rail, this time we're going to look at the effects of some shots that begin with a top rail. A fairly common occurrence in everyday play and even more so in championship play. This group of shots focuses on positioning the first object ball in the high-percentage scoring lanes, along the long cushions between the first and seventh diamonds, Diagram 1, (shaded areas). With this aspect in mind, our pri¬mary concern now becomes the speed of the first object ball and the English you impart to it. High Percentage Position Lanes Table Diagram 2 shows you a shot over¬looked by novice and intermediate players. This is actually an extremely effective position shot. Their mistake is to play off the left side Diagram 1 of the first ball for an extended short-angled path. It's very easy to make that way and fine if you only need one point to win. But, it offers no position opportunities for extending the inning. This is because the angle into the first ball does not provide the correct speed to position the ball for a predictable second shot. To play this type of shot properly, we go to the short rail, long rail and long rail again, sort of a plus-2 system shot, but with total control of the first object ball. You might think of it in pool terms as banking that first ball cross-side with the correct speed to keep it in the lane. Strike the cue ball with 11 o'clock English; a short slow stroke will keep the object ball from traveling too far. The end rail shot of Diagram 3 also presents an excellent opportunity for continuing a run. First, look at the angle and carom you'll need to bring the first ball back into that scoring lane (a short stroke is very helpful here). Then, apply the correct English, 1 o'clock to land on the third ball short (as we discussed last time) Diagram 3 so as not to knock it away from our second big target, 10 Rackem Magazine - May 2010

the comer. (By the way, I'm using the red ball as the first object ball in these examples to disprove the old theory that the only way you should play slow-to-the-third-ball is off the white ball first. It's just that in those cases you get a safety as a bonus.) The third end rail shot Diagram 4 is one that comes up repeatedly at all levels of play, so much so that your handling of it may well be the deciding factor in whether you win or lose. In this type of shot, always bank the first ball perpendicular to the long cushion with enough speed to land on the other long rail in your highpercentage scor¬ing Diagram 4 lane. The shot requires a crisp hit, hit with a short stroke and extreme 3 O'clock to land correctly i.e. Next to move the object ball into a better scoring zone can't be emphasized enough. Next to scoring itself, I consider this the next most important aspect of the game. Finally, in Diagram 5, we have a shot similar to the previous example except the second ball is positioned in the opposite corner. Still, we approach this shot with the same technique. Using more speed drives the first ball twice across the table to a prime scoring lane for the next shot. Especially, since the second ball is already positioned in the corner. Diagram 5 Remember, the primary objective here is to place the first ball in that highpercentage lane. Don't lose sight of that goal. The second ball is already just where you want it, in a big target zone. Use 2 o'clock English, and a normal stroke. Our cue ball must travel the length of the table three times, a good deal farther than the previous example. Many players approach end rail shots with little regard for the final resting place of the 3 balls. For one reason or another, too far to be that accurate, small target etc. the player is intimidated and timid. This is the result of a lack of knowledge concerning the basic fundamentals and stroke techniques that produce the desired results in various situations. With knowledge, you can overcome fear and your scoring will improve resulting from end rail position shots.


Gene La Viness vs. Jimmy Colson

It all started as an innocent 9 Ball challenge... Race to 7 ahead. Sounded simple enough, right? Add some "color" to the event... Loser goes blonde. Before long, some Q-Spot customers said it should be posted, so folks could know when to come watch. So, posters were placed around the pool hall and everyone talked about the challenge with curiosity. Saturday, April 24th... The day of the great challenge arrived. So did a few extra onlookers. Most folks occupied a pool table and watched from across the room, occasionally checking on the progress. Jimmy was up first. He made the 9 ball on the break. What a way to start a challenge! Everyone assumed the challenge might take 3 or 4 hours, so they hung around to watch. As the evening wore on, it became clear the two men were not taking this challenge lightly. Jimmy would pull ahead by 3, 4 or even 5 games, only to have Gene pick up speed and reduce the difference back to one or two games ahead. At closing time, seeing no end to this match anytime soon, the guys decided whoever reached 50 games first would win the match, if no one had made the 7 ahead goal before then. That discussion must have given Gene some extra wind, as he pulled out from 4 behind and won the next 11 games, to claim the match at 41-34. In the end, there were a total of 75 games played in 6 hours, 40 minutes. Interestingly, the very first game of the match was won with a 9 on the break and the last game was won with a 9 on the break. Jimmy's last words of the night were, "Gene, I'm calling you back out." They are already working up ideas for the next match. This is only the beginning of a new era for Q-Spot Billiards in Tulsa, as more fun events are expected over the next few months, beginning with a Thursday night Beginner / Intermediate Fun league for 3 man teams, sponsored by Q-Spot Billiards and Crown Cues. The concept is to help those who are new to the game or returning to the game learn the rules and strategies used in today's pool games. Weekly fees are only $3 per person (which covers green fees) with a party and trophies planned at the end of the season.

May 2010 - Rackem Magazine 11


My hair continues to grow silver gray with wonderful memories and a continuing passion for the sport of billiards in all its forms – pocket (regular and artistic disciplines), carom (mainly 3 Cushion), and snooker (when the occasion arises). Since the summer of 1985 my primary observation and heartfelt “victories” have been on the amazing “sight and sound” attached to the beauty, promise, and vision of each roll regardless of the final paper score!! I have come to realize that the true joy of receiving of any title, trophy, and / or monetary award lies in the sharing of these special gifts with others who often run the good race, but that otherwise never enter the “winner’s circle”. “Ms. Cue” and I have seen this “giving back” effect or “channeling of blessing” in action by players at all levels, faithful fans of our sport, special media resources, sponsor contributors, and many others. Some share their time! Some share their talent! Some share their products and/or select services! Some even share their finances! And, in the sharing, comes a “return” that often can’t be measured – to the heart of the person giving and to the sport as a primary benefactor. The more we give, the more our sport and the

hearts within it benefit. As many of you may know 3 Cushion Billiards is my favorite game. Recently the USBA board took initiatives to promote their own tour with a series of grass roots carom events leading up to the USBA Nationals. A special contributor outreach was done among the players and fans of 3 Cushion asking for ANY donation they could make to help out. Time, talent, products, select services, and any financial contributions were requested and were received in a variety of forms. From the financial side of things, some gave $5, some gave $10, and some gave more. Even with a small player base, those who normally never give made a decision to donate in an effort to support the sport discipline they loved. Over the years of “getting back” from 3 Cushion (in most cases not financially), the players and fans realized that it was time to “give back” for what they had in fact received – the joy of it all and the fellowship at each event, whether in the competitive arena or watching from the sidelines. One person even agreed to match EVERY dollar contributed with 50 cents of HIS OWN. The overall “giving back” to the sport they love is helping to expand 3 Cushion interest today and impact the USBA tour growth in a very positive and

successful way!! Each person playing 3 Cushion loves the special nature of each shot attempted and the special “victories” achieved with each make (or miss)!! There is something very “special” about 3 Cushion, but then again there is surely something very “special” about the select discipline of billiards you love as well. I can only imagine how strong our overall sport would be if EVERYONE gave a LITTLE BACK to the discipline of their choice – 8 ball, 9 ball, 10 ball, bank pool, one pocket, artistic pool, and many others! A special thanks to EVERYONE that has given!! And, a special thanks to ANYONE that plans to “step to the plate” in the future for the sport discipline they love. There is no better time than NOW to experience the joy of giving! Recently I was sent the following words of wisdom for your reading enjoyment and consideration: “Volunteers Plant the Seeds of Kindness” Our lives are measured not by what we have or take, But by what we give back and the difference we make. …For all the seeds of kindness you have planted!!

BEF JUNIOR NATIONALS HEADS TO NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) is excited to announce that Northern Illinois University (NIU) will host the 22nd Annual Junior National 9-Ball Championships on July 7 -11, 2010. The Huskies Den in the Holmes Student Center, located on the NIU campus in DeKalb, IL, has seventeen (17) 9-foot billiard tables that will be the stage to an expected 150 young billiard athletes. Junior players will be competing for scholarships, prizes and an invitation to represent the United States at the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) World Junior 9-Ball Championships.

To participate in the BEF Junior Nationals, players must earn an entry through a BEF qualifier or must be appointed by their local junior league. The national event features 4 divisions: 19 & Under Boys, 19 & Under Girls, 14 & Under Boys, and 14 & Under Girls. Qualifiers will be held throughout the United States through the month of June. The BEF is accepting nominations and offering player invitations for the girls’ divisions. For more information about hosting a qualifier, league guidelines, or upcoming qualifier dates and locations, visit The 2010 BEF Junior National 9-Ball

810 W 56 Hwy - Olathe, KS 913-780-5740

Cue Sales & Repair

21-Valley Bar Tables 3-Diamond 9’ 1-Gabriel Billiard

4-Diamond Bar Tables 9-Brunswick Gold Crowns 1-Antique Billiard

Fri & Sat Pool Tournaments 12 Rackem Magazine - May 2010

Championship sponsors include, Ozone Billiards, Simonis Cloth and Delta-13 Rack. About Billiard Education Foundation The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which is committed to promoting education and encourages the development of life skills through youth billiard programs. The BEF funds academic scholarships, produces the Junior National 9-Ball Championships, sponsors billiard athletes to attend the WPA World Junior 9-Ball Championships and promotes “Pool In School” programs. For more information, please visit www. or call 303.926.1039.

Vegas Bound Eight qualifiers were held for the 2010 U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship. Produced by CueSports International (CSI), the main event is scheduled May 17-22, 2010 at the Riviera Hotel & Casino and attracted both men and women players from across the globe vying for the $89,000 purse. The following eight qualifier winners will be among the 128 player field: 1. Gus Briseno qualified February 7th at a special stop of the Desert Classic Tour in Arizona 2. Manny Chau qualified April 11th at First Break Cage, Sterling, VA 3. Greg Harada Jr. qualified February 20th at Butera’s, Moorpark, CA 4. Frankie Hernandez qualified in a points spot via Tony Robles’ Predator 9-Ball Tour 5. Edwin Montal qualified April 25th at Sharks Billiards, Alberta, Canada 6. Andrew Pettenger qualified April 18th at The Wynkoop, Denver, CO 7. Bill Stock qualified April 4th at Pool Sharks, Las Vegas, NV 8. Marc Vidal qualified April 11th at The Golden Fleece, Kenmore, WA Some of the more notable names confirmed for the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship are: Efren Reyes, Earl Strickland, Jasmin Ouschan, Mika Immonen, Ralf Souquet, Kelly Fisher, Ricky Yang, Yu Ram Cha, Dennis Hatch, Pin-Yi Ko, Darren Appleton and Karl Boyes just to name a few of the illustrious participants in the event. Players will be arriving from 18 countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, England, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United States. This is an event not to be missed. For spectator ticket information and pricing contact Mark Estes at CSI (702) 719-7665 or email him at For those who cannot attend in person, OB Cues and The Delta-13 Rack will be sponsoring the Action Report (TAR) live stream of the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship for the duration of the 6 day event. Visit for more information about the live stream. The U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship is sponsored by: Diamond Billiard Products, Aramith, Simonis, OB Cues, Delta-13, Billiards Digest, TAR, and BreakRAK. 6149 E 31st St Tulsa, OK


Hours: Sun 2-10 pm Mon-Thurs 12-2am Fri-Sat 12-1am



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o Avoid unnecessary contact with your eyes, ears, and nose. o Try to practice good basic hygiene. General: • Use a list when packing to help ensure you don’t forget anything before and after. • Clean out your pool case! You should consider doing this often anyway but it will definitely help reduce any unnecessary weight. Also, get change/tokens at the tournament. This will also help keep the weight to a minimum. • Bring an extra empty bag. Find a lightweight duffle or backpack that can fold up and fit into your luggage. Be prepared in the event that your luggage is overweight or you bring some extra goodies back with you. • Once you get through security, check the gate assignment again before walking all the way there and realizing that it’s changed. • Try to wear clothes with pockets. They come in handy. • If you need a pillow or blanket, make sure you grab one or ask for one as soon as you board. If they’re available, supplies are usually limited. • Dress in layers. Airplanes can get chilly. • Dress comfortably. You’ll be sitting in whatever you’re wearing for the next couple hours, or longer. • Don’t forget to pack your music, books, games, pillow, snacks, and any other essentials. • And, of course, never leave your personal belongings unattended and always check to make sure you haven’t left anything behind where ever you stop. There you have it! Now you’re a savvy flyer. We’ll see you in Vegas!


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one of the most effective ways for a pool student to learn and to ignite excitement about the game. Some bloke named Steve Droke said, "Knowledge is power, enthusiasm pulls the switch." I feel that if a player takes the first step to improvement by making a commitment to learn, I can pass along useful information and more importantly some of my passion for the game. Facts and techniques are easy to obtain and easily forgotten. Emotion makes a lasting impression. I'm sure there are students of mine from ten years ago who can't remember a specific item I taught, but they do remember my excitement and positive energy sharing my love of the game. I hope that it spurs the players to take up challenges themselves. Conquering one challenge fuels the charge up the next peak. "Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." -Anthony J. D'Angelo The professional ranks are teaming with players who have never taken a formal lesson. True, but most of these cognoscenti had a hunger to soak up knowledge and the will to play so many hours that they made their own waking moments into a lifelong lesson. Most of these pros spent much of their formative billiard years nearly locked in a pool room. Lucky ones had professional level players to watch, practice with, compete against, drink beer with, and ask casual questions that would surely be asked in a formal lesson. This sponge-like learning happens daily in your local pool room. Motivated up-and-coming players garner scads of useful tidbits as a railbird or local pool hall rat. What does one do if he cannot spend 70 hours a week in a billiard establishment? Take a lesson. Watch Accu-Stats videos. Read forums. Find your own way to learn. Put that knowledge into action and you're on your way to becoming a lifelong lover of cue sports. Jump on in, the water's fine. May 2010 - Rackem Magazine 13

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(708) 388-3700 One Pocket $50 $500 (940) 595-6091 9-Ball Handicapped $40 $500 Guar (651) 463-2636 Rider Cup Golf/Pool $50 (713) 825-1411 9-Ball Open & Ladies $40/$25 $1,000/$350 (715) 395-9789 Men/Women BCA Rules $25 $2,000 entries (702) 719-7665 8-Ball National Champ *(based on 2008) Varies $750,000* entries (702) 719-7665 U S Open 10-Ball Call $25,000 Guar (800) 544-1346 VNEA Int’l Championships Varies or (337) 319-0530 9-Ball Open Race 7/7 $60 $2,000 w/128 (254) 399-9300 9-Ball Open & Ladies $65/$35 $1,500/$350 (409) 960-7399 9 Ball/One Pocket/Ladies 9Ball $45/$100/$25 $1,550 (940) 595-6091 9-Ball Handicapped $40 $500 Guar (972) 306-3935 OB Cues Ladies Tour Call $2,000 (800) 544-1346 VNEA Junior Nationals Varies (713) 303-8111 8-Ball $30 $500 (713) 825-1411 10-Ball & Ladies 9-Ball $40/$25 $1,000/$350 (316)729-4000 9-Ball Bobby Wells Mem $35 $2,500 (402) 592-3545 9-Ball Open $40 $750 (940) 595-6091 9-Ball Handicapped $40 $500 Guar (713) 825-1411 9-Ball Open & One Pocket $40/$25 $1,000/$200 (512) 248-0646 9-Ball Open & Ladies $65/$35 $1,500/$350 (713) 825-1411 9 Ball/One Pocket/Ladies 9Ball $45/$100/$25 $1,350 (713) 825-1411 8 Ball/One Pocket/Ladies 9 Ball $45/$100/$25 $1,850 (409) 960-7399 9 Ball/One Pocket/Ladies 9Ball $45/$100/$25 $1,550




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Bar Table 9-Ball - DE- race to 3 $5 Matching Bar Table 8-Ball - DE - race to 2 $5 Match+$100 Missouri 8-Ball $10 $100 9-Ball Beginners $8 Bar Table 9-Ball - DE - race to 3 $5 Matching 9-Ball Intermediate $10 8-Ball 7 & under $5 9-Ball Open - Break Pot $15 $5/player Guar. Big Table 9-Ball - DE - race to 3 $5 Matching 9-Ball 7 & under $10 (incl. g.f.) 9-Ball Open on 7’ DE Race to 5 $15 (incl g.f.) $75 w/16 Bar Table 9-Ball - DE - race to 4 $10 Matching

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14 Rackem Magazine - May 2010

30th VNEA Int’l Championships - Las Vegas, NV

Prime Time Live Streaming All Time are Pacific Time Zone - Fri May 28th: 4PM till end of day - Sat May 29th: 4PM till end of day - Sun May 30th: 4PM till end of day - Mon May 31st: 11AM till 5PM - Mon May 31st: Parade of Flags TBA

- Tues June 1st: Times TBA - Wed June 2nd: 4PM till end of day - Thur June 3rd: 4PM till end of day - Fri June 4th: 4PM till end of day - Sat June 5th: 11AM till 5PM - Sat June 5th: Awards Presentation 7PM till 9PM

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Rackem Magazine May Issue 2010  

The magazine for Pool Players in the midwest has the May issue available online now. Check out the LIVE Streaming listings for Nationals thi...

Rackem Magazine May Issue 2010  

The magazine for Pool Players in the midwest has the May issue available online now. Check out the LIVE Streaming listings for Nationals thi...