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Watch LIVE Streaming from Las Vegas in May BCAPL Nationals and VNEA Nationals on 05-03-2009 12:00 PM 2009 San Diego Classic Semi #1 05-03-2009 1:00 PM 2009 San Diego Classic Semi #2 05-03-2009 2:00 PM 2009 San Diego Classic Finals 05-10-2009 3:00 PM WPBA Championship 05-10-2009 3:00 PM WPBA Championship 05-10-2009 4:00 PM WPBA Championship

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05-14-2009 10:00 AM 2003 Women’s Tourn of Champ 05-15-2009 10:00 AM 2003 Women’s Tourn of Champ 05-18-2009 10:00 AM 2003 Wheelchair Billiards Champ 05-19-2009 10:00 AM 2004 BCA Open 9-Ball (Women) 05-20-2009 10:00 AM 2004 BCA Open 9-Ball (Women) 05-21-2009 10:00 AM 2004 BCA Open 9-Ball (Men) 05-22-2009 10:00 AM 2004 BCA Open 9-Ball (Men) 05-25-2009 10:00 AM 2004 Women’s Trick Shot Magic Lee vs Jones 05-26-2009 10:00 AM 2004 Women’s Trick Shot Magic Laurance vs Ng 05-27-2009 10:00 AM 2004 Women’s Trick Shot Magic Lee vs Laurance 05-28-2009 10:00 AM 2004 Int’l Challenge of Champ Immonen vs Hohmann

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by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow

“Pool Wars” written by Jay Helfert showed up in my mailbox in mid to late March 09. I had talked to Jay by email about writing articles or stories for “The Break” sometime last year. He said he had something in the works that would be coming out and couldn’t do anything until then. And he did. From the first short story to the last it took me back to my days or so I would have you believe of hustling. It brought back memories that I hadn’t thought of in decades. Grant you, my memories are nothing to be compared to “Pool Wars”. I was only a barroom hustler who knew when to quit. Jay lays it out from his inexperience in the beginning to traveling across the country. Jay lived the life of a road player hustler but most importantly learning how to be a pool player from days gone by. Jay’s stories will have you wondering whether he gets out alive or even gets paid. The stories are put together as if you were sitting there and BS’ing with him yourself. He writes like he talks, a pool player. In my first email to Jay after receiving “Pool Wars”, I was so impressed with the book that I asked him, “When will the movie come out?” The movie Pool Wars could be set up like Twilight Zone with Rod Serling narrating the beginnings of each story. But the one question that my mind kept going over and over, “Who would play Jay?” How about Tom Cruise? He played in “The Color of Money”, he has experience. If you have any ideas go to his website and email Jay One of the stories “Moving West” is below........ Enjoy

Moving West

excerpted from “Pool Wars” by Jay Helfert

Order online at

From Florida I headed west. I was twenty-two and felt like I could play anyone. I was now familiar with almost all the top players, and had no problem ducking them. I also figured that no matter how good a guy played, he had to show his speed to beat me. If a good player tried to stall against me, he was in trouble. I worked my way back across the South, stopping to play in every large town or city along the way. My M.O. Was to stop in a town and go to a phone booth. I would find the page with billiard rooms on it and rip it out (yeah, that was me). Then I would visit the one that looked the biggest, and walk right up to the counter and tell the houseman I was looking for a game. No beating around the bush for me. No long drawn out elaborate hustles. I wanted to play pool and I didn’t care who you got to play me. More often than not they would ask me how I played or was I a good player. My stock answer was that I played okay. And you know what. It worked! I rarely had to sit on my ass, waiting for someone to show up who wanted to play. Either they found me a game or I was on my way down the road. I got games nearly everywhere, booking mostly winners. Sometimes easy, sometimes tough, but I was constantly in action and doing just fine. The tough games usually ended with me quitting even, after butting heads for several hours. The other games ended with me paying the time. And that’s a good thing! I would play nearly any game someone asked for. More often than not the game of choice was 9-Ball, but it was not unusual for someone to ask me to play 8-Ball. I liked this because it told me one of two things. He was either inexperienced or he was primarily a bar table player. I did get guys who only wanted to play One Pocket or Banks and that was fine as well. I even played games like Cribbage and Cut Throat and ventured onto Snooker and Billiard tables a time or two. My attitude was that if I was a better player than my opponent, eventually I would get the hang of the game and the table and win.

Better Break Outs

© 2009 Mike Fieldhammer,

Breaking out balls in clusters is an essential skill to playing high-level, run-out 8-ball. Many players have difficulties busting open tied up balls and achieving good results. To have more successful results, learn and practice the following concepts: The tangent line, best approach angle and speed of shot, and having a safety valve or backup shot. Let the cue ball do the work. Breaking out balls is generally easiest when you have good position on a shot and the natural tangent line of the cue ball runs directly into the cluster. When evaluating the table and planning an attack on a group of problem balls, try to play position so that a stun shot will nudge or blast the balls open. Speed of execution must still be considered with care, but a natural stun shot line from the pocketed ball is a predictable path. If you must draw or follow into the cluster, extreme care must be taken to contact the cluster for a desirable outcome. The curved path of the cue ball into the cluster can be much harder to control and predict the outcome. Following or drawing into a cluster without some help from an angle is usually ill-advised. If the shot is straight-in or has very little angle to work with, a keen stroke and lots of spin must be used. Consistently hitting these with accuracy is hard to do. Many times with these power shots, if the pocket is accidentally cheated a little bit your cue ball will not take the ideal path. You might even bobble or jaw up the object ball. Use these types of breakout shots as a last resort. Avoid them all together if you’re dealing with a cluster of four or more balls, especially if they’re not frozen. If the shot is difficult to pocket and break out your ball, look for a safety instead. Choosing the attack angle for clusters should also be analyzed carefully. Will knocking into a pair of balls near a rail result in a double kiss leaving no shot? If so, maybe coming off the rail from behind will put your tied up ball into a better position. Or maybe a glancing blow to avoid the kiss will get the job done. Try to think of a plan and be specific with your intentions. Players who blast into clusters willy-nilly get lucky sometimes, but the fallout often creates problem clusters elsewhere. Table conditions should be considered. Fast cloth with clean balls often react favorably to little nudges and flicks with finesse rather than brute strength. Hitting breakouts with the minimum required speed offers more accuracy and greater control of the paths of the relocated cluster balls. Many times just a little separation of the group will open up clear paths (continued on page 13)

Is Cue Balance Really That Important?

May 2009 page 5

By Samm Diep, © February 2009

Before I begin, the answer to the title question is: ABSOLUTELY! We’re repeatedly told how important it is for our stroke arm to be “perpendicular” at the point of contact with the cue ball. We want to create a pendulum motion as we follow through and accelerate through the cue ball. What most beginner players don’t take into consideration is the balance of the playing cue. A distinct observation I’ve made over my past few years of teaching is that shorter players, particularly women, have a tendency to grip the Samm Diep cue too far back. Often times, they’ve just never been told otherwise. Some of the time, it just feels more natural. This generally happens because they are not using a well-balanced pool cue. When a shorter player uses a cue that is too heavy in the back, it’s so easy during their follow through to drop their elbow from the extra weight and bring their tip up, resulting in a follow-through with the cue pointed way up at the light. They just can’t help it. When they are perpendicular, most of the weight is behind their grip. The cue almost doesn’t feel stable. The extra junk in the trunk weighs down the back end and naturally flips up the front. It’s involuntary. Because of this, a shorter player instinctively will grip farther back on the cue where it feels more balanced in which case there are two possible outcomes: (1) they are gripped too far back, incapable of delivering a smooth, pendulum follow-through, or (2) they end up having a super long bridge to stay at 90 degrees and to compensate for the grip position. I’m 5’5” tall. With an approximate 10 inch bridge and my chin down on the cue, when my stroke arm is at perpendicular, there’s still roughly nine inches from my grip to the butt of the cue. Now, I’m fortunate enough to shoot with a well-balanced Chris Byrne Custom Cue, but for those of you using a butt-heavy cue or worse, a wall-abushka (aka, a house cue), nine inches may feel like a ton of bricks. The moral of the story is: If you are a shorter player with a shorter arm span and are thinking about getting more serious, consider investing in a well-balanced pool cue. Please be sure to visit “random smatterings of pool thoughts, articles, & news”. You can take polls, view article archives, and read tournament and training updates. Samm Diep, “Cherry Bomb” - House Pro at Rack ‘Em Billiards (Aurora, CO) Author of “You Might Be A D Player If… (101 Classic Moves That All Pool Players Can Appreciate)” Visit: fun & unique products for pool players

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Missouri State 8 Ball

Teams from Illinois, Kansas, and Missouri converged in Sedalia, MO, this Excuses even started. They came out blazing, taking the first round 50-22. No past weekend at Sharky’s Billiards to determine the 2009 Missouri State 10 Excuses seemed to be caught off guard by the Sharks’ determination, since Point Championship Team. This they had already beat the Sharks once in the tournament is fast becoming A bracket, but they quickly recovered and took one of the favorites to compete the second round 46-32. From there on it was a in across the Midwest. Teams coin toss who would win. The third round went to from all leagues are eligible, the Sharks 40-39 and the fourth to No Excuses including local city leagues, 46-33. The Sharks didn’t hesitate at this point. as long as their handicap can They took the first three games in the fifth round be converted to a 10 point and closed it out with a score of 42-31, handing equivalent. No Excuses third place. This year, for the first time, a The Sharks would now have to defeat Tuna Pool’s Amateur Tour, TAP, team Helper twice in a row to win first. And, if the participated with the American Sharks thought they had their work cut out for Cue Sports, ACS, and Billiards them giving up 25 points in their previous match, Congress of America, BCA, they were shaking their heads when they saw the teams and they came prepared. 8.95 points per round they were giving up going The Sedalia Sharks were against Tuna Helper in the match for first place. 1st Place (l to r): Josh Blaylock, Jeff Paxton, Steve Allee, Brad Blankenship, knocked into the B bracket The Sharks didn’t let any grass grow under their John Blaylock, all of Sedalia, MO. Not pictured: Lee Baldwin, Sedalia, MO. after their first match, losing to feet, though, and they came out shooting taking Columbia, Missouri’s Mid-MO TAP team, No Excuses. the first round 45-44. No Excuses then defeated the Kansas City BCA Strokers, Tuna Helper took the shooting for Neighbors. The No Excuses’ run in the A second round 46-43 bracket was brought to a halt in their third match against in spite of Sharks’ the Tonganoxie, Kansas BCA team, Tuna Helper. That win t e a m m e m b e r, left Tuna Helper sitting on the hill waiting for the B bracket Josh Blaylock’s to battle it out to determine who they would play for first outstanding jump and moved No Excuses to the B bracket. shot. Blaylock had In the B bracket, the Chenoa, Illinois ACS team, Finish Line, to jump over the had originally been defeated by the Tuna Helpers. Finish opponent’s ball to Line fought back to defeat the Sedalia ACS Working Stiffs cut the eight ball into and moved on to also defeat the Kansas City Strokers. the corner pocket Meanwhile, the Sedalia Sharks beat their co-team, Sedalia for the win and ACS Lady & Crew, to move on to defeat BCA Neighbors the Tournament’s Two. It was then time for the Chenoa Finish Line to face Spectacular Shot 2nd Place (l to r): Steven Reese, Brian Iron Whiteman, Bill Boles, Norman Jepson, off against the Sedalia Sharks, a match they had both Award. Sharks took Vernon Dempsey, all of Tonganoxie, KS, except Boles of Sedalia, MO. been looking forward to, as members of both teams take the third and fourth turns traveling to each round and the total score for the match win. Tuna Helper other ’s tournaments took the fifth round. to compete. Because This put both teams back on level for the final match. they do have so much The winner would take the tournament championship. fun playing each other, As handicaps are figured after every match in this the teams agreed to go tournament, this meant new handicaps for both teams. head to head and ignore Now the Sharks were giving Tuna Helper 9.22 points handicaps. per round for a total of 46.10 handicap points, and you The Sharks won the first could hear the Sharks groaning out loud while Tuna two rounds, but Finish Helper just grinned. Line wasn’t ready to lay Once again the Sharks came out strong, taking the first down their sticks. They round 56-34. Tuna Helper let the Sharks know they battled back and took hadn’t traveled from Tonganoxie to play nice, though, the third round with a and they took the second and third rounds 49-35 and decisive 41-34 score. 45-33. The Sharks squeaked out a win in the fourth Sharks won the next round 43-39. With the score tied 167-167, the fifth round 3rd Place (l to r): Nathan Cain, Rocky Myers, Robby Kirkpatrick, Shannon Sexton, Darren Darby, Jerry O’Laughlin, all of Columbia, MO. round, 40-35 and Finish would be the deciding factor. Sharks won that round 45Line won the fifth round 39 to win first place. Tuna Helper took second. Sharky’s 37-35. The first two rounds taken by the Sharks, though, had tipped the match Billiards will host the Armed Forces Day 8 Ball Tournament, May 16th, in honor their way. Finish Line finished fourth and the Sharks moved on to play No of all veterans. Excuses. Sharks gave up 25 points in handicap before their match with No

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No Masters

The weekend of April 25th & 26th saw 78 players make the trip to Oshkosh, WI for the $1,000 added guaranteed No Masters 8-Ball event. Players traveled from across Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana to attend. On Saturday the field was narrowed down to 16 players that would come back to play on Sunday. Sunday found Tim Volkman of Oshkosh, WI facing off against Chad Elston of Beloit, WI for the hot seat. Both players played excellent but it was Tim Volkman who prevailed 4-2, sending Chad to the loser’s bracket. In the loser’s bracket Matt Mitchell from Janesville, WI won 6 matches in a row to get a chance at playing Chad in the semi-finals. In the end Matt came out on top Tim Volkman - 1st winning 7 matches in a row and getting a chance to play Tim in the finals. Matt kept his hot streak going by defeating Tim Volkman 4-2 in the first set. Tim was able to get revenge though in the second set winning 4-1. Jeremy and all the staff at The Varsity Club would like to say thank you to all the players who attended and made this event a huge success. The tournament payouts are as Matt Mitchell - 2nd follows (payouts include player auction): 1st $1800 Tim Volkman 2nd $1250 Matt Mitchell 3rd $780 Chad Elston 4th $450 Kurt Wells 5/6 $260 John Pfeffer, Kyle Boers 7/8 $175 Randy Boom, Chad Gosz 9-12 $69 Mike Zahalka, Greg Rintelman Zach Marquardt, Brian Maxwell

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Four Bears Classic

NEW TOWN, ND There were 40 players in the womens divison of the 18th Annuyal Four Bears Classic held at the Four Bears Casino March 27-29, 2009. We paid the top16. Timi Bloomberg went undefeated beating Camille Youngbird 4-1 then beating Sky Tigart 4-2 and then Stephanie Crawford for the drivers seat. While Val Wilhelmi lost her 2nd match and battled back with wins over Candace Evans, Sky Tigart, Cindy Barbula, Racheal Wentz and Stephanie Crawford to get back to the championship match. Val had to

1st Women’s: Timi Bloomberg

Edey from Canada aslo played. Tyler won his first 2 matches over Gene Albrietch and Ryan Ollevel. He lost to Clayton Enno 5-4 and Gene Albrietch from Wisconson then knocked Shane Van Boening out of the tournament in the loser side. Shane would place 12th in the tournament. Tyler Edey would lose to Mike Schaff, taking 6th place. Rory Hendrickson and John Brown played for the driver’s seat. Rory beat John 5-3. John then had to play Jarret Spence to get back to the championship match, but lost. Jarrett Spence from Canada lost to Rory in the championship match 5-1.

1st Men’s: Rory Hendrickson

beat Timi twice. Timi beat Val 4-1 for the championship. We had 126 men, and paid the top 32. Rory Hendrickson went undefeated through out the tournament, after winning his first 2 matches 5-1, 5-2. Rory would have to play the winner 2nd Women’s: Val Wilhemi of Shane Van Boening and Kenny Azure, Shane won 5-2. Last year Rory put Shane in the losers side early in the tournament. Shane did came back to make the 32 and win last years tournament. Everyone was gathered to watch this match, with loser breaks it came down to the break. Shane wasn’t making anything on his break and Rory defeated Shane 5-1. Tyler MEN’S DIVISION 1st $4000 Rory Hendrickson, Fargo ND 2nd $2000 Jarrett Spence, Canada 3rd $1000 John Brown, MT 4th $800 Mike Schaff, MT 5/6 $500 Clayton Enno, ND, Tyler Edey, Canada 7/8 $400 Tyler Perry, ND, Gene Albrietch, WI 9-12 $200 Shane Van Boening, Dan Fisher, Kenny Azure, Lance Sapp

3rd Women’s: Stephanie Crawford

3rd Men’s: John Brown

We would like to thank the players, Rackem Magazine, Gerry in the Lodge, Four Bears Casino and Lodge, and Predator Cues.

WOMEN’S DIVISION 1st $1500 Timi Bloomberg, Rapid City, SD 2nd Val Wilhelmi, Devils Lake, ND 3rd Stephanie Crawford, Great Falls 4th Rachel Wentz, Minot, ND 5/6 Cindy Barbula, Yvette YoungBear, New Town, ND 7/8 Sky Tigart, MT, Karen Poitra, New Town, ND

Miller Undefeated

The forty-seventh stop of the 50-stop battled back to win the set 6-4. But 2008/2009 Pechauer All American Miller proved to be too much for Pete Tour (produced by the American losing the deciding set, 4-2. CueSports Alliance – ACS) was Charlie Wolfe qualified for a free hosted at Finish Line Food & Fun 9-Ball singles entry into the 2009 in Chenoa, IL, on Saturday, April ACS Nationals in Las Vegas. We 25. The $500 added event featured wish to thank sponsors J. Pechauer 29 players in a double-elimination Custom Cues, Championship Billiard 8-ball format on 7-foot bar boxes. Fabric, Nick Varner Signature Cases Larry Miller (Saybrook,IL) marched and oZone Billiards for their support. undefeated to the hot seat by Sponsorship opportunities are still defeating Paul Wenglewski (Ottawa, available for the 2008/2009 All IL) 6-3. Wenglewski had earlier American Tour by contacting the ACS. dispatched Pete Deeder (Griggsville, Further information, entry details Pete Deeder (2nd), Tom Mettille (4th), Paul Wenglewski (3rd), and Larry Miller.(1st) IL) in a semi final on the winner’s side and schedules for the 2008/2009 6-2, while Miller outpointed Tom Mettille (Ottawa, IL) in the other semi Pechauer All American Tour are available at 1st $428.75 Larry Miller (Saybrook, IL) & $270 side pot final 6-2. 2nd $269.50 Pete Deeder (Griggsville,IL) & $202 side pot The loser’s bracket showcased Pete Deeder as the hot stick. This set the 3rd $183.75 Paul Wenglewski (Ottawa, IL) & $135 side pot stage for Deeder to oust Tom Mettille at 4th place by a score of 4-2. Deeder 4th $122.50 Tom Mettille (Ottawa,IL) & $68 side pot continued his run and avenged his earlier loss, winning the loser’s bracket 5/6 $61.25 Mike Mercurio (Belleville, IL), Bob Nodine (Streator, IL) finals over Paul Wenglewski 4-2.This set up the finals match between 7/8 $49 Jacob Varner ( Rantoul, IL), Charlie Wolfe (Rockford, IL) Larry Miller and Pete Deeder. Pete was down early in the first set 4-0 but

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Hillbilly Wins Three in a Row

On the weekend of April 25 and 26, Bogies Billiards and Games in north Houston again pulled away to win the championship, 7 to 2. hosted the third stop on the 2009 Lone Star Billiards Tour. This event drew a strong Dating back to 2008, Bryant now has won three consecutive tournaments held field of 63 players, including touring at Bogies Billiards and Games, and his professionals Shane Van Boening, combined set score is 24 and 2. Shawn Putnam, and Charlie “Hillbilly” Throughout the tournament, Ray Hansen Bryant. Notable regional players included — owner of “Cue n A Productions” and Sylver Ochoa, Sparky Ferrell, Doug known as “Big Truck” on the AZBilliards Young, and James Christopher. Four forums — streamed live action to women competed against the men: Terry interested viewers via the Petrosino, Christina De La Garza, Yvette service. Reyes, and Deanna Henson. At the conclusion of the tournament, The final four players to emerge were p r o m o t e r / d i r e c t o r, K i m W h i t e , Shane Van Boening and Charlie Bryant announced that the next stop on the on the winners side and Shawn Putnam 2009 Lone Star Billiards Tour will be on and James Christopher on the one-loss June 6 and 7, at Casper’s Billiards in side. Christopher, although not as well San Leon, southeast of Houston. This known nowadays as the other three, is tournament will be played on 9-foot a respected veteran player, who’d won a tables. Then on July 18 and 19, the number of tournaments in past decades. tour will return to Rose Country Club in Jerry Williams (owner), Charlie Bryant (Winner), Shane Van Boening(Runner-Up), Van Boening won the hot seat match, north Houston and will play on 7-foot Kim White (promoter), Georgia Williams(wife) defeating Bryant, 9 to 5, and Christopher bar tables. eliminated Putnam from the tournament, 7 to 6. Bryant then earned a rematch 1st $3,700 Charlie Bryant against Van Boening, by defeating Christopher, 7 to 5. 2nd $1,800 Shane Van Boening In the true double-elimination finals, Bryant waited patiently, as Van Boening broke 3rd $915 James Christopher and ran the first two racks. When Bryant finally got to the table, he quickly tied 4th $435 Shawn Putnam the set, 2 to 2. They split the next few games, then Bryant pulled away to a 9 to 5 5/6 $265 Sylver Ochoa, John Lopez victory, forcing a championship race-to-7 set. In the case set, Bryant maintained 7/8 $60 Will Felder, Sparkey Ferrell his momentum, jumping to a 3 to 0 lead. They traded a few racks, then Bryant 9-12 $50 Ben Brown, Mickey Woiniki, Nash Peterson, Lanny Herrin photos courtesy of Toni Johnson

Jessica Frideres

Rory Hendrickson

Matt Berg

MN ACS RESULTS WOMEN’S MASTERS 8-BALL 1st Jessica Frideres 2nd Beth Fondell 3rd Kelly Haffner 4th Marissa Herum 5/6 Toni Johnson, Cheryl Hanson A WOMEN’S 8-BALL 1st Heather Speiker 2nd Casidy Heilman 3rd Michelle Denn 4th Linda Zsedeny MEN’S MASTERS 8-BALL 1st Beau Runningen 2nd Marc Oelslager 3rd Jamie Pluta 4th Tony Zierman 5/6 Kim Stigall, Rory Hendrickson AA WOMEN’S 8-BALL 1st Pam Mitchell 2nd Holly Kuss 3rd Sam Matuska 4th Sue Roberts AA MEN’S 8-BALL 1st Dave Mullen 2nd Daxs Balenger 3rd Robert Moua 4th Brad Boltz 5/6 Brian Brunelle, Kenny Lovgren B MEN’S 8-BALL 1st Rocky Mueller 2nd Alex Kangas 3rd Greg Rolfson 4th Matt Miller 5/6 Jaime Paumen, Larry Wade 7/8 Jim Moses, Chad Hanson 9-12 Tim Durand, Ron Broderson Gary Kullhem, Mannie Seaboy 13-16 Mike Humphrey, Justin Boen JR Layer, David Vold WOMEN’S 9-BALL 1st Jessica Frideres 2nd Jeri Bouvette 3rd Beth Fondell 4th Chris Glass

A MEN’S 8-BALL 1st Matt Berg 2nd Neal Cook 3rd Steve Lindell 4th Scott Tverberg 5/6 Warren Olson, Jesse Sausen 7/8 Mark Finken, Thom Chea 9-12 Phil Luttmers, Ron Michaelis Mike Hensel, Dan Parks MEN’S M/AA 9-BALL 1st Rory Hendrickson 2nd Jesse Engel 3rd Jamie Pluta 4th Dave Mullen 5/6 Beau Runningen, Kim Stigall 7/8 Tony Hilla, Tony Zierman

Beau Runningen

MEN’S A/B 9-BALL 1st Matt Berg 2nd Jason Poynter 3rd Cullen Newton 4th Scott Norberg 5/6 Ken Sylvester, David Vold 7/8 Mark Finken, JR Layer 9-12 Tom Gust, Jaime Paumen Joe Heilman, Tom Peterson Dave Mullen

Pam Mitchell

Heather Speiker

May 2009 page 10

5 Studs and a Nut

M8 Pool Leagues 9Ball Season Wraps Up

Too many pool players don’t realize yet that the best 8Ball league in the world now offers the best 9Ball league as well. M8 Pool Leagues offers 3 player teams in 9Ball competition in a “Race to Games” format for a top prize of $2000. The games that a player must race to is determined by that player’s handicap – the races are anywhere from 3-9 games. This 16 week season had some really great competition, but in the end it came down to 5 Studs and a Nut vs Cinco Muertes. 5 Studs and a Nut It came down to the 3rd and final player on each team being the deciding match. 5 Studs and a Nut came out on top and took the $2000 Prize! Another 9Ball season will start in September and we look forward to more teams competing for the crown. Look to our ad in Rackem to learn how you can get your league involved in

Mike Betts Memorial

Chip Compton, Michelle McDermott, Joey Gray

Tulsa, OK - Mar 26-29 at Magoo’s One-Pocket - $1000 Added - 20 players 1st Chip Compton, Oklahoma City, Ok 2nd Joey Gray, Oklahoma City, Ok 3rd Jim Weast, Inola, Ok 4th John Gabriel, Talala, Ok 5-6 Brian Jones, Tulsa, Ok, John Reynolds, Tulsa, Ok hot seat: Chip def Joey 3-0, semi :Joey def Jim 3-0, 1st set of finals: Chip def Joey 3-0. Chip played a total of 6 matches and only lost 2 games.

Cinco Muertes

Miller High Life

the best handicapping available in pool allowing you to grow your league by giving every player a better chance of winning. 1st $2000 5 Studs and a Nut 2nd $1000 Cinco Muertes 3rd $500 Miller High Life 4th $250 Strokin

Julia Gabriel, Laura & Jim McDermott, Rhonda Pierce

Ladies -10 players - $400 Added 1st Julia Gabriel, St. Charles, Mo 2nd Rhonda Pierce, Tulsa, Ok 3rd Wendy Kent, Norman, Ok hot seat: Julia def Rhonda 7-6, semi: Rhonda def Wendy 7-5, 1st set of finals: Julia def Rhonda 7-6

Bergman Takes Open finals: Justin defeats Chip 7-5, and the 2nd set of finals Justin defeats Chip 5-4

Justin Bergman, (room owners: Ro and Joe Boucher, Chip Compton

In the hot seat match Chip defeated Justin 7-5, Quarter finals: Joey defeats Mike 5-3, Semi: Justin defeats Joey 5-3. Justin had to defeat Chip twice to win the tournament. The 1st set of the

Open 8-Ball tournament - 51 players $3000 Added 1st Justin Bergman, Fairview Heigths, Il 2nd Chip Compton, Oklahoma City, Ok 3rd Joey Gray, Oklahoma City, Ok 4th Mike Banks, Jr., Blue Springs, Mo 5-6th Steve Rector, Wichita, Ks, Dave Faver, Cleburne, Tx 7-8th Bob Owen, Wichita, Ks, L.V. Abernathy, Salina, Ks 9-12th Alan Ashley, Wichita, Ks, Gabe Owen, Tulsa, Ok Steve Page, Cleveland, Ok, Mike Ezell, Coweta, Ok

Joey Gray, Michelle McDermott, John Gabriel

Open - 50 players + $2100 Added 1st Joey Gray, Oklahoma City, Ok 2nd John Gabriel, Talala, Ok 3rd Jeff Melton, Cookson, Ok 4th Jim Weast, Inola, Ok 5-6 Brad Huffman, Wichita, Ks, Chip Compton, Oklahoma City, Ok 7-8 Pete Petree, Tulsa, Ok, Shane McMinn, Tulsa, Ok 9-12 Steve Rector, Wichita, Ks, David Strawn, Tulsa Jay Echohawk, Tulsa, Allen Hanson, Lawton, Ok hot seat: John def Jeff 9-3, semi: Joey def Jeff 9-6, 1st set of finals: Joey def John 9-5, 2nd set of finals: Joey def John 9-7. Joey had a bye the first round, lost his second round, then went on to win the tournament.

May 2009 page 11

Tara Williams Brings Home the Bacon

April 4th & 5th weekend the Billiard Den, Richardson, TX hosted the 3rd stop of and traveling buddy of Lisa Marr scored her all-time personal best on the OB the OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour. Billiard Den is always a favorite stop of the OB Cues Tour. In the battle of the Lisa’s and travel partners on Sunday afternoon, Cues tour and hosts Larry & Marci Rothberg and all their staff provided awesome Lisa Henderson-Major defeated Lisa Marr 7-6 to get to play for 3rd place. Lisa hospitality, service and friendly faces throughout lost to Ashley next match and placed 3rd in the the whole weekend. Thank you for everything tournament, but earned her highest finish yet! that you do for us. Many, many congratulations Lisa---job well done. This stop also marked some major firsts for Lisa Marr, after losing her 1st round match to some of the players by overcoming some of their Tara, was not going to go out easily. She won 9 personal bests since playing on the tour. Fifty-six matches before losing to her road partner, Lisa ladies were ready to do battle and even though and finishing 4th place. Nice work, Lisa. several of our regular tour players were playing at Additionally, we would like to mention that Elissa the WPBA San Diego Classic, there were plenty Jordan from Houston, Texas scored her highest of fan favorites amongst the crowd. Favorites at finish ever by placing 5th/6th. Great shooting, this event were Amanda Lampert, Tara Williams, Elissa! Lisa Marr, and Kyu Yi just to name a few. After As the finals were set with Tara vs. Ashley, it was all the dust was settled, it would be Tara Williams more of a battle with the tables and rolls for both and Ashley Nandrasy competing for the 1st place players in the first set. As both players tried to guaranteed $750. get something started, Ashley had several 9-ball Tara had the toughest bracket to get through and it combinations and fared better with the tables as was predicted if she could get all the way through she would win the 1st set 7-5. Tara, with a look to the winner’s bracket, she would more than likely of frustration, was not out for the count. She take it all. Her first match of the day was against dug deep down and pulled it into high gear and Lisa Marr---always a force to be reckoned with on controlled the final match 7-2. Congratulations the tour. Tara soundly defeated Lisa with a 7-1 to Ashley for an outstanding 2nd place finish! Ashley Nandrasy (2nd place) and Tara Williams (1st place) victory. Then she faced Tori Jones, Shayla Neris, Fantastic job, Ashley! Melinda Bailey, Amanda Lampert, and Ashley Congratulations to Tara for her first tour win for Nandrasy for the hot seat. Tara made it all the way to win the winner’s bracket, the 2009 season. It was a lot of hard work and she came through like a champ. took a deep breath and awaited her opponent in the finals. Great shooting, Tara! Ashley Nandrasy overcame her previous high 13-16th place finishes in four Special Thanks to our sponsor, OB Cues. Anita, Don, Royce, you all are the best. previous OB Cues tour stops throughout the years, by gaining a spot in the finals. Our next stop is Bogie’s Billiard in Houston, Texas, June 13th & 14th. See you Ashley defeated Robyn Petrosino, Linda Long, Julie Stephenson, Elissa Jordan there. and then lost her 1st match to Tara 2-7 when playing for the hot seat. She then Main Event – 56 players - $2,000 added secured a spot in the finals by defeating Lisa Henderson-Major, 7-1 and would 1st $750 Tara Williams have a rematch with Tara for the whole kit and caboodle. 2nd $580 Ashley Nandrasy Lisa Henderson-Major from Little Rock, Arkansas and a regular tour player 3rd $415 Lisa Henderson-Major Second Chance Event – 25 players - $167 monies added 4th $285 Lisa Marr 1st $135 Helen Hayes 2nd $102 Deann Bray-Warner 5/6 $165 Elissa Jordan, Amanda Lampert 3rd $70 Snowy Belt 7/8 $120 Kyu Yi, Tracie Voelkering 4th $50 Milica Kozomara 9-12 $80 Melinda Bailey, Deanna Henson, 5/6th $20 Kim Pierce, Amy Hall Julie Stephenson, Trinh Lu 7/8th $10 Corina Campbell, Tina Lehrmann

From Kokomo to Kenmore

The weekend of April 25-26 saw three National Championship Series (NCS) qualifiers take place, two in 14.1 Continuous and one in 9-Ball. Hard Times Billiards in Sacramento, CA hosted a 14.1 qualifier and top local favorite Frank Nordmann Jr. edged out Robert Aldana by a mere 6 points to win the spot to the NCS 14.1 Continuous National Championship being held July 31 – August 2 at Comet Billiards. Across the nation the memorably named pool room, the Ryno Room, hosted Sunday April 26 a 14.1 qualifier. The NCS qualifier portion was part of a three day annual tournament called the Ryno Cup which featured 8-ball, one pocket and 14.1. Mark Ritter took a domineering victory over Brian Artrip 100-14 and too will be heading to Comet the end of July for the NCS national event. In addition to 14.1, NCS qualifiers in 9 and 10 ball are also scheduled. Golden Fleece Billiards in Kenmore, Washington hosted a field of 45 players in the first NCS 9 ball qualifier in the Pacific Northwest. Jim Conway and Damien Deng won the two spots to the NCS 9-Ball National Championship. The dates and details of the NCS 9 and 10 ball national tournament will be held in the early fall in Las Vegas. Details about the Las Vegas 9 and 10 ball NCS national events will be announced soon. The NCS is a series of U.S national championships in five cue disciplines: 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, 14.1 Continuous, and One Pocket. For more information about the NCS, any of its national championship events or CueSports International call 702-719-7665 or email

13-16 $50 17-24 $25

Michelle Abernathy, Jennifer Pavlovick, Terry Petrosino, Shayla Neris Kathy Knuth, Monica Anderson, Jessica Massey, Rosa Rios, Linda Long, Helen Hayes, Rebecca Riley, Tina Lehrmann

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December 8, 2008: It may have only been an EF-1 tornado, but it totally destroyed the cuemaker’s workshop. What wasn’t blown away was tossed and stirred into a horrible mess. Wood, lathes and everything else cue-related was quickly rescued from the rubble. Insurance would only pay about half the replacement cost. What would happen to Crown Cues? A small, wooden, shed remained standing. Necessary machinery and equipment were moved to the little shed for building cues and most of the frequently-needed supplies were stored in the house, consuming most of the open space.

Vegas Shootout See ad page 11


9 Ball Mario Parayno Jared Bailey Gene Albrecht Ian Barrett 8 Ball Gene Albrecht Jared Bailey Tom Anderson Chris Messer

$185 $120 $80 $50 $175 $120 $80 $50

It was suggested that Gene build a set of limited edition cues to help raise the funds to rebuild, but Gene only builds 1 of 1 custom cues, so there was some serious hesitation. Finally, he decided to make a set of limited edition cues and auction them on eBay. There are only 10 playing cues and 5 masse’ cues, valued from $700 to $800, each. Gene said he does not plan to ever build another set of like-designed, limited edition cues, again, so this is a very special collection. Updates, including cue designs, woods, inlays and ending auction dates can be found online at In March, Crown Cues attended the Super Billiards Expo, in PA. If you walked by their booth, you might have seen quite a few artistic pool players testing their masse’ cues on the pool table. Tim “The Dragon” Chin and Jamey “Sharpshooter” Gray, both sponsored by Crown Cues, stopped in to entertain and even offered a few free trick shot lessons. Gene and Renee’ will not make it to Vegas, but they are hoping to be at the Southern Cue and Case Show, in July, and they plan to be much more visible in the future. Visit to see what’s going on in the little wooden shed, these days!

J Pechauer All American Tour Koch Street Bar & Grill - Pekin, IL, Saturday, April 4. Final Results: 1st $450 Larry Park (Decatur, IL) + $250 Side Pot + Free Singles entry to ACS Nationals 2nd $250 Mickey Meischner (Washington, IL) + $120 Side Pot 3rd $150 Donnie Thompson (Ottawa, IL) + $60 Side Pot 4th $75 Anthony Schultz (Pekin, IL) 5-6 $50 Marco Jyawook (Springfield, IL) Justin Scroggs (Marquette Heights, IL)

Bowman Undefeated

The forty-sixth stop on the 2008/2009 Pechauer All American Tour (produced by the American CueSports Alliance – ACS) was hosted at Miller Time Billiards in Davenport, IA, on Saturday, April 18. The $500 added event drew twenty-nine players in a double-elimination 8-ball format on 7-foot bar boxes. Local Jesse Bowman (E. Moline, IL) had little trouble moving to the winner’s bracket finals. In the hot-seat match, Bowman dominated young Crist Airdo [4] (Moline, IL) 7-1. In the B-side bracket Steve Parlow toppled Aaron Bean 5-3 at 5th place, and Aaron was joined by Josh Johnson, who fell at the hands of Blake Madson 4-4. Parlow continued his momentum by ending Blake Madson’s day at 4th, 5-2 and finishing off Crist Airdo at 3rd place 5-3. In the tourney finals Parlow gave Jesse Bowman some resistance, but Bowman prevailed by a 7-4 margin in set #1 for the title! Steve Parlow qualified for a free 9-Ball singles entry into the 2009 ACS Nationals in Las Vegas. We wish to thank sponsors J. Pechauer Custom Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric, Nick Varner Signature Cases and oZone Billiards for their support. Sponsorship opportunities are still available for the 2008/2009 All American Tour by contacting the ACS. The Tour moves to Illinois this weekend, April 25-26 - showcasing a $500 added 8-Ball stop at Finish Line Food & Fun in Chenoa, IL (contact Chris Wilder at 309-261-2256). Further information, entry details and schedules for the 2008/2009 Pechauer All American Tour are available at www. 1st $350 Jesse Bowman (E. Moline, IL) 2nd $250 Steve Parlow (Davenport, IA) + Free Singles entryto ACS Nationals 3rd $150 Crist Airdo (Moline, IL) 4th $100 Blake Madson (Muscatine, IA) 5-6th $75 Josh Johnson (Bettendorf, IA), Aaron Bean (E. Moline, IL) 7-8th $50 Tony Morales (Clinton, IA), Brian Madson (Muscatine, IA)

Eberhart Makes Comeback

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour Amateur-Advanced and Amateur Division were hosted by Flamin’ Nine Billiards in Gravois Mills, Mo., the Weekend

May 2009 page 13

$2500 Added Event. So make your plans now to come out and support your sport. If you are in the area make sure to check out Flamin Nine Billiards and show your support for your sport and the people that continue to support billiards.

(L to R)James Eberhart & Dave Hedrick

of April 18th & 19th, 2009. The double event was $2500 Added played on 7 foot tables and featured many local players as well as players from around the region. The Viking Cue 9-Ball Amateur-Advanced Division was won by James Eberhart in the second set of the double elimination format. Eberhart had made his way thru the chart undefeated until the first set of the finals where matched up against Gary Lutman who gave Eberhart his first taste of defeat with a score of 11-5. Eberhart came back with a vengence in set two 11-9 to take home the first place prize of $1130. Eberhart had previously defeated Lutman hill-hill in round 1. After sending Lutman to the left side of the chart Eberhart proceeded to defeat the following on his way to the finals: Jamey Martin 11-5; Troy Kirkendoll 11-7; and Cory Smith 11-7. Gary Lutman took an early trip to the one loss side and worked his way back to finals by defeating the following: Joe Pierce II 11-6; Jackie Sansoucie 11-5; Mike Mercurio 11-9; Troy Kirkendoll 11-5; Doug Patrick 11-9; and Cory Smith 11-9. The Viking Cue 9-Ball Amateur Divison was won by local favorite Jamey Martin. Martin followed in Eberharts footsteps as he too went undefeated until the first set of the double elimination finals where he would lose the first set to Troy Kirkendoll 9-7 and fight his way back to take the win in set two 9-6. Martin defeated the following in his pathway to finals: Eva Justice 7-2; Scotty Justice 7-5; Gary Lutman 7-3; Troy Kirkendoll 9-8; James Eberhart 9-8. The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour would like to thank Dave Hedrick the owner of Flamin Nine Billiards in Gravois Mills, MO. for hosting this event. Dave graciously scheduled the event with a two week notice after the original event had been cancelled due to the room being sold. The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour will return to Flamin Nine Billiards on July 25th & 26th for a

(L to R)Jamey Martin & Dave Hedrick

Amateur-Advanced Payouts: 1st $1130 James Eberhart 2nd $700 Gary Lutman 3rd $450 Cory Smith 4th $250 Doug Patrick 5/6th $135 Troy Kirkendoll, Tyler Voorhess Amateur Division Payouts: 1st $950 Jamey Martin 2nd $650 Troy Kirkendoll 3rd $370 James Eberhart 4th $220 Chris Rickey 5/6th $80 Gary Lutman, Doug Patrick 7/8th $50 Steven Turner, Russell Pace

Better Break Outs

(continued from page 5)

to pocket these balls. It might be a good tactical play to remove your trouble ball from the pack and leave your opponent’s balls in a difficult spot with a well played bump. If the cloth is slow/dirty and the object balls are clingy, you may have to take some chances and play breakouts with more gusto. There are few things less irritating than playing a fine breakout shot and having the balls rock back together because of the sticky equipment. When shooting breakouts at higher speeds, try to imagine where the balls are headed that will leave the cluster with the most velocity. Be aware if one is heading toward the 8-ball or one that might carom back toward the cue ball. Don’t lose the game with a risky break out that gives your opponent ball in hand or dunks the 8. Have a plan, get to it quickly, and have a backup plan. My best advice for aggressively playing racks with clusters is twofold. Get to the problem balls as soon as possible and always try to leave yourself a bail out ball (safety valve). Concoct a plan where you can take a swing at the cluster at your earliest opportunity. This might allow you a second or third chance should you fan on the first attempt. You can always duck with plenty of balls left on the table if the breakout attempt fails. Getting to the breakout early also gives you the best chance to have a back up ball. Part of playing successful run-outs with clusters is knowing you’ll get a shot after re-arranging the balls. You’re asking for trouble if you have to depend on getting on one of your balls in the cluster for your next shot. Better to have an uninvolved ball sitting pretty that you can shoot if the cluster doesn’t develop into an open shot. Practice these guidelines in tricky racks of 8-ball or straight pool to hone your cluster management. A well played breakout can be a confidence building tool in turning a messy table into a game winning run out. Mike Fieldhammer - Professional Billiard Instructor / 612.802.0519 Mike is a full time tournament player and professional billiard instructor. He is available for private instruction or group clinics and events. Gift certificates are available.

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

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DATE May 8-16 May 8-16 May 8-10 May 11-16 May 16 May16 May 16 May 17 May 21-30 May 21-30 May 23 May 30-31

CITY Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas, NV Alton, IL Sedalia, MO Cape Girardeau, MO Cape Girardeau, MO Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas, NV Centralia, IL Alsip, IL May 31-Jun 6 Las Vegas, NV Jun 1-3 Las Vegas, NV Jun 3-6 Las Vegas, NV Jun 6-7 Dickinson, TX Jun 6-7 Murfreesboro, TN Jun 13-14 Kokomo, IN Jun 13-14 Odessa, TX Jun 13-14 Houston, TX Jun 20 Sedalia, MO Jun 20 Cape Girardeau, MO Jun 21 Cape Girardeau, MO Jun 20 St Peters, MO June 20-21 Houston, TX Jun 25-28 Lincoln, NE Jun 25-28 Lincoln, NE Jun 27 Livonia, MI Jun 27 St Peters, MO Jun 27-28 Wichita, KS Jul 11 Fairview Hghts, IL Jul 11 Austin, TX Jul 18 Sedalia, MO Jul 18 Centralia, IL Jul 18-19 Houston, TX Jul 18 Cape Girardeau, MO Jul 19 Cape Girardeau, MO Jul 21-26 Normal, IL Jul 25-26 Gravois Mills, MO Gravois Mills, MO Aug 1-2 Livonia, MI Aug 15-16 Kokomo, IN Aug 23-24 Livonia, MI

LOCATION BCAPL BCAPL Nationals Riviera Hotel Live Online @ Riviera Hotel Riverbend Billiards Sharky’s Billiards Billiard Center Billiard Center VNEA VNEA Nationals (See ad p31) Shooter’s Sports Bar Red Shoes ACS Riviera Hotel Riviera Hotel Casper’s Murfreesboro Billiard Club Ryno Room Fast Eddie’s Bogies Billiards Sharky’s Billiards Billiard Center Billiard Center Radar’s Slick Willie’s VNEA Live on VNEA Jr. Nationals The Rack Teacher’s Billiards Side Pockets Baxter’s Fast Eddie’s Sharky’s Billiards Shooter’s Sports Bar Rose Country Club Billiard Center Billiard Center Bone Student Center Flamin’ Nine Billiards Flamin’ Nine Billiards The Rack Ryno Room The Rack (618) 462-4435 (660) 826-5855 (573) 335-9955 (573) 335-9955 (618) 532-9931 (708) 388-3700 (408) 615-7479 (877) 788-7227 (713) 825-1411 (888) 385-9018 (765) 868-8171 (432) 550-0190 (281) 821-4544 (660) 826-5855 (573) 335-9955 (573) 335-9955 (866) 681-6883 (713) 303-8111 (734) 422-7665 (636) 441-0077 (316) 729-4000 (618) 355-9940 (512) 248-0646 (660) 826-5855 (618) 532-9931 (713) 825-1411 (573) 335-9955 (573) 335-9955 (573) 372-5557 (573) 372-5557 (734) 422-7665 (765) 868-8171 (734) 422-7665

EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME BCA Nationals Varies $750,000 Payout Online Free Live Streaming of the Grand Masters & Singles Events - Times TBA World Pool Masters Online Predator 10-Ball Challenge Online Gateway Amateur Tour Call Call Armed Forces Benefit 8-Ball Call Call 8-Ball Handicap Call $200 Noon 9-Ball Handicap Call $500 Noon VNEA Live on Varies $85,000 Online Free Live Streaming of the Singles Events - Times TBA Gateway Amateur Tour Call Call NCS 14-1 Continuous Qualifier $60 $500 w/full field Call National Championships Varies $$$ Online Can-Am Snooker Challenge Call Call World Summit of Pool Call $20,000 Call 9-Ball Big Table Open $40 $1,000 Call NCS 14-1 Continuous Qualifier $60 Call NCS 9-Ball Qualifier $60 $1000 w/64 Call Fast Eddie’s 9-Ball Tour Call $1750 Call OB Cues Ladies Tour Call $2000 Call Goodbye Spring Hello Summer 9-Ball Call Call 8-Ball Handicap Call $200 Noon 9-Ball Handicap Call $500 Noon Gateway Amateur Tour Call Call 8-Ball $30 $500 Call VNEA Jr. Nationals Varies Online Free Live Streaming of the Jr. Nationals - Times TBA NCS 14-1 Continuous Qualifier $60 Call Gateway Amateur Tour Call Call Bobby Wells Memorial 9-Ball $35 $2500 11 AM Gateway Amateur Tour Call Call Fast Eddie’s 9-Ball Tour Call $1750 Call Hot as Hades 9-Ball Scotch Doubles Call Call Gateway Amateur Tour Call Call 9-Ball Bar Table Open III $40 $2000 Call 8-Ball Handicap Call $200 Noon 9-Ball Handicap Call $500 Noon BCA Junior Nationals Online Viking Tour Amateur Only $50 Call 1 PM Viking Tour Amateur-Advanced $60 Call 1 PM NCS 9-Ball Qualifier $60 Call NCS 10-Ball Qualifier $60 $1000 w/64 Call NCS 10-Ball Qualifier $60 Call

Wednesdays Oshkosh, WI

Varsity Club Flamin’ Nine Billiards Varsity Club Shooters Billiard Center Q-Spot Billiards Varsity Club Shooters End Zone Flamin’ Nine Billiards Q-Spot Billiards Two Stooges

(920) 651-0806 (573) 372-5557 (920) 651-0806 (913) 780-5740 (573) 335-9955 (918) 779-6204 (920) 651-0806 (913) 780-5740 (952) 461-4441 (573) 372-5557 (918) 779-6204 (763) 574-1399

9-Ball Beginners $8 8-Ball $10 9-Ball Intermediate $10 9-Ball DE Race to 5/4 $10 (no g.f.) 9-Ball Handicap Call $200 8-Ball 7 & under $5 9-Ball Open - Break Pot $15 $5/player Guar. 9-Ball Big Table DE Race to 4 $10 (no g.f.) 8-Ball (7’) Handicap-Race 3/4/5 $10 $100 Guar 9-Ball $20 9-Ball 7 & under $10 (incl. g.f.) 9-Ball Open on 7’ DE Race to 5 $15 (incl g.f.) $75 w/16

Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays

Gravois Mills, MO Oshkosh, WI Olathe, KS Cape Girardeau, MO Tulsa, OK Oshkosh, WI Olathe, KS Elko, MN Gravois Mills, MO Tulsa, OK Fridley, MN


Watch the BCAPL LIVE from Las Vegas May 8-16


Watch the VNEA LIVE from Las Vegas May 21-30

Call 7 PM Call Call 7 PM 9 PM Call Call Noon Noon 9 PM 6:30 PM

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Rackem Magazine May Issue  
Rackem Magazine May Issue  

The May issue of The Pool Players Magazine in the Midwest is now available online. OTBnTV will be in Las Vegas filming the BCAPL and VNEA Na...