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March 2012 - Rackem Magazine 3

4 Rackem Magazine - March 2012


(above) Albert Markasky, Hunter Roberts, Mike Kushlan Jr., Bob Beaulieu (left) Hunter Roberts The first WorldPPA’s Reno Shootout event was a huge success! Well known SF Bay Area Tournament Director/ Commentator, Gene Miller, says: “ WOW! LET’S DO THIS EVERY YEAR! That’s the concensus of Bob Beaulieu and virutally everybody else who was at the 19th US BAR TABLE CHAMPIONSHIPS at Reno’s Grand Sierra Resort February 13-19. Nothing against the Sands-Regency intended (we went there 46 times), but there’s a world of difference between the two locations. While the Sands was nice, the Grand Sierra is magnificent. Spacious, luxurious, numerous restaurants, entertainment, and gambling. The $25,250-added open events, 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball, attracted a huge crowd and should bring many more next year. Check out the “Tournaments” forum at for the latest facts and interesting gossip. All events were double elimination played on forty Diamond bar boxes. Ten additional Diamond 9-footers were brought in to accommodate 80 WorldPPA players in their first big 9-ball handicap championship. Imagine the coordination this event demanded -- many of these players were enrolled in three tournaments simultaneously! The crew at Cue Sports International really knows how to handle a crowd. It was Mark Griffin (CSI) and Bob Beaulieu (WorldPPA) who got together and made this event such a success, even though Bob prefers to put himself way in

the background, insisting that “It was the players who really made this event happen.” Bill Stock and his BCA crew contributed tremendously to the success of the event, and all fifty Diamond tables were set up by Bad Boys. It was also a coming-out party for Frank Nordmann Jr’s new line of pool garb, “Play The Game.” (I have my event T-shirt and my hoodie is on order.) There were numerous vendors of pool clothing, cuemakers and everything else related to our game. As with so many recent events, a MAGIC RACK was at every table.” Congratulations to Hunter Roberts (A+), a long time California Billiard Club player for taking 1st Place and winning $1,000.00 cash. Hunter’s list of opponents include races to 8 matches played with Linda Miyoshi (C+) 8/7; Carolyn Koo (C) 8/7; Louis Altes (A+) 8/6; Scott Mattingly (A-) 8/4; Chris McCreary (A) 8/4; then a Loss to Mike Kushlan (A) 4/8; and a win against George Pagulayan (A) 8/7 bringing him back to the Final table where he needed to beat Mike Kushlan twice – which he did; first 8/5 to put Mike Kushlan on the one-loss side then again 8/6 for the championship and 1st Place. Congratulations to Mike Kushlan Jr. for 2nd Place and winning $760.00. Below is a list of the Top 24 winners with payouts: 1st $1,000 Hunter Roberts (A+) 2nd $760 Mike Kushian (A) 3rd $450 George Pagulayan (A) 4th $350 Chris McCreary (A) 5-6 $300 Riwan Khalil (B-) Mark Anthony Tiu (A+) 7-8 $250 Gannon Buss (B+) Shan Damani (A-) 9-12 $185 Scott Mattingly (A-) Mike Langarica (A-) Victor Valseca (A+) Brian Thurston (B+) 13-16 $150 Kenny Maeda (A-) Randy Cady (A+) Scott Sholes (B-) Kevin Lombard (A-) 17-24 $75 Patty West (B-) Carolyn Koo (C) Louis Altes (A+) Martin Masters (B+) Robert Young (B) Khanh Ngo (B-) Total Payout was $7,335.00 including $1,485.00 added by the WorldPPA. Photos Courtesy of: Bob Beaulieu - WorldPPA March 2012 - Rackem Magazine 5

Midwest 8-Ball With over 500 players, 112 teams and a venue that drew accolades from every attendee, the 2012 Lucasi Hybrid Cues ACS Midwest 8-Ball Championships at the Riverside Casino & Resort in Riverside, Iowa, January 19-22, enjoyed another attendance expansion in a warm environment amongst the winter plains of the Midwest The $10,400-added championships – produced by the American CueSports Alliance (ACS) - offered competition in six primary events and three secondary events: Men’s and Women’s Advanced 8-Ball Singles, Men’s and Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles, Men’s and Women’s four-person 8-Ball Teams, Scotch Doubles 8-Ball and separate handicapped Men’s and Women’s 9-Ball Singles.

“Empty Pockets” amChampions Te ll Ba Reimer 8en Op a Cruz and Kay Women’s Livingston, Lind an Jo , ec ch ie W -R) Sue


In the 20-player Men’s Advanced 8-Ball Singles, young Chad Behnke (Farley, IA) followed up on his recent Iowa ACS Men’s Advanced title with a 6-0 thrashing of once-defeated Alan Schares (Independence, IA) in the finals to secure the ACS Midwest title. In the 7-player Women’s Advanced 8-Ball Singles, multi-time national champion and 2010 ACS Midwest champion Jessica Frideres (Ft. Dodge, IA) regained her crown after a runner-up finish to Chicago’s Amy Latzko in 2011, by outpointing Connie O’Heron (Wausau, WI) 5-2 in this 2012 finals. In the 155-player Men’s Open 8-Ball Singles, Washington Iowa’s undefeated Mike Peiffer (Washington, IA) recovered from a final’s first-set 0-4 trouncing by 17-year old Anthony Asher (St. Joseph, MO) to regain the momentum in the deciding set to claim the title by a 4-2 margin. In the 64-player Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles, Simone Huskey (Silvis, IL) dominated the division, capping off her title with a 3-0 final’s win over Georgia Countryman (Braidwood, IL).

8-Ball Singles Women’s Open skey, Maria Lara man, Simone Hu try un Co a gi or -R) Ge

In the Men’s 8-Ball Teams, undefeated “Freewheelers” (IL) [Dan Hayes (Captain-Advanced), Tony Sifuentez, Dave Reimer and John Stukel] captured the hot seat over the 80-team field despite having to race to 11 each match (teams with no “Advanced” player raced to 9). The


ers” – ons “Freewheel ll Team: Champi Ba Sifuentez 8ny en To Op d ’s an Men Dave Reimer s, ye Ha n Da , el (L-R) John Stuk

Men’s Op en 8-Ball (L-R) Mik Singles: e Peiffer and Anth ony Ashe r

Rackem Magazine - March 2012 6


Championships finals against “Hot Shots” (IA) [Todd Davis (Captain-Open), Abe Palmer, Jerry Udelhofen and Laurence Henderson] proved a challenge for “Freewheelers,” as “Hot Shots” prevailed in the first set, 9-6. But “Freewheelers” avenged the loss in set #2 to gain the title by an 11-5 margin! In the Women’s 8-Ball Teams, the team of “Empty Pockets” (IL) [Linda Cruz (Captain--Advanced), Joan Livingston, Kay Reimer and Sue Wiechec] spotted most teams two games to dispatch the 32-team field, including some narrow escapes; but the one-set finals against “Just The Tip” [Patty Anderson (CaptainOpen), Stacy McNamara, Jolyn Cox and Debbie Melroy] was anti-climactic, as “Empty Pockets” dominated by a 9-3 score to claim the Championship! The team of Dawn Spencer and Jerry Dietz (IA), captured the Scotch Doubles 8-Ball event over a field of eighteen teams by dispatching the team of Dawn Huser/Jason Miller (IL) in the finals 3-1. Open player Jim Gessay of Hartland, WI, outpointed a 128-player field in the Men’s 9-Ball Singles for the top spot, including taking advantage of a 2-game spot from Advanced player Ron Martin (E. Moline, IL) by a 4-4 margin in the finals for the crown! Sheree Houseman (Muscatine, IA) bested a field of 20 for the Women’s 9-Ball Singles honors – besting Shari Rice (Omaha, NE) in the finals 3-2. “Transformers” (IL) [Frank DeCastecker (Captain-Advanced), Jerry French, Mike Christopher and Ted Cole] captured the Men’s 2nd Chance Team division over “Krug’z Guerillas” (IA) [Jody McCormick (Captain), Jeff Nguyen (Advanced), Devin Barclay, James Miller and Marc Wells], while “No Balls Just Racks” (MO) [Paula Reeder (CaptainAdvanced), Jennifer Fugman, Tawni Lewis, Courtney Cadwell, Pam Brown and Mindy Spiker] outpaced “Lucky Dawgs” (IL) [Kelly McBride (Captain-Open), Simone Huskey, Cathy Harness and Heidi French] in the finals of the Women’s 2nd Chance Team division.

Women’s 9-Ball Si

ngles: (L-R) Runn er-up Shari Rice Champion Sher and ee Houseman

The ACS would like to thank the title sponsor of the event – Lucasi Hybrid Cues, the Riverside Casino & Golf Resort for its support and outstanding hospitality, and other sponsors Iowa Sports Center apparel, Old Time Billiards and Diveney Custom Cues; and Nick Varner Signature Cues and Cases, whose multi-World Champion namesake took on all challengers throughout the event! The event was conducted by Gary & Shelly Benson and John Maestry under the auspices of High Country Promotions. Special thanks as well to ACS referees Cecil Messer, Robert Ball, James Reed and Tom Fankhauser, and to the equipment crew of Mike Peiffer, Chris Bringman, Shane Lee and Jeremy Bush.

(ACS Midwest continued on page 23)

Men’s 9-Ball Singles: ) Ronnie Martin and Jim Gessay

7 March 2012- Rackem Magazine

ingles d 8-Ball S e c n ke a v d had Behn Men’s A res and C a h c S n (L-R) Ala

Women’s Advanc ed 8-Ball Single (L-R) Connie O’ s Heron and Jess ica Frideres

8-Ball Scotch Do ubles (L-R) Jerry Diet z and Dawn Spen



Mike Massey

Titanic Shot (aka The Dream Shot)

Titanic Shot (aka The Dream Shot) The Titanic is a combination of the Rempe Eight in One and The Butterfly shots. However, it also features two additional balls in front of each side pocket. The set up is the biggest challenge to the Titanic Shot because so many things can go wrong. But the shot is worth the effort as you’ll treat your fans to the sight of 14 balls going in on one shot! Place two balls so that they are hanging over the edge of Pockets A and B. Aim down the exact center of the table. Strike the cue ball just a little above center with a medium hard to hard stroke (it depends on the table). Then get set to watch balls start flying into all six pockets.

An Iceberg in Barcelona

I used to call this shot the Dream Shot, but while preparing for a TV special called Carom Christmas in Barcelona the name was changed to the Titanic. The show was an hour of entertainment that featured trick shots on a pool table and a billiard (carom) table. I performed the pool shots and Danny Sanchez and Mr. Perea executed the billiard shots. They also had a number of celebrities on the show. The show had a live audience of about 100 people and 11 cameras. It took about 10-12 hours to be taped. The show appeared on TV3, which is one of the top government channels. For the month of December Carom Christmas got better ratings than any other program. I sent diagrams of the shots I was going to use to the producer and writer about a month before the show so they could writer the script. Jose Farras, the creator and writer of the

show, changed the name to the Titanic. For the program, I was scripted to say that, “I all this shot the Titanic Shot and I’m going to sink every ball in one shot.” I was successful in making all of the balls on my first attempt as planned. Now, Farras, who was also the MC, picked up the cue ball and says, “Mike, you didn’t sink all of the balls. What about his one?” I replied, “Farras, that’s the iceberg.” The crowd loved it. I now like to call tis shot the Titanic because I have an out in case all of the balls fail to drop. Should one or more remain on the table, I call them the survivors.

SUR: 5.0 EXR: 4.0 MSR: 75%

EXHIBITIONS & CLINICS 3/3/12 Big Mikes - Baton Rouge, LA 3/11/12 High Rollers Sports Bar & Pool Hall - Greensburg, LA

EXPLANATION OF ABBREVIATIONS: SUR: Set up Ratings EXR: Execution Ratings MSR: Mike’s Success Ratio


Nine Time World Champion

EXHIBITIONS & CLINICS Contact Mike or Francine Massey 435.640.5787 8 Rackem Magazine - March 2012

To order Mike’s book call 888.295.7665 or 714.894.1157 Visit us on the web at

Mike Massey

Nine time World Champion, Mike Massey is considered pool’s best trick shot artist. He was voted the “Best in History” and is a member of the BCA Hall of Fame. Mike’s most amazing accomplishments were in two 24 hour poolathons. In one he pocketed 8,090 balls playing with one arm. In the other poolathon he ran 330 racks of 9-ball in Austria on live TV. Mike has consulted or appeared in the movies, “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia”, “The Baron and the Kid”, “Justice”, “Chalk”, and “Pool Hall Junkies” Mike is available for exhibitions and clinics. Please contact Mike or Francine Massey at 435.640.5787 or

Bob Jewett

COLUMNIST San Francisco Billiard Academy

Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy. The academy offers: Private Instruction Basics Clinic Eight Ball Clinic Nine Ball Clinic Introduction to Billiard Instruction BCA Recognized Instructor Course BCA Certified Instructor Course

C ranfield ’s A rrow

Do you ever find yourself trying to help a new player who has no clue about aiming? Do you ever have that problem yourself? If so, here is a simple training aid that gives the student a specific spot to line up on for any shot.

students’ games as well.

This powerful little tool comes from Arthur “Babe” Cranfield who won championships over a 35 year career culminating in the Straight Pool World Championship in 1964. Cranfield has the highest reported practice run of 768 at straight pool (14.1 continuous). A friend of mine was visiting in Cranfield’s home town of Syracuse and saw him run over 200 balls five nights in a row.

Two dimensions are critical. The distance from the tip to the interior point must be 1 1/8th inches exactly. That’s the radius of a pool ball. The total length should be 2 1/4 inches or the diameter of a pool ball.

In his book, “The Straight Pool Bible,” Cranfield says that he considered writing a whole book about The Arrow, as he calls it. He also states that he personally finds it useful when he has trouble remembering the aim on some kind of shots. If Babe finds it helps his game, maybe it will help yours or your

The Arrow is shown in the diagram. You can make one out of paper, card stock or thin plastic.

To find the aiming point for any shot, place the Arrow as in the diagram with it’s interior point even with the edge of the object ball and directly under the contact point for the shot. The body of the Arrow is aligned with the direction of the shot. This puts the tip of the Arrow exactly at the center of the ghost ball. Remember that the ghost ball is the location of the cue ball when cue ball contacts the object ball.


The Arrow 1 1/8 inches 2 1/4 inches

The Arrow in action: Center of ghost ball

One system of aiming uses Direction of object ball Contact point the ghost ball directly. The player visualizes the ghost ball and then makes the cue ball take the place of the ghost ball. While this system cue ball to the tip of the Arrow and is theoretically perfect if the bring the stick straight through. (Of required location is precise, many course, those last two parts are much players have trouble visualizing that easier said than done.) imaginary ball. REJ

There is another aiming system called the “inch and an eighth” system which tells the player to aim the cue ball to pass over a point on the cloth 1.125 inches out from the cue-ball/object-ball contact point. It is geometrically equivalent to the ghost ball method since that point is where the ghost ball is touching the cloth but it is also hard for some people to visualize.

There is one last thing to worry about when using the Arrow and that is throw. In the shot shown at the top of the diagram, the object ball will be thrown slightly to the left as the cue ball rubs across it during contact. In order to correct for that, you will need to adjust the Arrow slightly so that the object ball is aimed to the right of the pocket (for a cut to the right). Once you get the hang of the Arrow, you will see for each shot how much throw effect there is.

The Arrow gives a clearer way to visualize the shot because the tip of the Arrow is an actual, visible point to aim at. If you place the Arrow carefully, all the guesswork is taken out of the aiming part of the shot and all you have to do is line your stick up through the center of the

For more details about the Arrow including how to use it for carom shots, check out Cranfield’s book mentioned above. It is also featured in the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice, the DVD series that I developed with Dr. Dave Alciatore.

March 2012 - Rackem Magazine 9

Bringman Takes Title at Krug’z

The 2011-2012 Lucasi Hybrid Cues All American Tour – presented by the American CueSports Alliance (ACS) – produced its twenty-third stop at Krug’z Pool Hall in Muscatine, IA, Saturday, February 25. The $500-added 8-ball handicapped tourney on 7-foot Valley bar boxes drew 32 players. On the A-side, Toney Bringman (Wellman, IA) – rated a “7” on a regional handicap system utilized – took down the hot seat, including a semifinals win over Dan Hinkins [5] (Moline, IL) 7-1 and a finals win on the hill over Ryan Short [5] (E. Moine, IL) 7-4. Short had previously won his semi-finals match over Rudy McGill Jr. [7] (Rockford, IL) 5-4. On the B-side Oscar Perales [5] (Muscatine, IA) eliminated Brent Miller [5] (Muscatine, IA) at 7th place by a 5-2 margin, and Miller was tied with Anthony Shea [5] (Rockford, IL) who lost at the hands of Josh Krueger [5] (Muscatine, IA) 4-5. Tied at 5th place were Josh Krueger and Dan Hinkins who were ousted by Rudy McGill Jr. 7-3 and Oscar Perales 5-4 respectively. Perales then fell to 4th place courtesy of McGill 7-3. In the B-side finals, McGill continued his momentum by dispatching Ryan Short at 3rd place by a 7-3 score. The tourney finals went to two sets, with Rudy McGill Jr. handing Tony Bringman his first loss – 4-7. But Bringman recovered his form in the deciding set to take the title over McGill, 7-3! By virtue of Rudy McGill Jr. (Rockford, IL) being the highest-finishing ACS member in the event, he qualified for a free 9-Ball singles entry into the 2012 Lucasi Hybrid ACS Nationals at the Tropicana Las Vegas – courtesy of the ACS. The ACS wishes to thank sponsors Lucasi Hybrid Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric and Nick Varner Signature Cases for their support. Further informationavailable at 1st Toney Bringman (Wellman, IA) $325 + $325 side pot 2nd Rudy McGill (Rockford, IL) $225 + $225 side pot 3rd Ryan Short (E. Moline, IL) $150 + $150 side pot 4th Oscar Perales (Muscatine, IA) $100 + $125 side pot 5-6th Josh Krueger (Muscatine, IA) $45 + $50 side pot Dan Hinkins (Moline, IL) 7-8th Brent Miller (Muscatine, IA) $25 Anthony Shea (Rockford, IL)

10 Rackem Magazine - February 2012

MARCH 4, 2012 OPEN - 8 BALL - SINGLES MASTER/AA DIVISION - 23 ENTRIES 1st 499 Jesse Engel $500.00/$500.00 2nd 497 Lee Heuwagen $350.00/$330.00 3rd 2412 Scott Tollefson $240.00/$220.00 4th 288 Austen Warner $140.00 5-6 1246 Brian Haffner $75.00 5-6 501 Sean Mitchell $75.00 A DIVISION - 9 ENTRIES 1st 861 Kory Schmidt $260.00 2nd 101 Scott Norberg $150.00 3rd 2164 Shawn Dupont $90.00 B DIVISION - 21 ENTRIES 1st 293 Stevie Johnson $230.00 2nd 1565 Dickie Barnier $140.00 3rd 2478 Wes Freiberg $90.00 4th 2338 Mike McCloud $60.00 5-6 977 Kevin Knight $40.00 5-6 2535 Steve Weber $40.00 C DIVISION - 14 ENTRIES 1st 3374 Brandon Montry $200.00 2nd 3199 Robert Diller $120.00 3rd 1892 Todd Weller $80.00 4th 526 Dale Tyson $50.00


Brooke Zimmermann

Name: Brooke Zimmermann Home town: Mayfield, NY Birth date: January 14, 1994 School you currently attend: Mayfield High School Grade: senior (12th) Favorite subject in school: New Visions Medical Classes At what age did you start playing pool? 6 Titles/High finishes: 2011 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships, runner-up, 18 & Under Girls’ Division APA Amsterdam Top Shooter and Playoff champion 2011,2009,2008,2007 What kind of cue(s) do you use? Usually Outlaw, Just started with a Jacoby Stick and a Predator Hybrid Shaft Left or right handed: Right Sponsors: APA Favorite band/music: I listen to absolutely everything. Hobbies: Soccer, Softball, Art, music, Medical Classes Memorable pool moment: Being able to go to the 2011 Junior National 9-Ball Championships and meet all of the amazing people competing. I learned so much from them. Every person I met and practiced with gave me new insight on how to play the game and to all of them I am extremely Grateful. Thank you guys! Favorite food: Chicken Cordon bleu Fictional Hero: Batman! Real-world hero: My Grandparents Mary Ellen Giuliani for all the volunteer work she does and especially my Grandfather Joseph Giuliani for all amazing things he has taught me, and for all of the time and effort he puts into making me the best person I can be. Fondest childhood memory: Getting my first personal cue stick. Cheetah design! Goals (personal and/or career): Going to Medical School at either Hartwick or HVCC for Radiology.


8-Ball Singles Mar 24, 2012 $1,000 Added

Entry based on skill level-Sign-up 10am MPA Event - info at 8525 Cottonwood St NW Coon Rapids, MN 763-780-1585

6149 E 31st St Tulsa, OK


Pool Tournaments Every Fri & Sat Mar 17: Mixed Scotch Dbls 8-Ball - $50 entry - $500 added

933 8th St (Hwy 3 & 50) Farmington, MN 651-463-2636

Hours: Sun 2-10 pm Mon-Thurs 12-2am Fri-Sat 12-1am


*Tournaments *Cue stick tip and shaft repair *Cue sticks & supplies *Lessons *In house & traveling leagues ISPA, ACS, VNEA

218 Walnut St - Muscatine, IA


March 2012 - Rackem Magazine 11

Shane Van Boening

Wagner & Van Boening W

MEN’S 10-BALL (87 entries) RACE TO 7 1st $4,300 Shane Van Boening 2nd $2,400 Stevie Moore 3rd $1,550 Larry Nevel 4th $1,050 Jesse Engel 5th $725 Josh O’Neal Gabe Apollos 7th $475 John Morra Jerry Matchin 9th $275 Ed Scott, Rodney Morris Glen Atwell, Francisco Bustamante 13th $175 Dennis Haar, Mitch Ellerman Louis Ulrich, Sean Morgan 17th $150 Sal Butera, Ernesto Dominguez Brian Butler, Chris McCreary Jose Parica, Derek Pogirski Amar Kang, Manny Chau 12 Rackem Magazine - March 2012

It took Shane Van Boening four matches to move among the winners' side final four in the 10-ball competition of Cue Sports International's 19th annual US Bar Table Championships. Through those four matches, he was giving up just under five racks in each of the race-to-7 contests. From among the winners' side final four in a fresh, double elimination bracket, he picked up his pace a little, giving up only a single game in a match againstJosh O'Neal that set him up to face Stevie Moore in the battle for the hot seat. Moore sent Van Boening to the semifinals, from whence he returned to win both sets of a double elimination final to capture the event title. The $6,000-added, 10-ball event drew 87 entrants to the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, NV. In one of two, preliminary double elimination brackets, each of which yielded two winners' side and two lossside opponents advancing to a final and new double elimination bracket of eight players, Van Boening almost ended up on the loss side, as Amar Kang battled him to double hill in his third round of play. Van Boening hung on to win, and then defeated Glen Atwell 7-5 to become one of the final four winners. Moore's most serious challenge in the five rounds of play that led him among the final four winners came in his opening round match versus Ernesto Dominguez, who chalked up six racks against him. Three rounds later, John Morra got five. Combined, Moore's other three opponents - Richard Richeson, Corey Penrod and Jesse Engel - were only able to score a total of four racks against him. Gabe Apollos gave up six in a third round match versus Greg Herada, but gave up only four total to his other three opponents, including a shutout over Ed Scott and a 7-2 win over Rodney Morris, which put Apollos among the final four. Josh O'Neal's toughest match of his five, which included a 7-2 win over Manny Chau and 7-4 win over Dennis Haar, was his last, in which Francisco Bustamante finished two back at 7-5. The victory moved O'Neal among the final four winners. On the loss-side, Jerry Matchin, Larry Nevel, John Morra and Jesse Engel advanced to the new double elimination bracket. Matchin had been sent west in the second round by Glenn Atwell, and won four straight, including a 7-4 win over Amar Kang, that put him among the final eight in the final, double elimination bracket. Nevel had fallen to Bustamante in his third match and battled back through three opponents - Derek Pogirski, Dennis Haar, and finally, Glenn Atwell - to reach the final eight. Morra's nemesis on the winners' side had been Moore, who defeated him 7-5 in the fourth round. Morra chalked up wins over Chris McCreary, and Sean Morgan, before meeting and defeating Rodney Morris 7-4, and

advancing to the final bracket. Engel had been sent west by Moore in the final match of one of the preliminary brackets, and faced only one opponent on the loss-side of that bracket. A 7-2 win over Scott put Engel among the final eight. In the final set of eight players, on the winners' side, Moore matched up against Apollos, as Van Boening drew O'Neal. On the loss-side, Engel met Morra, as Nevel squared off against Matchin. Moore sent Apollos west 7-3, and moved into the hot seat match against Van Boening, who'd defeated O'Neal 9-1. Moore then sent Van Boening to the event semifinals with a 7-5 win and awaited what proved to be his fateful return. On the loss-side, Apollos picked up Nevel, who'd downed Matchin 7-3. O'Neal drew Engel, who'd gotten by Morra by the same score, 7-3. Engel advanced to the quarterfinals with a double hill win over O'Neal, and was joined in those quarterfinals by Nevel, who finished Apollos' day 7-3. Nevel then defeated Engel 7-3 to pick up Van Boening in the semifinal match. Van Boening gave up only two racks in the semifinal match to earn a double elimination finals rematch against Moore. He then gave up only a single rack in the opening set of those finals. Moore reached the hill first, ahead by three in the second set, but Van Boening came back to knot things at double hill and then, drop the last 10-ball to secure the event victory. Rebecca Wagner won the $1,000-added Women's Division 10-Ball Tournament, which drew 24 entrants. She got by Beth Fondell twice to do it; once in the hot seat match and again, in the finals. Wagner had sentMelinda Bailey west 5-1 to get into the hot seat match, as Fondell was busy surviving a double hill match against Cindy Sliva. Wagner then shut Fondell out in the hot seat match. Fondell moved over to the semifinals for a rematch against Sliva, who'd hung on to defeat Melinda Bailey in a double hill quarterfinal match. Fondell earned the rematch versus Wagner with a double hill victory in the semifinals. Fondell put up a better fight in her second match against Wagner, but Wagner prevailed 5-3 to win the women's title. BY SKIP MALONEY - AZBILLIARDS.COM STAFF

Rebecca Wagner

Wins 10-Ball Championship

WOMEN’S 10-BALL (24 entries) RACE TO 5 1st $850 Rebecca Wagner 2nd $475 Beth Fondell 3rd $300 Cindy Sliva 4th $175 Melinda Bailey 5th $125 Susan Williams, Stacy Allsup 7th $75 Nicole Hellmer, Kimberly Broughton Rebecca Wagner & Shane Van Boening Photos courtesy of: Bob Beaulieu

March 2012 - Rackem Magazine 13

2012 U S Bar Table

Wagner, Tourangeau,

Rebecca Wagner

BY GREG KOCH - CSI STAFF The 19th annual US Bar Table Championships are in full swing at the new location in the spacious Grand Sierra Hotel & Casino located in Reno, Nevada. The new location provides a substantial amount of additional space for this annual event and will easily accommodate anticipated future growth. The new location has been well received by everyone involved, including the players, vendors and the tournament directors. Additionally, the Grand Sierra has provided super low room rates for everyone, making it more affordable to come and play in all the events and providing a more enjoyable overall experience. CSI is very excited with these new changes and is looking forward to making this event better and better every year. The USTBC runs from February 13th thru February 20th. This year the event had 128 entries in the Men’s Open 9 ball and 28 entries in the Women’s 9 Ball. CSI has added over $25,000 to the prize fund, resulting in over $70,000 being handed out to the players in total prize money. There is also a All Around Bonus of $4,250 that was added for the top points leaders in the 3 divisions. Stan Tourangeau went undefeated in the 9 ball division to take 1st place and $4700. Stan sent Shane Van Boening to the losers bracket on the TAR TV table in a hill-hill match. Shane locked Stan up on the 4 ball and forced Stan to go up and down the table to hit the 4 ball near the end rail. Stan made a good hit and left Shane few options on a tough cut shot on the 4 near the rail. Shane had to put a little inside on it, due to him being blocked from a clean hit on it. Shane missed and left Stan an easy out from there. Stan had to jump into the fire with Oscar Dominguez, who is having a very good year, in the hot seat match. Stan didn’t have as much trouble with Oscar, winning 9-5. Stan was then able to take a break and wait for the others to battle it out to see who would have to beat him twice. Glenn Atwell knocked Shane Van Boening out and then knocked out Jesse Engle. That left Oscar Dominguez and Glenn to battle it out to see who would get a shot at Stan and the Championship. Glenn sent Oscar packing with a 9-7 victory and then geared up for a battle with Stan that would require him to win 2 sets. Stan jumped out to a lead but Glenn would catch up and they would trade games near the end of the set. Stan had made a 9 ball on the break earlier in the set, which would spur Glenn to start checking out Stan’s rack, even though they were using the Magic Rack. Stan got to the hill first at 8-7, then Glenn won the next game. Just as in the 10 ball, the finals were determined by someone needing to win 2 sets and both divisions went

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Stan Tourangeau hill-hill in the first set, with the victor being the one that only needed one set. It was Stan’s break and Glenn inspected the rack and nodded ok, they shook hands, then Stan proceeded to make the 9 ball on the break. Congratulations to Stan Tourangeau on his 1st place finish, and Glenn on his 2nd place finish. Stan picked up $4700 for 1st and Glenn pocketed $3150 for 2nd. In the Women’s 9 Ball division, Rebecca Wagner once again won the hot seat match. Melissa Little, after being knocked to the losers bracket in the 3rd round, would plow her way to the finals. Melissa would need to beat Rebecca twice and started off by winning the 1st set. Rebecca picked up her game though, and finished off Melissa to win her 2nd Division title. Congratulatons to Rebecca on her strong showing and Melissa for grinding out the long road to the finals from the losers bracket. Rebecca picked up $825 for 1st and Melissa pocketed $500 for 2nd. The 8 ball is in full swing Saturday, with both the Men’s and Women’s division, and also a WorldPPA 9 Ball tournament being ran alongside it. They will battle all day with the Men’s final scheduled for Sunday at 7:00 pm Pacific and the women’s at 3:30 Pacific. TAR is providing daily live streaming, thanks to the fine folks at OB Cues, along with Kamui Tips and AZBiliards. Brackets can be found at the CTS (Cuesports Tournament System) website, located at . Thanks also to Bad Boys Productions for running this fantastic Tournament.

U. S. BAR TABLE 9-BALL RESULTS Men’s Division (128 entries) Race to 9 1st $4,700 Stan Tourangeau 2nd $3,150 Glenn Atwell 3rd $2,000 Oscar Dominguez 4th $1,250 Jesse Engle 5/6 $800 Shane Van Boening, Mitch Ellerman 7/8 $550 Rodney Morris, Mike Hellmer

Women’s Division (28 entries) Race to 7 1st $825 Rebecca Wagner 2nd $500 Melissa Little 3rd $350 Andrea Wilson 4th $225 Beth Fondell 5/6 $150 Kimberly Broughton, Shawn Modelo 7/8 $100 Stacy Allsup, Melinda Bailey Photos courtesy of: Bob Beaulieu

, Beckley, Allsup Wins

Bill Stock with Jeff Beckley 8-Ball at the 19th US Bar Table Championships

The inaugural year at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, CSI’s 19th Annual US Bar Table Championships concluded Sunday, with Jeff Beckley going undefeated in the 8-Ball Division. It was a week of championship caliber pool, with outstanding performances in all six divisions: both Open and Women’s 10-Ball, 9-Ball and 8-Ball and with a record 502 entries. The 8-Ball Division kicked off on Friday, with 189 entries in the Men’s Division and 46 entries in the Women’s Division. All tables were in play, as there were three tournaments being contested simultaneously, the Men’s and Women’s USTBC 8-Ball, and a WorldPPA handicapped 9-Ball Tournament. Jeff Beckley, who hails from Indiana, had an impressive tournament run. Jeff finished undefeated and notched wins over notable players such as Jose Parica, Larry Nevel, Francisco Bustamante and Robb Saez. His win/loss totals were an impressive 45-18. Jeff started out the final day, with a hotseat match with Francisco Bustamante. Jeff played solid and capitalized on a few uncharacteristic mistakes from Francisco. Francisco was a favorite going in, as he had a very impressive run on Saturday. Jeff sent Francisco to the loser’s bracket with a 5-3 win and then went back to his room to relax until his 7:00 match. Meanwhile, Robb Saez was all business on Sunday. His eyes were set on Jeff Beckley, but he would have to beat a host of champions to get there. Robb started off by knocking out Rodney Morris 5-2, and then sent Larry Nevel packing with a 5-0 win. Next up for Robb was Oscar Dominguez, who was having a great tournament himself. Oscar was sent to the loser’s side late Saturday night by Francisco Bustamante, in a match where Oscar would get only two shots. Francisco broke and ran the first game. When Oscar broke the next game, the cue ball got kicked in and Francisco ran out. Then, Francisco broke and ran out. When Oscar broke the next game, the cue ball was kicked in again, and Francisco ran out. Francisco then broke and ran the final game, for a 5-0 win. In all, Oscar had only two shots in the match, both break shots. Oscar would give Robb all he could handle though on Sunday, and they went hill-hill with Robb needing to bank his last solid cross side and draw his cueball into the 8-ball, which was tied up on another ball. It was a do or die shot, where any part of the shot going wrong would result in an easy out and a win for Oscar. Undaunted, Robb drilled the bank and drew softly into the 8-ball, freeing it up for an easy shot to win the set. Up next for Robb, was Francisco Bustamante. Robb had everything rolling for him though at this point, and great play and a few rolls allowed him to move on to the finals with a 5-4 victory over “Django.” The finals got underway at 7:00 pm with Robb Saez needing to beat Jeff Beckley twice. Up until this point, it seemed destiny was on Robb’s side, but Jeff was not going to be denied. First Jeff got an early lead at 3-0, and then Robb crept back with a couple of games. Jeff got to the hill first, and had a few opportunities to close out the match, but couldn’t cash in on them. Jeff would need to keep his composure and put his missed opportunities behind him,

Stacy Allsup if he wanted to end this in one set. Jeff would keep it together, and with a straight in 8-ball down the rail, he won his first USBTC 8-Ball Title. Congratulations to Jeff Beckley with his 1st place finish and Robb Saez for finishing 2nd. Francisco Bustamante finished 3rd and Oscar Dominguez came in 4th. First paid $5700, 2nd paid $3300, 3rd paid $2000 and 4th paid 1200. On the Women’s side, Stacy Allsup went undefeated and matched up with Melissa Little in the finals. Melissa would need to beat Stacy two sets to come out on top, but fell short, losing the first set 4-2. Congratulations to Stacy Allsup on her 1st place finish pocketing $875 and Melissa Little on her 2nd place finish and a $550 prize. In the All Around Bonus, there was a three way tie for 1st place, between Shane Van Boening, Glenn Atwell and Jeff Beckley. They split $3500 in added Bonus money provided by CSI. On the Women’s side, Rebecca Wagner took home an additional $500 for 1st place and Stacy Allsup took home $250. CSI would like to thank the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino for providing a perfect venue for the USBTC Championship. Thanks to Ric, Bonnie and Ken Jones with Bad Boys Billiard Productions for all they do in setting up and running this great event. Bad Boys would like to thank Bret Baker and Janet Okomoto for volunteering their time to assist them. CSI would like to thank Bill Stock for assisting Bad Boys on the Tournament Directors staff and the long hours he’s had this year at DCC, Swanee and USBTC. CSI would like to recognize Justin Collett and TAR for providing daily live streaming of the event with the high quality production we all have come to expect from them. TAR would like to thank OB Cues for sponsoring the live streaming and Kamui Tips and AZBilliards for their additional support. Additionally, a special thanks to Ken Shuman for his professional commentating all week on the live stream. Special thanks to Andy Chen & Greg Koch (“CaliRed”) for their long hours running cameras for the live stream. Most of all, CSI would like to thank the players, the fans, and the pool community for making this event a success. CSI would especially like to thank their own CSI family at the home office, who put in all the hard work behind the scenes that are required to put together these large tournaments. On behalf of Mark Griffin and the entire CSI Staff, thanks to all of you for another successful and entertaining event. MEN’S 8-BALL DIVISION - 189 entries 1st $5700 Jeff Beckley 2nd $3300 Robb Saez 3rd $2000 Francisco Bustamante 4th $1300 Oscar Dominguez 5/6 $900 Larry Nevel, Louis Altes 7/8 $650 Rodney Morris, Brian Butler

WOMEN’S 8-BALL DIVISION - 46 enries 1st $875 Stacy Allsup 2nd $550 Melissa Little 3rd $425 Patty West 4th $300 Nicole Keeney 5/6 $200 Andrea Saez-Maes, Mary Ann Starkey 7/8 $125 Susan Williams, Mia Schieck

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1ST PLACE: WOMEN’S ‘B’ SINGLES 16 Rackem Magazine - March 2012









1ST PLACE: MEN’S ‘B’ TEAM THE MAGNET March 2012 - Rackem Magazine 17

FUTURE CUES’ LONE STAR EVENT DRAWS 133 PLAYERS: Future Cues in Temple, Texas hosted the largest Lone Star event to date drawing 133 players on February 4th-5th. There were 96 Amateur players, 59 Open, and 24 ladies competing for almost 8k in prize money, with Amateurs competing in both divisions. New players to the tour included Chaser Rudder, Eric Brown, Conner Dennett, Joey Quinney, Karl McClendon, Phil Sidari and many more. It was a long weekend considering the number of tournament players and tables. On Saturday and into the early hours of Sunday, the Open and Amateur divisions were narrowed down to 32 each. The Open winners’ side final 8 saw Joey Barnes defeat Chase Rudder 7-6, Brent Thomas oust David Henson 7-3, Tom Mooney best Kevin Guimond 7-4, and Sam Martinez pass Travis Gunn 7-5. One more round passed and pitted Joey Barnes v. Tom Mooney for the hotseat match. At 6-5 Mooney’s favor, Barnes missed a crucial 7-ball which sewed up the hot seat for Mooney. The one-loss side saw Brian Hickman eliminate Guimond 7-4, Gunn best Corey Dordek 7-1, Rudder defeat Ronnie Felder 7-6, and Jason Pearce pass Henson 7-6. When the smoke cleared it was Thomas v. Rudder in the quarter finals. Thomas squeezed by Rudder to clench the oneloss side bracket but fell to a replenished Barnes in the semifinal. Mooney made quick work of Barnes in the final match, capturing his first Lone Star Tour title. There were some familiar faces in the Amateur division including David Escobedo, James Smiser, Drew McCoy, Robert Hitchcock, and some not so familiar ones including Ronnie Felder, Eric Brown, James Dugger, Carl Ray, and George M. Smith. It was Jason Pearce who captured the winner’s side over Steve Lindgren. Brent Thomas came on strong in the one-loss side blasting through Mooney, Brown, and Lindgren at the end, only to fall short of Pearce in the final, 5-2. The ladies division drew some heavy-hitters including Jennifer Kraber, Kim Pierce, and Kim Sanders. Amber Stone defeated Kim Sanders 5-4, and Jennifer Kraber bested Tabetha Lewis 5-0, which pitted Stone against Kraber for the hot seat. One the one-loss side, Jenni Sherman defeated Anh Tran 4-1 but fell to Tabetha Lewis 4-3. Also on the west side, Mary Gros defeated

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MOONEY, PEARCE, AND KRABER CAPTURE WINS Monica Forest 4-2, but fell to Sanders 4-3. Sanders sewed up the one-loss side, besting Lewis 4-3 while Kraber ousted Stone for the hot seat, 5-2. Sanders eliminated Stone but fell to Kraber in the finals. Congratulations to Jennifer Kraber who captured the ladies side undefeated! Room owner Daniel Renkel and his staff hosted a first class event with great service the entire weekend. The tour hopes to make Future Cues a regular stop on the Lone Star Trail! Many thanks to Poison by Predator Cues, Predator Cues, Delta-13 Rack,, APA of North Harris County,, Gulf Coast Billiards, and Roger Allen Cue Repair. The next event will be at Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar in Houston on March 3rd-4th, 2012. There will be Open, Amateur, and Junior divisions. ____________________________________________________ OPEN 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th-6th

$700/$930 $440/$600 $275/$300 $160/$220 $100ea

Tom Mooney Joey Barnes Brent Thomas Chase Rudder Travis Gunn/Sam Martinez

AMATEUR 1st $825/$900 Jason Pearce 2nd $545/$620 Brent Thomas 3rd $375/360 Steve Lindgren 4th $275/$240 Eric Brown 5th-6th $150ea/$100ea David Escobedo, Tom Mooney 7th-8th $100ea/$60ea James Smiser, Ronnie Felder 9th-12th $40ea Brian Hickman, Robert Hitchcock, Conner Dennett, Phil Sidari LADIES 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

$300/$100 $180/$70 $95/$40 $50

Jennifer Kraber Kim Sanders Amber Stone Tabetha Lewis

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THE LION LEAPS 2nd Consecutive Swanee Win

Named for beloved southern California player, Jay Swanson, the 16th Annual Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament (“the Swanee”) was hosted February 4-5 at Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, California. A tournament steeped in tradition, the event is a virtual who’s who of west coast US and Pacific Rim players. Produced by CueSports International (CSI) and sponsored by Hard Times Billiards, CSI and the Magic Ball Rack, the event is known for being a two day grinder with a heady 192 player field of heavy hitters. It is no small feat to cash in this event, but this year history took place. Alex “The Lion” Pagulayan won for a second consecutive year surviving a litany of fellow well known names including former Swanee champions Dave Hemmah (1996), Mitch Ellerman (2009), Amar Kang (2006) and the only other two time winner Morro Paez (1999 and 2001). Additionally, “The Lion” took out 2012 US Mosconi Cup team member Rodney Morris and “Mad Max” Eberle who himself has finished in the top three of the Swanee field 3 years (2005, 2011, and 2012). It was Eberle who initially knocked Pagulayan to the one loss side in the seventh round of the winner’s bracket. “The Lion” heaped revenge upon Eberle in the semi-finals sending “Mad Max” to the bleachers late Sunday night 7-2. After two days and 16 rounds the 192 field was now down to two players. In the middle of the night surrounded by a room full of dedicated spectators, the single race to 11 finals was between Oscar “The Big O” Dominguez and Pagulayan. Dominguez’s road to the hot seat included the take down of Nick Spano, Corey Harper, Jim Hennessy, Brendan Crockett, Santos Sambajon Jr., Rodney Morris and Max Eberle. In what can only be described as one of the most unique finals of any tournament, Pagulayan’s repeat win almost did not take place. “The Lion” dominated the match early and jumped to a quick 10-3 lead. Then in game 14 “The Lion” pocketed a tough but makeable back cut shot on the 9-ball for the match win. However, in a split second it was evident the cue ball would also drop giving Dominguez the game instead of Pagulayan the win. The diminutive Pagulayan leaped in the air just as whitey wailed into a corner pocket. To add injury to insult when Pagulayan landed from his leap he sprained his calf and faced the rest of the match limping and having to adjust his stance to avoid further pain. Dominguez capitalized on the situation. Using strategic safety play “O” patiently took the score from 10-4 to 10-9. During those 5 games Pagulayan did have another opportunity to seal the deal but in a case of déjà-vu again scratched on a pocketed 9-ball. The cue ball caught the tip of one pocket and ricochet the ball into another pocket. In this situation it is hard not to think of that famous quote “It’s like a nightmare, isn’t it?” from The Color of Money. The winning game came down to a moment of luck or redemption depending on the perspective. Dominguez again executed a strong safe leaving Pagulayan in the unenviable position of having to kick at the 1-ball for legal contact. Using sonic speed, Pagulayan sent the cue ball off a long rail, hit the one, then the rock careened off the opposite long rail into the pack of balls that housed the 9. The match money ball then gently rolled into a side pocket. This time whitey stayed securely on the table and “The Lion” was able to roar two years in a row. Visit, and for more information about CSI and its divisions. (Lion Leaps continued on page 11)

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DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS INC. and DIAMOND PROMOTIONS, LLC. are proud to announce the new Southern Classic pool tournament. Formatted exactly like the ever popular Derby City Classic, this new event looks to bring 9-Ball Banks, One-Pocket, and 9-Ball into an area rich in billiard tradition and ripe for a big ‘ole pool tournament! The host venue will be the Harrah’s Hotel and Casino located in Tunica, MS. The dates are July 20-28, 2012. The venue has (2) separate buildings that will hold over (120) pool tables allowing for a “Derby City Classic” like event as well as 9 days of amateur events! “This event continues DIAMOND’s mission to increase pool play throughout the United States by providing tournaments and action for every level of player and is the second step towards the ultimate goal of a professional tour – Chad Scharlow”. Go to for all the exciting information.

OB Cues Unveils New Cue Line for 2012 OB Cues is proud to announce the launch of their New 2012 OB Cues. There are 10 new models ranging in price from $395 to $495 and all of the cues are built in their factory in Plano Texas. “The cues incorporate new technologies built into the butt that we have been developing here in Texas for the last 2 years” states Shane Sinnott, Director of Sales and Marketing. “8 of the 10 models feature a Straight Line Core construction which guarantees a cue that is straighter, stronger, more stable and stiffer. This means that the cues will be built straight, stay

straight and hit great. They also feature a new Centralized Balance System which involves placing weight in very specific locations throughout the butt of the cue to create an evenly balanced cue with feedback that is both crisp and lively. It really has to be felt to be appreciated…..Custom feel in a production cue!” The new cues can be seen online at and if you want to try or purchase one then please contact your favorite Billiard Dealer. BY SHANE SHINNOTT - 2012-03-01

TIGER DESIGNS NEW TIP SCUFFER AND SHAPER “After many years of research we decided to make our own tip shaper and scuffer. Being a cue tip manufacturer we wanted to make sure all cue tips get the best possible maintenance. We wanted a simple yet practical, durable, but great looking tool. Answer: Le Manifik Tip Shaper & Scuffer. Made from an Anodized Aluminum body, Le Manifik shaper and scuffer is lightweight, yet extremely durable. You get your choice of dime or nickel shapers and for scuffing options; fine or coarse. Laser cut plates will last forever and will never need to be replaced. It is assembled in such a way that the plates never come loose or break off. It’s made by Tiger, it’s made to last, & it’s made in USA.” Check it out at:

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ACS Midwest 8-Ball

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MEN’S ADVANCED 8-BALL SINGLES [20 entries x $75 = $1,500 + $500 added = $2,000] 1st $700 Chad Behnke (Farley, IA) 2nd $450 Alan Schares (Independence, IA) 3rd $300 Somphet Thongsouk (Des Moines, IA) 4th $200 Frank DeCastecker (Moline, IL) 5-6th $100 Ron Martin (E. Moline, IL), Keith Helfrich (Sterling, IL) 7-8th $75 Mike Overkamp (Evansdale, IA), Jerrod Frideres (Fort Dodge, IA) WOMEN’S ADVANCED 8-BALL SINGLES [7 entries x $75 = $525 + $500 added = $1,025] 1st $500 Jessica Frideres (Fort Dodge, IA) 2nd $325 Connie O’Heron (Wausau, WI) 3rd $200 Penny Prahl (Gays, IL) MEN’S OPEN 8-BALL SINGLES [155 entries x $40 = $6,200 + $500 added = $6,700] 1st $1,200 Mike Peiffer (Washington, IA) 2nd $840 Anthony Asher (Savannah, MO) 3rd $520 Dave Gossar (Wedron, IL) 4th $320 Tony Le (Cedar Rapids, IA) 5-6th $225 Steve Aldrich (Cedar Rapids, IA), Eric Naretto (Odell, IL) 7-8th $175 Erik Otto (Bloomingdale, IL), Blake Mattson (DeWitt, IA) WOMEN’S OPEN 8-BALL SINGLES [64 entries x $40 = $2,560 + $500 added = $3,060] 1st $700 Simone Huskey (Silvis, IL) 2nd $480 Georgia Countryman (Braidwood, IL) 3rd $330 Maria Lara (Sterling, IL) 4th $230 Sue Leonard (Moline, IL) 5-6th $150 Denise Miller (Princeton, IL), Courtney Cadwell (Hannibal, MO) 7-8th $100 Jaymi Levenhagen (Trail Creek, IN), Nancy Beadel (Bettendorf, IA) MEN’S 9-BALL SINGLES [128 entries x $20 = $2,560 + $200 added = $2,760] 1st $700 Jim Gessay (Hartland, WI) 2nd $450 Ron Martin (E. Moline, IL) 3-4th $205 Mike Bennett (Williams Bay, WI), Greg Sheffert (Cedar Rapids, IA) 5-8th $100 Andrew Burbach (Cedar Rapids, IA), Bryan Sandquist (Omaha, NE) Mark Henson (Schererville, IN), Craig Swanson (Des Moines, IA) WOMEN’S 9-BALL SINGLES [20 entries x $20 = $400 + $200 added = $600] 1st $200 Sheree Houseman (Muscatine, IA) 2nd $120 Shari Rice (Omaha, NE) 3-4th $60 Lori Rexroot (Ottawa, IL), Donna Whitcomb (Port Byron, IL) 5-8th $40 Angelique Damstrom (Ankeny, IA), Christina Vann (Sauk Village, IL) Tammy O’Meara (Silvis, IL), Heather Kriner (Bluegrass, IA) MEN’S TEAMS [80 entries x $80 = $6,400 + $4,000 added = $10,400] 1st $2,000 Freewheelers (IL) 2nd $1400 Hot Shots (IA) 3rd $1,000 Corner Pocket (IA) 4th $700 Royz Boyz (IL) 5-6th $450 Sheila’s (IL), Sporties Pimpin Ain’t Easy (WI) 7-8th $300 ERO Speedwagon (IL), Stun & Run (IL) WOMEN’S TEAMS [32 entries x $80 - $2,560 + $3,000 added = $5,560] 1st $1,500 Empty Pockets (IL) 2nd $1,100 Just The Tip (IA) 3rd $800 Fort Crook Billiards - Marsh (NE) 4th $560 Knickers - Kay (IA) 5-6th $350 Diamonds (IL), Krug’z Ladies (IA) 7-8th $250 New Windsor (IL), 8 Ball Makers (IL) 9-12th $100 What The Hell? (IL), Chix w/Stix (IL), Joedee’s Angels (IA), L8 Bloomers (IA) SCOTCH DOUBLES 8-BALL [18 entries x $30 = $540 + $200 added = $740] 1st $300 Dawn Spencer/ Jerry Dietz (IA) 2nd $200 Dawn Huser/ Jason Miller (IL) 3-4th $120 Jennifer Sundstrom/ Daryn Hamilton (IA) Jan James/ Bill Roach (MO) MEN’S TEAMS – 2ND CHANCE [18 entries x $40 = $720 + $450 added = $1,170] 1st $500 Transformers (IL) 2nd $350 Krug’z Guerillas (IA) 3-4th $200 Stumble Inn (IL), Charlie Jones & Them (IA) WOMEN’S TEAMS – 2ND CHANCE [9 entries x $40 = $360 + $300 added = $660] 1st $300 No Balls Just Racks (MO) 2nd $180 Lucky Dawgs (IL) 3-4th $90 Gus’s Crazy Eights (IA), Diamond Cougars (IA)

Attention Players: Behind The Rock Tour is taking the pool scene by storm. This tournament tour is designed for any caliber of players from intermediate level to pros. We play nationwide from local pool rooms with 6 divisions based on player ability. Players compete and get paid weekly. The three lower divisions are played with a true 90% handicapping system which means it’s not necessarily the best player that wins each week, but the players that score the most over their average each week in their division. How do we do it? We’ve integrated two components into the pool world: The Ghost and the internet. A new tournament starts every Sunday. Each qualified room plays their event on their time schedule anytime during the week. This individual completion plays a game called 211, otherwise known as 10 ball vs. the Ghost. Players break, take ballin-hand and run balls in rotation until they miss, foul or run-out. Once a player has done one of these three things, that game is over. Players play 11 games against the Ghost for a complete match, a final score and stats for their match. All the players’ matches are uploaded to our website every Saturday night at midnight when we close the tournament. Every Sunday morning we calculate winners and payouts go out every Monday. You will see the results immediately after calculations are done Sunday by noon PST. You’ll see how you placed, money earned, your stats, and other players’ rankings all by going to the website at Each division pays the top third of the field. Payouts are based on the participation of players in a division each week. It doesn’t get much better than this. No more bad rolls, no more safeties, it’s all offense and based on what you do at the table in each match. Come find out how you stack up against players of your own skill level. Qualified Rooms Currently Playing Butera Billiards, Moorpark CA Hawley’s Billiards, Dallas TX Classic Billiards, Portland OR Malarkey’s Pool & Brew, Tacoma WA Cues Billiards, Marietta GA Marietta Billiard Club, Marietta GA Diamond Billiards, Richmond VA Southern Billiards & Burgers, GA Fast Eddies’, San Angelo TX Spokane Valley Senior Citizens, WA Golden Fleece, Kenmore WA Triple Nine Bar & Billiards, MD March 30-April 1 we will be playing our Tri-Annual event where each room plays simultaneously in one tournament. This is crazy wild. You heard it right. Compete from your local pool room in a national tournament at the same time. Players have to play 11 matches in this trimester to qualify. Get ready for the next Tri-Annual event by finding a qualified room (or get your favorite room qualified), play your matches and learn where you stand in the world of pool. Tour rankings, no matter what skill level, tell where players stand in the big picture of the pool world. If you’re near a room that isn’t currently playing contact us and we’ll help you get them on board. If you’re interested in participating in the tour as an Event Coordinator call us at 253-226-3594. Visit the website and you’ll find players rankings, stats, tournament results and more information. Visit today and start playing. Don’t be scared of the Ghost.

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#14 Lucky Plays the Pescado Grande

3rd part of this adventure continued from last 2 months …… Crackkkk there was that sound again. Couple of games and we were “in the money” Lucky had again laid down the same break all the even balls went in the holes. Pescado Grande was constantly on the phone. Finally turned off his phone, Bet it was his girlfriend he was arguing with calling him. It was too late for Pescado Grande Lucky finished off the set and the money was ours. Time too quit………..The Mystery man who put up the $20,000 wanted to go again. His nose was open blaming Pescado Grande babe girlfriend for his temporary demise. They were not done. We have been up for almost two days hard on me it had to be harder on Lucky. We want a break Lucky said. The Bank of America was now open. Lucky had me meet him in the Office where the safe was and get our money out of the safe. Lucky said to give him the money. We stuffed it in his coat and pants pocket anywhere we could put it that would not be obvious. He said he would be right back. He went over the Bank and deposited the money except what we would need. Still a lot. When Lucky came back he said the Bank said that he brought in more money then they had on hand. They were likely expecting a shipment of cash from the main branch to conduct business with. That how banks work… Pescado Grande still looked pretty good considering they just played 18 hours. Lucky said he wanted to play but not at this moment. Needed a couple of hours. The guy showed us more five hundred dollar bills. I was wandering where someone got that many of those McKinley’s as they are rarely in circulation. I know better then to ask how he came by those bills. but the bank didn’t question them being counterfeit at the deposit. We agreed to meet at 9pm that would give everyone time to rest. We went and got a motel room. Slept until 7pm got ready then got a bite to eat on the way. I had Roast pork loin and rice pilaf and some steamed greens, corn bread and glass of milk. Lucky had baked fish the same flavorful greens I had but he had the senior portion. We both had coffee as we talked about what was going to happen. Everybody by now knew we were there but who Lucky was also a

24 Rackem Magazine - March 2012


mystery and we wanted to keep it that way. Lucky was more concerned now about the money. It would attract a criminal element. We took our time we did not want to be on an advertised schedule because it could make us more vulnerable. So I went in first and surveyed the place did see new faces including a known players like Jose Parica. I told the principle people that Lucky was on his way he in traffic. He was waiting in the car for my phone call. Lucky was stalling it was now 10pm some people waiting to sweat the match were starting to leave, Some thought Lucky was afraid of big money and skipped out with what he won. I assured the Mexican and the mystery man he was in traffic and on his way. I did lie a little, but it was for security reasons. Lucky was packing some real money. All of a sudden we all noticed that Lucky was sitting in the bleachers watching us talk. Popped out of thin air…Oh I’ve been there for a while he said. I am ready to play are you guys. Pescado Grande says, “Of course, my friend.” Jack it to $3000 a game ok! Thought we were playing One Pocket but it was 9ball. They set down equipment at the same table the backer came up and brought out the McKinley’s again. We were in ACTION BABY. This was so exciting. Lucky won the lag. Crackkkk there was that sound again. It’s incredible how he only makes the even balls on this break. I know he’ll explain it to me some time later. Lucky went right to work running out rack after rack each break looked exactly the same each and every time. The old man still has it. Lucky allowed the games to go back and forth again, putting everyone watching asleep. I got some water for Lucky, they did not have Lucky’s favorite water Fuji water he took a sip of what I got him, he said Fuji is the best. I am ready, while every body was thinking another long match they were paying less attention. Pescado Grande broke and scratched, Lucky adjusted his cinnamon stick went on to 5 straight effortless run outs and $30,000 more in sight towards Lucky’s goal, Lucky looks at the stunned group who were now paying attention again and says, “If I miss a ball in the next five games, I will start all over… at zero any side bets.” I know they want to do this. Who wouldn’t? Then Lucky

whispers, “get all the side bets possible”. What are they going to say? Nothing said for the longest moment. Lucky waits patiently, working the cinnamon stick. The look on their faces -- I can see each and every brain working overtime, eventually coming out with the answer -- Play the odds. No one runs out that much! The old man is loco I heard A good bet. I got a pencil and note pad and took names and amounts. Some bet $20 and few bet over $200. about 15 people bet some reaching into their socks pulling out the cash. I made them post it to, which I held on too if they wanted to bet. Pescado Grande says, “Of course, my friend.” Doubting Lucky’s ability and bet $200 and mystery backer bet $500. over two thousand collected here we go.. On the next game Lucky makes the 9 on the break. Something he never did for the past 2 days. Pescado Grande racks Lucky breaks another 9ball….. three in a row Lucky pockets the nine in a different pocket each time. Pescado Grande racks the game. Lucky breaks and makes the nine in the side. Pescado Grande racks goes to his chair, reaches for his cue case, opens it, unscrews his stick and puts it away. Lucky breaks anyway and pockets the nine in his breaking corner. It took less then 60 minutes. The entire crowd just sits there amazed, and then, slowly, one by one, they begin to applaud realizing what just happened. It was just like hypnotist who brings people out of a hypnotic trance. Though they are frustrated at knowing they just got beat out of their money by an old man who bested their man as well, still they are compelled spontaneously to show respect for what they know is the best pool playing they will ever see. I had tears in my eyes. I still have the money stuffed in my pocket too. We are going to get out alive, I think. Lucky looks at me and smiles wearily, as he acknowledges the respect by shaking everyone’s hand, saying, “Muchas gracias, amigos.” Only one will not shake Lucky’s hand – the backer, who is too stunned that his horse has lost, and is already heading out the door, the pulse in his neck pounding and his cheeks burning. Lucky bought round for all there. We pack up quickly and head out/ slipped while everyone was feeling good In the car and safe Lucky talked about what we might do this next year maybe

Derby City, other hot spots in the country and possibly Asia and Europe he did say depending on his health. He was into it for sure, like the old days he said. We headed to the airport so I could get home for Christmas. Lucky said he needed to do some important things, seems mysterious, that he does this every year at Christmas time. His beard was getting longer too….no …no way he could be…no.. We went to the airport I got my bags out of the car. I was to keep all the side bet money. He said he’d be fine driving home dropped me off I went in bought an airline ticket. In the plane have relived it in my mind so many times what happened my brain hurts. It’s one thing to be there watching it happen, but to realize that old Lucky had just played his game, and it was something only a very few would ever be privileged to see, and I was one, well, it is just too much. I’m back home now, doing all the normal stuff you do at home. My wife and I are enjoying getting in some Christmas stuff and ready for the New Year It’s nice being home. Being on the road with Lucky for so long is hard. Life on the road is more grueling than people think. It transforms you to some degree to the environment and the people. How you start out can easily change into something other than what you are expecting. Lucky said that when we first met. He was so right. But it sure was the experience of a lifetime. I know I will be there to help him out if I can, and look forward to going along for the ride, wherever that might be. I am waiting for Lucky to call when he is ready for the road again……. Lucky stories can be found at “On The Break” website, look them up…… copyright 2012 by Andrew Monstis

April 19-22, 2012 Four Bears Casino & Lodge New Town, North Dakota

Entry Deadline : April 19th @ 5 pm Central Time Mens Division: $10,000 Added

Womens Division: $3000 Added

Mens Calcutta – Top 32 Cash Only – 100% Payback

Women’s Calcutta – Top 8 Cash Only – 100% Payback


$60 Entry • Race to 7 • Alternate Break First 128 Players Paid Starts April 20th at 6 pm Entry Deadline April 19th at 5pm

SEND ENTRyS TO: 4 Bears 8-Ball Classic Box 745 New Town, ND 58763

$40 Entry • Race to 5 • Alternate Break First 64 Players Paid Starts April 20th Entry Deadline April 19th at 5pm

FOR ROOMS OR MORE INFO: Call Ray @ 701-421-0604 Or Bill @ 701-421-1305 Or Go To

9-Ball Tournament

$3000 Added $50 Entry Fee Race to 9 Alternate Break Starts April 19th at 5pm

March 2012 - Rackem Magazine 25


Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

Click on the MAP link online to get directions to each location DATE Mar 2-4 Mar 2-4

CITY Fargo, ND Fargo, ND

LOCATION Fargo Billiards Fargo Billiards

Mar 3 Mar 3

Belleville, KS Luck, WI

Mar 3-4 Mar 3-4 Mar 7-11 Mar 10 Mar 10 Mar 10 Mar 10-11 Mar 10-11 Mar 11 Mar 16-18 Mar 17 Mar 17 Mar 17 Mar 17 Mar 17 Mar 17 Mar 19-25 Mar 24 Mar 24 Mar 24 Mar 24

Antigo, WI Houston, TX Wisconsin Dells, WI Waupaca, WI Waukesha, WI Kansas City, MO Lafayette, LA Lafayette, LA Luck, WI Gladstone, MI Salina, KS Oshkosh, WI Farmington, MN Minnesota Waukesha, WI LaCrosse, WI Miami, OK Appleton, WI Baraboo, WI Sheboygan, WI Coon Rapids, MN

Nick’s Smitty’s & Animals Bogies Billiards Kalahari Resort Rustic Woods Campgroud Master Z’s Cue Club Brass Rail White Diamond Billiards White Diamond Billiards Wilkins Bar & Grill Terrace Bay Inn Sunset Billiards Varsity Club Farmington Billiards Blooming Prairie Cue Co Master Z’s Cue Club Top Shots Buffalo Run Casino Sharks Club Billiards Pumphouse Sports Bar Vibez CR’s Sport Bar

Mar 31 Mar 31 Mar 31 Apr 7 Apr 7-8 Apr 11-15 Apr 14-15 Apr 14-15 Apr 14-15 Apr 19-22 Apr 19-22

Cahokia, IL Madison, WI New Lisbon, WI Tulsa, OK Waukesha, WI Davenport, IA Waukesha, WI Houston, TX Three Lakes, WI New Town, ND New Town, ND

The Break Billiards The Brass Ring Opera House Magoo’s Master Z’s Iowa State Poolplayers Master Z’s Bogies Billiards Oneida Village Inn Four Bears Casino Four Bears Casino

Apr 21 Apr 21-22

West Salem, WI Three Lakes, WI

Breakers Oneida Village Inn

May 9-20 May 10-13 May 14-19

Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas, NV

Mar 3 Mar 3 Mar 3

After 5 Sports Bar Wilkins Bar & Grill

Independence, WI Eagles Bar Cedar Rapids, IA 2nd Ave Corner Pocket Beaver Dam, WI Brewski’s Ale Haus

Mar 24-25 Wisconsin Rapids, WI Jacoby Custom Cues Mar 30-Apr 1 Texas Behind The Rock

Apr 21 Apr 21

Apr 25-27 Apr 27-29

Oshkosh, WI Green Bay, WI

Mtn View, CA Mtn View, CA

Varsity Club The Bar on Lime Kiln

CA Billiard Club CA Billiard Club


PHONE (701) 282-4168 (701) 282-4168 (785) 527-8081 (715) 857-5555 (715) 985-3318 (319) 366-0979 (262) 305-6640 (715) 610-4238 (281) 821-4544 (877) 525-2427 (715) 281-1680 (262) 521-8004 (816) 468-6100 (337) 989-9889 (337) 989-9889 (715) 857-5555 (906) 280-4390 (785) 826-9992 (920) 651-0806 (651) 463-2636 (507) 251-9964 (262) 521-8004 (608) 782-6622 (918) 906-0839 (920) 830-0083 (608) 604-1757 (920) 458-9965 (763) 780-1585 (715) 886-2900 (253) 226-3594 (618) 332-0330 (608) 256-9359 (608) 562-3704 (918) 663-3364 (262) 522-3615 (262) 522-3615 (281) 821-4544 (715) 546-3373 (701) 421-0604 (701) 421-0604 (920) 651-0806 (920) 609-2611 (608) 786-9999 (715) 546-3373 (650) 965-3100 (650) 965-3100 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665

EVENT / RULES ENTRY Midwinter Shootout 9-Ball $40 Midwinter Shootout 8-Ball $60 9-Ball $30 Singles Series $20 Closed 8-Ball JPT $25+$5 g.f. 8-Ball - Lucasi Tour $40 Singles 8-Ball-Limit 16 $25 Women’s Traveling Team $75 Lone Star Tour $35-$15 g.f. 25th Annual WAMO State VNEA Varies 8-Ball Singles - DE $20 10-Ball Handicap Races $30 KC Rated 9-Ball Tour $40 9-Ball Mini Tournament $20 9-Ball Bar Table - Race to 7 $40 Singles Series $20 8-Ball handicapped $40 St Patrick’s Day Tourney $20+$20 g.f. A & B 9-Ball $40 8-Ball Mixed Scotch Doubles $50 Lucky Charms $20 9-Ball No Masters $25 Closed 8-Ball - JPT $25 OK Black Gold BCAPL State Call Little Johns Birthday $20 3-Man team $60 2 Person Teams $40 8-Ball Singles-MPA $50-$30 Spring Fling 5 man team $100 Tri-Annual Tour Event $35 Bar Table 9-Ball $35 10-Ball $30 Closed 8 Ball - JPT $25+$5 g.f. 1st Annual Vegas Warm-up $65 10-Ball WI State Open $65 8-Ball Singles/Teams & 9-Ball Varies 9-Ball State Amateur $55 Lone Star Tour $35-$15 Women’s Inv. Traveling Tourney $100/team 8-Ball Classic Men division $60 8-Ball Classic Women division $40 8-Ball - Lucasi Tour $40 WI handicapped 8-Ball $20 Open 8-Ball $25 Women’s Inv. Traveling Tourney $100/team One Pocket $125 10-Ball $125 BCAPL Nationals Varies U S Open One Pocket Call U S Open 10-Ball Call

ADDED TIME $500 6PM $2,500 10:30AM Call 1PM $500 Noon Call 9AM $500 Call $640 payout 11AM Call Call $1,000 Call Call Call Call 11AM $1,200+ Noon $300 w/32 11:30AM Call Call $1,000 w/128 9AM $500 Noon up to $2,000 4PM $750 w/50 11AM $1,000 Guar 11AM $500 10AM 150% Call $700 Noon Call 9AM $20,000 Call $200 11AM Call 11AM $200 w/32 10:30AM $1,000 10AM Call 9:30AM Call Call $2,500 11AM $1,200 11AM Call Call $2,500 11AM $2,500 1PM Call Call $1,500 1PM $1,000 Call Call 10:30AM $10,000 w/128 5PM $3,000 w/64 5PM $1,000 Call $400 w/32 Noon Call 9AM Call 10:30AM $4,000 Call $10,000 Call $800,000 payout Call $10,000 Guar Call $25,000 Guar Call

WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

DATE Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays

CITY Oshkosh, WI Muscatine, IA Oshkosh, WI Coon Rapids, MN Farmington, MN Muscatine, IA Tulsa, OK Oshkosh, WI Farmington, MN Tulsa, OK

26 Rackem Magazine - March 2012

LOCATION Varsity Club Krug’z Pool Hall Varsity Club CR’s Sports Bar Farmington Billiards Krug’z Pool Hall Q-Spot Billiards Varsity Club Farmington Billiards Q-Spot Billiards

PHONE EVENT / RULES (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Beginners (563) 263-7665 Pool/Darts (2nd Shift) SE (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Intermediate (763) 780-1585 8-Ball on 7’ Diamonds (651) 463-2636 8 or 9-ball rotation (563) 263-7665 9-Ball Race to 4 or 5 (918) 779-6204 8-Ball 7 & under (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Open - Break Pot (651) 463-2636 8-Ball Bar Box Hdcp (918) 779-6204 9-Ball 7 & under

ENTRY ADDED $8 $5 $10 $16 $75 $10 $50 w/16 $5 $5 $15 $5/player Guar. $20 entry $25 every 8 $10 (incl. g.f.)

TIME Call 1AM Call 7PM 6:30PM 8PM 9 PM Call 2PM 9 PM







36 Annual BCAPL th

National championships

May 9-20, 2012

Riviera Hotel & Casino 8-Ball ~ 9-Ball Singles ~ Scotch ~ Teams 70 Exhibitor Booths ~ 300 Diamond Tables

* based on 2011 fields

13th U.S. Open One Pocket Championship 4th U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship TAR Live Stream (

Rackem Magazine March Issue 2012  
Rackem Magazine March Issue 2012  

The Pool Players magazine in the Midwest has the latest results from the Wisconsin BCAPL, ACS Midwest 8-Ball, U S Bar Table Championships, K...