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02-27-2009 10:00 am Pro Billiards Semifinals (Women) 03-01-2009 10:00 am 1997 WPBA Classic Tour Final 03-01-2009 11:00 am 1999 WPBA Classic Tour Finals 03-01-2009 12:00 pm 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Finals 03-01-2009 1:00 pm 2003 Wmn's Tourn of Champions 03-01-2009 2:00 pm 2004 WPBA Delta Classic Finals 03-01-2009 3:00 pm 2004 WPBA San Diego Classic 03-01-2009 4:00 pm 2004 Wmn's Tourn of Champions Allison Fisher vs Jeanette Lee ve

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In an economy were many businesses and pool leagues are pinching pennies and giving their customers less and less - M8 Pool Leagues says “Let’s Give’em More!”

We look forward to seeing all of the participants at our next event - the M8 Singles and M8 Team Championships at Canterbury Park. There will be a $500 Added 9 Ball Singles event on February 19th, the 256 Singles Players will play February 20th - 22nd competing for the First Place Prize of $3,500 and the Advanced Teams will play February 20th - 22nd for prizes up to $10,000. There will also be a $500 Added Scotch Doubles event on March 5th and the Open Teams along with Masters Teams will play March 6th - 8th for prizes up to $10,000 in each division. We will be paying out prizes totaling in excess of

On January 31st CR’s Sports Bar in Coon Rapids hosted another fun-filled $500 Added Scotch Doubles Tournament for those league members currently playing in the Winter Season. The event, limited to the first 32 paid teams signed up was full over a week before the tournament and we even had to turn away numerous last minute inquiries. Play started shortly after 11:00am with all 32 teams competing for the First Place Prize of $500. It became clear early on Wanda Bublitz & Jerry King that Wanda Bublitz and Jerry King were $125,000 at these going to be a force to be reckoned with as they marched through the field events to local pool undefeated players - What are and would you playing for in your have a long league? wait to see Visit us at who would or need to call us at 651-636double-dip 2022 to see how you them to get at can get involved. the $500. In Shawn Isaacson & Greg Pelkey the end it 1st $500 Wanda Bublitz & Jerry King would come 2nd $330 Jake Freiling & Jack Steeves down to two of 3rd $200 Shawn Isaacson & Greg Pelkey the teams that Jake Freiling & Jack Steeves 4th $130 Billy Benson & Tom Gus Wanda and 5/6 $90 Austen Warner & Wayne Miller Jerry had already knocked to the Loser’s Side earlier - the Winner would Ken Beissel & Mike Gustafson get a chance at Redemption. Shawn Isaacson and Greg Pelkey vs. Jake 7/8 $60 David Wagner & Steve Allford Freiling and Jack Steeves - and their hill/hill game was decided by a risky Ryan Peterson & Paul Cochran shot on the 8 Ball. Jake and Jack would move on to the Championship as their opponents fouled on the 8 Ball. But in the first set of a must win Jake and Jack fell short in another hill/hill game to a very determined Wanda and Jerry as they made a very nice out to take the $500 prize. Thank you to all who came out and competed and congratulations to those who won money. Thank you to CR’s and their staff for the support and great service they give to M8 Pool Leagues and our members.

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J. Pechauer All American Tour #32

Runnerup Paul Fleming and Champion Tom Kollins The United States Snooker Association (USSA) continues to rejuvenate snooker in the United States in 2009 with its inaugural USSA National Snooker Tour, and the second stop on the Tour – the On Cue Open Snooker Classic at On Cue Billiards, directed by USSA board member Tom Kollins - in Grayslake, IL, January 17-18, again enjoyed a full 16-player field. Four round-robin preliminary flights determined the eight players for the final rounds. The preliminary flights featured 2-frame matches among each opponent within a flight for a total of six frames played per player. The preliminary favorites of multi-time national champion Tom Kollins, Canadian Paul Fleming and Stop #1 winner Jeff Szafransky from California cleared through to the final eight, qualifying them for the final playoffs. Group D was a tough flight, as Szafransky, Fleming and John Connelly all tied with 4-2 records, but the tie break was high run, and John Connelly registered the lowest high run at 22. Fleming claimed overall high run honors in the prelims with a break of 47. Final Results: 1st Tom Kollins (Grayslake, IL) $400 2nd Paul Fleming - (Waterloo, ON) $200 3-4 Jeff Szafransky (Mountain View, CA) $100 Rajneesh Bansal Bollingbrook, IL) $100 High Run – Paul Fleming (47) $50 The 2009 USSA National Championships will be conducted at the Prince Snooker Club in New York City, NY, May 21-24, and is open to the first 32 entries who are permanent residents or citizens of the USA. Info and entry details are available on the USSA website – The USSA National Snooker Tour is sponsored by Aramith Billiard Balls and Strachan West Of England snooker cloth, and the 2009 Tour will feature its third stop (of the sixstop Tour) at Prince Snooker Club in Brooklyn, NY on the weekend of February 7-8 (contact Raymond Fong at tel. (917) 923-5118 or USSA Executive Director Alan Morris at

End Zone Bar and Grill Saturday 8-ball

12 noon sign-up - 1 p.m. start 7-foot Valley tables-Handicapped $10 Entry - Race to 3/4/5 Double Elimination, Valley Rules $100 added Guaranteed

10491 East 260th St - Elko, MN


players pub 360 Main St New Town, ND


Pool & Darts

Legends Sports Bar - Clinton, IA, Saturday, January 24. The $500 added event drew forty-six players in a double-elimination 8-ball format on 7-foot bar boxes. Jesse Bowman (E. Moline, IL) was the dominating force on this day, and he took the hot seat in good order, turning back Josh Johnson (Bettendorf, IA) [rated a "7" on a regional handicap system used] in the A-bracket semifinals 7-3 and Dan Kuhl [5] (Le Claire, IA) in the Abracket finals 7-1. Dan Kuhl had made it to the A-bracket finals with a semifinals 5-1 win over Travis Frazelle [4] (Moline, IL). In the B-side bracket Ron Pluym [5] (Dubuque, IA) and Craig Jesse Bowman McLaren [5] (Galesburg, IL) eliminated Rich Bideaux [5] (Moline, IL) and Doric Smith [4] (Galesburg, IL) at 7th place by 5-2 and 5-1 scores respectively. Josh Johnson and Craig McLaren each ended the day for Ron Pluym and Travis Frazelle at 5th place via respective 7-3 and 5-1 margins. In the B-bracket semifinals, Johnson ousted Craig McLaren at 4th place 7-1, and he followed up with a strong 7-1 performance in the B-side finals to eliminate Dan Kuhl at 3rd place. Both Josh Johnson and Jesse Bowman own national championship titles, but Jesse Bowman was the best on this day, taking care of Johnson 7-4 for the title! The ACS wishes to thank sponsors J. Pechauer Custom Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric, Nick Varner Signature Cases and oZone Billiards. Tour info available at Final Results: 1st Jesse Bowman (E. Moline, IL) $350 + $110 Side Pot + Free Singles entry to ACS Nationals 2nd Josh Johnson (Bettendorf, IA) $275 + $75 Side Pot 3rd Dan Kuhl (Le Claire, IA) $205 + $45 Side Pot 4th Craig McLaren (Galesburg, IL) $150 + $20 Side Pot 5-6 Ron Pluym (Dubuque, IA) $100 Travis Frazelle (Moline, IL) 7-8 Rich Bideaux (Moline, IL) $60 Doric Smith (Galesburg, IL) 9-12 Tony Maresco (Clinton, IA) $30 Mark O’Hara (Clinton, IA) Scott Hargens (Cedar Rapids, IA) Keith Helfrich (Sterling, IL)

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Effective 8-Ball Break Shots, Part II

Br Bree ak the Glass C Cee iling!

(c) 2008 Mike Fieldhammer,

By Samm Diep (c) January 2009

Part I of the break shot details the most common approach to breaking by hitting the ball at the apex of the stack. This article will detail a highly effective alternative-the second ball break. As summarized in Part I, a successful break shot can be defined as follows: * One or more balls have been pocketed * The cue ball is in a position that offers an opening shot * Object balls have scattered sufficiently and few clusters exist The second ball break still benefits from a tight rack, but is more forgiving. One of the two balls directly behind the apex ball is struck and the action of the rack can be thought of as an explosion from the center of the rack. Energy from the cue ball is directed at the core of the rack with the object balls scattering from the inside out.

The term “glass ceiling” most commonly refers to situations where advancement is stopped at a lower level due to some form of discrimination. In the case of this article, we often times hold ourselves back from advancing because we’re stuck in a place where we have been for so long. We want to improve but we hold ourselves back. We lose to players that we look up to. We tell ourselves, “I’ve never beaten him before. He’s better than me.” In turn, we are the ones discriminating against ourselves and our own abilities. As we improve, we may leave some of our peers behind. We will also inevitably face players that were at one point better than us. By now, we may be pretty even with them or in some cases even Samm Diep better than them. Regardless of how much we admire their game, we can’t lose sight of our own abilities. Remembering how great they are and how much we idolize them only reinforces that glass ceiling. The truth is: we might be able to beat them but if we still look at ourselves as that timid beginner player, then we stand no chance. The only way to break through the invisible barrier we’ve created is to compete, compete, and then compete some more. Hiding out in your basement for two years shooting nothing but drills might give you the knowledge and skills, but it will not give you that competitive edge and tournament toughness required to beat your hero. How well competition pressure is handled is what separates the ball-bangers from the masters. The first couple times we play the local champ, we get our butts handed to us. We go back and practice. The next time, maybe we make some really nice runs but miss the money ball. We go back and practice that shot. In the next tournament, run a few more racks but still lose. We go back and work on our break shot. Until, eventually, we finally beat them. If we continue the hard work, the day will come. We may not beat them again the next time after that, but we now know they’re beatable. They all are. Congratulations, you’ve just taken the first step towards breaking the glass ceiling. Glass ceilings can be set by us, our peers, our family, or any of those random thoughts that creep into our subconscious. We’ll never break through if we don’t believe in ourselves and accept our own improvements. It’s not who you were, it’s the player that you’ve become. Keep practicing, keep competing, and keep breaking through.

This concentrated strike is more of a sniper shot than an all out blast. Accuracy supercedes power in the second ball break. English and spin are employed to make aiming at the small target even more difficult. The power of the stroke must be held in check so as not to sacrifice a deadly accurate hit. The cue ball must originate from near one of the side rails. This offers the shortest path and most advantageous angle to hit the second ball as full as possible. The cue ball should miss the apex ball and impact the second ball back. Clipping the head ball may cause a scratch in pocket ‘1’ or even jump the cue ball off the table. Steering too far clear of the head ball can be costly as well. Hitting too thin (low) on the second ball can send the cue ball straight into the corner or into the long rail and across to scratch in corner pocket ‘2’. Even if the scratches are avoided, you may be stuck beneath the stack or on the foot rail with no shot at all. Outside English and draw (Low left in the diagram breaking from the left side rail) should be used in moderation to contact the side rail and direct the cue ball to the shaded oval position zone. As in the head ball break, the center of the table will offer the most options for an opening shot. Don’t overdo the low, outside spin because a scratch in pocket ‘3’ is possible. Cue ball kisses are highly likely, but if the cue ball is sent along the path illustrated the kiss may not hurt you. Keeping the cue ball away from the pockets greatly reduces the chance of getting kissed into a scratch. Players new to the second ball break should begin without employing any left or right spin. Play the shot with draw only and focus on an accurate hit on the second ball. Some players have great success without adding the sidespin and hitting the break with high speed. Equipment and playing conditions may influence how you choose to shoot the second ball break shot. This alternate break shot works well, especially when the head ball smash break is not satisfying the first two goals of breaking. You’ll often make a ball but may face a more difficult run out due to a less effective spread of (Billiard Coach continued on page 13)

Please be sure to visit “random smatterings of pool thoughts, articles, & news”. You can take polls, view article archives, and read tournament and training updates. Samm Diep, “Cherry Bomb” House Pro at Mile Nine & Rack ‘Em Billiards (Aurora, CO) Author of “You Might Be A D Player If... (101 Classic Moves That All Pool Players Can Appreciate)” Visit: fun & unique products for pool players

11th Annual Derby City Classic

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Photos courtesy of: Mike Fieldhammer

(Derby City Classic continued on page 8)

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Photos courtesy of: Rick Schmitz - Rixx Images email:

The 11th Annual Diamond Derby City Classic hosted by the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel in Elizabeth, Indiana January 23-31, 2009. Entrants in the DCC are required to play in all 3 events, Bank Pool, One Pocket and 9-Ball. The players acquire points based on how they finish in each event all vying for the coveted “Master of the Table” and the $25,000 bonus money that goes with the title. This is in addition to their prize money won in each

event. John Brumback walked away with the award this year and $20,000 first place prize money. The second place finisher Johnathan Pinegar only lost out to Brumback by half a point. Brumback’s 175.5 to Pinegar’s 175. Another unusual format of Derby City is that each player has the option to buy back into the tournament and each round is a blind draw.

BANKS This event is a double elimination with a buy back which is what Rudolfo Luat decided to do to face John Brumback in the finals of the Bank Pool Division. The competition was a short rack, race to 3 format. John Brumback, local Kentucky bank pool player was the hometown crowd favorite and he had to beat Rudolfo twice to capture the win. John was no stranger to the finals in the bank pool division and had finished in second place on two other occassions in 2004 and 2005. John won the first set 3-2 and the second 3-1 and captured the $10,000 first place prize money

14-1 Bob Jewett’s $10,000 Straight Pool Challenge pitted Darren Appleton and Danny Harriman in the finals with Harriman coming out on top.

with Shane coming competition since al gear and each oppo was also plowing th looked like an easy reach the hill first. M with Shane clearing the $16,000 first pla

February 2009 page 9

FAT BOY 10-BALL CHALLENGE Eric “Fat Boy” P e t e r s o n sponsored the first “Fat Boy 10-Ball Challenge”, a race to 15, single elimination tournament open to the first 16 players who paid the $1,000 entry. The prize fund was rounded out to an even $20,000 by the addition of $4,000 by Peterson. The finals saw Lee Vann Corteza and Ralf Souquet face off. The match was all Vann Corteza and was broadcast live via the internet, starting at midnight, courtesy of AccuStats as a pay-per-view event. This was one of many events offered by Accu-Stats who was there to record the action on PPV.


Shane Van Boening and Lee Vann Corteza were the last two players standing from a field of 341 in the 9-Ball Division. This was being played on the last day of the DCC and the play went back and forth between the two h Shane coming out on top. The final 8 players were in a single elimination mpetition since all 8 had already used their “buy back” option. Shane caught a ar and each opponent he faced was another step closer to the final match. Lee as also plowing through the field to meet up with Shane in the race to 7 finals. It oked like an easy win for Lee when he had a 5-3 lead but Shane fought back to ach the hill first. Missed opportunities by both players in the final match finished h Shane clearing the table after Lee gave him ball in hand. Shane took home e $16,000 first place prize money.

TAR The Derby City Classic is known for its late night action and this year was no exception. Shane Van Boening and Efren Reyes matched up for 10-Ball, race to 23, winner take all which was $20,000. Reyes was in the lead throughout most of the match but in the end it was Van Boening that pulled off the win 23-19. This match was streamed on the internet as a PPV.

FAT BOY 10-BALL CHALLENGE 1st $10,000 Lee Vann Corteza 2nd $5,000 Ralf Souquet 3rd $2,500 Mika Immonen 4th $2,500 Francisco Bustamante STRAIGHT POOL 1st $2,500 Danny Harriman 2nd $2,400 Darren Appleton 3rd $2,000 John Schmidt 4th $1,400 Thorsten Hohmann 5th $1,200 Beau Runningen 6th $900 Corey Deuel 7th $800 Charlie Williams 8th $700 Huidjie See MASTER OF THE TABLE 1st $20,000 John Brumback 2nd $3,000 Jonathan Hennessee 3rd $2,000 Shane Van Boening 9-BALL DIVISION 1st $16,000 Shane Van Boening 2nd $8,000 Lee Vann Corteza 3rd $3,000 Ralf Souquet 3rd $3,000 Adam Smith 5th $1,550 Rodolfo Luat Darren Appleton Jonathan Hennessee Johnny Archer 9th $1,200 John Morra ONE POCKET DIVISION 1st $12,000 John Schmidt 2nd $6,000 Scott Frost 3rd $2,700 Jose Parica Jeremy Jones 5th $2,000 Rob Melrose Jonathan Hennessee 7th $1,300 Niels Feijen Mark Jarvis Shannon Daulton BANKS DIVISION 1st $10,000 John Brumback 2nd $5,000 Rodolfo Luat 3rd $2,500 Jonathan Hennessee 4th $1,450 Brian Gregg Larry Nevel Shannon Daulton 7th $900 Thorsten Hohmann Mika Immonen Shawn Putnam

ONE POCKET A strong field of 333 players faced off in the One Pocket Division with John Schmidt playing the favorite Scott Frost in the finals. Schmidt went undefeated through this event and Frost had to beat Schmidt twice but couldn’t pull off the win.

Snow and ice storms plagued the Derby City Classic with delayed start times for matches and lost internet connectivity.

ONE POCKET & BANK POOL HALL OF FAME The 5th Annual Hall of Fame Banquet for One Pocket and Bank Pool Players was held during the Derby City Classic and was hosted by steve Booth. The One Pocket inductees were Jack Cooney and Marvin Henderson (posthumous) and the Bank Pool inductees were Tony “Fargo” Ferguson and Jimmy “Flyboy” Spears (Lifetime Pool in Action)


February 2009 page 10

It started as a spark of an idea. An idea from the same mind who created the Jay Swanson Memorial 13 years ago, who has helped to grow the U.S Bar Table Championships for the past 16 years, and who took ownership of the BCA Pool Leagues almost 5 years ago. This new idea has slowly started to gain recognition nation wide. The brainchild of Mark Griffin, CEO of CueSports International, the National Championship Series (NCS) is days away from its first national event; the NCS 8-Ball Championship at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas February 13 -15. The NCS is unique in many regards. Its first national event, the NCS 8Ball Championship is the first tournament in the country’s pool history where the winner will move forward to represent the United States at the world level, specifically the WPA World 8-Ball Championship. Another unique aspect of the NCS is its openness to all U.S players, men, women, amateur and professional and where membership is not required to any organization or association. The NCS is a series of national championships in five cue disciplines: 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, 14.1 Continuous and One Pocket. It is also the first to encourage knowledge and growth in multiple games. In the past five months the team at CSI scheduled 8-Ball qualifiers all over the country. The NCS system encourages players to participate in their local and regional pool rooms. Depending on the qualifier tournament turnout, each qualifier sends 1-4 players. CSI set up the qualifiers to offer the opportunity for players to participate in a pro-style event but without the necessity of paying a large national level entry fee. The qualifier entry amounts around the country have ranged from $40 - $125 depending on host room and location. However each spot is valued at $550, of which 90% goes directly into the prize fund at the national level. The remainder is used by CSI to help pay for advertising and promotional materials sent to qualifier host rooms to help market their qualifiers. The NCS is a grass roots and team effort on multiple levels. There is team CSI, out of Henderson, Nevada and numerous qualifier host rooms and independent promoters who believe in the NCS and what it can do for the sport. Now with the NCS 8-Ball Championship around the corner, the NCS is beginning to schedule qualifiers for the following cue disciplines: 9-Ball, 10-Ball and 14.1 Continuous. The NCS 9-Ball and NCS 10-Ball Championships will be scheduled for the second half of 2009. Additionally negotiations are in process for the NCS 14.1 Championship and NCS 1Pocket Championship locations and dates. TWO STOOGES - FRIDLEY, MN SATURDAY JAN 24TH, 2009 $500 ADD IN 4th $90 1st $320 Jared B. 5/6 $65 2nd $220 Josh B. 3rd $140 Demi J. 7/8 $40

Eddie Sipes, Amanda Hasting, Jeannette Lee and George Breedlove

Recently Jeannette Lee and her husband George Breedlove came to Cape Girardeau, Missouri looking for action and they found it with Tony Fargo playing one handed jacked up banks 7 ahead for 7000.00. After many gruesome hours of constant torture the battle ended with George Breedlove snapping it off with a total score of 7500.00. Jeannette signed autographs and watched her husband in action cheering him on the whole time.

On December 8th, 2008, we were hit by a tornado which destroyed our 30'x60' workshop/garage. (The workshop area was about 20'x30'.) We were able to save most of our wood, supplies and tools. Insurance

- 32 PLAYERS Tom A. Jim F., Mario P. Dave M., Jamie P.

J. Pechauer All American Tour #29 STARSHIP BILLIARDS - DECATUR, IL JAN 17-2009 1st $335 Jamie Baraks (Milan, IL) + $436 side pot 2nd $250 Josh Johnson (Bettendorf, IA) + $327 side pot + Free Singles entry to ACS Nationals 3rd $200 Milton Strack (Monticello, IL) + $218 side pot 4th $150 Larry Parke (Decatur, IL) + $109 side pot 5-6 $100 Mike Durbin (Sullivan, IL), Eric Kelton (Peoria Heights, IL)

J. Pechauer All American Tour #30 RUDY’S PLACE - AURORA, IL SATURDAY JANUARY 17 1st $500 Tommy Hernandez (Glendale Heights, IL) 2nd $300 Gil Hernandez (Joliet, IL) 3rd $200 Eddie Balderas (Aurora, IL) 4th $150 Bob Nodine (Chicago, IL) 5-6 $100 Marlon Angeles (Chicago, IL), Sergio Perez (Joliet, IL)

Angel Reyes (Aurora, IL)

$50 + Free Singles entry to ACS

J. Pechauer All American Tour #31 HAMMERHEADS BAR & BILLIARDS - DUBUQUE, IA SATURDAY JAN 17 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Scott Hargens (Cedar Rapids, IA) Rich Bideaux (Moline, IL) Casey Moriarity (Dubuque, IA) $175 Kent Zirtzmann (Manchester, IA)

$375 + $70 side pot $275 $75

will not pay enough to replace the building, so we are selling some surplus items to help us raise funds to rebuild. We will be listing items as we can, over the next few weeks on our website When you are ready to order, please write us by clicking on our e-mail address Don't forget to check out the cues listed on our new cues page. We recently reduced some of the prices to help us sell them quicker, which will also help us with rebuilding costs. Another way to help would be to buy some of the Zazzle items we have posted on our Zazzle page which we receive a portion of sales from. Thank you for your interest and especially for your orders, which will help us rebuild our workshop. We promise to do our best to continue building top-of-the-line cues that are all about quality and playability. May you all have a happy, healthy, safe 2009!

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The KC Rated 9-Ball Tour was the end of the session get invited to formed by the owners of several play for the side pot cash, as well as rooms and a couple of pool players. a chance to win prizes ranging from The owners figured why cut each cue holders to playing cues. others throats trying to compete for The handicap ranges from 4-13. the same 45 tournament players Player ratings are based off of around the city. Instead they can league ratings or word of mouth from take turns having all of the players people we know and trust around the at their establishment. It was decided area. If we can’t get a solid line on that it would need to be handicapped how someone plays they play as a so that anyone who wants to play can 12. Handicaps can be adjusted midhave a chance to win. The tournament if they are out of line. A tournaments are every two weeks players rating goes up one skill level unless there is another event that if they finish in the top four, two out needs to be worked around. Each of four weeks. Lowering of tournament has a $40 entry fee. $10 handicaps doesn’t happen very (l to r) Bill Fickle, Owner of Side Pockets Blue Springs, Dan Angstead, Bob Fergason of that pays the greens fee, which in often. If a player doesn’t cash after turn becomes added money in each tournament. $5 of the remaining $30 playing 6 or more tournaments the tour operators will discuss lowering goes into a cumulative side pot. The remaining $25 is the actual entry for that players skill level. It is recommended that out of town players bring the tournament. The side pot comes into play at the end of each 12 some league materials that shows their average and matches played. tournament session. Every player gets 5 points minimum per tournament. The tour has a website address of There you can The better you do the more points you can earn. The Top 32 players at find our schedule as well as tour points standings. 1st Dan Angstead 4th Phil Runyan 2nd Bob Fergason 5/6 David Hienonen, Sam Hammock 3rd Aaron Axmear

The OB Cues Ladies Tour first stop of any year is always a “can’t wait” Although Orietta had not played on the tour since 2006, her game never event. The players, supporters, and fans came out in full force to start off went away and she was on a quest to win the WPBA San Diego Classic the tour year with one of its largest attendances! Sixty-three players were Event Qualifier and win it she did. After Orietta’s 4-7 loss to Terry, she ready and raring to go and by day’s end on continued to score wins over Lisa Marr and Saturday, there were 16 left standing in the Melinda Bailey before her final tournament Main Event. loss against Heather. Orietta had a nice 3rd First, before we get into the details of the place finish plus the qualifier spot so she had tournament, special thanks to our host site a very eventful weekend for sure. Congrats Rusty’s in Arlington, Texas. Jeff, Josh, and Welcome Back, Orietta. “Rash”, and all the wonderful staff at Rusty’s The finals match between Amanda and were the best ever and we thank them for Heather was going to be a superb match as all their hospitality and warm welcome. Also everyone expected. These two champions special thanks to our main supporter OB and friends are always top seeds wherever Cues. Don and Anita Owen, the O of OB they go and awesome and flawless offensive Cues, were on hand Sunday to watch the and defensive playmaking gave the crowd hotly contested matches and were treated their money’s worth for sure. In true double to some healthy and friendly competition elimination format, Heather would need to from everyone. Thank you OB Cues for all Heather Pulford (2nd) Orietta Strickland (3rd) and Amanda Lampert (1st) score two wins over Amanda, but this did not you do! happen. Amanda was not going down easy Many champions were in-house including the 2008 OB Cues Regional and with her look of determination and confidence, she scored her first Tour Champion, Lisa Marr who lost her first match of the day to 2008 Most win of this tour year with a 7-4 victory. Awesome work, Heather and Improved Player & Board Member, Melinda Bailey 7-3. Melinda had an Amanda! awesome tournament on Saturday as she continued to be undefeated Click here for tournament payouts (I don’t have all the info on players and a contender on the winner’s side on Sunday. As the tournament placement and monies) $2,000 added Main Event: 1st $750 Amanda Lampert continued on Sunday, there were 8 women undefeated and 8 with one2nd $600 Heather Pulford loss. On the winner’s side, it was Melinda Bailey vs. Bonnie Plowman; 3rd $420 Orietta Strickland + qualifier Heather Pulford vs. Michelle Abernathy; Orietta Strickland vs. Terry 4th $305 Bonnie Plowman Petrosino and Amanda Lampert vs. Tori Jones, who is not only a teammate 5/6 $170 Melinda Bailey and Terry Petrosino of Amanda but this was Tori’s first OB Cues Ladies Tour event——not bad 7/8 $120 Michelle Abernathy and Lisa Henderson-Major for a first-timer. On the one loss side, it was Lisa Henderson-Major (having 9-12 $80 Tori Jones, Julie Stephenson, Michelle Cortez, Lisa Marr an awesome tournament weekend) vs. Alicia Teskey; Tara Williams 13-16 $50 Alicia Teskey, Nancy French, Shayla Neris, Tara Williams (formerly McCracken) vs. Michelle Cortez; Board Member Julie Stephenson 17-24 $30 Kim Pierce, Ashley Nandrasy, Camille Madison, vs. Shayla Neris; and Lisa Marr vs. Nancy French. Excellent job, Nancy! Robyn Petrosino, Natalie Mans, Kathy Knuth, After the winner’s side battling was all over, the hot seat match came Ophelia Charleston, Cristina De La Garza down to Amanda vs. Heather with Amanda rising as the victor 7-6 and 25-32 $20 Christy Powell, Tracie Voelkering, Patricia Wenninger, waiting patiently for her finals opponent. Rebecca Goodnight, Jillian Martinez, Amy Hall, Tina Lehrmann, Jennifer Pavlovick

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Men’s ‘B’ 8 Ball Champion Mike Cundy, Jr

Women’s Master 8 Ball Champion Jacqui Schroeder Women’s B Team Champions: Kangaroo K’s Gina Webster, Regina Hoffmann, Donna Kriewaldt, Kay Ladwig, Connie Lang, Jessica Lewis

Wisconsin BCA State Championships 2009

Men’s Master 9 Ball Champion Chris Patterson

Women’s ‘B’ 8 Ball Champion Beth Voskuil

Men’s ‘A’ 8 Ball Champion Larry Davidson

Men’s ‘AA’ 8 Ball Champion Gene Albrecht, Jr

What a wonderful sight it is when after a five-day pool tournament everyone is smiling. We ask ourselves, as players was it worth it. We know going in that 99.9% of us will not win, that 75% of us will not cash. We know there will be expenses, hotel, food, entry fees, travel, and entertainment costs. We know there could be snowstorms and sub zero temps, but we come anyway. Our goal of course is to be the best in the state in each of our competitive divisions. Wisconsin has women’s Master, A, and B divisions, and men’s Master, AA, A, and B. We come because watching the balls scatter after the opening break is a pure adrenaline rush. We come because a run out is heaven on earth, and a nine-ball break puts a smile where it belongs. We come because the players we see year in and year out aren’t just fellow competitors; they are becoming our friends. We come because our ongoing love-hate relationship with a crazy and sometimes unpredictable game drives us to, and we do believe that our time to shine could be “ this time”. Our mission in Wisconsin on a yearly basis is to improve the BCA league player’s experience. This year was another example of accomplishing that goal. By incorporating a green fee rather than plugging quarters we speeded up play by 20%, not to mention the dollar savings the players received, a $25 to $50 per player average. Having the tables open for play continually was enjoyed by all that attended. Ric Jones (Bad Boy Productions) provided the equipment. Player comments were very positive in regards to the tables, lights, and arrangement. Diamond 7-foot tables with pro cut pockets highlighted with the diamond tournament lighting and Simonis blue made for a playing surface that was fast and straight. We believe that Diamond products are here to stay. Our tournament director as in many past state events was the well-known Dean (Doctor Pool) Roeseler. The WIBCA over the years has established a unique working relationship with Dean. We are fortunate to be associated with a man who uses his talents and strengths for the betterment of our annual event. Its one thing to do your job because it is your job, it is another thing to do your job because it is your love. The difference shows, and in our event it was all-good. Five days of pool with 1,692 contestants and 80 tables could have spelled “ nightmare”. Dean and his staff showed that it could be accomplished with a minimum of turbulence. Sometimes emotions mixed with alcohol can run high; Dean and his staff should be commended for having a calming effect when these situations present themselves. Enough can’t be said about our gracious hosts, Olympia Resort and Conference Center located only blocks off of US 94 half way between Madison and Milwaukee in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. The generosity of owner Rick Eckert when it comes to pool players was beyond our expectations. Luxurious surroundings, kind, courteous and friendly hotel

Women’s Master A Team Champions: Press Box Shannon Damm, Nicole Fields, Mary Price, Kate Randolph, April Schwartz

Men’s ‘B’ 9 Ball Champion Tracey Christianson

Men’s Master 8 Ball Champion Billy (The Kid) Lasee

Women’s ‘A’ 8 Ball Champion Lori Nelson

Women’s 9 Ball Champion Ronda Nelson

Men’s A Team Champions: Flanagans Elite T J Krause, Mike Frisch, Richard Rocha Jr, Dan Schultz, Ricardo Torres

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Men’s Master AA Team Champions: Press Box #2 Bud Snyder, Bob Baehler, Dean Flitter, Adam Osier, Allen Snyder

staff helped make our State Championships a huge success. Our cue raffle was the best it has ever been. Something happens to people when they wear a piece of cheese for a hat. They just start giving like crazy. Wisconsin cue makers are seriously the best in the business. Many thanks go out to Jacoby, Viking, McDermott, Pechaeur, and Jackson Cue companies and Big Ten Billiards for their donations and yearly support.

Men’s B Team Champions: Sheperd’s Corn Randy (Corn) Fink, Earl Barnekow, Howie Newbauer, Brian Olson

Thanks to the national BCA for their STAMP program that returns added money for our event. Speaking of added money, we pushed upward around $12,000.00 for 2009, with a total payout of about $75,000.00. We took our cheesehead hats off when we counted the money, and for the first time in the history of the WIBCA State Championships all the winners were paid in cash. For info about specific payouts and finishes just Google WIBCA and click on tournaments. You will find the site easy to navigate and informative. Photos of the winners and runner-ups are available for download. If you are interested in doing feedback that is there also. The three lucky players who got their entries in early and had there names drawn are: Joseph Manena, Craig Harmel, and Mark Mueller. They won free nights stay for next year’s tourney. Each and every year we hope to add to this early bird special more names and nights. Pool tournaments are a unique animal, bringing together families such as Connie and Kelly O’heron, mother and daughter from the Wausau area, Gene Albrecht Sr. and Gene Albrecht Jr., father and son from the Chippewa Falls area, Shannon and Jacqui Schroeder, husband and wife from northern Illinois. Bringing together long lost old pool playing friends like Gary Johnson, Mike Miller, and Rob Hovick all who grew up playing pool together in Superior. Pool brings together old adversaries that no matter how hard you try to; you can’t get them out of your mind. We know that on the table

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810 W 56 Hwy Olathe, KS Fri & Sat 913-780-5740 Pool Tournaments

revenge for past losses is sweet, and remembering can be our edge. The pinnacle of every pool player’s life is of course to be the best, even if it is for just one tournament. The masters division at the state level does represent this achievement. This year, as in all previous years we have new names to put at the top of the list. In the 9 Ball we have Men’s Senior Champion champion Chris Patterson and Gary Bowe runner-up Jeremy Fedkenheuer on the men’s side. In the ladies division we have champion Ronda Nelson and runner-up Jacqui Schroeder. In 8 Ball we have a new first time champion in Billy (The Kid) Lasee and perennial top five finisher in the runner-up spot Duncan Kauffman. For the ladies 8 Ball it was newcomer Jacqui Schroeder as champion and one of our states two Grand Master Men’s ‘AA-A’ 9 Ball Champion ladies, Katrina Lyman in the runnerJason Barnhill up position. These players can and should be very proud of their achievement. On behalf of all Wisconsin BCA league players we salute you. The Wisconsin BCA is a strong and growing group of pool league players dedicated to their sport. Now if some of us could get the cheese out of our eyes while we are shooting everything would be just fine. Thanks to all the players for competing, enjoying, and respecting the game and the people that play it. Complete results can be found at

Billiard Coach

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the rack. This can be a smart move if you’d like to avoid leaving the rack wide open for your opponent to run out after a dry head ball break. Your opponent may have more work to run out a second ball break if you fail to make a ball. Spend time working on powerful but controlled head ball breaks as well as the precision second ball break. Having two effective break shots in your arsenal will make you a more deadly run out weapon. Choose your break shot based on results of warm up games, table conditions, and what you observe from other skilled players. Getting an opening shot is the first step to running racks. Break well! Mike Fieldhammer - Professional Billiard Instructor / 612.802.0519 Mike is a full time tournament player and professional billiard instructor. He is available for private instruction or group clinics and events. Mike is a certified PAT examiner, a Billiard Congress of America Certified Instructor, and an ACS Certified Coach/Instructor. Gift Certificates Available

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

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DA TE DATE Feb 7 Feb 7 Feb 12-15 Feb 13-15 Feb 13 Feb 14-15 Feb 14 Feb 20 Feb 20 Feb 21-22 Feb 21 Feb 21 Feb 21 Feb 21 Feb 19 Feb 20-22 Feb 20-22 Feb 26 Feb 26

CITY Fridley, MN Davenport, IA Duluth, MN Las Vegas, NV Mole Lake, WI Mole Lake, WI Centralia, IL Cape Girardeau, MO Cape Girardeau, MO Cape Girardeau, MO Oshkosh, WI Fairview Heights, IL Galesburg, IL Dubuque, IA Shakopee, MN Shakopee, MN Shakopee, MN Shakopee, MN Shakopee, MN Feb 26-Mar 1 Shakopee, MN Feb 26-Mar 1 Olathe, KS Feb 26-Mar 1 Olathe, KS Feb 28 Sand Springs, OK Feb 28-Mar 1 Austin, TX Mar 5-8 Shakopee, MN Mar 7 East Moline, IL Mar 7-8 Cahokia, IL Mar 14 St Peters, MO Mar 12-13 Walker, MN Mar 13-15 Walker, MN Mar 21 Alton, IL Mar 22 LaCrosse, WI Mar 26-27 Walker, MN Mar 27-29 Walker, MN Mar 27-29 New Town, ND Mar 27-29 New Town, ND Apr 2-5 Tulsa, OK Apr 2-5 Tulsa, Ok Apr 4 Pekin, IL Apr 11 Fairview Heights, IL Apr 18 St Peters, MO Apr 18 Davineport, IA Apr 25-26 Chenoa, IL

LOCA TION LOCATION Two Stooges Miller Time Billiards DECC Center NCS Mole Lake Casino Mole Lake Casino Shooter’s Sports Bar The Billiard Center The Billiard Center The Billiard Center Varsity Club Baxter’s Billiards on Main Bulldog Billiards Canterbury Park Canterbury Park Canterbury Park Canterbury Park Canterbury Park Canterbury Park Shooters Shooters Sandite Billiards Fast Eddie’s Canterbury Park Leisure Time Billiards Break Billiards Teacher’s Billiards Northern Lights Casino Northern Lights Casino Riverbend Billiards Top Shots Pool & Darts Northern Lights Casino Northern Lights Casino Four Bears Casino Four Bears Casino Magoo’s Magoo’s Koch St Bar & Grill Baxter’s Radar’s Sports Bar Miller Time Finish Line

PHONE (763) 574-1399 (563) 359-7225 Charter Holder (702) 719-7665 (888) 372-7665 (888) 372-7665 (618) 532-9931 (573)335-9955 (573)335-9955 (573)335-9955 (920) 651-0806 (618) 355-9940 (309) 342-7665 (563) 663-6600 (651) 636-2022 (651) 636-2022 (651) 636-2022 (651) 636-2022 (651) 636-2022 (651) 636-2022 (913) 780-5740 (913) 780-5740 (918) 245-2859 (512) 248-0646 (651) 636-2022 (309) 752-9559 (618) 332-0330 (636) 441-0077

(701) 421-0604 (701) 421-0604 (918)663-3364 (918)663-3364 (309) 346-2994 (618) 355-9940 (866) 681-6883 (563) 359-7225 (309) 261-2256

EVENT / RULES 9-Ball Open DE - Race to 7 8-Ball MOMA 8-Ball Singles/Teams NCS 8-Ball Championships 9-Ball Single Elimination 8-Ball Partners Gateway Amateur Tour Mini 10-Ball Ring Game 9-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball on 7’ tables Gateway Amateur Tour 8-Ball 8-Ball M8 9-Ball M8 Adv Teams Midwest Champ M8 Singles BCAPL 9-Ball Midwest Champ BCAPL S-D Midwest Champ BCAPL S/T Midwest Champ Midwest 9-Ball Tour One Pocket Midwest 9-Ball Tour 9-Ball M/W 8-Ball OB Cues Tour WPBA Qualifier M8 Open/Master Team Champ 8-Ball Midwest 9-Ball Tour 9-Ball M/W Gateway Amateur Tour 9-Ball Singles MN State ACS 8-Ball Singles MN State ACS Gateway Amateur Tour 8-Ball 8-Ball Mx Sc Dbls MN State ACS 8-Ball Team MN ACS State 8-Ball Men - Race to 5 8-Ball Women - Race to 4 Midwest 9-Ball Tour One Pocket Midwest 9-Ball Tour 9-Ball Bar Box 8-Ball Gateway Amateur Tour Gateway Amateur Tour 8-Ball 8-Ball

ENTR Y ENTRY $25 (incl g.f.) $30 Varies Qualify $20 $70/team Call $20 $200 $30-$60 Call Call $30 $30 Call $150 $80 or Qualify Call Call Varies $60 $65/$50 $30 $30 Call $30 $35 Call $50-$85 $50-$85 Call $15 $60/team $150-$250 $50 $35 $60 $65 incl g.f. $35 Call Call $30 $30

Wednesda ys Oshkosh, WI ednesday Thursda ys Oshkosh, WI Thursday Frida ys riday Olathe, KS Oshkosh, WI Sa tur da ys turda day Olathe, KS Satur Elko, MN Sunda ys Sunday Fridley, MN

Varsity Club Varsity Club Shooters Varsity Club Shooters End Zone Two Stooges

(920) 651-0806 (920) 651-0806 (913) 780-5740 (920) 651-0806 (913) 780-5740 (952) 461-4441 (763) 574-1399

9-Ball Beginners 9-Ball Intermediate 9-Ball DE Race to 5/4 9-Ball Open - Break Pot 9-Ball Big Table DE Race to 4 8-Ball (7’) Handicap-Race 3/4/5 9-Ball Open on 7’ DE Race to 5

$8 $10 $10 (no g.f.) $15 $10 (no g.f.) $10 $15 (incl g.f.)

League Operator League Operator

(618) 462-4435 (608) 782-6622 League Operator League Operator

NAME ________________________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________________

ADDED $500 $500 $85,000 payouts $32,000 payout $700 Guar. $3,000 w/75T $200 $200 $5,000 $1,000 Guar $500 $500 $500 $10,000 top prize $3,500 top prize $500 $500 $10,000 $1,000 $4,000 $500 $2,000 Guar. $10,000 top prize $500 $2500 $2,000 $10,000 $500 $2,000 $10,000 $4,000 1st Guar. $1,500 1st Guar. $1,000 $2,500 $500 $500 $500

TIME 10 AM Call Call Call 6:30 PM 10 AM Call 7 PM 8:30PM 10 AM 11AM Call Call Call Call 9 AM 9 AM Call Call 7 PM Call Call Call 10 AM 9 AM Call 11AM Call 8 PM 8 PM Call Call 8 PM Call 7 PM 7 PM Call 11 AM Call Call Call Call Call

Call Call Call $5/player Guar. Call Call $100 Guar Noon $75 w/16 6:30 PM

For Home Deliv ery Delivery Send Check or Money Order to: Rackem - P O Box 100 - Three Forks, MT 59752

CITY __________________________STATE _________

Credit card orders call 406-285-3099

ZIP ___________________________________________



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