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Don “Cheese” Akerlow

On The Cover

2014 December



Rackem December 2014


Garza Wins PxP Tour Finale Marc Garza blazed through 42 open 8-ball players this past Saturday, November 1st, 2015, at the PxP Tour Finale held at Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar in Houston, Texas. Seasoned player and tour newcomer Garza took no prisoners as he forged ahead to victory and a piece of the almost $3,000 purse. The PxP Tour is title sponsored by Poison by Predator cues,, along with other sponsors Delta-13, com, as the official rack, and the APA of North Harris County, apanorthharriscounty. Action commenced around 2pm with top notch players battling their way towards the finish line. Winding down on the winners’ side, “The Machine” Eugene Browning bested Chase Rudder 4-0, and newcomer Steven Wyatt fell to Darryl Amos, 4-0. Dallas’ “Little Al” Al Mason lost to Garza, 4-1, while Ken Laney sent T.J Ortiz to the loser’s side, 4-3. Browning bested Amos, 4-0, while Garza sent Laney west, 4-1. After losing to Amos in the third round on the winners’ side, 4-1, Danny Lee won an impressive 6 consecutive matches, reigning over John Winter, 4-0, Jose Irizarry, 4-2, Al Mason, 4-1, Amos and Ortiz, by the same score of 4-0. A similar

upset in the same round included T.J. Ortiz over John Newsome, 4-1, with Newsome returning to claim 5 consecutive match wins over Will Felder and Ryan Holley, 4-0 each set, Chase Rudder, 4-3, Brian Rosenbaum, 4-1, and Laney, 4-0. Browning and Garza teed off for the hot seat while Lee and Newsome faced off on the one loss side Garza defeated Browning, 4-2, and Lee eliminated Newsome, 4-1. In the finals, Garza squeezed by Lee in the first set, 4-3. Once again, the PxP Tour would like to recognize the best in the business: Poison by Predator Cues, Delta-13 Rack, and the APA of North Harris County. The tour would like to acknowledge all of its Press Partners who strive to bring billiard news to the world. A big, Texas “thank you” to Rack Em Magazine’s Don and Mary Akerlow for printing the stories that players love to read, collect, and cherish. Press Partners, event details, and information on the upcoming 2015 season can all be found at www. “Like” us at Facebook/pxptour.

Photos by Tim Smith

Danny Lee

1st 2nd

Marc Garza


Marc Garza $530/$540 Danny Lee $375/$390

3rd Eugene Browning $225/$260 4th John Newsome $150/$130 5th-6th Darryl Amos, Ken Laney


7th-8th T.J. Ortiz, Brian Rosenbaum $35


December 2014 Rackem

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Holiday Gift Guide KRM-06: Just as fast and hot as the V8 muscle cars it was designed after, Action’s Khrome 06 is pinstriped up and ready to turn heads. No need to worry about spinning out this hot rod, the tire tread wrap will keep you from burning rubber. Extra shafts are available in 12 and 13 mm. Retail price $119.  Qualified dealer requests welcome.  1-800-645-9803.  Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.

DO - Signature Series Limited Edition Cues represent our world class champion Dennis Orcollo at its best. Style, Precision, Character; characteristics he lives by. Complete confidence is what you’ll see every time you watch him play. He has a precision in his game like no other. This limited edition signature series is handcrafted using stained Curly Maple wood, 5X internal core system for solid hit, precise balance and weight distribution and complemented with beautiful Malachite inlays. Each numbered cue has Dennis Orcollo’s signature and is equipped with your choice of Tiger’s X® series either high performance or low deflection shafts, Tiger® X-Tension, Tiger joint protectors, soft black velvet case and a certificate of authenticity. Model DO-1 MSRP $1649.00 Model DO-2 MSRP $1799.00

The G228 is one of the new additions to McDermott’s G-Series cue line for 2014. It features a Madrone burl forearm and sleeve with beautiful brass, silver and green rings. The G228 retails for $299 and comes standard with McDermott’s high-performance G-Core shaft. This cue is covered by McDermott’s Lifetime Warranty and Maintenance Plan, which includes warpage. Learn more at www. or call 1-800-666-2283 for more information.

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Rackem December 2014


KATXS2 – Bushido: Slicing the competition in half, the new Bushido control shaft from Katana features an 11.5mm shaft and a 14 inch straight taper for added control and reduced reflection. The Bushido has joints to fit an array of cue brands; check our website for exact sizes.   Retail price $199.  Qualified dealer requests welcome.   1-800-645-9803 or visit www.  Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.

VOD21 – Bloodshed: Got 8-Ball on the brain? So does our skull on the Voodoo “Bloodshed” cue. Digitally engraved and painted blood red this evil looking cue is ready to let people know for you it’s Halloween year round. Extra shafts are available in 12 and 13 mm. The butt end features Voodoo’s blood pulsing bumper logo and is weight adjustable. When your pulse starts racing and your hands start sweating the Midnight Leather wrap is there to help you keep your grip. Retail price $165.  Qualified dealer requests welcome.  1-800-645-9803.  www.  Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International. McDermott recently debuted their new Cue of the Year for 2014. The G1305 is a limited edition cue (Edition size: 100) that features a madrone burl forearm and sleeve with a black urethane no-wrap handle. The cue is adorned with Juma Gem & madrone burl inlays with silver, green and index rings. The 2014 Cue of the Year retails for $1,399 and comes standard with two high-performance shafts; the Intimidator i-2 & i-3. Learn more about the 2014 Cue of the Year at www.mcdermottcue. com/2014coty.


December 2014 Rackem

Holiday Gift Guide McDermott’s newest Harley-Davidson® cue is the HD40. It features sleek Harley-Davidson® dark custom graphics and comes standard with McDermott’s high-performance G-Core shaft. Affordably priced at $325, the HD40 is covered by McDermott’s Lifetime Warranty. Learn more at

EBMC22F: The first Eight Ball Mafia case designed especially for women with winged hearts and gorgeous designs to match the EBM11 cue. With plenty storage and a side pocket to hold a jump butt the EBMC22F has as much functionality as it does beauty.   Retail price $99.  Qualified dealer requests welcome.  1-800-645-9803.  www.cuestix. com.  Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.

OLB22B: The newest Outlaw case features tribal graphics and a tire tread rubber foot that warns your opponent you are going to drive right over the top of them. A case that is as tough as it looks; the OLB22B won’t apologize for its abrasive exterior or gentle interior. Retail price $105.  Qualified dealer requests welcome.  1-800-645-9803.  www.  Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.

Looking for the perfect gift for a beginner pool player? Look no further than McDermott’s cue kits. These kits include everything you need to get started as a pool player. McDermott kits range in price from $52.50 to $92.50 and come with a cue, case and set of chalk, as well as various other billiard accessories. Learn more about McDermott cue kits at www. or call 1-800-6662283 for more information.

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The G607 is one of severa ln McDermott ’s G-Series cu ew additions to e line. It feat birdseye map ures le forearm an d black ureth a sleeve which ane are enhance d by turquo cocobolo, b ise, lack and wh ite urethane inlays. This points and beautiful cu e comes stan lizard-embo dard with a ssed leather wrap and M high-perform cDermott’s an retails for $6 ce G-Core shaft. The G 6 95 and is co vered by McD 07 Lifetime War ermott’s ranty. Learn more at ww mcdermottcu w.

Rackem December 2014



October 2014

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On The Road with ... C J Wiley OUTSIDE ENGLISH He hustled pool for a while and made a living, then turned pro and made a killing. Clearly, Dallas’ CJ Wiley is on the ball. By Michael P. Geffner DVD LIST:

Million Dollar Challenge Package of Three

1) ‘Billiard’s Greatest Shot’ Documentary 2) PCA’s 2nd Tour Stop at the Hollywood Park Casino - Semi Finals between David Matlock and Oliver Ortmann and Finals between Matlock and Allen Hopkins. 3) PCA Million Dollar Challenge Semis with Earl Strickland vs CJ Wiley and Finals with Earl Strickland vs CJ Wiley (highlights from CJ Wiley vs Paul Potier).

Million Dollar Challenge ‘Billiard’s Greatest Shot’ Documentary Semi-Finals & Finals Million Dollar Challenge Semi-Finals & Finals PCA on TV at Hollywood Park

For many pool players it’s a natural tendency to want to spin shots in with outside “helping” English. This technique is very useful, especially if you’re trying to change the natural angle of the cue ball after contact. There’s another way to do this if you want to “master a shot” so you can hit the three parts of the pocket. To do this you must become more accurate and develop a “FEEL” for the pocket. This isn’t any more difficult, it just requires you to simplify your Game and reduce calculations. There are three {main} calculations you make to be accurate using “outside English,” • 1st) you must judge the immediate deflection and • 2nd) you must judge how much the spin brings the cue ball “back” to it’s original “shot line”. • 3rd) you must decide where to hit the cue ball to accomplish the intended shot. (these calculations are related, but not necessarily connected like they are with the TOI Technique) You will find it’s necessary to hit these shots at a variety of speeds and a variety of spins to do what you need with the cue ball. This takes a LOT of different calculations because speed effects deflection AND spin. Where you hit the cue ball and how far over to get your “outside English” also effects deflection AND spin. Over the course of hours, you will have to make numerous calculations and instinctive judgments to make every shot as planned. With the ‘Touch Of Inside’ system of play I am showing you how to reduce the amount of calculations and instinctive judgments considerably. The TOI Technique shows you how to hit one “theme” of speeds, one “theme” of spins, and one “theme” of deflection. I have played many players in my life and the only concern I had was if they would play long enough. Because, even though this edge against other accomplished players may be

only 1-2%, it will show up over time. If you’re cutting a ball at a “half ball” angle down the rail to the left and using “outside” (right English”) you cue ball is immediately going to deflect into the object ball slightly. To overcome undercutting it you will need to spin the cue ball to make it curve back and the spin will help cut it in. This may “FEEL” like it’s helping the cut, but IS IT REALLY? You are having to hit the speed correctly, the spin correctly, the contact point (shot line) correctly and hit the cue ball precisely to do this. I’m sure you do this very well, but how about under pressure? How do you make all these calculations playing a champion player? This is where your unconscious will start to falter and break down. You are simply over whelming yourself with these calculations and when you add pressure? I don’t know, how does it effect you, do you play better or worse? How about over the course of a 5-10 hour set, do you rely on your game to get better and better or do you have “ups and downs?” With the TOI Technique I teach players how to use (as much as possible, of course there’s exceptions, and less that you may think) ONE SPEED - ONE SHOT ANGLE REFERENCE (center or edge) - ONE TIP TARGET (the “Touch” of Inside). The one thing you guard against {using TOI} is overcutting the ball, however, if you’re going to miss a shot would you rather over cut it or under cut it? I don’t know about you, but when I under cut a shot I feel like a “dogged it,” however, when I over cut a shot I feel like I know what I need to do to correct what I did wrong. TOI increases consistency, which strengthens confidence and makes your Game strong, reliable, and very intimidating. ‘The Game is the Teacher’


122 1/2 E Carl Albert Pkwy - McAlester, OK Open 7 days a week opens at 2pm M-F Noon Sat-Sun

8525 Cottonwood St NW Coon Rapids, MN 763-780-1585

8 Valley Pool Tables - (1) 9’ Brunswick - 1 Snooker Jukebox - Video Games - Sports on the Big Screen Like Us On Facebook

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December 20 $300 added w/32 $40 entry incl. g.f. Sign up 1:30PM 810 W 56 Hwy - Olathe, KS 913.780.5740

Rackem December 2014


SINK MORE COMBINATIONS Tom Simpson © July 2000 – All Rights Reserved –

Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson


Combinations are difficult. They really are. We’ve all been fooled into shooting combinations that were way harder than we thought. There are Two Big Reasons for combinations being so tough, and most of us have never thought about the second one. Adjusting for it requires more thinking, but if you take the time to work through your combos in this more conscious, thorough way, you will sink a lot more of them. Let’s call the ball to be pocketed the Target Object Ball (TOB) and the other object balls OB1, OB2, etc., as determined by the sequence in which they are struck. First, a quick review of what generally makes one combo easier than another: • The fewer OB’s, the easier. • The closer the TOB to the pocket, the easier. • The closer the OB to the TOB, the easier. • The closer the whole shot is to straight in, the easier. Let’s consider a two-ball combination: Cueball (CB) hits OB1. OB1 hits TOB. TOB goes to the pocket. The traditional way to work out how to shoot this is to begin by imagining that OB1 is the CB and line up that segment of the shot, using OB1 to pocket TOB. Then, when you’re confident of the shot alignment, sight the spot on the rail or pocket where OB1 is actually aimed, ignoring the TOB for the moment. Now, your job is simply to line up the CB to shoot OB1 to that exact spot on the rail or pocket. Forget about the TOB – focus completely on sending OB1 down the right line, and TOB has to go in. The First Big Reason combos are tough is that, since there are more balls involved, there is a much higher accuracy requirement. If you are off by a couple of degrees on OB1, you could be off by many degrees by the time TOB moves. Ya gotta be really precise. The error multiplies rapidly. The Second Big Reason is the subtle one. It’s that same complicating factor we deal with every time we cut a ball – throw, good ol’ collision-induced throw (CIT). CIT is caused by the friction between two balls at the moment of impact. It causes the OB to be thrown as much as 4 or 5 degrees off its “natural” line, depending on speed, angle, ball

December 2014 Rackem

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slipperiness, and so on. Throw occurs as a cut angle change right at the moment of impact, so the farther the ball has to travel, the more “error” you get from the angle change. This is why cut shots are usually missed by undercutting – you cut the ball “correctly” but did not allow for throw. Simply put, if you don’t adjust for CIT, you hit everything too thick. The not so obvious problem is that, because of the extreme accuracy needed on each ball hit, throw makes an enormous difference in combinations. You probably have a rule of thumb suggesting overcutting the first ball of a combo. This is why. You’re going to have to correct for more throw effects than you would on a single ball cut. There are two general classes of combination shots. Let’s call them Zigzags and Zigzigs. In a Zigzag, OB’s are cut in opposite directions. If OB1 is cut to the left, OB2 is cut to the right. In a Zigzig shot, each OB is cut in the same direction, e.g., OB1 is cut to the left and then it cuts OB2 to the left. This is an important distinction because each ball in a Zigzig will throw in the same direction, while the OB’s in a Zigzag throw in opposite directions. Most players’ natural tendency is to not cut balls thin enough to allow for throw. On a Zigzag, this causes you to hit OB2 too thick. On a Zigzig, you will tend to hit OB2 too thin. Think thin on OB1, because error multiplies through each ball in a combination shot. How can you apply this knowledge? Using the traditional segmented aiming system described above, work your way back to the CB shot line, but pay close, conscious attention to the CIT effect on each segment of the shot On regular cuts, you only have to worry about sinking the ball. For combinations, you need much more accuracy because the first OB has to land precisely on the next OB, so you have to allow for throw in each segment of the shot. Shooting firmly will reduce the throw, making the shot a little easier to figure. The simplest way to find the true aim line is to aim to overcut each segment by a little. And oh yeah – actually practice.



THE MENTAL GAME Searching for Your Inner Mr. Miyagi

Michael K Glass

Michael Glass has been teaching pool for close to 10 years. He is a Recognized PBIA Billiards Instructor, taught by none other than Bob Jewett of the San Francisco Billiard Academy. Michael has been playing pool almost all of his life (except when he was in the Navy — it’s hard to install a pool table on a rocking ship!). He managed to stay away from the hustler life; he doesn’t believe in being dishonest in order to win money. He will, however, occasionally play for a beer or two at the local watering hole. Michael teaches all levels of pool players, from beginner to pro, and works on all aspects of the game, from fundamentals, to pattern play, to trick shots. He can be found playing in his home town of San Ramon, CA at Crown Billiards. Visit his website at for pool tips or to schedule a lesson!

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After 4 years of 2nd place finishes, I recently qualified to play in the U.S. Amateur Championships in Tampa, Florida. I was extremely excited, and was determined to be completely prepared. I bought a new shaft for my cue stick, I practiced 9-ball on our Ernesto Dominguez-prepared tables at my local poolroom (3.9 inch pockets!), and I was sure to get plenty of rest before my flight. NOTHING was going to make me lose focus. I was Rocky, preparing for the big fight! Unfortunately, the universe had other plans. In the interest of saving space for this article, and to spare you the boring details, here is a summary: My flight was diverted due to hydraulic problems. The delay made me late for my connection, so the airline made other arrangements for me. Problems with the flaps on our new plane (seriously? 2 in-air problems???) caused us to land 30 minutes late, and I had to run to the next gate to catch my connection. I made it, but my luggage (including my cue sticks) did not. I had to buy new clothes at Walmart at 1 am, and then got about 5 hours of sleep before I had to be up and out the door to make it to the venue. Fortunately, a friend loaned me his sticks (thanks, Dan!), and I was able to play. My first match was at noon, and I did everything I could to mentally prepare for it. The players at this event were no slouches – they were 107 of the best amateur players from around the country, and I needed my head in the game. Unfortunately, as prepared as I tried to be, the deck was stacked against me. 5 hours of sleep, itchy new clothing, and stress about whether my bags would arrive soon were just a few of the factors causing me to lose my focus in the game. And those of you who know me (personally, or through my other articles) know how susceptible I am to a meltdown under these conditions. Somehow, I held my composure, even after falling down 6-2. My opponent was on the hill, and the last thing I needed was to lose my cool now. I had to focus. And I did… for a bit. I ran out rack 9, 10, and 11. I was only down 6-5 now, and if I simply made the 1-9 combo I ended up with after the break, I would be breaking for the win! Then, I heard a whisper in the back of my mind:

“I just hope my sticks make it for my next match at 6pm! Will I be able to take a nap before then? I wonder if the food is any good at this place, I have heard the shrimp dish is excellent (it was). Oh, jeez, I’m losing focus. Come on, Michael, just make this shot. I know we’re tired, but we just have a little bit more to go. Just don’t miss, because then he’ll have an easy combo for the win.” Crap. I missed. Now, don’t get me wrong. I take full responsibility for losing my matches. There are many things that, in hindsight, I might have done to improve my chances. I could have taken an earlier flight. I could have sent my sticks via UPS or FedEx to the hotel. However, the bottom line is that I did not have the focus I needed in order to perform my best. Pool is a very demanding game, especially in tournament format. It’s not just about being good enough to make balls and make the cue ball obey your every whim. Playing in a tournament is a marathon. You must somehow learn to focus yourself, to get into the zone as quickly and as often as possible, and stay there. You cannot let stray thoughts come in and disrupt you. When they do you must step back, clear the cobwebs, and get back into the game. I wish I knew the secret to this. Even if I did, what works for me may not work for you. Next time you have one of those nights where you just could not miss, and everyone around you was in awe of your incredible mastery of the table (“dude, I can’t believe the rolls you were getting!”), try to remember your state of mind. What were you doing at the time? What did you eat? Whom did you talk to? What was on your mind? Try to do that again. Baseball players and other professionals have a reputation for being superstitious, with their crazy rituals before games. For most of them, it is not about belief in the supernatural. It is a means for them to get into the zone, and gain laser-like focus. I sincerely hope that you will be able to figu – hey look! A squirrel! Good luck. If you would like to share some of your success stories (or even the failures), or have suggestions for future articles, please feel free to drop me a line at I can also be found hanging out with fellow billiards enthusiasts at billiards. Come on by and join the discussion!

Rackem December 2014


San Francisco Billiard Academy San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy.

The 2-3-5 Game

Bob Jewett

Bob Jewett


In October I had the pleasure of visiting billiard historian Mike Shamos in Pittsburgh. He invited me to the Friday afternoon meeting of the Carnegie Mellon University Pool Club for which he is the faculty advisor. Mike introduced me to the student club members and the fascinating game of 2-3-5. The game originated in Taiwan and is a lot more like carom billiards than pool. That’s a good thing because if you spend a little time with the game your cue ball control is guaranteed to improve. Your object ball speed control will also benefit which is useful for a lot of safety shots at the usual pool games. 2-3-5 is played with a cue ball and three object balls. Usually the 1, 3 and 11 are used from a standard set, but any three where two are alike (red, for example) and one is different (yellow) will do. Points are scored by caroms -- the cue ball contacting two or three balls on one shot -- and pocketing balls gets you nothing. The game is best when played by several players and since the innings rarely go more than three shots, no one gets bored waiting for a turn. At the start of your turn your first shot must be a “mixed” carom involving the yellow with one of the reds in either order. If you do that, you get 2 points and shoot again. Your second shot must be all red so you have fewer options. Score 3 if you make it and continue. Your third shot looks impossible at first. You have to contact all three balls with the cue ball for a double carom and 5 points. After playing the game for a while you will start to recognize and even set up possible shots. The 2-3-5 sequence goes back to the start if you manage to make your third shot. An early double carom is a foul and ends your turn. You don’t lose points for a foul and a scratch does not end your turn provided that you scored the carom. If any ball, even the cue ball, is pocketed it spots up on the head spot. If that’s occupied, go to the foot spot and then the center spot. The break is a special shot. The setup is as shown in the diagram, with the 1 ball spotted half way between the foot spot and the cushion. The cue ball must start on the head spot and you must hit the one ball first. The good news is that if you find the right place on the cushion to aim for with a little running follow and don’t shoot too hard, the shot is nearly automatic. In shot B you can see some of the strategy of the game. This is the first (mixed) shot of your turn. The easiest shot is probably from the 11 to the 1, but that spreads the balls and leaves no good second shot. Instead, draw back from the 1 to either the 3 or the 11. With the right speed, the one ball goes three rails and back to

December 2014 Rackem

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The break shot at 2-3-5 1




Shot B 11



join the others while the reds stay relatively close to each other for your second (all red) shot. If you get lucky (or skilled) all three balls will be relatively close after that to allow a good chance at the double carom. Note that if on your first shot you draw back from the 1 to the 3 the cue ball has a good chance to come off the 3 and hit the 11 for a premature double and the end of your turn. Try the game for an hour with three or four friends and see how you like it. If it catches on as an alternative to your group’s usual game it’s guaranteed to improve some skills that many players neglect.


The Mental Game Trust Your Stroke

I was at a pool tournament and noticed a game a friend of mine was playing. He was down 2-0 in a race to 4. His opponent broke, a couple of shots, he’s up 3-0. My friend walks over to me and made a statement that I didn’t think I would hear from a quality player like he is, “I can work my way back through the losers bracket.” I looked at him, with a look of bewilderment I am sure, and said, “You’re not out of this one yet. All you need to do is win just one. Don’t let him 4-zip you. Just win one.” He looked at me and said “OK!” He won the next game, now it’s 3-1. He looks in my direction, I put my index finger up and told him, “One more, just one more.” Now it’s 3-2. He comes back over and says, “I can win this.” I said, “No, just win one more. That’s all you want to do for now.” He wins -- hill-hill. He looks at me and I said, “Just one more.” He won the match 4-3. In the mental game of pool it is important to keep your goals simple, just win one. Just win the first one. Take one game at a time, one shot at a time. Give yourself the opportunity to win or give yourself the opportunity for another shot.

3040 FM 1960 East Houston, TX 281-821-4544 Happy Hou

Focus totally on your game. Everything else shouldn’t matter. Play the table not the player. Distractions, noises, loud music shouldn’t affect you. It’s like they are not even there. Time will stand still while you are in total concentration. Concentrating totally while playing pool should be second only to dead stroke, although playing with concentration is easier to achieve. With total concentration your game can go to a new level with consistency and performance, then reaching dead stroke, it’s like a walk in the park. For those of you who have not reached dead stroke, it is playing unconsciously. All the knowledge that you have learned about pool, whether it is banks, English or shot making, is executed correctly. You reach a new level of performance. It’s one of the best feelings that you can achieve while playing pool. And remember just win one!!!

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Anthony Beeler is a 2013 BCA National 9-Ball team champion. He also finished 9th out of 1086 players in the 2013 BCA National 8-Ball Championships. He is a certified Level 3 instructor for the American CueSports Alliance and is the founder of Maximize Your Potential Billiards Academy located in Bradfordsville, Kentucky. Beeler is also a fully licensed Kentucky Educator having, received his bachelor’s degree at Campbellsville University and his master’s degree in Education Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University. Throughout his pool-playing career Anthony has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition.


December 2014 Rackem

The ability to separate what you are seeing and thinking about is a powerful skill for pool players to learn. The good news is that your perception and attention span are two separate brain functions. Pool players who say they can’t visualize often let their sight cloud their visualization, especially when fixating on the shot that is in front of them. If you think about scratching in the side pocket or getting hooked behind a cluster as you stare at the cue ball you ARE visualizing and you know where the cue ball often goes as a result. So it’s not an inability to visualize which is the problem but it is what you visualize! It’s important to know that your ability to learn how and when to focus your attention is not a result of your mechanical skills but your ability to concentrate. Your eyes and attention span are not bound together within your brain. If you’ve ever watched a movie and found yourself daydreaming, you’ll recognize this separation. Your eyes go quiet and your mind wanders. What you may perceive at the time as your inability to focus on the screen in front of you actually leverages exactly the same mental skill you can be using when trying to pocket a ball on the pool table. If you can daydream you can play pool. The critical difference being that you must direct your day dream to shoot a pool shot, not leave it to chance, then you will be focusing your attention. This mental skill is not a function of the eyes but your brain. Pool is a challenging game. We have to look back and forth from the cue ball to the object ball in order to execute a shot. Pool players have to look at the cue ball but maintain their attention on the object ball. Pool players also unwittingly switch their focus to the cue, body, stroke, or potential pitfalls that may interfere with successful execution of the shot. The target is nowhere to be seen. There is little point visualizing your shot before you get down to shoot it if you are thinking about something else while executing it. It is not a coincidence that players complain of inconsistency, but how many of them actually take the time to get trained with this type of psychological skill? From our very first pool lessons on grip, alignment, stance and posture our attention is on everything but the target. It is actually possible to spend a number of years believing your technique is never good enough. So where do you choose to focus your attention when shooting a shot? How do you achieve this focus consistently? Maybe, you think both the cue ball and object ball is the target or that it’s important to be thinking about your stroke? Is this working for you? If you don’t have a clear answer to these questions, take the time to learn how to focus your attention in the right place, at the right time consistently when learning, practicing and playing. I think you will discover that your pool stroke isn’t as bad as you believe it to be! When you learn how to lock your conscious mind on where you want to strike the object ball, you’ll find it can’t interfere with your stroke. To borrow from the powerful words of John 8:32 — “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

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“It’s the one thing you can buy today that will guarantee you’ll shoot better tomorrow.”

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July 2014



2014 PartyPoker World Pool Masters Down to the last four Photo credit: JP Parmentier-Matchroom Sport 16th November

Quarter Finals Nikos Ekonomopoulos (GRE) 8-3 Alex Pagulayan (CAN) Chris Melling (ENG) 8-6 Karl Boyes (ENG) Shane Van Boening (USA) 8-4 Mark Gray (ENG) WE’RE DOWN to the last four at the 2014 PartyPoker World Pool Masters as Nick Ekonomopoulos, Chris Melling and Shane Van Boening all enjoyed victories in their quarter-final matches at the Portland Centre, Nottingham. That leaves one Greek, one Pole, one American and one Englishmen to contest pool’s most prestigious invitational tournament as it concludes on Sunday evening. Nikos Ekonomopoulos put paid Alex Pagulayan’s hopes with a solid performance in the first match of the afternoon. It was a bit of a scratch-fest as both players lost control of the white but the Greek player was solid throughout as he cruised to victory. “At the start of the match I was a little bit unlucky, I scratched twice on the brake but after that I played near perfect and didn’t miss any balls. “I am playing well at the moment. I came third

in the US Open, I had a second on the Euro Tour and in two weeks it is the Mosconi Cup, which I am very excited for.” In the battle of the Brits it was Chris Melling who prevailed over Karl Boyes in an error-strewn encounter. Neither player was at his best but it was Melling who dominated. Commented Melling; “I thought I was the better player in that match. At 6-3, the three frames he had won were combinations on the nine; he was making mistakes when he had to run a rack. You have to take your chances and I took more than he did. That is why I won.” Shane Van Boening’s match against Mark Gray looked plain sailing as he raced into an authoritative 6-0 lead. However the Englishman, who was still suffering the effects of a bug, found his feet and managed string three racks together before Van Boening closed out the match.

December 2014 Rackem

“I am happy with how I played; my break was awesome and I will keep breaking from the centre like that,” said Van Boening. “I made balls on the break most times; the 1 ball seems to be going to the middle pocket when I break from the centre so I will stick with that. I am thinking about when I won the US Open a few weeks ago because I want to bring the same positive energy to this tournament.” Play concludes on Sunday evening. Sunday evening 18.00 Semi Final 1 – Karol Skowerski (POL) v Nikos Ekonomopoulos (GRE) Semi Final 2 – Chris Melling (ENG) v Shane Van Boening (USA) The Final The Masters will once again sport a $20,000 top prize, and the event will be produced by Matchroom Sport Television who will be making 15 x 1 hour programmes of the tournament for international syndication. The 2014 PARTYPOKER World Pool Masters is sponsored by, one of the world’s leading online poker sites. The Official Table is by Diamond Billiards; Cloth is supplied by Iwan Simonis; the Official Balls are Super Aramith and Predator is the Official Cue, Chalk and Rest.

Chris Melling and Karl Boyes


Nikos Ekonomopoulos

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Super Shane crowned Masters King The Final Shane Van Boening (USA) 8-2 Nikos Ekonomopoulos (GRE)

Semi Finals Nikos Ekonomopoulos (GRE) 8-3 Karol Skowerski (POL) Shane Van Boening (USA) 8-5 Chris Melling (ENG) ‘WANT PAIN? PLAY SHANE’ say the tee shirts and so it proved as Shane Van Boening torched his way through the field to become only the second American player to win the PartyPoker World Pool Masters as he looked in total control to beat Nick Ekonomopoulos 8-2 at the Portland Centre, Nottingham. Van Boening’s victory silenced any doubters who felt he couldn’t do the business outside of the USA and sent out a warning shot ahead of the Mosconi Cup which gets underway in two weeks time. Wins over Australia’s James Georgiadis and then England’s Mark Gray took him through to the semis where he disposed of Chris Melling to set up the championship showdown.

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“It is an honour to win the World Pool Masters, this is one of the greatest days in my career,” said an emotional Van Boening after he took a standing ovation from the crowd. “It means a lot to me to win this tournament. I have been playing well over the last six months. Whenever I had a shot I took it down, I only made a couple of mistakes in the last couple of matches. “I know Nikos, I think I might be in his head a little bit because I have been playing him all year and he hasn’t beaten me yet. “I have been trying to win overseas and I have got to the finals of a couple of tournaments, and won the World Cup of Pool in 2008. It has been a battle for the last few years so I am really happy to win today. “I was playing well at the US Open a few weeks ago, so I visualised myself winning the US Open because positive energy makes a big difference.” Van Boening won the lag, made a ball into the centre pocket and carefully worked his way through the table for the opening rack. It looked like more of the same in the next but the American scratched into the middle pocket as he pocketed the 8 ball down the rail to gift the rack to Ekonomopoulos. A dry break though, got Van Boening back to the table and he cleared to regain the lead and then ran out the next one for a 3-1 lead. Three balls on the break plus a clear shot on the 2 ball was the result of the next break but Van Boening lost position and Ekonomopoulos lays a snooker that his opponent can’t escape from and with ball in hand the score goes to 2-3. It soon became 4-2 after the Greek missed on the 1 ball but Van Boening

Shane Van Boening came up with his second golden break of the tournament to put some distance between him and his opponent. They both had visits in the next before Van Boening’s superior shot-making at the close won him the rack for a 6-2 lead. He took the next for 7-2 and then fittingly ran the table out from another superb break shot to seal the glory. For Ekonomopoulos, it was a disappointing end to the week as he reflected on the final. “Shane played really well and I missed some shots. At the start of the match he made one or two mistakes but I didn’t break very well at the start of the match. “I missed a 1 ball at 3-2 so instead of 3-3 it went to 4-2, had a golden break and went 5-2. After that he played perfectly and I made a few mistakes. I would have liked to win the final but I am very proud to have got there.” Earlier in the semi-finals Van Boening had defeated Chris Melling after he got off to his usual fast start. In the earlier match, Ekonomopoulos looked all business as he went past Poland’s Karol Skowerski.

Rackem December 2014


Real Woods, KILLER DESIGNS The New 2015 Valhalla VA Series cues feature rich colors, real woods and killer, original designs. Aggressive in style and solid performers, these premium imports are made for those who want a great cue that doesn’t look like the rest. Valhalla cues start at $49.99 and equipped


with a Lifetime Warranty, including warpage from Viking Cue. More than just a pool cue, Valhalla is an attitude and a way of life.

Š2014 Viking Cue Manufacturing, LLC

Douglas Pitts

Results 1 2 3 4 5/6 7/8 9-12 13-16 17-24

Wins Omega Billiards Tour 2014 Season Finale

Crispian Ng (3rd), Douglas Pitts (1st) and Greg Sandifer (2nd). On the weekend of November 8-9, Douglas Pitts found himself in the winner’s circle of the $4,300-added 2014 Season Finale of the Omega Billiards Tour held at Rusty’s Billiards in Arlington, Texas. Seventy four players competed in the event and it was a full weekend of prizes because it was the Season Finale. Nick Conner became the Tour Champion as he ended up the season ranked first on the Predator Player Points Tracker. Nick won a Predator Sport 4x8 Case, BK3 Break Cue, and Sport Playing Cue, Plus free entries to 2015 Omega Tour stops. Tony Sulsar finished a great season placing second in the rankings and he received a Predator Sport 4x8 Case, BK3 Break Cue and Air 2 Jump Cue. Crispian Ng filled out the third spot and he received a Predator Sport 4x8 Case and BK3 Break Cue. Fourth through ninth place ranked players each received a free entry into the BCAPL 2015 Nationals tournament. Those players are Barry Emerson, Daniel Herring, Mike Voelkering, Jeff Franklin, Jersey Jack Lynch and Steve Raynes. A HUGE congrats to all these players who fought hard all year to get in the top ten!

Poison also donated two Poison Break cues that were raffled off during the Finale. Surmin Omerovic and Tracie Voelkering won the two break cues. At each stop, the Poison Break Cue contest was held and every player drawn was given a ticket and kept throughout the season. Over $6,000 was given away during the Poison Break contests for 2014! Also raffled off was a beautiful OB Cue! Jeff Swinger was the proud winner! One final cue raffle was a donated $1,800 Wallace custom cue. Everyone loved the cue and bought raffle tickets throughout the last few stops to get a chance at it. The cue raised and extra $1,300 that was added to the Season Finale making the total $4,300 added! The cue was won by Buddy Hall who played in our September stop. The cue was eventually sold to Omega Tour player Ricky Ferguson who had bought the most tickets for the raffle! After a Saturday full of prizes, there was still competing going on on the pool tables. By Sunday afternoon, Crispian Ng would get by Denny Sneed 7-4 and then squeak by Jeremy Jones 7-7. Douglas Pitts also had a nail biter barely defeating Amos Bush 7-7 to then defeat Dylan Weinheimer to find a spot against Crispian to see who would wait in the hotseat. On the one-loss side, Jeff Franklin and Greg Sandifer (2014 newly-crowned ACS Texas State champ) were making a tear through the one loss side. Greg defeated Marc Brown, Steve Raynes, Amos Bush and Jeff Georges. Jeff Franklin defeated Daniel Herring, Denny Sneed, Chris Ferguson, and

Douglas Pitts $1,550 Greg Sandifer $960 Crispian Ng $650 Jeff Franklin $500 Dylan Weinheimer and Jeremy Jones $400 Georges and Chris Ferguson $300 Richard Parrilla, Amos Bush, Carl Bodeker, and Denny Sneed $175 Lonnie Rozelle, Daniel Herring, William Howard, Steve Raynes $100 Ed Redman, Steve Collins, Marc Brown, Michael Vaught, Cody Wright, Josh Horne, Coleman Derryberry, Linh Nguyen $45

Dylan Weinheimer. Greg would win over Jeff Franklin 7-4 to make it to the semi-finals. Crispian had a great match with Douglas Pitts for the hotseat but Doug prevailed 7-5. Crispian then had his hands full again with another tough but great match against Greg Sandifer, but Greg prevailed 7-5 to win a spot in the finals with Douglas Pitts. Douglas kept the tight ropes on though and won his first Omega Tour stop with a 7-4 win! Douglas Pitts would win $1,550 for his first place finish! Congrat’s to 9th- 12th place finishers Richard Parrilla (highest finish yet), Amos Bush, Carl Bodeker, and Denny Sneed ($175). 7th/8th was filled by the always tough Jeff Georges and Chris Ferguson ($300). 5th/6th was captured by Dylan Weinheimer and Jeremy Jones ($400). Jeff Franklin placed 4th and earned $500, Crispian placed 3rd for $650 and Greg placed 2nd earning $960. Congratulations to ALL the players! It’s been a GREAT year, but it would not be possible without all the fans, supporters, players, and pool rooms! A HUGE thank you goes out to our sponsors Predator Cues, Poison Break Cues, BCAPL/CSI, and Lucasi and Players Cues. We would also like to give a big thanks to our additional sponsors, Wallace Custom Cues, OB Cues, Irving Ink and Thread, Pro Billiard Service,, and Tour Director Melinda Bailey would like to thank Rusty’s Billiards owners and staff for their awesome hospitality all weekend! A big thank you also goes out to Michael Hoang, main sponsor of the Tour and owner of Omega Billiards Supply in Hurst, TX. Michael and Omega Billiards Supply are well known for the huge booths at many of the large tournaments across the country. Next season for 2015 there will be nine (9) stops, each $1,500 added, and also a guaranteed $4,500-added Season Finale. Pool is alive and thriving in Texas! Check out the website for more details on how to get involved in the Dallas-Fort Worth area pool tour.

Nick Conner is the 2014 Omega Billiards Tour Champion! Top three ranked players with their Predator prizes! Tony Sulsar (2nd), Nick Conner (1st), and Crispian Ng (3rd). Like Us On Facebook

Rackem December 2014


c a i a J o m es a J

$5,000 Added Open 9-Ball Written by : Alisha Rogers Photo Provided by : Terron Craig Jamaica Joes, Midwest City, OK, hosted their annual $5000 added tournament the weekend of November 7th-9th, 2014. Players came from all around to try their luck on winning some cash! Friday night started the player auction and local hero Joey gray went for top pick. But it was the other local Pro that took home the cash. Chip Compton sailed through the winners side with some impressive wins over players such as Mickey Concella, Shane McMinn, Junior Brown, John Gabriel, Jacob McMichael and then for the hot seat Manny Chau. It really got exciting when it was down to the final four players. On the back side of the bracket Jacob McMichael defeated Shane McMinn 9-4. Jacob went on to play Manny Chau for the chance to meet Chip Compton in the finals. Jacob realized early on that if he let Manny shoot, he would run out every time. When the match was tied 5-5, they played a good safety battle with Jacob getting that game and the next to lead 7-5. Manny was able to get the next two games to tie it at 7-7 in a race to 9. Then it was again all tied up 8-8 and Jacob broke dry but left a cluster. Manny was able to break out the cluster but missed his bank on the 5 ball, but gets lucky and hides the cue ball. Jacob makes an incredible kick on the 5 and the railbirds started the cheer, but then they notice that the cue got kissed in the corner and the room fell silent. With ball in hand, Manny runs out for the chance to meet Chip Compton in the finals. The first game of the finals started off a little shaky with both Manny and Chip missing a ball or fouling on a ball within the first few balls. Manny rattled a straight in 4 ball and chip was able to run out the rest of the rack. Manny then broke and ran to bring the score to 1-1. In game 3, Chip makes a bad push shot and left Manny a shot on the 1 with a wide open table, to which he ran out. Then in game 4, Manny Broke wide open and Chip conceded the game with 4 balls still left on the table. After game 9, Manny was up 7-2 but in game 10 Chip started his amazing come back. In game 12 Manny gets on the hill 8-4 but couldn’t quite close out the match. Chip wins the next 4 games to bring the match hill hill. In the final game Chip broke and had a wide open table but misses the 2 ball. He was rewarded with a lucky roll and hooked the cue ball on the 7. Manny is forced to kick at the 2 but in the end gave up ball in hand. On the 9 ball Chip has a slight angle and when he gets down to shoot it Manny throws his towel to concede the match. However it almost looked like it was simultaneously thrown as Chip shot the 9 and scratched in the side pocket. We are HOURS: 11:00am to 1:30am Monday thru Thursday. 11:00amto 2:00am Friday & Saturday. 1:00pm to 1:30am Sunday

Jamaica Joe’s Billiard Bar & Grill

Full Service Bar & Grill Pro Shop - Leagues Weekly & Monthly Tournaments Wednesday Night 9-Ball at 7:30PM - $15 entry - House matches $5 per player 5920 S.E. 15th. Midwest City, OK - 405-736-0590


December 2014 Rackem

Manny Chau and Chip Compton all pretty sure Chip noticed the towel… but we will never know!!! All the railbirds went crazy in the room and there was much debate over the controversial win, but in my opinion I believe that Chip did see it before he shot and both players seemed as if that was the case. Congratulations to Chip for his win over an impressive field of players. Besides the cash prize, he also won a custom Buddy Baker cue. Thank you to Jamaica Joes for hosting such a wonderful event. And a special thank you to Jacob Franzoni and KC Massey for taking the time to run this event. You can check out upcoming events at or call Jamaica Joes at 405736-0590.


1 Chip Compton $2200 / $3500 2 Manny Chau $1500 / $2300 3 Jacob McMichael $1000 / $1700 4 Shane McMinn $740 / $1100 5/6 Toby Pinski & Terry Young $450 / $750 7/8 Alex Olinger & Jeff Melton $350 / $525 9-12 Muffler Don, $250 Ken Jennings, John Gabriel, Charlie Bryant 13-16 Gordy Vanderveer, $200 Jonathon Hennessee, Junior Brown, Blaine Barcus

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STARTING ON THURSDAY JUST DOESN'T GIVE US ENOUGH TIME TO GET IT ALL IN BY MONDAY MORNING. TO MUCH FUN AND ACTION UNTIL 6AM MONDAY MORNING!!! Thursday night $500.00 added 9-ball open plus $4600.00 10-ball break and run. Friday night $100.00 added 9-ball open, plus $4800.00 10- ball break and run pot, plus Halloween prizes worth over $500.00, plus a great DJ playing top hits. Saturday the start of our $2000.00 added 9-ball open, $5000.00 break and run, $19.95 STEAK DINNER, action all over the room (BIG and Small), collage football games on the TV of your choice (choose from 15). SUNDAY FINAL 8 PLAYING FOR $6000.00 IN PRIZE MONEY!!! Stoney Stone was on his A game for the 1st place $2905.00 and didn’t allow anybody to get more than 3 games plus he had a 7 to 1 and a 7-0 match. Mr. Arnold, bought Stoney in the calcutta and he and his wife Pinky where on there A game. Sitting through every match Stoney played until the very end. I can’t say enough about Zack Sanderson the $1500.00 second place winner---young, dedicated, passionate for the game, hard working, committed, competitive, likes tournaments and action, and wants to compete with the better players. Zack came in 3rd at Side Pockets last big tournament against the likes of Johnny Archer and John Hennessy, plus a lot more for $3000.00. $4500.00 in a three week period and Zack keeps a full time job!!! This is what pool needs, more young people understanding an appreciating the game of pool AND PARTICIPATING. Thanks to everybody for helping us make our 4 day weekend a lot of fun and action!!!


1st $1375/$1530 2nd $725/$830 3rd $330/$400

Stoney Stone Zack Sanderson Matt

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4th $150/$200 5/6 $70/$100 7/8 $40

Ronnie Jim J, Trey Scotty, Anthony

(504) 682-6199 701 W Judge Perez Dr Chalmette, LA 70043

Adding More Money to tournaments than anybody in the country every month! Over $5,000 Rackem December 2014


SHOOTERS OLATHE Midwest 9-Ball Tour


Tournament results from Shooters Olathe Nov 20-23 ONE-POCKET - 49 PLAYERS 1st Joey Gray , OKC, OK 2nd John Gabriel , Claremore, OK 3rd Chip Compton, OKC, OK 4th Tyler Hotaling , Toledo, OH 5-6 Marc Vidal, Denver, CO Jay Klatt, Bloomington, IL 7-8 Danny Olson, Brookings, SD Dusty Meyer, Olathe, KS 9-12 Charlie Mora, Tulsa, OK Skyler Woodward, Paducah, KY Anthony Garcia, Cedar Rapids, IA Kiko Ibarra, Denver, CO LADIES - 22 PLAYERS 1st Liz Lovely, Dayton, OH 2nd Julia Gabriel, St. Charles, MO 3rd Jen Roling, Dubuque, IA 4th Nicole Keeney, Littleton, CO 5-6 Kathleen Morast, Olathe, KS Sharon Rinkert, Winterset, IA OPEN - 110 PLAYERS 1st Chip Compton, OKC, Ok 2nd Shane McMinn, Tulsa, OK 3rd Danny Olson, Brookings, SD 4th Eric Durbin, Cape Girardeau, MO 5-6 Skyler Woodward, Paducah, KY Scott Kitto, San Benito, TX 7-8 Joey Gray, OKC, OK Marc Vidal, Denver, CO 9-12 Chuck Raulston, Poplar Bluff, MO T.K. Anderson, Kansas City, KS Andy Craig, Springfield, MO Dustin Gunia, Omaha, NE 13-16 Troy Honeycutt, Grinnell, IA Terry Young, Wichita, KS Jr. Brown, Wichita, KS Charlie Mora, Tulsa, OK 17-24 Jacob Franzoni, Midwest City, OK Tommy Tokoph, Albuquerque, NM Tom Skinner, Springfield, MO Kevin Kares, Sedalia, MO Jim Fraser, West Cliff, CO David Matlock, Olathe, KS Alex Olinger, Dayton, OH Kent Henderson, Topeka, KS Midwest 9-Ball added two new sponsors to the tour: Buddy Baker “Baker Custom Cues” Terry Roach “Roach Custom Cues”


December 2014 Rackem



Big Money Rocky Mountain 10 Ball Tournament

$20,000.00 1st place Based on a field of 12+ players

February 27 & 28 & March 1, 2015 Calcutta 6:00 pm on Friday, play begins immediately after. All first round matches will be played Friday night. Saturday play will begin at 10:00 am.

Race to 21 (both sides) $2,000 entry fee

10- ball (Express rules) $2,000 added

6 Diamond 7’ tables

Winner Breaks

Batter’s Up Bar & Grill 1717 South Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah 801-463-4996 or 801-557-5498

Private lounge available to all players! $500 deposit due to Mike Baucum at Batter’s Up by Feb. 15, 2015. If field is not 12 or more players by 2/15/2015, all deposits and fees paid will be refunded. No refunds after field is established.

Championship match will be played!! All payouts in cash.

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White Diamond Billiards

Olinger Takes Super 9-Ball WHITE DIAMOND BILLIARDS RESULTS FOR THE SUPER 9 BALL TOURNAMENT - November 15-16, 2014 Lafayette, LA 128 players 75 on the alternate list $40 entry 2 Calcutta Tournament paid $6,120 1st Calcutta paid $71,530 2nd Calcutta paid $12,810


r e g n i l O x Ale

TOTAL TOURNAMENT PAYOUT 1 $2,143 / $25,036 / $6,021 ALEX OLINGER 2 $1,040 / $12,160 / $3,203 BILLY THORPE 3 $796 / $9,299 / $2,050 JAMIE BARACK 4 $551 / $6,438 / $1,537 MATT ARMSTRONG 5/6 $367 / $4,292 RONNIE DENNIES, JOSH ROBERTS 7/8 $214 / $2,504 CHIP COMPTON, SKY WOODWARD 9/12 $107 / $1,252 RONNIE WISEMAN, JOHN HENNESSE ROBB SAEZ, MANNY CHAU WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN MAKING THIS A GREAT TOURNAMENT! Thank you to the players, Calcutta buyers, our staff and to Mrs Sheri McCammant(your the bomb dot com)! We hope to see everyone at our next event, which should be in March or the beginning of April! You can call with a credit card to reserve your spot for the next Super 9-Ball Tournament now 337-989-9889 Until next time............ Thank you Chris and Ashley

Pool Table Sales Installation, Moving Service and Repair PRO SHOP CUES & ACCESSORIES

We build Custom Cues

4510 East 14th St - Des Moines, IA



Weekly Tournaments: Sun-Mon-Tues-Fri 1st & 3rd Saturday Tournaments

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Rackem December 2014


The ‘Rat Pack’ wins McAlester 9-Ball League

After 24 weeks of match play, the “Rat Pack,” out of the End Zone, won the McAlester-area Monday night 9-Ball league. “Rat Pack” team members pictured from left are Troy Franks, Ron Taylor and Albert Braswell. Not pictured are substitutes Cliff Pepper and Butch Fields. The “Rat Pack” won 267 games of the 432 games played in the season. They received 17 handicap games for a total of 284 games. Taylor was named his team’s MVP. Back Alley Billiards’ team “Hurley Hangers,” finished in 2nd place. “Hurley Hangers,” team members include Shannon Snelling, Kat Snelling and Shane Austin, as well as substitutes Shan Weiher and Trenton Bolding. They won 277 games of the 432 games played in the season. Shannon Snelling was runner up for League MVP. He won 102 games of the 144 games played. He had a 71% win percentage. During the season he had three undefeated matches, three 9-Ball breaks and one break and run. Snelling was also named his team’s MVP. Snelling’s team mate, Trenton Bolding, tied Snelling’s 71% win percentage. Rachel Petersen was the second runner-up for League MVP and top finishing woman. She won 84 of the 120 games she played and finished the season with a 70% win percentage. She had two undefeated matches, a 9-Ball break and an errorless run-out. Petersen was also named her team’s MVP. Billy Rice finished the season with the highest win percentage. He won 81 games of the 102 games he played and finished the season with a 79% win percentage. Rice also completed the season with the most undefeated matches -- he had six undefeated matches. Marlan Isbell finished with the second highest win percentage. He won 41 of the 54 games he played and finished the season with a 76% win percentage. He had three undefeated matches and one 9-Ball break. Isbell also tied one other player for the most run-outs in the season. Isbell had two break and runs and two errorless runouts. Ron Taylor was named League MVP. He won 104 games of the 144 games played throughout the season. He had a 72% win percentage. During the season he had three undefeated matches, two 9-Ball breaks and two errorless run-outs. George Trevino tied Marlan Isbell for the most run-outs in the season. Trevino had three break and runs and one errorless run-out. He was also named his team’s MVP. Tony Pipino finished the season with the most 9-Ball breaks. He had a total of 5 9-Ball breaks in the session. Pipino also had one undefeated match and one break and run. He won 88 of the 144 games played in the season and finished with a 61% win percentage. Other team MVPs for the season are Pete Manschreck, Ricky Southard, Larry Davenport, Jimmy Skipper, Gary Adams, Keith Lyon, Floyd Maxey, Toby Hanson and Cody Day.


December 2014 Rackem

$17,000 Added Chinook Winds Open 8 Ball

LINCOLN CITY, OR Chinook Winds Casino Resort is adding $17,000 to the 8-Ball Open Event March 5-8, 2015. $12,000 will be added to the Men’s division with guaranteed $10,000 for 1st place based on 96 entries. $5,000 will be added to the Women’s division based on 32 entries. Entry fee $125 and $25 green fee. It will be a race to 7 for Men’s division and race to 5 for Women’s division, double elimination, BCAPL rules. Tournament will start after Calcutta (cash only) on Friday at 5PM and a brief player’s meeting. Finals will be on Sunday evening. A Warm up 8-ball tournament will commence on Thursday, March 5 at 6PM, $20 entry, race to 4, double elimination, Open division, Women’s division and will be open to all players. There will be no green fees for this event and money will be added based on entries. Ring games may be offered if there is enough interest. As always, sportsmanship is mandatory. Tournaments will be played on 7 foot Diamond bar tables with Cyclop balls provided by Bad Boys Billiards Production. “Fast” Lenny Marshall of “On The Rail” will provide the high definition, quality streaming with many videos to view. Co-tournament directors are Andrew Monstis and Mike Jensen with WBCA staff helping out. Certified referees will be in attendance. They say it’s better at the beach and they are right! Chinook Winds Casino Resort is a full service facility. It is an exceptional place to have a tournament venue. Having this event tucked in at the beach in Lincoln City, Oregon creates an atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else. The Chinooks Winds Open 8-Ball Tournament precedes the Western BCA’s 20th annual regional 8-Ball Championships. Western BCA (WBCA) and Chinook Winds are jointly producing this event which follows the US Bar table Championships and we hope to attract many top notch players from around the Northwest and beyond.

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S P O O K TA C U L A R S AV I N G S Buy ANY Lucasi Hybrid that retails for $379.99+ and receive a FREE AIR HOG or buy ANY Lucasi Hybrid that retails for $899.99+ and receive a FREE BIG BEULAH 2 That’s up to $379.99 absolutely FREE! * Offer is valid from Oct 25th. - Dec. 15th, 2014 or while supples last. This offer excludes LH10-LH50 and can not be combined with any other offer.

w w w. l u c a s i h y b r i d . c o m | 1 - 8 0 0 - 8 3 5 - 76 6 5 A Global Division of Cue & Case Sales, Inc.

28 December 2014 Rackem

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Griffith Billiards

GRIFFITH, IN 9-Ball - Nov 15-16, 2014 We started with a field of 71 players Saturday and brought back the final 12 starting Sunday at noon! ~$10,000 total in prize and calcutta money, who will snap it off? Winners side: Frank Citarelli Eddie Balderas John Reed and Gil Hernandez. One loss side: Ike Runnels Jose Loera Matt Beckwith, Mike Corbitt, Jack Wu, Al Martinez, John Golarz, Dennis Hatch Calcutta and prize pool payouts from this weekend’s big tournament at Griffith Billiards. Nearly $10,000 paid out in total including $900 added, $100 to the highest finishing female and 100% payback of entry fees and calcutta. Every single dollar went back to the players and then some! I really want to thank

everyone who came out, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did, can’t wait to see you all again! 1st $1200 / $1600 Gil Hernandez 2nd $800 / $1150 Dennis Hatch 3rd $550 / $775 Eddie Balderas 4th $350 / $500 Ike Runnels 5/6 $240 / $375 John Ree, Frank Citarelli 7/8 $175 / $275 Matt Beckwith, Al Martinez 9-12 $100 Jose Loera, Mike Corbitt, Jack Wu, John Golarz 13-16 $80 Jon Ola, Jeremy Edwards, Chad Mazurek, Eric Hinks Highest Woman: $100

Vicki Paski

Griffith Billiards Scotch Doubles - Dec 13th

New Diamond Pool Tables

Weekly Tournaments:

Friday 8-Ball: @ 7pm - Races 2/3/4 - $5 entry Sunday 9-Ball: @ 2pm - Races 5 - $5 entry Sunday 8-Ball: @ 7pm - Races 2/3 - $5 entry

2nd Saturday of the Month Pool Tournaments 8 and 9-Ball Alternating

609 2nd Ave SW - Cedar Rapids, IA - 319.366.0979

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Handicapped / Max combined skill 12 (APA or equivalent) All players welcome - No league affiliation required Winners Side 8-Ball / Losers Side 9-Ball Bring 1 NEW unwrapped toy per player Door Prizes or pay $10 donation each Games Second Chance Registration & Open Practice 11-12:30pm Tournament Play starts at 12:30pm Raffles For more information or assistance finding a partner Nicole Afton 219-713-0609 Johnny Maricich 708-745-8244

116 S Broad St - Griffith, IN 219-934-7665

Rackem December 2014


Back Alley Billiards’ pool players

‘Rack up’

wins at Tornado Alley Regionals The BCA Tornado Alley Regional pool tournament took place in mid-November in Newkirk, Okla., at the First Council Casino event center. Numerous pool players from Back Alley Billiards in McAlester came home with Championship titles. Back Alley Billiards co-owner, Rachel Petersen, teamed up with Carrie Williams, of Tulsa, and played in the Women’s Scotch Doubles 8-Ball tournament. Williams and Petersen went undefeated and took home the Championship title and a $500 cash prize for 1st place. Petersen then teamed up with Back Alley Billiards co-owner, Marlan Isbell, to play in the Jack & Jill Scotch Doubles. Isbell and Petersen never lost more than 2 games in a single match and went undefeated to take home the Championship title and a $1,200 cash prize for 1st place. Back Alley Billiards’ pool player Sharon Stanton teamed up with Dee Davis, of Tulsa, and finished 5th / 6th in this event. “I am hoping for a triple championship,” Petersen said before playing in her third event at the Tornado Alley regionals. “How awesome would it be to win my first three events here.” Petersen made it to the hot seat match of the Women’s Open 8-Ball singles, but lost the match to fellow Back Alley Billiards pool player Kat Snelling. Petersen won her next match and met Snelling in the finals but lost again. The two ladies were thrilled that Back Alley Billiard pool players swept 1st and 2nd place in that division. Snelling won $500 for her 1st-place finish and Petesen won $315 for her 2nd place finish.

Petersen then went on to win her fourth event, the Chappell, Jeff McClode and Dale Motley. Women’s Open 10-Ball singles. She went undefeated Finally, Jason Chappell and Marlan Isbell teamed in the event. Jan Cole, of Claremore, took 2nd place up to play in the Saturday Scotch Doubles 8-Ball and Peggy Sanchez placed 3rd. event. Isbell and Chappell went undefeated and took Back Alley Billiards pool player Shawta Davis home the tournament champion title. went undefeated in the Women’s B 8-Ball singles and won the Championship title. Sharon Stanton, also a player out of Back Alley, took 2nd in that event. Three other Back Alley ladies finished high in the event as well – Amy Isbell took 4th, and Mandy Lay and Stacy Chappell finished 5th / 6th. Although the Back Alley Billiards’ ladies racked up a bunch of wins, the Back Alley Billiards men also finished well. Marlan Isbell took a team of Back Alley Billiards’ men to compete in the Men’s/ Mixed 8-Ball team event. Although the team, the Bull Shooters, lost a match in the early rounds, they came back all the way through the loser’s bracket to compete in the finals. The Bull Shooters won their first match of the finals. Since their opponent held the hot seat, Isbell’s team had to beat them one last time. Although the Bull Shooters almost pulled the win off, they ended up losing the final match 13-11 and took home $1400 for a Back Alley Billiards’ pool player Shawta Davis went 2nd place finish. Team members included undefeated to win the title of tournament champion in this – Isbell, Billy Rice, Todd Barrier, Jason event.

Back Alley Billiards’ owner, Rachel Petersen (right) teams up with Carrie Williams, of Tulsa, and wins the Women’s Scotch Doubles 8-Ball tournament. Petersen also won the Women’s Open 10-Ball tournament.


December 2014 Rackem

Back Alley Billiards’ owners Marlan Isbell (left) and Rachel Petersen go undefeated to win $1200 and the Championship title in the Jack & Jill Scotch Doubles 8-Ball tournament.

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Devin Poteet FULL NAME: Devin Ray Poteet


NICKNAME: The Arkansas Kid HOME TOWN: Paragould BIRTH DATE: 1/23/1997 GRADE: 12th GPA: 2.8 FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: Science POOL ROOM(S) WHERE YOU PLAY: Perry’s Pool Room, Cues and Blues WHAT KIND OF CUE(S) DO YOU USE? Mitchell Thomas LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED? Right TITLES / HIGHEST FINISHES: 3rd place junior nationals , 7th place in the Tennessee big table open, 9th place out of 158 Missouri bar table open, house pro at the billiard center , 9th in the nation pioneer 8ball. MOST MEMORABLE POOL MOMENT: Breaking and running 10 racks of 9-ball in a row in a tournament going to 15 SPONSORS: Mitchell Thomas Cues, Cues and Blues FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Rap/hiphop HOBBIES: Pool FAVORITE POOL GAME: 10- ball FAVORITE POOL PLAYER: SVB FAVORITE FOOD: Buffalo wings REAL-WORLD HERO: Chris Busby FONDEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Double dipping my dad in a tournament when I was 13 GOALS (personal and/or career): Business owner/pro pool player ANYTHING ELSE YOU’D LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU? I’ve got more heart than a lion Like Us On Facebook

Rackem December 2014


If you have any changes to your weekly pool tournaments EMAIL: us at


DATE CITY Mondays Davenport, IA Houston, TX Des Moines, IA Appleton, WI Green Bay, WI Dundee, IL Rockford, IL Kansas City, MO Tuesdays Spring, TX Des Moines, IA Houston, TX Lenexa, KS Wednesdays McAlester, OK Davenport, IA Midwest City, OK Houston, TX Alsip, IL Oshkosh, WI Thursdays Oshkosh, WI Davenport, IA Des Moines, IA Chicago, IL Spring, TX Chalmette, LA Kansas City, MO Lenexa, KS Manhattan, KS Fridays McAlester, OK Olathe, KS Houston, TX Coon Rapids, MN Des Moines, IA Farmington, MN Spring, TX Spring, TX Tulsa, OK Poplar Bluff, MO Davenport, IA Chalmette, LA Appleton, WI Aurora, IL Tonganoxie, KS Topeka, KS Raytown, MO Jonesville, LA Oshkosh, WI Saturdays Jonesville, LA Houston, TX Olathe, KS St Peter’s, MO Kansas City, MO Oak Lawn, IL Joliet, IL Aurora, Il Fox Lake Chicago, IL Salina, KS Houston, TX Topeka, KS Blue Springs, MO Lenexa, KS Tulsa, OK Sundays McAlester, OK Des Moines, IA Davenport, IA Olathe, KS Spring, TX Green Bay, WI Chicago Hts, IL Jonesville, LA Lenexa, KS Oshkosh, WI

LOCATION Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Bogies Billiards Big Dog Billiards KK Billiards KK Billiards Hammerheads Rockford Billiards Side Pockets Big Tyme Billiards Big Dog Billiards Bogie’s West Side Pockets Back Alley Billiards Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Jamaica Joe’s Bogies Billiards Red Shoes Varsity Club Varsity Club Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Big Dog Billiards Chicago Billiards Big Tyme Billiards Lacy’s Cue Brass Rail Side Pockets Fast Eddy’s Billiards Back Alley Billiards Shooters Bogies Billiards CR’s Sports Bar Big Dog Billiards Farmington Billiards Big Tyme Billiards Big Tyme Billiards Q-Spot Billiards Smokin’ Aces Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Lacy’s Cue KK Billiards Rudy’s Place Helen’s Hilltop Terrys Billiard Club Raytown Rec Les Charles Inn & Gameroom Varsity Club Les Charles Inn & Gameroom Bogies Billiards Shooters 3rd Base Boomers Bar & Grill Demma’s Pool Loft Rudy’s Place Bay Billiards Chris’ Sunset Billiards & Sports Bar Bogie’s West Diamond Joes Roadies Rock House Side Pockets Q-Spot Billiards Back Alley Billiards Big Dog Billiards Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Shooters Big Tyme Billiards KK Billiards Oasis One-Sixty Les Charles Inn & Gameroom Side Pockets Varsity Club

PHONE (563) 359-7225 (281) 821-4544 (515) 266-6100 (920) 830-0083 (920) 432-0059 (847) 836-8099 (815) 962-0957 (816) 455-9900 (281) 288-0800 (515) 266-6100 (832) 912-4432 (913) 888-7665 (918) 916-2837 (563) 359-RACK (405) 736-0590 (281) 821-4544 (708) 388-3700 (920) 651-0806 (920) 651-0806 (563) 359-7225 (515) 266-6100 (773) 545-5102 (281) 288-0800 (501) 682-6199 (816) 468-6100 (913) 888-7665 (785) 539-4323 (918) 916-2837 (913) 780-5740 (281) 821-4544 (763) 780-1585 (515) 266-6100 (651) 463-2636 (281) 288-0800 (281) 288-0800 (918) 779-6204 (573) 712-2900 (563) 359-7225 (501) 682-6199 (920) 830-0083 (630) 898-7769 (913) 369-3772 (785) 273-3553 (816) 358-5977 (318) 339-4540 (920) 651-0806 (318) 339-4540 (281) 821-4544 (913) 780-5740 (636) 447-5300 (816) 436-7245 (708) 636-1240 (815) 722-0964 (630) 898-7769 (847) 587-8888 (773) 286-4714 (785) 826-9992 (832) 912-4432 (785) 783-2883 (816) 228-7625 (913) 888-7665 (918) 779-6204 (918) 916-2837 (515) 266-6100 (563) 359-7225 (913) 780-5740 (281) 288-0800 (920) 432-0059 (708) 756-0600 (318) 339-4540 (913) 888-7665 (920) 651-0806

EVENT / RULES 9-Ball 9 Ball on 8’ tables-Race 4/3 B/C 9-Ball 9-Ball-Race to 4-Alt Break-DE 9-Ball-Race to 4-Alt Break-DE 10 Ball 9 Ball 9 Ball 8 Ball Handicap 8-Ball-DE 9 Ball-Limit 32 9 Ball 9 Ball Open - Race to 3 8-9-10 Ball Winner Chooses 9 Ball 8 Ball on 8’ tables-Race 2/1 10 Ball 9-Ball Beginners 9-Ball Intermediate 8-Ball Short Rack 8-Ball-Race to 3 9 Ball 9 Ball 9-Ball Open 9 Ball 9 Ball 8 Ball & 9 Ball 8 Ball Open - Race to 3 9-Ball Open Night Owl 8-Ball-Race 2/1 8-Ball on 7’ Diamonds Open 10-Ball 8 or 9-ball rotation One Pocket 8 Ball - APA 5 & under 8-Ball 7 & under 9 Ball Coin Toss decides 9-Ball 8-Ball-Race to 2-Alt Break-DE Call 8 Ball 8 Ball Players Vote 8 Ball 8-Ball Open - Race to 2 8 Ball Night Owl 8-Ball-Race 2/1 9-Ball 9 Ball 8 Ball 8 Ball 8 Ball Call 8 Ball 9 Ball Multiple 8 Ball-Limit 32 9 Ball 8 Ball APA Rated 8 Ball 9-Ball 7 & under Scotch Doubles - Race to 3 9-Ball - 2 Div-DE 10-Ball 8-Ball - Race to 3 - No pros 10 Ball 8-Ball-Race to 4/3-Alt Break-DE 9 Ball 9 Ball 9 Ball 10-Ball on 9’ tables-Race to 5

ENTRY ADDED TIME $12 $100 every 16 7PM $7 $100 w/20 8PM $10 $$$ 7PM $10 $50 w/16 7PM $15 $50 w/16 7PM $15 $$$ 7:30PM $14 Call 7:30PM $5 7PM $10 Call 9:30PM $15/$10/$5 7PM $11 $100 w/20 8PM $6 9:30PM $5 $$$ 7:30PM $10 (incl g.f.) $100 every 16 6:30PM $15 $5/player 7:30PM $7 $100 w/20 8PM $15 Call 8PM $8 Call $10 Call $10 $100 every 16 7PM $10 11PM $10 100% payout 8PM $10 50% 8PM $30 $500 Guar 6PM $10 7PM $6 9:30PM $15 6PM $10 $$$ 7:30PM $15 (incl. g.f.) up to $160 8:30PM $7 $100 w/20 2AM $16 $75 7PM $15/$10/$5 $3/player 7PM $15+$5 g.f. $50 w/16 6:30PM $10 Call 8PM $6 50% 8PM $5 9 PM $10 $200 7PM $10 $100 every 16 7PM FREE $100 Guar 6PM $5 8PM $15 $100+ w/10 7:30PM $10 7:30PM $5 7PM $10 2AM $5 8PM $12 6:30PM $5 8PM $7 $100 w/20 2AM Call Call 7:30PM $15 Call 1PM $5 7:30PM $10 Call 3PM $15 Call 4/5PM $15 $100+ w/10 7:30PM $15 Call 8PM $10 Call 7PM Call Call $11 $100 w/20 4PM $10 8PM $5 8PM $10 1PM $10 (incl. g.f.) 9PM $10 $$$ 5:30PM $15/10 6PM $12 $100 every 16 7PM $10 Call 7:30PM $12 50% 6PM $15 1PM $10 6PM $5 8PM $6 9:30PM $15 Call

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice


December 2014 Rackem

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APPLETON, WI November 15th, 2014 Open 10-Ball Tournament: 77 Players: $1,500 added 1st/2nd Split:Tom McCluskey and Chris Bonde 3rd: David Coles 4th: Dan Herdina 5th: Jordan Jenquin 6th: Darren Burgerner 7th: John Fields 8th: Chad Elston 9th: Randy Lamar 10th: Chad Johnson 11th: Lance Blackdeer 12th: Sergio Rivas 13th: Kendal Koch 14th Joe Rivas 15th: Tim Volkman 16th: Jim Fitzpatrick

DUSTIN GUNIA November 14-16 OPEN 8-BALL MAIN EVENT - $2,000 Added 1st $930/$1205 Dustin Gunia 2nd $550/$900 Jesse Bowman 3rd $370/$600 Chad Vilmont 4th $300/$300 Andy Craid 5/6 $210 Danny Olsen, Wesley Nemmers 7/8 $170 Whitey Walker, Kenny Loftis 9-12 $110 Darren Everett, Jon Brown Jeff Whorton, Tony Ehlers 13-16 $70 Dony Faber Jr, Jim Nosavan Al Dietrich, Brad Baker High Lady: 15 year old Madison Bond $50

POOL TOURNAMENTS Every Fri 933 8th St (Hwy 3 & 50) - Farmington, MN 651-463-2636

Here is Happy Matt Cooper with his new Patrick Diveney Sneaky Pete that he won in the Big Dog Billiards raffle drawing!

SUNDAY OPEN 9-BALL - 22 players 1st $280 (split) Jimmy Nosavan/Jon Brown 3rd $80 Jerry De Carlo 4th $40 Mike Hassin 5/6 $20 John Thivert, Paul Durham

Here is a very happy Todd Vandike with his new Reuben Fisher cue that he won in the raffle drawing! Congratulations Todd Vandike!

SHARKY’S BAR & BILLIARDS 2902 E Kimberly Rd - Davenport, IA


26 Pool Tables - 6 Flat Screen TVs Weekly Tournament at 7PM Sun-Mon-Thurs-Fri $100 added for every 16 players

Daily Food Specials - Happy Hour: 4-6pm M-F

See the Tournament Trail for Upcoming Tournament Dates Like Us On Facebook

6149 E 31st St Tulsa, OK

918-779-6204 Hours: Sun 2-10 pm Mon-Thurs 12-2am Fri-Sat 12-1am



Rackem December 2014


Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

Click on the MAP link online to get directions to each location DATE CITY LOCATION PHONE Dec 4 Houston, TX Bogies (see ad p15) 281-821-4544 Dec 5 Houston, TX Bogies (see ad p15) 281-821-4544 Dec 6 Houston, TX Bogies (see ad p15) 281-821-4544 Dec 7 Houston, TX Bogies (see ad p15) 281-821-4544 Dec 6 Des Moines, IA Big Dogs (see ad p25) 515-266-6100 Dec 6 Farmington, MN Farmington (see ad p33) 651-463-2636 Dec 6 Alsip, IL Red Shoes (see ad p15) 708-388-3700 Dec 6 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p11) 918-916-2837 Dec 6 Midwest City, OK Jamaica Joe’s (see ad p22) 405-736-0590 Dec 6 Chalmette, LA Lacy’s Cue (see ad p23) 504-682-6199 Dec 11-14 Poplar Bluff, MO Smokin Aces 573-712-2900 Dec 13 St Peters, MO Jakwagon’s 636-699-0684 Dec 13 Clinton, IA VK’s Shooters 563-219-8723 Dec 13 Sheboygan, WI Dave’s Who’s Inn 920-627-3872 Dec 13 Sheboygan, WI VibeZ 414-517-5301 Dec 13-14 Midwest City, OK Jamaica Joe’s (see ad p22) 405-736-0590 Dec 13-14 Tyler, TX Brass Star 903-597-5777 Dec 13 Griffith, IN Griffith (see ad p29) 219-713-0609 Dec 13 Appleton, WI KK Billiards (see ad p25) 920-830-0083 Dec 13 Cedar Rapids, IA 2nd Ave (see ad p29) 319-366-0970 Dec 13 Chalmette, LA Lacy’s Cue (see ad p23) 504-682-6199 Dec 13 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p11) 918-916-2837 Dec 13 Houston, TX Bogies Billiards (see ad p15) 281-821-4544 Dec 14 Houston, TX Bogies Billiards (see ad p15) 281-821-4544 Dec 19 Des Moines, IA Big Dogs (see ad p25) 515-266-6100 Dec 20 Des Moines, IA Big Dogs (see ad p25) 515-266-6100 Dec 20 Davenport, IA Sharky’s (see ad p33) 563-359-RACK Dec 20 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p11) 918-916-2837 Dec 20 Olathe, KS Shooters (see ad p11) 913-780-5740 Dec 20 Chalmette, LA Lacy’s Cue (see ad p23) 504-682-6199 Dec 27 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p11) 918-916-2837 Dec 27 Chalmette, LA Lacy’s Cue (see ad p23) 504-682-6199 Dec 31 Des Moines, IA Big Dogs (see ad p25) 515-266-6100 Jan 1 Des Moines, IA Big Dogs (see ad p25) 515-266-6100 Jan 1 Davenport, IA Sharky’s (see ad p33) 563-359-RACK Jan 1 Davenport, IA Sharky’s (see ad p33) 563-359-RACK Jan 1 Davenport, IA Sharky’s (see ad p33) 563-359-RACK Jan 3 Des Moines, IA Big Dogs (see ad p25) 515-266-6100 Jan 3 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p11) 918-916-2837 Jan 3 Alsip, IL Red Shoes (see ad p15) 708-388-3700 Jan 10 Cedar Rapids, IA 2nd Ave (see ad p29) 319-366-0970 Jan 10 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p11) 918-916-2837 Jan 17 Barnhart, MO Kenny’s 636-464-9070 Jan 17 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p11) 918-916-2837 Jan 24 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p11) 918-916-2837 Jan 31 Davenport, IA Sharkey’s (see ad p33) 563-359-RACK Jan 31 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p11) 918-916-2837 Feb 7 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p11) 918-916-2837 Feb 7 Chalmette, LA Lacy’s Cue (see ad p23) 504-682-6199 Feb 14 Alsip, IL Red Shoes (see ad p15) 708-388-3700 Feb 14 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p11) 918-916-2837 Feb 14 Chalmette, LA Lacy’s Cue (see ad p23) 504-682-6199 Feb 21 Barnhart, MO Kenny’s 636-464-9070 Feb 21 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p11) 918-916-2837 Feb 21 Chalmette, LA Lacy’s Cue (see ad p23) 504-682-6199 Feb 28 McAlester, OK Back Alley (see ad p11) 918-916-2837 Feb 28 Chalmette, LA Lacy’s Cue (see ad p23) 504-682-6199 Feb 27-Mar1 Salt Lake City, UT Batters Up (see ad p24) 801-463-4996

EVENT / RULES 9-Ball Banks-Ltd 16 players One Pocket-Ltd 32 players 9-Ball-Ltd 128 players 9-Ball Ladies-Ltd 32 players 8-Ball-Red Div (AA,Master,Elite) 8-Ball-White Div (A & B) 8-Ball-Blue Div (Beginners to C) 3 Man Team 8-Ball Bank Pool 8-Ball Progressive-Race to 4 10-Ball Scotch Doubles 9-Ball 9-Ball-Limit 64 9-Ball 8-Ball Mixed Scotch Doubles 8-Ball B-Div 8-Ball A & AA-Div 9-Ball 9-Ball-Limit 64 Toys 4 Tots-W 8-Ball-SD-APA max 12 L 9-Ball-SD 8-Ball A/B 8-Ball/9-Ball Alternating 9-Ball C & D Players 8-Ball 7 & under-Race to 5 9-Ball 8-Ball 9-Ball 8-Ball-4 divisions Christmas Cash 10-Ball 8-Ball for ALL players 9-Ball 9-Ball 8-Ball 5 & under-race to 4 9-Ball New Year’s Eve-Flip 4 choice Hair of the Dog Scotch Dbls New Year’s Day-Men’s Div New Year’s Day-Wmn’s Div New Year’s Day-Junior Div Winter One Pocket Challenge 8-Ball Progressive-Race to 4 10-Ball 8-Ball/9-Ball Alternating 8-Ball 7 & under-Race to 5 10-Ball Scotch Doubles 8-Ball 8 & under-Rated 8-Ball 6 & under-race to 4 No Master 9-Ball Classic 8-Ball Jack/Jill Scotch 8-Ball Progressive-Race to 4 9-Ball One Pocket 8-Ball 7 & under-Race to 5 9-Ball C & D Players 10-Ball Scotch Doubles 8-Ball Rated for ALL players 9-Ball 8-Ball 5 & under-race to 4 9-Ball 10-Ball

ENTRY $100 $100 $75 $40 $30 incl g.f. $30 incl g.f. $30 incl g.f. Varies $50 incl g.f. $20 $60 $40 $500 $25+$10 g.f. $40+$5 g.f. $35 incl g.f. $40 incl g.f. $50 $40 $15 adv $20 @ door $40 incl g.f. Call $20 $20 $25 $25 $30 incl g.f. Varies $45 incl g.f. $20 $40 incl g.f. $20+$10 g.f. $15 $20 $5 Call $30 incl g.f. $20 incl g.f. $10 incl g.f. $20 incl g.f. $20 $50 incl g.f. Call $20 $45/$25 g.f. $20 $15 $45 incl g.f. $30 $20 $40 $50 incl g.f. $20 $20 $45/$25 g.f. $20 $20+$10 g.f. $15 $20 $2,000

ADDED TIME $500 7PM $1,000 7PM $3,500 10AM $500 Noon $400 w/32 10AM $400 w/32 10AM $400 w/32 10AM $1,000 10AM $500 w/full field Noon $$$-Call 1PM $750 w/32+ Noon $2,000 1PM $5,000 6:30PM $1000 w/64 11AM Call 11AM $300 10:30AM $300 10:30AM $2,500 Call $2,500 Noon Bring New Toy Call Benefit $500 w/64 11AM Call Call $500 w/32 1PM $$$ 1PM $500 w/32 1PM $500 w/32 1PM $500 7:30PM $1,500 10AM $1,250 10AM $$$ 1PM $300 w/32 1:30PM $500 Guar 1PM $$$ 1PM $500 Guar 1PM Call Call Call $1,000 w/64 10AM $200 w/32 10AM Call 10AM Call 11AM $$$-Call 1PM $500 w/full field Noon Call Call $$$ 1PM $300 w/20+ Noon $$$ 1PM $$$ 1PM $1500 w/opt. Call $$$ 1PM $$$-Call 1PM $2,000 1PM $500 w/full field Noon $$$ 1PM $500 w/32 1PM $300 w/20+ Noon $$$ 1PM $500 Guar 1PM $$$ 1PM $500 Guar 1PM $2,000 6:00PM

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


December 2014 Rackem

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Rackem Pool Magazine December Issue 2014  

Results from White Diamond Super 9-Ball ... World Pool Masters ... Lacy's Cue and more ... columnists ... new tournament listings

Rackem Pool Magazine December Issue 2014  

Results from White Diamond Super 9-Ball ... World Pool Masters ... Lacy's Cue and more ... columnists ... new tournament listings