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On October 29th-30th the Lone Star Tour drew 65 players with 97 entries in 5 divisions at Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar in Houston, Texas who hosted the Tour’s 11th stop of 2011. The Open 9-Ball division drew 34 players which included James Baraks, David Gutierrez, Manny Chau, Mike Gulyassy, Ernesto Bayaua, and Jason Brown. The 39 player Amateur 9-ball division included Brent Thomas, Grady Cooper, J.C. Torres, Mikey Frost, Bill Fuller, and Michael Branton. The Open division concluded Saturday evening with 4 winners and 4 one-loss side players for Sunday’s action. During the last winners’ side round of the evening, David Gutierrez defeated Mikey Frost 9-2, Sonny Bosshamer defeated Mike Gulyassy 9-7, Jason Brown squeezed by Ernesto Bayaua 9-8, and James Baraks bested Grady Cooper 9-4. On the one-loss side, Bayaua, Cooper, Frost, and Brian Rosenbaum lost their bid for the final 8. Sunday’s final four one-loss side produced Manny Chau who had suffered an earlier blow from Gutierrez, Jason Pearce, Bill Fuller, and Gulyassy. The final four “undefeated” saw Baraks oust Brown 9-2 and Bosshamer fall to Gutierrez 9-5. The west side’s final four saw Fuller fall to Gulyassy 7-4, and Chau defeat Jason Pearce 7-5. Meanwhile, it was Baraks over Brown 9-2 and Gutierrez over Bosshamer 9-5 that pitted Baraks v. Gutierrez for the hot seat. It was a hill-hill thriller until Baraks secured the final game 9-8. Headed for a comeback after a third round loss to Gutierrez, Chau won 6 consecutive matches with wins over Cooper, Pearce, Bosshamer, and Brown, but fell prey once again to Gutierrez, 7-1. In the final match, it was all out war. Gutierrez was determined to redeem himself


while the all too unshakable Baraks was steady as a rock. The first set went to Guiterrez 9-6 and the players took a break. In overtime, both players stayed their course. At 4-3 in Baraks favor, he fell out of line on the 7 but completed the out and won the next game making it 6-3. Gutierrez answered back strong with 2 in a row which included a break and a run. At 6-5, Gutierrez broke and the cue ball was kissed into the corner pocket. Baraks ran out ending the set, 7-5. Thanks to their impeccable play and showmanship, these two players wowed the Bogies’ crowd with the most exciting event final to date! The Amateur division drew 39 entries and ended late Saturday night. On the winners’ side final 8 it was Carl Miranda over J.C. Torres, Joey Torres defeated Bill Fuller, Jason Pearce ousted Will Felder, and Curt Bovenzi fell to Sonny Bosshamer. Miranda went on to defeat Joey Torres 4-2 and Bosshamer scrapped Pearce by the same. Bosshamer squeezed by Miranda for the hot seat 4-3. On the one-loss side, Chuck Adams bested Felder 4-3, Pablo Hernandez eliminated Boveni 4-1, Brian Rosenbaum defeated J.C. Torres 4-1, and Grady Cooper fell to Fuller 4-1. Hernandez won 6 consecutive matches on the top side after losing his first match to Junior player Ron Esman. After his first round loss to Kerry “The Panther” Ganther, Rosenbaum won 8 consecutive matches on the bottom side to meet Hernandez in the quarter final. Rosenbaum defeated Hernandez and Miranda, making it 10 consecutive wins until an undefeated Bosshamer blew the wind out of his sail in the final, 4-0. Congratulations to Sonny Bosshamer on his first Lone Star Tour title and for winning the VX cue and VX jump cue

raffles! In the One Pocket division, Sylver Ochoa defeated David Gutierrez for the hot seat match while Jason Brown bested Ernesto Bayaua, leaving him in 4th. Brown defeated Gutierrez 2-1 but fell in the final to Ochoa, 3-1. On Sunday, current ladies point leader Courtney Peters captured 1st place after a second round loss to Terry Petrosino who finished 2nd. Robyn Petrosino and Teresa Garland finished 3rd and 4th respectively. Junior player Nick Calderaro captured his first LSBT Junior 9-ball event this past weekend while Ron Esman finished a respectable 2nd, and Kody Thompson 3rd, his highest finish to date. Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to the Official Tour Sponsors: Poison by Predator Cues, Delta-13 Rack,, APA of North Harris County, and Gulf Coast Billiards. Special Thanks to room owners David and Shannon Richardson for hosting the Lone Star Tour and supporting Texas’ pool. On December 10th-11th there will be $2,000 added to the Lone Star Tour Championships 2011 at Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar, hosting 5 divisions over 2 days. Please note, the AMATEUR DIVISION WILL BE 2 DAYS AT THIS EVENT AND THE RACES WILL BE EXTENDED TO 7 & 5 and the Juniors will move to Sunday at 1pm. There will be a small awards ceremony for the tour point leaders on Sunday, pit barbecue, Poison cue raffles, and LIVE STREAMING all weekend long! Don’t miss it!


OPEN 1st $550/$750 2nd $375/$535 3rd $200/$435 4th $125/$250 5th/6th $65 7th/8th $35 AMATEUR 1st $400/$400 2nd $325/$325 3rd $200/$175 4th $125/$100 5th/6th $40/$30 7th/8th $25

James Baraks David Gutierrez Manny Chau Jason Brown Sonny Bosshamer, Mike Gulyassy Bill Fuller, Jason Pearce

Sonny Bosshamer Brian Rosenbaum Carl Miranda Pablo Hernandez Joey Torres, Jason Pearce Chuck Adams, Bill Fuller

ONE POCKET 1st $300/$240 2nd $150/$100

Sylver Ochoa Jason Brown

LADIES 1st $90 2nd $60

Courtney Peters Terry Petrosino

JUNIORS 1st $60 2nd $30 3rd $15

Nick Calderaro Ron Esman Kody Thompson

December 2011 - Rackem Magazine 7

COLUMNIST San Francisco Billiard Academy

Into The Cushion

Here are two shots that demonstrate a feature of cushions that you might overlook: they are relatively soft. When a ball hits a rail with force, it can sink in more than half an inch depending on the angle and speed of attack.

Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy. The academy offers: Private Instruction Basics Clinic Eight Ball Clinic Nine Ball Clinic Introduction to Billiard Instruction BCA Recognized Instructor Course BCA Certified Instructor Course

happens instead if you hit the shot firmly is that 5 sinks into the cushion and remains in the cushion for nearly an inch as it travels towards the 9. If your speed is right, the 5 will leave the cushion just as it reaches the 9 and the 9 will fly into the pocket.

Shot 1 is one of the first trick shots I learned. The bank looks impossible since the 1 ball is frozen to both the 2 ball and the cushion. Hit the 1 ball as full as you can without hitting the 2 ball first and the bank will at least be close. Adjust the angle by hitting the ball a little thinner to make it go more towards the short rail (which is called “longer”) or with a little left English to “stiff” or “pinch” the 1 ball and make it go “shorter” or more towards the long rail side of the corner pocket.

If you set the 3-5 up closer to the 9 ball and maintain high speed, it’s possible to miss the 9 by having the 5 still well into the cushion when it gets to the 9 and it will actually shoot the 9 away from the rail. Once you have a feel for the speed needed to make the shot work with the spacing shown, try the shot without the 3-5. First notice the line of the 3-5 and see how close the right edge of the pair passes the edge of the 9. In the diagram, it looks like the 5 would just miss the 9 if the cushion wasn’t there. Next, remove the 3 and 5 and shoot the cue ball along that same line and at full speed. The 9 should again fly into the pocket as the cue ball follows the same path that the 5 ball did from the combination. I think you will find the shot more than a little amazing.

If you play on the same table all the time, there is a technique you can use to prepare for bank shots such as this. Find a distant spot on the wall along the line where the shot is straight. As long as you set the balls at the same place on the cushion each time, which should be even with the second diamond, you will have a head start on the aiming -- just shoot the 1 ball at the far target. For similar shots, such as three-cushion banks and kicks, look for similar guides.

Shots like this are among what I would call “irregular” shots, where regular shots, such as straight-ins and simple cut shots make up the vast majority of the shots you will ever play. The rare shots can often get you out of trouble, although it’s mastery of the routine shots that will keep you from getting into trouble.

Shot 2 -- set up as a combo for the 9 ball -- also looks impossible since the 3 and 5 are at a 45 degree angle into the cushion and the 5 is a chalkwidth or a little more from the 9. Any reasonable person would think the 5 ball will leave the cushion long before it reaches the 9. What

And the strange shots are fun.

C R’s

Sports Bar Pool Tournaments Every Friday & Saturday 933 8th St (Hwy 3 & 50) Farmington, MN 651-463-2636

8 Rackem Magazine - December 2011


8-Ball Singles Nov 12, 2011 $1,000 Added

Entry based on skill level-Sign-up 10am MPA Event - info at 8525 Cottonwood St NW Coon Rapids, MN 763-780-1585

PLAYERS WANTED Southwest Indiana TAP Pool League Contact 812-454-6600


Billy Benson

MASTER/AA DIVISION - 24 Entries 1st $500 Jesse Engel $830 2nd $360 Scott Tollefson $630 3rd $240 Tyler "TJ" Steinhaus $420 4th $120 Jason Kubiszewski $210 5-6 $80 Jimmy Wetch Murphy Young

Roger Johnson

A DIVISION - 14 Entries 1st $300 Tom Sullivan 2nd $200 Brandon Bright 3rd $120 Jake Wenberg 4th $60 Steve Mercier Brandon Bright

Scott Johnson B DIVISION - 24 Entries 1st $240 Roger Johnson 2nd $140 Scott Johnson 3rd $100 Eric Tenquist 4th $60 Shawn Dupont 5-6 $40 Mike Neisen Kevin Pearson

Jesse Engel

C DIVISION - 25 Entries 1st $210 Billy Benson 2nd $150 Nate Barritt 3rd $100 4th $60 5-6 $40

Nate Barritt

Scott Tollefson

Jamie Werner Sharon McNamara Joe Bushey Laura Trovecke


Tom Sullivan

December 2011 - Rackem Magazine 9

TAP Little River, SC, Nov. 23rd, 2011 - TAP Players from all over the USA and Canada, the best of the best from each TAP territory, won their trips to the TAP Nationals event held in Las Vegas, NV November 9th through the 14th. Bally’s once again played host to this exciting event, that TAP Players look forward to each and every year placing their bets, they will be the TAP National Champions for 2011. The kickoff party starts off the event on Wednesday evening, with fabulous food and beverages provided by Founder and CEO Loyd Schonter. Registration handed out gift bags also provided by Schonter for each and every National trip winner / player. So, they were winners when they arrived. The Predator Group provided their support of the event once again, along with vendors D & D Cue Repair, Speed Break, Pool A Holic Apparel, Hustlin, SharkNU Apparel, and Joe Salazar from Connoisseur Cues. BCA Hall of Fame Inductees and World

returns from another roll at the dice, in Las Vegas!

Champions Robin Dodson and Allen Hopkins both attended TAP’s National event this. Robin provided instruction on jumping and Allen held expositions throughout the entire week of the event. Players and Licensees alike enjoyed the opportunity to interact with them both, and vice versa. This year, a lot was at stake. Championships for the TAP 8 Ball National Team Event and 9 Ball National Team Event were held in addition to the ever popular Rally dream team event, slated as Rally at Bally’s for the second year. Singles provided each evening as well, also produced 8 National Champions.

Matt Wheeler

These Champions are congratulated on their accomplishment! TAP, LLC Pools Amateur Tour Facebook page, has several pictures and videos of this event posted on our wall.

And who were the Winners?

Jesse Hornbeck

8 Ball National Team Champions – A Town Express Runner Up – Bounty Hunters 9 Ball National Team Champions – TAP Dat Again Runner Up – Here Comes The Pain Rally at Bally’s Team Champions – A Town Runner Up – Anytime Billiards 2/3 Handicap 8 Ball Singles National Champion – Matt Wheeler 4 Handicap 8 Ball Singles National Champion - Jesse Hornbeck 5 Handicap 8 Ball Singles National Champion – Cecil Edwards 6 Handicap 8 Ball Singles National Champion – Eric Smartnick 7 Handicap 8 Ball Singles National Champion – Kevin Clark 2/3 Handicap 9 Ball Singles National Champion – Eddie Rivera 4/5 Handicap 9 Ball Singles National Champion – Dan Lewis 6/7 Handicap 9 Ball Singles National Champion – Tommy Najar

10 Rackem Magazine - December 2011

Kevin Clark

Dan Lewis

9Ball 2nd Here Comes The Pain What else hAPPened? TAP’s phone application was released for review at the event. This new TAP feature product will be available in the next couple of weeks for use by some selected areas, and will be going out to all TAP Players and Territories in 2012. The phone application will allow players to keep score on their phones and submit via their phones, but that’s only the beginning. In 2012 TAP will be introducing it into the TAP Events. 2012 TAP Nationals will be going to Charleston, SC and 2013 to Pheasant Run, near Chicago, Illinois. TAP’s traveling Nationals has been quite successful. Brining TAP and its players to locations they may have never been traveled to personally. The next TAP Event TAP’s Rally in the Valley, in conjunction with the Allen Hopkin’s Super Billiards Expo, is

9Ball TAP Dat Again Don’t have TAP where you are? Interested in starting your own league? Call 1-800984-7665 Ext. 2 to reach Sam Rullo TAP’s Sales Director and he will be more than happy to help you.

Want more information about TAP? Check out our website, www.tapleague. com; Facebook Page - TAP, LLC Pools Amateur Tour and Erik Smartnik Tommy Najar / or contact us, through our expected to be our largest event to date. corporate office, at the Also, at a new home, the Philadelphia Live Help desk, via Expo Center at the Oaks, in PA is going email or IM. Join the to allow growth of not only the Rally in countless others that the Valley Dream Team event, but also have been checking will allow for the introduction of a new us out. event as well. Don’t miss the excitement of TAP and it’s new releases of upcoming events and formats.

2nd Bounty Hunters

We look forward to hearing from you ! TAP ON !

8Ball A Town Express December 2011 - Rackem Magazine 11



In nine ball you must play the conditions. Don’t get outside who you are. Learn to be a warrior. A good soldier is not anxious but prepared to strike at all times with an effective well disciplined stroke. His intentions are clear. He knows his opponent and he knows the territory. He seeks an advantage. Master the art of war.

Tim Miller

This is not a feel good program. This is the real deal. You will be working with the monk for over four months. You will be working step by step to build the skills at nine ball that your opponent does not have. You will master the important moves this game calls for. You will become a master nine ball player and play better nine ball than you have every played this game before. May all the rolls go your way, The Monk

I once lured a top player to a senior center that had no shades on the window. I chose four o’clock in the afternoon. The sun would be just right. My opponent has had surgery and he cannot stand the glare. Since he was the best player he readily agreed to my time and location. I left him shots where he had to face the window and was able to win the match.

Rules you must go by: 1. Your first order of business is to classify the shot you are facing. It is a “Taking your Medicine or Playing for a Sweet Roll?

“Taking your Medicine” I faced a seven ball I could do nothing with. All I could do was pocket the ball and take a long tough shot on the eight ball. I decided I would take my chances with the eight ball. I would go through my pre shot routine and make every effort to pocket that ball. I was not going to lose on the seven ball so I cinched it and then faced a full table cut on the eight. It went in and I was straight in on the nine. If I had any reservations on this move, I would have failed. I call this move, “Taking your medicine”. Make the shot and take what you get. Once I faced a shot where I would break open a clump. I did not know where the balls would go once I made contact. I simply made my shot, allowed the cue ball to plow in to the clump and accepted whatever the roll the roll would be. I call this “Playing for a sweet roll”. In both cases I don’t want to miss my shot because I am worried about the next shot.

CALL THE MONK TODAY 1-603-566-6229

I faced a shot where I was actually playing for a bank on my next ball. I told myself to “Be willing to face the next shot” and make the shot. In the past when I played for a difficult shot on my next ball I missed the shot I was shooting because I was worried about the tough shot coming up. I call this, “not wanting to face a tough shot”. • Take your medicine. • Play for a sweet roll. • Be willing to face the next shot.


WOULD YOU PAY $300.00 TO BECOME A TOP PLAYER IN YOUR TOWN? More detailed information available online 12 Rackem Magazine - December 2011

You must be certain on what you intend to do. If you read my book I Came to Win I offer you a wonderful chapter on what intentions will do for you. If you can control your mind, and your persona and who you are and how you function you will beat most players. Discipline is what enables us to take home the prize. We all shoot shots well, we all know safeties but the disciplined mind is the one who wins.

2. You should always see the cue ball coming off the rail. Never send it to the rail and leave yourself a rail shot. Always visualize the cue ball away from the rail. 3. Learn to recognize safeties when they come up. Don’t stand there and try to figure out what you should already know. 4. When playing combo’s always pin point where the first ball is going. You know the second ball is going in the pocket. 5. Make sure you are clear about what you want after the shot. Often times we can only play position for a bank or combo and miss the shot because we are not totally interested in the combo or bank. Pinpoint where the cue ball will go after you deliver the stroke. Spend the day memorizing these rules. Imbed them within your mind so they become a natural instinct. If you would like to be a top nine ball player I have a special training program just for you. It involves personal training from me. You work your way through fourteen levels so nothing is left out of your game. You consult with me on each level so I can keep you on the right track. This is a special program. You can call me 1-603566-6229 or email me at monkbilliardacademy@yahoo. com I will give you more information on this program.

Pool Leagues Tournaments Karaoke Fri-Sat 9:30pm

La Fonda’s Sports Cantina

(lower level) 3665 Sibley Memorial Hwy Eagan, MN


*Tournaments *Cue stick tip and shaft repair *Cue sticks & supplies *Lessons *In house & traveling leagues ISPA, ACS, VNEA

218 Walnut St - Muscatine, IA


OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour Participates in


On the weekend of November 5th and 6th, 2011, the OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour held its year-end Championship Stop at Casper’s Billiards in San Leon, Texas. Twenty-eight women competed for over $3,000 in total prize money. In the championship match, Lisa Marr from Little Rock, Arkansas defeated Tara Williams from Ft. Worth, Texas. In addition to winning first place in this tournament, Marr also edged ahead in total points for the year, and thereby earned the title of Tour Champion for 2011. This marked the fourth consecutive year she’s won this award. Prior to the championship match, Lucille Donahue conducted a special tribute in honor of the late Barney Garza, a longtime resident of San Leon. Barney passed away in 2009 at age 89. In the 1960s, and for decades following, he was a top regional pool player, traveling throughout Texas and Louisiana in search of competition. ---------Lucille and her husband Bill first met Barney in the 1980s, and it was at this time that Lucille developed her interest in pool. After receiving early instruction from Barney, Lucille began playing in leagues and tournaments. Over the following years, Lucille and Barney played together on several teams that competed at the annual Billiard Congress of America (BCA) National Tournament in Las Vegas. Lucille currently is a player and board member on the OB Cues Lucille Donahue Ladies 9-Ball Tour. In 2007, Barney was enthused when he learned that Roy and Kathy Robinson planned to open a first-class poolroom in San Leon. Over the next year, he impatiently followed the construction progress, and when Casper’s Billiards finally opened in 2008, he took personal pride when Billiards Digest Magazine named it one of the “Top 10 Newest Billiard Clubs in America.” Barney became the unofficial house pro. Shortly after the poolroom’s opening, however, Hurricane Ike roared ashore. The massive tidal surge that swept through San Leon spared Casper’s, but inundated Barney’s modest home, destroying the contents, including a prized cue stick. The stick had been described in the novel Stroke, in which Lucille is portrayed as one of the fictional support

characters. Custom cue maker Jerry Olivier had designed the stick from the book’s description, and Barney had won it at BCA Nationals. Barney’s health was never quite the same after the storm. However, he returned to Casper’s, and he enjoyed the fact that a more recently released novel, French Quarter Danny, had a support character based on him, and that three chapters in the book were set in Casper’s. ---------In preparation for the tribute to Barney, Barney Garza Lucille’s husband, Bill, produced a two-foot by three-foot shadowbox. Mounted inside the box are a plaque that dedicates the display to Barney and the storm-damaged cue stick that’s been completely refurbished by Jerry Olivier. Also inside are front covers from the pool novels, Stroke and French Quarter Danny, in which Lucille’s and Barney’s fictional counterparts, “Hannah” and “Bernie,” play significant roles. In addition to being recognized for his pool-playing skills, Barney also was regarded as an accomplished musician, playing in numerous San Leon venues, such as the Buccaneer and Sunset lounges. Both of Barney’s interests are captured in photo collages, which Lucille and Bill also donated to Casper’s. A number of Barney’s longtime friends joined members of the OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour in the tribute. Barney is buried in the San Leon Cemetery, immediately adjacent to Casper’s Billiards. The Robinsons have installed the commemorative shadowbox and photo collages on the wall near the snooker table, where late in life, Barney enjoyed so many afternoons and evenings.


Live Streamer’ s links or schedules Last Saturday of every month: Floating Saturday One Pocket: TBA as it floats around each month Stream starts at 12pm (3pm est) Strickland vs SVB Dec 2-4 PPV - Race to 75 O. Dominguez vs Raj Hundal Dec 9-10 (maybe 11) PPV - Race 25 (List of hundreds of live streamers) December 9-11:


December 2011 - Rackem Magazine 13



LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO (November 14, 2011) — The top amateur poolplayers in the country came to the Gulf Coast of Florida in early November to compete for the coveted U.S. Amateur Championship title. After three days of intense competition, Suzanne Smith of Edgewood, Wash., and Ernesto Bayaua of Houston, Texas, emerged as the 2011 U.S. Amateur Champions. This year’s event took place Nov. 4-6 and was held in two locations: Strokers in Palm Harbor, Fla., and the Crooked Cue in Clearwater. The Men’s Division began Fri., Nov. 4 at Strokers, while the Women’s Division got underway the following day at the Crooked Cue. In the finals the of the Women’s Division, Smith defeated local favorite Jamie Toennies of Largo, Fla. The match opened in the 8-Ball set, with Toennies jumping out to a 2-0 lead. Smith came storming back, closing out the 8-Ball set with four straight wins, and opening the 9-Ball set with two more. Finding herself down 6-2, Toennies didn’t give in. She took the next three games to pull within a game of Smith. Finally, Smith managed to close out the match by taking the next three games for a 9-5 victory. Smith moves on to compete in the WPBA


U.S. Open next year. Toennies finished as the Runner-up in her first U.S. Amateur Championship competition. Finishing in 3rd Place was Lenore McCarthy of Bolingbrook, Ill. In the Men’s Division, Bayaua bested former champion Ron Park of Charlotte, N.C. The match would prove to be one of the greatest comebacks in U.S. Amateur Championship history. The match opened in the 8-Ball set, with Park opening up a commanding 6-1 lead. Just when it looked like the former champ was ready to put the match away, Bayaua reeled off six straight wins for a 7-6 lead as the match shifted to the 9-Ball set. Park took the first two games to regain the lead, before Bayaua tied it 8-8. Park momentarily regained the lead with a win in the 17th frame, but Bayaua would

Smith not be denied, winning the next three games and the match 11-9. Bayaua will advance to the U.S. Open Championship next year. Park’s Runnerup finish was his highest at a U.S. Amateur Championship since he won the event in 1994. Finishing in 3rd Place was David Uwate of Miami, Fla. In 4th Place was Will Haagensen of Mobile, Ala. Criegh Dumo of Bonney Lake, Wash., and Pete Ziemak of Windsor Locks, Conn., tied for 5th Place. The 2011 U.S. Amateur Championship was produced and conducted by the American Poolplayers Association (APA). Preliminary qualifying rounds were held throughout the country in mid-Sept., with nearly 2,200 players attempting to qualify. Smith and Bayaua competed with the nation’s most highly skilled amateur poolplayers who were all vying for the U.S. Amateur Championship title. The Men’s Division consisted of 128 players, while the Women’s Division featured 32 players. As Champions, Smith and Bayaua will return next year to defend their coveted titles. The U.S. Amateur Championship is a double elimination tournament that offers the nation’s top amateur players the opportunity to showcase their skills through a combination of 8-Ball and 9-Ball matches, in the only APA event that does not use The Equalizer® handicap system. The APA, based in Lake Saint Louis, Mo., sanctions the world’s largest amateur pool league, known as the APA Pool League throughout the United States, and as the Canadian Pool League in Canada. Nearly 270,000 members compete in weekly 8-Ball and 9 Ball league play. The APA is generally recognized as the Governing Body of Amateur Pool, having established the official rules, championships, formats and handicap systems for the sport of amateur billiards. The APA produces three major tournaments each year—the APA National Team Championships, the APA National Singles Championships and the U.S. Amateur Championship—that, together, pay out nearly $1.5 Million in cash and prizes annually! In 2010, the APA National Team Championships were recognized by Guinness World Records as the “world’s largest pool tournament.” The APA and its championships are sponsored by Aramith, Action

McCarthy Cues and Pool Dawg. For complete coverage of the U.S. Amateur Championship visit http://www.usamateur 2011/index.html.

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16 Rackem Magazine - December 2011



HOME TOWN: Los Angeles BIRTH DATE: 1/21/95 SCHOOL: Oaks Christian High School, Westlake Village GRADE: 11th FAVORITE SUBJECT: Algebra AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START PLAYING POOL? 13 TITLES: 2009 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Champion, 14 & Under Division OTHER AWARDS: CSI Next Generation Team; Represented the United States at the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) World Junior 9-Ball Championships in 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011. WHAT KIND OF CUE(S)

DO YOU USE? Predator radial joint custom, 314-2 shaft, BK-2 break cue. LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED: Right SPONSORS: None FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Neil Young HOBBIES: Snowboarding, Video Games MEMORABLE POOL MOMENTS: Playing in the 2011 WPA World Junior 9-Ball Championships in Kielce, Poland. FAVORITE FOOD: Bagels FICTIONAL HERO: Spock REAL-WORLD HERO: Dad GOALS- PERSONAL AND/OR CAREER: Trying to find a way to balance pool, school, and the rest of my life and finding a college that’s near a ski resort in the mountains and has a good pool hall.


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Robb Saez went undefeated through a field of 94 entrants on-hand for the $3,500-added 9-Ball event of the Midwest 9-Ball Tour stop on the weekend of November 12-13; one of three events the tour holds annually at Shooter's in Olathe, KS. Saez had to get by Joey Gray twice to do it; once, among the winners' side final 16, and again, after Gray had fought his way through seven matches on the loss-side to get back to the finals. Once Saez had dispatched Gray to the loss-side 9-7, he went on to defeat Chip Compton by the same score and move among the winners' side final four, where he met up with Glenn Atwell. Shane McMinn, in the meantime, squared off against David Matlock. In three 9-6 victories, Saez downed Atwell, Matlock got by McMinn, and then, Saez got into the hot seat with a victory over Matlock. Atwell moved over to face Gray, who'd already chalked up four straight on the loss-side, including a 9-7 win over Steve Boucher, and a 9-5 victory over Andrew Pettinger. McMinn picked up Mike Banks, Jr., who'd already won the tour stop's One-Pocket event, and had defeated Chip Compton and Dustin Gunia, both 9-6, to reach McMinn. Gray defeated Atwell 9-4 and moved into the quarterfinals to face McMinn, who'd eliminated Banks, Jr. 9-3. After downing McMinn 9-2 in those quarterfinals, Gray

18 Rackem Magazine - December 2011



then defeated Matlock 9-4 in the semifinals for a second chance versus Saez. Saez completed his undefeated day with a single set, 9-5 victory that secured the event title 1st $2,000 Robb Saez 2nd $1,500 Joey Gray 3rd $800 David Matlock 4th $500 Shane McMinn 5th/6th $350 Glenn Atwell, Mike Banks, Jr 7th/8th $250 Dustin Gunia, Andrew Pettenger 9th/12th $200 Steve Boucher, Jeff Montgomery Chip Compton, Justin Cone 13th/16th $150 Jordan Davis, Brian Fleshman Mike Banks Sr, Corey McFerron 17th/24th $100 Greg Hogue, Nick Varner Danny Olson, Ryan Cobb Tommy Tokoph, Chuck Raulston Tony Sulsar, Gordy Vanderveer






Main event winner Jason Pearce and runner up Leon Contreras


he Tiger Amateur Tour held stop #11 of the season the weekend of November 5/6th at the home of the Houston Open, Legends Billiards. We had a great showing for the main event with 81 players showing up to do battle, and what a battle it was. This event had $1,000 added, $750 to the main event, and $250 to the Second Chance Event. So with 81 players we played down to the final 16 players whom all made the cash. We brought back 8 on the winners side for Sunday and their matches with scores are as follows. Ricky Hughes knocked Jerry Avery to the one loss side 9-4, Manuel Ayala bested Victor Rojas 9-5, Jason Pearce squeaked by Sonny Demetro 9-7, and Leon Contreras got by Jake Pallando 9-4. This set up the final 4 of the winners side and it saw Leon run thru Jason P. 9-4, while at the same time Manuel was roasted Ricky 9-5. The hot seat match pitted Manuel against Leon, and they battled close up to 6-6, then Leon edged away for a 9-6 victory and king of the winners side.

Also Sonny got by Jake by a score of 9-7. The round of 6 matched Jason Pearce up with Victor Rojas, and Jason got the win by a score of 9-5. On the other side of the bracket Sonny took care of Ricky "The Rocket"Hughes 9-7. This set up the final 4 and on the one loss side Jason P. squared off with Sonny D. once again, like earlier in the event Jason got by Sonny 9-7. The one loss side final was now set, it was Jason Pearce against Manuel Ayala, this match was close all the way thru, in the end Jason got the nod 9-7. The Finals: The Tiger Amateur Tour was going to produce yet another first time winner on the tour, Leon Contreras won the hot seat earlier and was eagerly awaiting for his chance at the title. His opponent would be none other than Jason Pearce, a player Leon had sent to the one loss side earlier in the event. But this time would be different as Jason shot spectacular and double dipped Leon by scores of 9-6, then 9-4 to take the title and nearly $2,400 for 1st. Congrats to both players for their first appearance in the Tiger Amateur Tours Finals.

The one loss side round of 16 saw Ishmael Ramirez get by Daniel Coffman 9-6, Will Felder ousted Jerald Jackson 9-4, Jason Bacon 9-4 over Kenny Price, and 1st $910 Grady Cooper sent Roman 2nd $610 Bayda home 9-4. 3rd $375 4th $250 The round of 12 saw Jerry 5/6th $150 get by Ismael 9-8 in a thriller, 7/8th $110 Victor sent Will packing 9-6, 9/12th $75 Sonny got by Grady 9-6, and Felder Jake bested Jason B. in another 13/16th $50 hill hill thriller 9-8. Jackson The round of 8 saw Jerry concede midway thru the match with Victor due to fatigue, Jerry is pushing 70 and had a great run in this event.

Second chance winner Forest Boyd and runner up Danny Lee

The Second Chance Event had 17 players enter with $250 added to it. At the end of the event Forest Boyd from Dallas had won his 2nd Second Chance Event in a row on the tour. He took home $240, Danny Lee got 2nd ($180), Lee Brown 3rd ($120) and David Parker 4th ($60). ** Also on a side note the Tiger Amateur Tour would like to congratulate tour regular Ernesto Bayaua whom could not attend this event as he qualified for the U.S. Amateur Event held in Florida, and he did more than qualify as he snapped it off, he had a lot of support at this Legends tourney as there was plenty of us sweating the stream and rooting him in. Congrats again. We at the Tiger Amateur Tour would like to think Mindy and Craig Cohen for allowing us to hold an event at their room. We would also like to thank all of our sponsors Tiger Products, Htownbilliards, Mueller Recreational Products, Jay Helfert, Dreamline Promotions, and Mark Griffin of CSI.


AUCTION 1st- $1,460 2nd- $1,000 3rd- $660

Jason Pearce Leon Contrearas Manuel Ayala Sonny Demetro Victor Rojas, Ricky Hughes Jerry Avery, Jake Pollando Jason Bacon, Grady Cooper, Ishmail Ramirez, Will Kenneth Price, Roman Bayda, Daniel Coffman, Jerald

4th- $430 5/6th- $250 7/8th- $125

The Season Finale is the next event, it will have $3,000 added and be held at Deep Pockets Billiards in Alvin,Tx. December 2-4th . Players that have qualified for this have until November 18th to pre register, after that date the field will be opened to players whom have played once during the year, at which point it will fill fast, so don't try and wait cause you will be left out. For more info you can visit the tour website at www.

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Diamond Official Table

THE 18th ANNUAL Mosconi Cup will be contested on a DIAMOND PRO-AM table following an agreement between Diamond Billiard Products of Jeffersonville, Indiana and Matchroom Sport of the UK. That means that for the first time in the event’s history Diamond will be supplying the table on which all four days of the most intense competition on the pool calendar will be played. Diamond is well established in the United States as the Official Table of major events such as the US Open, the Derby City Classic, the Ultimate 10-Ball, US Open One-Pocket Championship, US Open 10-Ball Championship as well as all WPBA events. In addition it is the popular choice among tournament players across the United States. Chad Scharlow, Vice President of Diamond Billiard Products Inc. commented “I am very excited to have Diamond pool tables featured at the Mosconi Cup. I consider the Mosconi Cup and Diamond tables to be premium brands within the billiard industry and look forward to showcasing them as such, “I know that the players love our tables and we’re looking forward to seeing all the action unfold on a Diamond table in Las Vegas next month.” The Mosconi Cup takes place at the MGM Grand from Thursday to Sunday 8-11 December and features two five

20 Rackem Magazine - December 2011

man teams representing the USA and Europe doing battle over four heated days. Commented Matchroom Sport Chairman Barry Hearn, “We’re delighted to be teaming up with Diamond for the Mosconi Cup. The players have nothing but good to say about Diamond tables and the Mosconi Cup in Las Vegas in front of a sell-out crowd will be the ideal baptism for one of the world’s premier tables.” Tickets for the Mosconi Cup are priced at $35 per day or $120 for the four day season passes and booking charges will apply. Currently the Mosconi Cup is sold through Ticketmaster (1-800745-3000) or MGM Resorts Contact Center (1-866-740-7711). Visit and search ‘Mosconi Cup’ Luke Riches, Matchroom Sport: +44 7785 395688 Notes: Matchroom Sport are one of the world’s leading producers of televised sport and are responsible for over 1,100 hours of original programming across a range of sports. Based in the UK and chaired by charismatic founder Barry Hearn, the Mosconi Cup is one of a stable of pool events that include the World Cup of Pool and the World Pool Masters

KRUG’Z POOL HALL Muscatine, Iowa

2011 Women’s 8-Ball Calcutta Winner

Miller Wins Third Earns Entry into Nationals

In Rhoda’s words, “I was lucky enough to come back fromt he loser’s bracket to win some tough matches. I always have a great time at Krug’z Pool Hall and Steve, Sheena and Jeff are the best!”

It’s people like this fine young man from Muscatine, IA, that gives Krug’z the reputation of being a tough place to compete. Congratulations on your third place finish in the Lucasi Tour Stop, that gives you a free entry into Nationals. Good luck & aim small, miss small!

Photo: Rhoda Fear and Jeff Nugeyn

Practice Makes Perfect! Left: Jeff Nyguen from Muscatine , IA, becomes a Master in the 2010 I.S.P.A. State Tournament. Jeff placed 7th-8th in the level 1 8-ball division. Center: Gary Gafeller from Muscatine, IA, becomes a Master in the 2010 I.S.P.A. State Tournament. Gary placed 5th-6th in the Open 9-ball division. Right: Josh Krueger form Muscatine, IA, places 5th in the 2011 ACS Iowa State Tournament. Josh placed 5th in the Open 8-ball division.

Heart of Gold, Mind of Steel! Krug’z Pool Hall’s tournament director, Jeff Nguyen’s daughter taking a nap after a long practice session with her dad.

Women’s Team gets 2nd Place in the 2011 ACS Iowa State Tournament Great job Muscatine Women! Photo, from left: Miranda Krueger, Niki Moore, Tanna Martz and Jessica Rahlf. All the women are from Muscatine, IA.

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Players-hxt-OTBnTV-11-18-11.indd 1

11/18/2011 10:40:59 AM


BY SHARI STAUCH PHOTO BY DALE SHANK The Women’s Pro Billiard Tour returned to the beautiful Chinook Winds Event Center on the Oregon coast this year for the most coveted title on the tour, the WPBA Tour Championships, or as veterans know it, “the Nationals.” The event is only open to 48 players, and only by invitation. The world class field included all WPBA’s top guns save Karen Corr, who has moved back to England and is unsure whether she’ll return to professional competition. Beginning play on Thursday morning, November 10, the double elimination field was quickly whittled down to the top 16 who would compete in single elimination rounds for the title. The players making it past this first round would be featured in the quarter-finals, taped for ESPN broadcast in December and January (check for up-to-date air times). The final sixteen took to the floor late Friday night to pare down the field, with eight great matches. US Open runner-up Ga Young Kim defeated Hall of Famer Ewa Laurance 9-6 despite a valiant comeback from Laurance late in the game. Last year’s Tour Championship runner-up and the 2010 National Junior Champion Brittany Bryant defeated Norway's Line Kjorsvik 9-7. Great Britain's Kim Shaw destroyed American contender Liz Cole, and in a surprise victory, the Texas Tornado Vivian Villarreal bested UK native Kelly Fisher. Fisher, hot off a win at the Yalin Women's World Championship in the Philippines, was an early favorite. The other four matches in this round included Swedish native Helena Thornfeldt defeating Georgia's Monica Webb 9-2; media superstar Jeanette Lee (the Black Widow) over Colorado's Melissa Little 9-3, Hall of Famer Allison Fisher over hot newcomer Erica Park of Korea 9-3; and New York's Jennifer Barretta over Liz Ford 9-5. On Saturday, the first to take the stage in the televised races to seven were Ga Young Kim vs. young Brittany Bryant. Kim quickly left Bryant tied for fifth with a 7-2 win, then waited for her semi-final opponent. Next up, England’s Kim Shaw vs. the “Texas Tornado” Vivian Villarreal. Villarreal put on a whirlwind performance, but Shaw stayed right with her until the bitter end. Vivian eked out a 7-6 victory to set up a Kim vs. Villarreal showdown. In the third quarter-final match, Jeanette Lee faced friend and formidable opponent Helena Thornfeldt. Lee won by a slim one game margin, 7-6. And, wrapping up Saturday’s action, a marquis match between BCA Hall of Famer Allison Fisher and New York’s Jennifer Barretta, always a contender but yet to win a major title. Fisher, winner of the 2011 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships, the WPBA’s last major tour stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma this past June, was eager to put another notch in her belt, and eventually defeated Barretta 7-5 in another close match to set up a Lee vs. Fisher semi-final. The top four contenders took to the floor Sunday afternoon, each eager to

make WPBA history and cement the last title of the 2011 season. Ga Young Kim was having none of the Tornado’s dark cloud; she defeated Vivian Villarreal 7-2 and set her eyes on the prize. Ditto Allison Fisher, who quickly eliminated Jeanette Lee 7-1 to secure her own seat in the final. And so it was a fan’s dream, two of the best players to wield a cue facing off in a battle for the last bragging rights of the season. Ga Young Kim came on strong in the final match, opening with a two-rack run. But a scratch in the third rack put Fisher at the table to run out and close the gap 1-2. Answering with a break and run of her own she quickly tied the match 2-2. Fisher then pulled ahead 3-2, only to be stopped short by another game win from Kim to tie it up 3-3. Then Ga Young Kim hit another gear. She won the next three racks to lead 6-3, just one game away from the title, but Allison fought back with a clever masse in game ten, followed by a break and run to trail one game, 5-6. She broke, played safe on the one, but left Ga Young Kim a long cut shot. Kim made the cut to the delight of excited fans, and ran the remainder of the rack to take the game, match and title victory! The WPBA Classic Tour and its culminating Tour Championship is sponsored by the American Poolplayers Association, Diamond Billiards, Iwan Simonis, Delta 13, Pooldawg and Aramith. The Tour Championships were hosted by the Chinook Winds Event Center in Lincoln City, Oregon. Visit for more info.

6149 E 31st St Tulsa, OK


Hours: Sun 2-10 pm Mon-Thurs 12-2am Fri-Sat 12-1am




#11 Life After Vegas

………whoo … The Vegas stretch was a long one. It’s hard to be in one place too long.

visits to the Northwest. “You could use it right about now.”

After Vegas we went back to Lucky’s ranch. We had to check the ranch before heading out again. Lucky checked with the folks he had watching the farm, and then stopped by the Post Office in town to get his mail. Waiting while Lucky went inside I sat there watching people heading here and there, living their lives. I rolled down the window and tried to shoo a fly out of the car who had decided my nose was an interesting place to park. Took forever to get that darn fly out of the car. I was thinking what an amazing trip so far. I had to sort out all the things I planned to put in the next chapter about this amazing road trip with this amazing man. Seemed like Lucky was always surprising me with one thing or another, and the substance of this enterprise was just piling up how am I going to translate to everyone.

“Well, he keeps sending it, and I keep telling him not to, so it’s kind of a standoff. Like I said, he’s an honorable man and is keeping his word to pay off the loss.” With a bemused shake of his head, Lucky said, “Stubborn, eh?”

Lucky returned, climbed in and unloaded a pile of mail on the seat between us. He pointed to one letter on top as he started the engine. It was from Mr. Top Spin. “I can’t get him to stop sending me money!” Lucky went on to explain. He was from Buffalo New York originally. Lucky beat him out of a whole bunch of money. Mr. Top Spin was one of those guys Lucky learned something from. “Truly the best follow player I have ever seen” Lucky says. “I remember when we played for days and days, until he went broke. I agreed to play him on the wire and I kept winning that, too. It’s been almost twenty years now and he still sends me checks! I told him ten years ago to forget it and quit sending me money!” Lucky shook his head and chuckled, “Mr. Top Spin said, he always pays my debts and besides, he gained a lesson more valuable than the money. Lucky suggested he do something positive with the money instead of sending it to him. “I hear he’s doing charity pool activities now and taking a few vacations He’s an honorable man.” Lucky opened the mail and showed me the $5,000 check that was in it. Made out just to “Lucky,” the signature on the check said Mark Edwards. He put the check back in the envelope. “I’ll put it with the other I haven’t cashed yet!.” “But why don’t you cash the checks?” I asked, remembering Mark from some of his

24 Rackem Magazine - December 2011

I knew Lucky had won a ton of cash over the years, and it seemed to me like he ought to have some of it left. “It doesn’t make sense to me,” I protested. “Can I ask what you’ve been doing with your winnings all these years?” “Oh, some of it went towards the ranch. And I send a little to a couple of charities now and again. Well, I guess maybe most of it, actually. I don’t need much… ‘cept now for them damn pills. Speaking of which, I do need to stop and check in with the Doc Cranford before we go again.” Well, the home stop was short and uneventful. A good night sleep we headed out next day for a spot about 20 driving hours away, and picked a little town down the road where Lucky said he’d heard there was a good local tournament venue. We were now into several months of road play. I want to say again and at the risk of being redundant, Lucky is a wise old codger. We stay only in small towns for the night, avoiding the larger bergs. Each night we check into a decent hotel or motel and then scout out the local pool action. It is better to stick around for days to find players and see their speed but in little town it’s not necessary. Since Lucky does not look like much of a pool player, he always can get some games for one to three bills. He’s grown his beard back some, and still wears that Where’s the Beef hat, and all in all does a reasonable imitation of a retired geezer. In many places he was invited to basically take more money, but he’s careful not to build up a reputation like many road players do. “Next thing you know,” he says, “the jungle drums are telegraphing the next town that you’re coming and they are definitely ready and waiting to do some hustling of their own or just flat say no.” We do need to win a certain amount each day, just to meet expenses…around a hundred and twenty a day, I figure. It can be expensive to travel these days. I get play too, now and again


to contribute to the trip, but truthfully, I’d rather watch Lucky in action than anything else. His subtle maneuvering of the whole show is fascinating to me. This night we hit an empty hole and didn’t make a dime. The weekly tournament had been cancelled, and no one was around to play. I guess the tavern owner got mad at the players who show up and complain about the tables all the time and it went from there. From the looks of the tables I couldn’t blame the local players, but I knew they’d be back the next week. We just came back to the hotel and watched bad TV and the worse movies. As usual, I had to make sure Lucky took his “pills” before he turned in. Better luck tomorrow night, next town. You find out a lot about someone when you ride next to him for hours on end. Lucky’s music tastes are surprisingly eclectic. He likes all kinds of music. I know pretty much everyone likes the Beatles, he knows all the words of every Beatles songs. Who’d have thought Lucky’s favorite tape would be the Beatles Revolver. And the next tape he plugged in was the Who. I think he has good taste. The next day brought us to another town Lucky wanted to hit, partly for the food at a nice café called Donna’s. The food was great. This was a town Lucky played in many years ago and won a ton of money. The waitress told us that they play pool down at this place now on 12th Street. We went over there after dinner. No one was in the place. We asked around but no one talked like they knew what action was. We struck out again. A bum steer. The natural scenery was way too cool. Some of the most beautiful views from the road I have ever seen. We were enjoying one incredible sunset beaming through fields and forest as we drove by. Lucky I was the passenger able to just get mesmerized looking through the tinted glass window. All of a sudden Lucky pulled to a stop and got out of the car. I watched in amazement as he walked back down the road and stomped out a burning cigarette butt. He came back to the car, and seeing my look, shrugged and said, “I saw the guy in the car front of me throw it out. I’d hate to see forest get burnt up.”

S TORY Something else about Lucky I didn’t really know. He has compassion for people. We stopped three different times to see if people needed help along side the road. One woman had stopped for a stretch and couldn’t get her car started up again. Lucky found a broken starter wire and fixed it. She gave him a big kiss. Hard to believe Lucky is shy but… Lucky fidgeting turned beet red. He soaked it up and beamed for hours while driving behind the wheel. He reminds me of a modern day Robin Hood, the way he takes down the arrogant and cocky ones without intimidation and pretty much lets everyone else alone, unless it’s to help if it’s needed. Not everything on the road is fair. We ran into a couple of tournaments where the house actually took money from the entry fees. One was ten percent and the other was fifteen percent. I never heard of such a thing. Guess they never heard of such a thing as the house adding money. We wanted to say something about it but deferred to the need to remain low key. We just got into the car and took off. Lucky’s pointed out that some pool towns are not thriving as it once were. The excellence of the pool as sport has been lacking of late. Many areas are not promoting higher levels of play. There is becoming little to no action. Players are rarely matching up. A lot of the industries emphasis has been on the recreational level players. Those are the bulk of pool players. That is where making a buck is too. It’s probably good for the sport in some way I guess. Still little pool support exists to strengthen the above average and top local players. At one time in the recent past all major cities had significant pool action. The pool economies were doing well. There are still places where people play and gamble. Lots of areas have succumbed to what Lucky calls a B player mentality. We hit a lucky stop for the night in White Bird at Hoot’s Motel & Restaurant, not because we found a million dollar game, but because we awoke to a spectacular view of the canyon there, and it just set the day spinning right………






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Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice DATE Dec 3 Dec 3 Dec 10 Dec 10 Dec 10 Dec 10-11 Dec 16-17 Dec 18 Jan 1 Jan 7 Jan 7 Jan 7 Jan 20-28 Jan 20-28 Jan 20-28 Jan 20-28 Jan 20-28 Jan 20-28 Jan 20-28 Jan 20-28 Jan 20-28 Jan 21 Jan 26-29 Feb 4-5 Feb 12-19 Feb 12-19 Feb 12-19 Feb 25

CITY Muscatine, IA Kansas City, MO Coon Rapids, MN Blue Springs, MO Muscatine, IA Houston, TX Mandan, ND Muscatine, IA Muscatine, IA Lees Summit, MO Kansas City, MO Muscatine, IA Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Blue Springs, MO Coon Rapids, MN Bellflower, CA Reno, NV Reno, NV Reno, NV Muscatine, IA

LOCATION Krug’z Pool Hall Brass Rail CR’s Sports Bar Twin Strokes Bar & Grill Krug’z Pool Hall Bogie’s Billiards Broken Oar Krug’z Pool Hall Krug’z Pool Hall Side Pockets Brass Rail Krug’z Pool Hall Horseshoe Horseshoe Horseshoe Horseshoe Horseshoe Horseshoe Horseshoe Horseshoe Horseshoe Side Pockets CR’s Sports Bar CSI CSI CSI CSI Krug’z Pool Hall

PHONE (563) 263-7665 (816) 468-6100 (763) 780-1585 (816) 224-6188 (563) 263-7665 (281) 821-4544 (701) 667-2159 (563) 263-7665 (563) 263-7665 (816) 524-2400 (816) 468-6100 (563) 263-7665 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (816) 224-5454 (763) 780-1585 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (563) 263-7665

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Handicap-Lucasi Tour KC Rated 9-Ball Tour 8-Ball on 7’ - MPA Event KC Rated 9-Ball Tour 9-Ball Scotch Doubles 1 Master Lone Star Tour 8-Ball Race to 5 - TX Exp Rules 8-Ball Level 2 players 8-Ball Race to 4 Rated 9-Ball KC Rated 9-Ball Tour 9-Ball Race to 7 9-Ball Banks - $50 buy back One Pocket - $75 buy back 9-Ball - $100 buy back 9-Ball Minis 9-Ball Bank Minis One Pocket Minis 14.1 Challenge FATBOY Challenge One Pocket Challenge KC Rated 9-Ball Tour Upper Midwest Bar Table 9-Ball Jay Swanson Mem. 10-Ball Bar Table Open/Wmn 9-Ball Bar Table Open/Women 8-Ball Bar Table Open/Women 9-Ball Handicap-Lucasi Tour

ENTRY $30 $30+$10 g.f. Varies $30+$10 g.f. $20 Call $50 $10 $10 $15 $30+$10 g.f. $25 $100+$10 reg. $125+$10 reg. $150+$10 reg. $25+$5 reg. $25+$5 reg. $25+$5 reg. $100. $500 $50 $30+$10 g.f. Call $80 Call Call Call $30

ADDED $500 $300 w/32 $1,000 $300 w/32 Call $2,000 $500 Guar Call Call $500 $300 w/32 $100 $10,000 Guar $15,000 Guar $10,000 Guar $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $8,500 $10,000 $12,500 min $300 w/32 $5,000 $3,000 Guar $6,000/$1,000 $6,000/$1,000 $6,000/$1,000 $500

TIME 1PM Noon 10AM 11:30AM 6PM Call 7PM 7PM 2PM 12:30PM Noon 1PM Noon Noon Noon Noon Noon Noon Noon Noon Noon 1PM Call Call Call Call Call 1PM

WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

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CITY Oshkosh, WI Muscatine, IA Oshkosh, WI Coon Rapids, MN Farmington, MN Muscatine, IA Tulsa, OK Oshkosh, WI Farmington, MN Tulsa, OK

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26 Rackem Magazine - December 2011

PHONE EVENT / RULES (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Beginners (563) 263-7665 Pool/Darts (2nd Shift) SE (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Intermediate (763) 780-1585 8-Ball on 7’ Diamonds (651) 463-2636 8 or 9-ball rotation (563) 263-7665 9-Ball Race to 4 or 5 (918) 779-6204 8-Ball 7 & under (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Open - Break Pot (651) 463-2636 8-Ball Bar Box Hdcp (918) 779-6204 9-Ball 7 & under

ENTRY ADDED $8 $5 $10 $16 $75 $10 $50 w/16 $5 $5 $15 $5/player Guar. $20 entry $25 every 8 $10 (incl. g.f.)

Live Streaming of Pool Tournaments Call 4 Info 406.285.3099

TIME Call 1AM Call 7PM 6:30PM 8PM 9 PM Call 2PM 9 PM

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Ope nd Po(Oinpen or Womens)ds. s ar ’s: 1st - 2 Womemnpete in all 3 divisiBoonnus Points and Aw

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$3, $4,00 000 Added 0 Add ed Wi Guarantee th Fu d ll Fiel d

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s C : (70 on, NV SI 2) 7 8 19-7 9011 665


2) 719-7 I call (70by

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ment Tourna by: n Directio


CueSports International (702) 719-POOL


Ope ($6000 Added) 10-Ball 000 Added) 6 9-Ball ($ 00 Added) 60 8-Ball ($

ses* nd Bonu All Arou rd Point Leaders rs t Leade n: 1st - 3


ellflo wer B

Enter Online at

For Details Visit


ND SIE A R G at the 2012



10-Ba ded*) 1000 Ad 9-Ball ($ 00 Added*) s 10 16 Player 8-Ball ($

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The 1 6 nt” Mem th Annua Feb o l rua rial 9-Ba Jay Swan ll T ry 4 so Har - 5, ourname n d Ti hoste d by me nt 201 Ope n to 2 www s B A .h i l a l l rdtim Play $80 liar ers / esbe (inclu .00 llflo ds Doo E des $ wer.c r 20 re ntr y s om O g./ p 50 B

n ’s Divisio Womell n($1000 Added*)

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Rackem Magazine December Issue 2011  
Rackem Magazine December Issue 2011  

The December Issue of Rackem Magazine is available to be read online. The feature article is on Ernesto Bayaua U S Amateur Champion from Hou...