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Our 333rd year... and we hardly look a day over 200.

Founded upon unwavering principles of quality and value, 2013 marks our 333rd continuous year in business. We are the oldest company in the billiard industry. Being the oldest didn’t make us the best... being the best has made us the oldest. Premium products with premium value. Iwan Simonis.



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4 Rackem Magazine - August 2013

2013 October

The Pool Palyers Magazine COVER ARTICLE

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15 Joey Bourgeois, Jr

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Don “Cheese” Akerlow

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October 2013 - Rackem Magazine


Holiday Spotl Athena break/jump

(ATHZBJ): A powerful zebra that can really jump. The new Athena break/jump cue has an innovative new tip the combines phenolic power with leather feel.  An industry first Chamber Loc® joint captures and delivers more power and feedback than ever.  The quick release butt gives you performance in two turns of the cue.  An extra length Irish linen wrap, lowered for ergonomic efficiency combines with a slightly shorter overall cue to maximize stroke speed for ladies under 5’8”.  Dealer requests welcome at www. or call 800-645-9803.  Ask your favorite billiard retailer about it today.


MSRP: $299 Cocobolo forearm/sleeve Silver & white rings Genuine Irish linen wrap White joint collar & butt plate G-Core shaft


MSRP: $340 Birdseye maple forearm/sleeve Dk American cherry stain Silver & recon ivory rings 6 green dymondwood clover inlays Maple diamond inlays Genuine Irish linen wrap G-Core shaft

Action Ink

(INK01): Polynesian warriors invented the tattoo centuries ago to mark their place in the tribe and their power as men.  Action cues new Ink Series delivers the same status to your weapon of choice.  Pick one up and prove your manhood at the table.  Retail price $89. Dealer requests welcome.  1-800-645-9803.  Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.

6 Rackem Magazine - October 2013

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light on Cues LX series cues from Tiger





MSRP: $430 Rosewood forearm Silver rings 12 pewter, turquoise, recon ivory & recon ebony handle/ butt plate inlays Birdseye maple no-wrap handle Recon ivory joint collar & butt plate G-Core shaft

Item #TL-3 This cue features a Ebony Forearm & Butt Sleeve w/4 points of white plastic, shell inlayed inside each points. Each point is complemented with white, black and green veneers around it. Each cue features the Ultra-X® high performance patented technology shaft (low deflection X shafts are optional) and a radial Tiger joint protector. The standard is with double black genuine Irish linen. Stack or regular leather wraps are available (optional). Standard cue specifications and items included; Length 58” Weight 18oz. - 20.5oz. Wrap - Double Black Irish Linen Shaft - Ultra-X® high performance shaft Cue tip - Sniper laminated cue tip - 12.75mm Ferrule - Saber-T® Tiger ferrule Joint protector - Radial Tiger joint protectors Case - Soft black velvet Tiger cue case MSRP $1099.00






MSRP: $450 Birdseye maple forearm Recon ebony sleeve Silver, green & maple rings Recon ebony & green points 6 sets of maple, recon ebony & green sleeve inlays Genuine Irish linen wrap G-Core shaft

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(VOD-21): Battles on the pool table can get pretty tough. The new VooDoo VOD-21 cue from CueStix delivers the death blow you need to finish off your competition.  Named “Bloodshed” for a design that features dripping blood and an 8 Ball skull, it comes with all the extra performance you need and a little bit of black magic just to be sure.  Dealer requests welcome at or call 800-645-9803.  Ask your favorite billiard retailer about it today.

October 2013 - Rackem Magazine


Holiday Spotlight on Cues Outlaw 33

(OL33): The innovative team behind the best-selling Outlaw cues has done it again. Original Thunder series artwork has been blowtorch branded and then inlayed with recon turquoise accents to stunning effect.  This landmark cue has already drawn raves in early previews.  Retail $195.  Sold exclusively by CueStix International. Dealer requests call 800-645-9803 or visit


MSRP: $799 Birdseye maple forearm/handle 4 sets of cocobolo, brass, recon ivory & recon ebony shaft inlays 12 cocobolo, brass, recon ivory & recon ebony forearm/handle points 6 sets of cocobolo, brass, recon ivory & recon ebony sleeve inlays Stainless steel joint collar Intimidator i-Shaft


(KAT01): The Way of the Sword describes the ancient Samurai path of a lone warrior and his quest for glory.  Using his blade, known as a Katana, he determines justice through the purity of battle.  Carry one of our new Katana cues into your pool room and find your own glory.  Retail price $499.  Dealer requests welcome.  1-800-645-9803.  Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.

8 Rackem Magazine - October 2013

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Bank Robbery

© August 2008 – All Rights Reserved –

Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson

Frequently, when I ask players what they would like to learn, they mention banking systems. I might ask them how good a banker they feel they are, how they feel about that part of their game. It usually turns out they have no confidence in banking, and are frustrated when they try to figure it out. They’re hoping for magical banking systems because they don’t have a good feel for banking. It seems difficult and mysterious. More an art than a science. Well, banking is difficult, and it is both art and science. If you’re determined to improve in pool, you’ll have to be able to make at least the “easy banks” with confidence – and without a system. Let’s look at some key factors that complicate banking: Banks are often longer shots, as they have to travel farther to get to a pocket. That means you have to be more accurate in your aim & delivery. Be more precise. Observe more closely. Your results will improve and your understanding will deepen. Bank angles are not obvious. If banking worked like mirrors, things would be easier. Sorry. I do have good news, though. Most players have never thought of this. In banking, you have to consider and control what the OB is doing when it hits the rail – skidding, rolling, and any sidespin. Balls that skid (stun) into the rail come out at pretty much the “mirror” angle. Balls that roll into the rail open their angle, relative to the mirror angle. Angle of approach, speed of roll, and rail-cloth friction are contributing factors. Knowing how this works is the science. Applying it in the wild is the art. Banks are sensitive to any rotational force in the object ball. Cut shots are not. (Note: Roll and sidespin are both considered rotational force.) There is more to understand and control in a bank shot. When an OB is close to a rail, it’s going to be skidding (stunned) when it hits the cushion. For these shots, you know the angle the ball is taking on its rebound - mirror. But when the OB is more than a few inches from the rail, it may not be obvious whether it will be rolling or skidding on arrival. You have to decide and make it so. Here’s another important factor of which most players are not aware: Collision-Induced Spin (CIS). On cut shots, as the CB swipes across the face of the OB, friction between the balls imparts a tiny amount of sidespin to the OB (e.g., cutting the OB to the left puts a little right english on the ball). It’s not enough spin to matter if the ball is going to a pocket, but any sidespin matters when you’re going to a rail.

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As the OB comes off the rail, the more spin, the more friction between the rail-cloth and ball, and the less speed, the greater the deviation from the neutral (no sidespin) angle of departure. For practical purposes, think of speed into the rail as the key variable. That “little bit of sidespin” from CIS matters little at high speeds, but can make a dramatic difference at low speeds. Cushions can impart (or reduce) sidespin in the ball. You have to know this to begin to understand two and threerail banks & kicks. Think of the cloth on the cushions as sticky. When an OB strikes the cushion, the cloth grabs the ball a little, adding to or reducing sideways rotation in the ball. Any change in sidespin will affect the path of the OB as it comes off the next cushion. Considering and allowing for these factors will remove some of the mystery and improve your banking. In general, we struggle with banking because there are more variables, and some of them are far from obvious. To go about becoming a better banker, start with mastering the simplest one-rail banks. As you gain clarity and control, increase the challenge. Here’s the drill: Throw an OB out onto the table. Place the CB wherever you feel is the optimum spot for you to absolutely make a one-rail bank. Make it as easy as you can. Take the shot, observing closely, throw out another OB, and continue for as long as you can maintain proper focus. To keep your attention, you might try keeping score, striving to improve your percentage of banks made. Try to place the CB for “straight-in” banks, shots where you are hitting the OB full. This eliminates CIS and develops your sense of when a bank shot is “dead on” and does not need to be cut. As that sense improves, you’ll naturally begin to see how to also make shots that are not quite dead on. “Dead on” becomes the angle you look for while planning your banks. Some straight-in banks don’t work because there is a kiss. Work to learn which combinations of angle and distance from the rail have natural kisses. After a while, some of these straight-in bank shots will become “hangers” – too easy to bother shooting. OK, so ramp up the challenge a little and bank them the longer direction across the table or to the other end of the table. Don’t assume you have nothing to learn from this simple drill. Do it. See what you know – and what you don’t. Successful bank robbers do their homework.

October 2013 - Rackem Magazine



Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy.

THE BILLIARD UNIVERSITY A couple of months ago I described a practice drill from the web site BilliardUniversity.Org. It is part of a series of drills or “exams” that let you measure your current skill level and also provide a way to work on problem areas. The drill then was a fairly hard nine ball drill. Here is one that is based on eight ball and is a little easier. The positions of the balls are shown -- all lined up with the diamonds. Your opponent has just scratched on his last stripe and you have ball in hand on the solids. Can you run out the table? Try it ten times and score one point for each ball pocketed. (If you want to try the other layouts in the exam, visit the site above and look for the “Bachelor’s” level exam II.) Before reading farther, try to work out how you would play the balls. Can you plan a pattern that only uses shots you are comfortable with? Can you find one that only uses simple shots such as plain follow without side spin? If a table is handy, take a couple of tries right now. OK, now that you’ve had a chance to see some problems, let’s look a little closer at some possible approaches. A common piece of advice in planning an eight ball run out is to figure out which ball you are going to use for your “key” ball, which is the last one of your group that will get you onto the eight ball easily. Often the key ball is the one closest to the eight, or for this diagram the seven. If you left the cue ball at X, a simple stop shot or maybe a little draw would leave a perfect angle on the eight.The problem with that sequence for this layout is that you have no easy way to leave the cue ball at X and if you miss that spot a little you could get into real trouble. Suppose for example you ended up at Y. It’s not a hard shot, but you have to stretch or use a bridge. There is a good chance of hitting the eight after the cushion. Similarly, if you end up at Z when trying for X, you’re faced with a tough cut and a decision about which and how many rails to hit for position on the eight. The moral here is that for some open balls, you shouldn’t try to get ideal position because a small percentage error in how far the cue ball will run can result in a disaster. Move all three positions away from the ball to A, B and C and they all work OK and B and C are much better. Especially for beginners, I recommend playing

10 Rackem Magazine - October 2013

Bob Jewett














position with just a smoothly rolling cue ball without any side spin. Can you see a way to do that here? One way is to place the cue ball for the five in pocket P with a little angle so you can roll the cue ball to D. From there you can shoot either the one or the two and roll back to D for the other one. When you shoot the second of those two, hit the shot a little harder and try for B as your position, where soft follow on the seven will bring you to X. You might be tempted to use the five to get on the seven since it is the closest to it. Try that a couple of times to see how it works for you. I think you will find that unless you get a pretty good angle on the five, controlling the cue ball to get on your key ball will be very hard. For a real challenge, try to clear the table without a cushion. To do that, I think you’ll see that the five really wants to leave the table early. Good luck.

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Sponsored by: Master Chalk

Tournaments! Tournaments! Where have they gone?

THE SKY IS NO tournaments LIMIT if In years past it seemed like there were tournaments at every corner bar, pool hall and any place else you would stumble upon. I have heard people comment on social media and in person that there are not as many tournaments as there used to be, or there is nothing to play in. I find part of this to be true, but if you are willing to travel, not so much. If you live in the west in January there is $1,000 added in eastern Washington; or $2,500 added in Wyoming. In February, California offers $3,000; Idaho $1,000; Western Washington offers a $1,000 9-Ball and a $1,500 Scotch Doubles. Then at the end of February in Reno there is over $25,000 in 3 events. In March a regional tournament with $30,000; Northwest Montana $2,500; Vegas $3,700 added 9-Ball; California $5,000 9-Ball. If you like 8-Ball Eastern Montana adds $1,000; Wyoming $8,000. April in North Dakota $15,000 divided between 8 and 9 Ball and Eastern Washington has a $1,000 tournament for 9-Ball. May as we all know is for National league championships or at least two; $1,500 added in Utah and $1,000 in Idaho. As you can see there are

you are willing to travel and there are smaller tournaments with a few hundred dollars added. All of 2012 there was over $300,000 added to tournaments throughout the Western states that we listed in The Break. Along with league championships, there is a lot of money out there and a lot of people and locations that are promoting it. In the west, there are a few if any tours, that should change. If you have any ideas or want to start a tour contact us. The point of this article is to focus on what we have and try to build it up, instead of complaining about what we don’t have. When you go to a tournament whether a weekly or small or large added money tournament, thank the owner, say something nice to the TD. Remember the TD does this for little to no money. Sometimes for only meals, sometimes for more. But it never hurts to show your appreciation to those who offer you an opportunity to win.

So chalk up your stick and get out there and play!

Advertise your Tournaments or maybe your Bar FOR SALE Reason; Lack of Business By no means do I refer that if you advertise your pool tournaments or not your location will succeed or fail. Just some food for thought. If you do advertise - Thank you!!! BUT

How is it that you can;

• wake up after sleeping under an advertised blanket • on an advertised mattress, • pull off advertised pajamas, • bathe in an advertised shower, • shave with an advertised razor, • brush your teeth with advertised toothpaste, • wash with advertised soap, • put on advertised clothes, • drink a cup of advertised coffee, • drive to work in an advertised car and then .... REFUSE TO ADVERTISE believing it doesn’t pay? Yet later, when business is poor, THEN, ADVERTISE IT FOR SALE!


SHARKY’S BAR & BILLIARDS 2902 E Kimberly Rd - Davenport, IA


26 Pool Tables - 6 Flat Screen TVs Weekly Tournament at 7PM Sun-Mon-Thurs-Fri $100 added for every 16 players

Daily Food Specials - Happy Hour: 4-6pm M-F Watch for Upcoming Tournament Dates

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October 2013 - Rackem Magazine


Twelve Rules The fall season is upon us and league is in full bloom. It is nice to be back with your friends, competing and playing the game you love. This season, let's work to gain all we can about your league experience. Here are twelve rules we can go by.

The Monk


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Make it a point to thank the league operator. Get known as a first class player. Never say a critical word to any of your team members. Remember, they are doing the best they can. If you lose a game, be sure you compliment your opponent. Remember you are first class. When you win, tell your opponent you got lucky or he had a bad roll. Thank the room owner for the support he/she gives to the league. (this is important) Never shark your opponent. Play at your own pace. You paid your league dues. You deserve to be the player you are. Always make it a point to learn something from your match. You will always get the chance to perform. Each night you arrive at the pool hall you have the chance to socialize with your friends. If you are not a good sport you will ruin your chance to have a good time. Focus on the good times with your friends.


Go through your pre shot routine on every single shot. Don't let the score determine your experience on league night. It is a special night, a time to enjoy. If you have my book I Came to Win you will learn how to feel good about your performance, win or lose.


Make it a point to be known as the classy guy/girl who is willing to help a fellow pool player out.

I will look for you in the finals, The Monk


Email me at:

I designed this book just for the collector who cares about his game. Each page is in full glossy color. The cover is hard bound. It is a masterpiece. This is the only book I will sell while I am in the states. The book cost me one hundred dollars to produce. I got a good price on ten copies. You can order this book for just $79.95 + S&H

section then move on to the blue section, then through the green section and so on until you complete the training. You must master each session. You will have a top level game when you complete the training. Email me now for a buy now button. I am not putting this on the market as I only have ten copies in my inventory.

You have my full money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied in every way, I will refund your money.

This is the only book I will sell. When you order your copy, I will send you a digital download of my training book THE LESSON.

The training is color coded. You work through the red

12 Rackem Magazine - October 2013

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Mind Games

Michael K Glass Michael Glass has been teaching pool for close to 10 years. He is a Recognized PBIA Billiards Instructor, taught by none other than Bob Jewett of the San Francisco Billiard Academy. Michael has been playing pool almost all of his life (except when he was in the Navy — it’s hard to install a pool table on a rocking ship!). He managed to stay away from the hustler life; he doesn’t believe in being dishonest in order to win money. He will, however, occasionally play for a beer or two at the local watering hole. Michael teaches all levels of pool players, from beginner to pro, and works on all aspects of the game, from fundamentals, to pattern play, to trick shots. He can be found playing in his home town of San Ramon, CA at Crown Billiards. Visit his website at for pool tips or to schedule a lesson!

It’s all in your head, they say. Sometimes, this is brought home all too clearly. I’m sitting in my chair, in the finals of the tournament. Up to now, I have battled many excellent players, and it’s all come down to this last match. My opponent is an excellent player with a cool head, and he rarely misses. I know that in order to beat him, I’m going to have to play smart, aggressively, and flawlessly. And I have been; we’re hill-hill now, and neither of us has made any major mistakes. My opponent won the lag and we have gone back and forth the whole match. It’s my turn to rack for him in this final game. I approach the table, and take a deep breath as I retrieve the rack and balls from the table. Placing them on the table, I quickly rack the balls, 9 in the center, 1 at the front. With a practiced hand, I quickly tighten them up, ensuring there are no gaps, and lift the rack. It’s time for him to break. Once I get back to my seat, I take another deep breath, and watch as he takes aim. I have seen him break before; they call him “Earthquake” for very good reason. With a thundering crack! he sends the balls scattering, racing around the table looking for a hole. It only takes a few seconds for them to settle down, but to me, they take forever, as I somehow track each ball, silently praying that none of them find a pocket. By some miracle, the 9 balls stay up on the table, as the 9-ball trickles toward the corner pocket. Somehow, it stays up, and I’m up like a shot, ready to run the table. This is my moment! I quickly survey the table, and it’s time to go to work. 1-ball goes into the side pocket, cue-ball travels down the end rail for a shot on the 2 in the corner. After making the 2-ball, I send the cue-ball to the other end of the table, for a perfect straight-in shot on the 3. I make the 3, drawing the cue ball back to the side rail so I have a shot on the 4 and 5 balls in the other corner.

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The 4 and 5 are pieces of cake, and after potting them, the cue ball makes its way to the center of the table for the 6-ball in the side. The 7 is clustered up with the 8-ball, but it shouldn’t be a problem after getting on the 6-ball at the perfect angle. An easy follow pots the 6, and bumps the 8 away. At this point, the 7-ball is a tricky cut shot down the rail into the far corner pocket. With some focus, however, it’s not too difficult, and after potting the 7, the 8 is a no-brainer. With a little victory dance in my heart, the 9-ball, sitting on the very edge in the corner pocket, is an easy win. At this point, I have reached the table. I am chalking my stick, an important part of my pre-shot routine, feeling very confident. The balls are still on the table; the runout was all done in my head, and I’m ready to complete my plan, win the match, and hoist my trophy. Suddenly, a roar erupts from the crowd, and my opponent is dancing around, his cue raised high over his head. I close my eyes... I don’t want to look. Slowly, I turn to the table, open my eyes, and make a horrific discovery: The 9-ball fell in the pocket. My heart drops to my feet as I realize the truth. It’s over. I have lost. My opponent approaches me, his hand out-stretched. I want nothing more than to grab his hand in a crushing grip,”congratulating” him on his tremendous fortune. I want to tell him how lucky he is, because I was so going to run that table! I want to. But I don’t. I smile the best I can, shake his hand, and congratulate him. Let him have his moment. Next time, he won’t be so lucky. In my head, I won.

October 2013 - Rackem Magazine


Take it to the Bank!

Anthony Beeler is a 2013 BCA National 9-Ball team champion. He also finished 9th out of 1086 players in the 2013 BCA National 8-Ball Championships. He is a certified Level 3 instructor for the American CueSports Alliance and is the founder of Maximize Your Potential Billiards Academy located in Bradfordsville, Kentucky. Beeler is also a fully licensed Kentucky Educator having, received his bachelor’s degree at Campbellsville University and his master’s degree in Education Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University. Throughout his pool-playing career Anthony has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition.

In late July, the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino played host to the 2013 BCA Pool League National 9-Ball Championships. Coined the name “Bad Boyz,” Kentuckians Dean Lawson, Kenny Tran and I formed a team, to compete against the best BCA players in the nation. The format was single elimination, race to 9, two out of three sets. Our team started out strong, defeating several opponents by significant margins. As the tournament progressed, match play got tougher and tougher. After winning several matches and 3 highly competitive hill-hill battles we found ourselves in the finals against a team from New York, New York. The team called “Hurricane Higgins,” featured multi-time speed pool champion Jason Kane, along with his teammates Trevor Heal and Thom Wan. “Hurricane Higgins” was a fundamentally sound team that played both jam up offense and defense. During the first set we found ourselves in a nip and tuck battle, and I found myself facing the shot below. The shot was a difficult off angle bank. You can see that the shot was lined up to bank wide, if shot full in the face. However, being from Kentucky and growing up in the bank pool capitol of the world I knew I had an advantage.


Your Potential!

Bradfordsville, KY Cell: 606-669-8401 Office: 606-346-2953

(Beeler continued on page 27) 14 Rackem Magazine - October 2013

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FULL NAME: Joey Lynn Bourgeois, Jr NICKNAME: Bubba HOME TOWN: Baytown Texas BIRTH DATE: 5/11/99 GRADE: 9th GPA: 3.8 FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: Algebra POOL ROOM(S) WHERE YOU PLAY: Slick Willies Family Pool Hall and Bogies Billiards WHAT KIND OF CUE(S) DO YOU USE? Jerry Olivier LTD Custom Cue, a Poison VX 2.9 Break Cue, and a Jacoby Jump Cue AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START PLAYING POOL? 12 LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED? Right TITLES / HIGHEST FINISHES: Texas Junior State Champion. I Finished 9/12 in the Open Lone Star Tour twice. Runner-up at 2013 Jr Nationals 9-ball Championship 14 & Under Boys division. OTHER NOTABLE AWARDS: I wrote an essay and it was one of the two best in my school and was put in a book (Do The Right Thing Challenge). MOST MEMORABLE POOL MOMENT: When I beat my dad for the hot seat in a weekly tournament. SPONSOR(S): My Dad FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Country Music HOBBIES: Billiards, Golf, Football, and Tennis FAVORITE POOL GAME: 9-ball and Banks FAVORITE POOL PLAYER: Corey Deuel FAVORITE FOOD: Steak and a Baked Potato FICTIONAL HERO: Batman REAL-WORLD HERO: Dad FONDEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Going to Louisiana for Mardi Gras with my grandparents. GOALS (personal and/or career): To become a professional pool player and a teacher of the game.

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October 2013 - Rackem Magazine


Big Muddy Justin Bergman hangs on to win Justin Bergman took the second set of a true double elimination final against Bruce Luttrell to win the 3rd Annual Big Muddy Freeroll Tournament, held on the weekend of September 14-15. The $2,500-added, handicapped event, which did not require an entry fee, drew 107 entrants to The Billiard Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. With players racing to their handicap number, from 4 to 14, Bergman was one of a handful playing at the top end of the system. He faced Bruce Luttrell, racing to 8, three times; once in the hot seat match, and twice in the finals, winning two double hill matches of those three. From among the winners’ side final four, Bergman met up with Robert Frost (12), as Luttrell was facing Jimmy Lang (10). Bergman sent Frost to the left bracket 14-10, as Luttrell was downing Lang, 8-5. In their first of two straight double hill matches Bergman prevailed 14-7, and sat in the hot seat, waiting for Luttrell to return from the semifinals. Lang moved over and met up with Skyler Woodward (one of three, among the event’s final 12, racing to 14), who’d defeated Drake Niepoetter 14-5 and Shane McMinn (another player racing to 14) 14-7. Frost drew Brady Behrman, who’d defeated Devin Poteet 10-7, and Dustin Roach 10-5. Roach, having previously defeated Drake Niepoetter’s father, Dale, was, in effect, instrumental in seeing to it that father and son got to leave the tournament together, at the same time.

Oneida Village Inn 22nd ANNUAL 3 PERSON SINGLES


$75 ENTRY - DBL ELIMINATION +Second Chance - Discounted Room Rates - 100% payback

Oneida Village Inn - Downtown Three Lakes, WI 1-800-374-7443 -- 6149 E 31st St Tulsa, OK

918-779-6204 Hours: Sun 2-10 pm Mon-Thurs 12-2am Fri-Sat 12-1am



16 Rackem Magazine - October 2013


1464 Main St k hec Green Bay, WI ome c t u C 920-432-0059 us o Hours: Noon-2am Everyday

Under New Ownership Open 9 ball Tournament every Saturday at 2pm until the end of the summer. BCA rules, $15 entry fee, 100% payout, $ added @ 32 players Pool - Darts - Games - Music Great Food & Great Atmoshpere

KK Billiards reserves the right to change any scheduled event

POOL TOURNAMENTS Every Fri 933 8th St (Hwy 3 & 50) - Farmington, MN 651-463-2636

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Frost downed Behrman 12-6, as Woodward handed Lang his second straight loss 14-6. A double hill fight ensued in the quarterfinals with Woodward prevailing over Frost to meet Luttrell, who at this point, racing to 8, was looking at three straight matches against two players racing to 14, in order to win the thing. He jumped the first hurdle with a 7-8 victory over Woodward in the semifinals, to earn his second, and hopefully, third shot against Bergman. Luttrell took full advantage, winning the opening set of the true double elimination final 7-7. Bergman rallied, though, and took the second set 14-5 to claim the event title. In addition to the standard payouts, the tournament paid $200 each to the top “B” and “C” finishers in the tournament. Andy Auer took home the $200, “B” prize, while 12-year-old Matt Wisely captured the “C” money. 1 2 3 4 5 5 7 7 9 9 9 9



$700 $500 $300 $200 $100 $100 $50 $50 $25 $25 $25 $25

Billiard Center


26 North Main - Cape Girardeau, MO


Steve Gumphrey Memorial December 7-8, 2013



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9-Ball - $25 Entry (no green fee) - Race to Handicap Sign-up 10am - Noon Auction at Noon Danny & Evelyn Dysart - Tournament Directors For more information contact Justin 573-714-7268

Westwood Billiards 2207 S Westwood Blvd - Poplar Bluff, MO 573-686-4880

November 27th Pre-Thanksgiving Tournament $20 entry - Ball Spot



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October 2013 - Rackem Magazine



Raises The Bar!

By Ted Lerner Wpa Press Officer Photo by Vinod DivaKaran, Doha Stadium Sports Weekly

Germany’s Thorsten Hohmann Wins His Second World 9-Ball Championship With A Searing 13-7 Victory Over The Philippines Antonio Gabica (Doha, Qatar)--Playing with a laser-like focus and an intensity that spoke of a clear desire for pool immortality, Germany’s Thorsten Hohmann capped an incredible week with yet another a searing performance, and won the 2013 World 9-ball Championship, beating the Philippines Antonio Gabica, 13-7, in front of nearly 1000 highly partisan Filipino fans at Doha’s Al Arabi Sports Club. With the victory Hohmann now becomes only the second man to win the WPA World 9-ball Championship two times, matching American Earl Strickland, who won pool’s most prestigious crown in 1991 and 2002. Hohmann will now also take over as the World Number 1 ranked player. Hohmann’s second World 9-ball

18 Rackem Magazine - October 2013

Championship comes exactly ten years after he burst on to the international scene with a powerful run through a stacked field in Cardiff, Wales in 2003. In the intervening years Hohmann has firmly established himself as one of the greats of this era, consistently winning events big and small all over the globe. He excels at various other pool disciplines as well, especially straight pool, for which he is arguably the best in the world. But while the last ten years have placed the 34 year old Hohmann in pool’s elite, his performance this week in Doha has surely brought his stature into rarefied air. Along the way to the title he defeated a who’s who of pool strong men, among them the defending world champion Darren Appleton, and five, yes five, top

Filipino players, including four in a row down the homestretch. And don’t forget to throw in the fact that Hohmann did all this in front of what was essentially a highly partisan home crowd of mostly Filipinos who cheered wildly for their boys. Looked at in total, that’s a masterpiece by anyone’s standards. For Gabica, the loss to Hohmann ended what had become one of the great Cinderella stories pool had seen in years. The 41 year old Filipino had always been known to pool fans as a superbly gifted player, but one who, except for a few occasions, would collapse under the pressure of big time matches. With the pool scene practically dead in the Philippines, Gabica sought greener pastures, and

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four years ago emigrated to Qatar, where he took up a job as an assistant coach with the Qatar national pool team. During that time he has stayed off the international pool circuit, only playing in the World 9-ball Championship since it came to Qatar in 2010, and practicing long hours at the local federation. Gabica’s run through to the finals this year literally electrified the game, with huge, partisan crowds turning the Al Arabi Sports Club into what seemed like a football match instead of a pool tournament. The excitement was literally palpable as the day began on Friday with the two semi-finals, which were played simultaneously. On the main table, Hohmann faced the Philippines, Carlo Biado. While on a nearby table Gabica went up against England’s Karl Boyes. Biado, who’d been playing brilliantly up to this point, learned quickly that you don’t make more than one or two mistakes against a player like Hohmann and expect to get away with it. Especially when the German is picking up a head of steam. Two errors by the 28 year old Filipino in the first half of the contest pretty much sealed his fate as Hohmann took a tight match early and quickly made it a rout. In what amounted to a pool clinic, Hohmann won 11-4. Boyes played perfect pool in the first half of his semifinal against Gabica, who stayed on the Brits’ coat tails. Up 6-4, though, Boyes missed a makeable four ball. From there the entire match turned, and the crowd grew ever louder as their hometown boy played perhaps the best pool of his life. Gabica won seven straight racks to clinch a spot in the finals as the throng chanted “Ga-Bi-Ca! GaBi-Ca!” By the time the race to 13 final began an hour and a half later, the Filipino fans, all of whom live and work in Qatar, were in a fever pitch at the prospects of having one of their own win an unlikely world title. They had every reason to believe they would get their wish as Gabica, who won the lag, came out relaxed and broke and ran the first rack. Hohmann returned the favour, but then so did Gabica to go up 2-1. When Gabica cleared off a Hohmman mistake in the next frame for a 3-1 lead, the anticipation grew even more. Hohmann, though, wasn’t going anywhere. He took advantage of two illegal breaks and a bad jump shot by the Filipino to take his first lead of the match at 4-3. But Gabica countered with three racks of his own, first a clear off a botched safety by the German, a break and run, and another clear from a safe that included a wild bank that sent the crowd into fits. At this point Gabica was exactly where he wanted to be. In front 6-4, he was playing silky smooth and it looked like he couldn’t miss. Then in rack 11, he had a wide open table and was down on an easy straight in five-ball. Inexplicably, though, the five-ball bobbled in the jaws of the pocket. Gabica, and the crowd, couldn’t believe it, and the Filipino walked back to his chair visibly upset as Hohmann stood up and cleared. Instead of a commanding 7-4 lead, Gabica only led 6-5. As fast as anyone could say “World 9-ball Championship,” the momentum completely abandoned Gabica and swung over to Hohmann, who was more than ready to pounce. In the next frame Gabica scratched off a brilliant Hohmann safety and the German tied the match. Hohmann then took the lead at 7-6, running the table

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after another illegal break from Gabica. Hohmann got Gabica to scratch again in the next rack, and, in the blink of an eye, led 8-6. The two players were now clearly going in opposite directions. Gabica was still visibly upset by the missed five-ball three racks prior, while Hohmann zeroed in on the finish line with laser-like focus. Gabica bobbled the two ball in the jaws in the proceeding frame, and Hohmann made a strong clear to move up 9-6. As Hohmann broke and ran the next frame, his demeanor, his potting, his eyes, all indicated he was squarely in the zone and there would be no stopping him. Now up 10-6, Hohmann tied up Gabica again and forced him to foul. Another strong break and run, and Hohmann was on the hill, 12-6. Gabica got one back in the next frame, but the ‘Thorsten Hohmann Express’ could not be stopped. The two played safe in the next rack but Hohmann fluked the one-ball and ran the colors straight to his second world championship. As the final 9-ball dropped, Hohmann raised his cue high over his head with both hands, giving it a big fat kiss. He then let out a fist pump and a roar, and flexed his muscle for the crowd. Moments afterward, the new World 9-ball Champion was clearly in awe of what he had just accomplished. Like all pool players, he’s had to deal with his share of doubt. But this week, he said, he knew there was something special about to happen. “I’m really proud of myself,” Hohmann said. “It means a lot to me. If I had to choose between my first World 9-ball and here, I couldn’t make that decision because winning the first world championship back in Cardiff was incredible and to do it again ten years later, I’m just speechless. “I’ve been around for 20 years now. I’m not a youngster anymore. I’ve made many mistakes. And I’ve learned from my mistakes. It doesn’t mean that you don’t make mistakes again. Everything just worked for me. I was in stroke. I came from a big victory that meant a lot to me a couple of weeks ago. In my personal life I’m really happy right now. And I thought I really could win this from the beginning to the end. I never had a doubt. “The whole universe has to come together and work for you to win a tournament like this. But I never had doubts. I always believed in myself. I

Photo by Richard


Antonio Gabica always felt that I can win this.” For Gabica, the fairy tale roller coaster ride that he had just been on wasn’t enough to mask his obvious disappointment. Especially about the errant 5-ball that turned the match. “I didn’t feel the pressure on that shot,” Gabica said. “I was just careless. I’ve played 30 years and I have many experiences. I got upset because I was ready to go 7-4 up. That’s a big big mistake. I think at that moment I had too much confidence. Maybe this is a learning experience for me. I’ll be thinking about that 5-ball for one week.” The Filipino also knew that he had let a golden chance at history slip through his grasp. “I’m very lucky to make it to the final. Because you don’t know what can happen in the future. It’s not easy to get to the final, because there are too many good players. I’m very lucky. Maybe next year I don’t know where I’m going to finish. This was my one chance. “Thorsten played very well and he’s very fit. As he got more of a lead on me, he got more confident. That’s the way it is in pool. But me, I started to feel the pressure.” For winning the 2013 World 9-ball Championship, Hohmann collected $36,000. Gabica took home $18,000. The total prize fund was $250,000. *The World Pool-Billiard Association is the world governing body of the sport of pool.

October 2013 - Rackem Magazine


RIDER CUP FARMINGTON, MN What a nice day for the 4th Annual “Rider Cup”. 13 teams today and apparently the team of Alec Winter/Mike Davidson are going to show up on the 28th. Sorry guys, you missed a great time. The team of Tim Moe/Terry Goulet finished 1st in golf with a 68, 3 under par. 2nd Scott Barrett/Doug Hoerneman, 3rd Jodi Sheedy/Adam Law, and Tracy D’Andrea/Dan Kee. In the pool tournament Jesse Engel/Mike Fieldhammer double

dipped Tim Tonjum/Shawn Minnick (2nd) to take 1st, Lee Heuwagon/Sean Johnson 3rd, and Dick Biers/Mike Jaycox 4th. Overall Golf/Pool results, Tim/Shawn 2nd with 20.5 pts, Tracy/ Dan 3rd with 18.5 pts, Mike/Jesse & Lee/Sean tied for 4th with 17 pts each, and last but not least Tim Moe/Terry Goulet taking 1st with 21.5 pts and their names on the “Rider Cup” for the 4th consecutive year. Total payout was $1010.

Jamaica Joe’s


Billiard Bar & Grill


5,000.00 ADDED!

al nnu


Presented by

Greater Midwest Poolplayers Association

OCTOBER 9 - 13, 2013 EARLY BIRD 9-Ball CHAMPIONSHIPS Wednesday, October 9, 2013, Start at 3:00 PM $50.00 Entry ($35.00 Entry $15.00 Green Fee) LADIES: Race to 4 Double Elimination MEN’S OPEN: Race to 4/4 Double Elimination

SENIOR 8-Ball CHAMPIONSHIP THURSDAY October 10, 2013, START at 1:00 PM $50.00 Entry ($35.00 Entry, $15.00 Green Fee ) Men’s & Women’s Age 50+, NO MASTERS Race To 3

SINGLES 8-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS THURSDAY, October 10, 2013 $50.00 Entry ($35.00 Entry, $15.00 Green Fee) MEN’S A DIVISION - 1:00 PM ★ MEN’s B DIVISION (6 & Under Average) 4:00 PM WOMEN’S DIVISION - 6:00 PM ★ WOMEN/MEN ADVANCED DIVISIONS 8:00 PM Women Race 4/3 M4/4 Double Elimination, Rack Your Own, VNEA State & Nat’l Mstr/Intrmdt, ACS, BCA-PL State & Nat’l Mstr/Advanced, and TAP/APA Upper 7s play Advanced

NO ENTRY FEE SPORTSMAN SINGLES FRIDAY October 11, 2013, 2:00 PM For Sportsman Competition Masters Race to 6, Open A’s Race to 5, Open B’s Race to 4 SCOTCH DOUBLES REGISTRATIONS TAKEN ON-SITE

3-PERSON TEAM COMPETITION FRIDAY October 11, 2013, 7:00 PM Start $150 Entry ($90.00 Entry, $60.00 Green Fee) One MASTER/ADVNCD Allowed Per Team Race To 9, Open Race to 8 Double Elimination $500 Added SPORTSMAN TEAMS—Saturday October 12, 2013 2:30 PM Start MENS/WOMENS FINALS Sunday October 13, 2013 at 10:00 AM SPECIAL BONUS EVENT!! Nick Varner, 8 Time World Champion Skills And Trick Shot Exhibitions

MAJESTIC STAR CASINO AND HOTEL 1 Buffington Harbor Drive Gary, Indiana 46406 Special Hotel Player Rate $59.00. Call 1-888-225-8259 Use Code GMPA For Entries Call 219-465-8101or Visit ENTRY DEADLINE: September 30,2013, Late Fee $10.00 (Amateur Participants only. Must Be 21 Years or Older To Play) Sponsored in part by South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority) Players May Be Placed According To Known Ability.

20 Rackem Magazine - October 2013




Oklahoma Bar Table 9-Ball Championship November 8-10, 2013 $5,000 Added Guaranteed

**Player Auction at 10pm Friday the 8th $50 entry fee - 100% Payback - No Promoter Fees!! Race to 9 Winners and Losers - No Jump Cues Allowed Alternate Break - Pay starts 11am Saturday Tournament pays approx 1/8 of the field - 128 Player Max Will start taking sign ups Oct 28th No Jump Cues Allowed Blue and Green Chalk Only **Must be signed up, paid and present by Auction Time

5920 S.E. 15th. Midwest City, OK - 405-736-0590

Wednesday Night 9-Ball at 7:30PM - $15 entry - House matches $5 per player Like us on Facebook

n o t a E Secures First

Gulf Coast Tour Victory

Former WPBA Touring Professional Gail Eaton went undefeated this past Saturday, September 7th, 2013, at Emerald Billiards in New Iberia, Louisiana, to secure her first Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Tour victory. The format for this event was 9-ball, races to 7, on 9’ Brunswick Gold Crown tables. Emerald Billiard’s owner Keith Hulin added a generous $500 to the ladies purse and the players couldn’t have been happier. Eaton, who hails from San Antonio, Texas faced off with Houston’s Teresa Garland for the hot seat while Lufkin, Texas’ own Toni Esteves worked her way through the loser’s side after a 7-4 second round loss to Eaton.

One-loss side action saw Loretta Lindgren (Katy, Texas) fall to Cindy Cole (Dallas, Texas), 7-3, who in turn was eliminated by Esteves, 7-5. Eaton handily captured the hot seat over Garland, 7-4, who was subsequently eliminated by Esteves, 7-6. This pitted Eaton and Esteves for the final match. The former pro came out firing against Esteves, who has only been playing the game of 9-ball a very short time. However determined Esteves may have been, Eaton proved too much for the aspiring player, ending her bid for the title, 7-2. This was Esteves’ best finish to date and she had this to say about her Gulf Coast Tour experience. “I’m ecstatic, finishing in

(l to r) Keith Hulin, Gail Eaton, Toni Esteves

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second place! I played some awesome ladies at this event, and I can see I have a lot more work to do. Kim White-Newsome makes the Gulf Coast Tour a lot of fun and is a great supporter of her players. I can’t wait for the next event!” The women of the Gulf Coast Tour enjoyed top-notch equipment, including Delta-13 “Select” racks on each and every table, and the hospitality provided by room owner Keith Hulin and his Emerald Billiards staff. The next event will be October 19th, 2013, at Skinny Bob’s Billiards in Round Rock, Texas.

Gail Eaton $300 Toni Esteves $200 Teresa Garland $100

October 2013 - Rackem Magazine


Lampert Wins Locks down OB Cues Ladies Regional Tour Champion

Great, great job! Natalie.

OB Cues Ladies Tour Stop #5 tournament was hosted at the awesome Jamaica Joe’s in Midwest City, OK. Thank you to Jess Massey, Shane Ragland and all the staff at Jamaica Joe’s. You all are the bestest!!!!!!

The finals match will be between Amanda Lampert and Julie Stephenson. Amanda will need to beat Julie twice to take the 1st place crown.

On the winner’s side, we have Julie Stephenson vs. Natalie Mans. On the one-loss side, it will be Wendy Kent vs. Amanda Lampert. Angie Payne vs. Jennifer Pavlovick!

Amanda Lampert wins the first set hill-hill and goes on to take the tournament. We have a winner! Amanda Lampert takes 1st place and guess what----Amanda Lampert just locked down 1st place in overall points ranking for the year and has become the OB Cues Ladies Regional Tour Champion for 2013.

The Main Event continued Sunday, September 22nd at Noon. Followed by the Second Chance Tournament at 11:00am. The day’s recap went as follows:

Congratulations Amanda---YOU DID IT!

5th/6th - Wendy Kent and Angie Payne Playing for 4th now is Jennifer Pavlovick and Amanda Lampert Hot Seat match was won by none other than Julie Stephenson So Julie is waiting her finals opponent. Woo Hoo!

Amanda Lampert 5/6

Natalie Mans awaiting winner between Jennifer and Amanda.

MAIN EVENT: 1st Amanda Lampert 2nd Julie Stephenson 3rd Natalie Mans 4th Jennifer Pavlovick

RESULTS Wendy Kent, Angie Payne

Up now is a rematch with Amanda Lampert & Natalie Mans. Amanda continues on.

IN OUR SECOND CHANCE EVENT: 1st Melinda Bailey 2nd Tracie Voelkering 3rd Eva Gonzalez Great tournament ladies!

Alrighty-o we have a finals match coming up. But first let’s give shout out to Natalie Mans for an awesome 3rd place finish. This is her second one in a row.

Follow all the action of the OB Cues Ladies Tour on their Facebook page

Jennifer Pavlovick finished 4th. Good tourney Jennifer!

open late

12009 S Pulaski Rd Alsip, IL 60803

Nov 16th: Janet’s Pool Tour Closed Division


“Now offering LEGAL VIDEO GAMING (slot machines)”

Monthly Tournaments

Oct 26: 9-Ball Nov 9: One Pocket Dec 7: Bank Pool Jan 18: One Pocket

Feb 1: Bank Pool Mar 1: 8-Ball Mar 29: One Pocket





(based on a full field)

$50 entry (g. f. included) One Day “IRON MAN” event - Noon Sign-up

FULL BAR & GRILL 22 Rackem Magazine - October 2013


W25644 State Road 35/54 Centerville, WI 608-539-JAIL (5245)

up to added 8-Ball Singles - Race to 3 - VNEA Rules Sign-uP 9am - Auction 10am - start 11am

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 3-6pm

Full Bar Great Food!!

Awesome Burgers - Homemade Pizza

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Wins 20 Straight

Ernesto Bayaua, Chase Rudder Ernesto Bayaua, the 2011 U.S. Amateur Nationals Champion, won an unprecedented 20 straight games of 8-ball (5 matches) on his way to securing his first win at the Poison by Predator Tour 8-Ball Event held this past Saturday, September 14th, 2013, at Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar in Houston, Texas. Bayaua’s final victim, two time PxP Tour 8-Ball Event Champion Chase Rudder, felt the sting as Bayaua coasted to a 4-0 victory for a total of 5 consecutive matches won with no losses, on his way to the winners’ circle. His wake of destruction included wins over Daniel Herring, 4-0, Eugene “The Machine” Browning, 4-0, Greg Begnaud, 4-0, Marcus Flores, 4-2, and David Kurjan, 4-1. The 46 player field for this 8-ball event was as tough as it gets with Sylver Ochoa, Justin Whitehead, Eugene Browning, Eric Brown, Bobby Pacheco, and the Victoria, Texas crew, brothers Mark and Alex Cardenas, along with Durango Duran. Players flocked in from all over the state to compete in the one-day, Poison by Predator Tour 8-Ball Event which paid its players over $4,000 in prize money. Newcomer Daniel Herring took down Marvin Diaz, 4-1, and David Massie 4-2, on his way to the final four winners’ side. While on the same trek, Sonny Bosshamer ousted Steve Williams, 4-1, and

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Alex Cardenas, 4-2. Defending champion Chase Rudder defeated Bob Guzik, 4-0 and Tommy Aramburo, 4-1, staging Bayau v. Herring and Bosshamer v. Rudder on the final four winners’ side. Bayaua cleaned up against Herring, 4-0, and Rudder defeated Bosshamer, 4-2. Bayaua went on to defeat Rudder for the hot seat, 4-0. Tournament upsets included A. Cardenas over Sylver Ochoa, 4-2, Durango Duran eliminating the champion, 3-0, and Bosshamer’s notable wins over Whitehead and Browning. In other one-loss side action, after a first round loss to Bosshamer, Duran fought his way through with four consecutive wins until A. Cardenas sealed his fate, 3-0. Browning made his PxP Tour debut with a 5th-6th place finish, eliminated by Bosshamer, 3-2. A. Cardenas settled into 5th-6th as well after Herring ended his run, 3-2. Bosshamer was on fire and served it up cold to Herring, 3-0, but was defeated for second place, once again by Rudder, 3-2. In the final, Bayaua took the lead against Rudder, 1-0. In the second game, Rudder had the opportunity to answer back, with two stripes and the 8-ball remaining. Rudder cut the 10-ball down the rail which included a simultaneous break out shot on the 8-ball and 9-ball, sandwiched in front of the side pocket. Rudder managed to execute the second part of his shot successfully, but missed the 10-ball in the corner pocket. Bayau made his last ball and pocketed the 8-ball. Rudder failed to capitalize on a few unforced errors and was buried again by Bayaua, 4-0. The PxP Tour would like to congratulate Toni Esteves of Lufkin, Texas for achieving “Top Lady” finisher and taking home $90 for her efforts at this past Saturday’s event. Toni and husband Rudy Esteves brought their entire 9-ball team down from Lufkin to participate in the event and the PxP Tour would like to welcome them back every chance they get! The PxP Tour would like to thank Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar in Houston, Texas for hosting another successful PxP Tour Event. The Poison by Predator Tour is title sponsored by Poison by Predator Cues. Find your Poison at www. The official rack of the Poison by Predator Tour is the incomparable, Delta-13 Rack. Get your “true triangle” today at www. The PxP Tour is also sponsored by the APA of North Harris County, apanorthharriscounty. Play APA today! It’s where people meet, play pool, and have fun!Results Ernesto Bayaua $555/$825 1st 2nd Chase Rudder $350/$605 3rd Sonny Bosshamer $240/$375 4th Daniel Herring $165/$255 5th-6th Alex Cardenas, Eugene Browning $95/$135 7th-8th Durango Duran, David Massie $65 9th-12th Marvin Diaz, Tommy Aramburo, Brent Thomas, Bobby Pacheco $40

RESULTS “Top Lady” Toni Esteves

October 2013 - Rackem Magazine


Late Night Short Rack DES MOINES, IA -- Sept 8th Late Night Short Rack 8 Ball!!! starts at 11pm. We are racing to 3 on both sides, rack your own, head ball breaks only, $10 entry, alternate break, and as always non master women get a game on the wire!

Results BANK POOL TOURNAMENT @ Red Shoes Billiards - Alsip, IL 8/31/2013 1st. Chris Gentile 2nd. Eric Hincks 3rd. Ike Runnels 4th. Eric Wermes 5th-6th. Earl Fowler & Kevin Hall 7th-8th. Fred (Beard) Bentivegna & Neal Jacobs

Demi Beats SVB

Congrats to Danny Bennett 1st Place and Justin Richardson 2nd Place melon and cash winners in tonight’s late night short rack tourney!

Lloyd Robbins wins a melon tonight for 3rd Place in Short rack 8 ball! Congratulations Lloyd!

Pool Table Sales Installation, Moving Service and Repair PRO SHOP CUES & ACCESSORIES

We build Custom Cues

4510 East 14th St - Des Moines, IA

141 Players total for the 2013-14 MPA Season Opener at CR’s Sports Bar in Coon Rapids, MN. The finals ended at 6AM! Thanks to everyone for coming and making our season opener a HUGE success!!! Open - 8 Ball - Singles Master/AA Division - 39 Entries 1st Demetrius “Demi” Jelatis $550.00/ $1,180.00 2nd Shane Van Boening $400.00/$885.00 3rd Lee Heuwagen $300.00/$590.00 4th Derrick Carlson $200.00/$295.00 5-6 Sean C. Johnson $150.00 5-6 Tyler “TJ” Steinhaus $150.00 7-8 Randy DeGarmo $100.00 7-8 Johnny Meyer $100.00 A Division - 30 Entries 1st Nate Pfeifer $350.00 2nd Mark Weaver $250.00 3rd John Fox $160.00 4th Darrin Swanson $100.00 5-6 Al Berthiaume $80.00 5-6 Bob Beyer $80.00 7-8 Josh Coyle $60.00 7-8 Mike Van Grinsven $60.00 B Division - 37 Entries 1st Ron Mohr $280.00 2nd Kang Moua $200.00 3rd Tom Kjos $140.00 4th Chris Glass $100.00 5-6 Mark Ellingsworth $80.00 5-6 Steve King $80.00 7-8 JD Prestegard $60.00 7-8 Mike Quinn $60.00 C Division - 37 Entries 1st Stacy Lamers $230.00 2nd Josh M. Fox $160.00 Demetrius Jelatis 3rd Robbie Swanson $120.00 4th Cindy Deveaux-Healey $100.00 5-6 Kevin D. Kidd $70.00 5-6 Todd Meyer $70.00 7-8 Darin Gilles $50.00 7-8 Jared Lunz $50.00



Weekly Tournaments: Sun-Mon-Tues-Fri 1st & 3rd Saturday Tournaments

Full Service Bar - Great Food!! 24 Rackem Magazine - October 2013

8525 Cottonwood St NW Coon Rapids, MN 763-780-1585 Upper Midwest Bar Table Shootout Jan 24 - 27, 2013 $5,000 Added

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Dr. Cue Presents 20th Annual Junior Artistic Pool Championships

Rachel Lang

Garrett Kinney

Eric Roberts

September 22, 2013 (Englewood, CO): The 20th Annual Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) Junior National Artistic Pool competition took place July 25-26th concurrently with the 25th Annual BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships, held in the Convention Center of the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many junior players from all four divisions of the main event took the advantage of the opportunity to vie for this title and trophy. Congratulations to the following contestants: 18 & UNDER BOYS DIVISION 1st Place Garrett Kinney Randleman, NC 2nd Place Kyle Newcomb Bend, OR 18 & UNDER GIRLS DIVISION 1st Place Rachel Lang Catskill, NY 2nd Place Adrienne Stoops Thornton, CO

Kyle Newcomb

Adrienne Stoops

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Emily Herpel

14 & UNDER BOYS DIVISION 1st Place Eric Roberts Fruitland Park, FL 2nd Place Evan Way Sparks, NV 14 & UNDER GIRLS DIVISION 1st Place Emily Herpel Freehold, NY 2nd Place Michelle Jiang Harvard, MA World Trick Shot Champion, entertainer and instructor, Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman, with his wife Marty “Ms. Cue,” were thrilled to present the 20th year of this special event. They facilitate and direct this annual event so that youth can demonstrate their special cue sport skills. Due to unforeseen circumstances, “Dr. Cue” Tom Rossman was unable to administer this year’s challenge. Special Thanks go to “Dr. Popper” Mark Dimick for stepping in and supporting the event. The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) was formed in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity committed to promoting a lifelong love of pool and building the next generation of players through youth programs and academic scholarships. Visit or call (303) 926-1039 to learn more.

Evan Way

Michelle Jiang

October 2013 - Rackem Magazine


Star Tour


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Subscribe for 2014 only $30/year

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A rn BC Weste , 2013 11-17 March reaming Live St









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(Continued from page 14) In fact, several times throughout the tournament my teammates Dean Lawson and Kenny Tran snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by ripping similar straight back banks into the corner pocket. I knew this wasn’t by coincidence. In fact, this was because people from Kentucky shoot banks a little differently. All of the great bank pool champions from Kentucky such as John Brumback, Nick Varner and Shannon Daulton shoot a high percentage of their bank shots with authority. In most pool games it is a disadvantage to shoot a shot with speed. However bank pool is a little different. Last month we discussed the importance of flattening out kick shot angles with speed and spin. We learned that balls coming off the rail on narrower angles are easier to make because the pocket plays wider. You should note that the same principal applies to bank shots. As I approached the table, the shot I faced was off angle but was lying perfect to bank. The shot required me to aim as though I were banking the shot wide (striking the object ball full in the face). My plan was to pocket the ball with speed and left sidespin. The left spin integrates the gear principle to transfer right spin onto the object ball. The right spin and added speed aids in shortening the ball up and also helps it spin into the pocket. “Straight back!” I said, as I lined up to execute the bank. As I pulled the trigger, I knew I hit the shot perfect.

You could see the ball flatten out as it left the cushion. As the ball split the wicket, I was in perfect position to win the game. Our team went on to win the first set by a 9-7 margin. During the second set our team caught fire and claimed the championship by score of 9-2. I will never forget the way I felt as I saw Kenny Tran pocket the 9-ball in the side pocket to win the match. We were BCA National 9-ball champions! Looking back, we had a lot to be thankful for. In fact, many matches were won and lost because of a player’s banking ability. Anyone will tell you that making a bank is not a 100% proposition. However, knowing how to widen the pocket certainly gives you an advantage when there is no other sensible alternative. So the next time you are faced with a tough bank shot don’t be intimidated, use speed and reverse spin to help you pocket the ball. It will help you pocket a higher percentage of shots and will also help you win more matches and you can take that advice all the way to the bank!

Banking System from Billiard Buddies Lou and Sal Butera

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(801) 465-1411

or send $119.95 plus $19.95 s&h to: Billiard Buddies, P.O. Box 50825 Provo, Utah 84605-0825 • Difficult bank shots simplified! • Learn a new system! • Less english is needed, so fewer shots are missed! • Dead accuracy one-rail side and corner banks! • Makes one-rail bank shots appear easy from any position!


W NEfrom

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October 2013 - Rackem Magazine

27 World Cup of Pool 2013 Philippines edge the Dutch in World Cup thriller

22nd September The Finals Philippines 10-8 Holland TEAM PHILIPPINES made up of Lee Vann Corteza and Dennis Orcollo became 888. com World Cup of Pool champions as they beat Holland in a thrilling conclusion after an action-packed final that illustrated the sheer excitement of top level pool. The match ebbed and flowed and reached a climactic final stage that saw both teams buckle before the Filipinos redeemed themselves sinking the 8 and 9 for the title and $60,000 top prize. It was the third win for the Philippines in the eight year history of the event, following wins for Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante in 2006 and 2009. This year they enjoyed wins over Croatia, Singapore, Hungary and Chinese Taipei en

28 Rackem Magazine - October 2013

route to the final but the best was to come in the championship match. Orcollo was delighted in victory, “The fans here were why we won. There was a lot of pressure and things became very difficult but the Filipino community in London who supported us throughout really helped us through. “I reached the final of the World Cup in Manila in 2010 but we came up short so it is fantastic to win here in London. I would love it for me and Lee Vann to defend the World Cup in the Philippines next year as it would be a dream come true to win it again in our home country,” he added. Corteza continued, “You have to thank those Philippines supporters who helped us through. Representing my country is such a big honour for me and I’m very thankful and proud to have won the World Cup of Pool for the Philippines.” With the match moving up to a race to ten racks, the Filipinos moved into a 2-0 lead,

but neither team could break away as the score went 3-3. Quite quickly though, the Philippines won the next two and at 6-3 the Dutch were definitely on the rails. In the winner breaks format though, they came back, cashing in on a mistake from their opponents and before long it was 7-7 and effectively a race to three. The Dutch took the next and looked set to move to the hill but Van den Berg made it tougher than it needed to be, going from the 7 to 8 and Feijen missed a pressure pot that probably should have gone in. Instead of 9-7 it was 8-8 and the tension was palpable. A great break eased the nerves for the Filipinos and they ran out to reach the hill against the odds. Orcollo was breaking for the match but nothing went down. Feijen shot the 1 ball home and with an open layout, it looked as though it was going to a decider. Van den Berg

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though twitched on the pink 4 to seemingly gift the rack and the match but some poor positional play from both Filipinos made every shot a heart-stopper. The big one was the long 8 ball and somehow Corteza managed to make it and when his partner downed the final 9 it sealed a superb win. Van den Berg was willing to take the positives from the week; “We have never reached further than a quarter-final at the World Cup. There are some very difficult opponents in the tournament and we played really good pool all week. It is too bad we didn’t snap it up but if I can sign for second place every time we play I will do it” Feijen added, “We showed a lot of heart as we were down 7-3 and missed some difficult shots. At 8-7 I missed the 8 ball and unfortunately in the last game it was the 4 ball

but you win together and lose together. It was pretty close but they’re great players and play great as a team.” The 2013 World Cup of Pool runs from Tuesday September 17 to Sunday, September 22 at the famous York Hall in Bethnal Green, East London. The field features 32 teams from 31 countries in a single elimination format. The total prize fund is US$250,000 with $60,000 going to the eventual champions. For live streaming of the World Cup of Pool go to http://www.pool.livesport. tv/home The 2013 World Cup of Pool runs from 17 – 22 September and takes place at the York Hall, London. For those wanting to watch the

action in person, all tickets are available from (Search ‘World Cup of Pool’) The 2013 World Cup of Pool is delighted to work with our valued suppliers – Official Table - Diamond; Official Cloth: Iwan Simonis; Official Balls: Super Aramith; Official Cue: Predator. Luke Riches, Matchroom Sport: luke. Notes: Matchroom Sport are one of the world’s leading producers of televised sport and are responsible for over 1,000 hours of original programming across a range of sports. Based in the UK and chaired by charismatic founder Barry Hearn, World Cup of Pool is one of a stable of pool events that include the World Pool Masters and the Mosconi Cup.

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October 2013 - Rackem Magazine


Top pool players MEN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 33 35 36 36 36 39 40 41 42 43 43 45 46 47 48 49 50 51

Hohmann, Thorsten (GER) Biado, Carlo (PHI) Van Corteza, Lee (PHI) Orcollo, Dennis (PHI) Boyes, Karl (GBR) Appleton, Darren (GBR) Van Boening, Shane (USA) Pagulayan, Alex (CAN) Ekonomopoulos, Nick (GRE) Immonen, Mika (FIN) Chang, Jung Lin (TPE) Ko, Pin-Yi (TPE) Melling, Chris (GBR) Wang, Can (CHN) Gabica, Antonio (PHI) Feijen, Niels (NED) Fu, Che Wei (TPE) Van den Berg, Nick (NED) Hsu, Kai Lun (TPE) Wu, Jiaqing (CHN) Reyes, Efren (PHI) Souquet, Ralf (GER) See, Huidji (NED) De Luna, Jeffrey (PHI) Al-Shaheen, Omar (KUW) Morra, John (CAN) Ouschan, Albin (AUT) Li Wen, Lo (JPN) Alcaide, David (ESP) Peach, Daryl (GBR) Burford, Phil (USA) Chang, Yu Lung (TPE) Cheng, Tsung Hua (TPE) Li, Hewen (CHN) Akagariyama, Yukio (JPN) Foldes, Vilmos (HUN) Petroni, Fabio (ITA) Bustamante, Francisco (PHI) Archer, Johnny (USA) Deuel, Corey (USA) Lombardo, Hunter (USA) Oi, Naoyuki (JPN) He, Mario (AUT) Yousef , Jalal (VEN) Gallego, Ramil (PHI) Rota, Israel (PHI) Klatt, Jason (CAN) Chua, Johann Gonzales (PHI) Ryu, Seung Woo (KOR) Ortmann, Oliver (GER) Han, Hao Xiang (CHN)

30 Rackem Magazine - October 2013

1734 1521 1409 1367 1299 1204 1170 1119 1068 1064 973 964 958 931 920 884 787 755 749 712 707 706 699 698 669 636 611 579 566 541 536 530 507 507 489 449 449 449 447 443 439 431 424 424 423 403 399 383 375 361 356

52 53 54 55 56 56 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 68 70 71 71 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 79 81 81 83 84 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 99 100 101

Toh, Lian Han (SIN) 355 Dominguez, Oscar (USA) 350 Shaw, Jayson (GBR) 342 Vidal, Marc (USA) 336 Manalo, Marlon (PHI) 328 Zulfikri, Muhammad (INA) 328 Malaj, Nikolaos (ALB) 323 Shaw, So (IRI) 318 Liu, Haitao (CHN) 305 Nguyen, Anh Tuan (VIE) 303 Kong, Bu Kong (HKG) 302 Yuxuan, Zheng (TPE) 300 Dechaine, Mike (USA) 295 Saez, Rob (USA) 283 Gray, Mark (GBR) 282 Yang, Ching-Shun (TPE) 270 Chao, Fong-Pang (TPE) 267 Kuribayashi, Toru (JPN) 267 Sossei, Jeremy (USA) 262 AlRiwani, Salah (UAE) 260 Babica, Radoslaw (POL) 260 Wilkie, Shaun (USA) 258 Hundal, Raj (GBR) 253 Davis, Mike (USA) 251 Bartram, Chris (USA) 241 Dang, Jin Hu (CHN) 233 Kiamco, Warren (PHI) 230 Parica, Jose (USA) 229 Alcano, Ronnie (PHI) 229 Chang, Pei-Wei (TPE) 228 Ko, Ping Chung (TPE) 228 Kuo, Po-Cheng (TPE) 222 Dominguez, Ernesto (MEX) 209 Antoni, Mark (PHI) 207 Kazakis, Alexander (GRE) 207 Faraon, Raymund (PHI) 207 Ali Berjaoui, Mohammad Khaled (LEB) 207 Rojas, Enrique (CHI) 207 Gama, Manuel (POR) 207 Jentsch, Dominic (GER) 207 Caneda, Marlon (PHI) 207 Stepanov, Konstantin (RUS) 207 Jungo, Dimitri (SUI) 207 Majid, Imran (GBR) 207 Chinakhov, Ruslan (RUS) 207 Nguyen, Khanh Hoang (VIE) 207 Aarts, Ivo (NED) 207 Kwok, Kenny, Chi Ho (HKG) 202 Shuff, Brandon (USA) 195 Bergman, Justin (USA) 190

WOMEN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 35 37 38 39 40 41 41 41 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

Liu, Sha Sha (CHN) Chen, Siming (CHN) Kim, Ga Young (KOR) Fisher, Kelly (GBR) Yu, Han (CHN) Lin, Yuan-Chun (TPE) Tan, Ho-Yun (TPE) Tsai, Pei Chen (TPE) Cha, Yu Ram (KOR) Wei, Tzu-Chien (TPE) Chou, Chieh-Yu (TPE) Ouschan, Jasmin (AUT) Fisher, Allison (GBR) Fu, Xiao-Fang (CHN) Lai, Hui-Shan (TPE) Amit, Rubelin (PHI) Pan, Xiao-Ting (CHN) Chan, Ya-Ting (TPE) Kawahara, Chichiro (JPN) Bi, Zhu-Qing (CHN) Chen, Xue (CHN) Zhou, Doudou (CHN) Kajatani, Akimi (JPN) Corr, Karen (IRL) Wu, Jing (CHN) Lin, Hsiao-Chi (TPE) Park, Eun Ji (KOR) Gao, Meng (CHN) Sone, Kyoko (JPN) Mazhirina, Ana (RUS) Ranola, Iris (PHI) Wu, Zhiting (TPE) Helvic, Ine (NOR) Huey, Charlene Chai Zeet (SIN) Li, Jia (CHN) Yukawa, Keiko (JPN) Ge, Bai (CHN) Jung, Bo Ra (KOR) Maki, Kimura (JPN) Roos, Caroline (SWE) Nouchi, Masami (JPN) Teng, Jiang (CHN) Wang, Xiaotong (CHN) Liu, Shin-Mei (TPE) Kaplan, Ina (GER) Furberg, Louise (SWE) Cheska, Centeno (PHI) Rahayu, Amanda (INA) Barretta, Jennifer (USA) Bryant, Brittany (CAN)

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1423 1405 1211 1181 1111 1105 1052 990 900 895 881 878 876 848 830 790 782 740 733 631 607 571 515 453 438 434 385 382 354 350 330 328 275 273 250 250 243 240 234 230 210 210 210 208 200 197 177 174 172 162




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October 2013 - Rackem Magazine


If you have any changes to your weekly pool tournaments EMAIL: us at


DATE CITY Mondays Green Bay, WI Davenport, IA Des Moines, IA Hanover Park, IL Chicago, IL Melrose Park, IL Dundee, IL Rockford, IL Kansas City, MO Tuesdays Cedar Rapids, IA Palatine, IL Troy, MO Barnhart, MO Des Moines, IA Kansas City, MO Lenexa, KS Wednesdays Chicago, IL Dundee, IL Des Moines, IA Midwest City, OK Palatine, IL Wright City, MO Alsip, IL Green Bay, WI Oshkosh, WI Thursdays Oshkosh, WI Davenport, IA Orland Park, IL Chicago, IL Palatine, IL Kansas City, MO Kansas City, MO Lenexa, KS Manhattan, KS Fridays Cedar Rapids, IA Chicago, IL Dundee, IL Coon Rapids, MN Des Moines, IA Farmington, MN Barnhart, MO St Peter’s, MO Tulsa, OK Topeka, KS Kansas City, MO Davenport, IA Round Lake Rockford, IL Aurora, IL Tonganoxie, KS Topeka, KS Raytown, MO Jonesville, LA Oshkosh, WI Saturdays Green Bay, WI Jonesville, LA Raytown, MO Topeka, KS Grandview, MO Eureka, MO St Peter’s, MO Kansas City, MO Oak Lawn, IL Joliet, IL Aurora, Il Fox Lake Chicago, IL Salina, KS Kansas City, MO Topeka, KS Blue Springs, MO Lenexa, KS Tulsa, OK Sundays Des Moines, IA Davenport, IA Barnhart, MO St Peter’s, MO Chicago, IL Topeka, KS Chicago Hts, IL Jonesville, LA Raytown, MO Raytown, MO Lenexa, KS Oshkosh, WI

LOCATION K K Billiards Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Big Dog Billiards Bungalow Joes Chicago Billiards Elite Cafe Billiards Hammerheads Rockford Billiards Side Pockets 2nd Ave Corner Pocket Quentin Corner Pocket Georgee’s Pub Kenny’s Bar & Grill Big Dog Billiards Brass Rail Side Pockets Chris’ Hammerheads Big Dog Billiards Jamaica Joe’s Quentin Corner Pocket Hillybilly Heaven Bar & Grill Red Shoes K K Billiards Varsity Club Varsity Club Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Pro-Tyme Classic Chicago Billiards Quentin Corner Pocket Boomers Bar & Grill Brass Rail Side Pockets Fast Eddy’s Billiards 2nd Ave Corner Pocket City Pool Hall Hammerheads CR’s Sports Bar Big Dog Billiards Farmington Billiards Kenny’s Bar & Grill Teachers Billiards Q-Spot Billiards Diamond Joes Country’s Tavern Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Rebecca’s Pub Rockford Billiards Rudy’s Place Helen’s Hilltop Terrys Billiard Club Raytown Rec Les Charles Inn & Gameroom Varsity Club K K Billiards Les Charles Inn & Gameroom Raytown Rec Terrys Billiard Club Zone Sports Bar JP’s Sports Bar 3rd Base Boomers Bar & Grill Demma’s Pool Loft Rudy’s Place Bay Billiards Chris’ Sunset Billiards & Sports Bar Brass Rail Diamond Joes Roadies Rock House Side Pockets Q-Spot Billiards Big Dog Billiards Sharky’s Bar & Billiards Kenny’s Bar & Grill Teachers Billiards Chris’ Terrys Billiard Club Oasis One-Sixty Les Charles Inn & Gameroom Raytown Rec Raytown Rec Side Pockets Varsity Club

PHONE EVENT / RULES (920) 737-2904 8-Ball A/B Semi-slop (563) 359-7225 9-Ball (515) 266-6100 8-Ball - Race 4 - No handicap (630) 830-8899 8 Ball (773) 545-5102 8 Ball (708) 344-7112 8 Ball (847) 836-8099 10 Ball (815) 962-0957 9 Ball (816) 455-9900 9 Ball (319) 366-0979 8-Ball-Race to 2 (847)705-1361 8 Ball (636) 528-9601 9 Ball (636) 464-9070 8 Ball (515) 266-6100 8-Ball Race to Hdcp (816) 468-6100 8 Ball (913) 888-7665 9 Ball (773) 286-4714 8 Ball (847) 836-8099 9 Ball (515) 266-6100 Rackers Choice (405) 736-0590 9 Ball (847) 705-1361 9 Ball (636) 745-8020 8 Ball (708) 388-3700 10 Ball (920) 606-2639 9-Ball (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Beginners (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Intermediate (563) 359-7225 8-Ball (708) 403-0600 9 Ball (773) 545-5102 9 Ball (847) 705-1361 9 Ball (815) 639-3333 8 Ball (816) 468-6100 9 Ball (913) 888-7665 9 Ball (785) 539-4323 8 Ball & 9 Ball (319) 366-0979 8-Ball-Masters Race to 3 (312) 491-9690 8 Ball (847) 836-8099 8 Ball (763) 780-1585 8-Ball on 7’ Diamonds (515) 266-6100 10-Ball - race varies (651) 463-2636 8 or 9-ball rotation (636) 464-9070 9 Ball (314) 210-8064 9 Ball (918) 779-6204 8-Ball 7 & under (785) 783-2883 8 Ball (816) 231-8007 8 Ball (563) 359-7225 Coin Toss decides (847) 740-5405 8 Ball (815) 962-0957 Open 8 Ball (630) 898-7769 Call (913) 369-3772 8 Ball (785) 273-3553 8 Ball (816) 358-5977 Players Vote (318) 339-4540 8 Ball (920) 651-0806 8-Ball Open - Race to 2 (920) 737-2904 Open 9-Ball - BCA Rules (318) 339-4540 8 Ball (816) 358-5977 9 Ball (785) 273-3553 9 Ball (816) 331-6044 8 Ball (636) 938-5030 8 Ball (636) 447-5300 9 Ball (816) 436-7245 8 Ball (708) 636-1240 8 Ball (815) 722-0964 8 Ball (630) 898-7769 Call (847) 587-8888 8 Ball (773) 286-4714 9 Ball (785) 826-9992 Multiple (816) 468-6100 Big Table 9 Ball (785) 783-2883 9 Ball (816) 228-7625 8 Ball (913) 888-7665 APA Rated 8 Ball (918) 779-6204 9-Ball 7 & under (515) 266-6100 9-Ball - Race 6/5 (563) 359-7225 10-Ball (636) 464-9070 9 Ball (314) 210-8064 9 Ball (773) 286-4714 10 Ball (785) 273-3553 9 Ball (708) 756-0600 9 Ball (318) 339-4540 9 Ball (816) 358-5977 One Pocket (816) 358-5977 Players Vote (913) 888-7665 9 Ball (920) 651-0806 10-Ball on 9’ tables-Race to 5

ENTRY ADDED $15 (incl. g.f.) $12 $100 every 16 $10 $$$ $5 150% payback $10 100% payout $15 $100 1st w/8 $15 $$$ $14 Call $5 $5 $7 Call $7 Call $10 $100 $10 $$$ $5 $6 $10 Call $5 $5 + /player $10 $$$ $15 $5/player $7 Call $10 $$$ $15 Call $15 (incl. g.f.) $8 $10 $10 $100 every 16 $20 Call $10 100% payout $7 Call $5 $10 $6 $15 $5 $15 Call $5 Call $16 $75 $10 $$$ $15+$5 g.f. $50 w/16 $10 Call $10 Call $5 $5 $10 $10 $100 every 16 $10 100% payback $10 Call $15 $100+ w/10 $10 $5 $10 $5 $12 $15 $$$ w/32 $5 $25 $5 $5 $10 $$$ w/8+ $15 Call $5 $10 Call $15 Call $15 $100+ w/10 $15 Call $10 Call Call $5 $10 $5 $10 $10 (incl. g.f.) $15 $$$ $12 $100 every 16 $10 $100 $10 Call $15 Call $5 $10 $5 $25 $10 $6 $15

TIME 7PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 8PM 8PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 7:30PM 7PM 6PM 6PM 7PM 9:30PM 8PM 7:30PM 7PM 7:30PM 7:30PM Call 8PM 7PM Call Call 7PM 7:30PM 8PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7PM 9:30PM 6PM 7PM 7PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 6:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 9 PM 8PM 8PM 7PM 8PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7PM 2AM 8PM 6:30PM 2PM 8PM 12PM 7PM 6:30PM Noon 1PM 7:30PM 3PM 4/5PM 7:30PM 8PM 7PM Call 2PM 8PM 8PM 1PM 9 PM 5:30PM 7PM 6PM 1:30PM 8PM 7PM 6PM 8PM 3PM 2AM 9:30PM Call

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice 32 Rackem Magazine - October 2013

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Summer Madness Good Sweepstakes 10 Reasons ^

GOPlayPool Announces winners of summer madness sweepstakes Aliso Viejo, CA – September 09, 2013: The Summer Madness Sweepstakes ended on August 31, 2013. Prize winners were randomly selected from the qualifying entries. Prize winners were notified by email and phone, and everyone was excited that they had won something in the Summer Madness Sweepstakes. The prizes were packaged and shipped to the winners on September 6. Mary Ann Starkey, owner of said, “We are excited that this sweepstakes has come to a close and we have shipped off the great prizes from our sponsors to the lucky winners. Everyone is so excited about winning one of the prizes and we’re thrilled that we had so many entries to the sweepstakes. It’s a great thing for the prize winners, because everybody loves to win something. It has been especially good for our sponsors, as they’ve gained a lot of exposure through this sweepstakes.” The GoPlayPool app was launched in September of 2012. The app features a directory of pool halls in the United States along with tournament listings, information about leagues and tours throughout the country as well as a music playlist, live stream listings and much more. The GoPlayPool app is free to download on both iOS and Android. If pool halls are interested in promoting their establishment, they can become a member of and create a detailed profile of their room, including all amenities they offer, not just pool. The rooms get the first 30 days of their membership for free, and after that it is $19.95 per month. The GoPlayPool app offers businesses within the industry a way of advertising to fans and players in the pool and billiards sport. They also promote leagues and tours at no charge. If you’re interested in promoting or advertising ideas, you can find out more information by visiting and clicking on the “Join Us” link.

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Advertising. ly To Cut Back On ke Li Is n io tit pe Your Com Become More essful Locations cc Su of s Ad nt The Freque e Pool Player. Visible to th during slow ns Advertising at Pool Locatio Th e ov Pr es di Stu traffic. se your location’s times Increa ayers. Will Lose Pool Pl Cut Advertising Locations That en Go Bust. Some Will Ev me use it builds na s over time beca rk wo g in tis er Adv S. AWARENES it the pool players because without . ons are the same Advertising works services and locati ts, uc od pr all ve belie ets your ayer quickly forg vertise a pool pl ad an your t th n’ r do tte u be yo e n ar Whe know why you t n’ do ey th d, location. An competition. cations st-performing lo own that the be sh g during s sin ha rti h ve rc ad ea Res e that continue os th e ar rm te in the long slowdown. an economic current ht now, but the ay seem tight rig m in new pool et g in dg br bu to ur Yo l opportunity ea id an be ay m slowdown your location. their friends to players and nt 406.285.3099 Call for a Discou

1. 2.









October 2013 - Rackem Magazine


Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

Click on the MAP link online to get directions to each location DATE Oct 5 Oct 5 Oct 9-13 Oct 10-13 Oct 10-13 Oct 10-13 Oct 11-13 Oct 11-13 Oct 12-13 Oct 12 Oct 12-13 Oct 12-13 Oct 12-13 Oct 15-20 Oct 15-20 Oct 19 Oct 19-20 Oct 19-20 Oct 26 Oct 26-27 Nov 2 Nov 2 Nov 2-3 Nov 8-10 Nov 9 Nov 16 Nov 16 Nov 16 Nov 27 Dec 7 Dec 7-8 Dec 28 Jan 18 Jan 25

CITY Lafayette, LA Des Moines, IA Gary, IN Gary, IN Gary, IN Gary, IN Gary, IN Gary, IN Gary, IN Midwest City, OK Quincy, IL Des Moines, IA Des Moines, IA Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Des Moines, IA Deadwood, SD Three Lakes, WI Alsip, IL Lafayette, LA Davenport, IA Des Moines, IA Arlington, TX Midwest City, OK Alsip, IL Des Moines, IA Centerville, WI Ohkosh, WI Poplar Bluff, MO Alsip, IL Cape Girardeau, MO Davenport, IA Alsip, IL Davenport, IA

LOCATION Fast Eddies Billiards Big Dog Billiards Majestic Star Casino Majestic Star Casino Majestic Star Casino Majestic Star Casino Majestic Star Casino Majestic Star Casino Majestic Star Casino Jamaica Joe’s Rack Daddy’s Big Dog Billiards Big Dog Billiards Western BCA Western BCA Big Dog Billiards VFW Club Oneida Village Inn Red Shoes Billiards White Diamond Sharky’s Big Dog Billiards Rusty’s Billiards Jamaica Joe’s Red Shoes Billiards Big Dog Billiards Jailhouse Saloon Varsity Club Westwood Billiards Red Shoes Billiards Billiard Center Sharky’s Red Shoes Billiards Sharky’s

PHONE 337-237-6577 515-266-6100 219-465-8101 219-465-8101 219-465-8101 219-465-8101 219-465-8101 219-465-8101 219-465-8101 405-736-0590 815-228-7498 515-266-6100 515-727-0015 360-703-4081 360-703-4081 515-266-6100 605-641-5111 800-374-7443 708-388-3700 337-989-9889 563-359-7225 515-266-6100 817-468-9191 405-736-0590 708-388-3700 515-266-6100 608-539-5245 920-651-0806 573-686-4880 708-388-3700 573-714-7268 563-359-7225 708-388-3700 563-359-7225

EVENT / RULES 10-Ball Open - Limit 64 Handicapped 8-Ball GMPA Early Bird 9-Ball GMPA Senior 8-Ball GMPA Singles 8-Ball (Men A-B) GMPA Singles 8-Ball (W) GMPA Sportsmens Singles GMPA 3 Person Team GMPA Sportsmens Teams 8-Ball Sc Dbls-Race to 5 Bar Table - Race to 9/9 Women’s Open 8-Ball Jack & Jill 10-Ball Open Men’s 10-Ball Open Women’s Short Rack 8-Ball-3 Div. 9-Ball Deadwood Shoot-out Women’s 3-Person Singles 9-Ball - Iron Man event Bar Table 9-Ball - limit 128 8-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball Sc Dbls 9-Ball on 8’ tables OK Bar Table 9-Ball One Pocket - Iron Man event Handicapped 9-Ball 8-Ball Singles Closed Div 9-Ball Pre-Thanksgiving - Ball Spot Bank Pool - Iron Man event 9-Ball Steve Gumphrey Mem. 9-Ball One Pocket - Iron Man event 10-Ball

ENTRY ADDED TIME LINK $25 $500 11AM $25+$10 g.f. $500 Guar 10AM MAP $50 incl. g.f. Call 3PM MAP $50 incl. g.f. $5,000 1PM $50 incl. g.f. 1 & 4PM $50 incl. g.f. 6 & 8PM FREE 2:00PM $150 incl. g.f. 7:00PM Call $500 2:30PM $50/team $500 Noon MAP $60 incl. fees $1,000 w/64 Noon $10 $5/player 9:45AM MAP $30 $200 Guar 5PM MAP $125+$25 g.f. $4,000 w/24 Call MAP $100+$25 g.f. $3,000 w/16 Call $20 $750 Guar 10AM MAP $40 $1,000 limit 128 5PM Fri MAP $75 Call Call MAP $50 incl. g.f. $500 w/full field Noon MAP $40 $1,000 w/full field 9AM MAP $35 $500 Call MAP $30 $250 Guar 1PM MAP $30 incl fees $2,000 10AM $50 $5,000 Guar 10PM Fri MAP $50 incl. g.f. $500 w/full field Noon MAP $40 $500 Guar 10AM MAP Call up to $500 9AM MAP $40 incl. g.f. Call Call MAP $20 $300 5PM MAP $50 incl. g.f. $500 w/full field Noon MAP $25 no g.f. $3,500 10AM MAP $35 $500 Call MAP $50 incl. g.f. $500 w/full field Noon MAP $35 $500 Call MAP

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34 Rackem Magazine - October 2013

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The Ronin stands alone. He holds his sword as the only means to find truth and make legend. A Samurai who answers to no man, he is now bound by his own code of honor. He will live and die as a free warrior, solitary in mind and spirit, depending on a single weapon to deliver justice, his

The Way of the Sword

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Rackem Pool Magazine October Issue 2013  

All the latest news and information from the central United States, results, tournament trail, instruction and more ....

Rackem Pool Magazine October Issue 2013  

All the latest news and information from the central United States, results, tournament trail, instruction and more ....