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DEC 3RD OPEN 8-BALL TOURNAMENT DECEMBER 3 OPEN 8-BALL Saturday Dec 3rd saw 43 players descend upon The Varsity Club in Oshkosh, WI for their open 8-Ball, $675 added, race to 5 tournament. The tournament was played on their (12) 7’ Diamond Pro-Cut tables. Many notable Midwest players such as Gene Albrecht, John Fields, Tom McCluskey were in the house hoping to take down the cash. The winners side saw Ron Dobesinski come through the top of the bracket. Many will remember Ron’s dominating performances in casino tournaments from 10 years ago. Ron is starting to get back into pool after taking a break. Coming from the bottom of the winner’s bracket to meet Ron was Madison’s Chris Bonde. Chris has been on tear in Wisconsin doing well in many of the Beloit tournaments and also having his pool team win both the Wisconsin BCA team division in 2010 and the WAMO team tournament in 2011. Ron was able to get by Chris 5-3 to take the winner’s side. OPEN 8-BALL 1. $1300 2. $1000 3. $750 4. $450 5/6. $230 7/8. $65 9/12. $30


On the loser’s side John Fields was making his way through the bracket. John has been one of the top players in Wisconsin for many years and is rededicating himself to playing over the last year. His efforts were rewarded as he got past Chris Bonde to 5-4 to have his shot against Ron. The first set of the finals was quick as John got past Ron 5-2. In the second set John was once again able to get past Ron 5-3 to win the tournament. DECEMBER 10 A/B TOURNAMENT Dec. 10th was the date for The Varsity Club’s final A/B tournament of the year. The format for these tournaments has been a huge success for The Varsity Club as attendance has continued to increase as 57 players were in attendance. For this tournament A rated players raced to 5 on the winner’s side and 4 on the loser’s side. B players raced to 4 on the

John Fields ($500 tournament / $800 calcutta) Ron Dobesinski ($400 / $600) Chris Bonde (300/ 450) Jeremy Fedkenhauer ($200 / $250) Chad Gosz, Dale Lorenz ($100 / $130) John Lewis, Gil Hernandez Tom McCluskey, Carlos McGill, Gene Albrecht, Mat Strong

Results A/B TOURNAMENT 1. $1400 Tyler Styer ($550 tourney & $850 calcutta) 2. $1075 Jason “New York” Blom ($425 / $650) 3. $775 Jim Dugan ($325 / 450) 4. $530 James Clemente ($200 / $330) 5/6. $270 Pao Xiong, Brian Miller ($120 / $150) 7/8. $165 Rodger Pregler, Sonny Galica ($65 / $90) 9/12. $50 Jeff Gilson, Robbie Schmidt Jay Beale, Jerry Solvang 13/16. $30 Maynard Hebert, Jake Schneider Tyler Meyer, Andy Kunz

winner’s side and 3 on the loser’s side. “A” rated, 16 year old Tyler Styer from Milwaukee cruised through the top of the winner’s side bracket. Tyler has won numerous junior titles and recently represented the USA in Poland for the WPA Junior tournament. Meeting Tyler in the finals on the winner’s side was Jim Dugan from Madison, WI. Jim, ranked a “B” was on fire all day as he mowed down top calcutta picks. In their match Tyler would get by Jim 5-2. On the loser’s side Jason “New York” Blom was making his way through. Jason was given a lot of incentive to do well as after this tournament he was going to be moved up and not be able to play these A/B tournaments anymore. Jason proved why he was being moved up as he cruised to a 5-2 win over Jim Dugan. In the first finals match it was all Jason Blom as he played great and beat Tyler 5-1. the second set would be elusive for Jason though. He got up early and had a chance to go up 3-0 but missed a tough 8-ball. This gave Tyler the chance he needed as he won that game and ran the next 2 to go up 3-2. The match ended up going hill-hill and Tyler broke and ran out to win the tournament. The Varsity Club would like to thank all the players for playing and continuing to support pool in Wisconsin!

January 2012 - Rackem Magazine 5

VILMONT DOMINATES The 2011-2012 Lucasi were relegated to 5th place at Hybrid Cues All American the hands of Jesse Bowman Tour conducted its [8] (E. Moline, IL) 4-8 and fifteenth stop at Sharky’s Josh Johnson 5-7 respectively. Billiards in Davenport, Johnson then eliminated IA, Saturday, December Bowman at 4th place by 17. The $500-added 8-ball a 7-4 margin. The B-side handicapped tourney on finals turned in favor of 7-foot Valley bar boxes Anthony Garcia, as he turned drew 26 players. Despite back Josh Johnson 6-5. The the handicapping, the tourney finals went to the “heavyweights” dominated hill, but undefeated Chad on this day. On the A-side Vilmont prevailed in the first Chad Vilmont (Clinton, IA) set to claim the title by a 6-5 [rated a “7” on a regional margin! handicap system used] and Anthony Garcia [6] (Cedar Anthony Garcia being Rapids, IA) won their semithe highest-finishing finals matches over Josh ACS member in the event Johnson [7] (Bettendorf, IA) qualified for a free 9-Ball 7-4 and Ronnie Martin [6] singles entry into the [L-R] JOHN JOHNSON (3RD) AND ANTHONY GARCIA (2ND) (E. Moline, IL) 6-5 respectively. 2012 Lucasi Hybrid ACS Vilmont then took the hot seat by dispatching Garcia 7-4. Nationals. The ACS wishes to thank sponsors Lucasi Hybrid Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric and Nick Varner Signature On the B-side Ronnie Martin and Rich Bideaux [6] (Moline, IL) Cases for their support. Sponsorship opportunities and tour stop openings are still available for the 2011/2012 All American Tour by contacting the ACS. Further information, entry details and schedules for the 2011/2012 Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour are available at www.


Final Results: 1st Chad Vilmont (Clinton, IA) $350 + $60 side pot 2nd Anthony Garcia (Cedar Rapids, IA) $250 + $30 side pot 3rd Josh Johnson (Bettendorf, IA) $200 + $20 side pot 4th Jesse Bowman (E. Moline, IL) $120 5-6th Ronnie Martin (E. Moline, IL) $60 Rich Bideaux (Moline, IL)

April 19-22, 2012


Four Bears Casino & Lodge New Town, North Dakota

6149 E 31st St Tulsa, OK

Entry Deadline : April 19th @ 5 pm Central Time Mens Division: $10,000 Added

$60 Entry • Race to 7 • Alternate Break First 128 Players Paid Starts April 20th at 6 pm Entry Deadline April 19th at 5pm


Mens Calcutta – Top 32 Cash Only – 100% Payback SEND ENTRyS TO: 4 Bears 8-Ball Classic Box 745 New Town, ND 58763

Womens Division: $3000 Added

$40 Entry • Race to 5 • Alternate Break First 64 Players Paid Starts April 20th Entry Deadline April 19th at 5pm

Women’s Calcutta – Top 8 Cash Only – 100% Payback FOR ROOMS OR MORE INFO: Call Ray @ 701-421-0604 Or Bill @ 701-421-1305 Or Go To

6 Rackem Magazine - January 2012


9-Ball Tournament

$3000 Added $50 Entry Fee Race to 9 Alternate Break Starts April 19th at 5pm

Hours: Sun 2-10 pm Mon-Thurs 12-2am Fri-Sat 12-1am


January 2012- Rackem Magazine 7

COLUMNIST San Francisco Billiard Academy

Two Stroke Shots

When you’re playing well, all your shots will be simple and if you’re playing really well all your position plays will also be easy. When things are not going well, you better have a wide repertoire of shots and moves to help get back on track. Here are two shots that every player should be ready to use in a pinch. Both shots are from a hypothetical game of nine ball.

Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy. The academy offers: Private Instruction Basics Clinic Eight Ball Clinic Nine Ball Clinic Introduction to Billiard Instruction BCA Recognized Instructor Course BCA Certified Instructor Course

In the first shot the challenge is to pocket the 1 and get position on the 2 ball. The 8 ball is blocking the standard three- or four-cushion path which is played with right draw off the cushion and then to the cushions at A and B. The alternative is shown: use left follow and get the cue ball to hook forward after hitting the side cushion. This is definitely the sort of shot you have to experiment with. If the shot is nearly full and the 1 ball is very close to the side pocket you should have no trouble getting the cue ball back to the cushion and you might even be able

to scratch in the side after hitting up on the cushion. 2

Once you have the right action to get back to the cushion, try making the shot harder by moving the object ball farther from the pocket. This will cause the cue ball to use up more of its follow on the way to the cushion so that there will be less follow after the bounce unless you crank up the power and spin.






Another major factor in getting the shot to work well is the angle of the shot into the cushion as shown by the angle of the cue stick. If it is not pointed at least partly up-table, the shot will be nearly impossible. The more it is pointed straight


Shot 2 Left center



Shot 1 Left follow B

towards the cushion, the easier it will be to get back to the cushion but you also need the follow to help move the cue ball towards the other end of the table. Remember that follow tends to move the cue ball in the same direction as the cue stick is pointed even after contact with a cushion. There are also some bank shots where this idea can be used. For example, if the 8 and 9 are the last balls left on the table (with the cue ball as in Shot 1), it is possible to bank the 8 cross-side and get the cue ball to follow the double-therail path. In Shot 2, the problem is to get from the 3 ball to the 4. You might be able to get the path shown to work without any spin on the cue

8 Rackem Magazine - January 2012



ball, but I think it’s a lot easier with left side spin. In the position shown follow and draw will not help much, so hit the cue ball on the equator. You need enough left spin that there is still a fair amount left on the second cushion. It will take a few tries to find the easiest angles to make the shot work. Feel free to adjust both the cue ball and the object ball slightly. And be sure to start the cue ball with plenty of left english. Once you have found the sweet spot for the shot, see if you can make it work from less favorable positions. These two shots are not the sort that you want to encounter in a game, but when you do be prepared to deal with them.

[L-R] Oscar Perales Jr. (2nd), Ron Pluym (1st) and James Miller (3rd)

Pluym Takes the Title Over Perales

The 2011-2012 Lucasi Hybrid Cues All American Tour – presented by the American CueSports Alliance (ACS) – held its thirteenth stop at Krug’z Pool Hall in Muscatine, IA, Saturday, December 3. The $300-added 8-ball handicapped tourney on 7-foot Valley bar boxes drew a full 32-player field. The tourney finals featured Ron Pluym (Dubuque, IA) [rated a “6” on a regional rating system used] and Oscar Perales Jr. [8] (Muscatine, IA). Throughout the A-side Pluym outpointed Tracy Hoerrmann, Steve W., Jim Tipps, Rusty Clester and Oscar Perales Jr. Previous to his loss to Pluym in the A-side finals, Perales vanquished Miranda Krueger, Steve Krueger, Tony Torres and James Miller. Oscar recovered in the B-side finals by eliminating James Miller. But the tourney finals went Ron Pluym’s way in the first set against Perales for the title! By virtue of Ron Pluym being the highest-finishing ACS member in the event, he qualified for a free 9-Ball singles entry into the 2012 Lucasi Hybrid ACS Nationals at the Tropicana Las Vegas – courtesy of the ACS. The ACS wishes to thank sponsors Lucasi Hybrid Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric and Nick Varner Signature Cases for their support in donating “Value-In-Kind” product for this and all stops on the Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour. Sponsorship opportunities and tour stop openings are still available for the 2011/2012 All American Tour by contacting the ACS.

Contact 812-454-6600


PLAYERS WANTED Southwest Indiana TAP Pool League

The Tour stays in Iowa for its fourteenth stop: a $500 added 9-Ball Handicapped Tourney at Legends Sports Bar in Clinton, IA on Saturday, December 10 (contact David Holmes at 563-243-4266). Further information, entry details and schedules for the 2011/2012 Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour are available at The ACS is a non-profit, national organization dedicated to heightening the interest and awareness of cue sports through the support and sanctioning of organized competition throughout the United States. 1st $300 + Free 9-Ball Singles entry to ACS Natls Ron Pluym (Dubuque, IA) 2nd $180 Oscar Perales Jr. (Muscatine, IA) 3rd $140 James Miller (Muscatine, IA) 4th $90 Rusty Clester (Muscatine, IA) 5-6th $50 Dennis Cushing (Dubuque, IA) John Gorsch (Cedar Rapids, IA) 7-8th $35 Jim Tipps (Wapello, IA) Jeff Nguyen (Wilton, IA) 9-12th $15 Nick Allendorf (Muscatine, IL) John Pokora (Springfield, IL) Dustin Krueger (Muscatine, IA) Tony Torres (Muscatine, IA)

Pool Tournaments Every Friday & Saturday 933 8th St (Hwy 3 & 50) Farmington, MN 651-463-2636

Sports Bar 8-Ball Singles Nov 12, 2011 $1,000 Added

Entry based on skill level-Sign-up 10am MPA Event - info at 8525 Cottonwood St NW Coon Rapids, MN 763-780-1585

*Tournaments *Cue stick tip and shaft repair *Cue sticks & supplies *Lessons *In house & traveling leagues ISPA, ACS, VNEA

218 Walnut St - Muscatine, IA


January 2012 - Rackem Magazine 9


Lone Star Championships 2011

Mike Calderaro, Nick Calderaro, Joey Torres

Sylver Ochoa, Courtney Peters

Kenneth Price

On December 10th-11, 2011, the 3rd Annual Lone Star Tour Championships was held at Bogies Billiards in Houston, Texas. The 5 division 9-ball event was $2,000 added and live streamed for all the fans unable to attend. The Amateur and Open divisions saw 77 entries with the One Pocket, Ladies, and Junior divisions totaling 28 entries. Super talent included James Baraks, Sylver Ochoa, Andy Jethwa, current U.S Amateur Champion Ernesto Bayaua, and Tommy Tokoph of Albuquerque, N.M. The “B” side boasted Kenneth Price, Val Charles, Steve Lindgren, Wendell Moser, Jason Smiser, Jason Pearce, and Brian Rosenbaum, all of whom will be competing with 43 other players in the first Poison by Predator 9-ball Tour event on Saturday, January 7, 2012 at Bogies Billiards.

own with wins over Bobby Perez 7-6, Charlie Mora 7-6, and Mitchell Lang 7-6. It was Price v. Felder for the hot seat match with Price moving forward, 7-4. This loss earned Felder another round with Mora, but this time, Mora took it down 5-2. Grady Cooper and Brian Rosenbaum made incredible bids after losing in the first round. Cooper fell to Bill Fuller after 4 consecutive wins while Rosenbaum secured 5 straight wins before falling to Tim Heath, 5-4. When the smoke cleared on the one-loss side, it was Mora who eliminated Heath 5-4 and earned himself a rematch with Felder. This time Mora took down Felder 5-2, but was brought down by Price in the final, 7-5. Kenneth Price has competed in many Texas’ tournaments, but never executed a “win” until now.

Saturday’s Open action saw upsets including junior phenom Joey Torres over Lanny Herrin and twice over Ernesto Bayaua. Tommy Tokoph fell to Bayaua in the second round 9-6, but came back with 5 straight wins over Bill Fuller, Sonny Bosshamer, Kenneth Price, Sylver Ochoa, and Herrin, until he met a vengeful Bayaua. The hot seat match featured Torres and the indomitable James Baraks who had earlier eliminated Tim Heath, Sylver Ochoa, and Bernard Walker during his trek. Torres lost the set when he missed a crucial 9-ball at 8-7. After Torres passed Bayaua 7-6, Baraks made quick work of Torres in the final, settling the question 9-4. This is Baraks second consecutive Open division title win.

Sylver Ochoa and Courtney Peters were crowned “2011 Lone Star Tour Champions”, accumulating the most points for their ranking divisions. Peters also captured a final victory in the Ladies division while Ochoa captured the final One Pocket event, both undefeated. For their year-long efforts they each received plaques, Delta-13 Elite Racks, and Poison VX Jump Cues.

Brand new to the winners’ circle and the talk of the tournament was Kenneth Price. He conquered the Amateur field undefeated with wins over Allen Baker 7-4, Tim Heath 7-3, and Ty Few 7-1. Will Felder was on roll of his 10 Rackem Magazine - January 2012

In the Junior division, Nick Calderaro captured his second Lone Star Tour Junior event, this time from the one-loss side. He bested the undefeated Joey Torres, 7-5 then 5-1, to win the final Junior event of 2011. The Tour would like to thank its longtime sponsors: Poison by Predator Cues, Predator Cues, Delta-13 Rack,, APA of North Harris County, and the newest additions, Gulf Coast Billiards and Www. Many thanks to Damien Nelson,

Joey Torres, James Baraks

Nelson & Company, and James Painter for producing an impeccable HD live stream, and Mark Fusina and John Newsome of the “Run Out Review” for keeping the fans at home informed and entertained. A special “thank you” goes out to long-time friend and author, Carl Miller, for updating all of the point standings and equally to Derrell Montgomery, certified BCA referee and referee of the Lone Star and Poison Tours. The owners of Bogies David and Shannon Richardson and their incredible staff hosted a first rate event. In 2012 they will play exclusive host to the Poison by Predator 9-Ball Tour, first event is Saturday, January 7th, 2012. This will be a true spectator event, hosting 50 invited, pre-paid players, competing in a $1,000 added, one day, live streamed event. Spectators will be able to enjoy all the excitement of a two day event, packed into one day. The player auction will begin promptly at 12pm and match times will be posted. The first Lone Star Tour event of 2012 will be held at Future Cues, February 4th-5th. Visit for more information on this fabulous, 10,000 square foot room nestled in the heart of Temple, Texas. The Tour will also be coming to Hawley’s Billiards in Dallas, Texas in October, and re-visiting Big Tyme Billiards in Spring, and Skinny Bob’s Billiards in Round Rock. The Tour extends its deepest appreciation to all the players, fans, rooms, sponsors, and press who help make these events possible. We hope you and your families have a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. (LSBT results on page 22)


OTHER NOTABLE AWARDS: • Unites States representative to the World PoolBilliard Association (WPA) World Junior 9-Ball Championships 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 • JPNEWT Regional Tour points leader in 2009, 2010 and 2011 • 2011 New York State 9-Ball championships, 2nd place • 2011 WPBA Regional Tour Championships 4th place • 2010 Maryland State 9-Ball and 10-Ball Championships, 2nd place • 2009 New York State 9-Ball championships, 3rd place • 2009 Qualified to compete in the WPBA U.S. Open at age 13

HOME TOWN: Allentown, PA BIRTH DATE: 09/18/1995 SCHOOL YOU CURRENTLY ATTEND: Allentown Central Catholic High School GRADE: 11 FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: Math AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START PLAYING POOL? Age 8 TITLES: • 2011 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Champion, 18 & Under Girls’ Division • 2010 WPA World Junior 9-Ball Championships, Runner-up, Girls’ Division • BEF Junior National 9-Ball Champion 2007,2008, 2009 and 2010, 14 & Under Girls’ Division • 2010 Women’s Valley Forge Super Billiards Expo 9-Ball Champion • 2009 Women’s Valley Forge 8-Ball Bar Box Champion



WHAT KIND OF CUE(S) DO YOU USE? Jacoby (playing cue), Predator (Break cue) LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED: right-handed SPONSORS: Jacoby Custom Cues FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: I like a lot of different music HOBBIES: pool, shopping, hanging out with friends MEMORABLE POOL MOMENT: winning my first junior nationals at age 11 FAVORITE FOOD: pizza REAL-WORLD HERO: my grandfather because he taught me how to play pool FONDEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: going fishing with my grandfather when I was little. GOALS- PERSONAL AND/OR CAREER: I would like to attend college, but I am not quite sure what I would like to major in yet. I would also like to continue to play pool on a competitive level.

January 2012 - Rackem Magazine 11




In my book Point the Way I talk about how the shot minus the interference equals the stroke. What is the interference? When you lean over the, table focused on a shot that could win or lose the game you must be free to deliver the stroke. Without a good stroke you miss and lose. Tim Miller

This is not a feel good program. This is the real deal. You will be working with the monk for over four months. You will be working step by step to build the skills at nine ball that your opponent does not have. You will master the important moves this game calls for. You will become a master nine ball player and play better nine ball than you have every played this game before. May all the rolls go your way, The Monk

Your concentration must be clear. Concentration is the narrowing of your focus on the object of your desire. You narrow your focus on something you are deeply interested in. If your attention is divided your keen interest is challenged. In my program THE ROAD PLAYERS NINE BALL TRAINING I work with you in the art of concentration. I show you how to connect to the shot. This connection is a vital part of your interest. Interest equals concentration, concentration equals success. We are not interested in avoiding a loss or winning a game. We are interested in the cue ball making contact with the object ball. You must see the shot. Your interest must be on the shot and nothing else. The connection part of this process involves the letting go of all interference. You are one with what you want to accomplish. Connect to the shot. See the shot, feel the shot, sense the shot and become one with the shot. You must know the stroke you are going to use, and be able to anticipate how it will sound when you deliver the cue tip through the cue ball. Your opponent will talk to you during the connection stage because he knows that this is the time to break your concentration thus to cause interference with your stroke. Do not respond to your opponent. Ignore him/her. Stay in your own world. Interference comes in many forms. One popular form is “fear of failure”. This fear interferes with our ability to deliver the pure stroke each shot requires. I have missed a shot because I knew my next shot was going to be tough. Or I missed because I did not know how a clump would break apart. Now I “make the shot”. 2. Fear of success. How many times have we become nervous as we finish our run out for the victory? This nervousness is interference.

CALL THE MONK TODAY 1-603-566-6229

3. Fear of the shot. Your perceptions form your mind set. When you face a shot you have missed before, this past experience comes back to you at the exact moment you try to connect to the shot. That mind set is interference. When I designed the ROAD PLAYERS NINE BALL TRAINING I paid a lot of attention to the identification of the shot at hand. When you


WOULD YOU PAY $300.00 TO BECOME A TOP PLAYER IN YOUR TOWN? More detailed information available online 12 Rackem Magazine - January 2012


face an important shot you must see it as it is. The series of shots I take you through are set up so you can deliver one hundred per cent of your stroke. This gives you a much better chance for success. 4. Inability to compete. Sometimes it is just plain hard to compete. After a tough missed shot you feel down and defeated. The score should have been two to two but instead as a result of your mistake it is three to one. You have lost your competitive spirit. I get that way during a long tough match. We must learn to build those competitive skills so we are at one hundred per cent all the time. We do this through training. Specific and deliberate practice helps us to narrow our focus on the shot at hand. When we can break it down to connection to the shot we are then able to deliver the pure stroke. That is why training is so important. When we are not performing well others will say we are out of rhythm. This is caused by interference, not so much with the shot at hand but with the match. We may be over our head, or close to winning a tournament or far behind in a match. The interference is constant. STEPS TO TAKE TO AVOID INTERFERENCE. In the ROAD PLAYERS TRAINING PROGRAM I work specifically on a series of shots that come up in the game of nine ball. Not many players recognize this when it happens so we want to master the ability to focus on what the shots require. All the shots in the series are designed to build your skills at nine ball. This is why the training program carries a money back guarantee. I am the only teacher in this game who guarantees you will improve or your money back! We also need to build our competitive skills. In all matches we connect to composure. This enables us to be in the proper rhythm for each shot. Concentration, composure is linked to courage. Courage exists when we have the ability to connect to each shot with total purpose. In a serious training program all the components need to be present. 2012 is the year for you to put it all together. Make it your time to shine. You will be faced with all the same old challenges you faced in the past but this time you approach them in a different light. If I am to bring your game to a higher level I must bring you to a higher level. You need shot recognition, pattern recognition and game discipline in order to become a first class nine ball player. Go to my web site, and click on ROAD PLAYER NINE BALL TRAINING. You may also call me 1-603-566-6229. I am here to help.


Left to right: Tara Williams, Sergio Lopez – Casper’s General Manager, Lisa Marr, Roy & Kathy Robinson – Casper’s Owners The final stop of the OB Cues Ladies Tour for 2011 was more exciting than ever based on three important factors. For the 1st time in the tour’s history, the last event of the year was $3,000 added monies, $1K more than the normal added dollars. Secondly, the OB Cues Tour Champion spot was up for grabs as several contenders were vying to unseat 3-time Tour Champion Lisa Marr. And finally a new award of Best Sportsman would be voted by the

Julie Stephenson

players out of four nominated players. As this last stop was $3000 added monies, a special player’s eligibility requirement was needed to play in this event at one of our favorite host site, Casper’s in San Leon, Texas. Players had to play in at least 3 events throughout this tour year and 28 ladies ventured down south Texas way to participate in all the year end festivities. First and foremost, we would like to thank Don Owen and Royce Bunnell, as our main tour sponsors. Year after year they have provided customer service, pool products and unwavering support and friendship for both tour players and host site partners. Thank you for all that you do and believing in us and keeping our dreams

alive. Be sure to check out our sponsor at www. and Also special thanks to Kathy and Roy Robinson, who are frequent hosts on the ladies tour. They have one of the most fabulous and unique pool and restaurant establishments on our tour calendar and we greatly appreciate your down home hospitality displayed by your staff, customers and fans everywhere. Casper’s is a must see pool establishment. If you are ever down south Texas, be sure to look them up. Four players were chosen by the board for the 2011 Sportsmanship Award. Becky Jones from Arkansas, Kathy Knuth from Dallas, Shirley Fields from Arkansas, and Tracie Voelkering from Fort Worth were nominated by players over the course of 2011 and picked by the board members for their exemplary behavior both on and off the table. It was a close race between the nominees as players submitted their votes and it came down to a tie between Shirley and Tracie. The players were asked to re-vote for only these 2 players and it was one vote away from a tie again, with Tracie edging out Shirley for the award. Congratulations Tracie! Your display of sportsmanship both on and off the table makes you very deserving of this award. The 2011 Most Improved player was voted on by the board based on player performance and ranking for 2011 against prior years. One player really stood out from the pack in the increase in rankings for the past two years, but based on her position on the board, she asked to be removed from contention. After review of her movement from 20th in 2009, to 9th in 2010, and to 6th for the season in 2011, it was no contest to the remaining board members who should take this award. With her left out of the vote, the board selected Julie Stephenson as the most improved player. She credits her participation in Pool 300

league to her overall improvement at the sport. For the 2011 Tour Champion, it was a tight race with four potential players that had the ability to seize the title. Orietta Strickland was the tour point’s leader going into this last stop with Lisa Marr 110 points behind. Based on the outcome of the tournament, Tara Williams and Ming Ng could also be contenders or spoilers for the tour champion spot. But with all the pressure on Orietta to maintain her position as point’s leader, she would also need help from others to keep Lisa at bay. Unfortunately by the end of tournament play on Saturday, 8 players would return for the Main Event and Orietta was not one of them. Winner side matches would include Lisa Marr vs. Ming Ng and Tara Williams vs. Ricki Lee Casper. One loss side matches would include Belinda Lee vs. Jennifer Kraber and Amanda Lampert vs. Yvette Reyes. Finishing 7th/8th was Yvette Reyes and Belinda Lee; 5th/6th was Jennifer Kraber and Ming Ng. 4th place would go to Ricki Lee Casper, her highest tour finish ever; always a contender and strong player who we are sure she will continue with her winning Tracie Voelkering ways. 3rd place was (OB Cues continues on page 25)

January 2012 - Rackem Magazine 13



MIKE DECHAINE (RHODE ISLAND) “This is definitely one of the best moments of my life. I’m having a great time and everyone has a positive attitude, even though we were 4-1 down after the first day,”


JOHNNY ARCHER (GEORGIA) “We lost a couple of matches we should’ve won and they blitzed us in a few matches. “We all gave it our best and will do it again next time. Hats off to their team, they hung in there when things didn’t look good.”



January 2012 - Rackem Magazine 14

Europe 4 – 1 USA

AFTER the first day’s play at the 2011 Mosconi Cup, Team Europe holds a commanding 4-1 lead as they cashed in on some tentative play from the Americans at the MGM Grand. Aside from Archer and Putnam’s solid show in the first doubles match of the tournament, none of the Americans were firing on all cylinders and captain Charlie Williams will have a job to do for tomorrow. Europe by contrast looked like thoroughbreds with big names like Souquet and Feijen looking the part and rookie Chris Melling pulling off a stunning win in the last game of the day. Watched by his father, who was celebrating his 60th birthday, the 32 year-old Melling looked superb as he came from 3-0 down to steal the final match of the day from Shane Van Boening with a hill-hill win. It was a bitter pill for the Americans to swallow as the difference between 3-2 and 4-1 is immense, and they will need to dig deep tomorrow if they are to reverse their fortunes. Earlier, the Europeans drew first blood as they took the opening team match which featured all ten players. The format differed from previous years, in that each rack was contested by just two players rather than the alternate shot method involving all five. It was Chris Melling who took the deciding rack against Mike Dechaine for the point but the Americans looked a little nervous throughout. 2010 MVP Darren Appleton was delighted with the win; “I’m really happy with the start. The format had changed a bit and it adds more pressure. You’re a bit cold and have no help from your friends. I played the first rack and was shaking really badly. “Chris didn’t get a shot in the first game but he managed to win the rack that won us the point and I think he will go on and play very well. “We don’t have to gel as we just come together and are a lot more relaxed than ever before. We’re playing really good, feel calm in ourselves and pretty sure we’re going to win.” The American pair of Johnny Archer and Shawn Putnam – close CHARLIE WILLIAMS (USA, CAPTAIN): “It wasn’t our week. Things didn’t go to plan. We ate together and the chemistry on the team, even though we were losing every day, didn’t break our spirits. We still believed we could win today. “No disrespect to them but we feel you got the rolls sometimes. To win a tournament you need rolls to go your way. But they played good and Chris Melling was awesome.”


January 2012 - Rackem Magazine 15




friends off the table – dug their heels in to overturn a 3-1 deficit and beat the Euro duo of Chris Melling and Nick Van den Berg. It was a big point for the Americans as Archer and Putnam grew in confidence as the match went on and they came with the critical shots in the closing stages. The communication between the pair was excellent as they kicked on for victory. “Representing your country is the most pressure you will feel,” said Putnam. “Everyone is used to playing for yourselves but when you play for your country the nerves are about ten times more and your friends on the team are looking for you to come through. Archer added “It’s early but any match can turn anything around. We were 3-1 down and the momentum was in their favour but a bad break gave us a bit of a lifeline and we started creeping back.” Rodney Morris, for so long a stalwart of the US Mosconi Cup side, looked a forlorn figure as he slumped to a 6-0 defeat at the hands of Niels Feijen. The Dutchman looked clinical throughout as he capitalised on Morris’s lacklustre display. “That match was great,” said a delighted Feijen. “In the first team match it was the most nerve-racking match I’ve played in so it was nice to settle down in the singles match. “I played really well and it was a lot of fun. It’s a big confidence boost, especially against someone like Rodney Morris who has a super record in the Mosconi Cup.” The USA suffered a huge kick in the teeth in the fourth match of the day as Mike Dechaine and Shane Van Boening relinquished a 4-0 lead to lose 6-4 to Darren Appleton and Ralf Souquet. The critical moment came in the seventh rack when Dechaine needed a tricky 9 ball cueing off the rail to take the US to the hill at 5-2, but his head came up far too early and the chance went begging. What should have been 5-2 became 4-3 and Appleton and Souquet had shifted the momentum in their favour. From there, they never looked back as they took Europe into a 3-1 lead and it was left to Melling to complete the route. (Mosconi Cup continued on page 16)

Europe 6-4 USA Melling / Van den Berg 3-6 Archer / Putnam Niels Feijen 6-0 Rodney Morris Appleton / Souquet 6-4 Van Boening / Dechaine Chris Melling 6-5 Shane Van Boening



2011 Mosconi Cup




ggg 2011 Mosconi Cup



TEAM USA recovered from a first day hammering at the PartyPoker. net Mosconi Cup as they put themselves right back into contention, winning three matches to Europe’s two at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Stellar performances from the Americans saw them level the match at 4-4, before the Europeans derailed their momentum to take the final two games and move into the fourth day with a two point lead. There was plenty of Mosconi Cup drama as debutant Mike Dechaine overcame Ralf Souquet 6-1 and Rodney Morris had an outburst that he will be happy to forget in a hurry. However, coming into the day three points down, Team USA will be happy to have reduced the deficit. The opening match of day two was a must-win situation for the Americans and win it they did as Johnny Archer and Shane Van Boening edged past the Dutch duo of Feijen and Van den Berg. With the racking changed from the opening day – a regular rack was used instead of the Magic Rack - the balls were spreading nicely and both pairs took advantage with succession of break and runs. With the USA having won the lag, they reached the hill first and had a great chance to win 6-4 but Van Boening left Archer in the lurch with just the 8 and 9 balls left on the table and the Dutchmen eventually took the rack to make it hill hill. Archer dropped four balls into the pockets from his break shot and himself and Van Boening went on to claim a nerve calming win. “We’re not doing anything different. Our execution yesterday meant we over ran a few shots and we’ve just tightened it up. We had chances to win matches yesterday,” said Archer. There was more USA joy in the second match as Mike Dechaine – a heavy underdog – put in a perfect performance to overturn Ralf Souquet by 6-1 and reduce the European lead to just one point. The 24 year-old Dechaine looked a bundle of nerves and adrenaline prior to the match but he made it all work in his favour as he ran through his racks with precision and cashed in on a couple of errors from Souquet. “This is definitely one of the best moments of my life. I’m having a


Van den Berg / Feijen 5-6 Archer / Van Boening Ralf Souquet 1-6 Mike Dechaine Appleton / Melling 5-6 Putnam / Morris




great time and everyone has a positive attitude, even though we were 4-1 down after the first day,” said a delighted Dechaine. “We had a couple of unfortunate events yesterday but today we’ve put up a good line-up and it’s going to be a great day.” There was plenty of drama and controversy in the next match as Team USA drew level, winning their third consecutive match of the day as Rodney Morris and Shawn Putnam beat the English pair of Melling and Appleton. 6-5 was the score line as the US stole it at the last when Appleton left Melling a tough pink 4 ball and he overcut it to give the table and subsequently the match to the Americans. The real drama came at the start of the sixth rack when Morris’s temper boiled over and he used some regrettable language. Some of the rowdier elements got to him and he told Darren Appleton, in no uncertain terms, to tell them to be quiet. It then escalated as Morris then audibly offered the Englishman to step outside. Things calmed down as the Americans went on to take the match and afterwards Morris was highly embarrassed by his outburst as well as apologetic. In the fourth match of the day, Nick Van den Berg put in a superb performance to beat Johnny Archer 6-1 and restore European supremacy. Similarly to Mike Dechaine’s defeat of Ralf Souquet, it was the underdog who came with all the shots, taking full advantage of a tired-looking Archer. “Today’s been awful - we wanted to go and win the session but we were 3-0 down. When it’s like that you’re just trying to give your best and I didn’t make a mistake. “Johnny Archer was probably the best American player so far but he didn’t get a chance so I’m very happy with the way I played. We tried to keep our heads up.” In the final match of the session, Chris Melling and Ralf Souquet reinforced European supremacy as the played excellently to defeat the Shane Van Boening / Rodney Morris axis 6-2. That left the Europeans with a two point lead going into day three of the event but the Americans still have every chance. (Mosconi Cup continued on page 18)

Nick Van den Berg 6-1 Johnny Archer Souquet / Melling 6-2 Van Boening / Morris



January 2012 - Rackem Magazine 16

NIELS FEIJEN (HOLLAND) “This (being the Most Valuable Player) is something I’ve been dreaming about this for seven years, every year I’ve played in it.”

NICK VAN DEN BERG (HOLLAND): “Johnny Archer was probably the best American player so far but he didn’t get a chance so I’m very happy with the way I played. We tried to keep our heads up.”

CHRIS MELLING (EUROPE): “It was unbelievable. There’s a lot of pressure and people back home don’t realise how much pressure you’re under as you have the whole continent and your friends to play for.”

DARREN APPLETON: (ENGLAND) “But we played well at the end and had a lot of fire inside us - Niels is a fantastic player to play with.”

January 2012 - Rackem Magazine 17

RALF SOUQUET (GERMANY): “It’s not over until the fat lady sings and we want to win the next two and finish it off. We have quite a comfortable lead but it’s still a long road.” January/ 2012 - The Break PHOTOS COURTESY OF: JP PARMENTIER MATCHROOM SPORT21


TEAM EUROPE is now one match away from retaining the Mosconi Cup after a one-sided blitz on the American team in front of a standing room only crowd at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. After getting the better of things yesterday, the Americans entered the day with high hopes but were battered from start to finish with only Shane Van Boening contributing some red to the score board. Needing a great start to the day, the USA lost an exciting opener as Appleton and Feijen got the better of Dechaine and Putnam by 6-3. That restored the Europeans three point lead that they held at the start of day one, but the final rack of the match was one of the best safety battles in Mosconi history as all four players took turns to leave the cue ball tucked up. It was Feijen who broke the deadlock as he made a table length bank on the blue 2 and from there the Europeans ran out to take the match. “Yesterday we lost the first doubles match 6-5 but Niels and Nick had played well. You need a bit of luck at the right time and we had a couple of rolls there,” said Appleton. “But we played well at the end and had a lot of fire inside us - Niels is a fantastic player to play with,” he added. There was more misery for Putnam in the next as he was easily beaten by a firedup Darren Appleton as Europe moved into an 8-4 lead. The tone was set in the opening rack as Putnam looked to be heading for a run out but missed a howler of a 9 ball to hand the rack to Europe. The big man never really recovered from that and further errors sealed his fate. The third match featured Johnny Archer and Rodney Morris against Niels Feijen and Ralf Souquet and for the American side it was desperate stuff. 8-4 soon became 9-4 as the lacklustre American pair failed to make any sort of dent in the confident Europeans’ armour.


“When we had a training camp we played with each other and figured out what teams were working out and Johan then picked the pairings,” said Souquet. “It’s not over until the fat lady sings and we want to win the next two and finish it off. We have quite a comfortable lead but it’s still a long road.” Feijen added “When everyone is scoring points in front of you it takes the pressure off. We’ve clicked really well and have a great team spirit and a great team.” It was Shane Van Boening who finally stopped the rot and ensured a final day of play as he endured a torrid match against Nick Van den Berg that went all the way to a decider. Van Boening had led 5-2 at one stage but the plucky Dutchman fought back to level it at 5-5 and breaking in the final rack he found himself favourite. A dry break got the American back to the table and he played a superb slow roll on the 1 ball to set up a difficult run out which Van Boening completed to keep his side in the competition. Finally it was left to Chris Melling to turn the screw and put his side on the hill as he beat Mike Dechaine 6-2 in a clash of the rookies. Melling looked as confident as ever and his win leaves him in the running for MVP honours. “It was unbelievable. There’s a lot of pressure and people back home don’t realise how much pressure you’re under as you have the whole continent and your friends to play for.”

Appleton / Feijen 6-3 Putnam / Dechaine Darren Appleton 6-2 Shawn Putnam Feijen / Souquet 6-2 Archer / Morris Nick Van den Berg 5-6 Shane Van Boening Chris Melling 6-2 Mike Dechaine


EUROPE has successfully defended the Mosconi Cup following a convincing 11-7 victory over the USA at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It was Holland’s Niels Feijen, in his seventh Mosconi Cup, who downed the winning 9 ball which sparked mayhem as his team mates flooded the arena. It also delivered Feijen the Most Valuable Player award, achieved for two singles and two doubles wins: “It got a bit shaky but they went in,” he said of his 6-3 victory over Rodney Morris to seal the Mosconi Cup. “I just want to thank the crowd, the British and Europeans and you need them to make it. There were some immense moments and thanks to the coach for doing a super job. He gave us speeches every morning and kept us sharp.” The Americans, who had trailed 10-5 at the start of the day, won the opening two games to leave the Europeans looking a little edgy. “Even this morning, there was pressure on us and we knew they would come out strongly. There was some heat to get over the finish line but these guys are just so good,” continued Feijen. “Being the Most Valuable Player is something I’ve been dreaming about this for seven years, every year I’ve played in it.” Johnny Archer, playing in his 15th Mosconi Cup was stoical in defeat; “We lost a couple of matches we should’ve won and they blitzed us in a few matches. We all gave it our best and will do it again next time. Hats off to their team, they hung in there when things didn’t look good.” The opening match of the day saw Shane Van Boening put in an excellent performance to keep US hopes alive as he comfortably beat Nick Van den Berg 6-2. The South Dakota Kid kept his team in the competition on Saturday night when he beat the same opponent in a close match but this time he pulled away from 2-2 to take the victory.

18 Rackem Magazine - January 2012

Still fighting, a dogged display from veteran Johnny Archer kept USA fires alight as he put paid to Darren Appleton’s hopes of a repeat MVP trophy. It was left to Niels Feijen to bring home the bacon for Team Europe as he faced off against Rodney Morris. The Hawaiian had not been at his best this week but had showed flashes of his best form at times. A poor safety from Morris gave Feijen an opportunity in the opener but he scratched, drawing the ball down table and into the centre pocket and Morris, with ball in hand, ran out. Feijen took the next with a tidy run out and went into a 2-1 lead when Morris scratched on the break and handed him an open table. Another excellent run out, this time from Morris, levelled the scores at 2-2, before Feijen took the lead, thumping a tricky 9 ball into to the top corner pocket. He increased that lead as he was given ball in hand after a Morris foul and Europe were two racks away from glory. That became one rack as Feijen took the next before a dry break from the Dutchman gave Morris a chance in what was a high quality match, and the Hawaiian ran through the table to reduce arrears to 5-3. Morris broke in the next and with the table open, he missed a horrible pot on the 2 ball. Feijen though, with nerves creeping in, missed it himself. Finally a shocking safety from Morris on the 5 ball was to prove to be the Americans last contribution to the event as Feijen ran out for a glorious victory.

Nick Van den Berg 2-6 Shane Van Boening Darren Appleton 3-6 Johnny Archer Niels Feijen 6-3 Rodney Morris



Europe: Darren Appleton (England) (MVP), Ralf Souquet (Germany), Nick Van den Berg (Holland), Mika Immonen (Finland), Karl Boyes (England) USA: Johnny Archer, Shane Van Boening, Rodney Morris, Dennis Hatch, Corey Deuel

USA: Johnny Archer, Shane Van Boening, Corey Deuel, Oscar Dominguez, Dennis Hatch. Europe: Ralf Souquet (Germany), Mika Immonen (Finland), Niels Feijen (Holland), Darren Appleton (England), Thorsten Hohmann (Germany)

Europe: Ralf Souquet (Germany), Niels Feijen (Holland), Mika Immonen (Finland), Mark Gray (England), Tony Drago (Malta) USA: Johnny Archer, Rodney Morris, Earl Strickland, Jeremy Jones, Shane Van Boening

Europe: Ralf Souquet (Germany), Niels Feijen (Holland), Konstantin Stepanov (Russia), Daryl Peach (England), Tony Drago (Malta) USA: Johnny Archer, Rodney Morris, Earl Strickland, Corey Deuel, Shane Van Boening

Europe: Nick van den Berg (Holland), Mika Immonen (Finland), Ralf Souquet (Germany), Niels Feijen (Holland), Imran Majid (England), David Alcaide (Spain) USA: Johnny Archer, Corey Deuel, Rodney Morris, Earl Strickland, John Schmidt, Mike Davis

Europe: Alex Lely (Holland), Mika Immonen (Finland), Niels Feijen (Holland), Marcus Chamat (Sweden), Raj Hundal (UK), Thorsten Hohmann (Germany) USA: Johnny Archer, Shawn Putnam, Rodney Morris, Earl Strickland, Charlie Williams, Jeremy Jones

Europe: Oliver Ortmann (Germany), Mika Immonen (Finland), Niels Feijen (Holland), Marcus Chamat (Sweden), Steve Davis (UK), Thomas Engert (Germany) USA: Johnny Archer, Gabe Owen, Rodney Morris, Earl Strickland, Charlie Williams, Tony Robles







Europe: Oliver Ortmann (Germany) non-playing captain, Mika Immonen (Finland), Ralf Souquet (Germany), Nick van den Berg (Holland), Marcus Chamat (Sweden), Steve Davis (UK), Thorsten Hohmann (Germany) USA: Nick Varner non-playing captain, Johnny Archer, Jeremy Jones, Rodney Morris, Earl Strickland, Charlie Williams, Tony Robles


Europe: Oliver Ortmann (Germany), Mika Immonen (Finland), Ralf Souquet (Germany), Nick van den Berg (Holland), Marcus Chamat (Sweden), Steve Davis (UK) USA: Johnny Archer, Nick Varner, Jeremy Jones, Corey Deuel, Earl Strickland, Charlie Williams

Europe: Steve Knight (UK), Mika Immonen (Finland), Ralf Souquet (Germany), Niels Feijen (Holland), Marcus Chamat (Sweden), Steve Davis (UK) USA: Johnny Archer, Nick Varner, Jeremy Jones, Corey Deuel, Earl Strickland, Charlie Williams

Europe: Steve Knight (UK), Mika Immonen (Finland), Ralf Souquet (Germany), Thomas Engert (Germany), Marcus Chamat (Sweden), Steve Davis (UK) USA: Johnny Archer, Shannon Daulton, Jeremy Jones, Corey Deuel, Earl Strickland, Michael Coltrain

Europe: Steve Knight (UK), Mika Immonen (Finland), Ralf Souquet (Germany), Alex Lely (Holland), Oliver Ortmann (Germany), Steve Davis (UK) USA: Johnny Archer, Kim Davenport, Jeremy Jones, Jim Rempe, Earl Strickland, Michael Coltrain

Europe: Ralf Souquet (Germany), Steve Knight (UK), Mika Immonen (Finland), Oliver Ortmann (Germany), Steve Davis (UK), Fabio Petroni (Italy) USA: Kim Davenport, Johnny Archer, Earl Strickland, Reed Pierce, Nick Varner, Jim Rempe

Europe: Steve Davis (UK), Ralf Souquet (Germany), Oliver Ortmann (Germany), Mika Immonen (Finland), Ronnie O’Sullivan (UK), Tommy Donlon (UK) USA: Earl Strickland, Kim Davenport, Johnny Archer, Jim Rempe, Nick Varner, Reed Pierce



Europe: Steve Davis (UK), Vincent Facquet (France), Ralf Souquet (Germany), Oliver Ortmann, (Germany), Mika Immonen (Finland), Ronnie O’Sullivan (UK), Andy Richardson (UK) USA: Earl Strickland, Mike Massey, CJ Wiley, Roger Griffis, Shannon Daulton, Allen Hopkins, Danny Harriman


Europe: Daryl Peach (UK), Steve Davis (UK), Alex Higgins (UK), Lee Kendall (UK), Oliver Ortmann (Germany), Tom Storm (Sweden), Jimmy White (UK) USA: Lou Butera, Mike Massey, Robert Hunter, Dallas West, Mark Wilson, Mike Gulyassy, John DiToro


Europe: Ralf Souquet (Germany), Steve Davis (UK), Lee Tucker (UK), Oliver Ortmann (Germany), Tom Storm (Sweden), Jimmy White (UK), Franziska Stark (Germany), Allison Fisher (UK) USA: Lou Butera, Paul Gerni, Bobby Hunter, Dallas West, Mark Wilson, Mike Gulyassy, Jeanette Lee, Vivian Villarreal

(Mosconi Cup continued on page 21)

January 2012 - Rackem Magazine 19

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Calendars can be purchased online at :

20 Rackem Magazine - January 2012

TRACK RECORDS Total Cup Wins: U.S.A. 12 - 6 EUROPE



14 14 11 8 6 6 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

71 70 52 40 27 26 20 18 14 16 11 9 9 8 11 8 8 5 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 3 3

42 37 22 18 15 11 8 8 6 4 7 4 4 4 3 3 2 4 3 2 2 2 2 1 0 2 1 1 1 1 1 0

(59%) (53%) (42%) (45%) (56%) (42%) (40%) (44%) (43%) (25%) (64%) (44%) (44%) (50%) (27%) (38%) (25%) (80%) (50%) (33%) (50%) (40%) (40%) (20%) (0%) (50%) (25%) (25%) (25%) (25%) (33%) (0%)

st Lo

W on

Ralf Souquet (DE) (94,96 thru 03,06 thru 10) Mika Immonen (FI) (96 thru 06,08 thru 10) Steve Davis (UK) (94 thru 04) Oliver Ortmann (DE) (94,95,96,97,98,99,02,04) Niels Feijen (NL) (01,04,05,07,08,09) Marcus Chamat (SE) (00,01,02,03,04,05) Nick Van den Berg (NL) (02,03,06,10) Steve Knight (UK) (98,99,00,01) Thorsten Hohmann (DE) (03,05,09) Thomas Engert (DE) (00,04,06) Tom Storm (SE) (94,95) Darren Appleton (UK) (09,10) Ronnie O’Sullivan (UK) (96,97) Tony Drago (Malta) (07,08) Daryl Peach (UK) (95,07) Jimmy White (UK) (94,95) Alex Lely (NL) (99,05) Karl Boyes (UK) (10) David Alcaide (ES) (06) Imran Majid (UK) (06) Tommy Donlon (IE) (97) Lee Kendall (UK) (95) Konstantin Stepanov (RU) (07) Fabio Petroni (IT) (98) Franziska Stark (DE) (94) Lee Tucker (UK) (94) Raj Hundal (UK) (05) Vincent Facquet (FR) (96) Alex Higgins (N IR) (95) Andy Richardson (UK) (96) Mark Gray (UK) (08) Alison Fisher (UK) (94)

M Pl atc ay h ed es

C Pl up ay s ed


Y Pl ear ay (s ed )

33 21 15 14 16 9 11 11 6 7 3 5 5 4 5 4 6 5 3 7 6 0 1 1 0 3 2 2 3 2 2 5 3 3




s 36 (52%) 39 (65%) 20 (57%) 18 (56%) 17 (52%) 12 (57%) 8 (42%) 8 (42%) 8 (57%) 7 (50%) 7 (70%) 6 (55%) 6 (55%) 6 (60%) 5 (50%) 5 (56%) 4 (40%) 4 (44%) 4 (57%) 3 (30%) 3 (33%) 5 (100%) 4 (80%) 4 (80%) 4 (100%) 3 (50%) 3 (60%) 2 (40%) 2 (40%) 2 (50%) 2 (50%) 1 (17%) 1 (25%) 0 (0%)

Pl ay er

69 60 35 32 33 21 19 19 14 14 10 11 11 10 10 9 10 9 7 10 9 5 5 5 4 6 5 5 5 4 4 6 4 3

W on

14 13 7 7 7 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

M Pl atc ay h ed es

Johnny Archer (GA) (1997 thru 2010) Earl Strickland (NC) (1996 thru 2008) Rodney Morris (HI) (2003 thru 08 & 2010) Corey Deuel (OH) (00,01,02,06,07,09,10) Jeremy Jones (TX) (99,00,01,02,03,05,08) Charlie Williams (FL) (01,02,03,04,05) Shane Van Boening (SD) (07,08,09,10) Nick Varner (KY) (97,98,01,02) Kim Davenport (CA) (97,98,99) Jim Rempe (PA) (97,98,99) Dennis Hatch (NY) (09,10) Lou Butera (CA) (94,95) Bob Hunter (NV) (94,95) Shannon Daulton (KY) (96,00) Reed Pierce (MS) (97,98) Dallas West (IL) (94,95) Michael Coltrain (NC) (99,00) Mark Wilson (MO) (94,95) Mike Gulyassy (FL) (94,95) Mike Massey (NV) (95,96) Tony Robles (NY) (03,04) Vivian Villarreal (TX) (94) C J Wiley (TX) (96) Gabe Owen (OK) (04) Jeanette Lee (IN) (94) Mike Davis (MD) (06) John Di Toro (FL) (95) Oscar Dominguez (CA) (09) Shawn Putnam (OH) (05) Roger Griffis (TX) (96) Allen Hopkins (NJ) (96) John Schmidt (FL) (06) Danny Harriman (MO) (96) Paul Gerni (KS) (94)

C Pl up ay s ed

Y Pl ear ay (s ed )

om Fr

Pl ay er


1994 - 2010 Does Not Include 2011 Scores

29 33 30 22 12 15 12 10 8 12 4 5 5 4 8 5 6 1 3 4 3 3 3 4 5 2 3 3 3 3 2 3

January 2012 - Rackem Magazine 21

Van Boening WINS Turning Stone Classic XVIII


SHANE VAN BOENING Photo by: Don “Cheese� Akerlow 1st $8,000 2nd $5,000 3rd $3,600 4th $2,600 5/6th $2,000 7/8th $1,600 9/12th $1,200 13/16th $850 17/24th $550 25/32nd $300

Lone Star

Shane Van Boening Raj Hundal Rodney Morris Ralf Souquet Mike Dechaine, Darren Appleton Dennis Hatch, Brandon Shuff Jason Klatt, Shawn Putnam, Earl Strickland, Dustin Morris Bucky Souvanthong, Johnathan Pinegar Erik Hjorleifson, Stevie Moore Mike Davis, Oscar Dominguez Zion Zvi, Dan Thompson, Larry Nevel Chris Lynch, Oscar Bonilla, Shane Winters Brian Brekke, Randy Labonte, Dave Fernandez, Louis Ulrich Ruben Bautista, Dan Heidrich Joshua Ulrich, Russ Philp

Shane Van Boening added another entry to his already impressive resume, with a win at the last major event of the year; the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour's Turning Stone Classic XVIII at the Turning Stone Casino & Resort in Verona, NY. Van Boening took an early trip to the one loss side in this event, as he dropped a fourth round match to Shawn Putnam 9-8. Putnam would then lose his next match to Rodney Morris 9-5 and join Van Boening on the one loss side. Morris would continue through the winners side, until he lost to Raj Hundal 9-4 in a lackluster hot seat match. Hundal was having a great tournament with notable wins over John Morra, young gun Dustin Morris and Ralf Souquet on his way to the hot-seat match with Morris. Meanwhile, Van Boening was running through a very tough one loss side. Van Boening notched left side wins against Larry Nevel, Joss Tour points leader Bucky Souvanthong, Earl Strickland, Dennis Hatch, Mike Dechaine and Ralf Souquet before eliminating Rodney Morris to set up the match with Hundal in the extended single set finals. The final race to 13 match between Hundal and Van Boening went back and forth, with neither player able to capture a significant lead. With the score tied at 8-8, Van Boening started to take control of the match. Hundal would only manage one more rack as Van Boening won the match 13-9.

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OPEN 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th-6th 7th-8th AMATEURS 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th-6th 7th-8th 9th-12th

$550/$360 $370/$270 $250/$180 $160/$90 $100 $35

James Baraks Joey Torres Ernesto Bayaua Tommy Tokoph Lanny Herrin, Tim Heath Sylver Ochoa, Bobby Perez

$600/$435 $475/$275 $290/$190 $125/$110 $75 $50 $75

Kenneth Price Charlie Mora Will Felder Tim Heath Ty Few, Mitchell Lang $75 ea. Jason Pearce, Brian Rosenbaum Jason Smiser, Bill Fuller, Jeff Fox, Joey Torres

22 Rackem Magazine - January 2012

LADIES 1st 2nd 3rd ONE POCKET 1st 2nd 3rd JUNIORS 1st 2nd 3rd

$200/$90 $90/$45 $90

Courtney Peters Belinda Lee Loretta Lindgren

$300/$110 $180/$50 $100

Sylver Ochoa Charlie Mora Ernesto Bayaua

$90 $60 $40

Nick Calderaro Joey Torres Mike Calderaro $40






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Even Against Warpage! January 2012 - Rackem Magazine 23

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7/26/2011 5:54:37 PM





Lucky Plays the Pescado Grande

We did make it out of Vegas safely, and back to Lucky’s ranch. Lucky checked in with his doctor, who said he was in remarkably good shape, under the circumstances. On our way to California we hit several spots. Lucky was sadden that some of his favorite pool halls were gone but that didn’t stop us. We made it to Hardtimes in Bellflower CA. Kind of a legend of a place we were hanging out for a couple of days. Playing easy and light action. We were wining mostly and laying down some. After setting himself up as a B player with a witty demeanor, Lucky was playing a little pool with a Canadian gal, cheap while he waited for one of the big fish to appear. It’s almost two in the morning. I’ve been scribbling my notes, recounting the past day of some pretty strange up and down action on Lucky’s part. When The FISH walked in. He noticed Lucky right away. That was likely because some of the locals told him about Lucky. I think this is going to be the big one. Lucky has said nothing for the past 15 minutes. He finished playing the girl and was sitting at the bleachers looking glassy eyed out over the pool tables down below. We both journeyed in the silence, staring at the tables like they were shrines. But, to the business at hand -- Lucky has to make money here. He knows the guy he will play is fully backed and will play for a good chunk of dough. Lucky got up and walked through the place, jostled by the small crowds at each table even at this late hour, I ask Lucky how he feels. “Just got some pool to play,” he says. He usually says something witty. Things are different. As we approached the group Lucky was accosted immediately by a tobacco stench person, maybe a bodyguard backup type guy, who obviously smoked. Lucky looked past him to this fancy player. He was dressed to the max! The suit jacket, slacks and shoes he was wearing were likely over thousand dollars. He had a babe on his arm. Lucky asked him to play one pocket. No lets play nine ball, he said. Lucky got a match in a few minutes with a guy from Mexico. Time to go I thought. I put away my journal and we head for the table they were going to play on. I suggest to Lucky that he warm up a bit. He says he doesn’t need to. Then he changes his mind and tosses a few balls out on the table, saying need to warm up for this guy so everyone

Pool Leagues Tournaments Karaoke Fri-Sat 9:30pm

La Fonda’s Sports Cantina

(lower level) 3665 Sibley Memorial Hwy Eagan, MN


24 Rackem Magazine - January 2012

could hear. Lucky asked me if he was dressed nice or should he go get some nice shoes on. And should he go find a date!! “I’m relieved to see he still has his sense of humor and am reassured that he’s probably feeling ok. While Lucky strokes the balls around, I see an entourage of a half dozen people followed the Pescado Grande around the room. He briskly walks right over to Lucky and says, “Ready, amigo?” Lucky says, “Well, I got to hit a couple more balls first.” Lucky never does that I thought. He always plays cold. Why is this different, I wonder? A few minutes pass while Lucky pulls up the rest of the balls and strokes them in, and the other guy screws his cues together. The Babe, who’s with this Mexican sets a couple of plastic bottles of cold water by his chair. I notice that another guy is side betting with the crowd. The same guy who backed the Canadian gal earlier. I can’t understand Spanish, but I think I know pretty much what he’s saying as he gesticulates toward Lucky, speaking rapidly and laughing, and I hear something about “loco hombre” or something. Lucky tells me to go side bet with that guy which I did for $20 a game. I should have done more but Lucky said only $20. Presently, Lucky says, “Ok, let’s lag.” “How much do you want to lose?” says the Mexican, grinning through his mustache. Lucky gives him a look and says, “Whatever you want to lose, amigo.” Pescado Grande, probably thinking this is his opportunity to bet high, says, “Five hundred a game.” Lucky raises his bushy eyebrows and says, “Is that it? Don’t you want to freeze up twenty grand?” Pescado Grande consults with his backer. They must be thinking this is the easiest money ever. I can see them chortling. He turns back to Lucky, who is busy blowing his nose into his hankerchief and says, “Ok, we will play for a grand a game -- ten games ahead. “Ok. He holds the money.” Lucky is pointing to me. They finally agreed. Lucky pulls out a huge stack of one hundred dollar bills from inside his jacket, and hands it to me, and the guy’s backer hands me another stack. Holy cow. I’m highly nervous about holding $20,000. I’ve had that much money in my hands before. I count it all out in front of everybody. “Hope I don’t get mugged,” I laugh nervously to Lucky. He says not to worry, he did his homework on these folks -- it’s fine. NO!, in this place they are too known. So I get it all stuffed into my shirt and jacket pockets and zip up my jacket and sit back down with my arms folded tightly together, just hoping I don’t have to use the bathroom. Pescado Grande wins the lag. Lucky racks and sits down. Grande runs three games just like that. I’ am paying off the side bet every game which is a pain but a safe way to go since iI didn’t know him. His crowd is babbling and laughing all over the place, and though I can’t understand

them, it is clear they are happy. On the fourth game, however, Pescado misses a shot and Lucky steps up to the table, saying, “I thought I might never get a shot.” Pescado Grande slaps him on the back, and laughing, says, “You are not supposed to get a shot, hombre!” Lucky glances at me. I know what he is thinking, but what he says is, “I am an old man! Do you think that I am going to win any money from you?” Pescado Grande says, “No, amigo, I do not!” and everyone laughs. It takes Lucky few games to get even. Nothing spectacular from either player -- they each play just well enough to win. When they are even, the old man Lucky, who in this moment does look old to me, says to Pescado Grande, “This can’t be all you’ve got! If it is you are going to lose!” Thinking that Lucky is funny they all laugh at Lucky and slap him some more on the back, and keep on chattering, loud enough to be distracting to some... Lucky is now breaking. He breaks and makes the nine, breaks and runs, breaks and makes the nine, breaks and rides, breaks and runs, breaks and makes the nine, breaks and makes the nine, breaks and runs, breaks and rides, breaks and runs. I am enjoying having this guy I am side betting with come over and pay me so fast, but he’s stating to give me the look. Lucky looks at Pescado Grande and his entourage, grins, and says, “Almost halfway there!” No laughter this time. No chattering now. No merriment. Lucky has the Mexican in the CHAIR. I feel like I am in the chair, too. I can feel the pressure, the Mexican having to get up every few minutes to rack the next game and still not get to shoot as minute after long minute stretches into the wee hours. The watching crowd all looks puzzled, floored, speechless… a look I can’t justly describe. Finally, Lucky sets his cue next to his chair for a stretch, and pulls out a new cinnamon stick to chew on. “I’m getting tired,” he says to me. “I need to get this over with.” Lucky waits for Pescado to rack, gets up and runs another, then a couple more. Pescado won a game or two in this stretch but Lucky is at 8 ahead. It’s only been about 90 minutes. A little disagreement on the rack ensued. The worn felt made it difficult. Pescado brought out a Magic Rack. This was interesting to Lucky a great idea he thought to get the balls to rack near perfect. Foreign to Lucky he said no at this time. If we play, freeze up some more then I say yes. Lucky finished the last two games. Side better paid me on the last game. I handed the money to Lucky. Lets do it again he said. Lucky got out a new cinnamon stick. Money re-upped. My side bet guy came up to me and wanted to jack the bet to $50 a game, pay after every game. Lucky gave me the nod to go ahead. Lucky won the lag. Here is the Magic Rack Pescado said. Lucky said OK. The games went back and forth basically were no one ran

more then 4 racks at anytime. Lucky two games behind looked puzzled Lucky noticed that it was easier to make extra balls with this rack. He was accustomed to knowing where all the balls go on his break with all his different break speeds and break spots. Knowing Lucky, he was playing position off break for the three ball from the position in the rack. The one and two went down, but the three went go too. His methodical break strategies were out the window. He would have to learn how this rack makes the extra balls that he didn’t expect to go in and adjust for it. It could cause a problem for him if he doesn’t figure out the magic rack break soon. It was 6am. The game score was even. Lucky was up late, unusual for him, who likes his beauty sleep. We had been up all day, I know Lucky was tired I certainly was. Lucky looking ragged said do you want to come back tomorrow to play some more. Pescado Grande says I might be in the Bahamas tomorrow. I want to play now. You know that he probably just woke up just before he came to the pool hall so he was fresh and ready to play. Being around Lucky so much I can see Lucky slipping some in this match. I am also getting tired of running the side bet money after each game too. It was 9am. I could barely keep my eyes open. If it wasn’t for the back and forth side bet pay off and if I wasn’t carrying all this money. I’d sleep. The late night makes you think about a lot of things. I was wondering about having Thanksgiving at home with my wife and friends even how I’d cook the Turkey and what side dishes to have. I hoped my cat was doing ok, I know we were talking about introducing a new cat to our house and whether my cat would accept a new cat in her space. Lucky started to talk maybe to keep me awake or even himself awake. I know the sun was out. He brought up his old friend Jimmy Caras. He was remembering his old friend who had had a passed away a few ago. Started to tell a story where Caras was playing for days…. What an encouraging conversation I thought…and he looked at me with that half joking stare. I smiled back. Lucky said “I think I figured out this rack”. The Score even again Lucky broke made nothing, “I must be getting tired” “I was going to make four balls on the break and run out”. he said, instead Pescado Grande ran out. I got a snack for Lucky thinking this would help him. I went over to the counter everyone was watching me. You know they were nervous that I might bolt out of the place. I came back Lucky had won that game. I told the guy that we should just pay on the end of 5 ahead. I got in a small conversation with the Canadian Girl. She was interesting and from Kamloops. All of a sudden the guy interrupts us and pays me $250 five games ahead. I felt I must have not paid attention. Lucky got there so fast. Looked over to him he had a second wind……….. Copyright 2011 by Andrew Monstis


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Amanda Lampert who sought her revenge win against Ricki who put her on the one loss side. In the finals match, it was a replay of the hot seat with Lisa Marr and Tara Williams. Both ladies were not only vying for the win, but the tournament winner would also be crowned the tour champion in the close point race. Tara would have to beat Lisa twice for the win, but it would not happen, Lisa bested Tara in one set with a score of 7-5. Tara Williams finished in 2nd place her last 3 tour events, including this stop, for the 2011 year, showing very consistent shooting and strong year end finish to boot. With this 1st place finish, Lisa went on to become tour champion for the 4th time in a row. Lisa went through some challenges this year while enduring MAIN EVENT TOURNAMENT: ($3000 monies added; 28 players – 100% payback) 1st $850 Lisa Marr 2nd $630 Tara Williams 3rd $455 Amanda Lampert 4th $295 Ricki Lee Casper 5th/6th $185 Jennifer Kraber, Ming Ng 7th/8th $110 Yvette Reyes, Belinda Lee 9th/12th $75 Monica Anderson, Kim Pierce, Orietta Strickland, Julie Stephenson 13th/16th $55 Natalie Mans, Deedra Trammell, Shayla Neris, Melinda Bailey 17th/24th $35 Amber Stone, Shirley Fields, Tracie Voelkering, Rebecca Riley, Tami Dearman, Michelle Prince, Kathy Knuth, Becky Jones 25th/28th $20 Lucille Donahue, Diana Cardona, Jennifer Pavlovick, Lisa Henderson-Major A SECOND CHANCE TOURNAMENT (15 players and $200 added monies; $350 total) 1st $125 Kathy Knuth 2nd $85 Melinda Bailey 3rd $60 Tracie Voelkering 4th $40 Julie Stephenson 5th/6th $20 Monica Anderson, Michelle Prince

shoulder surgery which caused her to not finish as high as she would have wanted. But always the fighter and her “never quit” attitude, she was able to overcome all obstacles and prevail once again as the tour champion. Congratulations to all tour players for an excellent tour year. Thank you to all OB Cues Ladies Tour players, supporters, fan, sponsors, host sites, everyone! It was a great 2011 year and looking forward to a bigger and better 2012 year. Be sure to check out our website for 2012 Tour Calendar updates. www. Good Pool, Good Friends, Good Times!!! OB CUES LADIES TOUR SPECIAL YEAR END AWARDS: • 2011 OB Cues Ladies Tour Champion – Lisa Marr – 4-time winner – receives 2012 paid tournament entry to all stops + trophy • 2011 OB Cues Most Improved Player – Julie Stephenson – receives 2012 paid tournament entry to all stops + trophy • 2011 OB Cues Ladies Tour Best Sportsman – Tracie Voelkering – receives (1) 2012 paid tournament entry + trophy • 2011 OB Cues Ladies Tour Perfect Attendance Winner - Monica Anderson – receives $200 cash – 3-time winner OTHER TOURNAMENT WINNERS: • Three Mobile Gas Cards ($50 value) – Becky Jones, Amanda Lampert, Rebecca Riley • Three Starbucks gift cards ($25 value) – Tami Dearman, Michelle Prince, Jennifer Pavlovick • Free Entry ($30 refund) – Shirley Fields • Poison T-Shirt – Melinda Bailey • Pool Dawg Key Chain – Lisa Henderson-Major • Vitality Day Spa Lotion – Jennifer Kraber • Pool DVD by The Monk – Kathy Knuth OB CUES RAFFLE WINNERS: • Natalie Mans – winner of OB Cues Ladies Tour Player raffle drawing • Suzanne Walkuski – Casper’s Customer/also OB Cues Ladies Tour Player

January 2012 - Rackem Magazine 25


Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice DATE Jan 1 Jan 7 Jan 7 Jan 7 Jan 20-28 Jan 20-28 Jan 20-28 Jan 20-28 Jan 20-28 Jan 20-28 Jan 21 Jan 26-29 Jan 28 Feb 4-5 Feb 9-12 Feb 12-19 Feb 12-19 Feb 12-19 Feb 22-26 Feb 25 Mar 10-11 Mar 10-11 Mar 19-25 Apr 19-22 Apr 19-22 May 9-20 May 10-13 May 14-19

CITY Muscatine, IA Lees Summit, MO Kansas City, MO Muscatine, IA Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Blue Springs, MO Coon Rapids, MN Muscatine, IA Bellflower, CA French Lick, IN Reno, NV Reno, NV Reno, NV Oconomowoc, WI Muscatine, IA Lafayette, LA Lafayette, LA Miami, OK New Town, ND New Town, ND Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas, NV

LOCATION Krug’z Pool Hall Side Pockets Brass Rail Krug’z Pool Hall Horseshoe Horseshoe Horseshoe Horseshoe Horseshoe Horseshoe Side Pockets CR’s Sports Bar Krug’z Pool Hall CSI French Lick Resort CSI CSI CSI Olympia Resort Krug’z Pool Hall White Diamond Billiards White Diamond Billiards Buffalo Run Casino Four Bears Casino Four Bears Casino BCAPL CSI BCAPL

PHONE (563) 263-7665 (816) 524-2400 (816) 468-6100 (563) 263-7665 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (816) 224-5454 (763) 780-1585 (563) 263-7665 (702) 719-7665 (260) 413-1604 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (563) 263-7665 (337) 989-9889 (337) 989-9889 (918) 906-0839 (701) 421-0604 (701) 421-0604 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665

EVENT / RULES ENTRY 8-Ball Race to 4 $10 Rated 9-Ball $15 KC Rated 9-Ball Tour $30+$10 g.f. 9-Ball Race to 7 $25 9-Ball Banks - $50 buy back $100+$10 reg. One Pocket - $75 buy back $125+$10 reg. 9-Ball Banks, 1 Pocket, 9-Ball Minis $25+$5 reg. 14.1 Challenge $100. FATBOY Challenge $500 One Pocket Challenge $50 KC Rated 9-Ball Tour $30+$10 g.f. Upper Midwest Bar Table Call 9-Ball Race to 7 $25 9-Ball Jay Swanson Mem. $80 Tri-State Championships Call 10-Ball Bar Table Open/Wmn Call 9-Ball Bar Table Open/Women Call 8-Ball Bar Table Open/Women Call WIBCA State Championships Call 9-Ball Handicap-Lucasi Tour $30 9-Ball Mini Tournament $20 9-Ball Bar Table - Race to 7 $40 OK Black Gold BCAPL State Call 8-Ball Classic Men division $60 8-Ball Classic Women division $40 BCAPL Nationals Varies U S Open One Pocket Call U S Open 10-Ball Call

ADDED TIME Call 2PM $500 12:30PM $300 w/32 Noon $100 1PM $10,000 Guar Noon $15,000 Guar Noon $1,000 Noon $8,500 Noon $10,000 Noon $12,500 min Noon $300 w/32 1PM $5,000 Call Call 5PM $3,000 Guar Call $2,000 Call $6,000/$1,000 Call $6,000/$1,000 Call $6,000/$1,000 Call $16,000 Call $500 1PM Call Call $1,000 w/128 9AM $20,000 Call $10,000 w/128 5PM $3,000 w/64 5PM $800,000 payout Call $10,000 Guar Call $25,000 Guar Call

WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

DATE Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays

CITY Oshkosh, WI Muscatine, IA Oshkosh, WI Coon Rapids, MN Farmington, MN Muscatine, IA Tulsa, OK Oshkosh, WI Farmington, MN Tulsa, OK


26 Rackem Magazine - January 2012

LOCATION Varsity Club Krug’z Pool Hall Varsity Club CR’s Sports Bar Farmington Billiards Krug’z Pool Hall Q-Spot Billiards Varsity Club Farmington Billiards Q-Spot Billiards

PHONE EVENT / RULES (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Beginners (563) 263-7665 Pool/Darts (2nd Shift) SE (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Intermediate (763) 780-1585 8-Ball on 7’ Diamonds (651) 463-2636 8 or 9-ball rotation (563) 263-7665 9-Ball Race to 4 or 5 (918) 779-6204 8-Ball 7 & under (920) 651-0806 9-Ball Open - Break Pot (651) 463-2636 8-Ball Bar Box Hdcp (918) 779-6204 9-Ball 7 & under

ENTRY ADDED $8 $5 $10 $16 $75 $10 $50 w/16 $5 $5 $15 $5/player Guar. $20 entry $25 every 8 $10 (incl. g.f.)

Live Streaming of Pool Tournaments Call 4 Info 406.285.3099

TIME Call 1AM Call 7PM 6:30PM 8PM 9 PM Call 2PM 9 PM

2 1 0 2 in

e Cel



Ope nd Po(Oinpen or Womens)ds. s ar ’s: 1st - 2 Womemnpete in all 3 divisiBoonnus Points and Aw

on *Based



*Must co r the All Around y fo to qualif

for eve



llflo wer, C

en a A 90706 (5 t9a 6 .m 2) 867

-77 . Pla inn y Be 33 (we Fina er side gins F rese (inclu rve ield Lim l Single ~ 6 one at 1 des $ the 0 a.m 20 re righ ited to Race to loss sid g./gre t to 1 e . en fe mod 92 Play 11 ~ D (final 4 e+$ oub ers. ify r 8 o 5 late ne lo Early le Eli aces fe m s to a e) ccom Sign-Up ination s side to . s 7) oda te to Encour urna aged . men ONLI t tim NE RE e re stra GISTR ints ) ATIO Tour nam N A ent E V All A I LABL mai n led E AT try ent No C WWW On- ries m hecks u s A .CTSO ite st ft M Mail ake Ch entrie be rec er Jan NDEM uar eive sw to: C ecks y AND.C i l d Fax u l p 2 Entr eSport ayable be ac no lat 1, 201 OM c s In e 2 ies t e o r pted : Cu than tl, 2 to: ( eS 0 702 i ) 71 41 Pab ports n CAS Janua 9-76 co R Inte r H ON y 31, rn 67. d 201 CSI ., Hen ationa LY. 2 l or der Ph


.00 D

ay o f

$3, $4,00 000 Added 0 Add ed Wi Guarantee th Fu d ll Fiel d

Even t

s C : (70 on, NV SI 2) 7 8 19-7 9011 665


2) 719-7 I call (70by

CS to reach

lvd., Be



ntry in nt and e

to 7 w



d onsore

ng Streami


ment Tourna by: n Directio


CueSports International (702) 719-POOL


Ope ($6000 Added) 10-Ball 000 Added) 6 9-Ball ($ 00 Added) 60 8-Ball ($

ses* nd Bonu All Arou rd Point Leaders rs t Leade n: 1st - 3


ellflo wer B

Enter Online at

For Details Visit


ND SIE A R G at the 2012



10-Ba ded*) 1000 Ad 9-Ball ($ 00 Added*) s 10 16 Player 8-Ball ($

l Pla yers entle Gia


The 1 6 nt” Mem th Annua Feb o l rua rial 9-Ba Jay Swan ll T ry 4 so Har - 5, ourname n d Ti hoste d by me nt 201 Ope n to 2 www s B A .h i l a l l rdtim Play $80 liar ers / esbe (inclu .00 llflo ds Doo E des $ wer.c r 20 re ntr y s om O g./ p 50 B

n ’s Divisio Womell n($1000 Added*)

he L

ife o


n n Divisio


ces f or Al ebrat et









Profile for Rackem Magazine

Rackem Magazine January Issue 2012  

Complete coverage of the Mosconi Cup from scores, stats, records, history and daily coverage. Check out the tournament trail for the latest...

Rackem Magazine January Issue 2012  

Complete coverage of the Mosconi Cup from scores, stats, records, history and daily coverage. Check out the tournament trail for the latest...