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January 2011 - Rackem Magazine 3

Breaks Can Be Deceiving By Samm Diep © January 2011

In the infant stages of my pool game, I was constantly reminded of the importance of practice and repetition. I was building muscle memory and honing my skills. If I went for more than one day without practicing, I could feel my game suffer. It seemed like I was taking an immediate step back and in some cases would even need to relearn things. Of course, I never minded playing and practicing so much in the beginning Samm Diep because I was obsessed. I put in the hours because I was falling in love with the game. The breaks were seldom, by design. These days, as I’ve improved and my skills and knowledge advanced, I find myself practicing for longer sessions but with less frequency. Let’s face it, there comes a point where your priorities shift and “life” keeps you from putting in the hours that you were once accustomed to. Over the past year, whenever I’ve taken a break, I’ve returned to the table renewed. I’ve found myself pocketing balls just as well or better than I was prior to the time off. Does this mean it’s not necessary to practice on a regular basis anymore? What’s the point of practicing if I’m playing just as well without it? The two main factors that infrequent practice affects are confidence and consistency. Playing well after a long break can be deceiving for a couple reasons: When you’re playing well without practicing, you fool yourself into thinking you don’t need to practice. You may be able to get away with it once or twice but over time, that lack of practice will accumulate and take its toll on your overall ability to execute. With waivered confidence, tentative shots and decisions will lead to repeated mistakes and vice versa. Playing well without practicing gives you a false sense of security. You might start hitting the balls well and feeling like you’re ready for competition. It’s only then when your abilities are put to the test that you realize you’re pocketing balls on autopilot. Once you get to the money ball or key ball, that’s when the inconsistency surfaces. Routine run outs become more work than they should be. Confidence is so critical in the game of pool. If ever you tell yourself you’re out of stroke, then you’ll be out of stroke. You may be hitting the ball well but you will still be a bit rusty. The next time you return from a break, try to still play with confidence but do not be deceived. Be aware of your limitations and play within them. Until you get back in stroke, take fewer risks and be more patient. Samm Diep, “Cherry Bomb” ( House Pro at Rack ‘Em Billiards (Aurora, CO) Author of “You Might Be A D Player If… (101 Classic Moves That All Pool Players Can Appreciate)” Player Representative for Chris Byrne Custom Cues, PoolDawg, Predator, Jim Murnak Custom Cases, & Delta-13 Rack | fun & unique products for pool players | random smatterings of pool thoughts, articles, news, & reviews | your source for weekly, monthly, and special tournaments & events around the Denver Metro area | it’s how Colorado pool players stay connected

Read more articles by Samm Diep at

4 Rackem Magazine - January 2011

Fargo Flip -- Fun For All By: Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy I recently had the pleasure of playing in the nicest pool room I’ve ever visited: Mike Page’s Fargo Billiards in Fargo, ND. It has bar- and full-sized tables and a full-sized bar along with a great menu. The rest rooms alone are worth a stop -how many pool rooms can claim that? Bob Jewett During the visit I was reminded that one of the most fun pastimes in my first pool hall was the almost constant ring game which had from three to six players. There were several games that we commonly played including nine ball and partners rotation. The games were as much social as “commercial” and they allowed a wide range of players to compete together. In Fargo, Mike introduced to me a ring game he calls “Fargo Flip.” It can be played with any number of players from three on up, and we had from four to eight players in our game. The basic game is nine ball which is played by two teams. The “Flip” comes at the start of each game when each player flips a coin to determine whether he is on the Heads or the Tails team. The Tails always break. After the break, it is played like Scotch Doubles with each player taking one shot with turns rotating among the members of the team. The order of play is up to the members of the team, but once each one has shot, they have to maintain that order for the rest of that game. At first I thought this would be confusing and lead to aguments but there was never a problem. There is some strategy if you really want to work at it, such as putting up a weak player if the shot is either very easy or hopeless, but mostly it was the closest person to the shot who took it if the order was still open. Coaching is allowed. This can be a great benefit to the weaker players as they learn some of the strategy and possible shots, but the coach needs to be careful to speak to the level of the shooter. A beginner won’t be able to spin the ball with inside follow to come in short on the fourth cushion, so don’t ask him to. This kind of mistake I see all the time during coaching time-outs on league nights where I play. The rules of the game are just like regular nine ball. This is different from most nine ball ring games in which many of the rules -- such as ball in hand for any foul -- are suspended. Pushouts and safeties are played as usual. At the end of the game each player on the losing team pays each of the winners one jellybean. (In jurisdictions where social wagering is not illegal, you might consider playing for quarters or dollars instead of jellybeans.) So, if the Heads win and there are five on the team against the three Tails, the Tails each throw out five jellybeans (making 15) and each of the Heads picks up three jellybeans (also making 15). Be sure to have lots of jellybeans or change available. Before the flip each player should make sure he has as many jellybeans as there are other players, since after the flip he may be alone against the rest. Players are free to enter or leave the group at the end of each game. If you need to take a bathroom break, just say you’re out for a game and don’t flip. If a new player wants to get in or a player returns from a break, he just waits for the next flip. In general, the majority can deny entry to a new player, but if Efren or Shane showed up, I’d want him in the game. Is the scene at your local venue getting a little stale? Try Fargo Flip for a little variety. Read more articles by Bob Jewett at


“Ready For The Road With Lucky”

Christmas and New Year gone by…. It’s been weeks now since Lucky and I decided to go on the road, I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it. It’s a rare and great experience to be with this most unique person I’ve ever met. Lucky is showing me something new every day, and by now I’ve learned not to steer the conversation into areas beyond pool or general topics. Lucky says what he wants to and no more. I’m writing several stories about Lucky and the experiences as we drive, enjoying the spectacular sights. We’ve seen all kind of animals -- even rare pronghorns along the side of the road. Between listening to bluegrass music and listening to Lucky’s cool stories, writing, munching, snoozing, and checking out the views, I’ve experienced no boredom or regrets. It started like I said, weeks ago. I showed up at Lucky’s ranch, and fell in love with it all over again. I could move and live here, I thought. It was quiet, secluded with great scenery, and very, very comfortable. Lucky was working on some stuff in his study, so I wandered around the room, noticing things I hadn’t seen on my last visit. In a glass and mahogany display case were several custom cues. At a closer inspection, I noticed a Harvey Martin cue with a hand-scratched name on the butt. Aha! I thought. I’ll bet this is Lucky’s real name! If I could decipher it, I would slip it into a conversation with him later on, and then gloat at discovering it on my own. I tried to be inconspicuous about peering more closely at the signature, but then realized it was much too faded for me to read. Lucky looked up and saw me looking at it and said, “That’s one the first custom cues Harvey Martin ever made. I might take that with me on the road. It’s been a very lucky cue for me.” “What’s it say down here?” I asked nonchalantly. “It’s been so long I can't remember,” Lucky replied, and grinned. Then he ignored me and went back to work. I wandered out to the great room and wrote for awhile from the comfort of an old leather couch. Later, Lucky led me to a room I hadn’t been in before. It looked like it might once have been the dining room. The only thing in the room was a Diamond Pool Table, which was a big surprise, since Lucky had once told me he would never have a table at home because he wouldn’t get any work done! “Where did you get this?” I asked. “Oh, I had it brought in a couple of weeks ago so that I could practice up a little before we hit the road,” replied Lucky offhandedly. I was ready to start right then, but Lucky said,“Whoa,

boy, plenty of time. We’ll wait till morning. Let’s have dinner and hit the hay.” Time to eat and I was hungry. We were going to have leftover “New Years Turkey dinner”. I helped with creating some new dinner side dishes, collard greens with ham, corn bread and Andrew quinoa. Quinoa is one of the best foods on planet and Lucky has a big barrel of it in his storage. I love leftover turkey and it was good. He didn’t have much to say about his health, but I did notice he took his medicine before he ate, so I guessed that was about all I could watch for, and just remember to always be ready for anything. I helped him wash dishes, he said he’s “tired of dishes”, then went up to my room, and tossed and turned most of the night, thinking about the upcoming adventure. It would be a whole book, just listing all the things I thought about and imagined. Wow. Unbelievable, I marveled at the mystery that no one seemed to know this great player. Next day I was up before Lucky I check my email and Facebook on the computer. Lucky walked in, not even a good morning or a hello, Lucky pointed at me with a gnarly finger and stated, “Before we go on this road trip we have to get some things straight. “How about breakfast first” I said. Number One! Don't you ever feelguilty about winning anyone's money! People are out to try and beat you, no matter how nice they are to you. They are waiting for an opportunity to collect some of your money. Most people want to win money, so some are willing to lose it. No one makes anyone else play and gamble. A person’s own ego does that. My father told me once no matter how good you get remember that there is always someone out there better than you. If you realize this, you will truly keep your ego in check. There is no law against having too big an ego! “Lucky, is there anyone better than you?” He didn’t answer me. “Number Two! Hustling and gambling is an art!” He went on to point out a host of different hustles. He talked about people which are so slick, people never even know they are being hustled. I know a lot about the hustling game, but Lucky had me feeling like a first-grader. “I want you to be able to spot all the hustles. You know some players make pool


look seedy. But I don't think many people realize that the majority of money players are honorable gamblers. There are hustlers and gamblers in every sport, not just pool. They live by a code, believe it or not. They do have boundaries. We just stay away from the ones who have

no boundaries.” Number Three!! Money may come easy, no sense giving it away easy. Can’t be living high off the hog while on the road. You must be frugal and have a money goal. Pool players buy jewelry, cloths, steak & lobster dinners and spend money on women they meet. You should wash your cloths at laundry places, eat sandwiches made out of the ice chest in car and buy no jewelry. You will need discipline or you will end up busted. Now this early-morning-beforecoffee lesson was over, we fixed breakfast and then headed to the table for some tuning up. Lucky again amazed me by showing me more stuff on the table than I ever thought possible, and I’m not a bad technical player. Wow! Some of the things I remembered from the first time I met him at the local bar and restaurant, that day when I plugged enough quarters into the table to fill Crater Lake. We spent the day working hard. My brain was spinning with activity, with Lucky showing me at least twenty different skills and strategies. “We’ll leave day after tomorrow,” Lucky said. I felt giddy with excitement, like a kid at his first baseball game. All of a sudden Lucky had to go buy a new dishwasher, why now I don’t know. We were on the eve of leaving. We jumped in the truck went many mikes to a town where the store was. The store seemed to have a little of everything in it. It had building supplies, food, propane, horse feed, hardware, and some appliances. It was a very unique all in one store to say the least. Rushing from aisle to aisle, Lucky was on a mission. He was looking at more than dishwashers. Looking at prices the prices they were high. I could see that he was mildly irritated. Lucky reluctantly bought a dishwasher and they would deliver it next week, we were going to be gone so Lucky had to arrange someone be there to take delivery. It was starting to get dark. With a few household items and auto supplies

we left the store. On the way home all of a sudden, “look out!!” Lucky put on the breaks and slow down. We almost hit a big elk crossing the road. Lucky said “he’s an Imperial, that old 7 point bull elk has been around this area for years”. Lucky has seen him before and he escapes hunting season every year. He’s very smart. I am thinking how smart is he really to miss being shot but almost get clobbered with a truck. Back at the Lucky Q we sat down for another home cooked meal. Lucky told me that a rancher in over in Oklahoma took the same name as his ranch. Lucky said his ranch was the first one named Lucky Q. He thinks that farmer saw the Ranch name, maybe driving by and liked it, then he used it for his farm. What’s not to like in the name! We ate all the leftovers so Lucky had to make a pot of stew. Moose stew. It took a while to cook. We caught up on this and that. I have eaten game meat before but I was a little reluctant on this new meat. Time to eat…yummy and we washed it down with sourdough bread too. Wow…It… was… maybe the best stew I ever ate. I am not sure if I can change eating habits. We have been eating a lot of home cooked meals. The road will be filled with guessing on greasy spoons and dives to eat. I am getting spoiled on all this good food. We talked about what our road plans should be. I told Lucky about a place called Little Creek in northwest Washington. Some good players will be there at a tournament. “I know most of them.” Lucky said “I want to keep a low profile” “remember we might be too visible there” He wasn’t sure but he’d think about going there as a rumor was that venue has changed. Anyway it was a couple of weeks away. First he wanted to go see his friend Alex Stoop in Oregon who was going to have bone marrow transplant. Lucky wanted to give Alex a few words of encouragement and support. Alex’s friends are having a fundraiser to help with cost of this major procedure. Lucky mentioned going towards Montana, North Dakota area. Our original plan was to hit a bunch of little action locations where little known players hung out. It was good chance to pump up our “bank roll”. We plan to be on the road for about three weeks in the first stretch. Once we get out there we will hear from other players where the action is. When we come back regroup then decide on where to go for an extended Road trip. One more day of practice, then we should have a clear plan as to why, where, and what before we leave the driveway.

January 2011 - Rackem Magazine 5

Jethwa and Peters Capture Tour Championship Event

Ming Ng, Courtney Peters

Sylver Ochoa, Andy Jethwa, Raul Escobedo

The $3,000 added Lone Star Billiards Tour Championships were hosted by Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar this past weekend, December 11th-12th, and sponsored by Poison Billiards, Delta-13 Rack, James Barnett,,, APA of North Harris County, and Roger Allen Cue Repair. Players from all over the South competed for over $13,000 in prize money with a record number of entries that totaled 111. There were 72 entries in the Open 9-Ball division which included Jason Brown, T.J. Davis, Brian Sanders, David Henson, James Davis Sr., James Davis Jr., Derek Fontenot, Ernesto Bayaua, Sylver Ochoa, Andy Jethwa, and Raul Escobedo. The One Pocket division drew a mighty 18 players while the women’s side drew a full field of16 that boasted Ming Ng, Courtney Peters, Terry Petrosino, Teresa Garland, Kim Pierce and others. Local juniors Joey Torres, J.C. Torres, Michael Fain, James Parvala, and Johnny Lopez also competed in their division for $150 in prize money. Saturday’s play reduced the Open 9-Ball field to 16 for Sunday, the One Pocket division to 12, while the women’s event commenced. The main event winners’ side saw Raul Escobedo v. Sonny Bosshamer, T.J. Davis v. Barry Strickland, Victor Rojas v. David Henson, and Andy Jethwa v. Ernesto Bayaua. On the one loss side it was Brent Thomas v. Sylver Ochoa, Jason Brown v. Bobby Perez, Roy Payton v. Denis Strickland, and Brian Sanders v. Brian Hickman. When the dust settled, it was T.J. Davis and Andy Jethwa who battled for the hot seat, while Sylver Ochoa was eliminated by Jason Brown 7-1 and Dennis Strickland eliminated Ernesto Bayaua 7-6. This pitted Brown v. Escobedo on the one loss side where Brown fell 7-5. Brown, who lost his second match, won 9 consecutive matches and finished in 4th place. T.J. Davis, who lost his bid for the hot seat 9-7, was also eliminated by Escobedo 9-5. In the final, Jethwa defeated Escobedo 9-5 and secured his second tour win of 2010. Congratulations to Raul Escobedo on his highest finish to date, and Bobby Perez on his first top16 finish. The ladies’ event was full of heated competition and a few surprises. Courtney Peters defeated Amanda Hill 7-2, Kim Pierce 7-4, Terry Petrosino 7-3, Ming Ng 7-6, and secured the winner’s side. Belinda Lee and Deanna Kniola finished an honorable 5th6th. Angela Martinez upset Terry Petrosino 5-4, but was eliminated by Ng 5-3. The final match was a real nail biter. Ng missed a crucial 8-ball at 6-5 to tie the match. Peters then pocketed the 8-ball but ran into the 9-ball which forced her into a bank shot. She fired the ball cross-side in to win 7-5. Congratulations to the undefeated Courtney Peters on her first tour win and Angela Martinez on 3rd place and her highest finish to date! Jason Brown took the One Pocket division by storm. He defeated Derek Fontenot, Sonny Bosshamer, Denis Strickland, and won his bid for the hot seat against James Davis Sr. who was on a roll of his own. On the one loss side, Strickland eliminated David Henson but fell to Davis Sr. who in turn lost to Brown in the final 3-1. Congratulations to Jason Brown for his excellent play and sportsmanship. The Tour acknowledged several contributors and accomplished players through an awards ceremony held on Sunday. Brian Rosenbaum and Teresa Garland received the

Jan 22nd Bogies Billiards Houston, TX Feb 12th Crazy 8’s Port Arthur, TX Mar12th Houston’s Billiards Houston, TX Apr 9th Q-Stix Billiards Houston, TX $1350-$3000 added each event 4-Divisions: Main Event, Ladies, One Pocket and Juniors Contact Kim White 713-825-1411 6 Rackem Magazine - January 2011

Jason Brown

Most Improved Player award; Loretta Lindgren received the Perfect Attendance award; James Barnett, Carlos Ledson Miller, and Eugene Lee all received special awards for their continued support of the Lone Star Tour. This event paid TRIPLE POINTS, so it was a race to the finish line. The Tour recognized its top point leaders in each division with plaques at the close of the event. Charlie Bryant retained his #1 ranking and became the 2010 Tour Champion; Sylver Ochoa, Andy Jethwa, and Ernesto Bayaua followed in the rankings. Ming Ng retained her #1spot; Terry Petrosino and Courtney Peters followed her respectively. All of these players received Poison Cues, Delta-13 Racks, and other products for their year-long efforts. Congratulations to these 7 outstanding competitors! The APA of North Harris Country contributed 8 beautiful trophies for Sunday’s ceremony and became the newest sponsor of the Lone Star Billiards Tour along with Roger Allen Cue Repair who also donated product for this event. LSBT extends many heartfelt thanks to these gentlemen. The Tour extends its deepest appreciation to Bobby Rone, owner of Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar, for his tireless efforts to enrich the world of billiards, especially through Lone Star events. The General Manager, Glenn Thompson and the entire Bogies’ Staff, provided unmatched hospitality and professionalism throughout the weekend. Thanks to a concerted effort, the event ran flawlessly and was undoubtedly the best of 2010. We hope you will join us back at Bogies on January 22, 2011 for our first 8-Ball Bar Table event. The tables will be open. The Lone Star Billiards Tour wishes all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a prosperous 2011. PAYOUTS: 1st $1,000 2nd $700 3rd $450 4th $320 5th-6th $210 7th-8th $175 9th-12th $140 13th-16th $90

Andy Jethwa Raul Escobedo T.J. Davis Jason Brown David Henson, Denis Strickland Sylver Ochoa, Ernesto Bayaua Sonny Bosshamer, Barry Strickland, Victor Rojas, Brian Sanders Brent Thomas, Bobby Perez, Roy Payton, Brian Hickman

AUCTION: 1st $2,095; 2nd $1,480; 3rd $1,180; 4th $590; 5th-6th $200; 7th-8th $90 LADIES’ PAYOUTS: 1st $300 2nd $220 3rd $150 4th $80

Courtney Peters Ming Ng $ Angela Martinez Terry Petrosino

AUCTION: 1st 260; 2nd $170 ONE POCKET: 1st $560 2nd $420 3rd $288 4th $144

Jason Brown James Davis Sr. Denis Strickland David Henson

AUCTION: 1st $480; 2nd $330 JUNIORS: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

$60 $40 $25 $15 $10

Joey Torres James Parvala J.C. Torres Johnny Lopez Michael Fain

2010 World Junior 9-Ball Champions Crowned

The United States was host to the for another chance to play Miller XIX World Pool-Billiard Association in the finals and made quick work (WPA) World Junior 9-Ball in the semi-final match against Championships on November 29th Anastasia Nechaeva of Russia by - December 1st. Junior billiard winning 7-1. In the one set finals champions 19 years or younger match, the swift shooting style of traveled from around the globe to Miller was put to a halt when at Reno, Nevada to compete for the six games each, Bryant won three world titles in both the boys’ and consecutive games, giving Bryant girls’ divisions. Twenty different the match win 9-6 and the world countries from six continents were title. Miller took the well deserved represented, and at the end of silver medal. the tournament, North America Also representing the United dominated the girls’ division with States in the 16 player girls’ a gold and silver medal, while division was BEF Junior National the boys’ division claimed a silver Champion Liz Lovely and Jauslinn medal. The United States Pool Arnold. Arnold won two thrilling Players Association (USPPA) and 7-6 matches against Zhi-Ting Wu Rail Bird Project produced this 2010 WJC Medalists: L-R: Ruslan Chinahov (RUS), Francisco Ruiz-Sanchez (ESP), Jesse Engel of Taipei and Natalia Seroshtan of (USA), Brittany Bryant (CAN), Briana Miller (USA), Anastasia Nechaeva (RUS) prestigious junior event alongside Russia before losing to Bryant and the WPA World Wheelchair 9-Ball Championships at the Peppermill Resort. Nechaeva. Arnold finished in a strong tie for fifth place, while Lovely finished tied for The feature story this year was Brittany Bryant of Canada winning her second thirteenth. gold medal and crowned the 2010 WPA World Junior 9-Ball Champion of the girls’ In the boys’ division, Jesse Engel of the US stormed through the winner’s division. Bryant began strong, winning her match against Hee-Joo Kang of South bracket with victories over Manuel Ederer of Germany 9-4, Ryan Spence of Canada Korea 7-4 and then defeated the 2009 WPA World Junior 9-Ball Champion Keng 9-3 and Marcos Garcia of Nicaragua 9-5. Engel then faced the defending champion Chun Lin of Taipei 7-5. Bryant later bested Jauslinn Arnold of the US 7-3 before Ruslan Chinahov of Russia, winning 9-6 and later sent Francisco Ruiz-Sanchez facing Briana Miller of the US to compete for a guaranteed position to play in the of Spain to the one-loss bracket in a close match 9-7. Engle was now the only finals. undefeated player and only one match away from the title. Meanwhile, Briana Miller, the determined 15 year old from Pennsylvania, made In the semi-final match, Sanchez shattered any hope that former champion her way through the winner’s bracket by edging ahead of long time rival Samia Chinahov had to defend his title, by winning decisively 9-1. Sanchez then charged Konishi of Japan 7-6. Then, Miller defeated Simone Kuenzl of Germany 7-3 and ahead for a rematch with Engel. The final match was filled with excitement as the also won a thrilling match 7-6 after trailing by 4 games against Karen Garcia of two boys were competing for one of the most prestigious titles of their career. In Nicaragua. the end, with a final score of 11-6, Sanchez would be the one accepting the gold With Bryant and Miller the only two standing in the winner’s bracket, the fierce medal and crowned 2010 WPA World Junior 9-Ball Champion. Engel took honors to Miller sent Bryant to the one-loss bracket by winning handily 7-3. Bryant was anxious become the “2010 Silver Medalist.” Among the field of 31 boys that competed in the event were US favorites Danny Olson, finishing tied for seventh place, the BEF Junior National Champion Landon Shuffett, finishing tied for ninth place, Billy Thorpe, finishing tied for seventeenth and Brendan Crockett, finishing tied for twenty-fifth. Other North American players include Canada’s Ryan Spence and Pod Shognosh, finishing tied for seventeenth and tied for twenty-fifth respectively. BOYS’ DIVISION: Ist - Gold: Francisco Ruiz-Sanchez (ESP) 2nd -Silver: Jesse Engel (USA) 3rd - Bronze: Ruslan Chinahov (RUS)

GIRLS’ DIVISION: 1st - Gold: Brittany Bryant (CAN) 2nd - Silver: Briana Miller (USA) 3rd - Bronze: Anastasia Nechaeva (RUS)

January 2011 - Rackem Magazine 7

NEW YEAR BRINGS NEW EVENTS TO Q-SPOT Artistic Cup IV TULSA, OK The new year is bringing many changes and opportunities at Q-Spot Family Billiards, in Tulsa, OK. In the past, the Friday night 8 ball tournaments and the Saturday night 9 ball tournaments have been for 7 and under players. Beginning in January, the tournaments will change. The current Friday and Saturday tournaments will be for 6 & Under players and an open tournament will be offered on a week night for players of any rating. Call 918-7796204 for more information.

training facility for the BCAPL National Referee Class. A full 22 hours of classroom training will be provided. For anyone who is interested in becoming a referee, the $125 fee is due no later than January 7th. Contact Bill Stock, BCAPL Director of Referees at (702) 719-7665 or Buddy Eick, BCAPL Director of Referee Training at (405) 226-8979 or e-mail to bca_referee@ The class does NOT include the 8-12 hours of floor time required, which may be completed at events where approved BCAPL referee training observers are available.

The second weekend of January will be a busy one! From Friday, January 14 through Sunday, January 16th, the pool hall will also be a

If you are interested in BCA league play, please call Cheetah at the Q-Spot (918-779-6204) to sign up for the up-coming league event.

ST CHARLES, MO The Artistic Cup IV had a smaller field in

Lag Challenge Champion: Tom “Too Kool” Kinzel

attendance than previous years, but that didn’t give anyone reason to have less fun. In fact, some competitors commented that the smaller field actually made this year’s event a little more special. The 2010 event was held at Side Pockets in St. Charles, MO over the weekend of December 2nd - 5th. Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman is the big man behind this annual event. Although he is a strong artistic pool competitor and professional trick shot entertainer, he is a very humble, yet energetic man who puts as much excitement as possible into his events, each year. Also worthy of recognition is his wife, Marty “Ms. Cue” Rossman, who is constantly on the move to ensure everything flows smoothly. This year, the special addition to the main event was the lag competition. Anyone could enter the mini lag event for only $5 per person. A high enough score qualified players for entry in the national event held Saturday night. Quite a few entered and turned out some impressive scores! Jenn Sweatt took first place in the mini lag event. Tom “Too Kool” Kinzel gave it his all and won the national lag competition. In the main event, players strove to execute selected trick shots in less attempts than their competitors. Top winners were: 1st - Florian “Venom” Kohler, of France, 2nd - Jeremiah “Daddy-O” Owens, 3rd - Jason “The Tiger” Kane and 4th Chris “Tricky Shot” Woodrum. Jason “The Michigan Kid” Lynch broadcast the event live via for viewers who were unable to attend. This annual event is supported by many sponsors, which strongly contributes to its success. The 2011 event is already in the planning stage. Find more information about past and future events at http://www.artisticpool. org 8 Rackem Magazine - January 2011

Europe Storms to Mosconi Cup Triumph! USA 8 – 11 Europe

Luke Riches, Matchroom Sport: luke.riches@ E U R O P E are the 2010 PartyCasino. com Mosconi Cup champions after Darren Appleton and then Ralf Souquet took the requisite two points to see their side over the line for their third triumph in four years. It was Souquet who downed the winning 9 ball – a repeat of the 2007 event when he beat Rodney Morris for an 11-8 win. This time his victim was Corey Deuel and the York Hall erupted as the German’s team mates charged into the arena for some wild celebrations. "This is the greatest feeling on earth to make the final 9-ball and make us win, “said a jubilant Souquet. The MVP Award went to Darren Appleton who won the hearts of the crowd with a string of marvellous performances filled with superb shot making under pressure. His record of two singles and two doubles points with a single defeat was unmatched by any other player in the event. “You can't win the Mosconi Cup without playing like a team and the lads have been amazing,” said Appleton. “I played really well but a massive part of it has been down to the crowd and it was very easy to feed off the crowd - the bigger the crowd the better I play. "We had a lead overnight and that set us up for today and the guys played awesome. The emotion is just crazy. We had a great spirit in the camp, the crowd were fantastic and were our sixth man. "When we came here you just think about playing well for the team and win it for your

team and your nation. You don't think about yourself but obviously it's a great bonus to win

Team Europe - Champions

the MVP so I'm very happy with how I played. "It's really difficult to get into the European team as there are that many great players. It's really hard to make the team but hopefully winning the MVP gives me a chance of getting in next year's event as well." For captain Johan Ruijsink, it was his third Mosconi Cup following a win in Vegas in ’07 and a draw in Rotterdam in ’06. "I haven't lost one yet and it's an honour to be the European captain, but I would like to thank Matchroom for staging such a great event again and thank you to the opponents. “If they weren't such worthy opponents it wouldn't have been such a great Mosconi Cup. Last of all I would like thank my team. They stuck to the plan and we did it." England’s Karl Boyes, who was the only rookie in the event, completely dispelled any doubts about his ability to handle it with a string of match-winning performances. "I've watched a lot of Mosconi Cups being a sports fan and everyone has always said Bethnal Green is the place it should be. On the first night I saw the crowd shouting and chanting and it was just unbelievable. Everything has

just been awesome," said Boyes. The teams entered the evening session with Europe needing two points and the Americans three, and it was Darren Appleton who fired Europe within one point of victory with a stunning performance that put him right in line for the MVP award. He beat Shane Van Boening 6-2 in what was a 50/50 match on paper but the man from Pontefract put in his best show of the week to put his team on the hill. Appleton played some magnificent shots under pressure including an eye-catching table length draw shot as he overwhelmed Van Boening. That set the scene for Souquet to bring the Cup home for Europe. It was a disappointing weekend for the Americans who were always in it but fell away in the critical closing stages. "They played well so congratulations to the Europeans. They outplayed us all week and we just have to take it and wait for next year," commented Rodney Morris. Notes: Matchroom Sport are one of the world’s leading producers of televised sport and are responsible for over 1,000 hours of original programming across a range of nine sports. Based in the UK and chaired by charismatic founder Barry Hearn, the Mosconi Cup is one of a stable of pool events that include the World Cup of Pool and the World Pool Masters. The 2010 Mosconi Cup is sponsored by, the world’s leading online casino. Tables are supplied by Brunswick Billiards, cloth by Iwan Simonis, Super Aramith balls by Saluc and the Official Cue is Predator.

January 2011 - Rackem Magazine 9

10 Rackem Magazine - January 2011

Doug Williams Tops the Field Sharky’s Billiards was the host of Mantei’s level of playing, “He’s the 20th stop on the All-American playing out of his tree,” an ACS/Lucasi Tour December 10-11 outstanding compliment in pool in Sedalia, MO. The weekend was playing circles! Mantei finished kicked off Friday night with the 99er third, the same spot he won in last double elimination 9 ball tournament. year’s competition. In a field of sixteen players, Jim Helt Now it was down to the final of Brighton, MO dominated and won match; Williams versus Pace. the tournament. Coming in second Coming up from the losers bracket, was Mark McCaleb, Bloomington, Pace would have to “double-dip” IL, and claiming third was Dean Williams to claim the championship. Foster, Diamond, IL. Just out of the It looked like Williams wasn’t going money in fourth place was Greg to open the door even a crack in the Mantei of Camdenton, MO, who match as he came out shooting and plays out of Sharky’s Billiards. took the first three games in a row The highlight of the tournament Saturday’s 8B Tournament winners: 2nd place, Russ Pace, Tipton, MO – 1st place, Doug Williams, without skipping a beat. Pace finally Pontiac, IL – 3rd place, Greg Mantei, Camdenton, MO – 4th place, Don Crump, Laddonia, MO. weekend was the 8 ball tournament found his zone and came back to on Saturday and the field of twenty-six win the next five games. All Pace was tough! National “Master” player Jamey needed was one more victory to claim first Martin, Camdenton, MO was in attendance. place. Williams was not going down without National “Advanced” player Gary Wallut, a fight, though, and he buckled down and Deepwater, MO, came to shoot. The 2007 won the next three games giving him the tour winner, Lloyd Moreland, Camdenton, win and first place. MO, and the 2009 tour winner Andy Fifth and sixth place winners were Craig, Springfield, MO, returned to claim a Cory Smith, Sedalia, MO, and Mark second title. Previous MO-KAN ACS team McCaleb, Bloomington, IL. Seventh and champions in 2008, Jeff Paxton and Steve eighth place winners were Rich Tefertiller, Allee, Sharky’s players and both of Sedalia, Greenfield, MO, and Dean Foster, Diamond, brought their cues to claim a place and the IL. As the highest placing American Cue 2009 MO-KAN ACS team champions Cory Sports league member, Greg Mantei also Smith and Kevin Kares, also of Sedalia, won free entry into the 2011 ACS Nationals were shooting. Chris Wilder, Chenoa, IL, Friday night’s 9B Tournament winners: 2nd place, Mark McCaleb, Bloomington, held in Las Vegas, NV. IL – 1st place, Jim Helt, Brighton, MO - 3rd place, Dean Foster, Diamond, IL. who has placed in the money every year In honor of all veterans and the Army returned with five strong Illinois players. versus Navy game - also played on Saturday Doug Williams, Pontiac, IL, swept the winners bracket in races to six. In - Sharky’s Billiards and Modern Day Veterans, Chapter 402, awarded free round one he defeated Paxton 6-4, round two he took out Frank Summers, entry into the next tournament at Sharky’s to the highest placing Missouri Chenoa, IL, 6-1, and in round three he trounced Kares 6-0. That brought him veteran of the weekend tournaments. That honor went to Navy veteran Jim to round four and Williams was on a roll. Mantei was sent to the losers bracket Helt, Brighton, MO, who placed first on Friday in the 9 ball tournament. with a 6-4 score as was newcomer to Sharky’s tournaments, Russell Pace Sharky’s Billiards will host a 14.1 Continuous Tournament December 31, of Tipton, MO, in the fifth round. Now all Williams had to do was wait for the 2010. outcome of the losers bracket. Don Crump, Laddonia, MO, was sent to the losers bracket in round one by Helt. Crump battled through six more rounds of competitors to claim fourth place in the seventh round against Pace who moved on to play Mantei for third. Pace swept the match 5-0, a score which doesn’t come close to reflecting the intensity of the matches. National Advanced shooter Gary Wallut was heard to say of


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January 2011 - Rackem Magazine 11

Nesto steam rolls thru the field undefeated!!! both wanting the win to get a shot at Bobby Gonzaled who was waiting in the Q Stix Billiards was the last stop of the year for the Texas Amateur Tour held wings. In the match it went game for game till 6-6, over the weekend of the 18-19th of December. then Victor got the last 3 games to take the match The event had $900 added and saw players from down and move on to face Bobby G. along way for this one. We had them from as far The finals of the one loss side saw Bobby as Odessa,Texas. We would like to thanks those Gonzales face Victor Rojas and what a treat this who made that long journey and hope to see match was, it went hill-hill and on the case game them again. Bobby broke had no shot rolled out, cue ball froze Things kicked off Saturday with 58 players in the to the end rail, Victor ponders for a few minutes amateur division and was played down to the final then makes the best shot of the tournament, an 16 who would come back and fight it out for the amazing back cut on the 1, BUT then came the green on Sunday. This event unlike the past few tragedy, the side pocket swallowed the cue ball. did not see as many upsets. The final 8 of the With ball in paw Bobby disposed of the rack and winner side on Sunday looked like this: Victor got his chance at Ernesto again in the finals. Rojas vs. Cesar Arechiga, Bobby Gonzales vs. The finals was very brief and the fastest match Will Felder, Ray Porter vs. Ernesto Bayaua, and played all weekend it seemed, and Ernesto came Raymond Cardenas vs. Roy Payton. (l to r) Bobby Gonzales, Ernesto Bayaua, Victor Rojas out firing on all cylinders and scored an impressive 11-4 victory. Congrats to The Sunday shakedown went something like this, Victor got by Cesar 11-5, Ernesto for his victory, he shot super all weekend long. Bobby 11-5 over Will, Ernesto 11-3 over Ray, and Roy 11-4 over Raymond. The The second chance event was chopped by Don Bullard and Ricki Casper. next round saw Bobby squeak a tight one out over Victor 11-8 to earn a berth Congrats. in the hot seat match and on the bottom half of the bracket Ernesto blitzed Roy We would like to thank all of our sponsors,, 11-0. This set up a match that went game for game all the way up to 8-8, then Jay Helfert, author of Pool Wars and Gil Castillo of We Ernesto got the last 3 racks to secure the win in the hot seat match over Bobby. would also like to thank room owner J.J and Vanessa Rone. The one loss side 13-16th place round started out with Chris Young over Brian 1st $720 Ernesto Bayaua Rosenbaum 9-7, Bill Fain over Gerald”Topwater”Jackson 9-5, Jose Delacruz got 2nd $475 Bobby Gonzales by Richard Rodriguez 9-5, and Sonny Bosshamer 9-6 over Adam Farr. The 9-12th 3rd $275 Victor Rojas place round went down like this Ray Porter over Sonny B 9-6, Jose Delacruz 4th $170 Roy Payton squeaked by Raymond Cardenas 9-8, Bill Fain knocked Cesar Arechiga out 9-4, 5-6 $115 Bill Fain, Ray Porter and Will Felder beat Chris“Happy Hour”Young 9-5. Up next the 7-8th place round 7-8 $90 Will Felder, Jose Delacruz saw Bill over Will by a score of 9-5, and Ray over Jose 9-6. So to the 5-6th place 9-12 $65 Chris Young, Cesar Arechiga, Raymond Cardenas, Sonny Bosshamer round and we saw Roy Payton rabound and score a win over bill Fain 9-5, and 13-16 $45 Brian Rosenbaum, Gerald Jackson, Richard Rodriguez, Adam Farr on the other half Victor Rojas ended Ray Porters day 9-6. This made for the 4th For more information visit: place match up between two seasoned warriors, Roy Payton and Victor Rojas,

12 Rackem Magazine - January 2011

In My Opinion by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow

Should a pool player be paid at the end of the tournament?


We all remember the IPT, so one would have to ask oneself, is it becoming a trend, “I’ll send you the money” or “give you a check”? Then by the time you get home and deposit it... it bounces! Where will it all end? Even in the December issue of Billiard Digest, Darren Appleton agreed to have 4 payments of $10,000 wired to him on successive Friday’s in November. This is not the first time this has happened. When will someone step up and take the lead? Whether it is a national tournament or a local tournament something has to change. I talked to a Minnesota player about getting paid by check, getting home to only find out the check bounced. With numerous calls to the bar in Great Falls that went unanswered for almost a month ... I have not heard from him whether the check was made good but who knows. Are the players so glad to finally get paid they forget all that happened? They may never return to THAT tournament but what happens to the next unsuspecting player? The same thing? This used to happen and very few players ever found out. Thus allowing this to happen again and again and even when the players found out, they are still lured by the promoter or tournament because of the money! The latest event to come to our attention was the recent USPPA Pro Am Tournament held at the Peppermill Reno Resort and Spa December 1-5, 2010. Rumors were circulating around the billiard blogs about the event and the fact that some of the players had not been paid their winnings once again! Could this be another tournament that failed to fulfill their obligations to the players? I asked Tony Annigoni of the USPPA if he understood how this looked, whether right, wrong or indifferent, this looks bad for the USPPA and pool in general. He answered, “We were unbelievably disappointed that this happened.” With the widespread use of the internet and pool blogs, word spread and so did the rumors. In order to get to the truth, you must go to the source and ask the questions. To that end we contacted the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino and Dana Shores (Leisure Sales Director) issued the following statement. “Peppermill Resort Spa Casino was the headquarter hotel for the USPPA/Two Cushion Club - Pacific Rim Billiards Expo that took place November 28-December 5, 2010. Peppermill provided the venue for the Billiards tournament but was not involved in billiards tournament registration, rating or handicapping of billiards players, collection of billiards tournament registration fees or payment of billiards tournament prize monies.” Our concern was that the Peppermill was mentioned in the rumors as having been in some respect responsible for the non-payment. According to their statement, they were not. It is important to gather as many facts as possible to make an informed decision. Tony called me and he openly spoke about the USPPA Pro Am and some of the problems that arose during this particular event. He said that, “ We never had a problem like we had with this last one, but the checks are going out, until we moved locations and the procedures were quite different. Because of the absence of the event last year, 2009, we chose not to have a cut off date. Because of that we had to verify that every person that played in the event was qualified to receive free entry into the poker event.” All of the USPPA players had free entry into the poker tournament and Tony commented that, “The poker tournament was an incentive for our players to play in the pool tournament.” Tony went on to further explain that because poker is a gaming event there is much stricter regulations to be followed than with the pool tournament. Tony mentioned that he had personally called every player to let them know when the check was going out and when they could expect payment. To that I asked Tony how the players reacted since they hadn’t gotten paid at the event and haven’t gotten paid so far? He replied, “A certain number of players have gotten paid. Every player I called, with the exception of 6 or 7 players said that they were fine with it and didn’t anticipate any problems getting paid.” Tony said that there were issues with handicapping, player qualification and paypal and after they verified people’s payments, qualifications and made sure that no one was violating any of their policies payment was going out the 31st of December and everybody would be paid in full. Tony assured me that policies have already been put into place so that the players will be paid by check at next year’s event and they will be able to cash that check before leaving the Casino. The question is will Tony pay? I can’t answer that, but the longer it takes, the worse it is. It has now been three weeks and counting. We will be keeping on top of this and will let you know what we find out in upcoming issues of The Break. Any questions email

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DATE Jan 6-9 Jan 8-9 Jan 8-9 Jan 8-9 Jan 15 Jan 15-16 Jan 15-16 Jan 21-29 Jan 21-29 Jan 21-29 Jan 22 Jan 22-23 Jan 28-30 Jan 29-30 Jan 30 Feb 5-6 Feb 10-13 Feb 11-13 Feb 12 Feb 12-13 Feb 12-13 Feb 18-20 Feb 19-20 Feb 21-27 Feb 21-27 Feb 21-27 Feb 25-27 Feb 27 Mar 5-6 Mar 12 Mar 12-13 Mar 16-20 Mar 26-27 Apr 1-3

CITY LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED Mt Pleasant, MI Soaring Eagle Casino (920) 206-6355 8-Ball & 9-Ball 6 Divisions Call $10,000 N Little Rock, AR MacDaddy’s (580) 483-2115 All Star Tour $30+g.f. Call Faribault, MN Knights of Columbus (507) 838-7299 Seco Varani 8-Ball & 9-Ball $75 each $1,000 Houston, TX Bogie’s Billiards (832) 725-9750 Tiger Amateur Tour $50 $1,000 Burnsville, MN Shooters Billiards (507) 210-7558 MPA 8-Ball on 7’ Diamonds Call $1,000 Waukegan, IL Legends Billiards (847) 599-7710 Simonis 8 Ball Challenge all $550/$950 Blue Springs, MO Twin Strokes (816) 224-6188 All Star Tour $30+g.f. Call Elizabeth, IN Derby City Classic (812) 288-7665 9 Ball Banks $110 $10,000 Elizabeth, IN Derby City Classic (812) 288-7665 One Pocket $135 $15,000 Elizabeth, IN Derby City Classic (812) 288-7665 9 Ball $160 $25,000 Houston, TX Bogies Billiards & Games (281) 821-4544 Lone Star Tour 8-Ball on Bar Tables $45/$65/$25 Call N Little Rock, AR Krome’s Bar & Grill (580) 483-2115 All Star Tour $30+g.f. Call Alpena, MI Alpena Holiday Inn (231) 625-2114 Players Promotions Women Call Call Racine, WI Outbreak Billiards (262) 638-0821 8 Ball McDermott Cue Classic Call $400/$600 Midland, MI Big D’s Bar & Grill (989) 839-9815 Big D’s 9-Ball Call $250 min. Thibadoux, LA CueSports (985) 227-9841 All Star Tour $30+g.f. Call Shakopee, MN Midwest Regional (702) 719-7665 Singles & Team Regional Varies $10,000 Alpena, MI Alpena Holiday Inn (231) 625-2114 Players Promotions B-Players Call Call Port Arthur, TX Crazy 8’s (409) 960-7399 Lone Star Tour 9-Ball on 8’ Tables $45/$65/$25 Call Dallas, TX Hawley’s (580) 483-2115 All Star Tour $30+g.f. Call Bellflower, CA CSI (702) 719-7665 Jay Swanson Memorial Call $4,000 w/192 Alpena, MI Alpena Holiday Inn (231) 625-2114 Players Promotions A-Players Call Call Spring, TX Big Tyme Billiards (832) 725-9750 Tiger Amateur Tour $40 $1,000 Reno, NV CSI (702) 719-7665 U S Bar Table 10-Ball (M/W) Call $6000/$1000 Reno, NV CSI (702) 719-7665 U S Bar Table 9-Ball (M/W) Call $6000/$1000 Reno, NV CSI (702) 719-7665 U S Bar Table 8-Ball (M/W) Call $6000/$1000 Alpena, MI Alpena Holiday Inn (231) 625-2114 Players Promotions Mixed Call Call Midland, MI Big D’s Bar & Grill (989) 839-9815 Big D’s 9-Ball Call $250 min. Houston, TX Big John’s Sports Bar (832) 725-9750 Tiger Amateur Tour $40 $750 Houston, TX Houston’s Billiards (713) 825-1411 Lone Star Tour 10-Ball on 8’ Tables $45/$65/$25 Call Milwaukie, WI Romines Billiards (414) 281-2212 BCW SE Exravaganza 9 Ball Call $400/$600 Rapid City, SD SD State 8 Ball (605) 342-0530 SD State 8-Ball Singles & Teams Call Call Watch it LIVE on presented by Tiger Products Oshkosh, WI Varsity Club (920) 651-0806 Mueller 9 Ball Championship Call $550/$950 Saratoga, WY Platte Valley Open (307) 329-8924 9-Ball 3 Divisions $60-$160 $9,000 Watch it LIVE on presented by Tiger Products

TIME Call Call Call 1 PM 11 AM Call Call Noon Noon Noon Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call 1 PM Call Call Call Call Call 1 PM Call Call Call Call 6:00PM

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Feb 19-20, 2011 February Freeze Tacoma, WA

Mar 16-20, 2011 SD State 8-Ball Rapid City, SD

Apr 1-3, 2011 Platte Valley Open - WY

Apr 8-10, 2011 MCMOA Montana State 8-Ball

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14 Rackem Magazine - January 2011

January 2011 - Rackem Magazine 15

Rackem Magazine January Issue 2011  
Rackem Magazine January Issue 2011  

Ring in the new year with the January Issue of Rackem Magazine and enjoy new for Pool Players in the Midwest. Results, upcoming events, colu...