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The Blessing of Internet

The internet started around 1950, It has blessed us with many wonderful things such as news, games and questionable movie clips.

Mojang AB

Bringing you information Mojang and their games.

Network cards

Are you lost in the world of technology, well we can’t help you with all of that but we can provide you with Fredriks FAQ about network cards

Censorship on the Internet

People call it the end of the internet freedom of speech. Others call it the end of free information. The big entertainment companies see it as their savior.

Mediacompanies sees it as their grimreaper, Internet users see it as an easy way to share material.

Welcome to our magazine! Our magazine contains a variety of stuff! From information about Mojang, to the origin for Internet and the agreement that might censor Internet! We here at MotD want to bring you the joy of reading about Mojang and some non-relevant stuff about the Internet and Censorship. If you don’t know anything about network cards and you are in fatal danger, make sure to read our Frequently Asked Question section about network cards. We are bringing you the most popular and interesting news about the internet. If you’re interested in Megaupload or about Kim Schmitz make sure to read our great article about censorship. If you like the internet and some of the things it contain, you came to the right place!

Read about... Megaupload on page 4 Read about... Mojang on page 5 Read about... Fredriks guide on 6 Read about... Blessing of the internet on page 7 Read about... Censhorship on page 8 Mediacompanies sees it as their grimreaper, Internet users see it as an easy way to share material (legal or not). This is a short article about Megaupload and its creator. Megaupload is a filesharing website, which doesn’t mean that they’re handling illegal and copyrighted material/products. They’re almost like a website based dropbox, where you need to have a link to reach the material. You could easily share material with anyone that had access to the URL. was shut down after the fact that SOPA and PIPA were postponed. The creator of Megaupload is a German, finnish person named Kim Schmitz, or his more known nickname Kim Dotcom. This isn’t the first time Kim Dotcom might go to prison; Kim Dotcom was sentenced prison time for making false statements that his intentions were to to invest 50 million euro in a close to bankrupt company, which he had invested 375 thousand dollars in. This made the stock value to raise with 300%, and Kim Dotcom sold his share of the company and earned 1.5 million euro. Kim Dotcom took a loan to make this happen, but what he didn’t know was that the fund payers and the bank went bankrupt as well, because of the loan. He took the loan from the bank because he couldn’t afford paying the stock holders, himself. Which is considered to be fraud, and he had to serve one year and eight months of prison and pay a fee of 100.000 euro. Megaupload servers are based in Hong Kong, but FBI shut down the servers and website anyway. The American Government then sent people to New Zealand,

where Kim Dotcom lives and arrested him there. Kim Dotcom isn’t the CEO of Megaupload as of 2011 for unknown reasons. What a lot of people state, and which I agree upon. “Suing Kim Schmitz for his website is like suing a bank manager because one of their customers had illegal material in their vaults.” There are some reports that the companies that pushed the American Government to do something against him, felt threatened because of a feature Megaupload was about to launch. A music service, that got around the music Copy right Infringement from the companies, where they wouldn’t make as much money as through other services, like iTunes for example and so on. If you just watch the userbase that megaupload had (they were responsible for 4% of all the internet activity in 2010) they have 180 million registered users, and all of the 50 million unique visits per day. At one point, they even were the 13th most visited page in the Internet world. So, you could understand why the media companies felt threatened by their product idea. Kim Schmitz risks up to 50 years of prison. Not only for helping copyright infringement, racketeering false ID’s, illegal weapons and a bunch of other things. Interesting facts: Kim “Dotcom” Schmitz got arrested in his mansion near Auckland in New Zealand. This might seem normal, but his mansion is worth over 30 million USD. He also owns a lot of expensive and fancy cars, with a variety of license plates. Such as: Guilty, Mafia and Evil, just to mention a few!

Mojang AB Mojang AB is a Swedish game company that was founded by Markus Persson (Notch). The name “Mojang” comes from the Swedish word “mojäng” which in English means tool or gadget. The company Mojang has made three games. “Minecraft” which now is fully released, “Cobalt” which is in the alpha statement and “Scrolls” that they still are creating. Because of the name “Scrolls” Zenimax (the company that develops the games from the game company Bethesda Softworks) sued Mojang. They claimed that Mojang copied the name from the game series “The Elder Scrolls”. Markus Persson announced on 18 October, 2011 that Mojang has won the interim injunction. Minecraft is Mojang’s most popular game. The game is known worldwide and it has been out for almost three years. While in the game you can do almost anything you can think of. You can build, explore and you can also make technical contraptions. It’s popular with in all ages for a reason. The first statement of the game “Alpha” was released in public on May 17, 2009. The full version of Minecraft was released on November 18, 2011. Minecraft isn’t only for PC but also for iPhone and Android. They are working on getting it to working for Xbox 360. At first there wasn’t that much in the game compared to how it is after the newest update. The biggest update in the game’s history was the update 1.8. The upgrade was delayed by one month because of the amount of things they put in the game at the same time. The biggest things they putted in the game in that update was a new biome generator, one new mob (Endermen) and the ability to play in creative mode. The thing with creative mode is that you can do everything. You break blocks in one hit and you have an unlimited amount of blocks to place. Another thing is that you also can fly and can’t die unless you dig down to “the void”, bottom layer of the world. Cobalt is a 2D survival, action and shooting game. You play as a cyborg robot and the mission is to survive as long as possible. You start at round one with the default weapon. You get money by killing the enemies that are trying to kill you.

With the money you can buy new weapons, explosives, etc. You gain points by killing your enemies. You can’t do anything with the points you get. It’s that after you die the points will be saved as a high score. The game includes a game editor where the players can make their own maps and levels. Cobalt is also an engine that can be used to create different modes and completely new games. The game is still in the Alpha statement so it will still get a lot of new updates just like it was for Minecraft. Mojang still doesn’t have a date for when the game will get fully released. Scrolls is a card/board game designed by Markus Persson and Jakob Porser. It was first conceived and developed by Jakob Porser. Scrolls were Mojang’s second game and were announced on March 2, 2011. The game is in the strategy genre. Your goal is to outmaneuver your opponent using the power in your “magical scrolls”. Scrolls will use Unity game engine, which will allow the game to run on multiple gaming platforms. Fun fact: On January 13, 2012 Markus Persson tweeted that Mojang would “silently shut down and”. He said that as a protest against SOPA and PIPA. Markus said that Mojang is strongly and uncompromisingly against SOPA and similar laws.

Fredriks guide to computers. Today network cards: Q: What Is a network card? A: It´s the component that allows you access to the internet(Word Wide Web also known as “WWW”) or home/business network. Q: Is there something called bad network cards? A: Of course there is , but it mostly depend on that quality you want and what standard you want. If you got a slow network means that you don’t need a fast network card, or if you got a slow computer you don’t need a fast network card. Q: What to think of when I am buying a network card? A: First you need to know what you have for a motherboard so you can buy something compatible but if you have your doubts so can you always ask them at the store. Q: How to install a network card. A: You will need a “ESD” (anti static wrist strap) so the card wont brake when you are installing it and then it just to put you new network card in the slot.

The Blessing of Internet The internet was started around 1950 and has become the biggest source of information over the entire world featuring something for everyone such as adult movies, games, news or just a place where you can talk to other people without leaving your house. But where does it come from, why was it invented and by who? Every second around 28 000 internet users watch pornographic material. A teenager averages about 31 hours on-line every week, out of those hours they watch porn for about two hours, three hours chatting with friends, two hours watching YouTube or sitting in a chat room. In comparison, a teenager spends about four hours every week on homework. This was all made possible by the development of computers back in 1950 as the government of the U.S.A. realized they could get computers to communicate with each other. Early on it was only point-topoint communication between a mainframe and a terminal. But from that packet switching developed and computers were now able to communicate faster and better. Packet switching is when the transmitted data is grouped into suitably blocks, saving time and making it easier to send data to the targeted address. Less time spent on decoding or rerouting large amounts of information meant that computers didn’t have to overload their processing units. With less power needed the internet became an option for society and those who didn’t actually need it at that time. The internet started to evolve and is now the largest system of interconnected computers and even if you don’t believe it, the U.S.A. was the first country to organize

such a system. At first it was only made to share information between different universities and high schools considering that the distance between them is vast. The internet was originally created in order to share information faster than possible at the time, meaning that they could get results whenever the different universities wanted without requiring anyone to send it by mail. The first network was ARPANET which was founded by DARPA of the United States Department of Defense in the mid-20th century. This system became the dominant way of communication over networks. TCP/IP evolved from the ARPANET, allowing computers to specify how data should be formatted, addressed, transmitted, routed and received. This meant that they were able to handle even larger networks and could share information between computers better than ever before. This was the first internet ever created and made public. At first there was no easy way of navigating the web, there were no DNS’s. DNS means Domain Name Server and it’s used by internet operators to provide users with IP addresses by for example writing an URL (Uniform Resource Locator, your basic web address) into your web browser which sends that URL do the DNS and the DNS then searches for an IP attached to that URL which is then used for locating your targeted website.

Censorship on the Internet

to Sweden, no new strict laws or anything. But other countries are going to be affected.

People call it the end of the internet freedom of speech. Others call it the end of free information. The ACTA is the only “active threat” to Internets’ freedom big entertainment companies see it as their savior. of speech right now, according to some, as the other This is a quick run-through on what SOPA, PIPA and bills have been postponed. The first public document ACTA are supposed to be: of ACTA was uploaded to Wikileaks. According to U.S politician Lamar S. Smith brought up a bill in that draft, it was going to allow governments to shut the parliament, called Stop Online Piracy Act, also down websites associated with non-commercial called SOPA. Its main purpose is to stop file sharing copyright infringement, this agreement was called containing copyrighted “The Piratebay Killer” in material, and allowing US the media. ACTA would government to shut down allow countries to take acwebsites and other medias tion against other countries’ outside the United States, servers, if they would join as well as bringing people in the agreement of ACTA, to justice, even though and shut them down if they their servers and people had copyrighted material involved aren’t US citizens. that was illegally distributed Senator Patrick Leahy to others. wanted to issue a bill that The reason why people are went under the name against these acts is the fact PIPA. The acronym stands that if copyrighted material for Preventing Real Onis reassembled online for line Threats to Economic everyone to see they can Creativity and Theft of shut off that household from Intellectual Property Act of accessing the internet till 2011 (fancy name, right?). it’s resolved and bills/fees The bill would allow U.S are paid. Megaupload was Government and copyright holders to take down one of the sites that got shut down by the government. “rogue websites” and other websites/servers, especially Filesonic decided they didn’t want to be shut down in other countries. The bill is actually just a remade completely, so they removed the “filesharing” part of version of an old bill, which got voted down, COICA their website. So, it’s like Dropbox now. But you can’t (Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeshare anything, just upload things to yourself. its Act). As of right now, the PIPA bill is postponed There were several websites that protested against until “issues about the bill are resolved and questions SOPA and PIPA with a blackout of the site. Google, answered”. Flickr, Reddit, Minecraft, Wikipedia, Craigslist, Elder Scrolls Wikia and 4chan, just to mention the bigger ACTA is the European version of SOPA and PIPA. The names of the 75 000 participants in the international main focus of ACTA, is medicine and other physical protests. items to have a “law” that makes it harder to copy things from other companies, so called Trademark I can see why this law is needed, what I can’t see on the imitation. This is a stricter version of Copyright, the other hand, is why they need such harsh punishments. difference that also includes medicine recipes and al- A high fee and a chance of prison time. I have an lows countries to take action outside their boundaries. example of this in another article (page …). This law The whole thing isn’t set up as a law in any countries will change some laws in other countries, but Sweden yet. But there are several countries that have signed already has FRA and Ipred, which covers most of the the “idea” of the law, 22 in total. Some of the countries requirements. are: Sweden, Poland (where they are having protests against that their government signed ACTA), AusPeople are against ACTA, because ACTA makes it tralia and Japan and a variety of different countries. impossible for artists that are trying to share their ACTA isn’t a law, it’s more of an agreement than own music, to share it and get people to notice their anything. ACTA is not going to add anything new existence. People used places like Megaupload and

other file sharing websites to share their bands’ music. People are also claiming that ACTA is made by people with billions in their bank account and also supporting trademarks and businesses with billions in their bank account. Helping them to get even more money in their accounts. If they’re enforcing this agreement on everyone the ravine between rich and poor will grow bigger. ACTA is also going to increase the usage of DRM (Digital Rights Management), which means that if you’re using an unofficial device for the product, it’s illegal and you will be treated as a criminal. You’re not allowed to make or use modifications for games that’s DRM protected and if Windows or IOS gets DRM-protected, you’re not allowed to use Bootcamp (allows Windows to be used on IOS or vice versa) anymore. SOPA, PIPA and ACTA would censor a big part of the internet if it got put through. I’m against the more hardcore parts of the laws/agreements, but I do however support and agree about their purpose.

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