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Friday, January 12, 2018

January 20-21

Rendezvous in Normandy as French studs show off their stallions Full map and guide to the farms opening their gates An investigation into the spate of new sires across the Channel Feature on Montaigu as they launch the career of Wings Of Eagles


So many reasons why a trip across the water is a real must


ALMOST feel guilty recommending the Route des Etalons so heartily, as I know that for many who work hands-on with horses it isn’t easy to drop everything and head off to Normandy on a jolly; especially as the foaling season gets into full swing. But this year more than any other it’s worth trying to find the time to cross the Channel on the weekend of January 20-21 to inspect the stallion talent that French farms hold within them. There has been a rash of high-class horses retired in Normandy, including a Derby hero in Wings Of Eagles, a European champion in Almanzor and four new faces on the Al Shaqab roster, to complement the exciting, more established names in the region’s ranks such as Dabirsim, Le Havre and Siyouni. The Racing Post’s French correspondent Scott Burton investigates the reasons behind the surge in sire power in our opening feature, while on pages 10-11 Isabel Mathew speaks to Aliette Forien about launching her homebred Wings Of Eagles (below) at Haras du Montaigu. Wings Of Eagles is one of my six must-see stallions on the Route, as outlined on page five. Not forgetting the less heralded horses, with another half-dozen worth making a detour for listed li d on page eight. i h The centre pages are your essential map and directory of studs to help you plot your journey. So, with all those sires to see and of course the gastronomic delights that a stay in Normandy offers, it really is worth making space in the diary to get there. The promise of a bottle of Calvados on return would make the ideal sweetener when it comes to asking someone to deputise on foaling watch.

Martin Stevens

route des etalons

Friday, January 12, 2018 racingpost.com

A TOUR DE Why the Normandy sire scene is stronger than ever



N a tour of Al Shahania’s stud and training facilities in Qatar a couple of years ago I was amused to discover purebred A Arabian filly Kahraman n blissing out during her feed to o the unmistakable

strains of ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’. Many will argue there is a Beatles tune for just about any occasion but, when casting an eye across the huge renewal of stallion blood currently underway in Normandy, it is their contemporaries Buffalo Springfield who seem best to capture the mood – “There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.” Eleven individual Group 1 winners will begin their stud careers in France this covering season, including not just last year’s Derby winner but three Prix du Jockey Club heroes. In very recent memory the notion that – taking them in strict chronological order of their ‘Derby’ successes – any one of The Grey Gatsby, Almanzor, Wings Of Eagles or Brametot would be stationed

first in France, would have been cause for celebration among local breeders, as well as perhaps a little surprise further afield. That the owners of all four have selected Normandy to launch their respective careers marks a sea change. And of course the roster of star names who will debut in 2018 doesn’t begin and end with those that struck June glory at Epsom or Chantilly. Ultra, Ectot and Elm Park all recorded Group 1 success at two, something which they share in common with three of the stars of what might be termed the nouvelle vague of the French stallion ranks, namely Siyouni, Wootton Bassett and Dabirsim. That leaves four more newcomers with exceptional claims – both in terms of their

racecourse performances and their genetic heritage – in Al Wukair, Our Ivanhowe, Zarak and Zelzal. Bubbling under the headline Group 1 acts are a cluster of interesting recruits which again blend attractive racing CVs with bloodlines that should attract plenty of interest. And as France returns to blooming health as a major player in the stallion market, then owners have followed the example of those who relocated Dream Ahead and Dabirsim to Normandy early in the careers, with Reliable Man, Pastorius and Shamalgan all heading across the Rhine from Germany, while Toronado adds yet more firepower to Al Shaqab’s burgeoning station at the Haras de Bouquetot after three years standing at the National Stud in Newmarket.

Racing Post Friday, January 12, 2018

route des etalons


What does a Champion two-year-old look like?

A picturesque scene at Haras de Bouquetot, where Toronado this year adds yet further firepower for Al Shaqab

Come to Logis and find out: we’ve

A landmark year

What has led to this rush of potential new talent being established? After all, it is not news to anybody in European racing that France boasts an excellent system of breeding and prize-money incentives as well as generations of know how in the art of raising horses. The president of the French Thoroughbred Breeders’ Federation, Loic Malivet, believes there is a combination of factors at work. “We always used to get a few foreign breeders who would send their mares but not that many,” says Malivet. “Now they’re coming in greater numbers and base their broodmare bands in France. The premiums definitely help on that score. “On top of that, some have

not been content to just have their mares covered here but have kept the offspring to be trained and raced in France.” In fact, not so long ago it was not just foreign-based breeders but many of the major French-based operations who looked predominantly to British, Irish or US-based stallions. “Fifteen or twenty years ago the French stallion ranks were filled with renowned names but we went through a difficult period more recently whereby Group 1 winners were unlikely to stand in France the first year they were retired to stud,” says Malivet. “We might get them back after a period of time at a foreign stud, in Ireland, Britain or Germany. “But 2018 is a landmark year, first of all for the number

of horses that will be standing in France, and above all the quality of those new recruits.”

Virtuous circle

France Galop director general Olivier Delloye picks up on the theme, and points to a line in the sand drawn several years ago by some key players. “I believe there is virtuous circle which has operated for several years now,” says Delloye, who witnessed the fluctuations in the French stallion market first hand during ten years with Arqana before joining France Galop. “First, there has been a growth in the number of stallions stationed in France at a relatively high level. We saw several major players take a conscious risk in choosing France: the Aga Khan sent vvContinues page 4

got three of them, including undefeated French Champion juvenile of 2015, Ultra – plus his sire, Manduro, the best sire of two-year-old G1 winners in France. LOOK

Authorized, Bow Creek, Hunter’s Light, Manduro, Masterstroke, Rio de la Plata, Sidestep, Slickly and Ultra: on show at the Route des Etalons, 21 January, from 10.30am until 4pm.


Contact Julian Ince: +33 (0)2 33 36 21 20 or +33 (0)6 03 52 05 64 or Anthony Picot: +33 (0)6 16 87 35 84 or Antonin Pelsy: +44 (0)7436 283583 www.darleystallions.com www.harasdulogis.com


4 vvFrom page 3

some stallions he re and among them turned up Siyouni; and you had Gerard AugustinNormand with Le Havre and also Guy Pariente with Kendargent. “The se pe ople made a conscious decision to establish their stallion prospects here, backed by their own mares and sometimes through syndication. “There was also an element of chance that came into play in these operations producing those three horses that I would say are now beyond doubt recognised as improvers of stock and arevery much in demand.” There is little doubt that French owners and breeders showed collective determination to help establish the re putations of the ne w wave of stallions and to that extent deserve any luck going. But the remarkable run of first-season or early-crop sires producing Group 1 winners must be one of the single most powerful motivating factors for those who now seek to establish the Class of 2018. Just among the Classic heroes and heroines, the list is impressive: Avenir Certain and La Cre ssonnie re for Le Havre ; Ervedya for Siyouni, Almanzor for Wootton Bassett and now Brametot for Rajsaman. All were conceived at a time when their sirewas standing for a relatively low introductory fee. Kendargent is often

route des etalons regarded as something of a fairytale success, given that when he retired to the nascent Haras de Colleville it was at a fee of just €1,000. But that would be to overlook the enormous investment made by Pariente in supporting him. Similarly Le Havre now stands at €60,000, having started off in 2010 at £5,000, whileSiyouni opened up a year later at €7,000 and will be fully booked once again in 2018 at €75,000.

Success breeds success

Delloye’s virtuous circle makes full reference to the infrastructure and the incentives in place in France, but he is the first to admit that success breeds success. “Yes there are the premiums and yes there are good farms with very good staff but the emergence of these sires has made France more and competitive and more attractive,” says Delloye. “The environment as it exists now encourages more investors to make it their choice to station their stallion.” And as day follows night, stallions who recently began their careers elsewhere are now being relocated to this booming market. “Look at a horse like Dabirsim, who began his career in Germany,” says Malivet. “I was very disappointed he wasn’t retired to a French stud first up but now he’s come back here at a

time when his results on the racecourse have been very good and that to me is a good sign.” Delloye adds: “In recent years we’ve seen more European shuttling with stallions such as Intello and Charm Spirit, and now the relocation to France of horses like Dabirsim and Reliable Man very early in their careers. That proves that Franceis viewed in a very different light than beforeand that it is viewed far more favourably in terms of the stallion market and the potential to stand horses at €15,000 or more.” The re are of course plenty of small and mid-level French breeders for whom that elite band of Normandy stallions – as well as Almanzor or one of last season’s star recruits like Shalaa – have quickly moved out of reach. But the re are those among the 2018 intake who weigh in at considerably less: Montfort and Preaux’s Recorder – a son of Galileo bred and raced by theQueen – is on offer at €6,000; Haras du Quesnay’s Attendu (by Acclamation) as well as Bouquetot’s Ectot (Hurricane Run) at €5,000; and Balios (Shamardal) standing at Haras de Hoguenet for €2,500. As for the wider world, the bocage-lined lanes of Normandy will be filled with horse transporters of every nationality this covering season.

Cooper casting net

Formerly the owner of the famous Normandie Stud in West Sussex, Philippa Cooper has built up one of the most important independentlyowned broodmare bands in Britain. And she will be perming established stars with newcomers and relocated stallions in her choice of nine French-based covers this year. “This year I’m casting my net wider in the sense that I’m using Almanzor as well as [Haras du Thenney’s] Reliable Man, who I’m a big fan of,” says Cooper. “I would have used him while he was in Germany but it was a bit too far to send my mares. I’vesent nine mares to France this year: two are going to Zarak, two to Siyouni, two to Almanzor, two to ReliableMan as well as one to Wootton Bassett. “The balancce of power has really shifted and I’m lucky in a way in that I’m independent and I don’t ha ave to pin my colours to anyybody’s mast. I think they havve some fabulous stallions and I just hope that Almanzor and d the rest can do well.” Cooper wass first drawn across the n channel when n the Aga Khan switched Dalakhani – tthe sire of her Irissh St Leger hero m Duncan – from d in Gilltown Stud

Friday, January 12, 2018 racingpost.com

Kildare to Haras de Bonneval. Infirmity in Dalakhani (not coincidentally the sire of Cooper’s new beau, Reliable Man) led her to try LeHavre and she has been coming back to France ever since. “I’m debating – and will make my decision soon – whether to keep some mares in France,” says Cooper. “It would make more se nse in a way since I don’t have a stud anymore, while the owners’ and breeders’ premiums would be a big help to me if I chose to have some horse s traine d there. “I’m hoping to have more fun now I’m not tied to thestud so why not have some horse s trained in France?” It is thevery model of Delloye’s virtuous circle. And the whole French stallion scene has a whiff of Buffalo Springfield’s revolutionary ode. ode “It’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound. Everybody look what’s going down.”

SIRES RETIRING TO FRANCE IN 2018 Group 1 winners

Al Wukair (Bouquetot) Almanzor (Etreham) Brametot (Bouquetot) Ectot (Bouquetot) Elm Park (Saz) Our Ivanhowe (Thenney) The Grey Gatsby (Petit Tellier) Ultra (Logis) Wings Of Eagles (Montaigu) Zarak (Bonneval) Zelzal (Bouquetot)

Selected other retirees

Attendu (Quesnay) Balios (Hoguenet) Birchwood (Huderie) De Treville (Thenney) Johnny Barnes (Granges) Kingfisher (Mont Goubert) Magneticjim (Haie Neuve) Recorder (Montfort et Preaux) Shaiban (Barbottiere) Storm The Stars (Lion) The Th Anvil A il ((Grand Chesnaie) Victory Son ng (Preux) Whittecliffsofdover (Haie Neuvve)

Moving to France

qoos (Fleury) Naaq Pasttorius (Hetraie) Reliaable Man (Thenney) Sham malgan (Graandcamp) Torronado (Bouquetot)

Recorder: on offer at €6,000 with Montfort et Preaux

Racing Post Friday, January 12, 2018


route des etalons

Six big guns you must see on the French tour

Martin Stevens with his pick of the unmissable stallions in Normandy


Pedigree 5yo b Wootton Bassett-Darkova (Maria’s Mon) Stands: Haras d’Etreham Driving into Etreham has always felt like you are entering a royal park, with grand, tree-line avenues and sweeping vistas of parkland surrounding the stud. The analogy has never been so apt, as the property is now home to a true king in Almanzor, who ruled the 2016 Flat season to be crowned champion in Europe. The five-year-old defeated Zarak by clear water to land the Prix du Jockey Club and remained unbeaten for the rest of his Classic season, taking in victories in the Prix Guillaume d’Ornano, Irish Champion Stakes and British Champion Stakes. Visitors to Etreham can also see Almanzor’s exciting young sire Wootton Bassett, who stands alongside him, as well as Australian shuttler Scissor Kick and the excellent jumps sire Saint Des Saints among the seven-strong roster.


9yo b Hat Trick-Rumored (Royal Academy) Haras de Grandcamp Dabirsim was the revelation among last year’s class of first-season sires, with his first crop conceived in Germany at a fee of €9,000 yielding 19 winners including Albany Stakes winner and Cheveley Park Stakes runner-up Different League. The reputation of the son of the Sunday Silence stallion Hat Trick has unsurprisingly soared, with his fee at Haras de Grandcamp – where he has stood since 2016 – increased more than threefold to €30,000 for 2018, and two of his yearlings having commanded €500,000 each at last autumn’s sales. Dabirsim is not the only Sunday Silenceline stallion at the stud, as he stands alongside Deep Impact’s son Martinborough. A Grade 3 winner in his native Japan and new to France last year, it will be intriguing to see if he picks up more support from those breeders frozen out of Dabirsim’s more expensive price. Shamalgan, a high-class son of Shamardal who formerly stood in central Europe, was bought by Dabirsim’s owner Simon Springer at Arqana last month and has been installed at Grandcamp. He, too, should pique breeders’ interests on the stallion tour.


Le Havre

11yo b Pivotal-Sichilla (Danehill) Haras de Bonneval Head to the Aga Khan’s picturesque Haras de Bonneval, with its unusual semi-circular main yard, for a glimpse of a horse who can be regarded as not only one of the most exciting stallions in France, but in Europe and indeed the world. The first four crops by Siyouni – conceived at a fee of just €7,000 – have yielded numerous stars, with Classic heroine Ervedya emerging from his debut runners and last year’s Fillies’ Mile winner Laurens and unbeaten, wide-margin Prix Thomas Bryon scorer Sacred Life among his last inexpensively bred juveniles. In more recent years Siyouni has commanded much larger fees, and he has covered many of Europe’s leading ladies, including the Aga’s exceptional racemare Zarkava in 2016. Vying with Siyouni to be centre of attention at Bonneval on the Route des Etalons will be Zarak, the Group 1-winning son of Dubawi and Zarkava who has been retired to stand at the stud this year.

12yo b Noverre-Marie Rheinberg (Surako) Montfort et Preaux Thanks to unwavering support from his owner Gerard Augustin-Normand and the team at Montfort et Preaux, in terms of quality and quantity of mares sent to him as well as purchasing his young stock and racing them, Le Havre has risen to become one of the most expensive sires in France, standing at a fee of €60,000 this year. The Prix du Jockey Club hero is sire of seven individual Pattern winners and five of them have either been bred or raced by Augustin-Normand and Montfort et Preaux, including all his three runners to have struck at the highest level – the dual Classic winners Avenir Certain and La Cressonniere and David O’Meara’s Grade 1 scorer Suedois. Le Havre is not the only attraction at Montfort et Preaux, which changed its name from Haras de la Cauviniere last year. He is joined by Rajsaman, the source of last year’s Poule d’Essai des Poulains and Prix du Jockey Club winner Brametot, and new recruit Recorder, a Group 3 winner bred and raced by the Queen.

The Grey Gatsby

7yo gr Mastercraftsman-Marie Vison (Entrepreneur) Haras du Petit Tellier Enjoying the first few months of a well-earned retirement is The Grey Gatsby, who contested no fewer than 18 Group/Grade 1s among 28 races over five seasons for trainers Kevin Ryan and Dermot Weld and owner Frank Gillespie. Not only was the son of Mastercraftsman an admirable performer, but he was also quite brilliant in his heyday, which he illustrated best when taking the scalp of Australia to take the Irish Champion Stakes. The Grey Gatsby was a natural fit to start his second career in France, as he was sold twice in Deauville – first as a yearling for €24,000 and as a two-year-old for €120,000 – and he stormed to a three-length victory in the Prix du Jockey Club. There is also a Gallic flavour to his pedigree, as he is a half-brother to Dream Land, a prolific winner in France, out of a mare who was Listed-placed at Saint-Cloud and is a granddaughter of Prix de la Salamandre winner Maximova.

Wings Of Eagles

4yo b Pour Moi-Ysoldina (Wings Of Eagles) Haras de Montaigu Expect Montaigu to be as busy as the Gare du Nord during the Route des Etalons, as breeders and enthusiasts flock to see the first French-bred Derby hero in more than half a century back at his birthplace also becoming an exceedingly rare winner of the Epsom Classic to start his stallion career in France in the process. Wings Of Eagles won only two races in a career abbreviated by injury, but no matter as one of those was the most important Flat race of all. His storming late run to deny stablemate Cliffs Of Moher, with Cracksman and Capri in behind under the unheralded jockey Padraig Beggy made it a Derby for the ages. Wings Of Eagles was noted for his outstanding looks and it will be intriguing to see how he has let down, having been retired from racing since finishing a valiant third in the Irish Derby last July. He is not the only draw at Montaigu, either, as the stud is also home to fellow Group 1 winner Prince Gibraltar and the champion jumps sire Martaline among others.


Route Des Etalons

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Contact Details: E: haras-de-bernesq@wanadoo.fr Phone: 02 31 22 48 96 Opening Hours: SAT: 10.00am -12.00pm 2.00pm - 4.00pm SUN: 10.00am -12.00pm 2.00pm - 4.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: HANNOUMA, VOL DE NUIT


Contact Details: E: georges.rimaud@agakhanstuds.com, marilyn.charlton@agakhanstuds.com Opening Hours: SAT: 9.30am - 4.30pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: DARIYAN, SIYOUNI, ZARAK


Contact Details: E: malex@montfort-preaux.co Phone: +33 (0)6 20 99 10 15 Opening Hours: SAT: 9.00am - 4.00pm SUN: 9.00am - 4.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: SHALAA, PLANTEUR, STYLE VENDOME, OLYMPIC GLORY, ZELZAL, TORONADO AL WUKAIR, BRAMETOT, ECTOT




Contact Details: E: malex@lacauviniere.com Phone: 06 26 59 19 18 Opening Hours: SAT: 9.30am - 5.00pm SUN: 9.30am - 5.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: LE HAVRE, RECORDER, RAJSAMAN


Contact Details: E: contact@harasdecolleville.com Phone: 06 22 94 25 76 Opening Hours: SAT: 10.00am - 4.00pm SUN: 10.00am - 4.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: KENDARGENT, GALIWAY, GOKEN


Contact Details: E: haras-de-la-croix-sonnet@wanadoo.fr Opening Hours: SAT: 9.00am - 4.00pm SUN: 9.00am - 4.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: RED DUBAWI, WALZERTAKT, KHALKEVI


Route Des Etalons

Racing Post Friday, January 12, 2018


Contact Details: E: champion@etreham.com Phone: 02 31 92 40 84 Opening Hours: SAT: 10.00am - 4.30pm SUN: 10.00am - 4.30pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: SAINT DES SAINTS, ELUSIVE CITY, WOOTTON BASSETT, MASKED MARVEL, KAMSIN, SCISSOR KICK,ALMANZOR


Contact Details: E: ielhermite@wanadoo.fr Phone: 06 87 82 12 76 Opening Hours: SAT: 9.30pm - 5.00pm SUN: 9.30pm - 5.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: EVASIVE, ZANZIBARI, AMERICAN DEVIL, DABIRSIM, DREAM AHEAD, MARTINBOROUGH



Contact Details: E: haraslahetraie@orange.fr Opening Hours: SAT: 9.30pm - 5.00pm SUN: 9.30pm - 5.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: BATHYRHON, KAPGARDE, SILVER FROST, GEORGE VANCOUVER, GREAT PRETENDER, TOP TRIP, PASTORIUS


Contact Details: E: anthony@hoguenet.com Phone: 06 08 84 02 01 Opening Hours: SAT: 10.00am - 5.00pm SUN: 10.00am - 5.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: PENNY’S PICNIC, CANYON CREEK, MONTMARTRE, BALIOS, MANATEE


Contact Details: E: beranger.bussy@wanadoo.fr Opening Hours: SAT: 10.00am - 6.00pm SUN: 10.00am - 6.00pm STALLION ON VIEW: BIRCHWOOD

12 LO S

13 LO S SA NT ER A N Contact Details: E: logisstgermain@wanadoo.fr Opening Hours: SAT: 09.00am - 12.00pm 2.00pm - 4.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: FRENCH FIFTEEN


Contact Details: Phone: 02 33 26 51 12 Opening Hours: SAT: 10.00am - 4.00pm SUN: 10.00am - 4.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: CREACHADOIR, KIKUJIROU



Contact Details: E: haras@mezeray.com Phone: 02 33 39 12 87 Opening Hours: SAT: 10.00am - 4.00pm SUN: 10.00am - 4.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: MUHTATHIR, MYBOYCHARLIE



Contact Details: E: harasdumontgoubert@hotmail.fr Opening Hours: SAT: 9.30am -5.00pm SUN:9.30am -5.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: TRIPLE THREAT, MORANDI , KINGFISHER, BRAVE MANSONIEN, ALEX THE WINNER


Contact Details: E: Haras.du.petit.tellier@wanadoo.fr Opening Hours: SAT: 10.00am - 4.00pm SUN: 10.00am - 4.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: MESHAHEER,THE GREY GATSBY, ELVSTROEM, VESPONE


Contact Details: E: v.rimaud@lequesnay.com Opening Hours: SAT: 9.30am - 4.30pm SUN: 9.30am - 2.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: ANODIN, ATTENDU,YOUMZAIN, MOTIVATOR

Contact Details: E: harasdulogis@orange.fr Phone: 06 03 52 05 64 Opening Hours: SAT: 10.30am - 4.00pm SUN: 10.30am - 4.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: SLICKLY, RIO DE LA PLATA,MANDURO, AUTHORIZED, HUNTER’S LIGHT, SIDESTEP,BOW CREEK, EXOSPHERE, MASTERSTROKE,TIBERIUS CAESAR, ULTRA



Contact Details: Phone: 06 08 58 21 36 Opening Hours: SAT: 10.00am - 5.00pm SUN: 10.00am - 5.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: NO RISK AT ALL, LITERATO, MARTALINE, NIGHT WISH, PRINCE GIBRALTAR,WINGS OF EAGLES


Contact Details: E: rosetgri.stud@hotmail.fr Phone: 06 13 71 43 34 Opening Hours: SAT: 10.00am - 5.00pm SUN: 10.00am - 5.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: GREEN BELL, PRINCE DES BOIS, VASYWAIT


Contact Details: E: larissa@haras-de-saint-arnoult.com Phone: 06 27 60 21 09 Opening Hours: SAT: 9.00am - 5.00pm SUN: 9.00am - 5.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: CAPTAIN MARVELOUS, STORMY RIVER, SOMMERABEND, DAVIDOFF


Contact Details: E: office@thenney.com Opening Hours: SAT: 9.30am - 4.30pm SUN: 9.30am - 4.30pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: DE TREVILLE, IVANHOWE, RELIABLEMAN, AMARILLO, COCKNEY REBEL, MAWATHEEQ, POMELLATO, SPANISH MOON



Contact Details: E: harasdevictot@free.fr Phone: 06 15 42 21 05 Opening Hours: SAT: 10.30am - 12.30pm 2.00pm - 5.00pm SUN: 10.30am - 12.30pm 2.00pm - 5.00pm STALLIONS ON VIEW: KINGSALSA, VATORI, GEMIX, MY RISK

24 TRO S


Contact Details: E: info@harasdestroischapelles.com Phone: +33 (0)613021416 Opening Hours: SAT: 10.00am - 16.00pm SUN: Closed STALLIONS ON VIEW: SUPPLICANT


route des etalons


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Pedigree 10yo ch Carlotamix-Ges (Hours After) Stands: Haras de Victot Haras de Victot is one of many studs in Normandy that are as worthy of visiting for their architecture as for their equine incumbents. The historic property – the birthplace of Sea-Bird, no less – boasts sun-dappled yards with timberframed stabling and even an adjoining chateau with a moat. And the stallions within are not too shabby either. They include the great French hurdler Gemix, a dual winner of the prestigious Grande Course de Haies d’Auteuil who gets to pass on his jumping talent as he was left ungelded. The son of Carlotamix has his first two-year-olds on the ground, although obviously as embryonic jumps stars we should not expect to see them on the racecourse for a little while yet.

2 Great Pretender

19yo b King’s Theatre-Settler (Darshaan) Haras de la Hetraie This rare son of the late multiple champion jumps sire King’s Theatre has assembled a long list of talents on both sides of the English Channel and National Hunt fans in particular will be well acquainted with his sons Great Field, Ptit Zig and Mr Mole. The stallion has some serious new talents emerging too. Claimantakinforgan, winner of a Grade 2 contest at Ascot for Nicky Henderson over the festive period, is among the favourites for the Supreme Novices’ Hurdle at Cheltenham, while Cracking Smart was a length second to Next Destination in the Grade 1 Lawlor’s of Naas Novice Hurdle this month. Another for the sire – as short as 3-1 for the OLBG Mares’ Hurdle at Cheltenham – is Benie Des Dieux, the easy winner of a Listed mares’ chase at Carlisle for Willie Mullins recently. Great Pretender’s studmates at Hetraie, including the stalwart Kapgarde and newcomer Pastorius, make this stud a required rendezvous for jumps fans on the Route.

3 Myboycharlie

13yo b Danetime-Dulceata (Rousillon) Haras du Mezeray Myboycharlie must count as one of Europe’s most underrated sires, top level having supplied top-level harline, winners Euro Ch gy Jean, Jameka and Pegg along with last yeear’s nnerPrix de Diane run up Sistercharlie, with little fanfare. Still, that means his fans are able to use him at a fee of just €5,000, 3 making him a considerable bargain. o It should be no

Half a dozen gems worth unearthing 5


surprise Myboycharlie is able to throw a top-class performer, considering he beat Natagora to win the Prix Morny by two lengths and finished third behind New Approach and Rio De La Plata in a hot National Stakes. A trip to see him at Haras du Mezeray also gives the opportunity to see Muhtathir, sire of Doctor Dino and Pacha Du Polder, and perhaps even a glimpse of the 1987 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe winner Trempolino, ust turned 34 and whose well ju eearned curmudgeonliness has become a notorious talking point for visitors.

4 Planteur

11yo b Danehill Dancer-Plante Rare ((Giant’s Causeway) as de Bouquetot Hara Shaqab Racing’s stallion roster Al S boasts no fewer than at Bouquetot B fivee fresh faces in 2018 – Group/ ade 1 winners in Al Wukair, Gra ametot, Ectot, Toronado and Bra Zelzzal – but don’t disregard one of

the stud’s longest-serving residents, Planteur, on your trip there. Planteur was a decent two-year-old himself but, considering he eventually excelled over ten furlongs and he hails from the stout family of Peintre Celebre, it was expected his stock might take time to come to hand. However, his first crop of two-yearolds in 2017 threw up 13 winners including three stakes performers. Planteur deserves his share of attention, as an admirable performer who raced from two to six for Elie Lellouche and later Marco Botti. He won the Prix Ganay, finished second in the Prix du Jockey Club and Grand Prix de Paris and ran third in the Dubai World Cup – twice. All that, and he stands at just €4,000.

5 Reliable Man

10yo gr Dalakhani-On Fair Stage (Sadler’s Wells) Haras du Thenney French breeders can consider

themselves very fortunate to not only have the choice of a host of highachieving colts retiring to stud in Normandy this year, but also some noteworthy gains in the transfer market. One such established sire who is making his debut in the region is Reliable Man, winner of the Prix du Jockey Club who shuttled between Germany and New Zealand and offto a conspicuously strong start with his first European two-year-old runners last year. He supplied the winners of two of the four Group races for two-year-olds held in Germany – Erasmus and Narella – and has also impressed with his early southern-hemisphere representatives. Haras du Thenney has three new recruits for 2018. Besides Reliable Man, they are German and Australian Group 1 hero Our Ivanhowe and De Treville, a Group 3-placed son of Oasis Dream and Dar Re Mi.

6 Sidestep

7yo b Exceed And Excel-Dextrous (Quest For Fame) Haras du Logis This shuttler between Darley’s stallion bases in Australia and France was the talk of last year’s Route des Etalons, with many pilgrims on the trail won over by his stunning looks. Sidestep was among the best of his generation at two down under, winning the Pago Pago Stakes and finding only Overreach too good in the Golden Slipper, and later in his career he beat the champion New Zealand filly Bounding to take a Group 2 over six furlongs. He has a fantastic pedigree, too, as a half-brother to the top-class pair Ambidexter and Skilled out of a Group 2 winner from the family of champion Emancipation and Caulfield Cup scorer Railings. Sidestep is another who delivers more than his fee suggests, available at Haras du Logis for just €4,000.

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ULYSSES 2013 Ch esnut. Galileo – Ligh t Sh ift (Kingmambo)

Dual Group 1 winner by GALILEO out of Oaks winner LIGHT SHIFT Won 5 races, including the Gr.1 Juddmonte International and Gr.1 Coral Eclipse Stakes. Also 2nd Gr.1 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes and 3rd Gr.1 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe and Gr.1 Prince of Wales’s Stakes.

Defeated 21 individual Group 1 winners including CHURCHILL, BARNEY ROY and DECORATED KNIGHT. Timeform rated 130. The highest rated GALILEO of 2017.

Retiring to Cheveley Park Stud in 2018 Fee: £30,000 (1st October SLF)

Cheveley Park Stud Duchess Drive, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9DD +44 (0)1638 730316 • enquiries@cheveleypark.co.uk • www.cheveleypark.co.uk • L@CPStudOfficial



route des etalons

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Route des Étalons

Please come & visit us, you are all very welcome

Le Havre

60.000 € L.F.


8.000 € L.F.



6.000 € L.F.




INGS OF EAGLES winning last year’s Derby may have come as something of a surprise, but the colt showed victory was no fluke when he finished third in the Irish equivalent a few weeks later, despite suffering a careerending injury. In the autumn, it was announced the son of Pour Moi, who himself had flown the French flag at Epsom by taking the Classic for Andre Fabre in 2011, would be returning to his birthplace to take up stallion duties with his breeder Aliette Forien at Haras de Montaigu in Normandy. “To have the opportunity to stand a homebred who was the first French-bred Derby winner for more than 50 years is very special,” says Forien. “I’m delighted Coolmore took the decision to send him to us. It’s a dream come true.” Wings Of Eagles was a maiden winner at two, and finished runner-up in the Chester Vase before the Derby. He will stand his first season at a fee of €12,000, the same as the Aga Khan Studs’ new recruit Zarak. “We thought a lot about where we wanted to situate him in the French stallion market,” Forien continues. “We didn’t want him to be so expensive that he didn’t have the mare numbers. The final decision we made has been well received by breeders, though, so he should be very popular. Physically, he’s a fantastic-looking horse – you can’t fault him.” Wings of Eagles hails from one of Montaigu’s most wellknown families. The four-yearold is out of Ysoldina, a daughter of the stud’s late stalwart sire Kendor who finished third in the Poule d’Essai des Pouliches among several top-class performances in black-type races. She is also the dam of the speedy Listedplaced mares Torentosa and Gyrella, and is a close relation of Belle Et Celebre, Whortleberry and Appel Au Maitre. Ysoldina is in foal to Siyouni and will visit Galileo this year. Her yearling filly by Kingman was sold to Meridian International and David Redvers for €750,000 at the Arqana August Yearling Sale in 2017. Two years earlier it had been Wings Of Eagles’ turn in the ring. The colt, from the second crop of Pour Moi, went through the ring just five lots into the sale, when he was snapped up by MV Magnier on behalf of

Must-see Montaigu spreads its wings with homebred Derby hero

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route des etalons New in 2018


Aliette Forien is delighted Derby winner Wings Of Eagles has returned to Normandy



Coolmore for €220,000. “He was a lovely yearling we always expected to make a good price,” Forien recalls. “The female family has been incredibly good to us, and we were delighted at the time he was going to such a good home”. She adds of his subsequent Epsom triumph for Coolmore and Aidan O’Brien: “People said at the time that the Derby wasn’t a very strong renewal, but if you look back at the horses he beat – such as Cracksman and dual Classic winner Capri – it shows that wasn’t the case at all. “In hindsight I’m very disappointed I didn’t make it to Epsom that day, but it was near the end of a busy breeding season and I was pretty exhausted. It’s a great shame.” Together with her husband Gilles, who was for many years the Marquesa de Moratalla’s racing manager, Forien also stands France’s champion National Hunt sire Martaline, Prince Gibraltar, Literato, No Risk At All and Night Wish. “Wings Of Eagles, Literato and Prince Gibraltar are all Group 1 winners who were raised at the stud and are now standing here, which gives us immense satisfaction,” says Forien, who is the fourth generation of the Guerlain

family – of cosmetics fame – to run the stud since taking over from her father in 1984. “Martaline is restricted to 120 mares, and he has been fully booked for a while now,” Forien says of the source of Disko, Dynaste and Very Wood. “He has just turned 19 and covers top-class mares from England, Ireland and France. His results have been exceptional.” Of the regally bred up and coming National Hunt sire No Risk At All, she adds: “He had a fantastic start with his first three-year-olds last year, which has included a Grade 1 AQPS winner and the Grade 2-placed juvenile hurdler Gumball in Britain. “Prince Gibraltar has his first yearlings this year and a select group of his first foals were sold in December,” Forien says of the dual Group 1 winner. Of the eight sold, the highest price was for a colt named Celtic Prince, sold to Toby Jones for €23,000. Group 3 Grand Prix de Vichy scorer Night Wish, also third in the Grosser Preis von Baden and the Preis von Europa, will have his first foals this year having covered around 60 mares in his first season. In addition to Wings of Eagles, Montaigu also has a

new recruit in Sebastien Defontaine, who was recently appointed as the stud’s director following Tangi Saliou’s purchase of Haras de la Haie Neuve. Defontaine joins after two years at Indian Creek Farm in Kentucky, having also gained experience as a stallion handler at the Aga Khan Studs. Returning to Wings of Eagles, Forien says: “We’re delighted with how he’s let down; he looks like a stallion already as he has had time to mature since the Irish Derby. We’ll most likely send around six mares to him, including Shamiyra, the dam of last year’s Grand Prix de Paris winner Shakeel.” The Medicean mare, herself a daughter of Prix de Diane heroine Shemaka, was bought for €190,000 by Gilles Forien in foal to Kendargent at the Arqana December Sale in 2014 from the Aga Khan Studs. Wings of Eagles may have created a surprise last June, but with the right opportunities, he can be expected to make an excellent addition to the French stallion ranks that continue to strengthen with every year that passes. vvMontaigu is open 10am to 5pm local time on the Saturday and Sunday of the Route des Etalons





STANDING AT HARAS DE BOUQUETOT, France +33 (0)2 31 32 28 91 . contact@bouquetot.com www.alshaqabracing.com


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Back at CHEVELEY PARK STUD in 2018 by popular demand

INTELLO ... and here are some of the reasons why...





Bred on the same Galileo – Danehill cross as FRANKEL

Unbeaten 2yo and Classic winner at 3 years

2017 yearlings made up to 425,000gns, averaging £73,000

2017 Breeze-Ups made up to 575,000gns, €340,000, etc

5 A MULTIPLE STAKES SIRE with his first crop 2yos in 2017 His principal winners included: SONJEU – 3 wins, including LR Prix Saraca; LOUIS D’OR – also LR placed; INTELLO KISS – also LR placed, and the unbeaten debutant winners INTELLOGENT, REGAL REALITY and KING AND EMPIRE. Fee: £20,000 (1st October SLF)

Duchess Drive, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9DD +44 (0)1638 730316 • enquiries@cheveleypark.co.uk • www.cheveleypark.co.uk • L@CPStudOfficial


Route Des Etalon  

Route Des Etalon  

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