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DEAR READERS, Life is tough. I’m finally starting to truly understand that. This past month has been full and ups and downs in my life, but you know what, I got through it. And I hope that others will follow my example and get through the tough things as well. As a senior in high school, I’ve had to think a lot about my future. Where I want to go. Who I want to be. What I want to do. And I realized that if I do anything, anything at all, I want to make a difference. Sincerely, Sarah

Noel Michele

CONTRIBUTORS Founder and Editor Editor-In-Chief Sarah Nieman


Staff Photographers

Caitlin Angelica Maria Kaffa Elizabeth Turner

Caiti Borruso Alex Phillips Jordan Tiberio

Graphic Design

MuiMusic Musiciile

Sarah Nieman

Maria Kaffa

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dhiffSpotlight Spotlightssdh

Lindsay Anne, Ambur D, Chloe Edwards, Rinaldi, Kellyn Boydren, Brett Chartrand, Joe Megan Emerick, Sarah Beth Hulber, Curtin, Seattle Dredge, Maddie Goldbeck, Ann Elijah James, Brittany Juravich, Hanna Reehl He, Kristi K, Alison Lacasse, Danmi Lee,fgsf Lee, dfdfdsfsdAshley Wright, Tracy Zhang Mackensie Leek, Amanda Leong, Noel Michele Invis ghg in Abigail and Allison Nill, Maggie Ann Re, Keyana Tahmaseb

General Information Information, Submissions, etc:

WHATS INSIDE 10. Meet the Staff

50. Ambur D

Want to know a little more about the staff of Racing Minds?

Ambur D, photographer.

14. Snapshot Contest

56. Chloe Edwards

Fashion forward.

Chloe Edwards, artist.

16. Serendipity

62. You’re Like Breathing.

Cover shoot shot by Caiti Borruso.

Photographs by Tracy Zhang.

24. Elijah James

70. Lindsay Anne

Elijah James, artist.

Lindsay Anne, photographer.

30. Hanna Reehl

76. Cityscapes

Hanna Reehl, photographer.

Photographs by Brittany Juravich.

34. Hotel Del Coronado

82. Sarah Beth Hulver

Photographs by Alex Phillips.

Sarah Beth Hulver, graphic designer.

40. Ashley Wright

86. Megan Emerick

Interview with Ashley Wright, photographer.

Interview with Megan Emerick, photographer.

48. House of Technicolo Technicolor

94. Spotlights

Music playlist by Maria Kaffa.

More incredible photographs.

MEET THE STAFF Want to know more about the Racing Minds staff? These are the people who put work into the magazine that you love, so please give them a hand. Artwork by: Rebecca Parker

Sarah Nieman is a seventeen year old from New Hampshire. She’s random and caring and less oblivious than people think she is. She likes to be creative, and works hard for what she has. She’s an indoor/outdoor type of person. She gets confuses easily, and laughs often. She loves using film, and wishes it were less expensive. She also wishes she could have more dresses, and wishes she could be a smaller person, but is becoming more comfortable with herself.

Caiti Borruso spells her name funny because her mom wanted it that way from the day she was born. She likes taking photos, and doesn’t know exactly where she’s going. She lives off sour watermelons, red Gatorade, bagels, and chicken sandwiches from Wawa. She’s silly. She likes cameras. She owns 37 pairs of shoes but wears about two of them. There’s a ring on her finger she’s worn every day for the past five years.

Caitlin Angelica is sixteen, sarcastic, and cynical. She likes photography, music, and cupcakes. Overcast skies, Autumn and giant cardigans make her happy. She strives on teenage angst and thrift stores. She is confused most of the time, and definitely doesn’t know her way around. She could be happy with living in the middle of no where but she enjoys the city where she resides. She wishes to do something meaningful with her life but she thinks she will be content with whatever happens.

Jordan Tiberio is a 17 year old girl from Upstate New York. She's accidentally set things on fire during photo shoots, and once she went to take photos in an abandoned house... that wasn't abandoned. Besides those few mishaps, the eccentric teen doesn't plan on putting down her camera any time soon.

Elizabeth Turner is currently a junior at the University of Maine studying Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Sciences and Chemistry, and most people call her Liz. One day she hopes to be a veterinary surgeon. She absolutely loves the outdoors, snowboarding, rock climbing, etc. And, of course, she loves photography! She mainly works with her Nikon d60 named Kismet, and her Minolta Vectis named Gunther. She is constantly inspired by the physical world around her as well as all of the amazing photographers and artists that she has met in real life as well as on the interweb. She will never give up photography; it is her way to preserve those moments in life that should never be let go.

Maria Kaffa is a photography enthusiast who listens to a lot of music, both good and bad. She likes to think she can tell the good stuff from the bad stuff and stick to the former.

SNAPSHOT Readers submitted what they thought was their most fashion forward outfit. We have narrowed it down to the top three for you all to vote on!! Please visit or and tell us who you think should win a full feature in the November issue of Racing Minds! Voting will be open until November 15th, so vote soon!




SERENDIPITY Photographs by Caitlin Borruso

ELIJAH JAMES 16 / Detroit, Michigan, US / Artist

HANNA REEHL 13 / New Jersey, US / Photographer LINK

HOTEL DEL CORONADO Photographs by Alexandra Phillips

ASHLEY WRIGHT 24 / Houston, Texas, US / Photographer

I love photography because it speaks for me when my words are simply not enough.

Racing Minds: Why and when did you start photography? Ashley Wright: I have always been quite fond of taking photographs of random entities that would catch my eye.( Though acquiring my first camera as a teenager after initially truly wanting a typewriter.) Photography just grew and developed into something quite wonderful soon after.

RM: Tell us more about yourself. AW: I recently graduated from college, majoring in Journalism and I plan to write quite a handful of poetry books illustrated by my drawings as well. It would be lovely to work for a magazine, I’ve actually been creating handmade underground magazines since I was a teenager.

RM: What’s your favorite memory? AW: Waking up in sunlight and walking towards my window, where the aroma of a red rose bush right outside my window would fill my room. I love it, for it reminds me of simpler times, my childhood, how everything was so fragile, new and beautiful.

RM: Do you feel like your work possesses a certain style?

AW: I personally, do not feel as if it possesses just one style, I have discovered that it retains more than just one emotion, more than one depiction of how I perceive life and react to it as well.

RM: What is your favorite concept to portray in a photograph? AW: My favorite concept to portray could possibly be the act of- the feeling of -being lost. The discovery of yourself after being lost, is quite a challenging experience that I personally believe a lot of us have encountered. It is something that I like to dig into and attempt to decipher to my best abilities while presenting it visually.

RM: What do you hope to achieve with your photography? AW: Hopefully and honestly, I truly hope to move others as well as to inspire others, that would be a heartwarming accomplishment.

RM: What are you listening to right now? AW: A handful of random songs by: Bic Runga My Morning Jacket Stars T.Rex Portishead

RM: What do you find most challenging when taking a photo? AW: Discovering what I want to convey and whether or not the photo represents that exact message so to speak. Sometimes I just have to step away and just let whatever emotion arise, usually that helps a bit.

RM: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? AW: My superpower would be to control time. To recapture moments and live in them again, I would like that very much. Although, I’m not quite sure why I’d just like to hold those moments, live in those memories one more time, not to alter anything, but to feel them entirely, it would be quite special.

RM: Who is your greatest inspiration? AW: Everything, everyone, everybody. I can sit and people watch and become inspired. Books, music, a simple word, it usually hits me out of nowhere and I feel entirely compelled to figure it all out, make something out of it.

RM: How would you define art? AW: I define art as a true expression of oneself. RM: Do you have a favorite photograph that you have taken? AW: I don't truly have a favorite; however, “The Wanderer.” It depicts me honestly.

RM: How much do you think your photography – and you – has evolved since you started? AW: Oh my, I believed it has evolved quite a lot, everyday it does. At times, it is interesting to look back at the older photos and look at them now, it’s quite fascinating.

RM: What do you think has been your greatest achievement, in photography or in life? AW: My greatest achievement in photography as well as in life, is self discovery. Finding who I am, who I want to be, where I want to go in this life of mine. Taking photos has assisted me in that and I am quite thankful for that, truly.

Ashley’s Flickr:

Photo: Maria Kaffa

HOUSE OF TECHNICOLOR Written by Maria Kaffa

1. TV On The Radio Staring At The Sun Everyone gets hooked on this song, exactly like anyone would if TV was actually on the radio.

2. Surfer Blood - Swim It's a summer anthem, but who cares really? This track deserves to be played all year round.

3. Brandon Flowers Crossfire (David Morales Remix) The Killers' frontman has done it again. You need your bike, your iPod and you're good to go.

7. We Were Promised Jetpacks - It's Thunder And It's Lightning You will like this. Because everyone does. And because everyone likes epic lyrics and Scottish accents.

8. Manchester Orchestra - I Was A Lid I had this song on repeat for days because I wanted to understand it. I still don't but in all its beauty, I really don't mind anymore that I don't.

9. Thrice - Circles Winter won't seem so far away after you listen to this.

4. Mogwai - I'm Jim Morrison I'm Dead Mogwai are my go-to band if I a) want to relax or b) need to get inspired. This song will do both for you and it's too beautiful to ignore.

5. Local Natives - Airplanes The Local Natives were recommended to me by many people and once I heard this song, I knew why. Very light, very happy.

6. Interpol - Rest My Chemistry This is by Interpol. Your statement is invalid.

10. Brand New - Limousine A special one, a song with more heart than any living thing, that will teach you that all that you love will be carried away.

AMBUR D 18 / Florida, US / Photographer

Well, my photographs are memories for me. Little bits and pieces of my daily life - either physical things that interest me or emotions that get to me so much I just have to remember them. Like the day me and my boyfriend decided to walk all the way across this abandoned golf course to a barn that we could barely see on the horizon. All the dust we kicked up exploring the place caught in the sunlight coming from a slant in the roof, so we sat and watched and stirred up more to get pictures. It was magical - and definitely worth the long, hot walk there and back, aha. Made me think of all the other places like that rusted barn, out there waiting to be explored.

CHLOE EDWARDS 20 / West Sussex, England / Artist

For me, art is an escape. Art allows me to spend hours looking at a canvas, concentrating on colour, composition, texture and subject with no real knowledge of the outcome of the finished product. I love the feeling of freedom that art gives - not only in the creation process, but to the viewer. Looking at art, we gaze and we think. We associate that work with moments, feelings or people in our own life and we draw from it our own ideas.

YOU’RE RE LIKE BREATHING Photographs by Tracy Zhang, Model: Anja Savcic

LINDSAY ANNE 18 / Maryland, US / Photographer birdie/

CITYSCAPES Photographs by Brittany Juravich

SARAH BETH HULVER 18 / Saudi Arabia / Graphic Designer

What I do is simple. In photography, I strive to express the unseen: sentiment, soul, sound, and pure mashed-up musings. With graphic design, I do the same, but with entirely fresh elements. My work becomes a puddle of the images, shapes, and type that gradually drip drop from the pool of my mind.

MEGAN EMERICK I'm Megan Emerick, I live just north of Houston, TX and during the school year I'm living in Savannah, GA attending Savannah College of Art and Design. [but that may change because as of right now I'm hoping to ttransfer] I just turned 19.

RACING MINDS: Why and when did you start photography? MEGAN EMERICK: I started when I was about 14 and I would bike everywhere, for like 4 hours at a time, getting lost and just going anywhere. I started taking a little point and shoot with me, photographing whatever new place I would encounter. Even though those photos I took with the point- and-shoot of just flowers or bugs or wooden steps nailed to a tree might be considered boring, unoriginal, and not artistic, the photos are special to me because It's when photography was just carefree and simple. It was about the experience- I just explored, got away from everything, and I brought my little camera with me. I still love shooting, but in a different way. Photography is a completely different thing now, because you have to always keep growing.

RM: Where do you hope to get with your photography? Do you want it to be a ME: career for you, or just remain a hobby? ME: Well, right now I'm going to art school for photography, so hopefully it wont be just a hobby!! It really depends though. If I can't eventually get the job I want, then I don't want to do it as a career. I don't want to be doing family photos and senior portraits as my job. I do that now and well... I don't really like it =)

RM: What if photography never existed? What would you be doing instead? ME: If only my fairy godmother would come and show me what the world would be like if photography never existed. wow that would be interesting to see! Hm, I guess I'll never know. But honestly, probably not anything artistic/musical.

RM: Whats your favorite word? ME: I like the silly words I've made up with my family. :) RM: I hope you don’t mind me asking a question about a specific photo. What inspired you to take this photo? ME: Hm, honestly there wasn't much thought in that one. I just felt like I hadn't created anything new in a while, and I got anxious. I crave creating new things, so if I'm feeling a creative block and nothing's happening, I kinda just throw something together without a conscious reason. Sometimes I don't realize why I did something until after I see it though. So I'm okay with that approach. I don't think it's bad at all.

RM: Ive also noticed your pool series set (like this one What inspired you to start that set? ME: I spent a lot of time in my pool over the summer, and one day I found a little dead frog floating on the top of the water. I started thinking about all the creatures that make their way into the pool but can't get out. Something about the chlorinated water seemed unnatural and scientific, so I wanted the photos of each creature to be like they were in a petri dish almost, or in some unfamiliar liquid, being examined.

RM: How would you define photography? ME: It's reality; It's a dream; It's whatever you need it to be. RM: Who is your favorite band? ME: Smashing Pumpkins 1991-2000 RM: Do you have a favorite concept to portray in a photograph? ME: I guess sort of like a lost boy concept, themes of innocence and lost innocence. Growing up too fast. I see it in a lot of photos I take. I don't know how much anyone else sees it though.

RM: If you could have a photoshoot with anyone, alive or dead, as a model, fellow photographer, or whatnot, who would it be and why? ME: Right now I just want to photograph children, artistically, like Sally Mann or Yelena Yemchuk. They're honest and natural and comfortable and uncomfortable and I feel like they don't hold things back or hide things. I think everything shows through. It's nostalgic too, seeing the way that they are, but themselves not knowing what's ahead- it's kind of a weird feeling. I'm not sure why I want to photograph children but I'm very drawn to it.

RM: What is your favorite photo that you have taken? Give a story on its background. ME: I don't have a favorite at all. I am always happy when I make something new though.

RM: Whats your favorite memory? ME: I'm not sure. Memories are all warped and not reality I think. They're nice to think about, but I think I twist them around to seem like they were better or worse. They're like a dream.

RM: Describe your ideal camera. (It doesn’t have to be one already in existence.) ME: I don't know. I like most any camera that can take a picture. =)

RM: How much do you think your photography – and you – has evolved since you started? ME: Like I said in question 2, it's kind of changed into a different thing since I started. Now I have to think creatively and brainstorm and really work for a photo. I think I'm just as satisfied with my results now as I was in the beginning. Which is funny because of how different they are.

RM: What do you think has been your greatest achievement, in photography or in life? ME: Just loving photography. Sticking with it, and not stopping loving it. Same with life in a way.

SPOTLIGHTS A collection of photographs

Left to right: Alison Lacasse, Ann He, Brett Chartrand,, Joe Curtin, Kellyn Boyden, Keyana Tahmaseb, Maggie Ann Re, Danmi Lee, Amanda Leong, Seattle Dredge, Kristi K





Profile for Quiescent Magazine

October 2010  

This is a magazine for and about artists. It will mainly feature photographers, but there will be other types of art and artists as well. S...

October 2010  

This is a magazine for and about artists. It will mainly feature photographers, but there will be other types of art and artists as well. S...