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Dear Readers,

At the beginning of May, I posted a question on the Racing Minds Tumblr: How would you define beauty? I didn’t get many answers, but the answers I did get all were very different from one another. One person said “from within” while another person stated that beauty is “knowing yourself.” One said it was an experience. Another said imperfections. My favorite answer was, “Beauty is anything that forces you to stop in your tracks, that makes your heart skip a beat, that clears your mind of daily distractions.” We all have different definitions of beauty, but that doesn’t make things in life – and life in general – any less beautiful.

Love, Sarah

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Summertime Gypsies Photography: Lauren R W

Unknown Artist: Eric Albee Tell us a little about yourself, like your name, age, and location, and whatever else you wish to say.

My name is Eric Albee. I’m 16 and I live in Andover, Minnesota- it’s 10 minutes from complete countryside and 20 minutes from a city with a population of a million. I’ve been taking photos for what seems like forever but even through all my experience I still feel like I’m just barely scraping the surface of taking photos. I can’t even plan a photo out to save my life; honestly I just go out and take a photo with whatever I can find and whatever I find interesting. I’ve learned a lot about myself and about the world through photography. On top of that failing 6 three six fives (of course I just finished on my 7th try) I learned a lot more about dedication but it all comes down to it I’m just a boy and a camera. It’s that simple. What first made you pick up a camera and start photographing? MySpace. I started taking photos for MySpace and I wanted to expand past the cliché photos, I wanted to have some meaning and actually do something with the photos. I followed many artists on flickr that inspired me to produce images that showed emotions and concepts. I picked up my family’s Sony A200 but a few years later I got my own Canon Rebel which I use now- however I spent a really long time trying to figure out how photographers got bokeh in their photos (using high apertures- my 50mm 1.4). I’m currently saving for a Mark II which I’m getting close so I’m excited, funny to think this all started with MySpace pictures, huh?

What do you think is the most important quality in an artist?

What types of places – or even a single place – do you find the most inspiration?

Hmm- this is a difficult question; I think there are a lot of qualities that are important in photographers but if I had to narrow them all down to one I think the most important quality in an artist is the ability to recognize beautiful things in their own lives. I think it’s too often that artists find a particular style that they love and limit themselves to it. Becoming an artist has helped open my eyes to a lot of things in this world but I think it’s too often I would look for something in particular and it’d be rare to find that particular thing. My favorite thing in the world is sitting in my basement during sunset and seeing the strong lines of light come through the windows highlighting all the dust- it’s moments like that you can’t capture the beauty, I can capture the emotion I feel but I can’t take a photo expressing all of the senses and one day I hope we can get to that point.

I love-love-love Urban decay! I love pure urban photos and pure rural photos but if they’re even slightly mixed it just drives me crazy. I do most my photos in the woods behind my house; honestly I took

Who inspires you the most? Anna Szczekutowicz, it upsets me she’s deleted her work online, she was such an inspiration to me and to tons and tons of other photographers. I looked through her photos everyday and for her to do that left a gap for me atleast and I felt uninspired for a long time but I’m glad she took photos in the first placeshe’s still high on the list of people I want to meet. :-) Describe yourself in five words. Changing, Inventive, Earthly, Adventurous, Laidback. What is your least favorite thing to photograph? Landscapes or still lifes! I need people to express emotions throughout my photos! I feel like if I don’t have the subject being human or atleast living that I can’t express a feeling- I know it’s just me but I just can’t take photos without people.

all my photos in my house for the first three years of my photography and never went outside. Little did I know I had huge fields behind my house! When I started taking photos outside I really found a passion for taking photos and it gave me more of an ability to involve different environments in my photos. I continue to take photos be-

because what if today was my last day and I didn’t go out with an awesome photo? That would just not be good! So I go out striving to find more inspiration and new things I’m passionate about taking photos of.

What are three things you couldn’t go a day without?

What is your favorite thing to do

I love showing insecurity and fragility; it’s so easy for me to show in my photos but in real life I’m a really confident person. In the winter I love showing contrast- through a lot of my photos I was underdressed and it looked like I didn’t belong in frame. I believe it made me look out of place or not where I belong and it made me look insecure. It’s just something I think is fun to do with my photos. :-D

Obviously my camera, probably my photos, and definitely my bed. I’d die without a nice place to sleep! What’s your favorite concept to portray?

How would you define photography? I would define photography as a way to capture a moment or emotion while utilizing technology. I love all the tech of cameras and equipment, if someone brings up anything about lenses I’ll go on and on for hours! Why is photography important to you? How does it draw you in?

that’s not related to photography? I love running- I’m so weird but I love psychology! I’ve read so many books on the psychology of exercise and it constantly inspires me to get out and go for a run. :-)

Here’s another difficult question! Photography allows me to look back and remember something from my past and I’m the type of person who gets attached to a moment and doesn’t want to let it go. I’m not a change person at all. I also have a theory that photography gives me a way to display subconscious emotions and thus it relieves stress, I look back and can see what I felt but back on the day that I took that photo I didn’t intend on showing myself in that particular way. I get stressed if I stop so I guess that makes me addicted. :-D Whats your favorite word? Juxtaposition- it’s such an odd word!

Who is your favorite photographer? Anna Szczekutowicz, Marta Bevacqua, Zack Ahern, Caroyn Emily… I can’t just pick one favorite! That all inspire me so much! Do you have a favorite photograph that you have taken? I really love that one because it’s so overexposed, it gives such a contemplative look and I feel it shows a lot about who I am as a person. It’s hard to explain but it’s my favorite photo I’ve taken thus far- I’m sure it’ll change someday just right now it’s the one I like. What is something that no one knows about you? I’m a very open person so this is difficult…. Hmph… I brush my teeth in the shower…? You’d be surprised at how much time it save! God I’m so weird. O.o Why do you create now? I create to test my potential and to show myself that I’m unlimited in the world and I can be whatever or whoever I want to be. How do you think you’ve grown since you started? My three six five? Well I failed 6 times so I’ve changed a lot in the sense of I don’t give up. I’m really determined to get my photos exactly how I want them after I get a set image of what I want when I’m out taking photos. My neighbors all think I’m weird; I come home in soaking wet clothing covered in mud or I’m bringing a mattress down to the field or backpacks of house plants to lay throughout the grass. I never would have done that at the beginning of my photography or my three six five, I think I cared a lot more about what other people thought about me. Whats your favorite memory? Well again I can’t limit this to just one experience but high on the list is going to my church’s overnighter and meeting my friend Kate who got me into photography and the arts. I also worked at a Camp up in north Minnesota and it influenced me being around so many amazing people. Traveling is also high on the list because I’ve been to France, Germany, Spain, Basque Country, Denmark, Mexico, Hawaii; just everywhere! Culture really interests me and I love all of my foreign friends! I’m constantly making new memories that I hope I will never forget- like last weekend I met this really cool kid and we hung out; we just left the hotel both our families were staying and would just sit in front of the freeway and listen to the cars for hours on end and it was like time ended and nothing really mattered. It was just peaceful and stressless, for sure on the list of some of my best memories! Some of my best memories are just sitting around doing nothing with people, I think my best friends are like that; they’re the ones where you don’t have to do anything- we can just sit around and be happy. I can’t just narrow my whole 16 years of life down into a few hundred words but this is just a small tidbit of what I love in my life. :-)

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Salty Tears Photography: Carly Zinga





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Leah Agustine

16 | San Diego, California

Erin Barker

I take photos simply because I adore it. But also because society has altered the way most people see natural, simple, beauty and taking photos of even ordinary things can let one see them in a much more extraordinary way. - Erin

I create to remember, to capture the colors and the beauty of each and every single moment I possibly can. I take photographs and make art so that when I am older, I have something tangible to look back upon, so that there will be a trail left behind me. I create so that I do not forget, so that I can document my progress and see how I grow and change. - Tiffany Kha

Most of my photographs are self-portraits. I create because I want to document my feelings at exact moments in time. Quite often, I look back through my photostream and I can recall what I was feeling at exact moments in my life. Good or bad, I love it. I love the feeling of nostalgia and I love just remembering. That is why I create. - Leah Mancl

Creating ________

for a while when people submitted their work for this magazine, I asked them to tell me why they create. its so interesting finding out why each person creates. Each of us do the same thing - we create - but for different reasons. the why is just as interesting as what is created, why they create. I love hearing people’s reasons for doing what do many of us do.

I create because the feeling I get from taking a photograph that makes people feel nostalgic, sad, happy etc., is something that I really enjoy. I love to be able to give a sense of there being a narrative behind the picture, which makes the viewer wonder what the story is. - Shelley Jones

I create because there's times in my life where I feel emotions that I can't explain to anyone else, I have days where I feel like nothing and when I go out and take photos I feel complete. It's a sense that everything is alright in the world, it's a sense of timelessness, it's the feeling of belonging in the world, it's whatever I need at any given time. I create because it makes me feel, it's the person who's not there for me, it's a book on a rainy day, photography is my creation and it's an expression of who I am as a person. - Eric Albee

I create because I breathe, and I breathe because I create. And while that may sound cheesy, it will always be true. - Andreea Iuliana Sticlea I create to make magic that I thought had died. When I was little I would stay up at night thinking there was no magic in this world, and how desperately I wanted to create something unreal, something from my books. It seems silly now, but I remember writing on a slip of paper the phrase "Magic is Everywhere" and tucking it underneath my pillow before going to bed. It was something I was obsessed in, and every day I would hope something different would happen, and I would see my dreams come to life. When I picked up a camera a couple years ago and started experimenting, I realized that I can create the images I had tucked into my brain, and if I worked enough I could create the magic I had dreamed about before. - Sabrina Chin

My mind is flooded with thoughts and images and ideas, and the only way I can calm it is by creating. I started photographing when my mind started falling apart. Photographs became an outlet of self-medication, which then led to a passion and a determination to create inspiring and beautiful images. When it comes down to it, I create, because I want to tell stories. - Victoria Wright

To keep it short and sweet — to capture memories and feelings of that day/place/ time for the future. - Louisiana Mei Gelpi

I create what I feel. I create to capture the essence of one moment; to make others see the beauty in simplicity. I create to remember. - Rayna Mengel

I create to let my emotions speak, to create a story. My work is a way of putting my feelings from inside, into a piece of art that I hope everyone can enjoy and relate to. - Amanda Pham I create because it is an outlet for myself. Photography has helped me see that the world is really beautiful if you take the time to actually look at it and the small details. I try to capture a subject and turn it into a piece of artwork that can be appreciated by both myself and others. - Marinda Martin

The reason why I took up photography is quite personal and I have never really explained why I do it. I had always been interested in picking it back up after I had taken a film class in High school, but just didn't have the time or motivation to continue on my own time. I was going through some extremely tough times in the middle of my senior year to the point where I felt like I had failed everyone and everything, including myself. I felt like I was being extremely negative about my life and I wanted to do something that would help me thing more positive. I had borrowed my Dads old camera and started taking pictures again, and after doing so it made me focus on the simple things in the world that are beautiful, the things in my life that made me smile like family and friends, and the things I loved about myself. Photography became a way for me to express myself, be positive, to let out my feelings, thoughts, and most importantly what I find beautiful and valuable in this world. - Christina Duhani

I create because I'm passionate about it. There's really no other reason besides that. It's an enveloping passion, one that overcomes me every time I'm able to create something that makes me feel, something I'm proud of, or something that makes someone else feel. I'm passionate about life, I'm a bit of a romantic, but I love people and raw feelings more than anything. That rawness is what I always try to capture, in everything. - Jillian Thoman Art is the one thing that continues to tie me to my childhood as I've grown up - it's my constant, the one thing that I've known inside and out since before I can remember. Creativity is also my release. Without photography, I would not be able to let go of all the emotions that I have bottled up. I can't describe things accurately through words, so I show people how I feel instead. - Alyssa Watson I create to remember my life. I used to start blank notebooks and i would always forget about them, but i still wanted a way to remember things, each and every day. Sometimes i feel like life itself is going too fast and i can't get a grasp on it, but with this simple ability to press a button, i can remember it all. Sometimes i can't get words out correctly; i can only do it visually. My photos are basically my everyday life diary, one that i don't forget. -Jackie Roiz

I don't just create because it gives me a way to express myself; I create because it gives me a way to capture the beauty in the world. I genuinely think that people are just so beautiful and interesting, which is really why I'm so drawn to portraits. Basically, I take pictures to remind myself that for every horrible, terrible thing out there, there's something just as beautiful waiting to be captured on camera. - Amy Geliebter

Florian de Rosnay

My name is Florian de Rosnay and I turned last august 22. I live in Luxembourg. I’m partly french and partly albanian. Speaking of the “real thing” and taking pictures by showing them to my friends and family, this all started 10 months ago. But my real interest for photography began long ago when my mum bought me 6 years ago a book by Tim Walker’s Photography. I engraved every piece of picture of his fantastic world in my heart. He litteraly was an obsession since then and I’m still being influencing by his work. Hedi Slimane’s world also got me into phography. Mixing both worlds in my photography, I think of my environnment of a place where everybody is “young forever”. This world is perfect for me and doesn’t need any change when I capture it by pumping every feeling I’ve got.

Samantha Smith

My name is Samantha Nicole Smith, I am 21 years old and I live in California-currently.

Art to me, is the most personal form of expression. Looking at something someone has made or reading something someone has written with their bare ha experience. Knowing something so personal about someone you’ve never met and probably most human feelings. Art makes you feel, through every part of you. You feel an entire spectru something. For a moment you have an emotional disorder for what this person has created, I I got into photography sort of not knowing what to do with it and then I started taking classe started my 365 days of self portraits and really found my place in photography. The one thing see my progression. I can show the world how I see things, my own personal point of view. W billions of people knowing how you see things and being able to communicate that is an imm

ands is such an intimately connective will never meet is one of the most beautiful and um of emotion with one look at love this feeling. es and fell in love with the dark room. After that I g I love about photography as an art for me is I can Which in a world with mensely good feeling.

Lauren Bish 18 / Marietta, GA/


“What do you think is an important qualit in an artist?�

- I think it is most important for an artist to love. W just the craft as a whole, there is no meaning in the w between art that touches your soul and art that just pl


Without a love for your subject, underlying theme, or work. I think that is what truly defines the difference leases the eyes.

“And w raphy/

“Photography gives me a way to display all of wouldn’t think about or even notice. It has n but also to express my deepest feelings and f

what do you like about photog/what draws you in?�

f the intricacies in this world that most people not only taught me to find beauty in everything, for that, I am eternally grateful.�

It was that time when we were at the beach. We were sitting on the sands and he held my hand and didn’t let go until the sun had set. I thought it was okay, what he did. But I guess I wasn’t able to read something with what he did. I know now. The sun had set and he let go of my hand. When there’s darkness, he’ll let me swim into its waters and... I am drowning now...I can’t breathe.

Mikee Sta. Rita

photo credit: Julienne Felker

Portraits of Light Photography: Scott W. H. Young

Age: 25 Location: Currently Paris, from Ibiza (Spain)

Ines Armadon

Kirsten Berlie Tell us a little about yourself, like your name, age, location, and whatever else you wish to say. My name’s Kirsten, but I go by Kir. I just turned 21! I’m from the west coast of Canada, but I live in Sweden right now, and will soon be relocating to Bergen, Norway, for the month of June. I was born in China and as you can probably tell already, I have an insatiable thirst for travel. What first made you pick up a camera and start shooting? I can never remember exactly what got me started. It must have been my dad. I asked to use his camera on a school camping trip in sixth grade and it bewitched me. I think I was hooked after that but it didn’t swallow me whole until I was 15. Do you have a specific routine when you take photos? How much time do you spend on a typical photoshoot? It depends on whether I’m shooting digital or film, because my process is different for each, but I don’t really have a routine for anything. Mostly an idea hits me like lightning in the middle of the day and I grab everything, set up, and get lost in shooting for ten minutes or two hours. My work almost never turns out the way I envisioned because I tend to go with the flow and forget what I had originally planned.

What are three things that you cannot live without? Something to make me laugh, a camera, and my best friends. Do you ever find creativity blocks? How do you work through them? I get blocked a lot, but I try not to dwell on it. I do other things to distract myself and I read a lot of books. I find that when I surround myself with things to do and wonderful people, my inspiration comes back seemingly out of nowhere. What do you think is an important quality in an artist? The ability to accept rejection and make mistakes. What do you think is important for viewers to know about your work? My work is very personal—I don’t know if they need to know more than that. Every person brings something different to my photographs and I am infinitely more interested in exploring that relationship than hindering the range of things people can take from my work. Would you ever travel to countries just to take photos and document? Absolutely, without any hesitation. This is actually my main career goal. How would you define photography? It’s akin to being a hunter. It’s the art of seeing, and the art of exclusion.

What are you listening to right now? mewithoutYou’s album Catch For Us The Foxes; specifically, “The Soviet”. And of course the forever unsettled debate: film or digital? I think it’s silly to choose. It’s like saying, “acrylic or watercolor?” They are both tools with different merits, and it’s awesome that we have two totally different processes to work with instead of just one. Everyone should use both! Who is your greatest inspiration? Aaron Weiss. And who is your favorite photographer? Right now, Sally Mann. What defines “home” to you? This is an interesting question! I can say with confidence that I have seven different homes littered across Canada and Scandinavia. Some are with family and some are not—I think a defining criterion is the feeling of safety and togetherness present in each of these places. Describe a recent dream. My dreams are incredibly dark and impossibly vivid, but also slightly humorous. Recently I dreamt about being in a Nazi concentration camp, and Quentin Tarantino was there. The other day I had a dream that Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and some other actors had taken over the world and I was one of their henchmen. The world was in an apocalyptic state and I remember they set a field on fire, a field where a herd of wild horses were grazing, and all of the horses burned in place. After they put the fire out, the horses were still alive but had no hair, and they tried to move but their hind legs detached and fell over. I often die in dreams, as well. Do you have a favorite photograph that you have taken? Right now, it’s this one: Why do you create? Because I have to; it’s a compulsion. It’s how I filter experiences and make sense of the world. How do you feel you have grown since you started shooting? I am a totally different person. My heart is different. I’m older now, but I feel younger. It’s almost like pursuing photography lets me relive my youth; I pay attention, and everything I see is beautiful.

Leah Mancl 17, Winsconsin

I’ve been doing photography for as long as I can remember, but not seriously until about four years ago. I feel at home when I create. I’ve tried other types of art (colored pencil, pen and ink, acrylics, etc), but photography is the only thing I’ve stuck with. I’ve never considered myself a creative person, and I think the reason photography speaks to me is because it’s not creating something out of nothing. It’s making what’s already there look beautiful. It’s chemistry and rule of thirds and formulas and that’s what I love about it.

Jason Darge 38 / Rochester Hills Michigan


22 / Holland /

Ylana Hunt

17, England, ylanaa__x/

I mostly take pictures to get away from the stress of life, my Mum is seriously ill and taking pictures allows me to vent my feelings into something more productive.

Springtime Bliss Photography: Diana Catherine Model: Leann Greuel

Josephine Demme My name is Josephine Demme, I’m fifteen years old, and I live in upstate New York. I first got into photography the summer before i started high school, when I traveled to a small Tibetan village to volunteer at an orphanage. My mom gave me her old Olympus OM-1 from college, still in perfect condition, and I brought it with me. I’m pretty self taught/ home spun when it comes to photography. Since then, I’ve become really interested in the different relationships between people, and what aspects of a person’s personality comes out at certain points of their life. I think that photography really gets to capture that aspect of a person, and I try to show my feelings towards people, both how I see them and what I think they present themselves as with my photographs.

Louisiana Mei Gelpi 17 | Singapore

I take photos and draw and paint because it’s just something i feel. Ya know? Everything in this world is so beautiful that i just want to capture it all so i can save it for the future

Gentle Fields photography : Rachael models: rachel issenberg and maddy mclean

Emma Brown

photo credit: Diana Santisteban

Marshay Lewis ‘Burning’ There’s fire So much fire that trickles down the sides of the mouth and pushes down into the pit of the stomach. It releases screams It releases words that no one can understand The fire swirls around every bound body and seeps into the cracks Fire rains down from the skies and is so heavy that it forces people to their knees. It makes the room so much warmer It amplifies every sense of being alive No one notices anything anymore Only the fire that’s broken the walls This is what feels tangible The rest is a never ending dream This is all we’ll ever need This burning fire that now quiets the room The fire that brings down the sobs and cries It leaves the world in disarray A blanket of warmth that wraps the room The fire that burns forever

Roselle Anne Alvarez 16 / Manila, Phillipines /

Katrine Peterson

Spring Awakening Photographer: Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite Model: Jenny Hosty Makeup artist & hair stylist - Lyanne Cotton Clothes - Kee Boutique Accessories - Lilly Belle Accessories

Nicole Stockburger 19 / Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Marianna McMurdock When all the knowledge in the world Couldn’t feed our lust We sought it in facts That held nothing with trust. They told us it was shameful Yet, how could they say How beautiful the world is By watching for just one day? So we waited Waited, for something to succumb To our minds full of wisdom, Of cleverness, of rum. The sparrows chirped The cellos sung And still nothing could aid us Not the smartest of tongues. We always knew That we could not succeed But why couldn’t they help us With exploiting just one good deed?

photo credit: Eric Albee

My name is Whitney Dumford, I am 15, and from North Carolina.

Whitney Dumford

Martina M

“During late summer 2008, I spent a week driving alon geles to San Francisco, stopping only to sleep in mot than a thousand miles this very week, looking at land with the urge to stop every ten minutes. Here is what I saw.�

Alexis A

ne through California parks and desert, from Los Antels and take photos during the day. I drove more dscapes so beautiful and diverse I had to struggle

Helen Warner

30 / Belfast, Northern Ireland /

Photographer and stylist: Fernando Gomez - Model: Sylvia Canorrea @ MM Expressions management Assistant: Rosa Matilla

Undisclosed Desires

Clothes: White shirt of the first two images: H&M Blue Shorts: Rica lewisBrown Poncho: Mango Silk white blouse: Mango Red skinny jeans: Blanco Blue necklace: Pull and Bear Nude Dress: H&M Chanel-like jacket: Mango Coral ring: Model’s own White Shirt with goldlike incrustations: H&M

July 2011