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If there is one thing I like about living in New Hampshire it is the changing seasons. As the year goes on, colors change, temperatures change, styles change. Even though there are some disadvantages to constant change, there is a beauty in that as well. As the seasons change, so do the people. As the years have gone by, my friends have changed. My preferences have changed. My attitude towards life has changed. But as I have grown and changed, I have learned from my mistakes. If there is one thing that I have learned it is this: Never lose who you are. No matter what happens, don’t lose that. It is not always the easiest thing to hold on to, but it is the most important. I hope you keep hold of that lesson as time passes and as you change yourself. Sincerely, Sarah

Caitlin Angelica


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Featured Photographers Dale Humphries, Natalie Kucken, Alexandra Moore, Julianne Rainone, Samantha Rogers, Favi Santos, Chloe Wojewoda,

Contributing Photographers Eric Albee, Caitlin Angelica, Fabio Astone, Valentine Calosci, Rebekah Campbell, arielle E, Sandy Honig, Rachael Hyde, Tamara Lichtenstein, Alexandria Lomanno, Lena Palladina, Alex Phillips

Feel free to contact us! We’re always looking for more photographers, designers, artists, etcetera. Email all submissions and questions to racingminds@yahoo.com. Writing – fiction, poetry, etc – will also be taken and gladly accepted. Someone will get back to you within two weeks, so always expect a reply. Thank you!

Contest! Submit your photos for a chance to be featured in Racing Minds magazine! The best photos will be chosen for every theme. This month’s theme: Asians! (This is NOT meant to be in any way disrespectful.) Any photos of Asians can be submitted. As long as it fits this theme and is not in any way inappropriate, your photos will be considered for a feature in the next issue. Also, there will be more than one judge, so the decision will not be biased. Good luck! Deadline: July 20th, to be featured in the first august issue.

Rachael Hyde


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Alexandra Moore __________________________________________________________________

19 / Kansas, US / photographer flickr.com/im_on_tambourine/

My favourite animals are goats, and i have been raising my own small herd since i was 12 years old. They all have old lady names and have lovely personalities.


Favi Santos ____________________________________________

17 / Texas, US / photographer flickr.com/ loveisnotavictorymarch/


Julianne Rainone _____________________________________________________________

17 / Maine, US / photographer flickr.com/ sempre_ordinario/ Photos are my journal, voice and mind.


Natalie Kucken _____________________________________________________________

16 / Michigan, US / photographer

Why and when did you start photography? I started photography for absolutely no reason at all. I had been exposed to the 365 project idea multiple times, and at 11 pm on January first 2009 I created a Flickr account and uploaded a photo to start my 365, just because it was the first of the year and it was an impulse. I took random photos every single day, for no reason at all but to document moments of my life. Three months later I ditched my point and shoot and got a dslr. Somewhere between then and now (more than a year later) photos have embedded themselves into the interworkings of my mind, they consume my thoughts and vision and I can't stop it. How do you think your 365 helped your with your photography? My 365 helped me with photography because it poisoned my mind. I have to pick up my camera now, all the time. That’s just how I’m programmed now since I had to every day for the whole year. The only days I feel accomplished are the days when I shoot. You don't get better at photography by letting your camera collect dust. How would you describe your style? I try to create things that are almost nostalgic and daydream-y, since that's when I come up with most of my ideas, while daydreaming. I want my photos to feel like they are other-worldly, but at the same time feel like a memory of a moment in time. Otherwise they are all over the place, some are fashion, some commercial, some artistic/conceptual and some imperfect and grainy. Where do you see yourself with photography in the future? I see myself doing lots of freelance, having a degree in photography and a nice job relating to it, unless I can pull off just being a straight up freelance photographer (which would be unbelievable). How would you define photography? A way to keep a memory, a moment onto pixels or emulsion. Things won't change here, even if the things captured do. What are three things you can’t go a day without? My sight, my memories, and some sort of contact with the outside world or a stranger.

Who is your greatest inspiration, photography or otherwise? My greatest inspiration I can't pinpoint, it's absolutely everywhere and everything around me all the time Do you have a favorite photograph that you have taken? I don't have a favorite photograph, but my favorite shoots are my glow stick party ones How much do you think your photography – and you – has evolved since you started? My photography since I’ve started- it's improved a ridiculous amount. Ridiculous. And it's changed me almost just as much, I know it sound cliché, but oh well it's true. What do you think has been your greatest achievement, in photography or in life? My greatest achievement in life is something that has to do with the rest of my life- finding out what I want to do with it. Take photographs.

Natalie, thank you so much for the interview! Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nataliekucken/


Chloe Wojewoda _____________________________________________________________

16 / New Hampshire, US / photographer flickr.com /chloe_wojewoda/

I take photographs because I'm in awe of everything and sometimes I have a hard time explaining why. The way a person can stare behind you, and you've never felt so naked. The way your sheets look right after you roll out of them. The greenery on the side of the highway. I think it's all so fucking beautiful. Photography is a desperate, bittersweet scramble to remember something before you've forgotten it. It's a way to honestly break down what you see until it's small and vulnerable and then put that on display. It's dissolving facades and assumptions and bullshit until all that's left is that unbearably beautiful piece that's sad and empowering and scary all at the same time. Photography is a way to find beauty and truth in every single thing.


Samantha Rogers _____________________________________________________________

16 / New Jersey, US / photographer flickr.com/appletraffic/


Dale Humphries ___________________________________________________________

21 / Bournemouth, UK / Photographer flickr.com/ohspectrum/

Valentine Calosci


Spotlights _________________________________________

Eric Albee

Arielle E

Sandy Honig

Tamara Lichtenstein

Lena Palladina

Alexandria Lomanno

Rebekah Campbell

Fabio Astone

Alex Phillips

Profile for Quiescent Magazine

July 2010- Part 2  

This is a magazine for and about artists. It will mainly feature photographers, but there will be other types of art and artists as well.

July 2010- Part 2  

This is a magazine for and about artists. It will mainly feature photographers, but there will be other types of art and artists as well.