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B Dear Readers,

Lately I have been thinking of the future. Although seemingly far away, it is closer than any of us think.. This is a reminder to live in the present, and to go with your heart. Love,


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Amber Adelaide Ro

14 years http:

ose Ortolano

old | Lowville, NY ://


ver since I was little I was always trying to find something that was really for me. I finally came upon photography when I was about 12, and I knew it was “it”. I felt like I was leaving my mark on the world, which was something I never succeeded at before.

I create because I feel like I need to. It’s kinda like a drug; once you start it’s hard to stop. That’s how it is with me and photography, I can’t stop no matter how hard I try

Lisa Ann Bacon

27 | Bedfordshire

Lindsay Gray

17| Arlington, Texas



Photos by Alison Lacasse 19 | Montreal


a romance from beg now.

untouched – The Veronicas

dark blue – Jack’s Mannequin if you don’t, don’t – Jimmy Eat World candle (sick and tired) – White Tie Affair tire swing – Kimya Dawson almost lover – Adele you belong with me – Taylor Swift careful – Guster hero – Regina Spektor a beautiful mess – Jason Mraz breathe in, breathe out – Matt Kearney lover’s spit – Broken Social Scene fuck was I – Jenny Owens Young

ginning to one day, robots will cry – Cobra Starship love story – Taylor Swift not for all the love in the world – The Thrills always be my baby – Mariah Carey everything is alright – Motion City Soundtrack we looked like giants – Death Cab For Cutie you give me something – James Morrison blood bank – Bon Iver on the radio – Regina Spektor let’s get married – Archie Starr hum hallelujah – Fall Out Boy always – Blink-182 I will follow you into the dark – Death Cab For Cutie

Molly Hickey

16 | Boston, Massachusetts

Reid Michael Garnett

15 | Lake Worth, Florida

Poetry Here

by Jennifer Siu

here lies the unknown silence of the heart I beat for you those false lies stay to comfort while truth falters into blue

here falls the crying horse i see puddles by the feet the agony he had to endure for he and i are never complete grasp my cloudy hair of lace a torn and shredded soul echoes, let go, let go to my ear we are molding a speckled foal --


by Lubna

I stared hard. Saw The contour that fit perfectly in a hand, that needed touch. The cord I’ve untangled many times I’ve needed my own life untangled. The numbered buttons pressed down to call. But no one heard me yell. I stared hard and waited. It never rang.


By Hansika Jethnani

You are the light in my darkness You are the hope in my emptiness You are the one to catch me when I fall You are the ground that helps me stand tall You are the one who dries up my tears You are the one who takes away my fears You are the one who brings smiles to my face You are the one who helped me find a place You are my everything; my every little piece You are the one who caused my pain to cease. v


By Sarah Vi

I felt my hand smooth over the endless concrete.It felt sharp as needles running across my fingertips. With one swift movement I smashed the mirror upon it. Pieces of silver and colors of red blurred in the water as blood slipped from beneath my fingernails. I watched the pain chip into pieces and fall upon the ground. It was a lie, shattered in a pile of deceit. It was supposed to show changes, happiness and clarity beneath a dark veil. Instead, it lied and set emotions askew. And now the paradox is shattered into the thousands of pieces of my heart. 10,000 pieces, 10,000 dreams, 10,000 letters, 10,000 always. Take these wings, broken and dead with a beating heart. Give them to Marie, for she would live more than me.

Alex Moskow

15 | CaliforniA

RM: Why and when did you start photograp

*. I've started to take photos something like two years ago. I slowly realized what I really felt about photography, an endless passion that today had me here. From the very beginning I've only had a digital camera with very simple settin but as long as I kept on taking pictures I understood what I was going to depict.

RM: Why do you still take photographs?

*. I still take photos because I've become obsessed.

RM: Who is your greatest photographic inspiration?

*. Lily Cole ! I think she is fantastic and I definitly love her "colors".

RM: How would you define photography?

*. I think that photography is the ability to give things the opportunity to survive and live even if when we are no longer we we are no longer.


d lead ngs,

RM: Desc

*.My morning canno what for lunch? it's bet

RM: You have

*. Of course! it's a m picture, I want him

cribe your typical day.

ot start without a cup of coffe with milk,a rapid look to the mails, and the long and suffered choice about what to wear. tter to sel-inviting at someone home... coffee and cigarette; the rest of the day depends on the weather: i'm metereopatic. To bed? Always too late.

the tendency to not show people's faces in your photos, is there a reason why?

matter of feeling and mystery. I want to "bring into" the spectator, Iwant him to feel like he was into the m to be a substitute to the character. It's the same as when you dream and you don't know if it's you or another you.

RM:Whats your favorite concept to portray in a photograph? *. Nostalgy, restlessness and light.

RM: Do you have a favorite photograph that you have taken?

*. Yes,it's one of the firsts self-portrait that I've taken, I still love it because of the light I'm dived in. Many photos that I like are still unpublished, half because i'm shy, the other half because I never had the opportunity to publish them yet.

RM: What is your favorite song at the moment? *. "Baby's coming back to me" a Jarvis Cocker's song

RM: Imagine you had as much money as you need and were able to buy all of the equipment, help, and model(s) that you need. Describe the photoshoot that would take place. *. In the heart of Tuscany there are some hot springs called “of Saturnia”, I’d like to go there with a beautiful girl with long, red hair and white skin; at sunset taking picture of her naked in these little natural waterfalls.

RM: What defines “home” to you?

*. Home for me is every place where i can sleep peacefully.


18 | Newje http:/

etin Fejzula

ersey //

RM: Who is your greatest inspiration?

Stylistically speaking, my greatest inspiration is Kay Nielsen. He was a Danish illustrator who made beautiful illustrations during the golden age of illustration. He even drew concept sketches for Disney’s Fantasia (the night on Bald Mountain scene). Sadly, he died a poor unappreciated man living in the states, even though during his prime illustrating years he was loved and honored in Europe. Nielsen’s sense of line and composition are unparalleled. His work is truly fantastic.

RM: What’s your favorite memory?

This will sound incredibly cheesy, but my wedding is probably my favorite recent memory.

RM: Do you have a favorite piece that you have created?

Isn’t that like asking who a parent’s favorite child is? Hard question! But I think a piece that I always look back on and am happy with is one called A Trim. It’s an ink line drawing of a girl sort of growing up out of a bush, looking at a disembodied hand that’s holding some clippers. It’s very detailed. I should put similar effort into my current work, maybe!

RM: What is your favorite medium to use and why?

Watercolor and india ink together are my favorite media to work with. I like the combination of the transparency of the watercolor with the opacity of the ink. I like making outlines for myself to paint inside of. Plus I enjoy the endless color possibilities when one mixes watercolors together.

RM: Why is art important to you? How does it draw you in?

Art makes me notice things about the world around me that I don’t notice on my own. When I look at an artist’s skillful presentation or interpretation of some common object, I love that they see it in a way that never occurred to me before, and I look around and wonder what else I’m missing in the world around me. I also love that we humans have this weird impulse to create beautiful things. It doesn’t make sense, and yet, weirdly, it does. I love that about art.

RM: Who means the most to you, and why?

My husband. He’s pretty great. He’s also very supportive of my art and encourages me in all my artistic endeavors.

RM: When did you become immersed in art?

I’ve always made things—ever since I was a kid—but I think I became really immersed in making art during my college years. Now I dedicate whatever extra time I can to practicing my skills.

RM: Do you think your work has taken on a specific style?

I definitely lean toward a storybook style of art, like illustrations for children’s books. Children’s book illustrators are among my biggest influences so that’s not surprising.

RM: What’s your favorite word?

So hard to choose one! I love words and language. Today my favorite word is celadon.

RM: Where do you hope to find yourself in 10 years? 20?

In 10 years I hope to have some kids and maybe have a solo art show or two under my belt. In 20 years, I hope I’m working completely from home, making art that brings me an income. I also hope that I have a some artist friends with whom I can collaborate and go to for advice and support. My friends are awesome, but none of them do what I do. That’s fine of course, since it would be boring if we were all the same, but I do look forward to knowing more artists someday.

RM: What’s your favorite concept to portray in your artwork? Hair. It’s silly but true. Hair and nature.

RM: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Probably flying. I dream about flying a lot, flying at night. I wonder if I’d have the guts to use such a superpower for good or just to get away from crowds?

RM: Describe your process in creating a piece.

For full-blown illustrations I usually follow the same process. I begin with a pencil sketch. I may or may not draw every detail in pencil; it just depends. Then I bring out my watercolors and india ink. At this point I’ll begin to ink certain parts of the image and erasing the pencil when the ink dries. However, sometimes I start painting first, adding ink later. Once I have all the ink and color down that I want, I erase any stray pencil lines—after everything dries, of course. That’s basically it! For smaller pieces I like to practice being more spontaneous by skipping the pencil step altogether and just starting with ink.

On The Hills

Richard Ramirez jr.

“I like Sherman Alexie’s short stories. I drink orange juice. My hands are cold. I love where I live but I want to leave someday. I create because I want to learn how to see the beauty in everyday things. Photography is helping me do that.”

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