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Anna, known throughout the Flickr world under the pseudonym Anna Amphigorously is more than a talented photographer and lover of her great-grandmother’s pasta. Besides being a fourteen year old in the middle of two sisters and three brothers and watching Harold & Maude or the Virgin Suicides, Anna happens to be an enchantingly budding young designer. We got the chance to talk to her about various things, such as books (her favorite is Breakfast at Tiffanies) and music (Florence & The Machine is her top pick)—and also how she got into this whole fashion thing. Chasing Dreams: How did you get interested into designing dresses and such? Anna H.: For starters, sewing is in my family. My great-grandmother has a big closet absolutely full of beautiful hand sewn clothes. I always admired that sort of thing, so naturally I had a desire to be my own person, unique and all especially in the wardrobe department. Secondly, I remember being young and always having a pen and paper in my hand. I would draw like crazy. I drew dolls and flowers and constellations but mostly people. I put two and two together and started designing and sewing my own clothes. First I made a little striped 80's dress with my hands. After that, I managed to get my hands on a sewing machine thanks to my wonderful aunt. It’s from the 70's and it doesn't always work how it should but it does the job so I’m grateful for it mostly except when it eats the fabric or the needle breaks. CD: What is the process you go through when creating a new dress? AH: Well, I sketch a lot of designs when I’m bored. A lot of the times I will combine features in one design with another until I have a good rough sketch. Then I cut and re-cut and re-cut until I get a shape. I sew things together bit by bit, which doesn't always work. I was trying to make a romper last week but it came out completely dreadful and I was really upset. I decided I would stick to dresses for a while after that episode. After I get the whole thing sewn I show my sister and get her opinion because

I swear, she's like an overflowing well of fashion advice. I am constantly going to her to ask which shoes I should wear.

CD: Who do you look up to in the fashion world and what do you look to for inspiration? AH: Betsey Johnson for sure! I also like watching "Gossip Girl" because they have all different types of style in the most fashionable way. I mean, everything they wear is so classy and timeless. Hmm, Zooey Deschanel has great style so I get inspired looking through photos of what she wore to events and other things. I think Flickr is a great source of ideas also. I’ll see a photo and think "Ooh those colors would make a perfect pallet for a dress". A lot of the times, fabric just inspires me. I sit down and I look at it and I run my fingers across it and I get ideas.

CD: Where do you see yourself with this in the future? AH: Honestly, I don't know.The opportunities are endless, and as I said before, I’m so young. I can't even imagine what things will be like next month, let alone in the future. CD: Describe your fashion. AH: It's different.That’s about all I can say. CD: Do you think where you are live makes a difference in your designs/what you wear? How? AH: It really does. If I lived in a cooler place my clothes would have more layers to them. When it's 106 degrees outside, layers are the last thing on a persons mind. It’s all about a combination of practical, affordable, and beautiful. CD: Do you think you are disadvantaged as a designer because of your young age AH: I think I actually have an advantage! People tell me I’m doing so good, and I should start a business, and even though I tell her not to, my mom calls me her little entrepreneur. I think if I was 29 and trying to earn a living with etsy everyone would think I was crazy.

CD: What are you tips to young people out there who are just starting with designing/styling/fashion? AH: Please don't wear what everyone else is wearing just because everyone else is wearing it.

CD: How do you think your style has developed over time, if it has? AH: Well, it definitely has. When I was in fourth grade I wanted to look older, and now it seems like I dress younger! I am so into little girl’s clothes it's insane.

CD: What piece of yours are you most proud of? AH: Well, this bib dress. It's completely made from scratch and I’ve never seen another dress like it. CD: Photography and fashion intertwine greatly. Do you hope to use both in the future? AH: Oh gosh, I don't know. I love both but I’m afraid if either becomes my career I won't love them as much. CD: What would be your dream project? AH: Oh man, I want to get a million yards of tulle and silk, make a lot of different colored dresses, then have a bunch of girls model them underwater at the same time.

You can purchase Anna's darling dresses here: And view her photography here:


Wildflower Prologue: Megan I remember that day so clearly. The sky was so blue. An eight year old like me could never figure out why. I was staring up at the sky amazed by it's simple beauty. Then a hand reached out to my shoulder and pushed me with an incredible force. My little body fell to the ground. My long untamed brown hair whipping me in the face. "you are so weird" A tubby boy scrunched up his face at me. He was scrunched up so much I thought those light brown freckles on his face would explode. 'Hey, Sarah! Look at her! She's a freak!' Tubby boy waved over a gangly blonde girl. She was holding a milk carton in her hand. Sarah sneered at me and at that moment that was not the first evil I had experienced in the world. With a quick toss, Sarah's milk carton flew at me and drenched me in milky white. Tubby boy and Sarah turned and walked away. I sat there taking this all in as I had done so many times in my short life. My teacher, Miss Simmons ran toward me with open arms. She wrapped them around me. For the first and last time I felt a comforting warmth spread through me as she spoke. " Don't worry Megan this will never happen again. I'll make sure of it." But that wasn't the last time. Nothing and no one could save me from my future.

Chapter 1: Jessica "Don't wind up like me sis" I heard Megan climbing through our window once again. I turned over in my bed from across the room and looked at my clock. 3:25 AM it read. I pushed away the covers and went to the window. Megan was halfway in, her glassy eyes peering at me through her long bangs. I put my hands under her arms and lifted her entire body into the room. " Do you think I will wind up like you?" I said as I set her on the floor. "Ya never know!" Megan said loudly as she fumbled to get up. "Shhh!" I raised my finger to my mouth. "Look at the stash I just scored from Johnny. It's sweet." Megan pulled out a plastic bag from her jeans pocket. "Oh. Johnny." I said as I pictured the thirty something drug dealer who did business in the alley ways a few blocks over. " He gave me a discount. Isn't that nice of him?" Megan slid the bag back into her pocket. "Incredibly." I held Megan up and walked her over to her bed. She took her coat off and tossed it on the hardwood floor. I wrapped the covers around her. "Listen, Meg, you--" "Hey sis, shouldn't a 15 year old like yourself be getting some sleep? Meg pulled her covers up. "You're a growing girl Jess!"At this I sighed and got up from her bed. " I need to take care of you before I can take care of myself?" I slide into my bed. "Nonsense! I'm 19 Jess, no need to worry about me!" Meg pumped her fist like a triumphant superhero. I turned my body to face the other way. I always worry about you Meg, I thought. Then I heard Meg's soft snores fill the room. Like many nights, Meg had been out looking for drugs. Also like many nights, she lay there, fully aware of what she was doing to herself yet still sleeping soundly. "If I don't worry about you, then no one will" I whispered into the darkness. The piercing sound of my alarm went off at 6:30 AM. My eyes were still heavy with sleep as I forced them open. Sunlight streamed through the window onto Meg's sleeping face. I realized that sleep could make anyone the picture of innocence.

I rose slowly from my bed, walking quietly to Meg's bed. I pulled the covers back and carefully reached into Meg's pocket. The plastic bag was still full. At least one good thing. Plastic bag in hand I went into the kitchen. Dishes piled in the sink, overflowing garbage and a dirty table. The usual mess I woke up to. I tossed the bag in the garbage and then took it outside. In the driveway was my mom's old Civic. So she was home. Probably another heavy night of drinking with her friends, I thought bitterly. When I got back into the kitchen Meg was sitting at the table rubbing her head. "You okay?" I asked as I started up the coffee maker. Meg didn't reply as she continued to rub her head. I poured a cup of coffee and set it down in front of her. I took the seat across from her and said firmly 'Drink'. Meg took the cup in her hands and looked at me. Her red rimmed eyes were glazing over. Her mouth was red and chapped. Meg's once long brown hair was short, choppy and flying in all different directions. It was hard to believe this girl and the girl from a few years ago was the same person. Story by Lauren:


3 cups flour 6 tbs sugar 4 tsp baking powder 他 tsp salt 他 cup (1 遜 sticks) cold unsalted butter, cut into small pieces 1 cup heavy cream 他 cup dried currants, coarsely chopped sweetened dried cranberries, or diced crystallized ginger Peel of one orange Set oven to 400 degrees F and make sure the oven racks are positioned in the center. Butter baking sheet. 1. Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Add the cold butter and mix with your fingertips, mix with pastry knife, or pulse in the food processor just until the butter is like wet sand. 2. Add the cream as well as the orange peel, and the currants, cranberries or ginger if desired. Caution! Stir this just until it sticks together. It will be crumbly. This is good because if it is over stirred the scones with be dry and stiff. 3. Transfer this mixture to a lightly floured work surface and knead gently and quickly just until it comes together, about 30 seconds. Shape the dough into an even, flat round that is about 1 inch thick and 8 inches in diameter. Using a floured knife cut the dough into 8 equal wedges. Place the wedges about 2 inches apart on the baking sheet. 4. Bake until the scones are lightly golden and offer only slight resistance when lightly touched in their centers with your fingertips, 18-20 minutes. 5. Transfer the scones to a wired rack to cool for a few minutes and serve warm or at room temperature. They may also be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days.

This issue's recipe and images were collected/taken by Rose Denicola of CA, USA


Karl L Emberton Tell us a little about yourself. I come from a semi-rural area close to Liverpool in the UK and I’m seventeen years old. I'm an open minded person who likes to know everything about everything and I spend far too much time online. I enjoy photography, drawing and listening to music. How or why did you start photography? I started photography in 2006. I used to enjoy making graphics on paint shop pro, I'd make blends of various different artists for other people on forums, and then I became interested in editing my own badly angled MySpace self portraits, using a 3 mega pixel camera. From then on I started to experiment by taking pictures of a little wooden man. I grew to love it and decided photography was definitely for me, and therefore I applied for a college course. When I found out I’d made the course, I bought a Nikon D40X and since then I've tried my best to take photography to different levels, both technical and personal. Do you find that being a teenager gives you a disadvantage when it comes to photography, compared to older and more experienced photographers? Not necessarily, I mean if you're more experienced then there's a good chance you'll be earning more money out of it, but we all have to start somewhere. Of course, I think being skilled in photography is very important if you want to go far but I think it's also a game of luck. Knowing the right people and being in the right places can also be a foot in the door, I don't really know whether that counts for experience or not. But I know i'm still learning and that plenty of teenagers are too, and i'm thankful for all the learning time I have. Do you see yourself continuing with photography later on? One hundred percent, yes. There's nothing else in life I'm so passionate about. I have to have this now, as my career and as my life and I'll make sure it works out, I'm truly focused and determined.

If you could go anywhere for a day, where would it be? I'd go to Iceland which I think is a beautiful charming little country. I'd love to spend some time there, I can't think of anything more inspiring or magical Where do you see yourself in the future? Of course, ideally I would love to rise to the top of the photographic industry, but it's a tough world out there. I'm not so interested in making money out of it, as long as I have enough money to live then I’ll be grateful for that. I just want to further this and photograph people for as long as possible. Who/what are your inspirations? Both photography-wise and otherwise. I am mainly inspired by music and lyrics. I often find the mood of a particular song will make me want to go and take a photograph. My favorite musical artist (Björk) is probably my biggest inspiration because her music and videos are so visual, thought-provoking and enchanting. I am also very much inspired by the photographer Nan Goldin. I love her documentary style photographs, they just feel so raw and real and that is what I love the most. Also, of course, browsing Flickr (which has now become my full time obsession) gives me a lot of inspiration. Do you think you’re unique? Well, I’m the only me that I know of, you know? I mean at the end of the day we're all using a camera as a tool, it's just about what you do with that. A lot of my photographs are very personal to me, they show the ups and downs of my life and that isn't something that can be imitated, it's precious and it's personal. What do you think your strongest attribute is? Your weakest? My strongest attribute would probably be my sheer determination to go and get what I want in life. My weakest is that I’m a little bit of a "last minute" unorganized person. I struggle to meet deadlines etc. What is your favorite color? Probably red, orange or gold. What is something that no one knows about you? When I was at school, I used to give myself nosebleeds to get out of classes. I truly struggled with school and it was the hardest time of my life. What is one element that you think is very important for every photograph? Well if you're doing a pre-planned photograph and not taking a candid shot, then composition. Plus I don't even think it's hard to get a good composition you just need to think about what you want and exactly how you want to frame it. To me, that makes or breaks a picture.

What is your favorite time of day to take pictures? in the summertime I’d say around 8pm when the sun sets and the lighting is golden and so glorious, I really love that. In the fall/winter I’d say around 4pm just before it goes too dark or later if I'd want to take photographs of the stars or winters sky. And in the spring.. just whenever the sun is out! Do you have a certain theme you like to portray? I just love sharing my imagination with others, and letting people see things the way I see things. But I try to make my photographs honest. I consider myself an expressive photographer, so lots of real and somewhat raw emotion are the ingredients that I think make some of my best shots, and I hope people see that how I do. What talent do you wish you had? Not so much a talent, but I wish I’d of been born more academic. I'm very good at some things, and totally awful at others, very one sided.. So yeah, a bit more even I guess! Who is your favorite photographer? Nan Goldin, every time. Her work is so raw and truly one of a kind. What is the craziest thing you’ve done to get a picture? for my stop motion that I made 'monster & i', I ran around a park in a bear mask. That's kinda crazy, no? What do you find the most challenging when taking a photo? When doing self portraits, getting the focus right because my lens doesn't auto focus so I have to manually do everything, but I'm thankful for that because I think it only makes me a better photographer. And when photographing models I find it difficult to prompt them and tell them what to do. I find it much easier working with natural models who have a flare for it and know how to pose and what looks good etc. What is your favorite animal? My favorite animal is probably the red Fox, or any type of Owl. Amazing! How would you define photography? Photography is what you make it. Happy, sad, expressive, creative, etc.. We all have different minds and we all have different eyes, just go forward with that and create magic. That's how I’d define it. Even though I don't really make sense, do I? Thanks so much, Karl, for the interview. :) You can see more photos by Karl here:

Photo spotlights

i cant let myself fall down by x a m i x i

the summer night is like a perfection of thought by Rosemarie

Untitled by orrla

wishing you were here with me by reeeid

When she lies, the soul cries by Justine Danielle

I'll touch my shadow... by Abby.Leigh.Photography

sunshine digs underneath my nails by breakdown!

untitled by anne droid

Summer Air by Raeann Haro

untitled by *charminglyBohemian


This month's issue features original poetry by Zack Lobnitz, 14, of Washington State, USA. That End You Preferred Come with me now to a place untraveled, where time has no meaning and sanity unravels, there's no room to stand so you must lie still, no need to cry for there is nothing to feel. You have now shed the last of your tears, and answered your loved ones greatest of fears. Leave all of your worries back at the gate, prepare for darkness for this is your fate. The land of the living has now gone away, try not to speak, there is nothing to say. You had your chance at a wonderful life. But in the end, all you need is a knife. Did you really think it was all just a game? How long before they have all forgotten your name? So take pride in the deeds that you have done, and that life from which you chose to run. Hush now, Say nothing, Utter no words,for, isn't this the end, the end you preferred?

Photo by Lauren:

Reverse Evolution Formless connections through our sight, Where dreams manifest, and hearts take flight, Where shadows soundlessly speak truth, We see all that is, in this elder youth. All visions drawn into the sky, The aura of spirit seeking life, The moon a mirror for these souls, We see all that is, looking up at the below. Such fragile fates that we command, Existence is an echo most do not understand, Existing sightless, Selfishly, we do not stand, We see nothing beyond our own disease, Why not just quit, and leave? We sit, trapped beneath, Our own self pity, We sit, trapped between, Our belief and what is proven. Silently we weep, Silently we grieve, For the pain of un-bearth, is beyond our comprehension. The darkest poisons so alive, The shards of our mirror falling from the sky, The screaming shadows strangle truth, We see nothing now, because we lack the proof. All visions drawn out in the sand, Strategic advancement to take the land, All love is nullified by hate, Our souls trapped on earth, in this ever fearful state.

Your Stories

Whether embarrassing, inspirational, funny or romantic--we've all got some interesting stories to share! Submit your story here and we may feature it on this page! _______________________________________________________________________ Name: Tori J. Category: Funny "I have one brother who is 15 months younger than me.We have a pretty close relationship seeing as we are only just over a year apart. One evening, we were spending the night at my mom's place and all three of us had to sleep in the same room. In the morning, my mom told us a story of what happened during the night.It turns out that in the middle of the night, my mom woke up to voices talking in the dark. She listened for a bit and found out that it was my brother and I! Him and I were talking for an hour in our sleep about absolutely nothing! She said it was the funniest conversation she had ever heard! After that, whenever my brother and I are sleeping in the same room, we always seem to have a little chat in our sleep." Name: ''Miss Stake'' Category: Embarrassing "So I was at my temple and it was after service, so usually dinner is served in this multi- purpose room.Well my friends and I got in line for food, we were behind this cute guy.So I was trying to make my friend talk to him for me so I pushed her into him. He didn't notice but his mother, who was behind us did. She asked if my friend was interested in her son. Lets just say, I still owe her one." Name: anonymous Category: Embarrasing "i was in my boyfriend's hotel room & we were getting ready to go out when suddenly my stomach started aching really bad and i knew then that i really had to go asap (oh no no no!!) (my bf was still in the bathroom!) when he got out i ran and closed the door and ran to the toilet - and out came the noisiest, foulest smelling crap ever known to men - he kept knocking on the door and asking me if i was ok and i told him not to come near coz he might smell it! that was one of the most embarrassing experiences ever - good thing he just laughed it off and told me he didn't really mind and thought it was funny and cute. " Name: A Category: A Discovery "All my life I conisdered myself an okay person. I had good friends, a nice family, a nice life. But as years passed, I noticed I was changing, I could feel it. I was scared that the okay person I was was no longer going to be me. That I was going to leave my past self behind. And it scared me a lot. So I decided that I can't trust myself, first of all, because if I made anymore actions it'd somehow change me. Then I decided I couldn't trust anyone. People I'd talk to would influence me on changing, surely, or so I thought. Eventually I just became very quiet. I can't even still believe I would of chose silence over change. I don't know what I was thinking then.But when you're quiet for so long, it eats at you, and you begin to lose everything about yourself. It's like you slowly die, but you're still living. So I knew how to do when I was so dull and lifeless, was listen. I listened to things everyone said, even bad things, which lead to me doing things I am very ashamed of. I felt I couldn't turn to anyone anymore, that I didn't deserve love. So I almost commited suicide. the pills were in hand and water was there to

help. Then I thought I heard someone come through the door. I spit them out, and realized "what am I doing?" I started crying knowing that where I was was a bad place, that I wasn't anything anymore. I always just thought I could handle things on my own. But throughout some time after this event, I had much more of an understanding that change never is always bad. And that no matter what I should be content with who I am. I am very happy now, and glad to have what I've got." Name: anonymous Category: Embarrasing "I was in gym class, and we were playing a game... there were two gymnastic mats, and we had to swing from one mat to the other using a rope. We weren't allowed to touch the floor. It was my turn to swing across, and I was having trouble making it to the other side. So, I gave it another try, and some of my team members tried to help pull me onto the mat. My crush was one of the people that was trying to help. I finally got to the other side, and everyone started to laugh at me... I looked down, and my pants were at my ankles, and my underwear were in full view! My crush had accidentally pulled my pants down! I ran into the bathroom immediately. That was sooo embarrassing! :(" Name: Alex Category: Embarrasing "So it was the day before spring break at school and my friend and I had a shoot planned. So we figured that I should just ride home with her on the bus to her house. Of course, though, we knew that I needed a bus pass to allow riding home with her. So I went into the office with a note from my parents saying I had permission to go, then the secretary asked "what's this for?" And I said "it's to request a bus pass." then the secretary asked "so, why do you need to go to this house?" And I said "oh, well, we were planning on taking pictures, hanging out after school, since it's the day before spring break." She looked at me as if I was a nut. The thing is, you can only have a bus pass if it is an emergency. No one had told me that, so I sounded like a complete fool. But it's fine now, I just laugh about it if it's ever mentioned, ha."

Letter from the editors: Hey everyone! Right now this is Sarah writing, but Martha is still here in heart and spirit. :) Due to not enough time and other reasons, me and Martha have decided to end Chasing Dreams Magazine, but you will still be seeing bits and pieces of other things that we had been working on in my new magazine, Racing Minds. Thank you all so much for the support you have given us, and I wish you all the very best. Sincerely, Sarah and Martha

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