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everyone has a story

O L U T I O N made in Italy n. 0 - summer / autumn 2016

Origin of the racehorse Standing ovation for Urge di Gallura Sh. Mansoor Festival boosts arabian racing

number zero










summer / autumn 2016

everyone has a story


The evolution of Flat Racing in Italy Lots of news concerning the Purebred Arabian in horse racing


Ali, the graduate jockey in Warsaw The winning apprentice jockey is from Bahrain and has a degree in Business Informatics



Ziyadd, the heir of Ameretto Sheikh Mansoor-owned Ziyadd conquers the European Triple Crown

Urge...ntly towards new adventures Cristiana Brivio and Endo Botti looking to the future thanks to Urge di Gallura and Purebred Arabians


That’s how I intend my life to be… my life and Antonio’s Let me introduce you Giovanna Picconi, breeder of Urge di Gallura


Two different shades of grey in Chantilly Al Mourtajez proves to be the number-one Purebred Arabian, surprise race scheme for Naziq in the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe week-end


All continents in one world, the Arabians’ one From Abu Dhabi thanks to the Sheikh Mansoor Festival


Diar diary Resounding success for the Dubai International Arabian Races (diar) Great growth for the diar


The little mermeid brings Daniel good luck… in spite of everything! The Italian boy wins in Copenhagen after a troubled trip


Eruption in Capannelle racecourse Vulcain du Clos dominates the first Listed Race in the history of Italian Horse Racing


Palio, the life of Siena So much more than just a race

Editorial number «zero»

Enrico Querci Editor in Chief


t is with great excitement that I write the first editorial of Arabians evolution our new creation. As publisher of the magazine, I decided to sign this first issue only, in order to explain the motivation that led me to take up this new path. The skillful hands of Enrico Querci, Editor in Chief of the quarterly magazine, will personally take care of the next editorials. The resounding success achieved in the past three years by Sport Endurance Evo, the international magazine dedicated to world endurance and distributed during the most important endurance and equestrian events, drove us towards the frontier of Flat Racing and the Arabian Horse. At the end of every issue, we will dedicate a section to the horse tradition and culture in Italy and around the world. For this first issue we decided to dedicate an article to the famous Palio di Siena. Today, thanks to new technologies and social networks, communication is smooth and fast. Our life style has become just as fast, we go through the news swiftly because there’s no time to really read them and globalization forces us to run. Sometimes we should slow down and benefit of living in the present, letting go anxiety about the future and haste. People have nicknamed me “salmon” because I like to go against the tide just

Luca Giannangeli Publisher

like this fish does. The publishing industry bets on the digital one but, despite our presence on the web with the digital magazine, I believe it is important to keep the printed version in order to express what I have to declare from time to time. I simply love the nice smell of newly printed paper around me everytime I flip the pages. Why arabians evolution and most of all, why everyone has a story? I decided to slow down and chose not to concentrate on sterile news that happen to be everywhere. I want to tell the story that hides behind a rider, a breeder etc. They do have feelings and thoughts before and after a race, no matter how prestigious the competition is. Behind a victory there’s a name and a surname with a soul and a life. Our mission is to tell simple, complicated, intriguing and normal stories. What makes the difference is the human and equine heart. We want to capture our reader’s attention, hoping to reawaken the pleasure in reading and dreaming. By the way... don’t forget to slow down! Thank you Luca Giannangeli





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evolution of flat racing in italy

4  arabians



was an important year for Italian horse racing, Italy finally succeeded in entering the international Flat Racing circuit for Purebred Arabians. This country (Pattern and Listed Race) has always been a bit on the margin of world horse racing lacking registration at the International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing (IFAHR). But, thanks to the constant pressure and job of the Italian National Association for Arabian Horses (ANICA), the Ministry

of Agricultural Policies decided to present Italy’s application to the IFAHR. The request was accepted during the plenary session that was held in October 2015, right after the Arc Meeting in Paris. This represents a very important step forward considering that there has never been a total consensus by all state members before. Italy has since greeted a series of new opportunities and was chosen as location of four Listed Races in 2016 to be held in Rome, Milan and Pisa.

The evolution of Flat Racing in Italy 5


his also means further attention from foreign sponsors, especially from the Gulf countries, that are promoting the Purebred Arabians in International Horse Racing. The news has brought to a change in Italy’s race schedule for Purebred Arabians and 80% of the races has been made accessible to horses not bred and trained in Italy, provided that they are approved by the World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO) whose role is to keep uniform criteria in the Stud Book of Member States registered with ANICA. A consequence of these changes has been the arrival of foreign horses in Italy and the opportunity for Italian horses to compare their level with international competitors. The racecourse of Capannelle hosted the first two Listed Races. One of them was sponsored by Shadwell Stud and took place in May, the other was partnered by the HH Sheikh Mansoor Festival and scheduled at the end of the same month. Milan hosted another Listed race in October while the racecourse of San Rossore in Pisa will greet the last one sponsored by Meydan – Dubai in December. Due to these important changes, the barycenter of the Italian race schedule is moving from Sardinia, the land of Purebred Arabians, to continental Italy. The opening of new frontiers and the arrival of important sponsors attracted the attention of trainers and owners that, until now, had paied attention to Thoroughbreds only. Two Italian top trainers, Endo and Stefano Botti, have now Purebred Arabians in their stables. After this period of economic and scheduling uncertainties that made Italian breeders more cautious, we hope that a new creative era begins, conscious that Italians are often able to give birth to real masterpieces. 6  arabians


For further information visit www.anicahorse.org



he ANICA was founded in Rome on the 12th of November 1979. The Association was approved by the W.A.H.O. (World Arabian Horse Organization) in 1982, exactly when the first volume of the Purebred Arabians Stud Book was published in Italy. The A.N.I.C.A. is the only institution in Italy responsible of the Italian Stud Book for the Purebred Arabians. It is authorized by the WAHO and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food

and Forestry policies and recognized at international level. Since it was founded, the A.N.I.C.A. has published 12 volumes of the Stud Book, containing 16.000 Purebred Arabians regularly registered with A.N.I.C.A. Each horse has its personal data, a 5 generation genealogy and production in Italy. A.N.I.C.A.’s board of Directors led by Francesco Santoro, comprises five members. Annalisa Landucci is the member responsible for flat racing. The evolution of Flat Racing in Italy 7

8  arabians



Cristiana Brivio and Endo Botti looking to the future thanks to Urge di Gallura and Purebred Arabians


he story begins in 1921 from the name of the Thoroughbred Fléchois, known as one of the strongest horses of that time, trained in Chantilly but owned by Mario Perrone from Italy. He conquered two places of honor in the new-born Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe and achieved two great results in the Prix Gladiateur over a 6,200 metres distance! Urge... ntly towards new adventures 9

10  arabians



nce he retired from racing, Perrone decided to bring Fléchois to Italy as a stallion and built for him what is still known today as the most beautiful stable in San Rossore, close to the Italian city of Pisa. Razza Latina is the only heritage by Fléchois that left no trace on turf due to health problems. Today he is still there, in “Via del Capannone” in Barbaricina, a neighborhood in Pisa that still bears its old nickname: Village of horses. Back in the Nineteenth Century, everyone in this village made a living by working with horses. Mario Perrone’s heirs were also passionate about horse racing and horses. Today his great grandchild Cristiana Brivio Sforza brought horse racing back into those walls. Cristiana was an eventing rider but eventually surrendered to Thoroughbreds. Initially she used her paddocks to breed and grow her foals and those entrusted to her by other breeders in order to prepare them for yearling sales, becoming the undisputed leader among italian consignors. “Champions like Rip Van Winkle (today a stallion in Ireland) grew up In these paddocks. Electrocutionist is the most popular one that no one bought at the yearling sales. He was trained in San Rossore by Valfredo Valiani who led him to the victory of the Juddemonte Internationale Stakes of York. After that great result he was bought by HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum and after a few months won the Dubai World Cup. Unfortunately, with the economic crisis and birth decrease

Watch the video of the race in Newbury

Cristiana Brivio and Endo Botti

I had to put this activity aside… conscious that Razza Latina had to go on”. Declared Cristiana. However our story is about Cristiana and her companion Edmondo Botti, known by everyone as Endo. Endo belongs to a racing family par excellence, and his genealogy is as worthy as one of a thoroughbred of rank: his father Giuseppe, his brother Alessandro, his uncle Alduino and his cousins Stefano and Marco. Racing in Europe enclosed in the surname Botti. Endo was a successful jockey, twice Italian Champion (1992 and 1996). Urge... ntly towards new adventures 11


is career as trainer began with Cristiana, who chose the ancient colors of the family’s blouse: a green silk, Saint Andrews’ Cross and a white cap, to symbolize Razza Latina. Their work as trainers began seven years ago. Being a famous jockey is not a guarantee of being a good trainer but in just a few years, Endo and Cristiana achieved one success after the other and proved to be among the best trainers in Italy. When the Toscana Endurance Lifestyle took place in 2015, they began looking at the Purebred Arabians with a different eye. The wise entrepreneur, Endo Botti, suddenly realized that the world of Arabians could have brought broader long-term perspectives. “In January 2016 I went to Sardinia to visit Mrs. Giovanna Picconi stud, probably the best of the island - Endo tells us – I was looking for a three year old colt…my choice fell on Urge di Gallura.” Two months later Urge debuts in San Rossore, triumphs and replicates on the track a bit later. Then he runs in Rome in one of the Dubai International Race Circuit competitions and leads it. After three weeks he returns to Capannelle and takes part in the HH Sheikha Fatima Mubarak Apprentice Race, an Abu Dhabi sponsored competition. “These have been two important occasions - Endo continues – Urge did’t have any sort of problem, not even with the South Korean trainee jockey, who still had little experience. Moreover, the DIAR circuit race opened us the door to a Group 2 race in Newbury at the end of July. We also faced the trip to England with the 5 year old Lares de Pine, who entered our stables after returning from Dubai, where he took part in the Dubai Kahayla Classic…a very demanding Group 1 race on the double kilometer awaited him. 12  arabians


Cristiana Brivio and Endo Botti work side by side from sunrise to sunset

Urge... ntly towards new adventures 13


ares belongs to Taleb Bin Dhaher Al Muhairi, the Secretary General of the UAE Racing Federation”. The outcome of this away competition was simply outstanding. Urge di Gallura set off as a rocket from the most disadvantaged gate, in a wink of an eye he reached the rail and became intangible, winning the UAE Equestrian International Stakes (1,400 metres - Group 2) and remaining undefeated. From his part Lares de Pine, on a short distance and adverse ground, conquered a beautiful third place at the Dubai International Stakes (2,000 metres - Group 1), won by Murraqib. As it is not so foregone that a good jockey makes a good trainer, a good Thoroughbred trainer doesn’t necessarily make a good Purebred Arabians trainer. “I started to get information from fellow trainers who had experience with such horses and understood that they didn’t need a particularly heavy workload routine. As far as Razza Latina is concerned, Cristiana and I decided to build a 1,000-metre-long track made of chippings, with an almost perfectly linear path. My Arabians always trained on that track with a sort of interval training that I use with my Thoroughbreds too. Apart from Urge and Lares I also have Makbar de Piboul, another three year old who won right after an unlucky debut”. Cristiana Brivio and Endo Botti work side by side from sunrise to sunset and this, believe me, is not just a poetic scenery! They train many horses and have a lot of pressing commitments, but the great passion for this sport pushes them to give it all. The doors of their stables are always open for more and more Arabians, not necessarily for training…many paddocks are now clear but we still seem to hear foals and yearlings winning, and herds running. Maybe one day these paddocks will be housed by foals and little Arabians ready to follow the footsteps of Urge di Gallura and Lares de Pine.

14  arabians


Urge... ntly towards new adventures 15







e t o b e…


e a nd

I i nte nd





By Giulia Bardanzellu for “La Nuova Sardegna”

Let me introduce you to Giovanna Picconi, breeder of Urge di Gallura


he story of Urge di Gallura, Giovanna Picconi and Antonio Murru is a moving one, as the breeder Giovanna tells it she shows a bit of shyness. She greets us in her house Lu Cuppuneddu just after concluding the daily tasks of the familyrun business. Unfortunately her 75 year old husband passed away some months ago due to an incurable disease. “He always used to ask me about Urge’s first race, he knew he didn’t have much time left. One month after his death Urge won his first race and since then he ran other races between Pisa and Rome”.

16  arabians


Giovanna Picconi at home

The collection of great results and successes was accompanied by Giovanna’s strong feeling that Urge represented the wild soul of a man who worked all his life to achieve that moment of glory…her husband. “We’ve been working at this family business for 20 years, I almost wanted to give it all up but my husband kept telling me that the right time would have come and despite the crisis we had to give it all and increase the business”. After long years of hard work led by a passion for rally competitons too, a field where he was a champion in the seventies, Antonio always cherished his strong willpower and the right intuition. “We have created an important bloodline, investing a lot…all he needed was to watch them move on the field and immediately knew if they had the makings of a champion”. Atomic Bomb, the son of Caligola and Elettra di Nulvi is today’s world fastest Purebred Arabian and the idol of Italian

racecourses. During the most recent success, Giovanna was wearing an English style hat: “I’ve always had this dream but I thought it could have been inappropriate in Chilivani” said Giovanna smiling. But Newbury was definitely the perfect occasion although she gave up all kind of comfort and travelled by truck: “That’s how I intend my life to be…my life and Antonio’s”. That’s how I intend my life to be… my life and Antonio’s  17


Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival started on a humble note in 2009 and was the brainchild and initiative of His Highness Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs. HH Sheikh Mansoor, in promoting Purebred Arabian horse racing around the globe was continuing on the path laid out by his father, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, whose love and passion for Arabian horses is legendary. The Festival sponsors a lot of races in different series all around the world. While the Festival’s Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Cup series sees the cream of the Purebred Arabians in action the Wathba Stud Farm Cup race series is aimed at supporting Arabian horse racing at the grass-roots level. Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, Mother of the UAE,

18  arabians


Chairperson of the General Women’s Union, Supreme Chairperson of the Family Development Foundation and Chairwoman of the Supreme Council for Motherhood has over the years promoted women in all aspects of life including sport and has done tremendous service in lifting the status of women at the global level.


All continents in one world, the arabians’ one 19 From Abu Dhabi thanks to Sheikh Mansoor Festival


ith her support the HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies World Championship (IFAHR) race series became part of the Festival’s events and every year we have seen a steady increase in the number of lady jockeys from different countries participating in these races. With great support from owners and trainers the lady jockeys have revealed a lot of skills and the Festival’s races have opened up the opportunities for them. Under instructions from HH Sheikh Mansoor the International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing Academies (IFAHR) was set up with Abu Dhabi as headquarters. IFHRA’s focus is on promoting and honing the skills of apprentice jockeys and apart from scholarships, the Festival seminars and conferences is held to train these upcoming jockeys. HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Apprentice World Championship (IFAHR) race series is also highly successfull and has given great 20  arabians


experience to the apprentice jockeys to travel outside their countries and gain rich experience. Overall the Festival firmly believes in developing not only Purebred Arabian racing but also lady jockeys, apprentice jockeys, endurance riders and all those involved with equestrian sport. We asked to Ms Lara Sawaya, Executive Director of the HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival, what are the main goals of these series, and she kindly aswered us. “For the UAE and the HH Sheikh Mansoor Festival, Purebred Arabian racing is part of the national culture and heritage and hence it is a national duty to promote and keep this tradition alive. We want to ensure more ladies are part of the racing and equestrian fraternity – to promote and support them through events like the HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies World Championship

Rome Copenaghen Warsaw Kazan Lingfield Tarbes Oman Culfield St Moritz Sam Houston Bahrain Tolouse Casablanca Rome Stockholm Duindight Pleasenton Ostend Sandown Warsaw

HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Apprentice World Championship Jonghee Jeong South Korea Daniel Scipioni Italy Ali Al Shuwaikh Bahrein Emilie Goudman Belgium Evin Roman Puerto Rico domenica 16 ottobre HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies World Championship Jhannah Stolt Sweden Cindy Klinkenberg Netherland Anna van Den Troost Belgium Sara Vermeersch Belgium Alice Mills UK Yasmine Nilsson UK Ingrid Grard France Astrid Wullschleger Swizzerland Nora Looby Ireland Siljia Storen Norway Manuela Slamanig Austria Catherine Walton UK Monique Luebecke Germany Joanna Wyrzyk Poland

Ms. Lara Sawaya

(IFAHR) race series, the HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Endurance Rides for ladies, the HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak International Awards which is given along with the Darley Awards but only to top lady achievers. At the same time we want to give more chance to young apprentice jockeys to become great professional, also thanks to our support with these races and with the IFHRA’s scholarships”. Last but not least, the finals of all these series run in Abu Dhabi on November 13th and in the same racecard we find the world richest race for Purebred Arabians: the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Jewel Crown with a total purse of 1.2 million Euros. The first edition of this race was held in 2015 and was won by Kalino. All continents in one world, the arabians’ one 21

Photo by Nils Rosenkjaer


he Italian apprentice wins in Copenhagen in spite of a troubled trip. This brief story confirms that destiny is often merciless even when it deals with horse racing. Daniel Scipioni is a 19 year old passionate about horses with a dream to ride in a race. He inherited this passion from his dad and his grand-father (both owners of race horses). At the beginning of 2016 he attended a Trainee Jockey course organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with Jockeys and Trainers Associations, logistically supported by the Alfea and the racecourse of San Rossore.

22  arabians





The junior athlete wins in Copenhagen after a troubled trip

Daniel Scipioni The little mermeid brings daniel good luck… in spite of everything! 23


aniel started to compete on the 19th of May and immediately achieved the first results, sooner than his coursemates. His talent bore him the invitation to a race of the circuit sponsored by the 24  arabians


HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Moubarak Apprentices Series to be run at the end of August in Tatarstan, Russia. Organizing a trip to Russia requires time. Passports must be sent in advance in order to obtain the entry visa.

Unfortunately Daniel didn’t have a passport, although he tried to apply for one he didn’t manage to make it on time and had to decline the invitation. The Organizing Committee of this international Circuit chose to give Daniel

a second chance and invited him again to run in Copenhagen on the 6th of August. As Daniel was on his way to Fiumicino airport to catch his flight, his car was rear – ended by a thoughtless driver and pierced his tire. The little mermeid brings daniel good luck… in spite of everything! 25

Daniel lost his flight and felt miserable but the Organizing Committee was able to put him on another flight departing the next morning so that he could reach Klampenborg racetrack (Copenhagen) on time. This was Daniel’s first time abroad and, considering that he doesn’t speak a word of English, other problems awaited him. “I knew I had to catch a train to Malmoe where an Italian jockey Alessandro

on the horse”. Daniel was smart enough to pay attention to the track, observing it carefully and treasuring the owner’s advices. “They advised me to let the expert horse help me in the race and that’s what I did. My most insidious rival was Mad Makz who was leading the race although I always tried to run behind him. As I was getting nearer and nearer to the finish line I started to believe that I could seriously make it. Towards the end, Athlete del Sol wasn’t ... and finally I reached my destination. recovering and Mad Makz Manual communication has always helped stretched Italians! outward allowing Sartejano to run straight Guerrini, who works in Scandinavia towards the finish. “When there were just would have taken me to the racetrack a few meters left I started screaming like a where he was supposed to be riding in the mad man… I was too happy!”. afternoon. Unfortunately I took the train During the prize giving ceremony, Lara in the wrong direction! Sawaya, Executive Director of the HH Luckily I realised my mistake and got off Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan at the first stop, diverting the route!”. Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival I also realised that international calling awarded Daniel Scipioni with a beautiful wasn’t enabled on my phone”. watch. Daniel’s adventure is not over yet because But Daniel’s adventure wasn’t over yet. he couldn’t tell his friend where he was. “The following day, Alessandro and I “When I reached Malmoe station I took returned to the racetrack to attend the a taxi but had no idea of where to go! Danish Derby Day. At the end of the day I asked the taxi driver if I could use his we went back to the parking lot where mobile to make a phone call. Alessandro our car had a broken window and all our explained to the kind driver the way to luggage was stolen! I couldn’t believe it! the racetrack and finally I reached my Alessandro called the police to report the destination. Manual communication has theft meanwhile I lost my return flight. always helped Italians!”. The police was able to find our luggage The two boys arrive at the racecourse but my watch wasn’t there”. of Copenhagen just 90 minutes before I spent an extra night in Malmoe and the race that Daniel had to run with the then returned to Rome the next day. expert horse Sartejano, a fighter. “It has been a wonderful experience, I “Due to my delay I didn’t have time to achieved my fifth victory abroad and in make an inspection of the track with just a few days I felt at home. I’m looking the coach Kai Shirman and furthermore forward to similar experiences”. nobody knew who I was. I couldn’t even This experience earnt Daniel a place in find my white and pink silk! Luckily the the final race of the circuit that will be story had a happy ending and I hopped held in November in Abu Dhabi.

26  arabians


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The little mermeid brings daniel good luck‌ in spite of everything! 27


o become a racing jockey requires sacrifice. At the beginning of this career, daily morning training is accompanied by a sort of wait for the opportunity to ride in a race and win, hoping to achieve more and more prestigious goals. Young apprentice jockeys will often never reach important goals; however they will ride many different horses, win a lot of races and boast respectable careers. Those who wish to become jockeys usually begin when they are still very young. For this reason many boys and girls give up their studies once they finish compulsory school. This is how it used to be. Luckily, the world of horseracing is a wonderful one and it teaches us that there

28  arabians


are thousands of different stories made of horses and men. In Warsaw, at the end of August, the HH Sheikh Mansoor Festival celebrated the Purebred Arabians Day. The programme included the HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Apprentice World Championship race that was won by Eastway. In this case and in other similar races, the jockey picks the draw for his mount. The apprentice jockey from Bahrain, Ali Al Shuwaikh was drawn to ride Eastway… let us tell you his story. “I’m 28 years old and I love horses – tells us a smiling Ali – I’ve had this passion since I was very young and my father offered me his support from the start.


the graduate jockey in Warsaw The winning apprentice jockey is from Bahrain and has a degree in Business Informatics

Photo credit Tor Słuz·ewiec and Enrico Querci

Ali, the graduate jockey in Warsaw 29


first began as an endurance rider and ran several races but I eventually became fond of flat racing. I was a horse owner from 2001 to 2002 and in 2003 I started to race as apprentice jockey”. Ali’s age is a bit unusual for an Apprentice jockey but each country has its own rules!

“According to Bahrain’s horse racing regulations - explains Ali – my license is valid till the achievement of the 35th victory in a jockey’s career. So far I ran 300 races and with today’s result I make 30 successes. I don’t have many riding opportunities because races in my country are scheduled on Fridays only from November till the end of April. I mounted a few times in Qatar and Saudi Arabia but not in many occasions. 30  arabians


Luckily you can be invited…you travel, ride abroad and…win of course!”. Ali definitely stood out in the race that took place in Warsaw defeating the horse that had been drawn for the English apprentice jockey Rowan Scott and the one selected for the Polish apprentice jockey Ireneusz Wojcik. “The pace at the beginning of the race was too fast and I managed to hold my horse – says Ali – towards the finish it became quite simple.

At the finish line my horse kept pointing its ears and was still tense

Polish regulations ban the use of the whip to apprentice jockeys that are racing… although on one hand this allows an apprentice to concentrate more on posture and hold the horse by using arms only, on the other hand if you are riding a Purebred Arabian it gets a bit complicated. At the finish line my horse kept pointing its ears and was still tense”. So far Ali’s story isn’t much different from other apprentice jockeys’, but there

are two aspects that make it so special: he is sponsored by the Crown Prince of Bahrain HH Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa and he’s the only graduate jockey in the world! “I’m a lucky guy, not everybody is supported by someone so important – declares Ali- thanks to the Crown Prince I had the chance to attend a course at the British Racing School of Newmarket in 2004. Today I still work in his stable, His Highness owns Arabians only. Ali, the graduate jockey in Warsaw 31

Over the past few years I spent all of my time at the stable and studying to graduate in Business Informatics”. Apart from being passionate of horses, Ali’s family (his parents, a brother and three sisters) expects him to find a more stable job. So Ali “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. “Well, my family would like me to find a job related to my degree but my heart

32  arabians


beats for horses. I would like to continue this career and travel abroad. Probably next year I will try to benefit of the opportunity given by the International Federation of Horse Racing Academies to apprentice jockeys. It’s about scholarships that allow you to spend 8 weeks abroad with a trainer. I would really like to live this experience”. Good luck then smiling Bahraini boy and never forget to follow your heart!

Ali, the graduate jockey in Warsaw 33


o inherit Ameretto’s quality and class is a great responsibility. In fact, the son of Amer, property of the Daverio Family, has been one of the strongest Purebred Arabians on Europe’s racecourses.


the heir of Ameretto

Sheikh Mansoor-owned Ziyadd conquers the European Triple Crown 34  arabians


His brilliant career led him to the conquest of the European Triple Crown for four consecutive years. The European Triple Crown is a three race series hosted by three different nations each year and sponsored by the HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival. In 2015 when the final event of the series was held in Warsaw, Ameretto won for the fourth consecutive time the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Cup (Group 3) that took place at Sluzewiec racecourse. The 4 year old Ziyadd (Bibi de Carrere) is the heir of Ameretto, he began with a 4th placement at the European Triple Crown Series Group 2 in Toulouse on the 22nd of April. Then Ziyadd, racing in the colors of Sheikh Mansoor, flew to Rome to run the Listed Race scheduled at the end of May. He dominated over Al Janoob from Sweden and the Italian

Lares de Pine. The last race of the Triple Crown Series was held in the Netherland, at Duindigt racecourse where Ziyadd, ridden by Pierantonio Convertino and trained by Antoine Watrigant, achieved 5th place in the Group 3 race won by Majeed over Sir Bani Yas and Lightning Bolt. The results achieved with this last placement brought Ziyadd to leading the final ranking with 18 points while Sir Bani Yas and Lightning Bolt ended up with 13 points each. In all three races Ziyadd was mounted by the Italian jockey Pierantonio Convertino that recently spends his winters in Qatar collaborating with the best trainers and owners of the world of Purebred Arabians. At the end of August, Ziyadd ran in the colors of the same team in Warsaw (Tor Sluzewiec race course) achieving second place at the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Cup, Group 3 race, won by Tomas Lukasek on Tefkir.

Watch the video Winning parenthesis of Daniel in Copenaghen 35

two different SHADES OF GREY in Chantilly Al Mourtajez proves to be the number-one Purebred Arabian, surprise race scheme for Naziq in the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe week-end Photo by Scoopdyga 36  arabians


Two different shadows of grey in Chantilly 37

Al Mourtajez with H.H. Sheikh Joaan al Thani (first on left), the jockey Julien Augé and the trainer Tomas Fourcy (first on the right)

38  arabians



or the second consecutive time Al Mourtajez conquers the Qatar Arabian World Cup, proving to be the strongest Purebred Arabian in the world. On the 2nd of October, the son of Dahess, dominated over a powerful field of runners at Chantilly. The 2000m Group 1 race took place in conjunction with the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, one of the most prestigious Thoroughbred flat racing events in the world.

In a linear race scheme, the jockey Julien Augé on Al Shaqab Racing-owned Al Mourtajez, stayed behind the leader and took off in the final furlong. The grey colt trained by Thomas Fourcy, brings home half of the total prize money offered by Qatar (1 million Euros). Al Mourtajez has a beautiful grey coat, he loves to run in front or among the first ones. In the end he always manages to gain the kind of speed that, most of the time, leads him to victory.

Two different shadows of grey in Chantilly 39

The castle and the racecourse of Chantilly

Lara Sawaya with Naziq

40  arabians


The award ceremony


e boasts a brilliant career: he won 10 races out of 13 and placed in the remaining three. In addition to winning the two consecutive editions of the Qatar Arabian World Cup, this champion collects several other extraordinary accomplishments: twice winner of the Doha Cup (Deauville), the HH Emir Sword Cup (Doha), the Qatar Coupe D’europe des Chevaux Arabes (Deauville), the Qatar International Stakes (Goodwood) and the Qatar Cup Prix Dragon (Chantilly). Among his best results, his second place at the Qatar Derby des Pur-Sang Arabe de 4 Ans and third place at this year’s HH Emir Sword Cup, are worth mentioning. Except for his debut race ran by his trainer Thomas Fourcy, Al Mourtajez has always been mounted by Julien Augé:

This horse is really amazing – says his jockey – it gives you feelings that you can have on listed or group thoroughbred horses. He’s a top class horse, the kind you meet once in your jockey career.

At the entrance of the Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition, in the main hall dedicated to the HH Sheikh Mansoor Festival, stood the blow-up of a grey filly that crosses the finish line at Chantilly. This horse runs in the yellow – green - white colors of Sheikh Mansoor, her name is Naziq (Mahabb) and she’s the winner of the Qatar Total Arabian Trophy (Group 1 – 2000m) that took place at the French Racecourse the day before the Arc. Two different shadows of grey in Chantilly 41

Watch the video of the race in Chantilly

Ridden by the jockey Jean-Bernard Eyquem, she quickly took full command of the race gaining a massive advantage over her competitors, a strategy that could be considered a bit too risky on this kind of track made of several ups and downs and leaving jockeys gobsmacked. Richard Mullen, who was riding Najda in the same race, explains us that, sometimes, jockeys have to make important decisions in just a few seconds:

42  arabians


When we noticed that Naziq was gaining such a great advantage over all of us, we thought that she would never make it to the finish line. After all, if anyone would have tried to catch up with her, especially in the bend, he would have facilitated the final sprint to the competitors. So we just waited for the home straight where Naziq kept the same speed and she won! Surprisingly we took third place and achieved more than expected before the race; that’s how things go sometimes!

TSA Tuscia Servizi Agricoli srl - 25 year experience in horse racing - T.S.A. was founded in 2006 - Training of race horses - Buying and selling of flat racing and endurance horses

Best representative horses:

Jelabi and Monnalisa

Jelabi (Filindeu x Komeira)

Monnalisa (Filindeu x Luelle)

- - - -

- So far (2016) she is the 4 time undefeated athlete in Grosseto - The best Italian Purebred Arabian mare in recent years - Her agonistic longevity surprises everyone but not her trainer Stefano Meattini who advised to buy her some months ago, certain of her potential.

Twice winner of the HH Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum Twice winner of the Dubai Day in Rome Second place in the 2015 Dubai Day Winner of the Gran Premio del Mediterraneo in 2014 (Chilivani)

Via Santa Maria della Grotticella, 51 - 01100 Viterbo (Ita) +393339446771 - annalisa.landucci24@gmail.com Two different shadows of grey in Chantilly 43

Diar diary Resounding success for the Dubai International Arabian Races (diar) Great growth for the diar PhotoŠcredit Debbie Burt Equine Creative Media 2016


hadwell Stud definitely stands out from among other organizations that promote Purebred Arabians races worldwide. This year the DIAR programme, a qualifying and preparatory race circuit, in view of the final event that took place in Newbury at the end of July, has achieved resounding success. In 2016 the DIAR has sponsored 24 races in 7 nations and 3 continents (Europe, Australia, USA). 16 preparatory races 44  arabians


One of the most important race programmes for Arabian horses in the world

were held in Italy, UK, France, Holland and Sweden between the 8th of May and the 12th of July. Any horse which finished in the first three of the designated warm-up races, that went on to win one of the 4 bonus races scheduled on 24 July in Newbury, received additional bonus prize money. DIAR also granted contribution to cover travel expenses of UK non – resident horse finalists in Newbury. The 16 races attracted 125 starters but

the Listed Race that took place in Rome on the 8th of May was run by the largest number of horses. Rome’s race was the first Listed in the history of Italian Flat Racing and it attracted 15 runners, including three international runners. Vulcain du Clos from France won at Capannelle presenting the Royal Cavalry of Oman with a brilliant success followed by Athlete del Sol from the Netherland and the Italian Tornado Byzucchele in front of Nasco. Diar diary 45


ther preparatory DIAR races were won by Urge di Gallura (Rome), Aghsaan (Newbury), Awzaan (Chepstow), Dahham (Tolouse), Djelamer. Majeed. Fajr Qardabiyah and Sheimah Qardabiyah (Duindigt), Khattaf Athabah (Newbury), Athlete del Sol, Pamill Lipse, Winston Rocket and Bisht (Stockholm), Bakir De Flauzins (Newbury) and Ahzar (La Teste de Bouche). Other 4 DIAR races took place in the USA in November. The intention is to involve more countries in 2017 awaiting for further innovations in that same year. The final races were held on the 24th of July in Newbury, an international event that gathered 79 horses from 5 nations with an average of almost 10 runners per race. The winners of the main trials were: Urge di Gallura (Emirates Equestrian Federation International Stakes – Gr.2), Radames (Jebel Ali Racecourse Za’abeel International Stakes – Gr. 1), Sylvine Al Maury (Dubai Duty Free Hatta International Stakes – Gr. 1) and Muraaqib (Shadwell Dubai International Stakes – Gr.1).

Muraaqib and Francois Xavier Bertras win the Shadwell Dubai International Group1 PA 46  arabians


Diar diary 47

HH Sh Hamdan Al Maktoum with Dane ONeil and Jamaayil

View all DIAR races results on www.diaraces.com


achael Gowran, Shadwell Stud Marketing and Nominations Manager declared: “We are very proud that the Dubai International Arabian Races are becoming recognised as one of the most important race programmes for Arabian horses in the world. Through the inspiration and guidance of HH Sheikh Hamdan, the DIAR committee is helping to develop the sport and make significant progress in raising its international profile and standing. Italy has been one of the great DIAR success stories. HH Sheikh Hamdan and his team began working with Capannelle Racecourse 6 years ago to stage Arabian racing on the prestigious Presidente della Repubblica day in May.

48  arabians


In 2015/16 they helped guide ANICA and the Ministry of Agriculture through the IFAHR membership process and were rewarded for this hard work and support by staging the first ever international stakes race for Arabian horses in Italy on the 8th of May 2016. On the same day; a very special horse came to our attention in the 3YO Arabian race sponsored by us: Urge di Gallura. He won convincingly that day and has really been the 2016 poster child for what the DIAR programme can help owners, trainers and breeders

achieve if they commit to it. In Rome, we asked his owners if they would consider bringing Urge to the Uk for DIAR Newbury. They very bravely took up the opportunity and won the Gr. 2 PA Emirates Equestrian Federation International Stakes. We were delighted that 2 horses from Italy competed at Newbury and performed so well. It shows our DIAR prep races are working and that with the help of our travel allowances, bonus scheme and support, everyone can have a go at racing at the top level and beating the big boys! We very much look forward to re-visiting Italy in 2017 and continuing to put the vision and passion that HH Sheikh Hamdan has for the sport in to practice�.

Urge Di Gallura and Antonio Fresu win the EEF International Stakes Diar diary 49

Photo©credit Domenico Savi

Vulcain du Clos dominates the first Listed Race in the history of Italian Horse Racing




in a Listed Race and join the annals of Horse Racing history. This is the case of the 9 year old Vulcain du Clos (Monsieur Al Maury), owned by the Royal Cavalry of Oman that immediately hit the target with his first starter in Italy at the Premio Dubai International Arabian Races.

Vulcain du Clos proved that his rivals were simply no match, leaving the second placed globe-trotter Athlete del Sol seven lengths behind and the third placed Italian horse, Tornado Byzucchele, 10 lengths back. Vulcain du Clos is trained in France by Charles Goudrain and usually ridden by David Morrison. Eruption in Capannelle Racecourse 51


he horse boasts a career with 6 wins: France, the Netherlands, England and the last one in Italy. Although Vulcain had already accomplished important placings in Group races, this last victory earned him that “black typed capital letter”. He also ran the last four editions of the Qatar Arabian World Cup, ranking eighth in 2013, this was his best result. After the race in Rome, Vulcain du Clos competed in the Netherlands, in Turkey

Watch the video

52  arabians


and in the World Cup at Chantilly due to the temporary closure of Longchamp racecourse. In terms of rating, the victory of Vulcan du Close and Athlete del Sol’s placing are very important for the race that took place in Rome because, if other prominent horse racing characters will attend the future editions, in 2019 Italy could probably host her first Group race for Purebred Arabians.

Bi-Elle di

Luca Bruschi

via Parabiago 13 20010 Casorezzo (MI) Italy bruslu@tin.it bruschiluca150@gmail.com M +393355249923 O +39029010828

Eruption in Capannelle Racecourse 53

Palio, the life of Siena

Italian Treasure

So much more than just a race

54  arabians


By Enrico Querci

Photo©redit Oreste Testa and Chiara Gobbetti


he Palio, a very special horse race that takes place twice a year in the Italian city of Siena in Tuscany, brings back a taste of Renaissance around the beautiful Piazza del Campo, a circular amphitheater in the heart of this marvelous city. It is not just a horse race but an occasion of great festivity brought by horses and ancient traditions. The Palio di Siena traces its origin back to Siena’s foundation myth. Senio and Aschio, sons of Remus, escaped on foot from Rome where they were in danger from their fratricidal uncle. Under the protection of Apollo, they were provided with two horses, one white and one black, today’s colors of the Balzana, Siena’s flag. They rode until they reached the Valley of the Tressa in Tuscany. This escape could be compared to an ancestral version of the Palio that dates

back to the Middle Ages. The word Palio derives from the Latin pallium (woolen cloak), an elongated rectangular silk banner hand-painted for the occasion and given as prize to the winner. Palio, the life of Siena 55


he race used to begin from one of the ancient city gates and ended in front of the Duomo. Since 1600 the Palio moved the starting line to the tonda in Piazza del Campo, one of the most beautiful shell-shaped squares in the world. There are many books about the Palio that have been translated into different languages. Since 1700 the Palio was held

56  arabians


twice a year and in 1729 the Notice of Violante of Baviera, wife of Ferdinando de’ Medici and Governor of Siena, marked the boundaries of today’s 17 Contrade (city districts), putting an end to many conflicts. In the nineteenth century, the regulation starts focusing on horse welfare and in 1894 the Magistrato delle Contrade (Contrade Authority) was founded, today

it still coordinates and manages activities related to the Palio with the Municipality of Siena. In 1904 the Corteo Storico (Historical Costume parade) that parades accross the city before entering Piazza del Campo, acquires the form of a Medieval - Renaissance spectacle and today it is just as it was, but with an eye to the welfare of the horse.

Palio, the life of Siena 57


t is difficult to give a satisfying explanation of the Palio just by describing 10 horses that will take only 90 seconds to circle the Piazza three times (1200m). It is not unusual to see horses finish the race without their jockeys that mount without a saddle and often fall off in maneuvering dangerous bends that can result in injuries for both rider and horse. The Palio is not just a large painted canvas (Drappellone), each time created by a different artist, to be desplayed by the winning Contrada. For the Sienese, the Palio lasts throughout the whole year‌ throughout life. If you wish to know the name of the Contrade, their colors and victories just surf on the internet and satisfy your curiosity. The aim of this article is to remind you that the Palio will take place every year on the 2nd of July and on the 16th of August. 58  arabians


Palio, the life of Siena 59


o attend the race “la Carriera” or the Historical Costume Parade alone is an amazing, colorful show but it’s not a complete experience. You should be lucky enough to meet a local friend happy to take you in this 4 day adventure prior to the Palio. Be curious but respectful, participate but don’t invade, the Sienese would probably be too busy to care about tourists. Attend the Tratta, the drawing of the lots and assigment of the horses to each of the Contrade. Meet the Barberesco, the person that will be in charge of the horse till the day of the Palio. Visit the museum of each Contrada that treasures the prizes of past conquered Palios and other relics. Watch the Prova Generale or General Trial, run prior to the official Palio. Attend the propitiatory dinner organized by each Contrada, where hundreds of people sing their hymns and toast till exhaustion. Step into the Chapel where the priest blesses the jockey and horse of his Contrada, ordering them to go and come back as winners. Take photos of the Historical Parade, enter the Piazza del Campo for free and join the Festival (a balcony, a window or a stand are definitely more expensive!). Believe me it’s a priceless experience! If you will succeed in living your Palio as suggested above (it’s not easy but certainly possible) you will love it for the rest of your life. 60  arabians


For further details view: www.ilpalio.org www.comune.siena.it/La-Citta/Palio www.discovertuscany.com/itineraries-in-tuscany/one-day-in-siena.html

Palio, the life of Siena 61










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