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Welcome to the Winter/Spring Session of the YMCA Aquatic Programs. Registration deadline will be 2 days prior to session starting. If there are fewer than 3 children registered, class can be held only if the participants are willing to pay the semiprivate fee. Whenever possible, classes will be combined to accommodate your preferred schedule. Students must have swim teacher’s approval to move up to the next level. Classes are not pro-rated. Swim class make-ups are for medical reasons only. At the time of registration, please tell the Welcome Center staff which branch registration is for.

7 week session (1x per wk) Winter: January 2-February 19 Spring 2: April 23-June 10 $49 Member $77 General Public

8 week session (1x per wk) Spring 1: February 20-April 22 $56 Member $88 General Public No Classes April 1 - April 7

PARENT/TODDLER LESSONS (Ages 6 - 36 months)

Water comfort and swimming skills taught through a variety of fun activities. Parents and children will be guided through introductory swimming skills and safety precautions preparing them for classes without the aid of a parent.

SHRIMP/KIPPER/INIA (Ages 6 – 18 months) Accompany your child in the pool to learn methods that help him/her enjoy and respect the water environment through movement exploration, songs, and games.

PERCH (Ages 18 – 36 months) Children learn to move independently through the water under a parent’s guidance. Instructor guides parents to teach their children basic swimming skills.


Location: Instructional & Lap Pools - This program offers children their first experience in the pool without a parent, made possible through a variety of fun activities & games. Classes provide a step-by-step progression of swimming and water safety without the aid of a flotation device, designed to adequately prepare your child for the youth program. Student/Instructor ratio will not exceed 5 to 1. All preschool classes are 30 minutes in length.

PIKE (Preschool Level 1) Prerequisites: None, great for beginning swimmers Goals: Comfort in the water and building basic skills for future levels Primary Skills: Supported back and front floats, kicking, bubble blowing, alternate arm action and basic water safety. Parents are not in water with their children.

EEL (Preschool Level 2) Prerequisites: Submerge face for 3 seconds and be able to swim 5 ft. unassisted back to a wall. Should be able to float on front and back with support. Goals: Basic stroke movements Primary skills: Float on front and back without assistance, build confidence in water, front alternating arm paddling and kicking on back.

RAY (Preschool Level 3) Prerequisites: Ability to do front alternating arm strokes 15 ft. without assistance, and ability to float on front and back independently. Goals: Learn basics of rhythmic breathing, combining arms and legs on front and back. Primary Skills: Front and back alternating arm strokes, rudimentary rhythmic breathing and ability to swim longer distances without assistance.

STARFISH (Preschool Level 4) Prerequisites: Ability to take breath on own and continue swimming, ability to swim 15 feet with alternating back and front crawl arms and legs without assistance. Goals: Acclimation to Lap pool and deep water, swimming 25 yards with assistance, 40 ft. without assistance. Primary skills: Endurance building, rotary breathing, treading water, diving, front crawl and back crawl strokes.


Location: Lap Pool - Children learn the fundamentals of swimming and water safety with increased stroke development and endurance as levels increase. Classes will not exceed an 8 to 1 student/instructor ratio. All classes are 45 minutes in length and taught in the Lap Pool. The prerequisite for each level is successful demonstration of the skills taught in the preceding level. Beginners start at Polliwog (Level 1), which has no prerequisite.

POLLIWOG (Level 1) Prerequisites: Class designed for children new to lessons or that have not taken lessons in a long time. Goals: Comfort in the water, front and back floating, comfort in deep and shallow water. Primary Skills: Floating on front and back, comfort in water both deep and shallow, front and back crawl arms and legs.

FROGFISH (Level 2) Prerequisites: Able to swim 40 ft. with assistance and 20 ft. without assistance. Goals: Swimming on front and back independently, comfort in deep water. Primary Skills: Beginning rotary breathing, breaststroke arms, elementary back stroke arms and building endurance on front and back crawl strokes.

GUPPY (Level 3) Prerequisites: Able to swim 25 yards with assistance and able to swim 50 ft. without assistance. Goals: Build stroke mechanics and endurance. Primary Skills: Beginning rotary breathing, elementary back stroke kick and improved endurance on front and back crawl strokes.

MINNOW (Level 4) Prerequisites: Must be able to swim front and back crawl stroke 25 yards without assistance. Must demonstrate knowledge of sidestroke arms, breaststroke arms and elementary backstroke arms. Goals: Expand knowledge to include 5 strokes adding full elementary back stroke, full breast stroke and side stroke kick. Primary skills: Improved endurance with front and back crawls with rotary breathing. Elementary back stroke arms and legs, breast stroke arms and legs and side stroke kick.

FISH (Level 5) Prerequisites: Ability to swim front crawl, back crawl, elementary back stroke, breast and side stroke for at least 25 yards without stopping. Goals: Stroke refinement, combine arms and legs on side stroke, introduce butterfly and increase endurance. Primary skills: Arms and legs on side stroke, rudimentary butterfly, build endurance and efficiency in all strokes.

FLYING FISH (Level 6) Prerequisites: Must be able to swim 50 yards on all strokes except butterfly (25 yards) without stopping. Goals: Introduce lifesaving stroke, refine all strokes, build endurance and learn flip turns. Primary skills: Improved endurance with front and back crawls with rotary breathing. Elementary back stroke arms and legs, breast stroke arms and legs and side stroke kick.

SHARK (Level 7)


Home School swim lessons are for home school children only. Please Check schedule for times and levels.

Prerequisites: Ability to swim all 6 major strokes 100 yards continuously. Goals: Develop competitive swimming skills and increased endurance on butterfly. Primary skills: Flip turns on front and back crawl, breast stroke pull out, butterfly, surface diving, increase endurance and efficiency in all strokes.


PORPOISE (Level 8)

An introduction to swimming for children with special needs. Learn the basics of water safety and feel comfortable in and around the pool. This is not a certified program. INSTRUCTOR TO STUDENT RATIOS: 1:4 Friday 5:00PM-5:30PM PRESCHOOL SWIM LEVELS Friday 5:30PM-6:15PM YOUTH SWIM LEVELS COST: Winter/Spring 2: $70 Member/ $98 General Public (7 weeks) Spring 1: $80 Member/ $112 General Public(8 weeks)


Prerequisites: Be able to complete a 200 yard individual medley. Goals: Prepare student with the ability to participate in SEAY, high school swim team or a lifeguard class. Primary skills: Improve all four competitive strokes, starts, turns and finishes.


Racine Family YMCA Winter Spring 2018  
Racine Family YMCA Winter Spring 2018  

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