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Spring 2021

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RPS Corporation Is Keeping the World Clean!


The RAMAC Voice, Spring 2021

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RAMAC Office: 262.634.1931 RAMAC Email: ramac@racinechamber.com Membership Carmella Venturini: cventurini@racinechamber.com Leadership Racine & Young Professionals of Racine (YPR) Anna Clementi: aclementi@racinechamber.com Training Programs Gretchen Herrmann: gherrmann@racinechamber.com Youth Apprenticeship Jeff Bergman: jbergman@racinechamber.com

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President's Message

Dear Members, RAMAC has always been here to support Racine’s business community, and by extension, Racine. As we begin the new year, I want to share our optimism and enthusiasm as we look forward in 2021 and highlight our efforts on your behalf. We are continuing our discussions with the County Executive and with the Mayor to get businesses operating at as high a level and as safely as possible while the pandemic continues. We know that you, as business owners, have done everything possible to comply with all of the order mandates to be able to operate in a safe manner. For that, we thank you.

Nothing speaks to the health of our city and our county more than the ability of businesses to stay open and operating efficiently. Many of our member businesses have found ways to grow. Some have always produced products or provided services which are still very much needed whether there’s a pandemic or not. Others have pivoted to producing necessary equipment during the time of COVID. Others, notably service providers, are managing to hang on by finding new or different ways to deliver their services. But they are hanging on by a thread and need our support in immediate ways. That is why we are happy to have supported the efforts of the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce to pressure the Wisconsin legislature to grant, as part of Assembly Bill 1, immunity to all Wisconsinites (including businesses, schools, universities and non-profits) from frivolous lawsuits, provided they did not act in a reckless or intentional manner to spread COVID-19. This type of action helps all our members—including not-for-profits. We are also happy to continue to focus on our work with Youth Apprenticeship and the RUSD students participating in the program. Given our current situation, Youth Apprenticeship is still very much an on-going program and still seeking even more manufacturing and technical businesses to participate. At the present time, we have around 100 students actively participating. While these numbers are below our projections, we are proud of what we have been able to achieve during the pandemic.

more information. In addition, Leadership Racine is going full-force and will complete their program in May, and a new class of Leadership Racine begins in September 2021. Finally, Young Professionals of Racine (YPR), is a membership program that provides opportunities to connect, grow, and engage through a variety of networking, social, volunteer, and educational events. YPR strives to ensure that Racine is a desirable destination for young professionals to live, work, and play. If you’d like more information about these programs, please call us or, specifically, contact Anna at aclementi@racinechamber.com. We are proud to provide these various levels of development and experience for you and your employees. These programs are vital to us here at RAMAC—please seriously consider enrolling yourself or employees in one or more. There is a lot planned for the rest of 2021! All of which is listed on our website at racinechamber.com. Simply click on Events, or Programs & Services for an overview or for details and registration information. We are very much looking forward to the rest of the year, especially if everyone is able to get vaccinated, and we are all able to get back to normal. We continue to look for outside venues for many of our events and find opportunities for you to join us and make the most of your membership. Thank you, as always, for your continued support and participation in RAMAC events, and I encourage you to like us on Facebook and LinkedIn at Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at 262.634.1931 or at mjmontemurro@ racinechamber.com. #racinebusinessmatters.

Matt J. Montemurro RAMAC President

Our membership is showing a renewed interest in our Leadership Development series of courses and experiences, which is another reason for optimism. Living as a Leader, which includes individual coaching, is beginning shortly. Frontline Leadership, a 5-session series, is starting up in April. Give us a call or email gherrmann@racinechamber.com if you would like 44

The RAMAC Voice, Spring 2021

Tech Tips by John Dean

Has remote connectivity slowed your production?

2020 brought a great number of changes to the business environment, across all sectors and industries. A small percentage of businesses were already poised to function with less disruption and chaos, those who had already embraced at least some levels of remote access for their employees before Covid-19 disrupted the global business market. But for the majority of businesses and employees, it was a new world, a new playing field, with obstructions and pitfalls they never anticipated needing to navigate. Many business owners wanted to continue working, even when they were not allowed to physically let employees come into the offices. But without an office space for the employees to work from, most had no way to continue operations quickly and easily. Many tried emailing documents to themselves, to at least have SOMETHING to work on from their home computers. Some purchased laptops and copied files to them, so the employees would have at least a limited number of resources to try to keep business flowing. But what happens when multiple people need to work on the same files? What about the databases and proprietary applications that the business needed to operate, those which wouldn’t work simply by copying them to a laptop? What about the risk of that laptop being stolen or lost? Or the data’s integrity, should ransomware or a virus damage the laptop or data, with no backup to restore? Do you have diminished production in your business because you have staff working from disparate, disconnected remote locations now, all using various tools that limits their effectiveness? What options are there? Emailing files back and forth all day to allow collaborative input simply injects an unacceptable delay in the workflow. What used to take minutes now can take hours. Some companies have embraced VPN technology – for all intents and purposes, turning every person’s home computer or laptop into a computer on the company network. But

then what happens when someone’s child had infected that computer unknowingly, and it then connects to your file shares on your servers? What about those large files that may not work well over the user’s home internet connection? Or the programs and in-house applications that don’t support remote access due to the corruption risk of those slower links? Many software companies won’t even support their software in a remote environment like that, due to the risk of data loss on anything other than a high speed wired local area network. One local company, Network Specialists, has been offering a solution to these very issues for nearly two decades. Never having imagined a world in which a global pandemic would devastate businesses the way Covid-19 has, they found their solution was THE perfect solution for many clients. Initially designed to allow a company to enjoy the benefits of a multi-server environment without having to house the equipment themselves, or deal with the local licensing in-house, what started as a way to make IT easier for local businesses ended up being the ideal solution for keeping a company team connected to the office, to each other, with all their data and applications available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any computer, anywhere in the world. All the while maintaining safe social distancing. Unlike most remote work solutions where people are using their home computers as a node on the network, this solution will put the users “inside” the network, on a local machine, with full wired network speeds between the user’s “desktop” and the data they are accessing. No slow delay while opening or saving large files over the network. No potential for an infected PC in someone’s home to infect files on the remote network. Imagine if ALL of your data – your servers, your applications, your files – everything you need was accessible as if everyone were still sitting in their offices, even while they were at their kitchen table, or couch, or their favorite recliner. All of the “business as normal” operations, but without the need to have an IT staff on site. A remote connectivity option that is easy to configure for the end user. No slow VPN access needed. A private managed cloud service that allows you to have everything you need for the continued operation of your business, accessible whether everyone is able to be in the office or if they need to work from home. This is Desktop as a Service. The ability to run your complete network from the cloud, and access it securely wherever you need to access it from. All without having to buy new servers, house them, or maintain them.











If you'd like to advertise in the next quarterly magazine, please contact Jamie Wambach at 262-631-1787 or jamie.wambach@journaltimes.com


Voice RAMAC Board of Directors

Our Fleet Is Here To Serve You Over 30 years of experience Residential, Commercial & Industrial OF T S BREacine Cou2n0ty 0 AL OURN T HE J ES T IM




Ask us about our Preventative Maintenance Programs!

2101 Lathrop Avenue www.wisconsinmechanicalservice.com

262.989.1001 6

Mark Behrens - Johnson Financial Group Patrick Booth - CCB Technology Ryan Brath - Fisher USA Brian Weaver - CNH Industrial Dominic Cariello - All Integrated Solutions Torben Christensen - Wiscon Products Rob Ducoffe - UW Parkside Randy Ekern - InSinkErator Judy Melaro-Gavigan - Ascension All Saints Scott Hess - CliftonLarsonAllen Jeff Knutson - Burlington Graphic Systems Jim Ladwig - SC Johnson Steve Langer - Modine Manufacturing Jody Muniz - Family Strong Wellness Doug Nicholson - The Nicholsworth Group Dean Popek - Racine Metal Fab Liz Powell - Racine Community Foundation

The RAMAC Voice, Spring 2021



New RAMAC Members

RAMAC is Racine’s Business Champion, serving as a voice representing the common interests of every organization in Racine—small and large, industrial and retail, for-profit and nonprofit. In support of its broad and diverse membership base, RAMAC offers a variety of pro-business and pro-community programs and initiatives. These programs aim to improve the business climate and vitality of the greater Racine area. Join us in welcoming these new RAMAC members:


3UP Metal Works Jason Young - President (414) 322-0522 3upmetalworks.com Custom fabrication, welding, structural construction, stairways, handrail, stairways, equipment, & custom products competitively priced in a timely manner with professional response.

Automation Arts Ron Moore – Vice President (414) 544-5034 automationarts.com With over 25 years in the Wisconsin market, Automation Arts has set the standard for custom electronic integration. Specialize in commercial & residential audio/visual integrations.

All Pro Cleaning Systems Tony Gibbs – President (262) 317-9811 allprocleaningsystems.com Full service commercial cleaning and COVID-19 disinfection services firm. Provide custom cleaning proposals for professional cleaning services at competitive prices.

Blue Badger Bar & Grill Jane Harlan - Manager (262) 884-7500 willkomms.com Coming soon!

The RAMAC Voice, Spring 2021

Chastain Sites, LLC Barney Chastain - Owner (608) 446-8187 chastainsites.com WordPress websites & Google Ads management. Chive Hospitality LLC Rick Onyon – Owner/Operator (262) 383-2300 Management company that oversees commercial properties in Racine including Butcher & Barrel, Amos Los Tacos, & White Tower Pizza along with AirBNBs. Dish Restaurant Victoria Reading - Manager (262) 898-8484 thedishrestaurant.com Made-to-order gourmet food in about five minutes or less. Elm Consulting Group International, LLC James Mueller – Midwest Affiliate (262) 417-6136 elmgroup.com Independent global health, safety, environmental and sustainability consultancy providing HSE audit and associated management program services.

Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investments Sales Christian Hlavinka – Senior Associate (414) 699-4326 marcusmillichap.com A leading firm specializing in commercial real estate sales, financing, research and advisory services. Has the largest team of investment specialists in the industry. Moore Benefit Resources.com Patrick Moore - President (847) 863-3492 moorebenefitresources.com Warren Buffet’s famous quote is true: General Motors spends more on healthcare than on steel, while Starbucks spends more on healthcare than on coffee. We help companies control that cost. Nielsen Machine Co., Inc Christopher Perrault – President (262) 632-6302 nielsenmachine.com Tool and die job shop helping customers make their products.

Tax preparation and filing.

All virtual. All free. UnitedWayRacine.org/VITA

Helping Families Connect, Honor & Remember Please stop in for a tour of our newly expanded facilities with ADA-compliant restrooms & stairless entry, providing everyone with safe and easy access.

262-632-4479 3014 Northwestern Ave. www.sturinofuneralhome.com United Way of Racine County



Invest in Your Future Workforce by partnering with the Academies of Racine

The long-term success of your company depends on your ability to prepare for the future. In Racine, this means providing local students with practical, hands-on experiences through the Academies of Racine. Get involved today by helping students explore career interests and acquire life skills that prepare them to be skilled and productive employees and successful leaders for the workplace of tomorrow!

Learn how you can get involved: www.RUSD.org/AcademiesofRacine 10 The RAMAC Voice, Spring 2021

Racine's YMCA Over the Years

In December of 1860, over 160 years ago, the Racine YMCA was founded with about 50 members, officers and a Board of Directors. It’s mission was twofold: “mutual improvement and increasing their means of usefulness.” Weekly meetings were proposed for “religious exercises and monthly meetings for literary exercises and business.” Much has changed since then in regard to mission and location. The first YMCA located at the empty Hugh Gorton Butcher Shop on the southwest corner of 4th and Main Streets. By 1888 the YMCA inhabited its elegant new building on the corner of 6th Street and College Ave, a building now known to locals as the Red Cross Drug Store building. By 1981 a mission of physical development was added to intellectual, social and spiritual growth, leading to the development of both basketball and volleyball programs. In 1900 a Home Away from Home program was initiated, resulting in the adding and furnishing of bedrooms for those in need. Growing pains required a larger location and in 1916 a new building opened on the corner of 4th St

and Wisconsin Ave. An Optimist Club was organized in the Y office in 1923, then Adolph Gillund organized an “Uncle Plan” three years later which provided “uncles” to boys in need of special help and encouragement. Over the years new programs were added, including: Camp Anokijig, a drill group that evolved into the Kiltie Drum and Bugle Corps, a health club for business men and so many more. Today Racine’s YMCA continues to grow and adapt. A recent merger with Family Service of Racine added a focus on mental health with a fourth location, 420 7th Street, added to the Riverside Branch at 141 N. Main Street, the Sealed Air Branch at 8501 Campus Drive, Mount Pleasant, and the George Bray Branch at 924 Center Street, Racine. The RACINE FAMILY YMCA has provided safe and caring environments, positive role models, physical and now mental health support, creative activities, and opportunities to serve the needs of others. These are the essential building blocks for strong kids, strong families and strong communities.

Celebrating 100 years Merchants a Division of Budd Van Lines Wells Brothers Italian Restaurant

Celebrating 25 years American Family Insurance /Michael Harlan Agency Custom Creations, Inc. Speedtech International, Inc.

Celebrating 75 years Burton & Mayer, Inc. Festival Foods Hi-Standard Machining Co., Inc. Machinery & Factory Industrial Supply Postorino Construction Finishes Wilson Funeral Home Celebrating 50 years Careers Industries, Inc. Econoprint GUPS West Side Service Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investments Sales St. Monica's Senior Living Three Harbors Council

Celebrating 10 years Building Waters Inc. Health-E Vend LLC. Hospitality Center Ivan Barra Films LLC. Leaping Lizards Malicki's Piggly Wiggly Mrs. Myers' Reading Room



from all of us at


Racine based Ultra Industries designs and builds industrial air filtration and dust collection equipment offering state-of-the-art design and exceptional value along with the industry’s best warranty.

Air filtration products offered include: Bag House and Cartridge Style Dust Collectors Bin Vents • Cyclones Filter Receivers Ultra Industries can build a collector to meet any industrial application. We also offer parts for most major brands at significant savings.


RLHS is accepting admissions for the 2021-22 school year. Call 262.637.6538 to schedule your in-person tour. 251 Luedtke Avenue | RacineLutheran.org

Ultra Industries, Inc.

2801 Carlisle Avenue |Racine, WI 53404 Phone: (262) 633-5070 | Fax: (262) 633-5102 parts@ultraind.com | www.ultradustcollectors.com

They’re your choices. We help you make them informed ones.

Building a full life starts with considering all of your possibilities. They’re not always easy to find – especially for older adults, people with disabilities and the loved ones who care for them. That’s when you turn to your local Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC). From transportation and care to meals and more, our knowledgeable specialists can help you live the life you want – by providing unbiased information and connecting you to the services you need to stay independent. Find support for your full life.

Visit FindMyADRC.org today or contact: Racine County ADRC



The RAMAC Voice, Spring 2021

RPS Corporation Keeps the World Clean!

Headquartered in Racine, RPS Corporation is a family-owned business that opened in 1986, specializing in floor scrubbers, sweepers, burnishers, floor preparation machines, and detergents. RPS Corporation’s 3-building campus houses 165,000 square feet of space, accommodating business offices, engineering, design center, research and development, training center, fabrication works, assembly, and warehouse operations. Their premium lines of battery powered floor cleaning equipment are sold under the brands FactoryCat, for industrial applications, and Tomcat, for commercial applications. In 2020 RPS launched two new brands to give the marketplace an economical yet durable alternative to cheap, inferior, offshore products. These two new lines of equipment offer price conscious consumers, US-made quality and reliability sold under the brands Kodiak (for industrial applications) and Timberline (for commercial applications). The majority of RPS’ machines are sold to the end user through a distribution network of 450 domestic distributors and 85 international distributors. In addition to sales through distribution, RPS also sells directly to Fortune 500 companies, national accounts, and smaller direct accounts. From their humble beginnings with 1 employee and one model, RPS has grown substantially over the last 35 years. The strong group of executives includes the 2nd generation of family ownership, who started in the shop as youngsters, building machines and getting their hands dirty. The RPS workforce, many with over 20 years of service, hand builds each machine with over 95% of the components sourced from American suppliers. Many parts are sourced locally as Racine’s industrial roots have provided world class fabricators, machine shops, painters, etc. In fact, RPS is proud to have partnered

with many RAMAC members over the years. Because quality matters, RPS routinely pays more for domestically sourced components required to build their superior products. Machine designs originate and are executed by the in-house engineering team. The over 100 complete machine designs that have been put into production, allow RPS to innovate quickly and incorporate improvements fluidly into machine offerings. Each new generation of machines evolves from prior designs to amplify the strengths and correct any weakness. From the first pencil sketch and throughout the design process, the focus is on durability, serviceability, performance, productivity, specification, and value. All design prototyping and testing is done in-house to control quality. Leveraging investment in rapid prototyping technology and equipment, ideas are converted into functioning prototypes in days instead of weeks and months, expediting innovation. The innovation is further driven by collecting feedback from the field, from both distributors and the end users. This allows RPS to better understand the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. Every piece of equipment produced is heavy duty and requires a good amount of thick steel in the construction. RPS uses a combination of stainless and mild steel with e-coating + powder paint for corrosion resistance. Steel fabrication is done both in-house and from local domestic suppliers with additional cutting, bending, welding and other specialty equipment. The RPS machine’s solution and recovery tanks are the best in the industry and have complex shapes that allow for compact “tank-in-tank” designs. These

RACINE AREA MANUFACTURERS AND COMMERCE RPS state-of-the-art plastic molding facility for the highest quality machine parts and rapid production.


designs are difficult to mold and are best produced with in-house equipment and a specially trained molding team. Running multiple, dual station, rotational molding machines allows RPS to produce very high-quality finished parts from raw plastic. Producing tanks in-house allows for higher quality control along with quick responses to sales spikes and large orders. Education of distributors and their staff is paramount at RPS. Specialized hands-on training is offered in-house to ensure each of them understand RPS history and philosophy, and have the required

RPS Corporation is awarded the EXIM Bank Exporter of the Year 2020. From left, RPS Corporation COO Marc McDuffie, EXIM Chairman Kimberly A. Reed, and RPS Corporation CFO Pete Jedlicka.

knowledge and skills to provide exceptional product and customer support. Properly educated owners, sales staff, technicians, and parts personnel provide an exceptional experience for the customers who buy RPS machines. All distributors, domestic and foreign, send their staff to the RPS training center in Racine for education on products and the company’s core values. Continued company growth is driven by industry leading products and the continuous addition of high-quality employees to all departments within RPS operations. Exemplary staff is the key to assuring all interactions with customers exceed expectations. A unique company culture fosters the long-term retention of employees. Being a family-owned company, it is no surprise that RPS employs multiple generations of various families. The challenge of recruiting potential employees is met through employee referrals, exhibiting at job fairs, and utilizing staffing companies. And whether it’s a new employee or a new customer, the RPS story is best told with a tour, demonstrating the clean, safe, well-organized facilities and the high-quality products produced. RPS employees take great pride in hand crafting world class equipment. Products continue to garner worldwide appeal due to their durable construction, quality, and performance. RPS Corporation recently received the U.S. EXIM Export-Import Bank of the United Sates “Exporter of the Year” award for 2020. President and Chairman Kimberly Reed toured operations in October and presented RPS with the award saying, “I am honored to recognize RPS Corporation on behalf of EXIM for its outstanding contributions to fulfilling our agency’s mission of supporting American jobs by facilitating U.S. exports.” RAMAC was in attendance since they have played an important role supporting RPS’s ability to export equipment. RAMAC member since 1993.

To learn more about why Edward Jones makes sense for you, call or email me today. Scott Kortendick Financial Advisor 4445 Taylor Avenue Suite A Racine, WI 53405 262-977-5529 Scott.Kortendick@edwardjones.com


RPS fabrication department produces metal, foam and rubber parts for its cleaning equipment. The RAMAC Voice, Spring 2021


Whatever your printing needs, we’ve got you covered. Proudly serving Racine and Southeastern Wisconsin for more than 40 years.



Christine Repischak | 262-898-4101


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Conveniently located two miles off I-94

• Weddings & Receptions • Anniversaries, Family/Class Reunions • Sit down, Family Style, Buffets with our In-House Caterer

• • • •

Conference Center & Trade Shows Full Service Bar Chocolate & Champagne Fountains Ample Parking

3 Banquet Halls Accomodations for up to 600 Guests

8505 Durand Ave. | Sturtevant, WI | www.fountainbanquethall.com | theresa@fountainbanquethall.com | 262.884.4855



CG Schmidt Wisconsin’s Trusted Builder for Over 100 Years

CG Schmidt, a family-owned company since 1920, is a leader in quality construction management, general construction, and design-build services. The company serves the education, healthcare, senior living, corporate, industrial, community and religious markets and has a strong and growing presence in Racine County. Charles Schmidt knew the value of a name; after all, when he came to Milwaukee as a Dutch immigrant in 1920, he didn’t bring much else with him. It’s been 100 years since he left his job at the brewery to start a construction company with his sons, and he knew that its success would be determined by the reputation he built as much as the buildings themselves. To him, CG Schmidt was a promise of quality construction built with integrity and caring. It’s rare these days to have a truly family-owned construction firm, much less one that spans multiple generations. Yet, that’s exactly what you receive with CG Schmidt. Now in its fourth generation of family leadership, CG Schmidt has grown into a respected industry leader and one of the largest Construction Management firms in the state. Recently celebrating its 100th anniversary, the company has built a solid reputation tackling some of the largest, most recognizable projects in the state, as well as projects much smaller in scale to serve clients of all sizes.

Currently, CG Schmidt is managing the J. Jeffers renovation of the historic Horlick Malted Milk complex. Located on 16 acres in the City of Racine, the original Horlick complex is being transformed into what will be known as the Horlick District – a modern living community with a town square feel. The redevelopment will retain the complex’s historic character and incorporate residential, commercial, retail, recreation, hospitality and education spaces. Recently listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the first phase of the project includes the renovation of the 2100 and 2200 buildings. Renamed Horlick Flats, the 2100 building includes a 93,000 SF renovation that will produce 48 affordable housing units and 12 market-rate units, and is scheduled to be complete by May 31, 2021. The northern building, 2200 Northwestern Ave., is a 110,000 SF renovation that will include 86 marketrate units, including two-level apartments. The upperlevel floors will include an atrium in the center to bring natural light into the hallways. The 2200 building is scheduled to be complete in January of 2022. In addition to the renovation of the 2100 and 2200 buildings, phase one will include the build-out of the infrastructure for the entire complex. That includes constructing CG Schmidt recently completed construction of Advocate Aurora's Mount Pleasant Health Center. Located at 6611 Spring Street, this new 22,500 SF clinic provides expanded access to care in Racine County with services including family practice, urgent care, ACL lab and X ray.

CG Schmidt completed renovations and remodeling at Advocate Aurora’s Racine Health Clinic.

Over the years, CG Schmidt has planned and built numerous construction projects in Racine County. Current and past clients include Advocate Aurora, CliftonLarsonAllen, St. Catherine’s High School, Racine County Zoo, Racine County and several manufacturers. 16

The RAMAC Voice, Spring 2021

streets to allow traffic flow through the complex and re-purposing the brick pavers for the sidewalks. This infrastructure will lay the groundwork for redevelopment of additional buildings and possible future construction on the campus. Ryan Schmidt, a fifth-generation Schmidt family member, is the project manager leading all construction activities for the Horlick District projects. “The Horlick district will provide high-quality living opportunities for people both from the local community and new to Racine County,” he says. “It’s been exciting and rewarding to work with local Racine businesses, subcontractors and stakeholders to help bring this historic landmark back to life.”

The company is constantly pursuing new opportunities in the Racine area. With a number of additional projects currently in the works, watch for more and more CG Schmidt construction signs popping up along Racine roadways in the coming year. For over 100 years, CG Schmidt has had the honor of doing what they do best—building exceptional facilities that improve the lives of others. It’s because of loyal partners, clients, and strong ties with local communities like Racine that CG Schmidt has grown into the trusted builder they are today. RAMAC member since 2019.

Senior Project Manager Ryan Schmidt on the Horlick Campus. Ryan is currently overseeing all aspects of construction for Phase 1 of the Horlick District, which includes the buildings at 2100 and 2200 Northwestern Avenue and total site infrastructure.




Join Us and Grow Your Business with a


The RAMAC Voice, Spring 2021


Positive and Refreshing Approach in 2021! Contact: Gary Smith Wind Point Living magazine 262-994-5390 | gary.smith@n2pub.com WindPointLiving.com RACINE AREA MANUFACTURERS AND COMMERCE


RAMAC Training and Programs An event calendar plus information and registration can be found at racinechamber.com PLEASE NOTE - Notice of cancellations and/or changes in programming will be communicated to RAMAC members and will be noted on our website.

Business Blenders This monthly networking event brings members together to make new or enhance existing business connections in a social style setting. Hosted by a different RAMAC member each month. Watch for 2021 plans! 5:00pm – 7:00pm No cost

Member-2-Member Breakfasts Learn over breakfast from members, to members. Features a RAMAC member sharing information and expertise around a specific topic to help others solve a business, manufacturing or personnel issue. First Friday of the odd months 7:30am – 9:00am $20 – open to RAMAC MEMBERS ONLY

MARKETING Marketing Breakfasts BREAKFAST Breakfast and presentations on timely topics in the field of marketing. Includes time to network and share ideas. First Friday of the even months 7:30am – 9:00am $20 members/$25 nonmembers

NEW! Business Matters Chat These monthly virtual sessions feature a government or community leader to discuss current or hot topics with RAMAC members along with Q&A time. 3rd Wednesday of the month 2:00pm – 2:45pm via Zoom No cost Frontline Leadership Certificate Series This 5-part training series is designed for those who provide direction and supervision or formal guidance without the power to hire, to fire or to promote. Includes topics on motivation, communication, and resolving conflict. April 13, 20, 27, May 4, 11 Each module $345 members/$450 nonmembers


The RAMAC Voice, Spring 2021

Together we are making an impact and growing our community. • In its 23rd year, Leadership Racine is a proven, relevant leadership program. • Let us develop your talent for your organization's benefit. • Enhance our community as leaders and trustees are fostered to serve.

Select your candidate for the 2021-2022 Leadership Racine program! Who in your organization is seeking personal development opportunities? Who is looking for community connection? Who shows leadership potential?

Contact Anna Clementi aclementi@racinechamber.com | 262.634.1931 Or visit www.racinechamber.com/leadership-racine RACINE AREA MANUFACTURERS AND COMMERCE


Racine Lutheran High School – Preparing Students for Tomorrow's Workforce

Racine Lutheran High School (RLHS) has a 75year history serving the academic and spiritual needs of students in southeastern Wisconsin. Students in grades 9 through 12 thrive in a nurturing community that encourages growth in their faith, learning, character, and leadership. RLHS’s dynamic, faith-filled environment prepares students for future, integral roles in the Racine-area workforce. The school is conveniently located in the city with easy access to the outlying areas, and the picturesque campus sits on the bank of the Root River, adjacent to green space and parklands. RLHS students are provided with a high school experience that encourages them to become wellrounded, well-grounded learners. They are encouraged to participate in an array of extracurricular activities, arts, and athletics. More than 300 students enjoy a safe environment with caring discipline, high standards, and numerous opportunities to grow as individuals and Christians. With an 11:1 student-to-teacher ratio, teens can interact with the faculty as they navigate the road to their future careers. The welcoming facilities include the Trinklein Learning Center, an expansive science wing, industrial and visual arts studios, and the recently renovated music room, kitchen, dining hall and the SC Johnson Science Lab. Recognizing that God created each child with unique abilities, aspirations, and interests, the school serves to honor every student’s personal journey.

The Partnerships RLHS partners with Gateway Technical College, Concordia University Wisconsin, the UW system, Milwaukee School of Engineering, and other postsecondary institutions to serve a wide range of learners through dual-credit courses. Those credits, as well as accomplishments in Advanced Placement courses, allow students to get a time- and cost-effective head start on college. “Although the majority of our students pursue degrees in higher education, others prefer opportunities in the trades, the military, ministry work, or immediate entry into the workforce,” said Dave Burgess, RLHS executive director-principal. “It’s our job and our calling to prepare these young men and women to be well-respected leaders in their chosen fields.” Gateway Technical College is a key partner with RLHS. Qualifying students are encouraged to enroll in the college’s programs including Industry 4.0, criminal justice, welding, CNC operator, and nursing. Work-study partnerships and other careerreadiness programs provide mutually beneficial opportunities for students and local employers. “Our collaboration with local businesses benefits our students,” noted Burgess. “For example, we just added an Introduction to Construction Trades course to provide another hands-on class for students who are exploring the industry. We are pleasantly surprised to see many female students explore this non-traditional opportunity.” The Preparation Through a multitude of experiences within and

Senior year at RLHS includes the Senior Leadership Retreat and team-building activities. 22

RLHS is conveniently located off Spring Street, overlooking the Root River. The RAMAC Voice, Spring 2021

Interaction with faculty is essential when students explore the arts at RLHS.

beyond the classroom walls, RLHS prepares students for meaningful lifelong journeys. The rigorous collegeprep curriculum is enhanced by high standards and accountability. “Through our ongoing dialogue with corporate leaders, we know a person’s soft skills are critical to success,” said Burgess. “Our students must achieve command of course content, but they also need to be prepared for real-world expectations. We want our graduates to stand out among their peers as they pursue their post-secondary degrees and career paths.” RLHS students experience mock interviews with members of the local workforce, hear from guest speakers who are experts in their fields, serve as community volunteers, and explore the world through international travel. As part of the comprehensive high school experience, students participate in the Senior Leadership Retreat, more than a dozen co-curricular clubs, 19 different athletic offerings, plus visual and fine arts, drama, and music programs.

Collaboration is critical for the researchers who experiment in RLHS’s SC Johnson Science Lab.


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RLHS’s young scientists use weights and measures to prove their theories.

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The school’s Resource Team focuses on supporting each teen in life situations as well as academic pursuits. Comprised of the executive director, two full-time guidance counselors, dean of students, athletic director, and admissions director, the Resource Team addresses the students’ needs and goals in and out of the classroom. The Parents as Partners initiative engages the families as they navigate the high school years with their children. The school’s association congregations support the students’ faith walks and provide a moral compass during critical, decision-making years. The Positives RLHS’s recent graduating class was offered more than $3.6 million in scholarships and awards. So far, two members of the Class of 2021 signed National Letters of Intent to pursue Division 1 athletics in college. Enrollment at the school increased steadily over the past several years, and nearly 5,000 RLHS alumni now impact and contribute to their communities, churches, and economies. “Whether I am talking to a prospective family, a group of our current Crusaders, or a successful alumnus, I am repeatedly reminded of the important role Racine Lutheran High School plays in our community,” stated Burgess. “We look forward to educating southeastern Wisconsin’s teens for at least another 75 years.” The People Dave Burgess and Krista Long, RLHS development and alumni relations, are members of RAMAC. They can be contacted at 262.637.6538 or via email, respectively, dburgess@RacineLutheran.org or klong@ RacineLutheran.org. RAMAC member since 2016.

RLHS students can enroll in hands-on courses offered through the school’s industrial arts program. 24

RLHS Fast Facts Location: 251 Luedtke Avenue, off Spring Street in Racine Values: Faith, Learning, Character, Leadership Enrollment: 318 Student-to-teacher ratio: 11:1 Average class size: 18 Advanced Placement: Biology, Calculus, Literature & Composition, U.S. History Dual-credit: Gateway Technical College, Concordia University Wisconsin, UW System, MSOE, and more! Religious affiliation: Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Weekly Chapel, Daily Devotions Team Name: Crusaders School Colors: Purple and Gold Conference: Metro Classic Conference Athletics: Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Strength and Conditioning, Tennis, Track and Field, Trap Shooting, Volleyball, Wrestling. Clubs: National Honor Society, Student Council, Student Ambassadors, Service Club, Bible Study, Crusader Future Leaders, Quiz Bowl, Drama Club, Art Club, Travel Club, Yearbook Club, Woodworking Club, Athletic Teams, Musical Groups including Band, Choir, Chamber Choir, Praise Team, Pep Band, Handbell Ensemble, Jazz Band and more.

RLHS had two members of the Class of 2021 sign National Letters of Intent to pursue Division 1 athletics in college. The RAMAC Voice, Spring 2021

RLHS students, including National Honor Society students who rang the bell for Salvation Army, serve the community through volunteerism.

Annual Report We hope all RAMAC members received and reviewed the Annual Report that was sent to you in December of 2020. RAMAC had not published a stand-alone annual report to our members and community in a very long time and thought it was time to report out to you what we’ve been up to, what we’ve accomplished, and how we are progressing down the path that our Strategic Plan laid out for the years of 2019 through 2022. RAMAC’s fiscal year runs from March 1 to February 28 so the report straddles 2019 and 2020 but ends just before the pandemic changed everything. We had a busy year of growth. In the report you will see graphics throughout that emphasize those growth areas. Included here are the highlights of the 2019 year.

You may view the entire Annual Report on our website under Resources at www.racinechamber.com.



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Overview: We create online training courses and animations for businesses small and large, including many Fortune 500 companies. We’ve designed and developed 100s of web-based courses on a wide variety of topics including healthcare, manufacturing, technical and soft skills, and more. I started Dynamic Training Resources in 2005 to create custom, online training programs. “Follow your passion,” as they say! I was intrigued with distance learning when it was becoming popular in the mid-1990s. Today, most people are familiar with eLearning because many of our children must attend school online! What sets you apart? We are a BIG little company that is a local, woman-owned business known for creating robust online training for companies all over the world. (Yes, we translate English courses to virtually any language.) Our training programs are tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We work to understand your audience and then create a program that will be engaging based on your goals, budget and timeline. What types of clients are you targeting in the coming year? We are targeting local companies that are looking at distance learning as an alternative to inperson training. You may have instructor-led training that needs to be converted into an online format, or older online courses that need to be updated. What is spurring/enabling your growth? More companies need online training due to recent travel and workplace restrictions. Our clients know they can count on us to create high-quality training programs – on time and on budget. Over the last 15 years, DTR has built an extraordinary team of professionals including instructional designers, voice talent, video animators and developers.

Dynamic Training Resources Kenosha, WI www.DTRtraining.com Industry: Training Employees: 4 (plus several subcontractors) RAMAC member since: 2018 Contact: Heidi Strangberg, President heidi@DTRtraining.com 262-945-8692 Best quote or advice: “Follow your passion!” Why is Racine a good place to do business? Racine is a great place to do business! I was born and raised here, and we have many great companies in the area. Plus, it is close to Chicago and Milwaukee. How does RAMAC membership help? We meet new people through RAMAC events like the Business Blenders. Plus, the online options for networking help us keep up with the business community. If you are interested in online training call us to talk about ideas! We look forward to helping our colleagues at RAMAC. BTW, we offer a FREE customer service training course for RAMAC members. You can test your skills by going to DTRtraining.com and launching “Customer Service – the Good, the Bad, and the OMG!” Also, to meet our team and see some fun animations, visit DTR’s YouTube channel (http://bit.ly/DTRTeam & http://bit.ly/DTRMicro). Animations are great tools to relay information quickly in an interesting way.

What are your challenges? Changing technology and mobile devices! Learning Management Systems (LMSs) combined with various browsers may cause our programs to behave differently, so we do thorough testing and troubleshooting, which can be tricky when technology changes. Today more people use mobile devices like tablets and cell phones. As you can imagine, it is challenging to fit content onto smaller screens.


The RAMAC Voice, Spring 2021

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