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Portfolio of Work by Rachael Ellis

Self Directed Magazine based on the theme ‘Eternal’ The photography is all my own work, the body copy is not mine. I chose to base my magazine around the constant pressure young women face in society, and the never ending search for perfection. Thanks to my beautiful model Demi Harrison/Hall for modeling for this shoot.

Photography for Self Directed MagazineProject

Alternate Spread Ideas

Splash and Turn Pages for an Arctic Themed magazine spread using a 9 column grid layout.

Self Directed Independant Work

Not my own Photography

My Photography peices

Produced by a scanning and printing process Photographed and printed, drawn over then scanned,edited,printed,drawn over, added colours and scanned again!

Experimenting with photography


I had a 3D toy project in which I had to design some characters, I eventually developed my toys into 3D cards where they could hold a note and could be used for birthday cards etc... I then had to join with someone else in my class and merge our ideas to gether and create a marketing pitch for out brand MEEOW!


Corporate Identity

corporate Identity App

Portfolio So Far...