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Offers available from June 1st until June 30th 2011

June 2011 Promotion

Father’s Day, Wimbledon and some warmer weather and longer nights fill June and so we have focused on a little bit of alfresco eating with burgers, sausages, salads and ice creams, (though there’s no rules which say your customers have to eat them outdoors) as well as some classic dishes for Dad’s including a half roast chicken and apple pie with custard. Plus don’t miss our back page for another fantastic deal on Fentiman’s and some of our newer buffet lines just in time for those summer functions.


Delicious Ice Creams


Get pric the w afe e 1 su when rs hal yo f nda e fl u buy 1 sa avo u c e u and r fl the avour , cre SA am . V

Ready prepared Kids Ice Cream Sundaes

E £7

Vanilla ice creams layered with delicious flavoured sauces to make up a variety of individual ice cream sundaes. Serve topped off perfectly with whipped aerosol cream, flavoured topping sauces and a bear shaped wafer. Choose from 3 sundae flavours and 3 topping flavours. 4360 Sundae-Chocolate Dream Delight-(230ml) 12x Ind £11.88 4361 Sundae-Strawberry Dream Delight-(230ml) 12x Ind £11.88 4362 Sundae-Toffee Dream Delight-(230ml) 12x Ind £11.88 94804 Cream-Aerosol 1x500ml £4.52 57088 Wafers-Little Bear 2x200 £15.52 90528 Topping Sauce-Butterscotch 1x500gm £2.99 85997 Topping Sauce-Strawberry 1x500gm £2.99 30891 Topping Sauce-Chocolate 1x500gm £3.19


ER Our Totally Delicious own brand ME Choose ice creams are exclusive to e FREE w ither cone Total Foodservice and really are hen yo ub any 2 D something special. Made with fresh ecaden uy t ic cream dairy cream and real flavourings. flavour e s. Serve as an accompaniment to S A a dessert like our Chocolate VE £8.69 Junkyard opposite, or simply on a cone. 51163 Belgian Bitter Chocolate 5 litre Made with flakes of Belgian chocolate. 63480 Cream Vanilla Bean 5 litre Made with full fat dairy cream and vanilla pods. 69281 Fresh Banana & Ginger 5 litre Pure banana & fresh cream ice cream with moist ginger pieces. 7210 Maple Walnut Praline 5 litre Smooth fresh cream & maple ice cream with walnut praline pieces. 93065 Sticky Liquorice Ice Cream 5 litre Contains real liquorice to give a naturally light brown colour and unique taste. The crunch of toffee chips provides superb texture. 80399 Cones-Twin 1x180 96703 Cones-Fiesta 1x300

y Dream Delight Sundae-Strawberr portion rox £1.18 per


Little Bears


Chocolate Junkyard

Decadent Ice Creams


colate Belgian Bp itpeter rscooCp ho Approx 29

£17.98 £17.98 £17.98 £17.98 £17.98

Chocolate Junkyard 86p per portion

Chocolate pastry filled with a chocolate ganache topped with chocolate mousse and decorated with chocolate shavings, Snickers & Mars Bars. 4529

£8.69 £8.69

Chocolate Junkyard 1x14 Ptn

WAS £14.82 NOW £12.00 SAVE £2.82


Gastro BBQ

Bison Burger

£2.92 per meal

Bison Burger

AD Stea (rea


1602 1323 8431 7004

buns urgers, get b e h t Buy d and to sala & pota tard FREE a mus

SAVE £3.9


Bison is a leaner meat with a richer and sweeter flavour than beef. Serve this delicious burger, derived from conservation herds with a floured white bap and an organic award winning mustard with a potato salad on the side. 73188 Burger Bison 100% 24x168gm £59.16 5764 Baps-White Floured-[A5] 6x8 £11.52 5165 Potato Salad-Premium 1x1kg £2.24 93121 Creole Mustard 1x198 gm £3.91 38650 Sweet Orange Chilli Mustard 1x198 gm £3.91 34550 Madras Curry Mustard - 1x198 gm £3.91 Gold Star Great Taste Award 2009


9.50 RRP £ e k You ma £6.58 rger! per bu

Portion Price 77590 Minted Lamb Burger 4oz 48x133gm £23.79 49p 82389 Wild Boar Burger 100% 24x168gm £44.47 £1.85 62593 Pork Honey & Mustard Sausages 1x4 kg £26.40 55p 3210 Prime Pork & Leek Sausages-[6’s] 1x3.63kg £19.32 40p 41519 Hot Dog Rolls 8x6 £12.48 26p

Don't forget


sa Prime Pork & Leek Sau 40p per portion


Seafood Kebabs

U O FF E R N E four

This is a great healthy eating alternative for BBQ’s. Buy all Cook King Prawns and pre-sliced peppers on skewers and serve with for £18 a chilli dipping sauce. Alternatively why not try Red Snapper, Tuna or our fish pie mix instead of prawns. 1711 Prawns-King 13/15-[raw,headless,shell on] 908gm £11.98 7254 Skewers-Kebab 9”-[25cm] 1x200 £3.39 26047 Dipping Sauce-Sweet Red Chilli 1x1ltr £3.95 6714 Sliced Peppers 1Kg £2.72

King P1.ra8w0npeKr keebbaabbwhs en buying deal Approx £


SAVE £4.0

LI Don't f


9948 4 1x15 Red Sn a 6093 £29.40 pper-Por 1 t 2x1k Fish Pi Portio ions-[17 e g n Pr 0-230 6811 £12.16 Mix-Stan g 3 dard ice £1 m] .96 1x10 Loins-T 1x15 una S £19 te .04 Por ak 170tio 2 n Pr 30gm ice £1.9 0

King Prawns Tel Huddersfield: 01484 53 66 88

Fish Pie Mix

Tel Clitheroe: 01200 44 12 60



Pie, Mash and Gravy


Steak & Kidney Pie Steak, Mushroom & Guinness Pie Gravy-No 1 Beef yields 20 Lt per tub Mashed Potato

1x12Ptn 1x12Ptn 1x1.5kg 1x2kg

£16.44 £18.00 £11.93 £3.40



22 3 11 4

Get whe the mas ny hF of e ou buy REE ither a ca se pi 1 tu b of es and grav y


Dad’s favourite shortcrust pastry pie - either Steak and Kidney or ak, Mushroom & Guinness Pie, served with a good dollop of mash ady to reheat) and rich Beef gravy.

nness Pie

Steak, Mushroom & Gui

E £ 3. 40

From £1.37 per portion

Half Roast Chicken and Veg


Roast Chicken Dinner

Roast Chicken-Halves-[397-454gm] Table Potatoes Roasted Honey Glazed Parsnips

1x5 1x2kg 600gm


Get the parsn when yo ips FREE u buy th e chicken and pota toes

A natural roast half chicken full of flavour and all the succulence of chicken cooked on the bone. Serve with potatoes ready to cook how you please and delicious honey roast parsnips. 27490 7009 41599



£10.45 £2.63 £1.58

E £ 1. 5 8

Approx £3.40 per portion

Apple Pie and Custard



Perfect pudding for Dad - a delicious hand crimped light crispy butter enriched shortcrust pastry, filled with bramley apples, topped with a sugar glaze and serve with a generous splodge of custard.

Buy the pie and custard for £10

5608 7554

SAVE 2.74 £

Deep Filled Apple Pie Custard-Ready to Serve

1x14 Ptn 1x1ltr

£10.50 £2.24

Deep Filled ApprtileonPie Approx 71p per po


Frozen Jacket potatoes to microwave warm and serve with pre-portioned Chilli Con Carne and grated cheese.

Ge whe t the ch n yo e u bu ese FRE y th E e and chill jackets i.



7166 88566 6321




Chilli Cheese Jac kets

Jacket Potato-Medium-[200-255gm] 1x40 £18.80 VCP-Grated Cheddar-White 1x1kg £4.57 Mexican-Chilli Con Carne-[No Rice] 12x340gm £15.83

E £4.57

Chilli Cheese J

Approx £1.79



Approx 57p per person


Tel Huddersfield: 01484 53 66 88

14x475gm 1x500gm 1x1.2kg 1x2kg

Tel Clitheroe: 01200 44 12 60

£21.17 £4.36 £8.50 £5.44

Buy all for £ four 32




Mexican-Original Tortilla Chips Guacamole Red Pepper and Tomato Salsa Soured Cream


Original Salted Tortilla Chips served with a delicately spiced Guacamole, soured cream and an authentic fresh tasting salsa made with chillis, peppers and tomatoes. 7036 50581 2927 5909


per chilli jacket

E £ 7 . 47


Some of our new products and those which we think are too good not to shout about!


with a


Portion Price 91993 Lebanese Falafel 1x25 £6.38 26p A coarse, spicy handmade falafel with chick peas, broad beans, herbs and spices. 35564 Cheese Sambousic 1x25 £12.25 49p A fully baked light pastry filled with feta cheese, spring onion and herbs, folded in a half moon shape.

Full Buffet Mix

Pitta Brertiadon Bites

7171 Cornish Pastie-Buffet 1x20 £12.25 49p A fully baked traditional shaped mini cornish made with a savoury light seasoned filling of minced beef, onion & carrot with a hand crimped shortcrust pastry finish.

10p per po

The finest 66p per bottle botanically brewed beverages Only the finest natural roots and herbal ingrediants go into these slow fermented drinks. Available in 7 fantastic flavours. 36621 12x275ml Curiosity Cola 81422 12x275ml Dandelion & Burdock 41346 12x275ml Full Bodied Shandy 57163 12x275ml Ginger Beer 31520 12x275ml Mandarin Orange Jigger 35877 12x275ml Rose Lemonade 76658 12x275ml Victorian Lemonade

WAS £10.49 NOW £7.99 SAVE £2.59

How to Order

You can place your order quickly and with the minimum of fuss using any of the following methods: Telephone Huddersfield Sales Office: Answerphone*:

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We are pleased to schedule a telesales call from our office on the day prior to your delivery at a time convenient to yourself. * The Answerphone service is available to place orders for scheduled next day deliveries. Please ensure that you ring before the stated close time to avoid disappointment as there is no service after this time.

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Tel Huddersfield: 01484 53 66 88

7992 Pitta Bread Bite Cocktail 1x20 Mini Pittas to split and fill with hot or cold fillings.



68237 Spinach Fatayer Mini Pastie 1x25 £12.25 49p A pastry shell filled with spinach, onion and lemon juice.

Perfect for buffets, conferences & coffee accompaniments. 37878 Cocktail Baklava 1x60 £15.66 Delicious and dainty baklava assortment with a rich honey flavour and a variety of nut fillings.

Cocktail Brtionaklava 26p per po

Through your Representative Your representative will be able to support you with the very latest information, offers and where possible, samples of products. He or she will be happy to talk through your requirements. Fax Huddersfield FAX: Clitheroe FAX:

01484 435 071 01200 440 084

Quality Assurance

All our products are sourced from Total Foodservice approved suppliers following our stringent quality assessment.


All goods are supplied cash on delivery except where credit facilities have been arranged. Monthly accounts are due for payment by the 15th day of each month.

Pricing Minimum delivery: £50.00 (inclusive of grocery, chilled, frozen and non-food products) All items featured in this brochure are subject to availability. Sizes and product information are quoted as approximate and for guidance only. Some products illustrated may not be current stock items, but we will make every effort to obtain stock, if items are commercially viable to source. All alcoholic beverages are stocked and sold for culinary purposes only.

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