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Offers available from May 3rd until May 31st 2011

May 2011 Promotion

May sees the transition from Spring to Summer and with it a few seasonal changes for your menus. That’s why this month we’re bringing you special prices on desserts and menu items for your Specials boards. We’re also celebrating British Sandwich Week with the launch of our new improved range of sandwich fillings containing Hellmans Mayonnaise. In support of National Vegetarian week we’ve also got some great offers on vegetarian menu specials.

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Bank Holiday Treats


E £3

Sweet Treats


All butter pastry rosettes rolled with mouthwatering ingredients and soft tulip style muffins with deliciously goey centres, treat your customers this bank holiday! Portion


93446 91155 23209 34013 50194

Rosette-Caramel & Pecan -(89gm) 1x24 Rosette-Orange & Poppy seed-(84gm) 1x24 Tulip Style Muffins-Lemon Pearl 1x15 Tulip Style Muffins-Toffee 1x15 Tulip Style Muffins-Triple Chocolate 1x15






E £4.53

95758 Traditional Bakewell Tart 1x12ptn £12.48 A golden pastry case filled with raspberry jam and almond filling, topped with icing and chocolate sauce. 8171 Caramel Apple Pie 1x14ptn £10.05 Smooth custard laced with juicy bramley apples encased in a delicious short crust pastry, topped with crumble and flooded with caramel.

84800 Tiramisu Cake 1x14ptn WAS £16.52 NOW £12.00 Moist coffee & chocolate sponge layered with a Marsala flavoured cream, finished with cream filled chocolate cups and flaked chocolate. Save


Tiramisu Cake

86p per portion

Chocolate le p ri T sn ffi u M le Tulip Sty deal. rtion when buying

66p per po

Afternoon Tea

Buy on e Bakew ell Tar t and one Ca rame Pie for l Apple £18.00


ell Tart Traditpeior npoartlioBn whakeen wbuying deal

£19.68 82p £18.48 77p £13.65 91p £13.65 91p £13.65 91p




Buy all three for £40


Clotted Cream Mini Pots

E £9.31

Why not add a twist to your Appro x afternoon menu with this luxury £ 1.24 ‘cream tea’ menu offer. A rich & per po buttery French Brioche roll, rtion premium strawberry jam portion when buying the de and a luxuriously thick clotted al cream portion. 58701 Butter Brioche Bun-(45gm) 1x40 £18.00 8680 Strawberry Jam Mini Pots 72x28gm £13.76 21414 Clotted Cream Mini Pots 24x28gm £17.55

National Vegetarian Week 23rd-29th May May sees 2011’s National Vegetarian Week (NVW) run from 23rd-29th May! In support we’re offering these fantastic vegetarian menu deals throughout the month. To get involved in NVW visit


A vegetarian special Traditionally prepared, rich, creamy risotto slowly cooked with Italian rice, sautéed in butter with onions and garlic and blended with white wine, cream, lemon juice & thyme. Our garlic bread slices are a perfect partner for this dish.

Lemon & Thyme Risotto Approx. £2.44 when

Lemon & Thyme Risotto Garlic Bread Slices

12x340gm 1x150

tto of Riso x o b 1 Buy arlic t the g and ge lf price a bread h

£27.89 £18.00

SAVE £9.0


8684 44813


buying the deal Veggie classics 2530 Vegetable Lasagna 12x340gm WAS £14.88 NOW £11.88 SAVE £3.00 Seasonal vegetables, a delicious tomato sauce and layers of fresh whole egg spinach pasta. All complemented with a creamy béchamel. 2531

Vegetable L asag

Approx 99p per portionna

Broccoli & Cream Cheese Bake 12x340gm

WAS £14.88

NOW £11.88

SAVE £3.00


per po



per po


Don't forget 61p

These perfect vegetarian light bites. Also great for buffets.

per po

70338 Spinach & Ricotta Plait 36x120gm £21.96 Delicious continental pastry wrapped around a filling of spinach & Ricotta cheese, topped with finely grated Italian cheese. 17141 Roasted Vegetable Plait 40x118gm £26.00 A selection of the finest roasted vegetables in a rich tomato sauce, encased in a flaky puff pastry with a herb crumb topping.



per po


Spinach & Ricrtiotonta Plait

sto Pasta Chicken Pe

Chicken Pesto Pasta


and chicken gs e h t y u a B get 2 b pesto & ta free of pas

SAVE £3.2


Specials Board Ideas


Approx 61p per po

Don't f


We n Pasta lovers will snap up this incredibly delightful chicken dish bursting with crowd o Glu w have ten a ran pleasing flavours. Mix our fresh chicken fillets with this Siciliano semi-dried tomato F g Ask your ree pa e of pesto and serve on penne pasta for a truly tempting spring time dish. sta Repr Cust av o esen tativ mer Sal ailable. e abo es 7551 Fresh Chicken Fillets - skinless and boneless-(220-225gm) 1x10 £13.72 ut th e ran 6555 Pesto Siciliano-Semi-dried Tomato Pesto 1x1kg £14.34 ge. 45154 Penne Pasta 500gm £1.60

Tel Huddersfield: 01484 53 66 88

Tel Clitheroe: 01200 44 12 60

British Sandwich Week presents a great opportunity to celebrate one of Britain’s institutions – THE SANDWICH.

Total Foodservice are proud to be a member of The British Sandwich Association.


Deli Sandwich


Buy a for £ ll 3 20

Hot Dog, Roll & Mustard



Don't forget

E £ 3. 33







Fill our EXCLUSIVE Piegata olive oil bread with finely sliced Prosciutto and sliced Mozzarella, serve simply cold or for a Buy real treat warm through on a panini press for a ‘melt’. a for £ ll 3 25 52332 Piegata-(105gm) 1x40 £15.60 68811 Cajun Chicken 1x1kg £8.60 10250 Sliced Mozzarella 1x500gm £4.13

Hot Dog!

Approx 42p per portion

E £ 8 .1 6

14479 Bagels-Mixed Box 1x72 WAS £26.31 NOW £23.81 SAVE £2.50 Try our bagels with a shiny crust and soft, dense crumb. Our mixed box 33p includes; 24 plain, 24 poppy seed and 24 sesame bagels. per po r

These king size hot dogs are a fantastic ‘sandwich’ to offer your customers! Great for ‘grab’n’go’ lunchers or evening party goers.

4427 Bloomers-Mixed Box 1x8 £18.96 A soft crumb with a rustic, crunchy crust. Bloomers will make any sandwich special. Our mixed box includes; 2 honey & sunflower, 2 poppy seed, 2 Mediterranean and 2 semi-dried tomato.


Hot Dogs-King Size-(50) 1x2.5kg



Hot Dog Rolls-Mk8








£2.37 per lo


Tel Huddersfield: 01484 53 66 88

Tel Clitheroe: 01200 44 12 60

Why Not Try!

Some of our new products and those which we think are too good not to shout about!

Total Deli Quiche


ro YorkshireportBionlue & B

Our Total Deli range of 12” quiches are deeply filled with whole egg, cream, milk and a variety of local ingredients encased in a traditional, melt in the mouth pastry, containing real butter Pre-Portioned. Portion Price 61823 Goats Cheese & Chili Jam 1x12ptn £10.88 91p 77465 Lancashire Creamy & Roasted Vegetables 1x12ptn £10.88 91p 84595 Yorkshire Blue & Broccoli 1x12ptn £10.88 91p 74175 Smoked Haddock & Chive 1x12ptn £10.88 91p 37476 Quiche Lorraine 1x12ptn £9.98 83p 53044 Tomato & Basil 1x12ptn £9.98 83p 48090 Cheese & Onion 1x12ptn £9.98 83p

91p per

Save 15% on all flavours

Depot Update

Made from a blend of fruit juices, pure spring water, sugar and natural flavours. No artificial sweeteners or colours. There’s one for every season.

Our new depot is starting to take shape. To find out more and to see images of the new depot, scan this with your mobile barcode reader or visit:

WAS £10.34

NOW £8.79

53349 Spring - Orange & Passion Fruit 12x500ml 46209 Summer - Orange & Carrot 12x500ml 52431 Autumn - Pink Grapefruit & 12x500ml Cranberry 38364 Winter - Lemon & Spiced Ginger 12x500ml

How to Order

You can place your order quickly and with the minimum of fuss using any of the following methods: Telephone Huddersfield Sales Office: Answerphone*:

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Quality Assurance

All our products are sourced from Total Foodservice approved suppliers following our stringent quality assessment.


All goods are supplied cash on delivery except where credit facilities have been arranged. Monthly accounts are due for payment by the 15th day of each month.

Pricing Minimum delivery: £50.00 (inclusive of grocery, chilled, frozen and non-food products) All items featured in this brochure are subject to availability. Sizes and product information are quoted as approximate and for guidance only. Some products illustrated may not be current stock items, but we will make every effort to obtain stock, if items are commercially viable to source. All alcoholic beverages are stocked and sold for culinary purposes only.

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Please note, all deals and savings are as shown based on list pricing and can not be used in conjunction with any other offer or Special Pricing. All offers available during the specified period and while stocks last. E&OE.

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