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The Oklahoma Osteopathic Association exists to advocate and ensure the osteopathic profession’s best interests are protected and maintained. The OOA values every osteopathic opinion. The following survey was sent to the OSU-COM first - third year osteopathic medical students*. The results are as follows:



Were you previously aware of the current plans of splitting up OSU-CHS by building a new facility on OSU-Tulsa’s campus?

NO 87.3% OMS-I NO 68.3% OMS-II NO 80.0% OMS-III


How would this decision affect your learning OMS-I . environment at OSU-CHS? Split would hinder the current aThe supportive & family atmosphere of

The close knit family atmosphere is what sets OSU-CHS apart. Separating the campuses would break this central tenet of OSU-COM as well as present issues with commuting time and schedule conflicts. -OSU-COM OMS-I


92.7% Agree 87.8% Agree

OSU-CHS The new commute would consume valu- 81.8% Agree 73.2% Agree able study/break time

a split would not affect my current learnaThe 3.6% Agree ing enviroment

9.8% Agree


How close do you currently .live to OSU-CHS?

The average OSU-COM OMS-I & II live 6 - 10 minutes away from OSU-CHS

S 5


H Would this decision affect your current commute/

.transportation to OSU-CHS?








I moved to my current living location based on how close it was to OSU-CHS and do NOT want extra commute time OR have to commute back and forth between campuses. Classes at a different campus would waste valuable productive study time in traffic as well as hinder the efficiency that is needed for success in medical school.



Would you support OSU-CHS leadership in the decision of looking into construction options available on the current campus?

8 2 #6 OMS-I



81% 92.7%

17% 7.3%



Would a split campus affect your decision to attend OSU I am the student ambassador or another medical school? coordinator and a main perk . OMS-I - III


25.9% 34.1% 40.0%



56.4% 46.3% 60.0%



in our tours given to prospective students is that we have all of our classes right here in one class. This is something that nearly every prospective student loves to hear. I feel that it would affect my decision, and from speaking to prospective students on a daily basis, I know that it would affect others as well.



What affects did last year’s OSU-CHS construction . have on the student body?

split hindered the learning aThe environment of OSU-CHS split did not have any aThe negative affects




97.5% 100% 2.5% 0.0%

Prior to this survey did you feel like you were . consulted regarding these plans?

NO NO NO 100%

98.2% 92.7% OMS-I



you for asking for our “Thank opinion. This decision would

be horrible for the school as a whole. I don't know if I could even recommend this school to future students if this decision took effect.


(*This survey reflects the opinions of 55 OMS-I’s, 41 OMS-II’s and 15 OMS-III’s as of 11/13/12. OMS-III’s received a motified survey that contained only the questions that pertained to them.)

OSU Student Infograph  
OSU Student Infograph  

Survey resuts from the students at OSU College of Osteopathic College.