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A is for Jeannette and her siblings being advanced. B is for Jeannette getting burned when she was three years old. C is for cats for when the Walls family kept stray cats in as pets.

D is for dogs for the stray dogs that the Walls family kept as pets. E is for eating when the family didn’t have enough money for groceries.

F is for fire because somehow fire keeps following Jeannette and her family. G is for the groceries the Walls family almost never had money for.

H is for all of the broken down houses that the Walls family lives in. I is for insane for Billy Deel because he skinned animals and had a creepy crush on Jeannette.

J is for jobs for all of the odd jobs Jeannette’s dad had or never keeps.

K is for kids because the Walls family kids have to do everything themselves. L is for lonely for what Jeannette’s mom says about Uncle Stanely. M is for moving because the family moves a lot and whenever something bad happens.

N is for neighborhoods for not being safe and having a lot of dangerous characters. O is for open windows and doors in the Phoenix house so that creeps come in at night.

P is for police for when Billy Deel and Jeannette shot at each other over their friendship. Q is for quiet when Jeannette and her siblings had to be quiet when they lived with their dad’s mom. R is for raped by Bill Deel in Battle Mtn. S is for the shed that gets set on fire in Battle Mtn.

T is for tinkerbell when her face was burned accidentally by Jeannette.

U is for unsafe neighborhoods where Jeannette lives throughout her life. W is for the winter they lived through in Welch, West Virginia. Y is for the years that Jeannette and her family live in poverty. Z is for the zoo that the Walls family went to and when Jeannette and her dad pet the tiger.

ABC Book.