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==== ==== Absolute Boby Transformation ==== ====

If you're determined to achieve weight loss this year, there are four key points you should keep in mind from the start. Firstly, in selecting a diet for you, make sure you read up and have a thorough understanding of the diet and how it works. Secondly, prepare and enjoy your food. Diets shouldn't be about martyrdom - stock up on healthy ingredients and plan a varied, inviting menu. Thirdly - keep your weight loss goals in mind to keep you motivated. Finally - set a target weight, and once this is achieved, have a plan for weight maintenance, so you can say goodbye to yo-yo dieting for ever. When choosing a diet, it's important to consider how it works, and the long term health implications. Recent years have seen an increasing interest in low carb diets such as the ketosis diet. More people understand the process of ketosis, the potential for fast weight loss, long term weight maintenance and also benefits other than a new slim physique, such as increased energy levels and reduced anxiety. The ketosis diet is based on the principle of dramatically reducing carbohydrates - the main source of glucose - so the body instead turns to stored fats for energy. When the body turns to stored fats, ketones are released - also called the state of ketosis. The dieter learns to enjoy slow energy releasing, nutritious proteins and vitamin rich vegetables, and the constant craving for high sugar carbohydrates which defines western diets is eradicated. To ensure success, fill the fridge with tempting low carb friendly food such as free range eggs, juicy steaks, oily fish and plenty of low carb vegetables. With asparagus omelettes, chicken salads and steak on the menu, it'll be far easier to avoid boring old pasta. Once you embrace the principles of the low carb diet, and learn to shop and cook this way, it will be easy to maintain the healthy weight once it has been achieved. Make sure you set weight loss goals. Many who have used the ketosis diet report feeling lighter and more energetic than they have in years. Set holistic goals - not just a slimmer physique, but increased energy and improved quality of life. Imagine how that will feel!

My name is Xavi Smith and I love to write about diets. If you are also interested in tips about fast weight loss or low carb diets, don't hesitate to get in contact.

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==== ==== Absolute Boby Transformation ==== ====

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