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Whether your business uses on-site search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising campaigns, content-based marketing or all of the above, it all comes down to one name which takes precedence over all else: Google. Effective SEO is at the core of any successful online marketing plan. From website design to online advertising, it all begins with choosing the right keywords. If you're reading this, you probably know this already. The question on your mind is whether the many keyword research tools out there are worth using and if so, which? Micro Niche Finder is one of the latest entries in the market and has quickly found itself many fans - but how well does it really work? Read on to get a rundown on this new keyword tool. Features: Micro Niche Finder provides much of the same information you'll find from Google AdWords but in a single a user-friendly single panel interface. Affiliate marketers are the intended audience here and they will find a lot to like about Micro Niche Finder's many affiliate-friendly features. These include detailed information on the strength of competition with a color code (red means a high level of competition, yellow for medium, green for low). Users can also look up competitiveness indicators for keywords such as PPC ads, domains and e-zine articles - all things certain to endear Micro Niche Finder's to affiliate marketers. One of the claims made by the maker of the software, and many of its users, is that it can identify narrowly targeted niche markets (or micro niches) which can then be sold to using the keywords with the greatest appeal to them. In this regard, Micro Niche Finder seems to deliver. I know enough about target marketing online and off to say that you certainly could use this software to design a niche marketing campaign around. However, before you rush out to purchase Micro Niche Finder, it should be said that it won't do all the work for you. What it will do is to find keywords and groups of keywords that have very little competition. Users can also search for affiliate programs from ClickBank, Amazon and Google product searches and more - but you'll still need to do some market research of your own to maximize your results. For those of us who aren't affiliate marketers, there are some interesting and useful features included like Latent Semantic Indexing search and Google trends statistics. These can be particularly useful for local businesses and owners of non-commercial sites looking to expand their reach while not expanding their marketing budgets.

Cons: Micro Niche Finder is not without its flaws, though these were minor compared to the number of useful features it contains. The search function could be a little faster, though this isn't likely to be an issue for too many users. One thing I'd like to see in a future version of this software is having more of the search functions integrated into the panel rather than opening an external browser window. Again, this is a minor complaint at best. Does it Work? I did some field testing of Micro Niche Finder while helping a brick and mortar small business client build their first website. It's still too early to say if it's been a smash success - though in only two weeks, they've started to see a trickle of inquiries coming in. These are results no matter how you slice it; and you know what they say about results. They've already recouped their investment on the software and then some. This tool provides everything an affiliate looking for a dominant position in a niche market could ask for. Based on my personal experience with Micro Niche Finder [], I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this software to anyone looking. It's a full-featured, user friendly web marketing tool which has a few minor flaws, but still earns a 9 of 10. As far as commercial keyword research tools go, you're not going to find a better value for the price. Highly recommended

Peter Blake is an Englishman living in Yorkshire who writes articles of interest to anyone wanting to money online. For a useful, and comprehensive guide to niche and micro niche affiliate marketing go to his website: []

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How to boost your internet marketing income. Awsome tool!! ==== ====

Find keywords with high searches and low competition  
Find keywords with high searches and low competition  

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