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Unexpected outcomes Unexpected Outcomes was my final major project which explored the unintentional and chance outcomes that film photography can offer. It aimed to highlight the ways in which chance can effect a process in a beneficial way by allowing the possibilities to work to your advantage. Embracing the unknown, welcoming mistakes and experimentation can offer alternative and unique results. The previous spread shows some different examples I created. I created two publications which explore the themes of chance and the unexpected by uniting image and text. I also designed a box to present and protect a collection of twenty two 12’’ x 12’’ prints of a selection of my most dynamic, eye-catching image. I then went on to use some of these photographs to create buiesnesscard with which can all be seen on my online portfolio.

What is my name? This is the final outcome for the brief ‘what is your name?’ I cut discs out of mount board using a lazer cutter. I constructed these disks into braille formations to emboss. The embossed piece works best in it’s intended physical form, a tactile way to convey information. I felt this was a challenging new technique which produced an interesting outcome This piece reads; Rachel Ann Connolly.

Origami camera This outcome resulted from answering a combination of questions from a 56 question brief. Learn a new skill and record yourself doing it, Make a structure out of paper and What are your hobbies? I learnt the new skill of origami to create a dollar bill camera from a low quality non instruction speaking video. For someone who has never previously attempted origami, I am now certain it is one of the most difficult origami designs to make. I produce a stop motion video to record my newly learned skill. The outcome was interesting conceptually, as it combined numerous questions and aesthetically because it was an intriguing structure.

Reveal and conceal This project was based on creating a book about a book. I took the brief literally, questioning how a book works to reveal and conceal the pages as you turn them. I intended to challenge the concept of ‘a book’. I created sculptural pieces which physically portrayed the concept of revealing and concealing and emphasised the message using mirrored, textured and patterned paper.

Competition brief 2012: silver award This work was created for the ‘Brief Encounters Competition’ 2012 held by PaperCo. Myself and my partner, Neave Ragip, were awarded silver prize. The brief invited us to create a corporate communications piece for Virgin to tell the story of the company. We also had to include an information graphic piece for the 25th anniversary for Virgin Atlantic. We designed an interactive circular leaflet which led the audience chronologically through the company’s 40 years. The leaflet represent the companies growth physically while portraying the information in a simple and condensed format. We created an interactive ‘build it yourself’ paper aeroplane for the information graphics. An initial briefing from a Virgin representative informed us to promote the fun values the company held. We fulfilled this criteria as our design encouraged interaction from the audience to build the plane and use the leaflet as a landing target. I believe this was why we were awarded the Silver Prize.

Film yourself flying a paper aeroplane This outcome related to a brief informing us to make and fly a paper aeroplane with a slogan on the side. I created an aeroplane suit and filmed a friend wearing it as they ran through a park. I attached a slogan to encourage the public to interact in a positive way. Responses included ‘I smile!’, ‘Thats awesome’, ‘It works’, ‘On the way to Heathrow?’ and ‘You did make us smile’. It was interesting to implement and test an idea in the public to assess the reactions to my design. Please click for video:


poster design I was contacted by the Natural Bee Keeping Trust who invited me to design an eye-catching poster for a future event. I was able to incorporate one of their existing photographs of the bees and combined this with my simple typography design employing colours associated with bees. The trust used it for emails, magazines and on their website.

Re-stage a cultural event I chose to re-stage the Indian Holi Festival for this brief because it enabled me to use my photographic skills to capture the colours and kinetic energy of the event. I produced a stop motion video with the results. The macro photographs (included in my online portfolio) illustrator compelling textures. Please click for video:

London riots This project was based on creating a video showing a different view on something and for this I chose the London riots. I decided to look at the view from the, perhaps controversal, rioters themselves. I noticed that the riot had escelated and become massive very quickly. It appeared as if the meanings behind why they were saying they took part in the riots were lost in the chaos and mess they had actually created. The video I created reflected the chaos escalating as the images layered ontop of eachother it becomes a mess, echoing what hapened in the riots. Please click for video:

Same place different day This is the result from a personal project looking at the same location on different days. I chose a place where there was activity happening from both people and traffic in order to create an interesting result. I used photoshop to overlay my photos using black and white to create a ghost like feeling of movement over time.

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My Professional Portfolio  

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